Chapter 1.7 – Happy Birthday To you

A month had passed since the “incident”. With a lot of therapy, and the help from my dear friend Traci, I was able to cope. At times I thought I might lose it and completely have a nervous break down. Then I would look into the eyes of my gurgling infant, and my heart would melt.

One calm spring morning, I was awakened by my little girl. She was screaming and of course that always met she wanted me. I think over the past month, I spilt all my love into her, and she started to expect it more and more.

It would get so bad at times, that even when I did pick her up she would still scream! Gee, was I glad she was getting older. I can deal with chasing after a tot, but the screams were starting to get to me!

After I tried to lay Alana down, for the umpteenth time I finally just decided to let her cry. Once laying my screaming little “joy” in her crib, I phoned up my best friend; Traci.

“Hey Tray, it’s me.”

“Oh hey biffle, what’s up?” she said all perky and quaint, how I missed being able to sound that way.

“Listen, today I’m throwing Alana her first birthday. I’m not really friends with many people, but I would love it if you came? It will just be us 3, and I’m going to have some cake. What do you say?” I questioned, hoping she would say yes.

“Of COURSE! You know I would never miss your daughters birthday. I love her like my own!”

“Great! Wonderful to hear. I’ll see you, say… an hour?”

“Sure sounds great!” She said before hanging up the phone.

So since it was just going to be us 3, I was only sparing on the decorations. I phoned up this little party store, and asked them to deliver some balloons and a small cake. It barely cost me anything, and such a relief that was.

There was something that wasn’t such a relief though…

That morning, I got suspicious about my constant puking, and how tired I was all the time. I took a pregnancy test, and competely forgot about it on the bathroom sink. Before I had the chance to even look at it, I felt a flutter in my stomach.

“Oh I know that feeling.” I said to myself.

Great, just wonderful I was pregnant with a murders child. Why did this happen to me twice? Two different men, unable to take care of their babies because of their flaws in their lives. What about me? I have flaws, you don’t see me running away.. or ya know… dying….

Okay I know it sounded selfish, but my hormones are off the charts. Sometimes being pregnant can be a real pain in the butt.

Traci showed up promptly one hour later. She was such a perfectionist at time, it just made me bust out into giggles. Now the thing was, how was I going to tell Traci…. She goes off the deep end with things like this, and she always hates to see me so stressed.

“Tray” I began. “Before we celebrate la la’s birthday, I think there is something I should tell you.”

“Oh no… don’t tell me some other slimeball director knocked you up…” She spat.

I choked! I couldn’t believe how close she was to my news, before I even had the chance to say anything!

“Well… heh… your getting warmer.” Was the only thing I could think of to say. I really wanted to slap myself for saying it, but she took me competely off guard!

“What does that mean?!” She yelped, rasing her eyebrows.

“You remember Flynn right?” Wow how stupid did that just sound! I was only in therapy, after watching him kill someone. She only held me close when I was crying into her shoulder over him.

“Are you kidding me? Uh-uh, girl! Are you telling me, your pregnant with Flynn’s baby?”

“Well… Yeaa…” Was the only thing I managed to sputter out. I had no idea why I was seeking Traci’s approval so much. Sometimes I really just looked up to her.

“Oh sweetie, come here. I can’t believe all the crap you’ve been through, over these past years! Your such a strong woman Yoki, I really admire you for that.”

“Strong? I almost completely lost it with everything that happened. If it wasn’t for you Tray, I don’t know what coo-coo bin I would have been in.”

After about a second of holding me there like she did, she suddenly broke off and started to dance.

“Come on Yo-yo. Let’s not mope about little fetus in there, we should be happy! A life is a great thing!” She said doing a little jig.

I just don’t get her at times! Something felt different about this time though. I think she might not be telling me something… but I just let it go. We had a birthday to celebrate! My little girl was finally becoming a toddler.

I tried to signal to Traci that I was bringing Alana to her cake, but her mind was so wrapped around her dancing. Ahhh well, I’ll do it by myself then.

“Happy birthday, sweetie.” I whispered, then blowing out her candle.

Finally, after all this wait… here is little La-la. Her Traits are “Good” and “Clumsy”. Thank goodness she looks more like Yoki than anything! (Her hair color is of course passed down through the Terrey’s Genes considering Yoki has 11 generations in her…)

For her birthday, Traci brought over a cute little dollhouse for Alana’s room. I thought it was just the most preious gift!

As I was getting ready to put Alana in her high chair, Traci yelled over to me.

“Oh my god! Yo-yo, did you see this cake!? It’s bigger than my entire head! Jeesh!” She exclaimed.

“No Traci, I didn’t notice. Considering I don’t normally measure my cake before I eat it.” I chuckled.

Still chuckling from Traci’s remark, I stuck my pretty little La-la in her highchair. I knew the cake was pretty big, so I put it in the blender and served it to her in a bowl.

“Here you go birthday girl. One piece of cake for my special little girl.”

She stuck her tiny little finger in the bowl, and swooshed it around. At first I thought she was going to tilt it over, but then she lifted her finger to her mouth and tried it.

“Twaste good!” She remarked. I couldn’t help but smile. Her tiny little voice, was just so adorable.

After getting my sticky birthday girl a bath, I put her down for the night. I was exshausted by this point in the day, so I slumped over and plopped down on the couch. Boy, it never felt so comfortable in my life!

About 10 mintues later, Traci came over and sat next to me.

“Yoki, I want to help you.” She stated

Feeling a little confused by her remark, I just stared at her then answered “Tray, you always help me! What on earth are you talking about?!”

“No, I mean with your children. It’s been really rough on you, and I think it would be great if I….” She said cutting off.

“If you what?”

She grabbed me by my hands, and drug me off the sofa.

“I want to ask this properly… Yoki? Would you think it would okay, if I lived here with you? I really hate seeing you stress over Alana, and now this new baby! You’ve gone through way to much, and I think you deserve some proper help. What do you think?”

What did I think?! Well.. my best friend wants to live with me, and help me raise my kids… Uhhhh… YES!

“Of course you can live here! It would be an honor!”

“Thanks Yo-yo! Your the greatest.” She smiled wrapping me in a loving hug.

After a few weeks, Traci was successfully moved in. One afternoon, after coming back from the park with Alana, Traci annouced she had a surprise for me.

She grabbed me by my arm, and dragged me into my room. I was awestruck! It was AMAZING! I glanced over and asked how she could afford, to remodel my entire room.. I mean OUR entire room!?

She told me that she quit her job at the theater. She said the stress of that job was killing her, plus there was no replacement director yet, and everyone’s payments were sliced in half. I didn’t get this effect, because low and behold I’m still on maternity leave.

She proceeded to tell me, that she found a job working at a daycare, 40 hour weeks teaching children 2-5.

Her favorite part of the job, was she still got to play her keyboard. The daycare center paid her extra to teach the children music! I thought this was the most adorable thing ever. When Alana was old enough, I was so sending her there!

She told me the method she used on them, worked really well! The little kids were picking it up fast!

With every job there is always up’s and downs she told me. Most of the kids would listen, and let her teach them music… while others persisted on playing with the toys, or painting at their little desk. Other than that she was really happy, and I was glad she found something she loved.

As the day’s passed by, I tried my very hardest to teach Alana the basic skills of life. Sinced she amazed me with her speech, I started with that.

“Can you say, Mommy?”

She just stared at me, dumbfounded. I know my daughter was smart, why was she giving me a hard time?

After a few seconds she giggled and cast me the cutest little smile.

“Momee!” She exclaimed.

“Why you little stinker! Your smarter than I thought!” I laughed.

Everything wasn’t as easy as talking was. When I thought she was going to be good, she always gave me the hardest time!

“Alright, now go pee-pee in the potty for mommy.”

“No want to!” She screamed, struggling to get off the potty. I guess somethings are going to have to wait.

A few months had passed now, and I was starting to support a very large bump. The worst part of pregnancy had to be losing my figure, it urked me everytime I looked at my stomach in a mirror.

Also as the months started to trail by, I realized the hardest part of the day was putting Alana to bed. It wasn’t bad enough to lift her over my belly into her bed, but she had to grab my hand and hold on for dear life.

“No go momme! NO GO!” she wailed, tears filling her eyes.

“Alana, please. Mommy is very tired, and wants to go to bed. Now let go of mommy’s hand, and go to sleepy.”

“Mommee peeassee!” She would beg, with her pouty little lip. Sometimes I would give in, and let her sleep with me, but if I was ever going to break her of this I would have to let her cry.

Sometimes, things just go so over whelming for me. It hurt really bad to hear my daughter scream in the next room, but I had to let it happen. There was no way I was going to let her become spoiled, no sir!

It really helped me a lot to have Traci living with me. She worked all day, and came home and cleaned at night. I hated to see her clean up after me, but I just didn’t have the energy chasing Alana and being heavily pregnant.

I didn’t even mind, that she could be a bit clumsy. To me it was actually kind of cute…. but I wouldn’t tell her that! I think it was just my hormones acting up once again.

Many months had passed, and my due date was around the corner. I could feel it coming anyday now, and I wanted to make the best out of the time I had left with just me and Alana. By now, her constant cries for attention had died down, and it made it so much easier on me and Traci.

“Your just about here, kiddo. Why don’t you do us both a favor and come soon? Mommy can’t take this pain, and I’m sure your really squished in there!” I said speaking to my stomach one day.

I guess I spoked too soon, because it must have been 5 feet from stepping out of Alana’s room that I went into Labor! The pain was so bad, I just felt weak to my knee’s. There was no way I was making it to a hospital!

When Traci heard my screams, she came charging out of the bedroom.

“OH MY GOD! Yoki! Let’s go! We have to get you to the hospital.” She screamed heading toward the door in her PJ’s.

“NO! This baby is coming now! Help me into bed, you got to deliver this baby Traci!” I yelled.

“DELIVER A BABY?! Are you crazy!?”

All I could do was scream, blood now trinkling down my leg. Traci ran over to me quickly and lifted my arm around her neck.

“Come on Yoki. You can do this, everything is going to be okay.” She said helping me into the room.

Not even minutes after laying down, and propping my legs up… my second little girl was born. I had no idea what to name her… then I suggested Traci have the honor since she delivered her.

“Well… I always loved the name Bazel?”

“Bazel it is then…” I stated, clearly out of breath.

Sometimes, I really wished Traci was a man. The love she gave me, and the stuff she put up with… she will make some guy really lucky some day….

Thanks for reading!! =) If you didn’t catch it the Title is met for Alana and Bazel. ;]


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31 Responses to Chapter 1.7 – Happy Birthday To you

  1. kyra mapp says:

    Awww Alana is so sweet and yay new baby.

  2. Emy says:

    Awww, Traci’s really lovely. I can’t help but think she has Feelings for Yoki, though. *ponders*

    Alana is absolutely adorable!!! ❤ ❤ Good on Yoki for not allowing her to get spoilt.

    And yay, new baby. ❤ ❤ Bazel. 😀 I was hoping for a boy, but alas. I'm sure she'll be a sweet little girl. ❤

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Hmmm, I guess we will have to see with that one. Yes, she is! Very adorable little girl, and we as little Bazel ;]. I guess were in the same boat then! I was hoping for Twin boys! ahah xD But Bazel will be loved the same ^^

  3. mauisky says:

    Aww La La is so cute… sweet nickname! And I love her hair style!!!

    I was expecting Bazel to be a boy but am kinda glad it was another cute l’il girl.

    I also can’t help but think there are some rather strong feelings between Traci and Yoki 🙂 So great that there is someone around to help out though and good on Yoki for not allowing Alana to become too spoiled.

    Adorable kiddies FTW!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Thanks, I thought so too. I loved calling my cousin (Alana) Lala, so I thought why not Yoki’s baby? =) Yea I love it too^^ Emy said the same thing, she thought it or hoped it would be a boy but turned out a girl. I was hopin for TWIN boys, but I got Bazel and I’m okay since she looks SO much like her daddy. ;] Hmmm, maybe we will have to see where Traci and Yoki lead, ya never know ^^. Yup it was hard, but she couldn’t let her get that way!

      For sure! =D I love cute kiddies ❤

  4. Prince of stalkers says:

    BAh i love traci and the toddler school… ehem daycare… the boy tod is so cute and the girn in spongebob! 😀 Loki’s kids are such a DAW/Kawii 🙂 means very awesome cute!

  5. jaec09 says:

    AWWWW La La is so adorable….I was scared she would look like Leo I’m SOOOOO happy she don’t….I was hoping Bazel to be a boy just like the others….Twin boys would’ve been awesome too, but poor Yoki would’ve been in hell then….And you said Bazel looks like Flynn, poor Yoki…..And yeah I think Tray nd Yoki have secret feelings for one another and are afraid to say something….LOVE THE CHT…..LOVE UR LEGACIES!!!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Glad you love it! =) Yes, Bazel looks EXCALTY like Flynn! D: It’s not bad enough he is in jail, and got her pregnant… but now she has to stare at his face in her daughter. Crazy. Yea everyone wanted a boy! I find it so hilarious, were all on the same page with that. Aha.

  6. callierose says:

    OMG I LOVED IT! 🙂 Is there..something going on between Yoki and Traci? I’m not quite sureee. And [like absolutely everyone else] I was totally convinced Bazel was going to be a boy >.< nvm! And the daycare centre part was soooo cute 🙂

  7. jaec52609 says:

    i was hopin 4 a boy…..u get stuck on names me nd J.Nikki.C AKA my sis would be glad 2 help u out…nd if u run out of ideas

  8. Lilith Kawanami says:

    Awwwww! Babies! I was right *smugness* ^-^
    I also loved the daycare. It must have been really hard to put that together!!!
    And La La is so cute!!! I love how she aged up!!!

  9. gomar6 says:

    hmm.. There has to be something there with traci.
    La la is adorable. : )

  10. craigyboy2 says:

    love the new baby….Im sooo glad she has someone to look after her now!!!

  11. snapcarolina says:

    Love it!
    Lala is ADORABLE, and Bazel is such an original name.
    I hope Traci + Yoki work everything out!
    xx c

  12. Tabby :) says:

    Great chapter, I like the name Bazel and Alana is so pretty! =]

  13. tonksandshizz102 says:

    Alana is the cutest sim-toddler I’ve seen so far. I don’t think she’s spoiled, just that at the age of one year, it’s still normal to cry a lot. And, it might be a little challenging for her to learn to talk at the age of one, too.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea it’s true, but it never hurts to try! 🙂

      • tonksandshizz102 says:

        You’re right, it never hurts to try. My younger brother was taught to talk at the age of one, and he had a really hard time and was stressed. Babies shouldn’t be stressed, so it really wasn’t good for him to learn early.

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea it’s true, but Alana took to it pretty well. 🙂 I understand where your coming from, and it can be difficult for little ones to learn at such a tender age. I do agree with that 🙂

  14. caputmortem says:

    Aww, Alana is just too cute! I hope her sister will be too.

  15. memi35 says:

    Am I sensing some foreshadowing for a lesbian relationship?

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