Chapter 1.10 – Trouble Brews

*Alana’s Point of View*

My birthday had just passed, and as a gift Momma recolored my whole room!! I loved how all the purples blended together. Purple is my favorite color you know. Since I loved my new room so much, I would sometimes even eat my lunch in here! Mommy and Momma weren’t too happy when they caught me though, but who wouldn’t want to be in this room all the time!

One saturday, when Mommy had the afternoon off, I decided to ask her for a playground set. It just wasn’t fair how all the kids around the neighborhood had it, and not me!

“Mommy, can you buy me a playground? Pleaseeeeeee!” I begged, hoping this method would work first.

“Sweetie, Momma and I just re-did your whole room! Don’t you think that is kind of selfish to ask for a playground, with your sisters birthday coming up soon?” She stated, lecturing me on and on about not trying to spoil me, and I have all I need.. Blah Blah! I want my set!

I then had to try my second method; Kiss up! I was getting this set no matter what!

“Aww, your so right mommy. That’s why I always loved you the most, you teach me all the greatest vaules in life. I love you sooooo much, and If you want to get me that playground, it should be all up to you.” I smiled, with a cheeky grin.

“Well… I guess you have been such a good girl-” She smiled, then cutting off by the vibrating sound of a cellphone.

Stupid phone! Why did it have to go off, right when I was about to get my slide!

“Mooommmmyyyy! Moooommmmmyyy, what about me?” I whined at her, trying to break her concentration from that phone call. Who was on the other line anyways?

After a couple more mintues of me tugging at my mothers shirt, she finally said good bye to the person and then turned around.

“Alana Joyce Terrey! That was VERY rude to be loud, while I was on the phone!” She stated, in a “I’m about to be grounded” manner.

“But Mommy! I was just….- Who was on the phone anyways?” I questioned cutting off in mid sentence.

“I-It was no one…. go play with your sister” She said, pushing me along to Bazel’s room.

I just didn’t get it! Why did she make me come into my bratty little sister’s room?

“La-la pway with Bay!” My sister giggled.

“Look, your just not who I wanna hang around Bazel. Your just a drooling little kid, and I’m just too old for you.” I tried explaining to her.

Sometimes she really just didn’t get it. Why would I play with her, when I’m going to be starting school on monday? Older kids are going to be so much more fun to play with.

“Peeky-blue!” She screamed.

“It’s peek-a-boo!” I corrected her. Arg, why did my mother trap me in here with her, and who was she talking to that was more important than me?!

*Yoki’s Point of View*

I had just gotten off the phone, on my 2nd attempt to talk to the police. They wanted me to come downtown tomorrow but wouldn’t state what for. The only information they gave, was it was important that I come. Everything bad that could possibly run through my mind did. Why on earth would the police want me?! I’ve done nothing wrong!

I decided, I wasn’t going to tell Traci about this, the less she knew the better. When she came home from teaching the rebels at saturday school, I just kissed her goodbye and headed to work. I only had the afternoon off, so I still had to go do a concert that night.

When I returned that night, I was greeted by a very angry Alana. Just perfect.

“Mommy! Tell me, who you were talking to earlier!! And tell me why their more important than ME!!” She screamed

Oh no, she was being so loud! I just couldn’t risk Traci hearing her. I wanted to keep this police incident a secret. So I was bound to say anything to keep my daughter quiet.

“Sweetie, calm down. The person on the phone was no where near as important as you.” I tried calming her down with my words. To be honest, I blame her behavior on me. She was always so spoiled.

“Then, why did you lock me in the room with Bratty Bazel!” She went on, screaming and stomping her foot.

I had to think fast, and I did the only thing I knew would shut her up. It was wrong, but Traci just couldn’t know about this!

I pulled her into a hug, and told her I would buy her that new playground if she would just be good, and stop screaming! She held me tight and shouted a million thank you’s into my shoulder.

“Oh mommy! Your the greatest! I promise to be good forever, and ever!” She squealed, feeling as if she might start bouncing around the house.

“Alright, then that’s starting now. Get your little butt in bed.”

“Of course mommy!” She smiled, as skipped into her room.

Phew! Glad that she’s out of the way now!

A minute later, Traci came out of Bazels room! I thought she was asleep! CRAP!

“Yoki, what’s going on? Why was Alana screaming, and what’s this about a playground?” She asked, concern spreading across her face.

Before I had the chance to answer, Bazel started crying.

“Momee! Momee! Uppy!” She pleaded, with little tears in her eyes. She always did this every night. She had to be held, and hugged by both of us or she wouldn’t go to sleep. Other than that, she was a really good baby.

I took a screaming Bazel from her arms, and breathed in and out. I had to tell her now, there was no way I was going to lie to my wife.

“Well, I didn’t want to tell you but… the police called.” I sighed.

“The police?! What happened?!” She yelped, trying not to get to hysterical.

“I don’t know, they want to see me on Monday. I’m gonna go after I drop Alana off, on her first day at school.”

Traci took Bazel from my arms, and placed her on the ground. She turned back at me and then wrapped me into a loving hug.

“Oh Yo-yo, everything is going to be okay. I’m sure it’s nothing big, if there making you wait two days.” She stated.

“I know, but I can’t help but think the worst. I mean, what if my mother died? Or what if Leo is still alive and wants ALANA!” I stated, sounding like a paranoid crazy person.

“Yoki Terrey! Leo is not alive, and his zombie corpse isn’t coming to steal Alana from you.” She chuckled, kissing me gently on the forehead.

Traci pulled back, and asked if I was going to be okay, I just looked at her and sighed. I didn’t know how I was going to feel until I actually went. I knew from this point, Traci wasn’t going to move from that spot, till she knew I wasn’t going to have a nervous breakdown or something.

“Traci, just get some sleep I’m fine!”

“Yoki, I’m just not sure. I can’t sleep seeing you like this! Hey, I have an idea, would it make you feel better if I took off, and went with you?” She asked, rubbing my shoulders.

“Traci, I think I want to do this alone. Besides, you’ve already taken enough work off for me. Just go, I’ll be fine I promise.” I smiled, casting her a look that everything was fine, even though in my gut I still felt queasy.

The next morning, I woke up Alana and told her to get dressed. She stirred, then looked up at me and asked why. I laughed and told her it was her first day at school! She quickly jumped out of bed, got dressed and rushed out the door. I hopped into the drivers seat, and took off down the road.

The whole time, we sat in silence. My mind was wondering all over the place about the police, and Alana was to busy admiring her new bookbag.

As we pulled up infront of the school, I could of swore Alana almost jumped out of the car… while it was still moving!

“Slow down there kiddo!” I shouted, opening and getting out of the car. I could tell she was just really excited to start her first day. To lighten the mood for myself, I pulled a silly face for my daughter.

“BLAAAAH! Ha ha, mommy your so funny!” She responded, pulling an even sillier face. It was just sad to think, in a few years I could never do something like this again. By then I won’t be funny mom, I’ll be embarrassing mom. Go figure!

After a few seconds, I told her enough playtime that it was time for school! I gave her a swift push on the back towards the school, then she took off running.

“Bye Mommy! See you after school!” She shouted taking off towards the other kids.

After dropping off my daughter, I took the plunge and headed for Twinbrook police station. I was escorted by a blonde haired cop, to sit and wait. I was still nervous as to why I was here. What kind of police station wouldn’t tell you why they brought you in?!

After about 20 minutes of waiting in an empty room, the lady at the desk called me over.

“Ma’am? Yes, please come over here.” She stated, signaling me with her pen. Why are secretary’s always sterotypically snobby?

I got up from my seat, and drug myself over to the lady.

“You wanted me?” I asked.

“Yes, yes. Follow Officer Jonas to the back.” She sneered, not even looking up from her computer screen. Could she have been more rude? I wasn’t about to stick around and find out.

I followed the officer threw the double doors, into a bigger office space. It wasn’t what I pictured, but then again Twinbrook is a small town. Their two biggest crimminals are dead, and in Jail.

“This way, Ma’am. Give officer Tony your information, so we can have you logged in.”

Logged in? Where was I in a doctors office? First I wait forever, now I’m sigining in… this day was getting me no where fast.

Yet again I walked over to another person at a computer.

“Name and address” He asked with his deep voice, then looking up at me.

“Yoki Terrey, 123 Simlane Ave.” I responded to the officer, giving him the information he wanted. I half expected them to search me, and take my thumb prints! Jeesh!

Finally after about an hour of non-sense, I was brought into the back room. When I walked in my face was locked onto the man sitting in the chair. No way, no FREAKING way!

“Hello Yoki.” He sputtered from his lips.

NO! JUST NO! What was going on here?! Why were they bringing me in to see this man! I got rid of him that night he killed Leo, almost 5 years ago!

I just stood there for a good minute, but it felt like eternity.

“Please sit, Mrs.Terrey.” The officer stated.

I did not want to sit, but I wasn’t about to fight with a police officer.

“What’s this all about?! Why is he here, and why am I here?!” I questioned, feeling a little crazed.

“That’s for me to explain, Yoki.” Flynn responded.

“Well, Flynn? Hurry up with it! The sooner I’m out of here the better.” I spat.

“I take it your still mad, huh?” He asked.

Still mad?! What did he think? 5 years, and I forgive him for killing a man, and breaking my heart? Yeah, I’m pretty mad!

“Yea…” Was all I managed to get out.

“Well… this isn’t about you or our past. It’s about my baby.” He responded in a mono tone.

What?! How did he know, I was pregnant? I never once told him he had a daughter, not after what I saw! The only “father” Bazel knows is Traci.

“I don’t know what your talking about Flynn. The only baby I have is Alana, and you know that.” I lied, trying not to make the same mistake twice. I blurted out the exsistence of Alana to Leo, and I wasn’t doing that to Flynn.

“Oh, don’t lie Yoki! Come on, I know you better than that. I saw her, she was in the newspaper. You know, you’ve gotten pretty famous since I last saw you. Your family’s face tends to get around.”

“Fine. I have another baby, but I’m married you know. It’s Traci baby, we did a little science concoction with our DNA and a Donor, and got our little girl.” I lied once again. I really didn’t want this man, in Bazels life.

“Cut the CRAP Yoki! I tried being nice, and now your just spitting lies left and right. I saw her okay?! She looks just like me, don’t you dare try and deny it again. If you want, this kind officer would love to send for a parternity test.” He spat, casting me a glare.

“ALRIGHT! She’s yours, you happy now!?” I screamed, my blood boiling with rage.

“It doesn’t matter though, your stuck in jail for 25 more years, your never going to see her. Even if you do, I’m pretty sure by then she won’t even want you.”

“See that’s where your wrong. From the start I got cut a deal, since I turned myself in. Oh and the Yings never really died. They just suffered some lung condtions, and there all happy and healthy again.” He stated, trying to get a point across.

“So what are you saying?”

“What I’m trying to state, is that by the time Bazel’s birthday comes around… let’s just say you’ll start to see a lot more of me. There letting me out early for a couple reasons. 1. Because my plead on Leo was self defense since there were no witnesses or hard evidence. 2. Because the Yings are alive. and 3. Because they found out your were rasing my daughter alone.”

“You liar! I’m married!” I spat, feeling as if I might strangle his neck right then and there!

“When she was born you weren’t! It’s your fault for not finding Traci sooner.” He laughed.

I stood up quick, my chair knocking back.

“Your not getting anywhere NEAR her! YOU hear me Flynn?!” I yelled, causing the officer to flinch.

“Calm down, Mrs. Terrey or I will ask you to leave.”

“Your not the judge of that Yoki! I have access to her a couple days a week to visit. The judge ruled me to that, oh… and I have to start paying you too.” He stated rolling his eyes.

“We’ll see about that, you low piece of s%&$!!”

“MRS. TERREY! That is just about enough of that, please leave here at once!” Officer Jonas shouted, pointing towards the door.

I turned on my heel and headed through the small metal door.

“You don’t have to kick me out, I was leaving anyways!” I shouted, walking away.

I had to go let off some steam, right now I couldn’t go back home like this. Traci would have a melt down, and the girls would start crying if they saw me screaming. I decided to just take a drive for a couple hours, thinking this over.

*Alana’s Point of View*

The first day of school was awesome! I made so many new friends, and even got picked first in a game of kick ball! Who ever said school wasn’t cool, they’re losers! Out of all the friends I made today, Dodger became the “bestie”. He was a little strange, and kept getting into trouble but I just loved that about him! I was too chicken to do anything bad, but watching Dodger do it was exciting!

When we got home that day, I told Dodge the whole girlie-peterpan look had to go! He needed a make-over, and I was the perfect girl for the job.

I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into my room. I got momma’s scissors from the bathroom cabinet, and cut his hair short. Then I grabbed some punk clothes I had in my drawer and dressed him up.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about! You look more like a boy now, then a fruity kid who flys.” I laughed, then standing back admiring my work.

“Yea.. okay… what ever” Was his response. Humph! Apparently boys, just don’t understand fashion! From this moment, I suddenly realized how much I loved it, and how good I was a it! It was my gift!

The moment Dodge walked out of my room, I heard the annoying cry of my sister. “Just great.” I thought to myself. Her annoying, needy little self is going to ruin my chance at making Dodge my bestie!

“MINE!!” I heard her scream, when I eventually left my room to see why she was crying.

Wow, the reason Bazel was crying was because of Dodger! Apparently, he took away her big candy that Momma bought her at the store today. GOOD! It’s not fair she got candy, and I didn’t!

“Nope! It’s mine now! Ha ha!” Dodge taunted her, only causing her to cry more.

“Dodge, what are you doing?” I questioned, of course already knowing the answer.

The instant he saw me, he dropped the lolly pop.

“Uh…. errrr… Nothing! I was just-” He stammered with his words, trying to think of a lie.

“Dodge relax! I saw you, it’s funny you took it from her. I never liked her anyways.” I stated, now laughing.

This only caused Dodge to laugh too. “Your alright for a girl Alana.” He told me, then grabbing my arm and pulling me outside.

I was so wrapped up in trying to please Dodger I didn’t even notice Mommy had already gotten me the playground!

“Come on La! Let’s play!” He shouted, jumping from the porch. This kid was great! He does all the stuff I’m not allowed to do, or would even think of doing!

I climbed up ontop of the slide, while Dodge sat there and rubbed my sister’s stuffed bunny in the mud! The more bad he did to my sister, the funnier it became! Tis’ a shame I’m not bad enough to ever come up with stuff like that.

We stayed outside all day, playing until nightfall.

” Kids, come inside NOW! It’s getting dark, and Dodge your mother should be here soon.” I heard Mommy call from inside the house. They let us stay out longer than usual, because Mommy and Momma were discussing something important. I didn’t care what it was, nor did I want to know.

“He let’s just go back on the swings.” Dodge insisted.

“But, my mommy just said we need to go inside now?”

“Soooo!? Come on Alana! Don’t be a chicken!” He clucked as he pranced around me like a bird.

“I’m not a chicken!” I stated, then climbing onto the swings.

“Seeeee? Now isn’t this more fun, then getting ready for bed?” Dodge laughed.

“Oh heck yeah! Playing in the dark is a billion times better than playing in the sun.” I giggled.

“Yea, and it’s also more fun to not do what your told.”

I didn’t know about that last part. I found doing what I was told, always turned out good for me… I don’t know… maybe I should listen to Dodge, he is older than me by two months. He would know more.

At that moment, I now heard momma calling our names.

“We said NOW!” she shouted.

After hopping off the swings, we ran into the house giggling and laughing our heads off. About an hour later, Dodges mother called and he went home. Before I had the chance to go get ready for bed, Momma called over to me.

“Alana, I would like a word with you.” she stated, in her firm tone. I knew I was in trouble.

“Yes, Momma?” I glistend, casting her a cute little look.

“Alana Terrey. Your mother told you to come in, and when she told you to come in you listen to her! You don’t set the rules around here, we do. Understand?”

I knew the only was out of this, was to try kiss up again.

“Ohhh, Momma! You are so right, I am such a terrible daughter. I don’t know why I didn’t listen to you or mommy. I guess I was just trying to make a friend, since no one at school likes me.”

“Oh… I’m sorry La-la. I didn’t realize you had such a hard first day. Hey, how about you invite Dodger to your sisters party next week? I’m sure that he would love that!” she smiled. Parents were such push overs if you gave them a cute face, and told them how right they were.

“Oh thank you momma! That would be the greastest thing ever! I love you sooo much!” I giggled, then headed towards my room for bed. Getting my way was such a glorious thing. Let’s just hope bratty Bazel doesn’t ruin it for me!

2 days later…

*Yoki’s Point of View*

I had just got home from work, and I was getting Bazel ready for bed when my phone rang.


“Helllloooo, cutie. It’s me Danny.” he cooed

“Oh god, what the-…. he-double hockey sticks do you want?!” I stated trying to be mindful of my 4 year old.

“Hey, that’s no way to treat your date is it?” He chuckled

“My date?! What are you talking about, you jerk?” I spat.

“Meet me tomorrow at the bistro, me and you have a lot to talk about.” *click*

I just stood there with the phone dial ringing in my ear. What did he mean, we had a lot to talk about?! Just great… another burden on my shoulders. Does it EVER end?

Thanks for reading! Lots of lovely cliff hangers for everyone to think about!


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    • spongeb0berz says:

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      Yea, that’s what Yoki thought! Such a small town, they dont even know how to be good policemen! who makes a person wait?!

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    • spongeb0berz says:

      Haha, I love how you all think this about Flynn is makes me giggle. Amy is the only one whos sees them together. but only I know what happens! mwuahah! ;P

      • jaec09 says:

        Evil……lol…..cant wait 4 the nxt chpt…..i want them back 2gether 2, but not if hes gunna act like how he did when she was there on her y am i here visit or if hes gunna be another Leo

      • spongeb0berz says:

        I doubt he’s another Leo. He was just frustrated. How would you feel being in prison for 5 years, then knowing the woman you still love hates you and is lying about your daughter? :/ I think I would be kind of sarcastic and upset too. He was trying to be nice at first….

  17. spongeb0berz says:

    But like I said, Only I know… for now ;P

  18. Tabby :) says:

    Hmm…okay, I’m not longer missing Flynn. xD
    He is a jerk!
    I would be moving away if I was Yoki, hopefully Flynn won’t end up ruining her life.
    And I’m wondering if Flynn and Danny know each other…hmm…?
    Great chapter! =]

  19. AliciaRain says:

    I seen you followed me on Tumblr, so I had to check you out, but the bad news is I got hooked… so now I need to leave this comment to bookmark my place or I’ll forget where I was because I’m such a scatter brain.

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