Chapter 1.16 – It’s Not Fair!

Alana’s Point of View

I eyed Bazel up and down. What did she mean she wasn’t sick? I heard her puking her guts up in the bathroom. If that’s not called sick, then I don’t know what is! Maybe she was just overwhelmed by the past couple of days events. Mom still wasn’t speaking to her yet, dad was frustrated because they wouldn’t tell him, and I was being stupid ignoring Bazel because I was mad. I just have to remember, family comes first no matter how mad you get.

“Bazel? It’s okay sweetie. I know you’ve had a rough couple of days. I’m so sorry that I was ignoring you. You do know I love yah, right sis?” I smiled, wrapping her in a loving hug.

“Alana… to be honest I didn’t even realize you were ignoring me. I’ve just had my mind on something lately… that’s why I’ve been such a jerk. I’ve tried everything to not think about it… but I know it’s real! I know it’s true!” She cried into my shoulder, grasping me tight.

“What’s true?” I questioned, pulling her back so I could look at her face.

“Your gonna hate me for this Alana… I know it.” She sniffled, tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Bazel, I could never hate you! Your my sister! What did you do that’s so bad?

“Well..” she sighed “Of course you know who Dodge is… well I’ve been secretly dating him.” She cried, rubbing the tears from her eyes.

I gasped at her answer. I had no idea she was going to say that!

“Bazel! Dodge is BAD! Very BAD! I don’t want you dating him!” I shouted, casting her a stern look.

“That’s what Milo said…” she muttered, still looking at the ground.

“Bazel…. he’s a JERK! You know he told boys at school, including Milo, that I was a prostitute?! And that I had 2 kids, and his baby on the way!” She gasped at my answer, then shoved her hands into her face causing her to cry harder.

“A-alan-a” She stuttered through thick cries “I didn’t know! And now I’m pregnant! What am I going to DO!?”

“PREGNANT?! Are you sure?” I questioned her

“No, I’m not sure!” she screamed “I just know! OK!?”

“Bazel…” I stated rubbing the sides of my temples “Let’s just go to the pharmacy and get you a pregnancy test. Please don’t jump the gun, before you actually know the truth” I sighed

“NO! I don’t want a pregnancy test! Those things are stupid! I want a doctor.” She spat, looking at me through tear filled eyes. Of course I should have expected an answer like that from her. Bazel didn’t trust anyone expect doctors when it came to her being sick, or in this case pregnant

“Alright…” I started “But before I do anything, I need to tell mom. She can help you through this… we both can.” I said, pulling my phone from my pocket. God! Why were my parents always NOT here when we needed them the most?

“NO!!!! Don’t you dare tell mom Alana! I don’t want her involved in this. If I’m really not pregnant, I don’t want her knowing, understand!?” She shouted, snatching the cellphone out of my hand.

“OK!” I answered back, grabbing the phone back. “I’ll just schedule you an appointment, and just ME and YOU, will go. Alright?”

“Yea…” She sniffled, walking towards the couch to lay down. Poor Bazel.. why did she have to always be so daring?

Now that everything was said and done, I phoned up our family doctor, and she gave us the go-ahead to visit the hospital for an emergency ultra sound.  I sure hoped that Bazel wasn’t pregnant…. Dodge is a horrible boy, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t step up to the plate for that baby…. if there is one.

Bazel’s Point of View

We arrived at the hospital at promptly 12:30. It was a saturday and we told our mom that we were headed out to the park. She was quite happy that me and Alana were talking, even though I didn’t realize we weren’t to begin with…

Right before we left though, she pulled me aside and told me later on tonight she wanted to have a mother, daughter talk. She then kissed me on my forehead, and playfully told us leave.

Me and Alana walked up to the man sitting at the front desk, and stood there for a good minute before Alana spoke up.

“Excuse me sir?” Alana interupted the man, causing him to give her a dirty look.

“Yea?” He replied smugly.

“Er… we wanted to know where to go for an ultra sound? We have an appointment here for 1:00?” She questioned the man.

He sighed at us, then pointed over to a set of chairs signaling for us to wait there. Wow, how rude was this guy?


We sat down for about a good 10 minutes, and that’s when I overheard this young girl screaming at her little girl.

“Lilly! For the 100th time we are LEAVING! I just had a baby, I’m not about to drag your butt across this hospital floor!” She boomed, causing the little infant to cry.

“NO!!!!” the little girl screamed at her mother, continuing to play in the hospital toy area. I watched as she was hurting, trying to drag her daughter out of the hospital, while at the same time her newborn was turning blue from screaming his little lungs out! That girl had to be no more than 17!

At that moment, my emotions got the better of me. What if that was going to be me? A young girl trying trying to take care of a little baby, by herself, at such a young age! GOD! Why did I have to sleep with Dodge? Why couldn’t I just listen to my parents, and wait a little longer?!

“Alana…” I sniffled from the seat next to her “That’s going to be me.” I cried, pointing to the mother still wrestling with her babies.

Alana glanced over at the mom, then rolled her eyes. “Bazel, that is NOT going to be you. Even if there is this VERY slim chance your pregnant, you will always have me and our parents.”

“Our PARENTS?!” I shouted, but was quickly shushed by a patient next to me. “Alana… mom and dad would throw me out for good if they found out!” I stated, lowering my voice.

“Are you crazy!? Mom and dad love you Bazel! They wouldn’t throw you away like a used rag! Plus you would be carrying THEIR grand baby. Do you honestly think they would put you and an infant out to fend for yourselves?” She questioned, smiling at me for over exaggerating.

(Hmmmm, now where have I seen her before? ;] )

It was then at that moment that a nurse called my name.

“Bazel Terrey?” She shouted out across the room.

“That’s me.” I answered, getting up from my seat.

“Alright. I saw you didn’t sign in, I was just double checking you were here. That’s all sweetie, you can take a seat. The doctor will be out soon.” She said smiling over at us, before going back to her computer screen.

Alana just looked at me before laughing. “We should have went to her first!”

The nurse was right! It was mere seconds after she said that, that the doctor came out. She walked towards me then stopped.

“Bazel Terrey?” She questioned, looking at me smiling.

“Y-yes. That’s me.” I answered, smiling up at her.

“Alright hunnie. Come with me.” She said, signaling me to follow her. I just loved her sweet personality and the way she treated me. When I become a doctor, I want to be just like that.

I stood up from my chair, tapping Alana on the leg as a gesture to follow. I waited until she stood up, then pushed her in front of me. By now I was getting a little nervous, and I just wanted my sister to go ahead of me… it made me feel better.

“This is your appointment Bazel… why am I going in first?” She laughed, as I kept pushing her forward.

“Cause…” was my defensive reply. I wasn’t telling her I was scared.

When we finally got into the room, the doctor was already preparing herself by washing up. She looked up at me and Alana standing there then smiled once again.

“I’m guessing this is big sis? Am I correct?” She asked, looking us both up and down.

“Yup…” was my reply.

“Let me just ask this before I begin…” she stated, turning to Alana “Now, I know Bazel asked you to come in Alana, but are you two comfortable looking at each other in under garments?” She asked Alana, who had a confused expression across her face.

“What do you mean?” I asked

The doctor laughed “Well Bazel, I want you in just a bra and pants. It’s so I can get a good clear reading of your stomach. I was asking if you two are comfortable with that?”

Me and Alana just looked at each other, our cheeks flushing red. Any other time I would have said no, because I’ve always been sorta shy with that… but since I was so nervous I didn’t care.

“It’s fine with me, if it’s fine with you Alana.” She just nodded her head as a response.

“Alright then! The bathroom is right there Bazel, please feel to use it.” The doctor smiled, pointing towards the door.

It took me a little while to build up the courage to come out, but I eventually did. As I left the room I could feel the doctors and Alana’s eyes looking me up and down. I felt a shiver run up my spine as my bare feet walked across the cold tile.

“Just get yourself comfortable Bazel, and I’ll be right with you.” She said, walking out of the room.

I climbed into the hospital bed, with Alana sitting on a chair at the bottom of my feet. She just looked up at me, and gave me a small smile.

“Everything is going to be OK Bazel. You’ll see.” She said, still smiling.

“I hope your right.”

(Oh hai there, Justdance! I didn’t know you were a doctor! ;P)

Soon enough the doctor came back into the room.

“Sorry about that, I was just checking on another paient.” She said.

“That’s OK.” I replied

“Well… Bazel. I noticed that your parents aren’t with you. Are you sure you girls are OK, doing this alone? I could ring them up right now, it would be no hassle.” She questioned, giving me and Alana a worried look.

Alana just glared over at me, waiting endlessly for my response. “Nope! I’m perfectly fine with just my sister.” I said, casting a fake smile.

“Well… alright then. Let’s get started.”

She walked over to the bed side, and leaned over top of me rubbing this cold gel all over my stomach. I couldn’t help but giggle at the feeling of this goop all over me.

“I know it’s a little cold.” She laughed, while taking the ultrasound probe and rubbing over my stomach. I hated how hard she had to press down! And it didn’t help that my bladder was full… why the heck did I have to have it full anyways!?

She took a bunch of pictures with the probe, before heading over to the screen.

“Aren’t you suppose to hold that wand thingy on my stomach while you look at the screen?” I questioned her. I saw movies, and this was totally different from that!

“Well… I could do that. Or I could not strain my neck and just take a few snaps, then come back for more.” She laughed, looking over the ultrasound screen at me.

“Good point.” I replied, now looking over at my sister. This was it… this would tell me if I’m …. I’m… pregnant…

After a few minutes of her playing with the photos, she glanced over at me and sighed. Why did she have to sigh? Sighing is never GOOD!

“Bazel…” She began, and I could feel my stomach turn in knots “I have enlarged and resized photos, I have went over your stomach 100 times. I tried to get around it, but there is just no easy way to tell you this sweetheart… but your 1 and 1/2 months pregnant.”

I just laid there for a second staring blankly at her with widen eyes. I heard the gasp from my sisters mouth as she stood up from her seat.

“What?! She really is pregnant?!” She screeched

After another second went by, I jumped up from the bed.

“Are you sure?!” I yelped, as I felt my throat closing up.

“More than I ever been. You see this right here? and here?” she replied, pointing to the snap shots on the screen, showing me the growing little embryo. Yea… I saw it.. but I just couldn’t believe it..

“But Bazel… there is something else… you see there is this process called “twinning.” It’s during conception when the zygote decides “Hey! I think I’ll make two!”-

I stopped her right there “Wait WHAT? Your confusing me….” I said through sniffles. First this lady tells me I’m a pregnant teen, now she is trying to teach me a biology class!

“What I’m trying to say is.. you see this baby right here? Well look next to it.” She stated, pointing once again at that stupid screen.

“There’s two… so?” I replied, rather frustrated.

“Well… that’s because this one is a baby, and that one is a baby. Bazel.. your carrying twins.”

Oh god… please tell me she did not just say that to me. TWINS!? I was scared to have one, and now my dumb body made two! I threw my face into my hands, and the tears started to pour.

“I can’t believe it! I don’t want too!” I cried through my hands, muffling every word.

“Do you want me to call your mother Bazel?” The doctor asked, worry covering her face.

“NO!” I shouted, tears still falling.

“Sweetie, not to make matters worse, but your not going to be able to hide this much longer. With you carrying two, your stomach should start to protrude out by next month.” She sighed, laying a hand on my shoulder.

By now my sister had heard enough, she ran over to me and grabbed me close.

“Aw Bazel. Come here, shhhh it’s OK. Were gonna get through this, I promise.” My sister whispered softly in my ear, cooing to me and snuggling me tight.

Thank you…” Was the only words that I could get out.

We left out of the hospital pretty late. I kept wanting to go home, but I just felt so ashamed and afraid. It wasn’t even the fact of my parents, it was more of the fact of me being a mom! But out of everything the thing that scared me the most was Dodge. There was no way he was going to care for his kids!

I just had so many mixed emotions floating around in my head. Most of them causing me to cry.

I closed my eyes tight, and pictured my little baby… little babies. I thought about their little faces, and them looking up to me… needing me. How was I going to care for such tiny lives? I couldn’t even take care of myself.

I re-opened my eyes and Alana was standing next to me.

“Bazel? Are you alright? Why are you still standing out here, I thought you were ready to go home, I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes in the car.” My sister sighed.

“Alana I can’t do this! These babies are going to die in my care! There’s no way I can take care of them.” I cried to my sister.

“Of course you can! And I will be here 100% of the way, helping you.” She smiled, grabbing my arm leading me towards the car. “Now come on, you need some rest. I mean… you THREE need some rest.” She laughed. Couldn’t she see I was still hurting? Why did she have to crack jokes already…

Finally I had gotten home, after Alana nearly carrying me into the house. My parents were still working, but I just had to stay up and wait for them. I needed to tell them now, to get it out in the open. If I was going to grow increasingly fast I needed their help..

One home I crawled onto my bed, not even bothering to get undressed. I laid there with my eyes closed, just waiting…

Flynn’s Point of View

Finally my shift was over! Being the top dog in my career was a lot of work, but I loved every moment of it! I worked as an uncover guy in the criminal wear house now, and I was finally “promoted” as master thief. Of course I didn’t steal anything, but I sure did love being called “boss.”

As I walked up onto the porch I smiled at my wife signaling a hello, and then had to laugh when I realized what she was doing.

She was giving some wandering fan her autograph. I knew Yoki was a bit famous now, but I didn’t realize that she had fans following her home asking for a signature! My baby… the rock star. Well.. almost anyways, she’ll get there someday.

“Night, love.” I called out to her, before walking in the house, still chuckling to myself.

Bazel’s Point of View

When I heard the front door swing open, I knew now was my time to break the news. I prayed and hoped that my mother arrived home first. It would be so much easier to just let her have it all, then she could tell my father. I was so scared it was him that walked in….

I walked out of my bedroom and looked around, when I spotted my father my stomach dropped. OH GOD! Why did it have to be him!? WHY?! But I made a promise to myself, and I wasn’t about to break it. The faster I told them the easier it would be, right?

I walked slowly up to my father “Dad?” I stated, swallowing a lump in my throat.

“Hey Bay! How’s my little princess?” He smiled, then kissed me on the forehead. Just PERFECT… of all days for him to be in an extra loving mood…. the day I had to tell him he was going to be a grand father. I never pictured myself dreading to tell him news like this….

“Dad… I’m not your princess” I said, tears starting to form

“What are you talking about Bazel? What’s wrong?” He questioned, his smile quickly fading into a frown.

“Dad there is no easy way to say this… but… I’m … I’m…. pregnant.”

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26 Responses to Chapter 1.16 – It’s Not Fair!

  1. firebart says:

    ZOMG! aww poor bazel she kinda deserved that for not turst milo and well ya know but I still do feel bad for her

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I don’t think she deserved it, she was just looking for someone to love and fell into the wrong guys hands. She’s just a kid. :/ I feel bad for her as well.

      • firebart says:

        Yeah what I ment is she deserved some thing but a baby is a bit to mean. If she got grounded for like 2-3 months it would be so bad. But I cant belive how “evil” dodge is he dosnt deaserve to have a real girl friend

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea I guess she should of listened to Milo, but having a baby isn’t something she deserved. Your right. Dodge is horrible and he doesn’t really deserve any girls love.

  2. justdance983 says:

    Oh hey! Cool! I didn’t know I was a doctor either! I love babies! 😀
    I love how you did the sonogram pic. 🙂
    OMG… TWINS!!!! And I got to be the deliverer of good news! YAY!
    I almost had myself as a doctor in a chapter of the Nichols, but I decided against it. 🙂

  3. sims2014 says:

    i feel bad for Bazel but i love the plot and 🙂 and was that Alex at the desk 🙂

  4. Emy says:

    Alexis?! TIME WARP! D:

    Awww, poor Bazel. Twins? D: I hope Flynn and Yoki will understand and support her through this.

    And I’m hoping Flynn won’t go and kill Dodge and land himself back in prison again. XD

    Alana is a good big sister. 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yes Alana is a very supportive sister to Bazel. HAH! I bet any amount of money he’s gonna wanna kill him! ;p Yup when I was making them, I was like… ehhh I’ll use Alex just for kicks. lol

  5. Nahshona says:

    Poor Bazel. I really liked the way you wrote this plot. It was clever. Dodge is a real a@#hole. And Alana is an awesome sister! I hope that Yoki and Flynn will be just as supportive as Alana! I know they will be disappointed but this is a very delicate situation, it has to be handled with care. Can’t wait for the next update!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Awe thanks! I tried to make the pictures as intresting as the writing. :] Yea Dodger is that!! It might be hard for them to take in but, … hopefully they will handle Bazel with care. She is afterall carrying two now. If anything happens to her, it happens to them too. :/

  6. tufulolo says:

    omg the vote is going to be hard i love alana and milo and i want to see them together but Bazel’s going to have twins OMG

  7. jaedac52609 says:

    i sure hope neither baby looks like dodge

  8. mauisky says:

    Alana is so good to her and poor Bazel being stuck with not one but two children alone at her age… aaah Dodger you bad boy. I wonder how he is going to take things. 😦

  9. mauisky says:

    Oh and was that Alexis Terrey at the nurses station?

  10. gomar6 says:

    o my gee!! TWINS!! Oh little Bazel, what are you getting yourself into?

  11. Tabby :) says:

    Wow, great chapter! I feel bad for Bazel. Twins? 😦 She didn’t deserve it. But she should have listened to Milo’s warning.
    Hopefully Karma will get Dodge. He’s bad bad bad bad.
    And hopefully Flynn won’t freak out too much!

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