Chapter 2.1 – If Things Could Have Happened Differently…

Bazel’s Point of View

I had just blurted the news out to my father, and he stood their like a statue. His whole body didn’t move a single muscle, I swear he didn’t even blink. It felt like an eternity, his eyes locking with mine just standing there sweating bullets.

“Dad?” I finally spoke up, trying to get some kind of response out of him. For some reason I wanted him to yell, and holler. I wanted him to punish me… but all he did was stare blankly at my face.

“DAD?!” I tried screaming once again, but there was no use…

Tears started to drip from my eyes. I couldn’t take this anymore! It felt like he was ignoring the fact that I was even standing there, like my existence had died or something!

“Dad, did you hear me? I said I’m pr-” I started to say once again but was cut off my a loud chuckle. Was…. was he laughing at me?!

“This a joke right Bazel? Trying to fool your old man?” He laughed, holding the side of his stomach. What about this made him think it was a JOKE?!

“DAD! This isn’t some stupid prank. Why would I just make this up? I’m pregnant! It’s not some silly game, stop acting like this!” I snapped, curving my eyebrows, raising the tone in my voice as each word slipped out.

Once my voice raised, and he saw the anger flood over me, his head snapped back into reality. “Please Bazel… not you. Not my baby….” He sighed, lowering his eyes to the ground. I take it back… the silence was better than this.

“How?” Was his one word response.

“How else….” I replied, sighing loudly. I knew he was gonna blow, I could just feel it. So I just clenched my fist, and readied myself.

But the weirdest thing happened, he just walked to the other side of the house and stood there. Holding his chin, putting his hand on his hip, mumbling to himself. Either I was losing it, or he was.

As he was standing there, I just stood back and waited. My mother had finally walked in from the porch, and I knew she could instantly feel the tension in the room.

‘Flynn what happened?” My mother questioned, looking over at him.

“Ask her.” he replied, and my heart sank. He didn’t say much, but what he did say felt like knives piercing my side.

Mom looked over at me and sighed. “Bazel, what happened? Why is your dad acting like this?”

Before I had the chance to even explain, I began to apologize before she knew what was going on. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer, my guilt was up to my neck and I just had to blow!

“I’M SORRY!” I screamed, tears streaming down my cheeks. “Mom, I know you were upset with me when you found out I was active. You had every right to be!”

“Bazel… it’s okay. Please sweetie. I was going to tell you I was a little leery about it, but as long as you were safe then I would let you have my blessing.” She smiled, rubbing the tears from my face.

I felt numb all over, I should have just gone to her in the first place. Why did I hide it!? I could have asked her how to use birth control correctly… or other methods to prevent this… but NO! I had to be stubborn and do what I wanted!

“Mom you don’t understand!” I cried, putting my hands to my face. “I’m… pregnant.”

She gasped as she heard the dreaded words leave my mouth. But what happened next, surprised me more than ever! She looked at me with sorrow then pulled me into a tight hug.

“Bazel… shhhh sweetie, it’s OK.” She cooed, rubbing my back. “This is all my fault. If I only would have talked to you girls, and let you know how to be safe this could have been prevented.”

Just perfect! My mother was blaming herself…

“MOM! This is not in anyway your fault! Me and Dodge were-” I said, getting cut off by my fathers voice.

“DODGE?!” He screamed, glaring at me with widen eyes. “This is Dodges baby?!” I knew it was matter of minutes before he blew his top. Something like this can’t go over easy with my father.

“Yes…” I muttered, letting go of my mother “But it’s… babies.”

Both of my parents just looked at me and stared.

“I know…” I responded “That’s the same look I gave the doctor. – Look, you guys this is my mess. Now I’m going to do the responsible thing and tell Dodge he’s going to be a dad. I know you guys are feeling leery of this, and it’s a lot to take in for all of us, but I got to suck it up and try….” I stated to my parents, before walking out the front door. It hit me as I was standing there, that sulking was getting us nowhere. MY kids would be here in 9 months, and I don’t want to start off on the wrong path.

I took the drive over to Dodge’s house, playing over and over in my head how I would tell him the news. In my heart I knew he was an idiot, and he treated people with no respect. How would he stand up and be a caring father to our babies?

I sucked up my pity, and walked to the front of his house. I stood outside for a couple minutes before knocking repeatedly on the front door.

I must of stood out there for a good ten minutes before I finally just tested the knob. For some strange reason the front door was unlocked, so I just welcomed myself in. Right about now I wasn’t worrying what anyone would think about me just letting myself in. There were more important things to worry about.

“Dodge!” I shouted, walking around downstairs of his house. “Dodger it’s me Bazel. We have to talk.”

But just at that very moment, I heard loud noises coming from his room. I knew Dodges parent’s were out of town, so it had to be him.

“Good, he’s home.” I whispered to myself.

I walked into his room, repeating the lines I prepared on how to tell him.

“You can do this Bazel. Just say it “Your gonna be a dad…”

But when I walked into that room, my whole heart dropped. I could feel the sickness washing over me as I watched what was happening before my eyes. I couldn’t hold back the tears as they started to flow down my cheeks, as my jaw hung down in shock.

I stood there for a good minute, speechless. So many times I tried to say something, as I watched my boyfriend moan in pleasure on top of another girl. Her cries of joy as she grabbed a hold of him, and let him have his way.

“OH MY GOD!” I finally screamed, still standing there. Frozen.

“What the?!” he screamed, un-covering himself from the sheets. “Don’t you know how to knoc- BAZEL!?” He screeched as he realized who it was. “Bazel it’s not what it looks like!” He called over to me, by now my rage kicking in.

“Yea…” the girl responded from the spot next to him “It’s more than what you think.” She giggled in pleasure, as she looked at my mortified face.

“You skank!” I screamed at her before turning towards the door.

“Yea walk away princess. Dodge ain’t your man anymore.” She laughed once again, and I could feel my blood boil.

“Shut up Trix!” I heard Dodge yell at her, as I quickly darted out his bedroom door. “BAZEL!” he screamed, falling onto the floor as he quickly got out of bed “WAIT!”

“Why!? I’ll just let you two have your privacy.” I shouted back, still walking not wanting to look back.

“Bazel, wait!” He shouted out again. I was really starting to get sick of him repeating my name. He finally caught up to me after tripping another 2 times. He grabbed my arm and spun me around facing him.

“Bazel, I’m sorry! You weren’t suppose to be here and-“He started, but that last line just got me off my rocker! Wasn’t SUPPOSE to be hear?! That little skank wasn’t suppose to be here!

“Wasn’t suppose- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That’s the best line you can come up with!? I wasn’t suppose to be here?! You a$#hole! You lying, cheating, good for nothing piece of crap!” I screamed, calling him every god forsaken name under the sun.

“Bazel please! It was just a stupid mistake, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Trixi was just with me, and I just got distracted and… ya know… stuff happens.” He tried to explain, but he came off sounding like a complete IDIOT. He was making no sense, and I could tell he was lying through his teeth!

“Stuff happens?! Your such a jerk Dodge! I thought that you loved me but I come in and find you mounting some skank! My sister, and your cousin were right! I should of just listened to them… but even if I did it was still too late…” I spat, mumbling the last part.

“Too late for what Bazel? Hmmm!?” He snapped. I couldn’t believe him! I catch him cheating, and now he’s starting to get pissy on me! He has no right to say anything, I’m the victim here.

“Too late because I was already pregnant!” I shouted, causing him to gasp.

“Pregnant!? You liar! Your not pregnant, you were on the pill.” He said, looking at me disgusted.

“Yea well I slipped up… because you know Dodge? STUFF HAPPENS.” I growled, using his own words against him.

“Bazel… I had no idea you were pregnant. If I knew… I…”He said cutting himself off, after every word.

“You would have thought about not cheating?? Yea like I believe THAT! You were with me and still cheated. Me being pregnant with your kids would have never stopped you. You only care about yourself and that’s it.” I stated, looking him dead in the eyes. I wasn’t going to cry anymore, not for him. He just wasn’t worth it.

“Bazel please. I really am sorry. I won’t ever do this again, we’ll raise our child and have a great life together.” He smiled at me, and tried to pull me into an embrace.

I pushed him back shaking my head no repeatedly. “NO WAY! NO HOW! And it’s not child it’s children. Your little buddies down there gave me twins.. thanks a lot.” I spat, giving him a dirty look.

“Twins?! Your carrying twins!?” He asked, dumbfounded like he wasn’t just standing there when I said it.

“NO, I didn’t just say I was like 3 seconds ago.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Bazel please! This is more of a better reason to be with me! I mean honestly… what guy would want a young girl with two kids?” He chuckled, puffing out his chest as if he won.

“And who says I NEED a guy!? You can just rott in a ditch Dodge” I spat, walking towards his front door.

“You can’t just leave me out of this Bazel. I’m their dad, I know my rights.” He stated smugly.

“And I know mine…. if you want to step up to the plate Dodge go ahead… but you don’t have the balls to take that kind of responsibility. Your just a lazy excuse for a human. I’ll be glad not to tell your kids who you are, they wouldn’t want to know anyways.” I stated loudly, before walking out his door and his life. If he wanted to fork up double the child support, and actually BE in their lives…. well… that would be the day. I’m not letting him 100,000 feet near them unless he truly commits, other wise he’s as good as dead to them.

I came home that day a completely different person. I didn’t care who got hurt as long as they weren’t hurting me or my kids. My attitude plummeted south, and my tone became sour. My family for weeks would beg me to tell them what happened, but I wouldn’t listen. My blood boiling hatred for Dodge mixed with the harsh hormones of pregnancy caused me to be the most unfriendly person you would ever meet.

I would lay outside of my school building just napping on the park bench, skipping school just for the heck of it. My teachers would catch me from the third floor window and scream for me to get inside. I would curse at their faces, and take off down the road somewhere… to be alone…. I knew the way I was acting, and the fact it was bothering the people around me, but I didn’t know when I would ever snap out of it. Right now my mind was filled with so much hate, and anger.

I would constantly snap out at my father for the slightest things, but he would always just brush it off and walk away. I hated everything about my life! I just wanted it to go back to that night when Dodge sat next to me in the living room. I wanted to reverse that kiss, and meet someone who actually cared about me. But that didn’t happen, and I don’t care if I ever even LOOK at another man again!

Alana would always continue to pester me about my attitude, and she always asked me what happened to make me become so cruel….

“Hey Bazel? What does it mean when your flustered? I remember the teacher told us, but I’m never any good with definitions like you are.” She asked, one evening while doing our homework.

“I don’t know Alana… why don’t you get off your lazy a#$ and look it up!” I spat, not even looking up at her.

“What’s your problem!? You’ve been a real jerk ever since you came home from that night you went over to Dodges! What did he say to make you like this?!” She snarled, casting me a dirty look.

Right then and there I wanted to tell her everything, I wanted to explain that I caught Dodge cheating on me and she and Milo were right about him, but my pride took over, and these mixed feelings were tingling through my body. I just wanted to scream, and make them go away! I couldn’t help how I felt.

“Nothing!” I shouted, as a tear slid down my cheek. My emotions were off the charts, and even if I wanted to control them… I couldn’t. What ever I felt inside, came right out.

When I say everything came out, that included anything I tried to eat. I was always throwing up, I could barely keep anything down. I would be in the middle of doing something, and the waves would stream through my entire body and cause me to get sick, no matter where I was. Luckily most of the time I made it to the toilet. On occasion though I did throw up in hard to clean spots… that was never any fun for my mom.

Flynn’s Point of View

My life had become a madhouse, with a very OVERLY hormonal pregnant teenager. I didn’t know what to do with her! She was constantly barking at everyone, for anything and everything. I tried talking to Yoki about it and she would always just laugh. She knew what Bazel was going through, and how hard it was on her young body, trying to prepare itself to home two infants. I would try to understand, I really would… but I just don’t get woman problems! I decided the best thing for me to do was invite over a buddy from work. I needed to talk to another dude, before I lost it!

“Jim…. thank GOD you had a free day. I needed someone to talk to, my daughter is driving everyone nuts!” I whined, trying to gain sympathy from my friend.

“You said your daughter was pregnant right?” He questioned, grinning slightly.

“Yea. With twins. Her hormones make her a really hard person to get along with. The other day she yelled at me because I put 3 pieces of cheese on her sandwich instead of two! She cried because her mom forgot to say goodbye when she left for school! UGH! I can’t take it anymore… Moments like this make me glad I wasn’t around when Yoki was pregnant.” I sighed, only causing him to giggle.

“Flynn, you just need to take a chill pill and relax! Your daughter is going to go through this for a little while, don’t worry she’ll settle down eventually.” He laughed, holding his stomach.

“Oh? and how would you know?” I scoffed, casting him a small smile.

“Let’s just say… I have 5 daughters, and 3 grand daughters. Take it from an old man who knows. Give her time.” He said, patting me on the back.

“Wow 5?! I can barely handle 2… Jeesh. Anyways, I guess your right about Bazel… I should just give her some time. But if you wake up one morning and see my face on the 6 o clock news for suicide off the twinbrook bridge… you’ll know why.” I chuckled

Bazel’s Point of View

It had been at least 2 months since the incident with Dodge. My anger bar was still pretty full, but I guess you could say I “calmed down”. I would always have restless nights, tossing and turning or laying still staring at the ceiling. I hated all the bad things that came with being pregnant… my mom kept telling me it would all be worth it, but so far I don’t see any worth.

It had to be mere seconds after thinking that, that I had to suddenly get up from my bed. I felt this weird flutter in my stomach. I stood there for about 10 minutes holding my hands pressed against my stomach to see if it would happen again. It was only a split second thing but it was the most scariest and coolest feeling mixed into one.

After deciding to just give up on feeling it again, I just turned around and started to climb back into bed. As I sat on the edge of my bed the feeling happened again, and again! The flutters were back and forth as I felt my twins move, and squirm inside me! I couldn’t believe it! There really is two little lives in there.

From that night on, my stomach had a never ending growth. Each and every day I would wake up carrying larger and could feel it taking it’s toll on my shoulders and lower back. By 4 months I was carrying at the rate of about 6!

“Dear god this hurts! I can’t believe how huge I am, I feel like a whale!” I cried out to myself, as if someone was listening.

Yoki’s Point of View

It was around 12:30 at night, I had just gotten home from work and I was exhausted. I took a quick shower, and climbed into my warm queen size bed. It had to have been only 5 minutes of me laying there, when my phone flashed into life.

“What the? Who the heck is calling me?” I mumbled, as I climbed out of bed.

I picked up my vibrating phone from the top of my dresser and read the caller ID. It was from an unfamiliar number, from out of state. I hesitated to answer, but decided if someone was calling this late it had to be important, right?

“Hello?” I answered, with a sort of defensive tone to my voice. I didn’t know who was calling me, and if it was some crazy person…. well I wasn’t gonna have it!

“Mrs. Terrey?” The voice asked calmly.

“Yes, that’s me. Can I ask who’s calling?”

“Hi, I’m with Bridgeport General. I’m calling on regards of your mother, Alison Terrey.”

My stomach knotted up, and my hands started to feel numb. Why was the hospital calling me this late, about my mother! And when did my mother get admitted to the hospital!?

“What happened?!” I yelped down the line

“Mrs. Terrey, your mother had a heart attack about an hour ago.”

“Is she alright?” I questioned the nurse trying my best to keep calm.

“I’m sorry.” Was her soft reply “She didn’t make it.”

The nurse continued to tell me what happened but all I could hear was my heart pounding inside of my chest. I stood there with the phone to my ear, not even being able to move. Tears started to trickle down my cheek, and my body felt cold.

I just kept standing there, for a second I even felt like I stopped breathing. My mother was gone…. the woman who raised me, who gave me life… was just… gone.

“Mrs. Terrey are you there?” The nurse asked, and I snapped out of my trance.

“Yes…” I replied, sighing softly.

“We will have her shipped over to Twinbrook memorial and you can take it from there. Once again I am truly sorry for your loss. Good bye.” She said, before hanging up.

I could feel the anger and frustration building up inside of me, so I took my phone and I threw it at the wall. I watched it break into 4 different pieces and scatter across the room.

Flynn swung open our bedroom door, and ran over to me.

“What happened Yoki!? What was that noise?! I was watching T.V then all of a sudden I heard a loud cracking noise on the wall!” He questioned me, and I could see worry start to spread across his face.

“She’s gone…” I replied to him softly, as another tear slid down my face.

“Who’s gone?! What’s wrong? Please talk to me Yo-yo.” he said putting his hands on my shoulders, looking into my eyes.

I grabbed him into a hug, and squeezed him tight. “My mom! They called and told me she had at heart attack, and that she didn’t make it!” I cried, smothering my face into his shoulder.

“Oh my god. Yoki I’m so sorry.” he soothed, rubbing my back and kissing me over and over. “I know it hurts, just let it all out.”

We must of stood there like that for at least 3 hours. My heart was broken in two, and the one person I went to in bad times like this was her… who do I go to now?

Alana’s Point of View

We planned the funeral for my grandma about 2 months after it happened. My mother wanted to bury her on her birthday and thus the long time gap. I just felt so bad for her, she was so close to her mom and yet I barely knew her. I wanted to share my mothers pain, to cry by her side… but I found it difficult to cry over someone who was never really there…

I just stood off to the side with Milo, and let my mother have her moment alone to cry. Our whole family came, plus I invited Milo. My mother insisted that he was there, considering she felt like he was basically part of the family anyways.

“Alana?” He asked in a whiper “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine sweetie… but I just feel so bad for my mom. She has really taken my grandma’s death pretty hard. You know she cries herself to sleep? Just watching her pain, would make anyone wanna break down and cry.” I sighed at my boyfriend, as he watched my mother bawl her eyes out. I could see the worry and pain he felt on his face for her, which only made me love him even more. He not only cared for me and how I felt but for my whole family.

After a little while, we decided that it would be best to begin the funeral. My mother was still crying, but if we waited till stopped we would be here forever. No daughter would ever stop crying for there mother. If it was me in that position… I don’t even know how I would cope.

We all gave a few words for our deceased grandmother, then let my father take over last.

“Alison Terrey was a very loving and caring woman. She tried her best to make everyone around her happy, and to give joy where ever she went. I really wish I could have known her better, and to have shared wonderful moments with her, like my beautiful wife did. She will be missed, but her memories will live on in our hearts.”

I thought my dad did a pretty good job, considering he only ever met this woman that one time when she tried to take Bazel. I give him props for the effort.

In the middle of everything, Bazel looked down at her protruding stomach and began to cry.

“I really wish you two could have met your great-grandma before she died. She would have really liked to have met you two.” Bazel cried, as she rubbed her stomach.

My mom saw what Bazel was doing, and it made her smile. Once in the past 6 months of Bazel’s pregnancy she actaully snapped out of her little anger trance, and did something nice for our mother.

My mother walked over to my sister and began to rub her stomach.

“Thank you Bazel..” She whispered, smiling through tear filled eyes.

“No mom, you don’t need to thank me. I’ve been a real pain in the butt to you guys these past 6 months, and I’m sorry.” She frowned, lowering her eyes to the ground.

“Bazel… your pregnant. That’s your excuse, and I would run with it.”My mother laughed causing me to perk up a little on this gloomy day. “Now I want you 3 to get home and get some rest. The rest of us will be home later, alright Bazel?

“But mom I don’t want to leave this early! I want to be here to support you.” Bazel argued, trying to convince my mother she would be OK.

“I don’t want any excuses! I got all the support I needed today Bay, honest.” She smiled, walking Bazel to the car.

Bazel finally agreed and drove herself home. We took two cars, just for that reason. My mom already knew ahead of time she wanted Bazel back at home, in her bed early.

Another few hours had passed, and everyone decided that it was the best time to call it a day. The funeral was of course an emotional roller coaster, but we all got through it with our heads still intact.

Just as we were ready to leave though, Milo stopped me.

“Alana wait, just let them go home ahead of us I wanted to talk to you alone.” He stated, halting me with his hand.

“But how are we gonna get home, if they take the last car?” I questioned, worrying about the obvious.

“I’ll call a cab. This is more important then me losing 30 bucks.” He smiled, now looking into my eyes. I could honestly get lost in them, there we like two little pools of blue.

“What did you want to tell me?” I asked, eager for his reply.

“Well.. today has really got me thinking about life, and how short it really is. Your sister is going to be having two babies, and your grandmother just passed away, who know’s what could happen to us!” He exclaimed, waving his arms around like a broken puppet.

“What are you getting at you weird oh? Someone dies then all of a sudden your thinking too far in depth into the future.” I giggled, putting my hand to my mouth.

“It’s not like that… it’s… just… hold on I’ll show you.” He said, holding up two fingers, signaling me to wait.

He suddenly dropped to one knee, and gazed into my eyes.

“Would you get off the grass! If you trying something funny Milo, you can get up right now! I told you, I want to be married to a man before I try anything like that.” I stated, staring at him sternly. His cheeks flushed a dark red color, and I could tell I hit a nerve.

“Alana… I wasn’t trying to do “THAT” with you!!” He shouted, then tried to continue on with his little procedure.

He tried his best to regain his focus, but I could tell I threw him off completely.

“Now… as I was trying to say… Alana, I don’t know where our lives are going to take us, but what I do know is that I want what ever life I have to be with you. Your my everything, and I love you. Will you marry me?”

My heart started to pound, and sweat started to form on my head. I couldn’t believe he just asked me to marry him! I never would have expected anything like this!

“Oh Milo! … I would love to say yes, but were… were so young.” I sighed, looking at the ring in the small velvet box.

“Come on Alana, take this chance with me. I know were a little young, but we won’t be this age forever! Our 18th birthdays are so close at hand, and I want to move straight on from high school, to being married to you. Please?” He smiled, still holding the ring in the air.

He just kept smiling at me, not even removing the ring from that one held position. He was determined to get a yes out of me, if it was the last thing he did. I just couldn’t take it anymore! I loved Milo so much, and if me marrying him was just a birthday away, there was no way I was backing down.

I slowly reached my shaky hand over to him, and whisper “Yes.” through my newly formed tears. He placed the ring on my finger, and stood to his feet.

“I promise you won’t regret this Alana. I love you more than anything, and I promise to treat you like a queen.” He smiled, as he reached over and kissed me on the lips.

I grabbed him closer, and wrapped my arms around him. “You don’t have to treat me like a queen…. a princess is just fine.” I giggled, still holding onto him.

“You drive a hard bargain Mrs. Terrey.” He laughed

“As do you, Mr. TERREY.”

Bazel’s Point of View

I went home early, because my mom likes to be very persistent. I tried to tell her I was fine, and that there was noway anything was going to happen to me if I was standing in a graveyard. I still had 3 more months to go, my babies were very well nestled inside of me still…. at least that’s how it was suppose to be.

It had only been a couple of hours when I arrived home, I was in the middle of watching one of my favorite T.V shows when this very strange pain ran down my back, and my leg. I stood up as a reaction, and the pain began to get worse. I had no idea what was happening to me! I couldn’t be in labor! It’s too soon!

I clenched onto my stomach, and tried my best to gasp for air. I could feel the striking pain shooting through my entire body, as it tried to give out on me. I wanted to scream for someone to help me, but no one was home! I inched closer to my pair on jeans I had thrown on the floor, it had my cell phone in it. I just had to dial my dad’s number and tell him to come get me NOW!

I took one step towards the pants, and the pain became worse. “Oh god! I can’t do this here. Someone…. help…. me…” I cried out, as another contraction began to thicken. I just couldn’t take it anymore, I had to lay down. I dropped my body to the floor, and ripped off my Pajama pants and underwear. I held them up, and they were covered in blood. I cried and screamed for help as the baby crowned, I could feel him making his way out. I wanted to make it stop, but I had to push!

It was mere seconds and the first baby made his way out of me. I picked him up and wrapped him in a kitchen towel that was laying near by. I tried to get up off the floor, but my second son was coming! I kept crying to myself that it was too soon, that my babies were going to die!

I clenched my fist, tears streaming down my face as I forced the second one out. I laid them both next to me, and stared at them… all 3 of us covered in blood. I noticed that they weren’t breathing, I wanted to help my babies, but I was too weak to move. Before I had the chance to even try anything, I blacked out… completely unconscious.


Okay sorry for making that a little graphic, but it’s how I felt when I was writing it. I hope you guys liked this chapter anyways! The boys names are: Cale and Dagger. Thanks for all the help with baby names guys! ❤ (Cale said like Kay-Ul)


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