Chapter 1.9 – Wedding Bliss

~*Yoki’s Point of View*~

It had been one year since I proposed to Traci, and now we have finally decided to tie the knot. We planned on just having a simple backyard wedding, me and her, and of course OUR lovely girls. The hardest part of this entire day, had to be dressing them up…. such stubborn babies!

I thought it would be best if Traci and I, wore the same outfit. No one is greater or in more power than the other. The matching dresses represented an equal share in our relationship.

This day was going to be so perfect, and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of eternity with my lovely bride…. never thought I would ever say that!

“Are you ready for this Traci?” I asked my lovely bride-to-be.

“I was born ready for this, Yo-yo! I love you so much!” She smiled

I was ready too, even though my stomach was full of thousands of fluttering butterflies.

I let Traci go first, because I think she deserved that right.

*Traci’s Point of View*

She was just so pretty! I loved how she was glowing under the sun, as it hit her face just right. Yoki, told me to say my vows first… I was completely nervous! I never did anything like this before! But, I swallowed my fear and started to recite my vows I had prepared.

“Yoki, you are the most amazing woman I ever met. Your smile is brighter than the sun, and your heart is of pure gold. If I had to choose anyone over, it would still be you. I couldn’t have asked for a more reliable and beautiful girl. It will be an honor to call you my wife, and an honor to raise your daughters with you. I love you Yoki Terrey, you are my everything.”

*Yoki’s Point of View*

Maybe I should have thought that through! I should have gone first, because now I’m going to be crying my vows to her. She was just so amazing, her words flowed like a smooth wave from her lips.

“Well… I guess it’s my turn.” I sniffled.

“Traci, you’ve been with me through very hard times. Anytime I needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to me… you were always there. You say I’m strong, but in reality your both our strengths. I can’t go on without you. Your love, and your heart are so plentiful, you could share it with the entire world! My daughters love you, and more importantly I love you. I will always be here for you, and do what ever it takes to make you happy.”

And with that, we took each others hands, our eyes locked. We grasped together, and shared our first kiss as one. Wife and Wife, Mrs. and Mrs. Terrey. It was Traci’s idea to keep the last name, for the childrens sake. It’s easier to change one person, than 3.

*Traci’s Point of View*

Now that our vows are locked, and our marriage is official… we had another commitment to promise to; the children. Our vows didn’t stop with each other, we also had to promise our love and attention to them as well. 

I know it had only been an hour since we were married, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about the tiny band on my finger. It wasn’t glamorous, but what it symbolized was worth more than all the money in the world.

Alas, with the wedding day…. comes the wedding night. The moment I have been waiting for, for a VERY long time. I never did this before, and I’m glad I saved myself for my groom… or in this sense my bride.

“Are you ready for momma to show you a good time, my beautiful wife?” She replied all lustful and seductive in her tone.

“Ooohhh… I don’t know, my wife might not like that.” I joked.

“Well… don’t worry, I won’t tell her if you don’t.” She said casting me a wink, then climbing over top of me.

“Yoki, wait… I never did this before. I’m a little nervous.”

“It’s okay sweetie, I’ll be gentle with you.” she smiled.

I knew I would be safe in her arms, I trusted my darling little Yo-yo.

And gentle and safe it was!

*Yoki’s Point of View*

Time started to trickle by, and the more advanced I got in my career. I was about half way to the top, and already playing in gigs with my band; The heartbreaks. York played the piano, I on the guitar, and Danny on the drums. Our shows were at night, but we practiced at The Stage during the day. (The Stage is what the place is called, where we play our gigs)

I could say that our practices usually went pretty well. We would practice from 3-4, then our concert would start at 7:30. We were getting pretty big around Twinbrook, and people were even starting to recognize us.

As usual at 7:30, the lights would flick on, the people would arrive and it was time for us to be in the lime light! We would rock out, and the people would party hard!

Sleep all day and party all night!

After our concerts, Danny and York usually go out for some drinks, and I go home to my wife, and babies…. but tonight was a little different.

“Heya, Yoki? Wanna come with us tonight?” Danny asked

“Uhhhh, no thanks Danny. I need to get home, it’s late and my girls are probably driving Traci bananas!” I chuckled

“Come on Yoki… if not for yourself, do it for me.” He purred.

Was he trying to flirt with me?! Oh I don’t think so!

“Danny! I’m married remember! Geeze, don’t try that crap with me.” I growled.

“Oh come on Yoki, don’t play with me. I see how you look at me, even York noticed.”

“Noticed WHAT?! I don’t look at you like anything! I’m married, and I love my wife very much!”

“Come on, we both know your not a fruit. Your just trying to hide yourself away from men behind Traci. Come here baby, I’ll take care of you.” He said trying to grab me close

“GET OFF ME! I don’t want you!” I screamed!

I couldn’t believe this man! Why was he trying so hard to get me in bed with him?! I’ve been hurt by far too many men in my book, and I think being with Traci is the best thing I EVER done. This scummy man wasn’t changing my mind.

“Listen here “Pal”, I’m not some groupie. I won’t sleep with you, I won’t have drinks with you, heck I don’t even wanna look at you! Now, you try a stunt like this EVER again, I’ll report you to the director and have you thrown out of this band! Period! Do I make myself clear, Danny?!”

Just as I was in the middle of my outburst, I heard York call over to Danny.

“Yo dude, are we going or what? I’m starving. Come on!”

Danny just cast me a smug look.

“Yea, I was just finishing up over here….” He said piercing me with his eyes.

I could really care less what kind of look he gave me, I wasn’t in this band to please him anyways. I don’t what it was though, from this happening I felt so…. guilty. Nothing happened, but.. yet I still felt like I was in the wrong somehow.

I dragged myself home that night, trying to think of positive things… but I just felt like I still did something. My mind was running laps, and I was just getting so aggravated.

The moment I walked in the door, my two little girls came racing toward me.

“Mommeeee! You home!” Alana cried.

“Mommee Uppy! Pwick me up!” Bazel screeched lifting her arms up toward me.

I couldn’t help but look at them and smile. No matter what I went through, I always knew I had them, and Traci to come home too.

“You silly girlies! Get your small little baby butts in bed!” I laughed.

The second I said that, they took off in different directions giggling. Apparently, that meant “no way mom!”

As I was still giggling to myself, about my tiny girls, I heard a loud thud. Apparently Alana thought it was snack time! She ran over, and grabbed two plates of cake out of the fridge.

“One for me, one for Bay!” She laughed.

“Alana no-no! It’s bed time!” Traci yelled.

By the silent squish of cake, to my daughters back-side, I’m guessing she didn’t like that answer.

“Squishy Momma!”

Momma is what they called Traci, and Mommy is what they called me. Confusing but, it grows on you.

“Just wonderful! Now I have to give her another bath.” Traci stressed.

“Let me do it Tray. You’ve had a long day”

My wife just let out a sigh and mouthed a thank you at me. It’s the least I could do, she puts up with them for longer hours than me. Daycare, plus at home… it’s a miracle her hair isn’t all gone!

I slowly but surely bathed Alana, then one by one I put them into their beds. After being settled down, I walked into the living room, and grabbed hold of Traci. I held her tight and sighed into her neck.

“What’s wrong, hunny?” She asked

“Oh, it’s just…. Danny.”

She let go of me, and looked at my face with concern.

“What did he do to you?!” She gasped.

“Nothing, well… not that he didn’t try. I pushed him off, and set him straight though…” I sighed.

“Good for you babe! For that, I’m gonna make you a nice garden salad! Sound good?!”

I smiled slightly “Sounds perfect.” I knew she was just trying to change the subject, because she saw something bothering me. But I couldn’t help but feel so crummy….

She got right into her salad chopping, making sure everything was sliced and diced ever so perfect. I loved the way she cooked, she had natural talent when it came to the kitchen!

We began to eat, and I sat there slumped over staring at my fork like I lost my best friend. Traci just sighed and looked at me.

“You do understand, that you did the right thing? Why are you so upset Yo-yo? I’m not mad at you, I’m proud of you!” She smiled.

I just continued to eat. Traci could always read me like a book… she was right I did feel like I did something wrong, even though I didn’t.

After a few seconds, I finally looked up at her.

“Traci… I know, but I just couldn’t help feeling that way. I’ve been hurt so many times in my life, that I felt like I hurt the only person who ever showed me the right kind of love.”

“Yo-yo, you silly girl. You could never hurt me! Your too kind, and good hearted for that. You were the victim here, stop punishing yourself for what some jerk did!” She laughed.

She was right, I don’t even know why I felt the way I did. I guess being hurt in your life like I was, can cause some confusion in situations like that…

After smiling, and talking for a bit, we heard a loud thud and giggles. We walked into Alana’s room, and she was missing from her crib! We then dashed over to Bazel’s room, and there they were, playing on the floor in the dark! Those sneaky little girls! How did Alana even manage to run by without us seeing?!

“Hey! What do you think this is a party?” Traci laughed.

We scooped up our little rebels, and put them back into their beds. Apparently that didn’t matter, because they knew how to escape anyways! From this night on, we started locking doors, and taking toys.

As I placed Bazel down, she just looked up at me with her light blue eyes.

“No go Mommee! Please stay.” She begged.

At that moment when I looked at her, the only person that ran through my mind was Flynn. God, how much she reminded me of him! It was hard not to look at her, and almost say “Flynn”. How could a girl, look so much like her father? But I had to let the thought pass by. No way was I thinking about him right now, he was in prison for 30 years and I liked it that way.

The next morning I woke up bright and early, because it was Alana’s birthday! She was finally turning 5, and would be starting school. I couldn’t believe how the years had passed by so quickly. It was just me and Alana this time around, since Traci had to go to work in two hours I let her sleep.

“Happy birthday angel.”

Since Alana was old enough, I let her blow out the candles. She had a hard time with it, but eventually got it. That’s my big girl!

Apparently Traci’s sleep wasn’t going to be extended because she was woken up by a screaming Bazel. Ahhh, got to love little kids.

“LET ME OUT! NO TAPE MY CRIB!” She screamed.

Well, the tape wasn’t part of the plan, but they needed to stay in their beds!

Alana looks just like her mother. There is no doubt about that! Her new trait is mooch.

Thanks for reading!


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32 Responses to Chapter 1.9 – Wedding Bliss

  1. Lilith Kawanami says:

    The wedding cerimony was so sweet!
    Stupid Danny! He should know better! If I were Yoki, he would have gotten a face full of fist!!!! 😀
    Alana is so pretty! I love how she aged up!
    In that one picture of Bazel, I looked at it, and thought “Oh my gosh its Flynn”
    She looks just like him! I feel bad for Yoki, to have that constant reminder of him…:(
    I feel bad for Bazel, it isn’t her fault she looks like him! Dang EA genetics…

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea, i thought it would be nice if it was just them. Yea he does know better, but he’s just another scum bag trying to get Yoki. Ikr, curse those gentics, and all the men wanting Yoki! haha. Ikr! that picture she looks just like him. It’s crazy! Mostly my girls look like mom, not dad!

  2. kyra mapp says:

    Alana looks like her mom and forget about Flynn you Traci now Yoki and Bazel.

  3. Amy6 says:

    Bazel looks sooooo much like her dad it’s…..creepy. I could only imagine would it would be like if she was a man…. now that would be very creepy! Poor Yoki having a constant reminder of Flynn , I think she still loves him. She probably loves Traci to but not as much as she loves Flynn. They will probably have arguments when the kids are older and Flynn is about to get out of prison. Oh and beautiful vows by the way. It was a very romantic wedding and the girls looked adorable in their little dresses!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I know, her facial structure is built just like her fathers. I don’t know what she looks like older, but I’m guessing it’s gonna be even creepier. It is sad having a constant reminder of your first real love. I believe she loves Traci dearly, but I guess somewhere in her head she still loves Flynn too. Thanks, I just thought of them from the top of my head ^^. teehee

  4. americangirl510 says:

    Awwww 🙂 wonderful wedding, Bazel does look like Flynn, i have 2 admit XD i kinda miss the Flynn before Yoki found out about the crimes lol

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea, Flynn was a very romantic guy. Also very handsome! He would have made some more beautiful children ;D But what happened, happened. Traci is good to her, and they deserve to be together.

  5. sims2014 says:

    the wedding scene was so cute and Alana is adorable

  6. mauisky says:

    Aww Loved the wedding vows and those chose matching outftits for the same reason as Dylan and Adam.. CUTE!

    The kids are so adorable and I can’t help but wonder are they going to have a 3rd one together this time?

    Danny’s a creep! I hope he leaves he alone or gets fired… scumbag! You leave Yoki alone 😛

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea, I remember you doing it and it was the most sweetest thing ever I just had to ;P. Well I’m debating, but I’m leaning towards no. I like it with just the two. Easier to give them both a storyline.

      Yea, Danny is just a creepy man trying to get to her. What else is new?

  7. callierose says:

    WAHH great chapter!! Alana is beautiful all aged up, she really takes after her mother. Which is fortunate I guess, considering who her father is. And Bazel is soo cute but yeppp, just as everyone’s pointed out before. Pretty much Flynn’s carbon copy. I’m hoping that won’t lead Yoki into preferring one of her children (either because Bazel reminds her too much of Flynn, or because Bazel reminds her just the right amount). The ceremony was so lovely too, and they were were really beautiful vows. I liked the reasoning you gave for them wearing the same dresses, that was sweet. Lastlyyy, Danny is terrible! I think he’s going to cause further trouble later in the story..

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Most likely yes Danny is going to give Yoki some trouble, but you never really know what might happen. ;] Yea because the symbol of them is to be equal, just like in Mau’s story with her Adam and Dylan ^^. YES! I can’t wait to see what she looks like though, I’m scared she’s going to form Green eyes and start talking like Flynn did XD. She’s his little girl clone. Yea having a favorite is never good, and hopefully that doesn’t happen.

  8. Alex Bailey says:

    hm…it seems like Yo-yo isn’t lesbian…that mighta been that feeling…hm…don’t know *ponders* but i LOVE the wedding scene, and I also really miss the guy Flynn used to be. He was pretty gorgeous!!! 😉

  9. Emy says:

    Awwwwww, the wedding was so adorable!! ❤ ❤

    And poor Yoki doesn't have much luck with guys, does she? XD XD

    Alana's so cute!!! ❤ ❤

  10. firebart says:

    That was a good chapter! I actually liked the wedding part and a I dont realy like romance the way you wrote it was great 🙂

  11. firebart says:

    Lol Except I have 2 projects and ironicly in both projects both my partners are on vacation ……………….so I have to do much of it my self 😦 Im just gonna wait till they come back!XD

  12. Radke Legacy says:

    Alana is really cute! Glad they got married. they both looked really pretty.

  13. Jess says:

    I liked the wedding, but I can’t help questioning Yokis love for Traci. Maybe she loves Flynn still? I know I do! Yeah, I know he’s a physco and all but I liked him….
    Awwwww Bazels my favourite :3 ❤
    Great, like always 😉

    • spongeb0berz says:

      You could question it, but I’m sure it’s compeltely legit. ^^ Yes, I admit Bazel is my favorite too. Thanks I’m glad you liked it! Read the next chapter if you want. lots of cliff hangers!! ;D

  14. firebart says:

    I just noticed tha my browers said “Wedding Bliss And then it rained…”I loled when I saw that

  15. Tabby :) says:

    Great chapter!
    I think Yoki still loves Flynn deep down..but she loves Traci too, maybe Yoki and Traci were just meant to be together.
    I’m still kinda missing Flynn… xD
    I wonder what’s gonna happen when he gets out of jail…hopefully they won’t have any problems!!

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