Chapter 1.15 – The Truth Comes Out Eventually…

Alana’s Point of View

Months had flown by since dad and mom got married. Our lives went on as they normally should, and I couldn’t be any happier! A few weeks after that night when Milo came over, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I happily accepted! He’s the type of boy that goes old school. He wants to wait until marriage to “ya know”. Plus he’s such a gentlemen! I’m so glad I pushed Dodge away, because I got someone 100x times better!

Dad and mom have been rolling in the money lately with all their promotions. So dad thought it would be best if he extended the house a little, and gave it a make over.

I knew my dad was remodeling the house, but what I didn’t know was that he was building me and Bazel a fashion studio! Of course I had been talking to my father about how much I loved fashion designing, and that I wanted to make it something I did when I was older… guess that kind of hinted towards the idea.

He put a computer in the room for Bazel to research things about the human body. She wants to be a doctor, and help people. My little sissy always had a knack for that. She also had a knack for getting in trouble too…. Guess you can’t be perfect!

The moment I walked into the room I gasped in shock. There was no way this could be real! The room must have taken hours to construct and cost a very large sum of money! No wonder my dad had asked me to stay at my friend Morgan’s house… A sneaky one my father is!

Something as amazing as this room needed to be shared! I needed to tell someone about it! I called for Bazel in the other room, but she just brushed it off.

“Already seen it, La” She called out before heading into her bedroom. It was like a daily thing for her. The second she got home from school she headed off into her room for at least 1 hour. It was strange, but I paid it no mind.

Then I got an idea. “I’ll call Milo! Boyfriends are suppose to share in your excitement too!” I shouted out to myself, reaching into my front pocket for my cellphone.

I flipped out my phone, and hit talk. Milo was number one on my speed dial. My friends thought it was unfair to put him before them, but Milo was my baby! I need him to always be my number 1.

“Hello cutie.” He answered, soundly so sweetly down the line.

I giggled at him for calling me cute, but then quickly remembered why I called. “MILO! You have to get over here now!” I yelled, sounding rather panicky.

“Alright! I’ll be over in 3 minutes!” He said hurriedly before hanging up. I hope he didn’t think I was in trouble….. Whoops!

It wasn’t even 3 minutes, and I heard my front door slam open!

“ALANA?! Where are you!?” He shouted from the dinning room, I quickly called him over and he ran around the corner lightning quick. When he finally saw me just standing there smiling, he slowed down.

“What happened? Are you okay?” He questioned, obviously out of breath. My poor Milo! I didn’t mean to scare him!


“Oh Milo, I’m fine! I didn’t call you over because I was in trouble, I called you because I wanted to show you something!” I giggled, as he wrapped me in a loving hug.

He let go of his grasp and looked at me confused. “So your telling me that I ran from my house, to yours for you to just show me something?” He said staring at me with frustrated eyes.

“Aw! I’m so sorry Milo. I just wanted you to share my excitement!” I whimpered, pouting my lip over like a lost puppy. I felt kind of bad I made him rush over here for nothing….

“It’s alright sweetie. I’m not mad or anything, you just scared me! I don’t know what I would do If anything happened to you.” He smiled, kissing me lightly on the forehead. God! He makes me melt when he talks all romantic like.

“Now what did you want to show me?” He questioned, still smiling at me.

“THIS ROOM! Do you SEE IT?! My father made it for me! It’s a fashion room, where I can think up new designs and make clothes!” I squealed jumping up and down like a little kid who just got a new toy.

“This room? That’s what you wanted to show me?!” He said, with widen eyes.

“What? You don’t like it?” I frowned, lowering my eyes to the ground.

“Like it? I LOVE it baby!” He shouted, giving me two sarcastic thumbs up.

“Oh stop it.” I said, slapping him on the shoulder. “If you don’t like it then just say so.”

“Well… it’s… girly.” He finally muttered out “B-but it’s perfect for you!” He stammered trying to rescue himself. I couldn’t help but laugh at his mistake. I admit, it was a good cover up!

“Meanie!” I shouted, sticking a tongue out in his direction. I was only kidding with him, but he took it badly…. Gosh I really need to work on the way I make things come across! Milo is so fragile.

“I’m sorry Alana!” He cried out, sticking his hands on my shoulder.

“Milo!” I yelped ” I was only kidding! Jeesh kiddo, lighten up.” I smiled.

“Sorry… I just kind of get goofy around you. I feel like I’m always gonna say the wrong thing.” He sighed rubbing the side of my cheek.

“Milo. It’s okay to joke around with me, I trust you completely. Your NOT Dodge afterall…”

“Your right about that!” He laughed, still standing there looking into my eyes.

Bazel’s Point of View

I had finally come out of my room to go watch some T.V. As I walked into the living room I could hear giggles coming from the new studio. I got up closer, and saw Milo and Alana. I just stood there watching their little love fest going on. They were always all over each other, kissing and goofing around. Alana was older than me, yet her and Milo haven’t taken the next step. There always talking about waiting for marriage, and the possibilities of teen pregnancy… blah blah blah…..

I just felt so good about MYSELF. For once I was doing something before Alana even had the chance to think about it. Her little house wife living was just so boring! Even my own mother didn’t wait until marriage! She was sleeping with my dad long before me or her were even born… well at least that’s what I think anyways.

I mean hadn’t Alana ever heard of the free health clinic? They give out birth control pills! Dodge took me there 3 months ago, right before we started getting… “active.” I made sure to take 1 pill every single day right after school. I know there on my dresser now, but I always put them in my book bag before I leave for school. There was no way I was risking my parents finding out! They would kill me, if they knew that me and Dodge were doing “it”.

Alana and Milo had to have been talking for at least another half hour or so before Alana finally headed off to the restroom.

“Bye Milo. See you tomorrow.” I heard her tell him, before she walked away.

“Oh your leaving?” I said to him before he had the chance to answer her back.

“Yea.” He replied. “But before I do…. there is something I wanted to talk to YOU about.” He stated, and I could hear the concern in his words.

“What about? I asked, trying not to sound worried.

“I’m just going to put this plain and simple.” He started. “You deserve better than Dodger, Bazel. I won’t watch my girlfriends little sister get treated like trash.” He explained, going on and on about how bad Dodger was and that he was no good for me.

“How the heck did you know I was dating him anyways?” I questioned, my tension starting to rise.

“I’m his cousin, Bazel. I hear things that even he doesn’t know, I know. All I’m saying is, I don’t want you with him. I’m not asking you Bazel, I’m strictly telling you to back off of Dodge before you get yourself hurt.”

“And who are YOU!? MY FATHER?! You don’t control what I do!” I shouted at him, my blood boiling at a high peak.

“Bazel! I’m only telling you this to protect you!” He yelped, casting me a concerned look.

“I don’t need your protection! I’m not a little kid anymore, I can handle myself! You little… Virgin WHIMP!” I spat out, not even controlling the words in my mouth. I didn’t mean to call him that! Heck, I didn’t even mean to SAY that!

“Milo…” I tried to apologize, but found no words exited my mouth.

“Save it, Bazel.” He spat “I’m not even going to ask why you called me that. Heck, I don’t even wanna know! Let me just say this before I leave though….. I did warn you.” He sighed, looking at me disgusted before heading towards the front door.

I can’t believe I just said that to Milo! He never did anything to me but show me kindness, and I went and spat in his face! It’s just I couldn’t help myself. I really love Dodge, and he loves me. I don’t know why he would have to warn me about something that isn’t there! GOD…. why did I have to be so defensive?

Yoki’s Point of View

I woke Bazel up this morning for school, and she just didn’t seem herself. She kept dragging her feet and she barely touched her breakfast. I was so worried about her, and what I missed last night between my girls. Sometimes I hated that me and Flynn both worked at night. The girls would always get into some sort of trouble, but they would never come and talk to us. They would just shun one another and go to school like nothing happened…. UGH Teens!

Bazel was so discombobulated today, that she even forgot her book bag!

I decided the least I could do was drop it off at the schools office… but just as I lifted the bag something fell out.

It was a tiny pill bottle, that spilt over with little pink pills getting all over the place! I hurriedly started to clean them up, but then stopped and took a look at the bottle. It read tylenol but the pill indicated something else. I looked closer inside the container and there was a little calender indicating with day she was on. My mind finally put two and two together and I then knew what they were…

I just couldn’t believe it… my youngest daughter… my little baby, was on birth control! What the heck did she need these for, and where the HECK did she get them!? Bazel isn’t even dating, there’s no way she’s … Right?! I just needed to calm down, over working myself and jumping the gun was only going to get me stressed. I decided that I would just confront Bazel on these when she gets home. No need to involve Flynn… Yet.

It was around 3:30, and my girls had just gotten home. Alana had an after school program for young fashion designers, and Bazel…. well I really don’t know where Bazel was…

I walked into the studio and saw Alana sketching away on her new designer board. Her rough drafts were pretty bad… but when she perfected them, my god were they GOOD!

I turned and looked at Bazel who was typing away at the computer. I sighed softly before asking her to meet me in the dining room.

“Yea.. Okay mom… I’m a little busy with researching the human body…. maybe later.” She mumbled under her breath, not even looking up at me. I knew she was lying, because nobody smiles and giggles when your looking at hearts and liver. Unless your like… a serial killer but that’s completely off topic….

“Oh” I replied, walking towards her “Then I guess you wouldn’t mind showing me?”

“N-no not at all!” She stuttered before quickly closing the chat box, and opening a new window. I might have been born at night, but it sure as heck wasn’t last night!

“Bazel… I wasn’t asking you to come with me, I’m TELLING you.” I replied raising the volume to in my voice. Alana just glanced back at me, and I’m pretty sure she could tell that Bazel was in trouble.

Bazel’s Point of View

I had just told Dodge a quick good bye, and closed the chat box. I wasn’t letting my mother read my personal messages to my boyfriend! Because when I saw personal I do mean “personal”.

I got up from the computer desk and followed my mom out into the dining room, dragging my feet every step I took.

My mother looked back at me and gasped “Walk properly Bazel, your not an animal!” she shouted, giving me a displeased look. Geeze… she doesn’t control me! I can walk like an ape all I want!

My mom continued to walk forward, then sat down at the kitchen table. I wanted to make this stupid conversation fast because I forgot to take my birth control when I came home. This is the second time I did that…. last time was about a month ago. But I made sure to catch up… I think… Ehhh… what’s a few days?

“Mom? Can you make this quick, I’m tired…” I whined at my mother.

“Please Bazel, sit down.” She sighed loudly, pointing towards the chair next to me. I was getting a little worried by the sound of worry in her voice. I hoped no one died!

I took a seat slowly, my eyes not leaving my mothers face. By now my heart was racing and sweat was starting to form on my head.

“Bazel, there simply is no easy way to say this to you, with out you freaking out.” My mother began. Oh god! My father is dead! That just has to be it! Oh PLEASE NO!

“OH NO! Don’t tell me mom! Please! Not daddy!” I cried, closing my eyes tightly. I could feel the tears start to well up in my eyes.

“What?! No Bazel… this doesn’t concern your dad… yet.” She answered, rubbing the temples of her head.

“What do you mean “yet”?” I questioned her.

“Bazel, I was in your room today and I saw you had forgotten you book bag. So, to save you from carrying your school books in your arms all day, I was going to drop it off at the school’s office. When I picked up your bag, a small little pill bottle fell out. Now I know it read “tylenol”, but is there something you wanted to tell me about these pills?” She questioned sternly, looking me dead in the eyes not even moving a muscle.

“Nope!” was my quick reply “There just tylenol for my headaches.” I lied, then started getting up from my seat.

“Yea… you see for the past 3 days I have been getting these bad migraines and I can’t sleep at night. So I take about 2 of those, and I’m right as rain!” I explained to my mother while rubbing my temples.

“Bazel… I gave you a chance to tell me the truth now your getting me angry. Why in the world are you on birth control pills?!” She yelled, giving me a very dirty look. I couldn’t believe it! How did she know what they were? Oh god… Oh god… what am I going to say now?!

“BIRTH CONTROL!?! Are you outside of your mind mom?! Why would I be on birth control! I’m 16!” I screamed, coming off defensive once again…

“Bazel Rae Terrey! Stop your lying right now! Tell me the truth or so help me god your going to be punished for the rest of your LIFE!” She screamed, getting up from her chair then banging her fist on the table.

“I-… I…” I stuttered trying to think fast.. “I’m … active.” I couldn’t think of another possible lie. My head was thinking one thing, and my lips said another.

“Active?! As in sleeping with boys?! As in… sex?!” She gasped, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Yea… and it’s not boys…. it’s boy.” I replied. I had nothing more to say to her. Go ahead, let her punish me till kingdom come, see if I f^*$*ing care!

“Bazel… just… go to your room.” She sighed, looking away from me. I could tell she was ashamed at me, and I actually felt pretty guilty…

Alana’s Point of View

I had just heard my sisters door slam shut, and jumped up from my seat. Bazel only ever slammed her door shut when something really bad happened. When I knew she was no where in site I ran for the dining room. I really wanted to know what went on in here!

I stopped when I saw my mom laying her face into her hands.

“Mom, what happened? What did Bazel do?” I questioned feeling worried for the both of them.

“It was nothing Alana…. just…. go play…” She sighed looking up at me. Play? Did my mother just tell me to go play? I’m 17 years old, why would she suggest that?

“Mom? Are you OK?”

“I’m fine…” She replied, getting up from her seat to make dinner.

“Here. Let me do that for you.” I said, walking towards the kitchen.

“NO. Just… I got it thanks hunny.” She shouted, not looking up from the salad.

What the heck did Bazel DO!? My mom has been stress free for awhile now, and Bazel does something to screw her up again! I mean I would go in her room and tell her off if I wasn’t already mad at her for screaming at my boyfriend! I can’t believe her…

Flynn’s Point of View

I arrived home from work to a fabolous home cooked meal. Everyone was already at the table eating, so I decided to sit down and join them.

“How was everyone’s day?” I smiled, looking across the table at my family. Not even one of them moved. They all just kept there eyes down, and ate their food in front of them. What the heck happened here? I swear you could cut the tension in this room with a butcher knife!

After dinner was done and over with the girls headed back to their rooms, and I headed over to my wife.

“What’s going on, yo-yo? Why is everyone so quiet? Did someone die?” I questioned looking at my wife with concern. She just laughed at me.

“That’s what Bazel wanted to know too…” She sighed “Bazel…..”

“What’s wrong with Bazel!?” I gasped

“Nothing is wrong with her. Everyone is just having a little…. disagreement that’s all.” She said casting me a fake smile. I knew there was more to it, and I was gonna find out too!

“Well.. what is it then babe?” I asked her sweetly

“It’s nothing.” She replied once again before heading to bed. What is going on here?! Why are they leaving me out of it?!

It was finally my day off, and there was not a single person home to share it with! The girls were in school, and Yoki had to cover for one of her friends in their band: Mush. I was still so frustrated about what was going on, and then things just started happening to me left and right!

First the shower broke, and the plumber place was closed on some sort of “holiday”.

“What the!? This shower isn’t even that old!” I screamed, hitting the shower causing my hand to swell. “CRAP!” I shouted as the pain travelled down my arm.

As if things couldn’t have gotten worse, I had to cook with one hand causing me to burn my only source of food in this forsaking house! Yoki forgot to go shopping yesterday, and I had to result to waffles… which I destroyed.

“Really? Are yah SERIOUS!?” It seems that when one person in this house is upset… the entire house gets upset….

Bazel’s Point of View

After school was over, I headed over to Dodges house. If anything I knew he would make me feel better in this giant mess.

“Hey baby.” He cooed at me, when he saw me arrive.

“Hey…” I sighed at him, still upset from everything.

“What’s wrong, Bay?” He questioned me, concern spreading across his face.

“Can we talk?”

“Sure of course, anything for you.” He replied showing me into the house.

“What happened Bay?” Was the first thing he asked me when we walked through the doors.

“It’s just… my mom. She found out about the birth control, and she probably told my dad by now. I’m scared Dodge… what do you think they’ll do to me?”

“They found out?!” He screeched, causing me to jump back.

“Y-yes… I know it’s a bad thing but-” I tried to tell him, but was cut of by his next sentence.

“Bad? This is a good thing Bazel! Sure it’s going to be tough for them to take in… but they’ll soon get use to the idea of “us”. Don’t worry!” He smiled grabbing me close to his body.

“You know what would make you feel better?” He asked, with a sort of sly tone.

“What?” I replied, lowering my hands to his butt.

“If me and you had a little… “Fun.” He smiled at me, nudging me towards his room. I knew what he meant.

“Well.. if you say “us” is a good thing… then I guess we better start now, so they will get use to it! Right?”

“Right.” He replied, grabbing my arm and pulling me.

I loosened myself from his grasp, and giggled at him. “Slow down! I know your little friend is excited to see me, but he can wait a few more seconds! I don’t feel like having my arm ripped out of my joint!” I laughed, causing him to grumble.

“Yea yea… sorry I just get extra excited.” Was his reply, before he quickly bolted ahead of me. He was always so aggressive! Sometimes he really just needed to chill out…

We toppled over to his bed, and laid down next to one another.

“Do you have “one?” I questioned him, before we got any further.

“For what?!” He exclaimed ” That’s why I went through the hassle to get you those birth control! So I could be a free bird!”

“Well… you can never be to safe.” I muttered under my breath.

“What?” He growled

“Nothing…. let’s just… have some fun sweetie. OK?” I replied slightly frightened

We made love for countless hours, and to be honest… I didn’t enjoy any of it. He was so rough and each and every time his little waves of pleasure happened he would only get harder. It hurt so bad… I wanted him to stop, I even begged him… but he kept shouting “NO!” and had his way… I love Dodge… but he needs to work with me sometimes.

After everything was said and done I just laid there emotionless, staring blankly into his eyes.

“See?” He said, breaking the silence “Wasn’t that fun?” I muttered a quick yes, and got up from the bed. I shuffled around the room to find my clothes then got changed and headed home. I felt so violated… yet I still wanted Dodge more…. Like it was my fault I got hurt. Is that wrong?

Alana’s Point of View

Bazel hadn’t come home after school, and I was beginning to worry! This wasn’t like her to just not come home! I was pacing the floor in front of the door, when it finally opened up.

“BAZEL!” I shouted, running over to her. “Where in the world were you! I was so worried that something bad happened!” I cried

“I’m fine….” Was all she mumbled out. I could see something was very wrong, but… I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Bazel? Are you OK?” I questioned her, concern filling my face. Before she had the chance to say anything she ran by me in a quick panic. She slammed the bathroom door shut, and I heard her begin to get sick. Poor Bazel! She must have the flu!

I stood in front of the bathroom door, talking to her gently trying to get her through it. After about 20 minutes she finally came out, with tear filled eyes.

“Oh Bazel. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were sick…” I sighed

“Alana….” She cried “I don’t think I’m sick…..”

Thanks for reading!!! =D One more chapter after this, then HEIR VOTE.


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23 Responses to Chapter 1.15 – The Truth Comes Out Eventually…

  1. Lilith Kawanami says:

    I’m just going to come out and say it:

    She deserved it.
    KIND OF deserved it…

  2. justdance983 says:

    I completely agree with the above comment. She deserved it! How could she!
    Anyway, Milo is a cutie. 🙂

  3. sims2014 says:

    yea Bazel did deserve it but its still a good story line.
    Milo and Alana are so cute together.

  4. wolfmania98 says:

    I actually don’t think Bazel deserved it. She wanted love, and Alana had Milo, and Dodge came onto her. I hope she dumps him. I HATE DODGE 😡

  5. Emy says:

    I disagree with everyone else, OF COURSE she didn’t deserve it. Sure, she didn’t listen to Milo’s warning – but Dodge hadn’t done anything for her to believe it. He just came across as an over-protective older brother.

    I’m sorry, just… no. ><

    Aside from that, really good chapter. I had to laugh at Flynn's bad day. I feel Yoki could have been pleased that at least Bazel had been smart enough to get birth control. Although, maybe she's more freaked out that she's underage?? (I'm not sure if she is, seeing as 16 is the age of consent here, but not sure about where you live/sim world, haha)

    Grrr, Dodge. ¬_¬ He needs his man parts ripped off if he doesn't learn how to treat a girl right!!

    Also, Alana and Milo are adorable. ❤ I love how they're going to wait until marriage. It's cute. ^^

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Exactly! You are so right when you said this Emy! Milo was just trying to be a protective older brother to her, because he knows how Dodge is. Dodge has been playing the sweet guy with Bazel, so she is blinded by that. Yea poor Flynn, nothing was going his way! And everyone is keeping things from him. ❤
      Well I guess Yoki just took it by surprise. What mother wants their little baby doing stuff like that? Bazel only just turned 16 (you are right) and sure a lot of teens are active at that age but… it's just Bazel is her BABY. That's why she just dimissed Bazel from her, and isn't speaking to her yet. She's trying to gather up the right words, so she doesn't freak out.

      Yesh! I AGREE! He's so mean to Bazel, and shes taking to long to realize it. :/ Yea I thought since Milo and Alana were such little goodies, that it would be sweet to see them wait… Ahem..that is if they get married ;P

      • Emy says:

        Haha, nothing’s that simple in sim legacies! 😉

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea, and knowing me I change my mind like the wind. To be totally honest I wasn’t even gonna bring Flynn back XD. Traci was gonna be her wife foreva… but my mind like I said, Always is changing. Though right now I like Milo and Alana but we shall see ;]

  6. tufulolo says:

    OoO (gasp face) Bazel………

  7. gomar6 says:

    Commenting as I read:

    “Her rough drafts were pretty bad..” <— tee hee

    What?!! Not sick!!

  8. Tabby :) says:

    I don’t really know if she deserved it or not…she was warned, but like other comments said.. she just wanted love. Grr, I hate Dodge. 😡
    I like Milo, he’s sweet. 🙂

  9. hrootbeer says:

    Um, no one deserves that. Ever. Even if you are being dumb and making mistakes, you shouldn’t be forced. It’s just rape when it’s forced like that. It’s like saying a girl got what she deserved because her skirt was too short and the guy lost control. F that. His loss of control was not the fault of the skirt.

    Sorry. This was a difficult chapter to read.

    • Spongey says:

      Yes I totally agree with you. She in no way deserved what happened to her; Dodger was just an a-hole and treated her as such. She was uncomfortable with it and yet he stilled forced himself on her.

      I understand. Hopefully others will be better! 🙂

      – Jax

  10. memi35 says:

    Woah. Are some of the comments saying she deserved it? NO ONE DESERVES RAPE! EVER!

    Yeah, she didn’t listen to a warning, but she had no reason to believe it! And once again…Rape is a horrible punishment, so even if she had a reason to listen she wouldn’t deserve it. If Dodge had murdered her would she have deserved it?

    Honestly I know I’m getting fired up over a story but this is an issue I get very touchy about.

    Anyways great chapter. I really enjoyed it and the more serious themes. I just didn’t enjoy some of the comments.

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