Chapter 1.14 – Reunited

Some things might be a little touchy in this chapter. I apologize, but what ever my hands wrote out, I kept. This is just a small warning if you want to skip over it.

*Bazel’s Point of View*

The months just seemed to be flying by. Ever since my birthday it was like our life was put on the SAME routine all the freaking time! School, visit dad, homework, bed. I would just stop in front of my mirror and ask myself “Is this all I have to look forward too?” In my mind, I felt like I was getting no where! I wanted to take risks, explore boys, help people! I didn’t want the cutesy house wife life of my sister, or the unstable living of my mother.

As I was busy once again mulling my life over, Alana crept up behind me.

She laughed ” You do realize mom bought you a mirror for your room right?”

I sighed at her sarcastic comment, “Yes Alana I did.” I replied rolling my eyes.

She looked at me with a disgruntled face, and just kept standing there like she was expecting me to tell her something. What did she want out of me? Couldn’t she see I was wallowing in my own pity?

I spun around, now facing her. “Yes Alana? Is there something you want?” I spat, coming off rather harsh. It’s not that I didn’t like my family or I was mad at them, I was just having one of those days.

“Jeeze, who bit you in the butt?” She laughed, smiling slightly at me. No matter what she could always try and turn situations into something good. I wish it was like that when we were younger, because boy was she a nasty little thing!

“It’s not that La. I’m just so tired of being stuck doing the same things ALL the time! There’s never anything new or different going on! I HATE it.” I growled, rolling my eyes. Then throwing my arms up into the air.

“Well. I do agree with you on that, we have been a very repetitive state lately. Hey, I know! How about me and you go to my friend Milo’s house?” She suggested looking very sleek with her plan. I could tell she was up to something. I wasn’t about to back down though! Going out? At night? Heck yea!

I had to pause for second to mull over her plan. “So…” I started ” You want me to go out with you, at night time, to a boy’s house?” She nodded her head as a response. “Well… what are we waiting for?! That sounds exciting… but uh… what about mom?” I asked, fearing the dreadful “did mom…” question.

She laughed ” I already asked mom. You know we have like the coolest one ever?” Yea our mom was pretty cool, but Alana knew we always got away with stuff because our mom still feels guilty for lots of things that happened in our past.

I wasn’t about to wait another second. We had permission, yes I was using this opportunity. We dashed by our mother, who had just returned from work. To be totally honest, she was really doing well with her job! She was just about off the top branch in music, and she had her face plastered all over the place.

“See ya mom!” I shouted, waving my hand signaling a quick good bye. Alana was tailing behind me, and she told our mom we would be back by 10.

“Just be careful you two! When I said 10, I meant it!” She stated, talking to us in her “I’m the boss” tone.

Alana slammed the front door shut and we jetted across the porch heading for the steps. The second we got to them, we had to stop dead in our tracks causing me to almost tumble down them! Our father had returned home from work, just great! There is no way he was letting us by, he never let’s us doing ANYTHING!

He looked up at us smiling. “Going somewhere?” he questioned, walking up the porch steps.

“Well daddy…” I said, trying to sound sweet “Me and Alana were just heading over to Milos house and-” I tried to explain, but was cut off by a booming NO.

“Girls, it’s nearly 8:45! Your not going to some boys house this late! Now get inside and just go watch T.V like normal kids? Alright?” He sighed, turning us around leading us towards the front door.

I nudged Alana in the side, which she knew meant to put on a puppy dog face. We stood there looking at him with our lips puckered out, and our eyes staring into his. “Pllllleeeasseeee Daddy!” I begged, whimpering loudly. “Mom said it was okay? Why won’t you let us?”

“Yea, Daddy.” Alana added, trying to make it sound better. I was hoping this time it would finally work….

“Did I not just say NO? Girls! Being out late is dangerous! There all kinds of crazy lunatics who would love to get their hands on two teenage girls! I don’t want to have to bury my daughters, get in the house! NOW!” He yelled, causing me and Alana to flinch. We never disobeyed anything our dad said. To be honest we were kind of scared of him at times. But it was just so sickening how over-protective he was! GOD!

*Yoki’s Point of View*

I was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes when all of a sudden I heard the front door slam.

“GOD DAD! Were not little kids! We can go to our friends house if we want! Were not gonna get murdered!” Bazel screamed, slaming the door to her room. Alana just walked by me and sighed. She then slumped over to the couch and turned on the T.V.

I looked over at Flynn, who now just walked through the door. “What the heck was that all about?! And why are the girls still here, I thought they went to their friends house?” I questioned Flynn, staring at him completely baffled.

“I told them to get their butts in the house, that’s what this is all about. There not going out Yoki, it’s just not safe for girls their age to be out at night! Did you know Alana went to a club the other night!? When we weren’t here?! God! I leave her alone, and this is what she does….” Flynn grumbled trying to gather back his sanity.

“Flynn…. I know where your coming at with this, but their not little kids anymore. You have to be able to trust them. Alana is a big girl, and besides it was an all around dance club. Nothing adult involved.” I smiled at him, trying to calm his overly-worked head.

He smiled slightly ” I know Yo-yo. It’s just… you and I both know where I came from. It’s cruel and evil at this time of the day. All the people I use to work with, do their deals at night. I refuse to let my daughters be their next target….” He sighed at me, obviously calming down. He hasn’t called me Yo-yo in a VERY long time….

“Oh Flynn. Do you honestly think people you use to know will mess with you? After all that has happened? Please…” I teased, shoving him slightly on the shoulder.

He just laughed at my remark.”You know? I had something much better planned then this tonight.”

“Oh? And what might that be?” I questioned.

“Well… I guess you’ll find out tomorrow then won’t you?” He laughed walking towards the front door.

“That’s not fair! You can’t say that, then leave!” I giggled, feeling elated.

“I promise… it’s worth the wait” He winked as he closed my front door shut. I wonder what he has up his sleeve this time….

The next morning couldn’t arrive quick enough. As the girls headed off to school, Bazel still angry I might add, I still just couldn’t get what he had said off my mind! Evenutally he called and told me to come pick him up at his house. If it was a surprise place, why was I leading?!

“Where are we going Flynn?! If I’m not suppose to know, then why the heck am I driving?” I questioned him, feeling a bit confused.

“Well.. heh… I kind of have too many unpaid parking tickets and my drivers license has been revoked until there paid” He said nervously, as his cheeks flushed red. I couldn’t help but giggle at his embarrassment.

Every time I thought we were going to stop, he told me to keep on going! The further he took me the more worried I became. We were driving REALLY far away from everything, and I couldn’t help but think why!

“Flynn, where the heck are you taking us?! Were out in the middle of no where!” I yelled, giving him a displeased face.

“Relax Yo-yo! You’ll soon find out when we get there! Hold your horses silly.” He replied, laughing at my demise.

I kept on driving forward until finally he shouted “STOP!”. I hit the brakes abruptly, causing my heart to race. He scared the living daylights out of me!

I slapped him, glaring with rage “FLYNN! What the crap!? Don’t do that when I’m driving, through some creepy place, in god-knows-where!”

The only thing he could do was laugh, which of course angered me more! I don’t understand this man, he just loves to press every button I own! UGH!

Finally after getting out of the car, he grabbed my hand. “Come on Yo-yo. Follow me.” He chirped dragging me through the marshy swap like area.

He dragged me further and further, out of sight from anyone and anything. He turned to me and smiled wide, putting his arms around my waist.

“Why are we hear Flynn?” I had to question once again.

He lowered his hands “slightly”, causing me to yelp and giggle. He chuckled loudly staring into my eyes so lovingly.

He brought his face in closer to mine, and by now I could smell the sweet smell of mint flowing from his breath. Something in my head wanted to pull back, because I kept having flash backs of my past. But the moment his lips touched mine, every bad thought and everything that I have ever gone through just melted away. It felt like nothing else existed in the world, expect Flynn and our passionate love for each other.

He pulled back from me leaning his forehead on mine “Yoki….” was all that he muttered out.

“What is it your trying to tell me Flynn?” Obviously already knowing, but I just needed to hear it from him.

“You know those butterflies in your room?” He began “Well… how about we call them Yoki and Flynn.”

What do you mean?” I questioned him, trying best to hold back my excitement.

“Yoki… I’ve given this a lot of thought. Over and over I’ve tried to just let you go, but… I can’t. I have this desire to be with you, this.. pull that I can’t fight. Please Yoki, can I have a 2nd chance at us? Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

I streaked with Joy. “Yes! Of course Flynn. I know we’ve been through some rocky times over the years, but I never stopped loving you. Even when I married Traci, my heart and mind still thought about you.”

He slipped the ring on my finger, and I started to burst out in fits of laughter. Flynn looked at me confused. “Why are you laughing, you werido?” He giggled.

“I just realized you took me out into a swamp to propose! What on earth were you thinking Flynn?” I said, now laughing even harder.

“Well… I was thinking that I wanted 0 distractions today. If the middle of a swamp is where that’s at, then so be it!” He stated, smiling at me.

I wrapped my arms around him, and squeezed him tight. “Well… you have my undivided attention sweetie! The only person I could focus on out here was you!” I laughed.

“It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing Yoki…. you’ll always have my undivided attention. Your what my life revolves around, and I promise to be a great husband… you’ll see.”

“I know you will Flynn.”

“Speaking of marriage…” He replied letting go of his grasp. “Let me go get that box with our outfits in it!”

“Outfits?” I questioned.

“Well… just because were in a swamp doesn’t mean we can’t look nice! Oh? did I not mention were getting married NOW?” He smirked at me, turning towards the car.

We both go dressed and turned back towards each other once again. I couldn’t help but recognize his suit instantly! “FLYNN! Is that Leo’s suit?!” I gasped in shock.

“What? .. NO! It’s just a rental it’s the only thing they had… Sorry…” He blushed lowering his eyes, now realizing the suit was the same one Leo always wore.

“That’s okay Flynn. I don’t care if we were both naked, as long as were getting married.”

He chuckled “Well I have no problem in that.” now beginning to unbutton his top shirt.

“I WAS KIDDING!” I shouted

He laughed ” So I was I!”

“Can was just get married?” I sighed, casting him a smile.

He fumbled around in his pocket for awhile, then pulled out two matching solid gold rings. I gasped when I saw them, they had to be pretty expensive!

“Flynn! Those rings are so amazing. How did you afford them?!”

“Yoki… I’ve been working hard over the years. I’m not the completely broke bum you once knew.” He laughed ” Now come on. No more interruptions! I want to be your husband, so “badly”. He winked at me, and I instantly knew what he was talking about. Jeeze! He couldn’t keep his little friend under control for at least another half hour?

“Alright calm down.” I giggled, causing him to blush. He really did have a shy side to him at times! Who knew?

He shakingly took off my engagement ring, and slipped the wedding band on. He recited his vows, then I repeated the process.

Flynn’s Point of View

She was just amazingly beautiful. Everything about her made my heart skip a beat. I know that’s kind of mushy for a guy, but I can’t help how I feel. I never once in my mind pictured myself married to Yoki. What I had done was horrible, and could never be taken back. Yoki though… she’s so forgiving, and sweet. I have to be the luckiest man alive right now.

“Thank you.” Was my last giving words to her.

“For what?” She said, staring into my eyes smiling wide.

“For giving me a chance, I really didn’t deserve.”

“Oh Flynn! When we kiss, and were finally announced married, everything that has ever happened is BEHIND us. It’s like starting a clean slate, OK?” She smiled, rubbing the side of my face.

“OK” I said pulling her in, for our first kiss as a married couple… I like that sound of that. Married.

We stood there, kissing for which felt like forever. I just couldn’t take it any longer! This was too much of a tease for me, I wanted my wife! All of her!

“Come on sweetie. Let’s get out of this swamp. I promise that where were about to go is 100 times better.” I winked at her, causing her to giggle. Oh yea, she knew what I meant.

As soon as we pelted through the front door, we were instantly all over each other. Stripping down fast, and banging every wall as we neared the bedroom. Once in the room Yoki’s frigging phone went off! I just rolled my eyes and told her to get it. I wasn’t mad at her, I was just getting very impatient.

“Hello” I heard her answer down the line of her cell phone. Apparently it was just her work calling, confirming her that she had the rights to a day off! Thank god that was all!

She climbed up on the bed, crawling over at me seductively. I felt the sweat buds start to form on my head as I watched her. She scooted her small slim figure towards me, and grasped around my waist lowering her hand. I jumped as a reaction, from my excitement, causing her to giggle.

“You ready for me, Mr. Terrey?” She asked in a whisper.

“Ahuh…” was the only thing I could mutter out. She had me already, and she didn’t even do anything yet!

She trickled her hand across her smooth legs, wrapping one around me. I put my arms around her, and started to slowly unzip the back of her dress. This only caused her to laugh. “Come on Flynn! I’m not gonna break, rip this thing off me!” She yelped, causing me to topple over her.

I wanted to be slow and gentle with her, but obviously that’s not what she wanted! Her yelp only made me get more lustful, and strong. I kissed her long and hard on the lips. We both came up for air, then proceeded to get undressed. I’ve been waiting forever for this moment to happen again!

We dove under the sheets, and just as I was about to show her a good time she stopped me dead in my tracks. She reached over on the floor for her purse, and pulled out a small little wrapper. “Here.” She stated. “I don’t want any more kids.” This only caused my face to turn beat red. I was already shaking from the moment, now I had to fumble with this stupid thing! I hurriedly wrapped my “friend” and began to make love to my beautiful bride.

It was such a lustful encounter. Every moment of pleasure that came from her lips only caused me enjoy it more and more. Every time I began to slow down, she would scream for me to go faster. Who was I too deny her?

“Your so strong!” She screamed, grabbing on tightly to my shoulders. Moaning as every part of her body clenched with excitement. The only thing I could mutter out was “Mhmm” which of course caused her to laugh even in all of this.

We finally came up for a breather, staring at each other and smiling. So out of breath though, we could barely even speak.

“I love you.” Was the only thing I managed to say.

Alana’s Point of View

I had just came home from school, dropping my backpack on the ground as I walked through the door. I only took about two steps in when I heard a loud scream coming from my mother’s room! I ran around the corner, jingeling the handle to her bedroom door. It was locked, so I grabbed the spare key, unlocked it and ran in. What I saw, could NEVER be erased from my mind…

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed, staring at my mother in bed with a man.

I felt so embarrassed as I looked away in fear. I can’t believe I just walked in on my mom doing the happy! Dear god, this was not on my list of things to do before I die! “Mom… I’m… Err…” I said fumbling with the words in my mouth, my face burning red.

Bazel heard my screams, and shouted “What happened?” I told her not to come any further, because this was something she didn’t want to see. She said alright, and flicked on the T.V.

Yoki’s Point of View

Oh no! My daughter caught me and Flynn in bed! Just perfect, I officially ruined my daughter. “Alana!” I screamed, jumping up out of bed, Flynn doing the same.

“Oh my god. Alana! I’m so sorry! Sweetie please! I-” I pleaded with my daughter but then was cut off by her next question.

“Wait… Your with Daddy?!” She yelped, a huge grin spreading across her face.

“Well… yes.” I replied back, trying my best to get my head on straight.

Alana squealed in excitement and charged into my arms.

“OH MY GOD! This is the happiest day of my life! I can’t believe you and daddy are working things out!!”

“Alana… were not working things out…”

She pulled back and looked at me in shock. “Then what the heck is this?!”

I just laughed ” Sweetie you didn’t let me finish. Were not working things out, we’ve WORKED them out. Your father and I got married today, were finally a family!”

The tears only started to pour from her eyes, causing her to forget everything she just saw. She pulled me over to the bedside, and begged me to explain how everything came about. Phew! I sure dodged a bullet.

Bazel’s Point of View

I was completely clueless of what the heck was going on in there. But from all the screams and yelps… I was pretty sure Alana was in trouble for something. As I sat there watching re-runs of my favorite T.V show, I felt a presence come and sit next to me. I glanced over and jumped.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned him.

“I’m waiting, because I want to speak to Alana. I told her I was coming over today.” He replied.

“Well… judgeing by the sounds I’ve heard… she’s in trouble with my mom.” I told him, then turning back to the T.V. I sat there for a good 10 minutes, before I noticed that Dodge was staring at me! What the..?

“Can I help you?” I spat at him. This only caused him to laugh. “You know Bazel? Your much prettier than your sister… I never really noticed till now.”

His reply only caused me to blush. He liked me? No one has ever liked me! They always went after Alana…

“Well… I think I better just leave. If your sister is in trouble, there’s no way I’m getting a chance to speak with her.” He got up waving a small good bye, smiling at me.

“Wait!” I jumped up from my seat. He turned around quickly, and looked at me confused.

“I like you too.” Was my reply. He smiled” Well.. that’s good. See ya Bazel.” I had a feeling he was playing hard to get, but honestly… it worked on me.

I grabbed him by his T-shirt, and spun him back around at me. “I said… I like you.” He laughed, and I reached in and kissed him right on the lips. He didn’t pull back, and I could tell he totally loved it as he melted away in my grasp.

“Now get outta here.” I smiled, pushing him towards the door. Oh yea, I can play that game too. I seriously didn’t know why my sister pushed him away? He’s actually quite charming!

After Dodge had left, my sister came running out of the run. I knew she was going to tell me what went on in there, but I had no idea it was good news!

“BAZEL!” She screamed, tears flowing down her face.

“What?!” I yelped back, my heart starting to race.

“Mom and Dad got married today! Were all a family now!” She laughed through her tears, grinning ear to ear.

I just stood there in shock, trying my hardest to hold back the tears but I just couldn’t! The happiness I felt over-whelmed me and the tears started to pour.

“Are you sure?!”

“Yes! I was just in the room with mom, and DAD. They told me everything.”

“Well what was all that screaming?” I asked, causing her to look at her feet. “It was nothing…” I could tell I hit a nerve, something happened but I’m guessing I wasn’t getting that information today.

I couldn’t contain myself much longer. The joy I felt caused me to jump into sisters arms and hold her tight. Both of us crying like little babies! Hah…

Alana’s Point of View

Just then in the middle of our happy little hug, my cell phone went off. I was still so excited from everything, that I didn’t even read the caller ID.

“Hello?” I answered rather quickly, tears still filling in my ears.

“Alana? It’s me… Milo. Could we talk?” He asked, in a slight whisper.

“Well.. how about tomorrow? I’m kind of busy right now.”

“Please? I’m already at your house…”

At my house?! You mean to tell me he was outside?! “OH! Really?! Well sure.. I’ll be right out.” I told him before hanging up.  I wonder what he wanted….

I saw him standing out by the sidewalk, next to his car. It was kind of chilly outside, so the moment I felt the cold air hit my body I crossed my arms and shivered. As I began to walk towards him, Milo looked up at me with guilt in his eyes, like he had gone and murdered the neighbors! What happened? Why did he look so upset?

Before I had the chance to even say Hello, he started to speak.

“Alana… I’m so sorry about the other night. I didn’t mean to just get up and leave like I did, I just got scared that’s all..” He began to explain, sighing after every word.

“Scared of what? Me?” I laughed ” Milo, I’m not going to eat you or something!”

“Well not scared of you, but scared of who I thought you were.” He replied.

Wait? Scared of who I was? What about me made him nervous?

“Milo, what about me makes you so scared? I’m sorry.. I really didn’t mean to come off that way.” I sighed, trying to lighten the mood with a smile.

“You see Alana… Dodge told me things about you. At first I believed him because he’s my cousin.. but then.. I thought it over and I really had to find out for myself.”

“Wait, what did Dodge tell you?” I questioned him, feeling nervous.

“Dodge told me that your just after money. That you’ll do anything and everything to get your hands on peoples wallets. He also told me that you have 2 kids and are pregnant with HIS baby….”

“WHAT?! Dodge said all of that?! What a low life piece of s^&$! He truly wanted me that bad, he was willing to stoop that low?! GOD! What an a$%hole!” I fumed, raging and screaming in disgust.

“Alana it’s OK! Please calm down.” His words soothed me, allowing me to breath easy.

“It’s not OK!” I cried “He told you that, I wonder what he tells all the rest of the boys at school!” I just couldn’t believe he did this to me…. we were suppose to be friends… we grew up together…

I closed my eyes tight, and thought about all the good times we had together. The laughs we had, the secrets we shared…. all of is just lies now! A true friend wouldn’t do something like this! And if he “loved” me… this sure as heck doesn’t prove it!

“I never want to see his face again! He’s nothing to me now! Spreading lies around that aren’t true! GOD!…” I cried, covering my face so Milo wouldn’t see my tears. He grabbed me close, and stroked my hair gently.

“It’s okay Alana. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Thank you.”

“For what?” He questioned.

“For coming to me, and telling me the truth. I don’t know how the heck your related to Dodge… your the polar opposite of him!” I chuckled.

“Well… Dodge is my adopted cousin. My aunt Mary adopted him when he was just a baby…”

“Oh! Wow.. I didn’t know that.”

“Neither does he..”He laughed, causing me to smile.

“Alana?” He asked ” I know this might seem like the dumbest time to ask… but… will you go out with me?”

“It’s not stupid Milo. It makes everything that happened all that better.”

“So… is that a yes?” he smiled, rubbing the side of my cheek.

“Yes it’s a yes.” I giggled.

“Wonderful! lets say…. Saturday?”

“Sounds perfect.” I replied kissing him on the lips. This caught him completely off guard… but that doesn’t mean he didn’t like it. I could see him grinning ear to ear, as our lips locked.

Nothing could ruin my happiness now….


Thanks for reading! Sorry again about the touchy description of that one part. If you skipped it that’s fine. I just couldn’t help for what I felt when writing. Hope you enjoyed it anyways!



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