Chapter 1.8 – Love Abounds

It had been a couple weeks since Bazel was born, and her room was finally finished. Like her name, the room decorations was also Traci’s task. To be honest, the room was completely ADORABLE. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that she was much better at decorating then me, but that feeling didn’t stay long. Traci was a really great friend, and seeing what she did for Bazel made it all the better.

Actually, the first thing I did when I saw my daughter’s new room, was cry! But I would never tell Traci that! I never did understand why anything family related made me extra emotional inside.

The months were flying by, and now I was able to work again! Of course by now the theater found a new director, and everyone’s pay was back to normal. Traci on the other hand, got a few weeks off. She said that she wanted me to enjoy working for awhile, so she promised to stay home with the girls and look after them. Only if Bazel wasn’t so small, then she could of just took them to work with her!

The only problem with staying with them, was Alana. She was so use to waking up to my face every morning that she didn’t like it when I wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, she loved Traci… but she liked things a certain way.

She would always throw a fit when ever Traci tried to do anything for her.

“No Mommee do! Mommeee dooooo!” She would scream, banging her little fist on the tray.

I loved Alana, and I was certain she was broken from this spoiled phase. But I guess I never thought about it towards other people!

The moment I came home that day, Traci came running into my arms.

“Oh Yoki! She hates me! She really hates me! No matter what I try to do, or say she would scream and call for you. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.” She wailed into my shoulder

“Traci Tranton! You are NOT responsible for what Alana does. It is not your fault AT ALL. If anyone, it would be me. I got her this way, with trying to pour all my love into any willing vessel that was around. I spoiled her rotten when I lost Flynn.”

Traci pulled back, and her eyes locked with mine. I could just feel something there, something I never felt before. The reply that Traci gave, made everything fall into place. The way it should have.

“What about me? I would have had you pour your love into me.” She smiled with tears sill filling her eyes.

“I do love you Traci. Your my best friend.”

“No…. Yoki I really love you. Not like a friend or a sister, like…. like… a Flynn.”

At that moment it felt like a magnetic pull. There was no stopping our lips from locking with one another. I realized then and there, I was always looking for someone to love me, but I never thought to look next to me. The girl who was always there; Traci Tranton.

After I lips finally left from each other, Traci pulled back and grabbed my hand.

“Yoki? You felt the same thing? How come you never told me?” she questioned

“I never knew what I wanted Tray. It was always mixed emotions for me. It never actually clicked into my head, till you said that, but I guess the feelings were always there because I would never take that kiss back. I love you too Traci, your my dream come true.”

~*Traci’s Point Of View*~

I couldn’t help but just stand back and giggle! Yoki really did love me after all! I always liked Yoki, from the moment I saw her… but I never actually fell in love with her until I moved in here. The way she treats her children, and the love she always showed me… I just couldn’t help it!

“As much as I would love to make this an all night thing, I should go check on Bazel.” I said.

“Of course, Traci…. she loves you more anyways.” She laughed.

I knew she was just saying that, because of how Alana was acting… but I didn’t care. Things like that made me love her all the more.

As I walked into Bazel’s room, I couldn’t help but let out a loud cheer!

“YES! She love’s me!” I shouted, in a whisper.

But apparently, I was a little to loud because Bazel woke up in fits of screams.

I grabbed for her at once, I didn’t mean to wake her up… but I was just so excited!

“I’m sorry, little love. Auntie Tray is just really happy.” I smiled, cuddling the distressed little infant.

As I held her in my arms, cooing into her tiny face, I couldn’t believe it when I saw her smile at me! I know Yoki was only being nice, but I think Bazel really did like me!

As time went on, me and Yoki went on many dates. The one in particular I can remember is catching butterfly’s in the park. She told me that they could live to be 100 years old, and that our children’s, children could look upon them and remember how strong our love was.

Okay, so I know that she stole that from Flynn.. because I remember her telling me about it. I let it happen though, because the day was just so perfect. Besides, when we brought the butterfly’s home she placed them on our dresser and called the left one Yoki, and the right one Traci, something Flynn never had a chance to even think about…

I couldn’t believe how fast a year had gone by. Tiny Bazel was growing up, and the whole family was there to celebrate this time with her. Me and Yoki loved everything secluded, so we never really went all out when it came to party’s or special occasions.

By now Alana had grown quite used to me, so it made our day’s much easier, when I had to watch her on my day’s off. The babysitter on the other hand…. well… let’s just say she had a run for her money.

Alright, so as you can see Bazel looks A LOT like Flynn, but she’s so cute it doesn’t even matter! Her trait’s are “Couch potato” and “Loves the outdoors”. I can see this one never being home! (To me couch potato means she loves T.V… not really an impressive trait.)

Yoki told me that tonight, she wanted to take me out. I thought it was kind of strange considering it was her daughter’s birthday and all. She told me that it was special that we went tonight. So I agreed, bathed and fed the girls and called the babysitter.

Surprisingly the girls got along really well. The second I put them down I could see them building big towers with each other. All I could do was smile at how cute it was!

“Yoki, sweetie…. where are earth are we going?”

“Stop being impatient Tray! We’ll get there when we get there” she laughed

I just was so curious, as to where it was we where going, and this late at night!

Apparently we were going to Twinbrook beach. I couldn’t help but think how sweet that was. She wanted to take a stroll at night, alongside the river bank with me. AW!

Much to my surprise, we didn’t take a walk. Instead she lead me over to a bench, and told me to sit. She walked over to the grill, and fired up some hot dogs! What on earth is she doing? What’s so romantic about having a BBQ? Why couldn’t we bring the girls to this?

“Just sit back and relax, the hot dogs are almost done.”

As I sat there wondering what my crazy girlfriend was doing, I couldn’t help but over hear a mother and her daughter.

“I know I’m taking you away from all you friends tonight, but it means a lot that your here with me.”

“Mom, I love my friends…. but your much more important to me then them.” she smiled, wrapping her mother in a hug.

I couldn’t help but smile. Then out of no where, I felt a hot tear roll down my cheek! I guess deep down, I couldn’t wait to be that old and have a wonderful loving family with Yoki. No, I never would ask Yoki to have any children with me, but I meant…. to be loved by Alana and Bazel like that. Something, I would really love one day…. if that day ever happens.

After staring at that family for a moment, I was then unhooked from my trance by a loud clank on the table.

“Grubs done!” she smiled.

I took a plate, and started to eat one of the prepared hot dogs. By now, I was more confused than ever! I had to know what Yoki was up too….

“Yoki, why did you bring me to a beach in the middle of the night…. to give me hot dogs? Also, we would have easily saved $40 by bringing the girls with us!” I stated

She just looked at me, and smiled. By now I was getting a little frustrated, she had something to tell me and she wouldn’t!

Before I had the chance to ask Yoki another 100 questions, my cellphone rang.

“Ummm… Ms.Terrey?” The voice asked

“No, this is her girlfriend Traci, want me to get her for you?” I asked

“No… I just wanted to tell you that Bazel isn’t being very nice. She keeps pulling Alana’s hair, and throwing blocks at her. What do you want me to do?”

“Put her in a crib, and tell her shes on timeout! Tell her no-no, and that’s it’s not very nice to hurt big sissy.”

“Uh, thanks Ms.Terrey.”

“It’s Traci… but your welcome.” I said hanging up the phone.

“Who was that?” Yoki asked, concern in her eyes.

“It was the babysitter. Bazel is being bad, hurting Alana and what not….”

“So…. why did he call? Couldn’t he handle it?”

“Apparently, he had no idea what to do… *sigh* Why do we hire boys to watch the babies? Girls are so much more capable….”

“Hey, let’s not talk about this right now. It’s suppose to be a special moment, for us.” Yoki cooed, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“Babe, can you please just let me know what’s going on? What’s with the silly hot dogs, and coming to the beach this late?”

Suddenly Yoki dropped to one knee. I was completely confused, my mind running blank as to what she was doing…..

~*Yoki’s Point of View*~

I was really nervous, my mind running around 1000 thoughts. But I had to suck up my courage and do this. I loved Traci, and I didn’t want that love to go to waste.

“Well… the hot dogs were a distraction. I actually brought you here to ask you something…”

When I pulled out the box, she stumbled back in shock. I could tell that of all the things she thought I was going to do, this wasn’t it…

“Traci Tranton… I have truely found love, when I found you. I can’t live a day without you… Will you marry me?”

My hands were shaking, and sweat beads forming on my head. Traci was just standing there were her hands over her mouth. I was getting a little nervous, until she stuck out her hand and screamed “YES!”.

As I slipped it on her finger, two tear drops fell from her eyes. As much as I wanted to cry too, I couldn’t. My body was filled with such joy, I could sing it to the world!

Traci ran at me, and wrapped her arms around me tight.

“You will NEVER regret this, Yoki. Ever.” She cried, tears still flowing down her cheeks.

“Regret? That would never pass through my mind. Your too wonderful to bring me any kind of regret.” I whispered into her ear, squeezing her even tighter.

Later that night we came home, our hands entwined not wanting to let go of each other. As we walked through the door, we noticed the babysitter sitting on the couch staring at something “lustfully”.

As we heard the T.V let out a moan, we of course knew what this young boy was watching.

“I guess he didn’t expect us home so soon!” I stated.

Traci looked at me, and I back at her and we both bust out laughing. This caused the babysitter to quickly shut the T.V off. He didn’t even ask for his money, before taking off out the door.

“Poor kid!” Traci exclaimed, before laughing even harder.

What a night this turned out to be!


Thanks for reading! =)


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    Aww, Bazel is cute! ❤

    And yay for Yoki and Traci!!! ❤ ❤ 😀

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea she is a real sweetie pie, even if she can be a bratty little sister. But what little sister isn’t? =)

      Yup! Many people guessed it, and they were all right. Traci and Yoki are now together ^^

  2. Alex Bailey says:

    lol the babysitter

    But AWWW!!!! yay, they found love!! And bazel is sooo cute!!

  3. Prince of stalkers says:

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  4. callierose says:

    Ohhh Bazel is gonna be a constant reminder of Flynn – but at least Yoki has Traci now!
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      Yea she is. Everytime you look into her face, you can see him. Yep! They have each other so everything is going to be okay. ❤

      Teehee ^^ I thought it would kinda funny ;P

  5. Lilith Kawanami says:

    AWWWWW!!! It’s so sweet! You made me cry tears of joy!!! :’)
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    OMG naughty babysitter! and mini Flynn so adorebel

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    She’s Flynn’s baby alright no denying that…..she’s so adorable…she has Screw’s hair 😀 YAY!!! Yoki found love……YAY for Yoki & Traci ❤

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    HAHA at the babysitter watching something dodgy on TV! The proposal was really cute and I’m happy Yoki has finally found happiness at last! (or has she?)

    Will write more later, right now I’m going to lay in a dark room ( migraine) 🙂

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    yay!!! happy ending!!!! haha boy got caught haha

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    Yay Yoki finally found someone who cares about her and Bazel is so cute 🙂

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    aww happy family!!!

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    Bazel is definatley Flynn’s child!!!
    Awww. Engagement!!!

  13. Radke Legacy says:

    I am happy for Yoki! And that ending was really funny!

  14. craigyboy2 says:

    Great Chapter!!!

  15. Tabby :) says:

    Great chapter, I was sorta thinking they would get together. :] Bazel is so cute, and for some reason.. I miss Flynn being there. :/
    That babysitter thing is hilarious!

  16. tonksandshizz102 says:

    Thank god Bazel and Alana weren’t in the same room as the babysitter… That would have been… Scarring the kids, dear god!

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    awww! yay for same sex marriage!! lol I don’t see many stories that incorporate that so I was really excited to see that! Such beautiful characters as well.

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    I swear to the god Traci, you better not do anything to hurt Yoki! Your the GOOD one…Right?

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