Chapter 2.2 – Looking Forward

Yoki’s Point of View (Now)

My grandsons…. MY. I just loved the way that sounded when it left my lips. Who would have thought all those years ago when I became pregnant with Bazel that I would be standing here right now. It was so tough on all of us to come home from my mothers funeral, and the thought run through my mind that I had to plan three more. Luckily we got there in time. Bazel was laying knocked out on the floor, and the babies… barely alive. We grabbed Bazel and rushed her as fast as we could over to Twinbrook Memorial.

Days had passed and the doctors would try and keep us posted. In all truth we almost lost one of them, due to lack of nourishment and dehydration. But, I was so relieved when yesterday morning they walked up to me in the waiting room, with a smile on their faces and asked if I wanted to meet my grandsons. They had not nursed them back to health completely but… they were going to make it. I wished Alana and Flynn were here with me to share in my joy…. but they had a special surprise project they were working on for Bazel when she got back home.

I could honestly stare at them all day. I just loved to watch their little chest rise and fall showing life within them. It was by my request that Bazel’s twins be in her room when she woke up. I didn’t want her panicking anymore then she needed to be. I hated how they kept them locked away in that nursery anyways… Poor kids needed to be around family, not strange nurses.

Now that I knew for sure my little angels were OK, my main concern fell upon my daughter. She hadn’t woken up since we found her, and honestly I was getting really paranoid. She had lost so much blood, and her heart beat would jump to really high levels at different times. I was so scared I would lose her, and that she would never even get to meet her little creations.

“How’s her heart rate?” The doctor questioned the young nurse

“It’s at a normal pace right now, Dr. Plum. She’s been a little jumpy lately but I’ve seen no traumatic changes today.” She replied, and all I could do was try to understand what they were talking about. I know it was simple to understand for most people.. but doctor talk racked my brain.

“Excellent. Now in about an hour I want you to check her blood level, and tell me if she needs another blood pack or not.”

“Yes, Doctor.” and with that the waiting began. It had already been a week, yes, but… it seemed like the more time that went by the harder it was for me. I wanted my daughter to pull through… she just had too!

To keep my mind clear, I tried to focus all my attention on the twins. The one that looked more like his father, particularly. He was the one we almost lost… and needed the most TLC. Oh Bazel… please if you don’t get better because of me, do it for your sons…

Bazel’s Point of View (Earlier)

It felt like an eternity, just laying there unable to move any part of my body. I was able to regain slight consciousness, but not enough to save myself. Everything that I looked at was dark. There was no light shining down on my colorless situation. So many times I tried to move, but could only barely inch my hand across the pool of blood that I laid emerged in. I could only manage to moan in pain, as I watched my sons chest stay completely still.

I tried my hardest to reach out for them, but my body just wouldn’t budge. I glanced over at them once more and I could swear it was like someone heard my cries in my mind. My son’s for the first time let out little yelps of distress. I could see them move there tiny arms, and wiggle around on the stained carpet. Though I was still, my heart was singing with joy and flipping around inside of my chest.

No more than a few minutes later I heard the familiar slam of the front door, and the thuding foot steps across the carpet. I wanted to scream, and tell them to save my sons, to make sure they didn’t stop breathing again!

Seconds flew by, and two pairs of legs stood by me, and I heard the screams trail out of their mouths. I wanted to understand what they were saying, but everything was so distinct and muffled in my ears.

My father ran over to me, and shook me twice, calling out my name. I managed to catch a glimpse of my sister crying as she picked up one of my sons. I was almost completely out of it when I felt the strength of my father pick me up into his arms. He carried me a mere foot, before I was out cold.

The next thing I remember is my mind be taking over by this god awful dream. It was so vivid… it felt like I was literally watching it happen before my eyes. In the dream I could see Dodge walk into this room. I wasn’t sure who’s room it was, but I do know the room was decorated to suit a young child.

As the dream continued on, I realized the room belonged to my twin boys. Dodge walked over to Dagger’s crib and reached down and scooped him up. I could see my little baby cry in distress as if he was uncomfortable. Right then and there I wanted the dream to end, but it was like I was trapped inside of it with no way of escaping.

He smiled this devilish grin, like he was pleased with himself. My son cried in his arms, and his smile only spread further across his face. I wanted to snatch me son from his arms and run! I wanted to save my little boys life! What confused me more was why the attention was on Dagger. Where was Cale!? Did he already do away with him?!

Dagger was screaming his lungs out, I could see him turning blue and veins popping from his forehead! Dodge let out this malicious laugh, and Dagger stopped abruptly. His little face was emotionless, and his body still as a calm ocean. I don’t know what caused him to stop, but the thought only frightened me more.

His laughter only grew louder and more forceful. He took the palm of his hand and placed it over Daggers face, covering it completely. He held his hand there for a split second then removed it. Dagger was still calm, as if he accepted what was happening to him. I felt like I couldn’t breath. He was so helpless and I couldn’t save him… no matter how hard I pleaded. It was like they couldn’t see me! Like I wasn’t there… I’m not even sure I was.

After everything was said and done, he took off out the front door of my house… or what seemed to be a house I was living in, and kept on running. He never once stopped to look back, and no one chased after him. I could hear his roaring laughter and the silent coos of my infant son. As I watched him stolen from underneath my nose… I suddenly heard a faint beeping sound…. What in the world?!

Bazel’s Point of View (now)

I opened my eyes, and reality flashed me in the face. I blinked rather rapidly, trying to focus my eyes onto something. When the blur did die down, I could see my mother across the room feeding one of my babies.

“M-mom?” I muttered out, my words small and direct.

My eyes finally regained complete focus, and I stared over to the left side of my bed. It was this sweet looking doctor with purple hair.

“What happened?” I mumbled out, my words still very low.

“You had a massive amount of blood loss with your birth. You babies went into distress, and that resulted in a premature labor. Your lucky you got here when you did, you almost loss one. ” She said, without even blinking. I got kind of a cold feeling when she talked to me. Like I was just some medical procedure instead of an actual person. I almost lost one of my sons! God have some feelings you robot!

I was tired of just laying under those covers like an undead mummy. Once I built up a little bit of energy I grabbed the blanket and threw it off of me. I noticed then that I was wearing this stupid hospital gown, and could feel the breeze on my backside! Wow…. they really had to put me in this? Were they afraid I might get a disease on my butt, and they would have to quickly operate? UGH…..

The nurse to my right looked at me and smiled. “Hey there ya sleepy head, how are you feeling? Everything OK?”

I glanced over at her and laughed “Well I don’t know, you tell me! Your the nurse after all.” That just made her giggle. Finally! Some cheerful emotion in this crazy hospital! They act like people just come here to die, and so they all act like zombies. Hello!? What do you call it when someone gives birth here? LIFE.

“Well according to my… “expert” sense of judgement, I would say your starting to pick up a rather good pace of recovery. You sure had your mom worried there Bazel!”

“Mom… why isn’t she paying attention to me? I called out for her… I’m pretty sure she can hear me talking?” I questioned feeling rather puzzled why my mother was ignoring me.

“Well… your mother has been here for so many days Bazel. It’s probably from lack of sleep. Let me just talk to her real quick.” She said, walking over to my mom. I felt so bad… my poor mom was probably up for countless days waiting by my bedside…. I felt so bad… I couldn’t even hold back my tears.

After a few seconds with the nurse, my mother spun around. “BAZEL!? YOUR AWAKE! Oh my god, my baby is awake!” She screamed, tears flowing down her face as a smile spread from ear to ear.

What more could I do then laugh? My mother obviously missed me and the thought of it made me all fuzzy inside. “Yes mom. I’m OK now, you don’t have to worry anymore.” I smiled over at her “And also… you can go home and get some well deserved rest. You truly earned it.”

“Thanks sweetie. It’s just I couldn’t sleep knowing my little girl could die…. but I guess that’s NOT happening now is it?! So we should start out fresh, and start by naming your babies! I’ve beening calling them twin 1 and 2… and that’s horrid names.” She laughed

“Well… hold them up for me. Let me get a good look.” I asked her, and she rushed over to the first container and picked up my son with the fare skin.

“Hmm… I think I’ll call him Cale. It’s not used much and that’s just the way I like it. – I’ve seen the second one already… and I think I’ll stick with unusal names and call him Dagger.”

My mother stared me down “Dagger? Isn’t that a little… harsh?”

“Naaah! He’ll love to tell kids at school his name. Makes him sound fierce.”

My mom rolled her eyes “Well I guess. Who am I to argue anyways? He’s your baby after all…”

It sounded so weird to hear her say that. “MY baby…”

The nurse looked at my mother, and told her that by tomorrow I would be free to go. She told my mother to follow her over to the computer so she could deal with some medical information, and to have me pre-signed out for 11 am the next morning.

My mother followed the nice nurse into the main lobby. She just had a quick run through of everything, and we would be all home tomorrow.

“Thank you…” My mother whispered, as a tear fell down her cheek.

“For what?” The nurse smiled in confusion

“For saving my daughter, and her children. I don’t know how I would live with myself if they died.” She sobbed, lowering her eyes to the ground.

“Well. That’s what were here for. To save lives, and watch people go home happy and healthy. Well… at least that’s our goal.”

“That’s a wonderful goal. Never let it slip your mind. People will be thanking your for decades if you never, EVER, for get that.”

And with that my last night in the hospital was followed by a crisp morning. No day ever felt so perfect than this one.

I walked into the door of my house with a pep in my step, and a smile on my face. I was holding my son, Cale, and I never felt better. My mom was trailing behind me, holding Dagger. She said she wanted to be extra careful with carrying him. I had no idea what she was so worried about! He was healthy again! We ALMOST lost him… but that doesn’t mean he’s going to die now.

I had only taken 2 steps in when my father came rushing around the corner! I never seen him run so fast in his entire life!

“BAZEL!” he screamed “I can’t believe your home! It’s like a dream come true. My baby is alive!” He cried, smiling so wide I thought his face would be stuck that way!

“Yes dad…” I laughed “I’m home, and everything is going to be OK now.”

“I know… it’s just.. I was so scared for you, and for them. I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to you 3.”

“Dad it’s OK. Look, would you like to hold your grandson?” I said, trying to change the subject. I felt so weird about them getting all goofy over me. I’m not dead, I’m not going to die… end of story.

“Well…. I would, but there is something I want to show you first.” He smiled, rubbing his chin.

“What?” I answered puzzled. What could he possibly have to show me?

“Just go take a look at the “studio” and you tell me if you like the new.. “arrangements”. He smirked, trying his best not to laugh. What was he hiding….

I looked at my father one last time, before heading to the studio. When I saw it, I was struck back instantly! I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing, and it was right in front of me! While I was in the hospital my dad turned the studio into a nursery for my babies. Did Alana even know about this?

Right then and there though, I didn’t even care! This room was amazing, and I didn’t have to worry about having my babies sleep in my tiny room, because they now had there own space!

“Do you see this room, Cale? It belongs to you and your brother. Wasn’t Grandpa so nice to make it for you guys?” I cooed to my infant son in my arms. He looked up at me and let out a small gurgle. It seemed like he knew what I was saying!

Right at that moment my mom came in with Dagger, and walked over and laid him down in his new crib. She looked over at me “Don’t forget to tell him to thank auntie La la too. If it wasn’t for her, none of this would have happened.” She smiled, then started tending to Dagger once again.

I laid Cale down, then approached my mom.Ā “I should thank you too. You were the one who stayed up for days making sure I was OK.” I said, now hugging her close.

“Oh Bazel. You don’t need to thank me! Your my daughter, I would have done it no matter what.” She smiled, pushing back a lose trend of hair behind my ear.

Alana’s Point of View

School was brutal. I couldn’t focus in my classes, and my homework started to slip. It wasn’t because I was doing it on purpose… it’s just… I couldn’t keep my mind off my little sister and my nephews. There wasn’t one day that went by without them passing through my mind. The stress was killing me I just had to find a way to distract myself! So, I started and finished a little project with my dad. We turned the studio into a little nursery for Bazel because her babies needed somewhere to rest when they finally came home!

I came home from school today, dragging my feet as usual. I walked through the front door and for some odd reason my dad was standing there, waiting for me. He had this huge smile across his face like a creepy circus clown, and the weirdest part was he wasn’t saying anything!

“Um.. Dad?” I questioned him “Are you feeling OK?”

“I feel great! But… there is something I should tell you.” He laughed

“Oh? and what might that be?” I rolled my eyes. Here we go… what does he want now?

“There is 3 people waiting in the nursery for you. I’m not sure… but I think they would be glad to see you.” He smirked, putting his hands to his hips. 3 people in the nursery? For me?! Oh my god! Could it be true?!

I didn’t even answer my dad. I just picked up the pace and darted around the corner. I had the biggest smile across my face, and this wonderful feeling in my heart. The whole couple seconds I was running I swear I stopped breathing. My excitement was just over- flowing inside of me!

I stopped in front of the doorway, and let out a silent gasp. There they were! All of them home safely and healthy once again. I saw my sister with her color back in her, and my nephews weren’t blue anymore…. It was such a horrible feeling seeing them like that. My sister pale as a ghost, and my nephews looked like they were deprived of air for hours…

I guess good things really do happen to good people. Seeing my sister alive, just made me the happiest person alive.

“HEY YOU!” I screamed out to her, chuckling loudly “You scared the crap out of me!”

“Well…. I guess it’s good to ruff up my big sister every now and again, Eh?” She said, turning towards me.

“Yea.. but if you ever try something like that again.. I’ll kill you!” I giggled, sticking my tongue out at her.

“Oh really?!” She laughed crossing her arms.

“Girls… be nice.” My mom chuckled, shaking her finger at us playfully.

“Yes mother.” Bazel replied sarcastically. “You don’t have to give us the 3rd degree, we understand!”

“Oh… stop pestering mom Bay! Just give me a hug already!” I stated, still laughing.

“Ewww! Hug my big sister?! What if I get cooties!” She smirked, holding her arms away from me.

“Oh stop it, you little worm! Give me a HUGGG!” I screeched pulling her close. I loved how in this whole situation we could still just laugh and crack jokes on each other like nothing ever happened. I think that I’d like to keep it that way… I don’t have to be Bazel’s constant reminder of how she almost died… what a downer that is!

At least 6 months had passed since the whole situation, and eventually everything started to go back to normal…. Well almost normal. Having two little infants in the house is not ever going to be considered “normal”. We all pitched in to help Bazel with the boys though. It was really rough on her the first couple of weeks, with her being sore and all…

Today was the day though. Me and Milo talked about it for a few weeks and we finally decided to tell my parents that we were engaged. We should of told them AWHILE ago but with everything that happened, and with us all being constantly busy with the twins it became hard to ever get a word in edge wise. Tonight though… the boys got to sleep early, and that meant my parents were free.

“Why do you think their making us wait her?” I heard my dad whisper to my mom.

“I’m not really sure… La-la said she needed to tell us something…” My mother whispered back. Perfect, they were completely clueless!

I had to admit though… I was terrified at what they would say! Sure my mother loved Milo, but.. it didn’t mean she wanted us to get married so young! We both never meant or been with other people. How would that effect our choice? Ugh… so many thoughts ran through my mind, I thought it might explode!

“Do you think tonight is the right time to tell them? What if they get all crazy because of this! What if they kick me out!” I babbled on to Milo, who stood there and giggled at me.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Bazel had two kids, and they didn’t kick her out. Were trying to get married so we can be together! Where is the harm in that?” he smiled, rubbing the side of my worried face.

“I know… I guess it’s just because I’m really nervous. This is HUGE news, and I just want them to accept our decision… that’s all.” I sighed, lowering my eyes.

Milo took his hand and raised my chin, so that my eyes were looking into his. “There going to be proud Alana. I promise.” He said, his eyes still gleaming into mine. I had no words to say, just a small smile confirming an OK.

“Now come on, let’s tell them the GREAT news.” He smiled, grabbing me lightly by the arm. He was so strong, yet when he touched me it was like the gentle touch of a butterfly. You can barely feel it, but you know it’s there.

He walked me over to my parents then walked off really fast to use the restroom. Just perfect! Leave me alone now… when I needed you the most.

“Um… well… mom? Dad? I wanted to tell you two something very important.” I said, rubbing the back of my neck, placing my free hand on my hip. From me saying that there silly expressions dropped to a serious matter.

“What happened?” my mother questioned staring me up and down. My father remained speechless, as he waited for my reply.

Just at that very moment, when I felt like I was going to get sick… Milo came in and sat down next to my mother.

“Don’t worry you two!” he laughed “It’s not BAD news, it’s good!” he laughed, trying to explain to my overly worried parents.

“Y-yea.”I muttered out. Wow.. I sounded like a complete nervous idiot! How come this was so hard for me to say?!

“As my sweaty girlfriend was trying to say..” he remarked, and I cast him a glare. So what if I was really nervous? It was big news to give someone! But I have to admit.. his reply did lighten the tension I accidently created.

“A couple months back, when I had Alana alone… I proposed to her. She said yes, and well…. that of course means were going to get married!” He exclaimed, with a huge grin across his face. He made it seem so easy, but I could see his hands shaking.

My parents gasped in unison when Milo told them the news. There shocked faces quickly turned into giant smiles, as my mother jumped up and squeezed me tight, tears running dow her cheeks. She hurridly ran me over to the computer, and begged us to start planning the wedding now! Well… that was fast!

Milo’s Point of View

Alana was making a big deal of telling them on the outside, while I was hiding it on the inside. I was completely FRIGHTENED to tell them this! But I had to be the brave hero, and take this one for Alana. Their reactions were perfect, and it felt like a giant weight lifted from my shoulders.

“So…” Flynn began, still sitting on the couch next to me “Your gonna treat my daughter well, understand?”

“Y-yes sir.” I replied, rather taken back by his question “I won’t let you down, and most importantly I won’t let her down.”

“Good.” was his one word reply, before he got up and headed towards Alana and Yoki. Geeze, I never realized how scary he can be with things!

So as a little surprise wedding gift, they remodeled Alana’s and MY room. I couldn’t believe they were gonna let us share a room! Well… that isn’t until we turn 18 that is. No kiddies sleeping together yet, they would say. Sleeping? As if! …. but I would never say that to them! I plan lots of wonderful “things” for this room, if you catch my drift… I seriously “can’t wait” until our wedding night. Ah, paradise….

Bazel’s Point of View

In all honesty I thought I was going to lose my mind! All these boys do is SCREAM! And I don’t mean when there hungry or wet.. NO! They scream just for the heck of it! Well.. Cale does anyways… Dagger still has problems with being sick a lot, and it scares the daylights out of me! I really think the extra attention I give him, causes Cale to become jealous. There only 6 months! Babies can get jealous this young!?

“Shhhh, Cale it’s alright! Mommy is here. Mommy is here.” I said, trying to sooth my little man’s tears. Even though I knew I was spoiling them… it hurt to watch them cry. My mom would tell me to not pick them up EVERY single time, that it would hurt me later in life. Hurt me later? It was hurting me now! Every tear they shed was like a knife to my side.

Just as I finished warming up Cale’s bottle, Dagger thought he should join the party. He screamed loud, and his face started turning blue! Oh my god… not again! Please don’t let him stop breathing!

I quickly took Cale’s bottle from him because I wanted to grab Dag, but the second I removed it he WAILED. Kicking his little legs, and moving his fist all around. I was so stressed! I didn’t know what to do! Dagger was screaming so loud I was sure he would stop breathing and Cale was fussing around! Why is this happening to me?

My sister Alana caming running in the room “What is going on in here?! What’s wrong!?” my sister shouted, rushing over to a distressed Dagger.

“They just won’t stop crying! Dagger has his problem, and Cale just DOES it…. My god! I don’t know what to do!” I cried, placing Cale’s bottle back in his mouth. After about an hour we finally got them calmed down, and back in their cribs again.

“Thanks Alana… I don’t know how I would do it without everyone helping me.” I sighed, giving her a hug.

“It’s no problem Bay…. Just next time… wake me up and ask me for help, OK? That’s why I’m here.” She smiled, heading back to her room.

“I’ll try to remember that…” I whispered, as I did the same.

Alana’s Point of View

5 months flew by, and it was finally me and Milo’s birthday! Well… he was older than me by 2 months, but he waited to celebrate it with me. My future hubbie is just so sweet to me!

“Happy birthday babe.” he mouthed to me from across the table, then blew out his candles. I giggled, and returned the gesture.

Once again! Alana takes the role as Yoki Clone! There is no Leo in here what so EVER. Her new trait is “Neat”.

Milo on the other hand takes the role of HOT fiancee! ā¤ Yummers. (He aged up with that pattern on a different shirt! Lol)

*A/n: Skip this next part, if it’s too much for you. ;]*

Milo’s Point of View

Our happy little birthday party was over, and it was time for me to share a bed with Alana for the first time! It was going to tough to resist her… but I promised her I’d wait. I’d already moved in all my stuff from my moms house, and was all set to live with Alana until we found a place of our own.

I walked into OUR room, but had to stop dead in my tracks. My eyes widened and this huge smile formed across my face, and I think my “friend” was a little too excited….

“Umm… Alana?” I questioned “What are you doing?” I pointed to her, my face still lit up.

“Happy birthday… now… come unwrap your gift.” she stated seductively. Even though I was all for this, I still had to open my big mouth and ask stupid questions.

“Umm.. I thought we were going to wait to do this?” I questioned her, feeling like an idiot as the words left my mouth.

“Well… a girl can change her mind?” she purred, patting the empty side of the bed.

With that… I didn’t even think twice! I quickly took off every piece of clothing I was wearing, and climbed into bed next to her.

I just stared at her for a second, basking in the moment of what was about to happen.

“Well… it looks like your happy to see me.” She giggled, as she looked down. My entire face flushed red, I felt so embarrassed!

“Well.. er.. Uhh..” I stuttered trying to make something up. I was completely lost for words… I hated how people could easily catch me off guard.

“Oh…. come on. I was only kidding. No need to get all embarrassed, my “tough” guy.” she laughed

“Hey!” I shouted playfully “I’m tough!”

“Oh? Is that so?” she giggled

“Yea.. want me to prove it?” I said, grabbing her close.

“I don’t know..” she began “You don’t look like that kinda guy.”

I wrapped her in my arms, and ran my hand up and down her leg. She was so soft… and her whole body smelled of this intriguing perfume! I couldn’t fight my urge any longer! So I went in and kissed her lustfully on the lips.

She pulled back and looked at me “Well.. maybe you are.”

“Oh trust me babe, I can be ANY one for you.” I remarked, and that only made her eyes glisten as they locked onto mine. She took her hand and slipped it under me, then grabbed tight.

I yelped in excitement loosening the grip I had on her.

“What?” she asked “Too much?”

“Nahhh… not enough!” I laughed, toppling over top of her, kissing her over and over.

“I love you.” she whispered as her shining eyes stared into mine. I smiled as I held her beautiful head in my hand. “I love you too.”

We kissed a little while longer, until it just became to hard for either of us to resist one another. We dove under the covers, and made love for which felt like forever. I’ve never experienced anything like this before in my life! I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait! But the thing of it all… I had no idea if I was doing the right thing! But I guess my questions were answered shortly after that, when Alana moaned in pleasure from under me. Every moment she enjoyed made this time all that better. This evening was great… but I can’t help but think we forgot “something.”

Flynn’s Point of View

I had just got home from work and I was tired as anything… I drug my feet across the carpet as I made my way to my room. Before I got two steps past Alana’s room I had to stop. “What the heck?” I asked myself, as I pressed my ear against her door. Yea I know it was wrong, but I’ve always been the curious person! I love getting into peoples busy….

I heard lots of loud moaning and I heard Milo ask Alana if she liked it! Oh god… I knew what was going on now. I wanted to feel embarrassed by it, but actually it made me laugh!

“Well” I laughed “Guess she ain’t little no more!” I snickered to myself before I walked away.

Bazel’s Point of View

It seemed like day took FOREVER to arrive. I loved my boys, but I was honestly ready for toddlers. Sure they can be a handful, but at least they can learn to do things on their own! Like… holding a bottle, and going poop somewhere besides their pants!

I brought them one by one to their cakes, and everyone wished them a happy birthday. Our little celebration was slightly interrupted by the loud puking noises from the bathroom. What a way to end the day…

Don’t worry! I was still gonna show the CAS shots. ;] – This is Dagger, and by all honesty I have no clue where his eye color came from. I think it’s somewhere in the Terrey genes….

I forgot both of the boys traits >_< I’ll make sure to say them next chapter.

And here is Cale! Well, we can definitely tell who looks like who!


Thanks for reading! Sorry it took so long, I’m still fighting sickness. It took me ALL day to write this chapter. :/


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