Alright so now is the time to vote. Do you want Bazel OR Alana? As the generation 2 heir.

Bazel Terrey- Second and last child born for generation 1

Traits: Loves the outdoors, Couch potato, Loser, Handy

Bazel is a girl who doesn’t like to live the way of her sister. She hates doing the same thing all the time, on a constant routine. She wanted to explore different things, including boys. Of course this is normal for any teen, but the boy she decided to go with was NO GOOD. He treats women wrong, and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Now Bazel finds herself pregnant with HIS twins, how will she ever pursue her dreams of being a doctor?

Alana Terrey -First born into generation 1

Traits: Good, Clumsy, Mooch, Family

Alana has always been the spoiled child, and always got what she wanted. How ever when time progressed on she became mature, and decided that those silly childish ways needed to be put behind her. Alana has a wonderful boyfriend named Milo, who is Dodges cousin. They plan on saving themselves for there special day, and pursuing a life of a happy couple. But with all the drama that has been following them around, how will Alana ever have a fashion career and live a happy house wife life? Things might seem good now, but who knows what the future holds!

Choose wisely! Who do you think should take over?


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43 Responses to HEIR VOTE

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  2. firebart says:

    Hmm I dont know which one to pick?

  3. wolfmania98 says:

    Hard choice lol, but I picked Bazel because I personally think I want to see what happens 🙂

  4. sariechiny says:

    I picked Bazel, because she seems like a better storyline and all.
    More exciting lol. 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea she does, doesn’t she? I mean Alana right now has a good life going, but it honestly doesn’t mean it will stay that way. I have plans for both of them. Let me just put it that way. Bazel’s is just coming out earlier. ;]

  5. kyra mapp says:

    i picked Bazel i want to see her babies

  6. callierose says:

    Waaah this is tough :/ Are you going to keep whoever doesn’t win in the story for a while? As you know… I love Milana, but I also really want to see Bazel’s twins!!!
    hmmmmmm :S

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yes! It is a VERY hard choice I know. I’m thinking about who ever wins to keep them around for a tad bit longer, just to clear the air with them then have them move on. :3

  7. justdance983 says:

    I voted for Bazel. I wanna see her twins! And plus she’s the daughter of Flynn… Hey! That makes her and Juno half-sisters, even though Juno’s like, 63. :/

  8. sims2014 says:

    as much as i wanted to vote for Alana i really want to know whats gonna happen to Bazel

  9. Emy says:

    I don’t knooooooooooooooooooooooow. D: D: D:

    I’ll give Alana a vote because her and Milo are sweet.

  10. tufulolo says:

    hey 🙂 can you let me know who gets chosen when you end the vote? i have a feeling i know who it’s gonna be *cough*Bazel*cough* sorry been alittle sick teehee lol 🙂

  11. craigyboy2 says:

    I voted fore….BAZEL!!! I just personally thought that she would hold the better, more dramatic story. I still want Alana to help her bring up her babies till Bazel doesn’t need her anymore…………

  12. firebart says:

    Awww looks like Bazel going to win whelp It would be intersting to see how it would play out. Hopefull she still goes to Alana for advice

  13. Roniyin says:

    I feel sorta bad for Alana cause she still does not know who her dad is ! I voted for both of them on diff computers LOL.

  14. jaedac52609 says:

    Poor bazel….if she wins (which me nd my lil sis hope she does) shes gunna kind of have the same life as her mother…raisin 2 kiddies on her own……whoever wins the gurls should still stay 2gether so lala could help out with the babies until bay bay can stand on her own 2 feet nd handle double trouble on her own…….

    fingers crossed 4 bazel

    it wont let me vote 4 bazel 4 the 2nd time cuz my lil sis already voted 4 bazel on here nd now it wont let me

  15. mauisky says:

    Ooops looks like I missed the poll.

    Darn my being not around so much lately. 🙂

  16. gomar6 says:

    I missed it. 😦
    My dorm internet is like gone, which is why I have been MIA.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Ah I see. That sucks >_<

      • gomar6 says:

        Sadly, it’s april. Finals is just around the corner and then comes summer. Where I’ll have no internet at all. So noe updates for a VERY LONG time. 😦
        Maybe some sporadic ones, but i won;t be officially back until august.
        I’ll still read when I can though.

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Omg! You will be gone for 3 months?! How will I live that long without your comments or even worse! NO FARIYS!! D: *gasp*

      • gomar6 says:

        IKR!! It makes everything all more suspenseful though, You have yet to see the new baby.
        Plus when i get back, I’ll be spamming the updates. lol
        But I’ll be in Europe this summer. ❤

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Omg that’s so cool! I hope you have a good time. Idk if I’m going anywhere fancy like that but I know where gonna go somewhere :3 and I can’t WAIT to get our new gaming computer!! We have 400$ towards it so far 😀 Only like 200 bucks to go B) I’m saving like crazzzyy Sims + Gaming computer = happy

        Ikr! I wanna see the babeh ;_;

  17. Tabby :) says:

    I missed the vote, it’s hard to choose..but I probably would have picked Alana. Glad to see Bazel won though, her storyline will be interesting. =]

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