Chapter 1.6 – And Then It Poured…

Over the next couple of weeks, life was good. I was deeply inlove with a wonderful man, and had a beautiful little girl. Even though Leo’s words still bounced around in my head, I tried my best to just brush them off.

One early saturday morning, Flynn came to me and grabbed me in a tight embrace.

“Hello, sexy. Wanna go out with me today? It’s so beautiful out, and I would hate to waste it.” He cooed

“Go out? Oh, I don’t know Flynn. What about Alana?”

“We could hire a babysitter. I’m sure some kid, would love to make 40 bucks.” He laughed.

It was such a good idea, and god knows I needed to get out. So I rubbed the side of his face, kissed his cheek, and whispered okay into his ear.

He took me to this amazing little boardwalk. You could stand there, and look across the river to the other side of the island. The view was breath taking, and I loved how the waves would crash together and mist of water would hit your face.

“Oh, Flynn. This place is beautiful, how come we never came here before?”

He just looked me in the eyes, then grabbed me close.

“I wanted this day to be special. If I brought you here all the time, then it wouldn’t be as breath taking as it is today.”

Special? What’s so special about today? Oh no! Maybe I forgot his birthday! Or maybe it was our year anniversary? Oh god, what am I forgetting?!

“Sweetie… what’s so special about today?” I said kindly, trying not to seem obviously nervous.

“Well, it isn’t special yet. What I’m about to do… that’s something we will remember.” He whispered, now stroking my cheek.

My stomach felt like 100 butterfly’s were fluttering around, and my skin had goosebumps from head-to-toe.

“W-what are you talking about, babe?” I questioned, feeling shakes coming over me.

He looked at me, and grinned widely starting to get down on his knees. At first I was a little confused as to why he was doing this, then I felt a wash of nausea wash over me. I knew what he was doing!

“Flynn… are you about to do, what I think your going to do?” I sputtered out.

“Well, Yoki…”

“If proposing to you, is what your thinking about, then Yes.”

I was speechless, struck back even! I never thought this day would come in my entire life! At that moment I knew Flynn loved me more than anything in the world. If I could, I would NEVER redo my life. Everything happened to me, to lead me up to finding Flynn.

“I know we only been together for a year, but… I love you so much. Your the most perfect girl in the world. I’ve been with a lot in my life time, and not ONE measures up to you. Yoki Terrey, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

The only thing that came out of my mouth repeatidly was “Yes!”. I was so shaky, and my lips were trembling. He slipped the ring on my finger, and I could have sworn I saw it shine. I covered my mouth in awe, and tears started to flow from my eyes.

~* Flynns Point Of View*~

I could tell that Yoki was over-joyed with this descion. After dropping her hand from her mouth, she ran towards me and wrapped her arms around me. Her breathing was broken, and her lips trembling. I could feel heavy tears falling onto my jacket.

“Shhh, it’s okay sweetie. Don’t get over-worked. I have more plans for our wonderful day.” I said pulling her back, wiping her tears, and stroking her hair gently.

“There’s more than this?!” She gasped.

“Well, the rest can’t measure up but just go along with it.” I smiled

I tugged at Yoki’s arm and brought her across the street. She looked around, then asked why were in the park.

“I want us to catch a pair of matching butterfly’s. I heard this special breed in this park can live to be 100 years old. They will be a symbol of our love for each other. We will put them in our home, and when we die one day, our children will see them and remember how strong our love was.”

Yoki looked back at me, and shook her hand in front of her face as if that would hold the tears back. I didn’t mean to make her cry, but atleast I knew they were happy tears.

After catching the butterflies I brought her further into the park woods. We walked for along time, just talking about our future, and laughing on about nothing.

We finally stopped when we reached a small lake. I couldn’t help but feel a sudeen urge. I grabbed Yoki around the waist and looked into her eyes.

“Make love to me, my bride-to-be.”

“R-right here?!” She said in shock.

I could see she was a little nervous about doing something like that, out in public, but I didn’t care. I loved this woman so much, I wanted to make unforgetful memories with her.

“Flynn I don’t know… people could see us!”

“Oh come on, no one comes back in these woods. Yoki, just do this for me. I promise to make it extra special.”I begged.

She then leaned forward and started kissing me passionately on the lips. I was a little tooken back from her bravery, but that soon cleared from my head when she started to take off her clothes.

~*Yoki’s Point Of View*~

After making love to Flynn, we just stood there in our underwear kissing each other. I never wanted this day to end, it was the most remarkablely, amazing day of my life. But all good things come to and end eventually.

After a few minutes of standing there, I got a text on my cellphone.

Alana isn’t being gud. She wont stop cryin, I tink thur is somtin wrong.


When I showed the message to Flynn he insisted we go home to her. Besides it was getting pretty late, and he had to go to work soon.

When we got home, I dismissed the baby-sitter and paid him his $40. He handed Alana over to me, and she was still screaming. By now Flynn had headed off to work, and I was stuck home with an ill-tempered baby.

Hours had passed and I was trying everything I could to stop the tears of my distressed little Alana.

“Sweetie please stop crying! I don’t know what to do for you!” I pleaded.

As I lifted her above my head, I was welcomed by a heep full of baby vomit. Right then and there I had a feeling, I knew what was bothering her. I proceeded to clean myself off, and then take Alana’s temperture. She was at 102! I panicked in a frenzy stat. I didn’t have any baby tyelenol, and my money was left with Flynn!

I had to go get something for her! The only thing I could think of was to go to the police station to get the wallet from Flynn. It was closer than the pharmacy, so I just walked. Thank goodness Traci was already at my house, So I left a screaming Alana with her.

I said walking, but I was actually running for dear life. By the time I reached the police station steps I was so wore out. As I climbed the forth step an officer came out of the building. Good, maybe he could tell me where Flynn was.

“Hello…. officer.” I said, now panting and even more out of breath.

“Good evening, Ma’am. What can I do for you?”

“I’m looking for Officer Nicols. First name Flynn. Is he out on rounds or is he in?”

The officer just looked at me puzzled.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but could you repeat that name?”

“Flynn Nicols. He’s a police officer that works here.”

“That’s what I thought you said…. Ma’am I hate to show you this but…”

He said, pulling a photo out of his back pocket.

“Is this the man you were talking about?” He questioned

I gasped in shock! It was Flynn! Sure he looked a little dirty, and his hair was shorter but it was him nonetheless.

“Why… why do you have this picture Officer?”

“Why!? Our team has been trying to get this guy for years now! All officers have a copy of his photo. You better watch yourself , Ma’am. If you have seen this crimminal around, you better report it.”

Crimminal!? MY Flynn? This guy had to be nuts! The man who loved me and my daughter. The one who provided for me, the one who captured butterfly’s and made love in the woods. NEVER! I wouldn’t believe it!

“Are you crazy? That man isn’t a crimminal.”

“Oh, and how would you know this? Do you know where Fylnn Nicols is, Ma’am?”

I froze up. If Flynn was in trouble, I wasn’t about to give his location.

“No… but.. he doesn’t look like.. a crimminal.” I lied, trying not to seem obvious.

“Well, if you do happen to “not” see him again let us know. The last time I saw Flynn, was on a chase through the old warehouse… that was along time ago… Ah well. Good night Ma’am.” He said turning and walking away.

I just didn’t want to believe this police officer. There was no way Flynn was a harden crook…. was he? The only way for me to find out, was to go to the old warehouse. By now I had already gotten Alana her tyelenol, and told Traci I would be back a little later, that I had to discuss something with Flynn.

I arrived pulling up slowy on the left side of the building. I took out my flash light and shined it around. As I turned one corner I began to hear arguing in the back. Quickly I shut it off, and ran around. I stopped dead in my tracks, when I saw Flynn! What was even worse was Leo was here too! What is going on?!

As I squinted into the glare of the night, I noticed the other two faces as well! Those were the same men who were watching me and Flynn when we went out! I then heard Flynn scream out there names… “John, and Marty.” I suddely felt sick to my stomach.

~*Flynn’s point of view*~

Finally, I got this man right where I wanted him. I told him to meet me here for us to discuss our next “Buinsess” call but he was getting something a little more than that.

“Leo, I’m sick and tired of you! You’ve gone too far this time!” I screamed.

“What do you mean, too far? Come on Flynny, drop that good guy act. You and I both know, it ain’t you pal. So what I knocked up that girl? BIG f&%^ing deal! If anything she deserved it, such a slut for sleeping her way in.” He spat.

“DON’T YOU DARE, talk about Yoki that way! Your the slimeball her forced her into in! No way would you have given her that job if she didn’t.”

“Why do you care anyways?! You’ve slept with countless women for things! Why do you have the right to JUDGE me!”

“Yoki is different, you piece of s&*%! You have caused her nothing but stress and mental trama! Stop playing with her mind LEO!”

He scoffed and but his hand to my face. By now my blood was boiling and my face beat red.

“I don’t have to listen to this! If anything you should be listening to me Flynn! You and I both know how many countless “deeds” you’ve have done for me, for cash and women. I have so much on you, you should be kissing my feet for forgiveness!” He said sticking his nose in the air.

Then out of the blue, John ran up and shoved Leo back.

“Don’t talk to our boss that way! He don’t have to kiss anyones feet! Back OFF!” He barked.

This only angered Leo more.

“John enough!” I shouted “Leave him to me.”

“Keep your animals under control Flynn! Don’t make me force myself on Yoki again. I think I would really fancy another night, banging her!”

That was IT! He crossed the line! No ONE talks about my Yoki that way! NO ONE!

“THAT’S IT! YOUR DEAD!” I raged!

I jumped at him and attacked. I had enough of this man, I would fight all night until someone was dead! I started off rocky, punching hard swinging a little too low and he got the better of me. Then my adrenaline kicked in and it was GO TIME.

The dirt was flying, and the air cold. I was down to my last breath. Right before giving in, I kicked Leo in his stomach. He fell to the ground. When I had the better advantage I grabbed the side of his neck and cracked it. Leo laid there motionless, not breathing. He was gone, and I couldn’t have felt more alive.

I grabbed his dead corpse and dragged it across the asfault till I reached the dumpster. I signaled for John, and he helped me lift the body into it.

“In the trash, right where you belong. Good bye you slimeball.” I said smacking the top of the dumpster.

My victory was soon ended by a loud scream. Someone saw us! As I ran over to see who it was, I had to take a double look. YOKI! Oh god no! When I tried to walk over to her, she ran for her life. Just perfect!

~*Yoki’s Point Of View*~

I could not believe what I had just wistnessed! My fiance, the man I was suppose to marry, just MURDERED someone! The officer was right, he was a crook! He tried to approach me, but I wouldn’t allow it! I took off running, faster than I ever thought I could!

I could hear his feet thudding as they hit the ground behind me. The faster I tried to run, the more he caught up to me.

“Oh god! I’m going to die! He’s going to kill me!” These thoughts and more ran through my head as my feet hit the sidewalk. I began to get dizzy, and it felt like I was going to faint. It was then I realized I had stopped breathing!

I began to slow down, and blackness was covering my eyes. I decided to stop and just face him. I took in a deep breath, the turned around and screamed.

“Get away from me!” I shouted in fear.

“Yoki please! Let me explain!” He pleaded.

“I don’t want any explantion from you! You lied to me, and worse your a killer! I hated Leo, but don’t kill someone over it!”

Rage taking control of me, and tears now falling from my eyes, I got the courage to ask him about everything.

“Tell me NOW Flynn! What is going on! What else have you lied to me about!? Explain NOW!”

“Okay..” Was all he could mutter out.

“It started out as just shifty deals. Stealing cars, robbing houses, occasional illegal trades. I’ll admit to you Yoki, I’m a crimminal… I always have been. Then one day I met Leo Micking. He offered me 100,000 dollars if I scared this family for him.

I was all over doing this! I loved the idea of making this much money for messing with some stupid family, so I agreed.”

“I snuck into there home around 6 pm. No one was in the kitchen, but there was a pot on the stove. I thought, a great way to mess with someone was to set their kitchen on fire! I turned all the burners, and then took my lighter and set the stove on fire.”

“I stood back for a few seconds and just watched it burned. The fire alarm went off, and I took off through the kitchen door, and hid around the corner of the hallway. When the family heard the alarm they all ran towards the kitchen in a quick panic. Once they were all in the kitchen, my evil side got the better of me. I ran behind the door and locked it, then stuck a chair to the knob.”

“I waited outside the door like the idiot that I am, and listened to them scream. Sadly Yoki, I liked it. They jigled the handle over and over, pressing hard againest the door to get out. I wouldn’t let them… I wanted them to suffer, and burn. To die a painful death…”

“After the screams died down, I creaked open the door smoke now filling the hallway. I was coughing and squinting through the smoke trying to make sure they were dead. I saw them all on the floor knocked out cold, and the father burnt to death. I left them there… laughing… and came back to Twinbrook.”

I didn’t know what to say or do. He just told me he murdered a family for MONEY! I stood there crying, my eyes as red as blood. He came towards me, and tried to grab me in an embrace.

“Yoki… I’m…”

“What are you doing?! GET OFF ME!” I shouted

“Yoki please! I’m so sorry! I promise to do better, please Yoki! I love you!”

“Someone like you doesn’t deserve love! Your low, and evil! WORSE than Leo ever was! Don’t touch me, and don’t even look at me! Your disgusting!”

“But….” He stutterd “What about us? Yoki…”

“There is NO us! Heck, I don’t even know if US was real! Your a lying, cheating, evil man!” I spat. “HERE! Take this back too! Were done!” I yelled throwing his ring back at him.

“Now get out of here, before I call the cops! Oh wait… wasn’t that suppose to be YOU?!”

“Good bye Yoki..” Was all he said, before taking off in his beat up old cadillac.

The next two weeks were ruff, but I was so thankful to have Traci by my side. She was supportive of me, and helped me get through those days where I thought I might lose it.

One afternoon, after putting Alana down for a nap, I flicked on the T.V and the news came on.
Breaking news! Flynn Nicols has turned himself in, and confessed to the murder of The beloved Ying family, and to the murder of famouse hollywood director Leo Micking. His sentence was 30 years-life. Now back to you, Margret!”

I suddenly I felt sick to my stomach. Flynn was caught, and now he had to spend the rest of his life in jail. The pain of watching this caused my stomach to twirl, and I headed straight for the bathroom.

Once there, I dropped to my hands and knees then let all my lunch go. Something in the back of my mind told me this had to do with Flynn… but not in the way you presume…

Thanks for reading! =) Hope everything now makes sense. Next chapter things are going to settle down a bit, and your going to see a lot of Alana. ;]


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    Oh my. I think Yoki might have a bun in the oven.

    Poor girl needs a lovely guy who won’t lie to her. 😦 😦 😦

    I don’t know if I feel sorry for Flynn or not… on the one hand, he murdered a whole family. On the other hand… he loves Yoki a hell of a lot.


    I hope Alana’s okay!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Hmmm, maybe so. Yea she does need someone to love her like she needs to be loved. Yea but he’s a harden crook, he was pleased in himself for doing it too! He loved Yoki but… if he really needed to be put away. Oh Alana is fine! =) She was in good hands with Traci ^^

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    • spongeb0berz says:

      Awww I love those names! Since I’m going in alphabetical order I will use them when I get there. =) Thanks you two! It means a lot to know I have readers who care. ^^ Yes, tis a shame that what poor Yoki is going through. All I can say, hopefully things will start to turn out for the better. ;]

      Aw thanks! You guys are the greatest too! ^.^

  8. Amy6 says:

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    • spongeb0berz says:

      Hey! I LOVE long comments! =) Write as long as you want, ;]. Awe thanks! I’m glad you liked the chapter!

      Well we will see what happens with Yoki, and her love life. I got some surprises up my sleeve. Also, yea Alana will have a normal life without being forced into Modeling. =) Well… we shall see if it’s normal haha

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    Ickkk. Now she’s been through two sleazy guys. True love soon please? 😦 ❤
    xx c

  16. Tabby :) says:

    Oh no!! 😦
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    This legacy is so great! I love your writing! I’m sad Flynn turned out to be a criminal! I really liked him >.<
    I hope there's more in store for Yoki's love life though… ;D Off to read the rest.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Aw thank you so much! 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the legacy ^_^ Yea, but the beauty of being slightly behind, is that you get to find out without waiting 😉


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      Ha ha, yeah my legacy never stays on one track xD I always have twist and turns ^_^ Aw, well you’re reading it now and that’s all that matters. :3 Thanks for reading by the way! I promise it gets better with every generation.

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