Chapter 1.12 – Twist And Turns

*Yoki’s Point of View*

It had been at least 6 months since I last saw Traci. Things were really tough on me. My girls would always try to do what they could to make me feel better but nothing seemed to work. I still felt so low, and so guilty for what I had done to her. No matter what I tried to do, it always became a hassle for me because my mind was always thinking about “The night”. I know it was cruel to torture myself like this, but… I just couldn’t let it go.

I didn’t understand, why after so long I would still find myself crying… It wasn’t the fact of losing Traci that stung, but more of the fact of hurting her the way I did. She trusted me, and I failed as a friend and as a wife.

I just had enough of all this by now! I needed to talk to someone, and Flynn sure wasn’t the person. Sure, I seen him all the time because of Bazel, but talking to him would just make everything worse. GOD! Why did he have to be so caring, and HOT!?

The person I decided to call was my mother. It’s kind of stereotypical when you think about it. A girl, calling for her mommy when all else fails. I wanted her touching words, and her loving hugs. No… I didn’t want them, I NEEDED them.

The phone rang into my ear as I waited impatiently on the other end. I must have called 3 times before I finally got an answer.

“Hello?” was the sweet reply on the other end.

“Mom! It’s me, Yoki. Listen.. I really need you right now. It’s important. Do you think you could come over?” I sobbed to my mother, trying not to sound too panicky.

“Oh of course sweetheart! You know I’m always here for you when you need me.” She replied with her warm tender-loving voice. I guess being an only child has it’s benefits.

She arrived four hours later, considering she lives in Bridgeport. When I opened the door to her welcoming embrace, I could just feel my guilt and worry start to melt away. Now I know why my daughters got over Traci so quickly, because everyday they still have me to wake up to. There is just something about the caring smile of a mother….

“Oh mom!” I squealed, pulling her into the tightest of hugs. “I’ve missed you so much! I’m just so thankful you took the time out to come all the way down to Twinbrook.”

“Took the time? Oh of course sweetie-pie! I would travel down here all the time, if it wasn’t for my old age holding me back!” She laughed, kissing me on the cheek.

That same second, the school bus pulled up in front of our house. Bazel and Alana were home! Gosh, those school days sure do go by rather quickly.

“Mommy? Who’s that?” She smiled sweetly up at me, then looking over at my mother.

“Well, Bazel? This is your grandma. This is mommy’s mommy.” I explained to my smiling wonder. She was always so friendly, and social. That’s what made finding out about Flynn 100x easier on all of us.

“Oh! Nice to meet you grandma!” She grinned, wrapping my mother in a warm cuddle.

“Why it’s nice to finally meet you too darling! Now why don’t you and your sister run along. Your mother and I have to talk for a bit, okay?” She said to Bazel, ruffling her hair and kissing her small forehead.

“Okay!” Bazel smiled, running over to her swing set with Alana.

I sat my mother down, and I talked to her for hours about everything that has gone on in my life thus far. Everything from Leo, to my latest break-up with Traci. Majority of the time, my mom just sat there and listened with the occasional “Oh I see.” and “Oh boy.”

Around 9 ‘o clock, when the girls were already in bed, and my rampage of words died down… my mother finally spoke up.

“Darling…. boy have you gone through the ringer! I’m just so surprised to see you standing on your own two feet after all of that non-sense!” She replied closing her eyes, and shaking her head.

“Mom, I just don’t know what to do! I’ve had no luck providing my daughters with a stable mother, or father! They always seem so happy, and okay with it… but every little girl deserves two parents, not just one over-stressed emotional wrecked parent!” I cried, placing my face into my mothers shoulder, crying hard and breathing heavy.

“There, there Yoki. Everything is going to be alright. I have the most wonderful plan, and I won’t take no for an answer.” She smiled, rubbing my head and patting me on the back.

“What plan?” I sniffed, wiping my tears on my sleeve.

“Well. I have decided, that you taking care of your daughters is far too stressful on you. Since, Alana is going to be a teenager, and that will only cause MORE stress on your life… I am going to take Bazel and raise her. Your step-father, and I will make a very stable home for her. Like you said she deserves it, and I wish I could have taken both from you… but Alana is just too big now. You see? Mommy’s know what to do.” She cooed, smiling and wiping the remaining tears from my cheeks.

Raise Bazel?! What did she mean Raise Bazel? As in take her away from me!? As in I NEVER see her again?!

At that same moment, Flynn had walked through the door. When I heard a loud “WHAT?!” It caused me to jump back.

“Flynn!” I called out. “I-I didn’t hear you come in…. Bazel is in her room, probably close to asleep by now but you can still check! Then make sure to check with Alana too…” I quickly stated trying to save my mother from an outraged Flynn.

He grummbled and walked into Bazel’s room. I always forgot he came over late on Monday’s, because he worked until 10. I stated to check on Alana too, because we both agreed to never tell her about Leo, and just state that he was her father. He was fine with it, because he always loved Alana anyways.

My mother took a seat back on the couch, with me standing up hovering over her.

“My word! That boy almost gave me a heart attack! I’m not as young as I once was, I can’t take a fright as easily anymore!” She laughed, holding her hands to her fast beating heart.

I sighed, “Mom, I couldn’t ask you to take Bazel. It just wouldn’t be fair on you.” I decided to start with that. The real reason was, I was NOT giving up my little girl! I loved my mom, but I could never just give her my daughter.

“Non-sense Yoki! I will take her with loving arms wide open! You don’t have to ask me, I insist on this! It will make everything so much easier on you.” She replied, casting me a loving smile.

I knew my mother meant well, but by now I had to lay it flat out. I was just not giving up Bazel. I didn’t care how stressed I got, my girls came first no matter what!

“Mom, look… I love you but I can’t just GIVE you my daughter! I love her very much, and I couldn’t live a day without seeing either one of their faces. Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll be okay now.” I stated, frowning slightly at her.

“Yoki, listen. This isn’t something I’m asking, it’s something I’m doing. I don’t care if you like the descion or not, Bazel is coming with me and that’s that! Your going to have a nervous break-down if you don’t have some kind of balance in your life.” My mother said sternly, now getting up from her seat.

I don’t know what it was, but I guess my motherly instict side kicked in…. because I blew my top!

“MOM! Your not taking Bazel! She is MY daughter, and MY responsibility. Your a great person, and were a loving mother to me, but I refuse to send her away!” I shouted, feeling a wave of anger wash over me.

I guess I kind of went a little over-board, because after I finished ranting she looked at me one more time and headed for the door. But before she left she said something that stung really bad….

“Yoki. As a mother and someone who cares for you, if you don’t get some kind of help I’m taking this to court. That little girl needs somewhere to call a safe home, where the parents are not about to lose their mind.”

Just perfect! My mother thinks I’m a wack-a-doodle, because I’ve been having a rough life in Twinbrook. I’m not going crazy, nor am I losing any marbles. She was just always so over-protective over me and always takes things to the extreme. I love her very much, but God she just needs to chill! I called her for a shoulder to cry on, not to snatch my daughter from under my nose.

After she was completely gone, I slumped over to the kitchen table and just stared at the wall. All my guilt was washed away, but.. now I had a new problem. After about a minute of sitting there, Flynn came out of Alana’s room and sat next to me. He turned his head, and gave me the most disgusted look I ever saw.

“There is no way your mother is taking my daughter! Who does she think she is?! I was even standing right there for god’s sake! She knows d&%$ right I’m Bazel’s father!” Flynn raged, throwing his hands in the air and calling my mother every name under the sun.

I sighed and turned to him, “Flynn, my mother is just over-protective. She was always like this with me. She doesn’t mean harm, honest. Please just cut her a break.” I pleaded.

“A BREAK?! Are you crazy? This is OUR daughter were talking about, not the family dog! We can’t just decide who get’s her next! GOD YOKI! Stand up for your kid! OUR KID!” He screamed, banging his fist on the table causing me to flinch.

” I DID! If you weren’t listening, you idiot! I told her straight off that she wasn’t getting Bazel! And stop your screaming, the girls are gonna wake up and they have school tomorrow!”

*Bazel’s Point of View*

I rubbed my eyes and climbed out of bed, when I heard a loud bang from the living room. To scared to open my door, I just leaned my ear againest it. The only thing I heard was my mommy and daddy arguing, but I couldn’t make out what it was…. Until my daddy got a little bit louder.

“YOKI! There is just no way! Bazel is not getting shipped to live in Bridgeport!”

Was all I heard. I could feel my tears welling up in my eyes, and my stomach twisting in shock. Send me away?!

I couldn’t take it anymore! I blurted out of my bedroom door crying and running towards my daddy.

“NO DADDY! Please don’t let anyone send me away!” I screamed, tears rolling down my cheeks.

I just looked over at my mother, as I quickly shifted by her. When I was scared I always ran to daddy… I hoped I didn’t make her feel bad. She just looked so sad, maybe she was scared too.

I ran into my father’s arms and squeezed him tight. I felt if I let go, then I would never see my parents again!

“Daddy! PLEASE!” I yelped once more, holding on even tighter now.

“Shhhhhh, Bazel. Calm down, hunnie. No one is sending you anywhere. You live with mommy, and daddy visits. Just like always, and forever. Now go wipe those tears, give mommy a kiss and get back in bed. OK?” He smiled, kissing me repeatedly on my head.

“Okay Daddy.” I sniffled, walking towards my mom, kissing her on her cheek then heading to bed. I was so certain I heard them say that, maybe I was just too sleepy and imagined it.

*Flynn’s Point of View*

God, I felt like such an a%^. My poor daughter was frightened for her life, because of my big mouth. It’s just I’ve been trying my very hardest to make things right with her, and Alana, and Yoki too. Then Yoki’s mother comes up with this HORRIBLE idea of stealing my little girl away? Any father would be upset!

“Yoki… I’m so sorry. I just got carried away.” I said to Yoki who was still sitting at the table.

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes; ” Did you see her face? The horror on her face?!” She cried, as her lip quivered and chokes of cries came from her mouth. I pulled her up from her seat, and hugged her tight.

“Hey, it’s alright. Nothing is going to happen, okay? We won’t let your mother get anywhere close to taking her. I have the perfect plan!”

“Oh great that’s the second time I heard that tonight, and the first one didn’t go so well.” She laughed, causing me to smile.

“This time it’s different. Since Alana is going to be 16, and is old enough to stay on her own… I think I should take Bazel for a week, and buy you a week at a spa get away! What do you think?”

She just looked at me and grinned widely; “Best thing I heard all night.”

So it was settled. Bazel was going to stay with me, and Alana was going to be home alone. If Yoki was going to fight off her mother, she needed a way to cope. If she told her mom that she was on vacation and finally relaxing, maybe she would back off the whole “steal grand daughter” plan.

“Hey kiddo, you excited to spend a week with daddy?” I asked my daughter, two weeks after the plan was set.

“Sure am Daddy! Were gonna have so much fun!” She squealed, explaining to me all the wonderful adventures we were going to have.

Even though the date was approaching for everyone’s getaway, I still told the girls they needed to make sure they were on top of their grades. I know they were excited for everything that was going to happen soon, but school comes first! Hey? Don’t I sound like such a good dad? I think I’m finally getting the hang of this!

*Alana’s Point of View*

The big day finally arrived! My 16th birthday party! I was totally siked, that I was going to be joining all my friends in the teenage years! What I was even more excited about was the fact that I could finally suck up all my courage, to ask Dodge out. When I was younger it seemed icky, but as I grew… I developed a major crush on him!

My party decorations were coming along nicely! Of course the balloons had to be purple, and there had to plenty of music playing.

My mom had been so kind as to help me decorate, that she forgot about the pizza she ordered! When it finally arrived, a rather rude delivery person started banging hard at our door, and screaming for us to come out. This scared my mother, and she ran outside in her underwear! Ugh, how embarrassing!

“$15.30, and an extra $2.00 for making me wait!” The pizza person shouted.

“Wait?! It was like 3 seconds, you rude piece of-… Here just take your money!” my mom griped shoving the money into the pizza persons chest. Way to go mom! You show them who’s boss!

My mother proceeded to come into the house, and brought the pizza over to the counter. She opened the lid, and took in a big whiff of the melting cheese. Why were parents so weird?

“Mom! Get dressed! The party is going to start soon!” I shouted to my mother, who was STILL standing in her underwear.

“Alright! Calm down, miss teen. I’m getting dressed now.” She laughed, walking towards her room.

The first guest to arrive, was my 2nd best friend; Morgan. She had just celebrated her birthday on the same day as Dodge, and were now coming to my party to cheer me on into my teen years! Whoop!

Dodge was the next guest to arrive, and he showed up waving at me with a cute grin. As long as I known him, he always did that! But it was still totally hot! Aaahhh….

I must have thought this day over 10000 times, but I could never picture it exactly like this. I must say, I was loving it so far and I couldn’t have been any happier.

Finally, when everyone had arrived it was time for me to blow out the candles! I wished to go out on a date with Dodge, and crossed all my fingers and toes that it would hopefully come true!

Okay, so she is a spitting image of her mother! Wow! The only difference I noticed was the hair color. Her new trait is “Family-oriented.”

After I put on some new clothes, dad bought me I took a step forward and asked Dodge to dance with me. He surprisingly said yes!

“Boy, you sure did age up nice Alana.” He smiled.

In fact, the only thing he could do was smile! At first it was okay, and I was enjoying the attention. We danced for awhile, until it was just us two left at the party.

“My god Alana! Your so hot!” Dodge cried.

“Well… I only get it from my momma.” I chirped, flipping my hair back and smiling.

“Hey, since it’s only us now… wanna go out to my car and… “ya know”?” He questioned me, moving closer starting to feel me up and down.

I just couldn’t believe that’s all he wanted from me! Not a “hey wanna go out?” “Or a let’s go see a movie, and grab a bite!” NO! He just wanted to get me in his car, to have sex with him! GOD! And to think I actually liked him….

I backed off from his grip; “DODGER?! Why would you even ask me that? I’m only 16, I’m not gonna go have sex with you! Are you nuts?!” I screamed, taking him completely off guard.

“Alana! Geeze! Don’t announce it to the entire world! I was just asking, God! Your such a drama queen.” Dodge spat in my direction, then casting me a glare.

” Drama?! Oh, you want drama? I’ll show you DRAMA!” I yelped, causing my dad to come over.

“What going on?” my dad stated, casting Dodge a look.

“N-nothing… I was just leaving. Bye Lana.. see you at school.” He said, before walking away.

I just ran tight into my dads grip. I always knew no matter what, he would be there to protect me…. I hoped.

“What happened, sweetie?” He asked, kissing me on the forehead.

“Oh, Dodge is just a jerk! To think he actually-” I said cutting off. I wanted to tell him what he asked me… but for some reason I didn’t wanna get him in trouble.

“Asked you what, la-la?” He questioned.

“Asked me to.. uhhh…. go out with him! I mean seriously! That is just GROSS!” I thought fast, coming up with any lie that came into my head.

“Well.. that’s gonna happen kiddo, your such a pretty girl, guys are gonna be drooling over you. That’s where I come in.” He laughed, giving me another hug. Phew! He bought it…

“Well, I better get out of here. Your mother is waiting for me to take her to the Spa. Have fun being in the house alone. Remember no parties!”

” DAddddd! I know!” I chuckled, pushing him towards the front door. Parents! So strict and pushy!

Being home alone was AWESOME! I could do what ever I wanted, when ever I wanted! I know it seemed to be a bit childish, but I ate cake for breakfast! My mom never let me do that, so I just HAD to try it once. After that I danced in the kitchen, with my music blaring just having a little “party” of my own.

Right around lunchtime, I was just starting to settle down. All that cake, and hyper dancing was starting to get to me. The second I planted my butt down on the chair, there was a loud knock at the door.

“Just perfect!” I thought to myself. Who in the world could that be?

When I opened the door I gasped in shock! It was Traci…. and something tells me, she wasn’t here to pick up her old pile of clothes.


Thanks for reading! I would like to give credit to Jaec, for helping me come up with the idea for this chapter ^^. Her’s was a tad bit different, but she inspired me. So thanks again ^.^.


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    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yup you got it right, it’s Alison. =) I know! That’s why Flynn flipped out! No way was this woman taking his kids! Yea she is pretty ^^ You do? Would you believe I threw two color purples together and got it? XD It’s just EA lipstick lawl! Yea.. Dodge is nothing good. Remember Alana has the “good” trait and now “family” no way is she doing stuff like that.

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      Lol, even I didn’t notice the people in the backround! Good eye. Well the clue is Traci herself. Some people picked it up. ;]. Yes, Dodge has always been a very bad influence on her. Now that’s shes getting older, I think she is now realizing it. Yes sorry I didn’t mention her name, but it is Alison. She’s from my other Legacy and I tend to forget not everyone read it >.< lol xD

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      I’m off to write the next chapter. Sorry for the delay! I’ve beeen sOOO busy with school. Now I’m getting a few days off, I’ll have more updates out, hopefully be able to close generation 1 soon!

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