Chapter 1.13 – Baby Blues and Puppy Love.

Traci? Oh just great! I haven’t seen her since that horrible fight my mom and her had. I don’t know why she’s here or what she wants but judging by her tear stained cheeks, it’s nothing good.

“Traci?” I questioned, as if I hadn’t noticed her standing there. ” What are you doing here? I’m sorry if your looking for my mom, she’s at a Spa resort for the week”

“Alana?!” She streaked, completely ignoring what I just said. ” My word! I thought Yoki answered the door for a split second there!” She stammered, with widen eyes.

“Well.. I got older. That’s what happens when your gone for a long time. Time goes by, and people age…” I mumbled, trying not to come off harsh. I was still mad at Traci for leaving my mom like she did. I knew exactly what happened that night, but for some reason I still blame her….

“Alana… I’m know your still upset about what happened but please, if your mother isn’t home, can I talk to you? I really need someone right now. Anyone.” She cried, another tear falling onto her cheek. She then held her hand to her back, and lifted her protruding stomach. It was then I noticed she was pregnant! But how?! When?!

“Traci? Are you pregnant?!” I blurted out, catching her off guard.

“Y-yes… that’s what I want to talk about.” She sniffled.

“How?!” I exclaimed, trying to run the concept over and over again in my head.

“Well… Where do I begin? That night, when I stormed off I ran off to my mothers house. While there I couldn’t close my eyes to rest, so I went out for the night. At the bar, I ran into a man named Danny, and another man name Jim. We had a bunch of drinks, and the next morning I woke up naked in a back alley.” She whimpered while explaining every little detail to me. For some reason I pitied her, I just felt so… bad.

“Oh my god! Were you raped?!” I shouted, not even caring who heard my yelps.

“No! … Well at least I don’t think so…. I’m pretty sure it was just my fault, for being stupid. I was just so upset an angry at your mother I didn’t even care. It wasn’t until a month later I found out I was pregnant…”

“Oh Traci. I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?” I said wrapping her in a hug. I guess the only reason I really felt sorry for her was because I remember stories my mother told me about Danny. He’s a real piece of work, and now he got Traci pregnant? If not him, then his slim-ball friend! Taking advantage of a helpless girl.

“Well I was wondering if I could stay here for 2 days. My new house is being fumigated, and I litterally have no where else to go. My mother is disgusted at me, and the only real friend I had was Yoki….” She frowned, lowering her eyes to the ground.

“Well” I stated “I guess you can. It’s only me here right now, and I could let you stay in my room.” I suggested, casting her a small smile. Leaving her my room gave me an excuse to use mom’s room! Score!

“Oh thank you Alana! This means the world to me!” She grinned ear to ear, squeezing me tight once again.

I showed her to my room, and the instant she walked in she laid herself down on my bed. I assumed she was really tired and just left her to rest.

Later on in the evening, I knocked on my bedroom door and let Traci know dinner would be ready soon. I also handed her a pair of my PJ’s so she could go take a shower, and get into some clean clothing.

“Hey thanks for the outfit Alana. It is a bit snug because of this big belly, but I’m making them work.” She laughed, while tugging at the PJ top.

“It’s no problem at all Traci. Just trying to make sure your comfortable.” I smiled. ” Now go take a seat, dinner is just about ready.”

Just as she was about to head towards the dinning room table, she spun back around facing me once again.

“You sure you don’t need any help? I’ll set the table or… ummm clean the dishes?” She asked.

“Now, now, Traci.” I said, shaking a finger in her face. ” You go sit down, let me take care of this. Your my guest, and I refuse that you do anything.” I stated, now pointing towards the direction of the table.

It was sweet she wanted to help, because I knew she felt like a burden to me, but I was happy to help her out. After that moment when she told me what happened, it was like a radar went off in my head, like I was obligated to help her no matter what.

Finally after trying 3 more times, she agreed to let me do everything. Right when I was about to get the dinner plates, my phone flashed into life. I checked the caller ID and it read “Dodge”. Just perfect, what did he want now?

“Yes Dodge?” I answered, sighing at him down the line.

“Don’t sound so eager to hear my voice.” He spat, sounding a bit aggravated.

“Well? What’s up then, Mister moody?” I answered back, trying to light the tension I created.

“Well…. I was wondering if you wanted to go to this dance club with me and my cousin? Don’t worry Miss goody-two-shoes. Teens are allowed, there is no alcohol during certain hours.” He hurriedly answered, before the question came afloat.

“Oh, I don’t know Dodge. I kind of have company right now. It would be kind of rude to just leave.”

“You should go” Traci smiled up at me, from her seat at the table. I’ll be perfectly fine her by myself. After I eat, I’m going back to bed anyways. I looked at her and questioned if she was sure. She nodded her head yes, and I got back to my conversation with Dodge.

“Alright fine, I’ll go but I’m not getting in a car with you. I’ll meet you there, what’s the place called?”

“It’s called “Juice”.” He grumbled, bummed out by the idea of not sharing a ride together. Dodge plus car didn’t sit well with me anymore.

I told Dodge OK, waved bye to Traci, then headed out the door.

It took me a good 10 minutes to get there, even by car, but I finally made it. It looked like a pretty cool little club from the outside, and judging by how upbeat it was, I could tell I was going to have a pretty good time!

I parked my car by the sidewalk, and got out. Right outside of the club Dodge was waiting for me. There he went again, with that stupid little wave! If he hadn’t tried to do what he did, I would still find it rather adorable…. but NO! Not anymore…. now he’s just my icky friend.

Not to be rude to him, I returned the favor with a toothy grin and a small wave. Plus the adrenaline from going to a club by myself was exciting!

Me and Dodge walked into the club together, (not by my choice!) and he then pointed across the room.

“That shrimp over there is my cousin, Milo.” He smirked, thinking he was funny. I glanced over at the boy, and my jaw just dropped! I think it has to do something with the men in Dodges family, because they were all such a turn on for me! WOW!

I found myself not being able to move from my spot. Dodge just stared at me in confusion, then walked off somewhere to get something to drink.

“Um, Hello.” Milo approached me, smiling slightly.

“H-hi.” I stuttered back, trying my best not to bust out in a fit of giggles. He was just so cute!

“So are you the girl that came with my cousin, or am I totally wrong and bothering some stranger?” He laughed nervously.

“N-no, I am girl, came with ya know him…” I muttered, fumbling with the words in my mouth. My head was thinking one thing, and my heart another!

Milo just looked at me confused. “Well I know your a girl.” He chuckled. ” But did you come with Dodge?”

“Yes. I came with him.” I spoke, my mind finally clearing up.

He just laughed at me, and kept on smiling. Great, he probably thinks I’m some wacky girl who’s slow in the head! Just then we heard Dodge call over to us.

“Hey guys! Check out this dance move!” He shouted, grunting loud like a gorilla. “It’s called Ape! Come on guys, try it! Dance clubs aren’t for chatting, that’s why they invented school.”

He stopped mid dance, and just stared at us.

“What are you guys doing! Jeesh do I have to drag you out here?!” He raged, now beginning to get frustrated.

We couldn’t hold it in much longer. When we saw all the “dance” moves Dodge was pulling and the stern face he gave us, we both burst out laughing. So he didn’t get mad, and storm off, Milo called over to him that we were coming. But it was still so funny! Ape? Hah! He sure is that!

“Alright now were talking! Last one on the dance floor has to buy Juice for everyone!” He yelled, running over to the other dancers.

“I have to be honest.” Milo admitted ” I’m not much of a dancer.”

“Well… your in luck.” I teased ” Because neither am I!”

He just smiled at me, and the next thing I knew it he had his hand in mine dragging me over to the dance floor. I could feel the butterflies twisting around in my stomach as his strong grasp held me. I wished I could just stand there with our hands entwined forever, but alas the dance floor was only mere inches from where we were standing….

“You liar!” I stated, shoving a hand into Milo’s shoulder. “Your dancing like a pro!”

“I said I’m not much of a dancer! I didn’t say I was completely clueless.” He laughed, shoving me back.

*Dodge’s Point of View*

This club was so pumping! Those two were just ruining the night by talking, and dancing slow. Clubs were for partying not mingling! Besides, why was the love of my life talking to my stupid cousin anyways? See I knew he would only get in my way. Why did my mom insist I bring him?

The second I turned my back to call them out again, I saw something that really made my blood boil! Milo, that little twerp, was flirting with Alana! Oh I don’t THINK SO! I was putting an end to that right here, and now! Alana belongs to ME.

I saw Milo excuse himself from Alana and walks towards the mens bathroom. I caught my chance right there. I’ll just follow him in when Alana isn’t looking and make sure when he comes out, he doesn’t even blink in her direction!

I approached behind him, tapping him lightly on the shoulder. ” Hey bud…. having a good time?” I asked in a mellow tone.

“Yea! I was a little hesitate at first, but I’m really glad I decided to come.” He smiled at me, going on about how he needed to get out blah blah blah! What I really wanted to know was why he was hitting on my girl!

“Soooooo… I saw you with Alana. What’s going on?” I questioned him, trying best to hold back my boiling anger.

He chuckled “Oh come on were just friends.” then shoving me slightly in the shoulder. Friends? Yea, flirting is just being “friends”. Then I just had to ask, I really just had too…

“Sooooo…. You gonna ask her out? Ya know, you and her? On a date?” I said frustrated, 3 seconds from blowing my top.

“Well… I was sorta thinking about it. She’s just so cute, and friendly, I would love to take her out. Why? You think I should?” He questioned, a small smile spread across his face.


“Let me get this straight, because you know I must, your going to ask her out correct?”

“Well… yea I guess so.” He replied, looking confused at the expression on my face.

“SURE! WHY NOT?! That’s sounds like a great idea RIGHT?” I stated, raising the volume of my voice.

“Umm… is there something wrong Dodge? Your acting really strange.” He questioned, backing up from me slightly with a startled look on his face.

“Oh NO. Why would there be something wrong?!” I shouted, spreading an obviously fake smile across my face.

“Dodge look, if I said something-” He began, before my rage cut him off.

“Said something?! You DID something!” I screamed, clenching my fist in the air.

Milo jumped back “Woah! Dude! Calm down, what is wrong with you?!” he shouted, holding his arms up in defense.

“Milo, don’t you even THINK about asking Alana out. She is MY girl, not yours!”

“What the? Your girl!? You two aren’t dating you liar!” He screamed back at me, casting me a dirty look.

“Yes we are!” I lied, returning his look with another.

“Then why would she flirt with me, if she was with YOU? Hmmm?” He questioned, waiting impatiently for my reply.

“For your money.”

“My money?! What the heck does she need money for, she’s like what? 17? Plus why would she come to a club just to ask me for money? She doesn’t even know me….”

“Well, I hate to break it to you, but she’s a gold digger. She will do anything for money.”

“You LIAR! Alana isn’t like that, she’s different from all the girls I ever met.” He spat, not believeing a word I had said thus far. Then I went to the extreme, there was no way I was letting this prude take my Alana.

“I’m not lying. When I said she would do anything, I meant ANYTHING. You do know she has 2 kids right? And that she’s pregnant again?”

“Dude, your sick. I don’t believe you.”

“Oh? Well guess who the father is of the new baby? ME. That’s right, me.”

He gasped back in shock. Oh yea I had him now. ” I-I…” He stuttered.

“See? Now you realize why I didn’t want to bring you? Because I knew she would be here. It’s best you just let me keep her, I’m what she needs… to show here a better life. Now make a run for it before she tries to get all your doe!” I said, pushing him towards the door.

*Alana’s Point of View*

God it had been at least a half hour, and he STILL wasn’t back yet! I was just so eager to talk to him some more, that I was about to walk over and see what was keeping him. Just as the thought ran across my mind, so did Milo…. the running part anyways. My stomach twirled yet again when I saw him nearing. I found myself grinning widely from ear to ear.

He ran by me, only briefly looking over. I half expected him to stop, but he didn’t! He just kept going and going. Then I watched him pull away in his small lemon of a car. What just happened?! Why did he Just leave me like this, without even saying goodbye?

I just stood there, letting my mind play over what just happened. A frown spread across my face, as I thought over the possibilities of what I did wrong. Maybe I was too ugly for him, and he thought he gave me the wrong impression? Or maybe he doesn’t like blondes? Maybe he thought I was watching him use the restroom! Oh my god! He’s got to be gay!

The more I thought about it, the stupider the outcomes became.

Just then Dodge came over to me. “Hey cutie, where did Milo run off too?” He smirked.

“I don’t know… he just came out of the bathroom running and he didn’t look back. I think I might have did something to scare him away.” I sighed, holding back a small tear in my eye.

“Well he’s just a LOSER then if he didn’t want to stick around and talk to you. The nerve of some people!” He shouted while holding a big “L” to his forehead.”You know what you need?” He questioned “A date with me! Come on sweetie, I’ll buy you some dinner and we’ll go catch a late night movie. What do you say?”

I looked at Dodge like he was nuts! There was no way I was going out with him, not after that little “incident” at my birthday party! Besides, I was really not in the mood to do anything anymore. I really was bummed about Milo just leaving like he did….

“No thanks Dodge. I’m kinda tired, I’m just gonna leave”

“Well… I’ll take you home then!” He suggested.

“You do realize I brought my own car? Right? … Good bye Dodge.” I said, rolling my eyes now heading towards the door.

Yea I took this picture idea from Starr Legacy, but I just thought it was so creative!

God I was so frustrated about how things turned out tonight. At first I thought I was going to get a date with Milo, and now I think he hates me! To make matters worse I don’t have my mother or father home right now, so I’m stuck to cry out my problems alone. Well I guess not totally alone, I’m sure Traci could talk me through it.

I walked through my front door, and threw my keys on the counter. I was going to shout for Traci, but remembered she was still asleep. As I started to strip my jacket off, I heard a loud yelp. It startled me causing me to scream! I turned around in a hurry only to find Traci standing in a puddle of water, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t poland spring!

I clenched my head in a panic state, yelping at Traci bending over in pain. “What do I do?!” I shouted, tears flowing down my cheeks. I’ve never been in a situation like this, and Traci was just so helpless as her screams began to thicken.

“Help….” She managed to say.

While still in mid panic, behind me the front door opened up! This only scared me more, and for a split second I thought I was going to pass out! I really don’t do good under stress! I heard the familar giggles of my little sister, and the hearty laugh of my dad. PERFECT! They came home right on time…. or rather quite early!

“La-la! Were here to pick you up! Wanna go see a movie with me and daddy?” Bazel chirped, as she pranced through the front door with my dad.

“Yea come on Alana! We need to have a mini celebration that your cooky grandma isn’t taking Bazel anymore.” He laughed.

The moment they walked in the door, they gasped, then froze in their tracks at the sight of Traci. I don’t know if they were more confused to see her here, or the fact to see her here bent over in labor…”Dad do something!” I shouted, pointing crazily at Traci.

Bazel being the sensitive girl that she is, began to cry. “Daddy please, help Traci! She might die!” She bawled, rubbing her eyes pulling our dad in Traci’s direction.

“Alright, everyone calm down. I’ve done this before. Traci? How close are your contractions?” He questioned, calm and clearly.

“5… minutes…..” She answered completely out of breath.

“Alright Traci, let’s get you to the hospital NOW.” He said, tugging on her arm. Traci began to walk forward but had to stop, as the pain increased.

“Oh my GOD! Make it STOP!” She wailed, clenching her side tightly as blood began to trickle down her leg.

Bazel’s face was turning bright red as she screamed and cried at Traci’s side. “DADDDY! PLEASE!”

“Alana take your sister in the other room, and calm her down.” He stated, now holding Traci over his shoulder hurrying out the front door.

*Flynn’s Point of View*

I raced to the hospital, leaving Alana and Bazel at home. I had no idea why Traci was at their house, or why the heck she was pregnant but right now I had to make sure that baby was okay! I had only just come over to pick Alana up, only two days leaving her alone and I find a pregnant woman in labor as we got back! Great way to end my day!

I was in the hospital with Traci for at least 11 hours. Holding her hand, rubbing her head telling her everything was going to be alright. After the baby was finally born, I called my girls to make sure they were OK. Bazel had finally fallen asleep on the couch, after Alana calmed her down with some T.V. That always seemed to work for her.  I was just relieved everyone was OK, and that the worst was over.

Once everything was said and done, I told Traci I was going to head home and would pick her up in two days after the hospital let her out. I went home got some rest, and spent the next two days at Yoki’s house. Poor Alana and Bazel needed me right now, and taking that drive back with them would only put more stress then these kids can bare.

Two days later, I took the drive back to the hospital with the girls. Bazel was really concerned for her safety, sometimes I think that girl might be a doctor the way she cares so much for people. Traci had a little girl, and she named her Scarlet Tranton. While at the hospital for those days she had a paternity test run over people with criminal records in Twinbrook. Low and behold, Daniel Micking popped up…. Poor Kid, I knew Danny and he is nothing but sludge.

Me and the girls drove Traci back to her house, and wished her good luck with her new baby. We all swore to make sure Traci was back home before we told Yoki… I mean IF we told Yoki. She went away to get refreshed, and telling her that her Ex-Wife had a baby, almost nearly in her living room would certainly strain her out once again.

I just aged her up so you could see her… ;] She has Danny’s eye color and her mothers hair color.

*Yoki’s Point of View*

One week could have not gone by quick enough! Sure I loved it at the spa, but I sure as heck missed my two girls. I was so glad that I got home just in time though, because no matter what I was not missing Bazel’s birthday! Wow, where did the time go?!

I have to admit though, I do feel so relaxed! Plus that fact that my mother called, and apologized for her actions made everything all the better! I was ready to take on the world again.

Before I even took 3 steps through the door, I was pelted by a tight squeeze from my youngest daughter.

“MOMMY!” She screamed, kissing me repeatedly on my cheeks.

“Hello baby! How’s my girls been?” I asked smiling wide, and returning her kisses.

“Great mommy! I’ve stayed up late waiting for you. Alana baked me a cake, and were ready to celebrate. Daddy won’t be here, because he is working… but… that’s ok!” She smiled, running towards the cake propped on the counter.

“So did you guys have a good time with daddy?” I asked, looking at both of my girls. They both turned and looked at each other. They turned their heads back at me and said “Yup!” then laughed. Well that was strange…. Ah well!

*Bazel’s Point of View*

I was so excited to grow up! I didn’t want a huge birthday party like Alana had. All I wanted was my family with me. I walked up to the cake, and stood staring at the burning flames. I wished that my mommy and daddy would love each other again, then blew out the candles.

I turned around to face my mother smiling, when all of a sudden my sister screamed in terror! I looked over at her, with widen eyes and saw a distinct glow on her body. I shuffled around, and turned facing flames high as the ceiling! My birthday cake had set on FIRE!

My sister had pulled me back, and I loosened from her grip and screamed for my mother, who had just left to use the bathroom, mere seconds before hand. “MOMMY! HELP! FIRE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs!

She ran from the bathroom, and screamed for us to get out of the house. As we ran, I saw her grab a fire extinguisher from the kitchen wall and begin to put it out. After about 20 minutes of standing in the cold outside of our house, she called us back in. I was so terrified at what had happened, that I began to break down and cry. My mother hushed me by bringing me into a hug. Even my sister hugged me!

It wasn’t until 2 days later that I got the chance to celebrate. After mommy had called the contractors to come fix the small costing damages. This time around though, my mother stood close by and I kept looking back at my cake to make sure it was still just frosting and sugar.

I grew up looking just like my dad! I really had no problem in that, considering I idolized him. But besides everything that went on… I really did hope my wish came true.

Her new trait is “Handy”.

Thanks for reading! Sorry it’s been awhile, school is such a pain!


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37 Responses to Chapter 1.13 – Baby Blues and Puppy Love.

  1. firebart says:

    I had a feeling traci is pregnant cause she got drunk! oh I is so smart 😀

  2. sims2014 says:

    Dodge is such a jerk i cant believe Alana ever liked him Scarlett is such a cutie and i really hope Bazel’s wish comes true Yoki needs a happy ending oh and the chapter was definitely worth the wait.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea, neither can Alana! She just thought he was a cutie, and they were best friends as kids so he kinda grew on her. Now she likes Milo.. but has no idea why he ran out on her… Stupid dodge. Yes! Traci’s baby is adorable, but Danny is scum for taking advantage of her. Yes now that everything is going well for Yoki, she deserves a little happiness. Aw really? I’m glad it was :3

  3. nahshona says:

    I just caught up with this legacy tonight and I must say it’s amazing work! I like how easily you have transitioned from The Terrey style writing over to something more dramatic. It shows you are an author of many talents! I love the storyline so far. I hope that Alana has the chance to see Milo again and straighten everything out. I would like to see the two of them together. I hope she drops Dodge as a friend, he was never really a good one anyone. And Bazel is gorgeous! I hope everything works out between Yoki and Flynn although I think they should tell Alana about her dad before she finds out from someone else. I’m looking forward to reading more!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I’m so glad you like my legacy, and happy you are caught up as well ^^. Yes I agree, Alana needs to straighten things out with Milo. Plus you know Alana, she has to have things her way, and letting Milo slide is just to simple for Alana. Dodge is rather bad, and does things no matter how they effect others, quite bad. Yes I agree Bazel is rather pretty :] She looks just like her dad. I’m glad your gonna read more, makes me happy ^^

  4. jaedac52609 says:

    idk wat it was but somethin in my mind said danny….i was hopin hed been tht baby daddy nd wat do ya kno he is…i guess he did it 2 get back at yoki 4 dissin him the way she did lmao….poor traci…im happy alison didnt takin bay bay i wouldve been said….now which girl is gunna spill the beans about traci? i bet bay bay is…….dodge is a douce u sure he aint leos boy? he could be shoot he might as well be…..milo was a cutie….cant believe dodge did tht…i hope milo calls la la nd tells her he does want 2 date a gurl tht has 2 kids nd is expectin his cuzns kid so he can hear the truth….la la nd milo belong 2gether!!! lol

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea because Milo knows how to treat a girl, not like his obnoxious cousin…. Ha ha you would think wouldn’t you?! When in reality Alana is!! Go figure! She’s a sweet heart! Yea, one of the girls are gonna spill the beans, but how? ;] Yea Danny is scum, now he has to pay the price of child support! hah! That’s what he gets

  5. justdance983 says:


  6. justdance983 says:

    Ah! stupid WP! I hate dodge. hopefully wont be cut off now.

  7. mauisky says:

    Ohh Milo is cute and OMG Dodger you meanie for lying about Lala! Poor girl is never going to get a boyfriend with Dodge scaring them all away.

    Bazel grew up soo pretty and OMG Danny Micking is the father of Traci’s kid? that makes Scarlet and Alana cousins!

    I love that Flynn helped Traci so much, I’m starting to really like him now that he seems to be turning over a new leaf 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      You think so? I made him, and I was hoping he turned out okay! Yea I know, Dodge is thinking that La-la is more of an item to keep, then a person! Plus Alana blew him off countless times yet he still seems to keep at it. Yes I agree I was very fond of how Bazel grew up :] Yea it does! Alana has a cousin hah. That’s neat how things work like that. Yea, he’s been trying his very best to be a good father and overall good person since getting out of Jail, even if he has bumps in the road.

  8. mauisky says:

    Is wordpress loading ok for you?

    It seems to be limping along with loading fails and connection timeouts for me at the moment and I’m glad I got today’s chapter out when I did! Yet more kids!
    I’m trying to pull out a few extra chapters over the next few days.. so far 3 days 3 chapters did you see the wedding? 🙂

    I’m hoping its a general wordpress issue at the moment and not just me 😛

    Oh and I forgot to add before how sweet Lala is for helping Traci d’awwwwwwwwww

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea WordPress is giving me problems too, getting on my nerves very badly -_-. Lol yes I saw the wedding Sorry I didn’t comment on that chapter… I went from one to the other lol. Yes it is sweet of her to do that. :]

  9. Radke Legacy says:

    Okay first off Traci’s kid is FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am glad that you made a new update, been waiting patiently!=)

  10. Emy says:

    Awwww, I love Milo!!! I hope Alana gets to straighten things up with him. Dodge is such a JERK. >8U

    Alana was so sweet with Traci. ^_^

  11. Lilith Kawanami says:

    Awww! Milo is really cute! I hope him and Lala get together, if Dodger stops being such a jerk!
    Loved it like always!!! ❤

    P.S. FINALLY have a new chapter out on my legacy… I think you will like it!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you loved it. Teehee I keep getting that Milo is cute, so I guess I did pretty good on him :3 Yea Dodge is a total… ahem… Donkey. W00t! I’ll read it now!!

  12. Amy6 says:

    Sorry it took me so long to comment! I read it when it first came about but forgot to comment whoops!! I seriously hate Dodge! He just gets on my nerves and I kind of want to strangle him and hope that that knocks some sense into him!! I hope that Alana ends up with Milo! He is just awesome and cute and funny and adorable and I could go on! Bazel is so cute she’ll probably atract many guys! She looks more and more like her Dad every day! I don’t think you mentioned the name of Traci’s baby but she is adorable! I’m glad that Yoki didn’t find out about Traci being in her house AND going into labour in the house!

  13. Tabby :) says:

    Aww, Bazel does look like Flynn.. I hope her wish comes true! Great chapter! =]

  14. tonksandshizz102 says:

    Scarlet is such a great name!
    I’m saying that mainly because my favorite sim is named Scarlet. :p

  15. caputmortem says:

    Oh my, Bazel looks amazing!

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