Chapter 2.3 – Wedding Bells Chime

Flynn’s Point of View

Days in our household never seem to be dull. If it isn’t one thing around here it’s another. Lately it’s been Alana and the twins. You see for the past couple weeks Alana has had this very nasty bug in her stomach but she refuses to see a doctor. She says that it’s nothing and it will go away with time… as if. I know what’s wrong with her, and she is just in denial. Her attitude has plummeted, and she honestly doesn’t even care what she wears around the house anymore! Just the other day she was walking around in her lingerie! Uh hello!? 2 year olds in the house!    Now about the twins… everything we do is revolved around them. Cale is constantly crying for attention, and hates to be left alone for even a minute. I really love my grandson but his cries are getting under my skin! Bazel does everything she can for them, and right there is the problem. Cale is becoming VERY spoiled, and it’s just gonna lead to her getting hurt later on down the line. I mean she remembers how her sister was… we all do. It was only by some miracle that Alana snapped out of her horrible phase. 

“MOMMA!!!!!” Cale screamed, once again yerning for attention. I just sighed to myself, and drug my feet across the floor as I made my way over to him.

“I’m coming kiddo… stop those crocodile tears.” I said, rolling my eyes. I guess I feel bad for them because they don’t have a father in their life. Bazel told us some sap story about how he moved away to Sunset Valley or something… I don’t buy it for one second. There’s something she’s hiding and I’m gonna find out sooner or later.

“God Flynn!” Milo groaned “Could you please shut him up!”

“Well..” I stated “You got two hands, why didn’t you do something about it?!” I really do love Milo, and he treats Alana with care… but the way he is around kids is just wrong. He treats them like there neusense instead of people.

He looked at me and rolled his eyes, “What ever…” he scoffed before heading to his room.

I picked up Cale finally and tried to calm his little teary eyed face. “Come on buddy, there is no need for tears. Say I know what you need! A N-a-p!” I said, giving his a small snuggle. We had to spell out nap because Cale would flip out if he heard the word… Yes it has gotten that bad. 

Dagger on the other hand he was like the polar opposite. He prefered to play alone, and he was always so quiet.

“Gampy? Block!” he shouted in fits of giggles as he saw me walk into the room.

“Good boy Dagger! That is a block.” I said, patting him on the head with my free hand.

“I want the blocks!” Cale screeched as he fought to get out of my arms. “No I know what cranky little boys need…. Tickles!!” I laughed, as Cale kicked and giggled at my hand tickling his small tummy.

“Now.. it’s time to… uhh… get put in your cribby. You need a little bit of rest before you can play blocks. You both do.” I said lowering Cale into his crib.

“NO!” He shouted, standing up and shaking the handle bars of his bed. I just turned around, and picked up a quiet little Dagger off the floor and placed him in his bed, ignoring Cale’s cries. Dagger smiled up at me, then laid down snuggling his teddy bear.

I headed for the door and then turned around “Good night boys” I whispered before shuting off the lights. I could still hear Cale’s screams piercing through the house for another 20 minutes…. Ugh… I feel like a parent all over again!

Alana’s Point of View

Three weeks had passed, and it was finally the day of my wedding! If I told you it was a perfect day I would be lying… everything that could have gone wrong did! First it was the kitchen sink breaking and flooding the kitchen. Milo swore he only just turned the knob and it busted… I think he was messing around with it… ahh but I still love him.

Next it was Bazel’s son getting under my feet! Everytime I was trying to do something Cale was always right there being a little brat… She better keep him on a leash during my wedding!

If things couldn’t have gotten any worse, me trying to get ready was like a NIGHTMARE! I couldn’t find my left shoe, my makeup kept smearing and when I tried to get something out of the drawer it jammed and I fell on my butt! Just PERFECT! What’s next, a meteor shower?! Alien invasion?!

I guess it was all worth it though. Finally arriving in my limo, and walking up to the man I love was a dream come true. His smile was so big, and he looked so HOT in his tux. Mmm… I know what I’m doing later and it doesn’t involve removing that outfit!

As I inched closer to him, I could just see the happiness in his eyes. He kept staring at me as if his eyes were glued to me. I couldn’t help but giggle. After a few more steps I finally was right next to, and the only word he could mouth was “Wow.”

I laughed “So what do you think?”

“I think you look AMAZING!” he said, his voice trembling with joy, as he took one of my hands and kissed it. Right before I could say anything else I felt this wave of nausea wash over me. I snatched my hand from his grip and clenched my stomach. I almost thought I was going to puke right then and there all over my beautiful wedding dress! I did, however, manage to hold it back.

He grabbed my arm and spun me to face him. “Are you alright?!” he exclaimed, worry covering his face.

“I’m fine.. I guess it’s just that flu I’ve been trying to get over. Don’t worry, I’m gonna be OK.” I said, trying to force a smile.

“Well… you want me to go and get you something? Ginger Ale? Tums?” he questioned me, pointing his thumbs towards the car.

“I’m FINE! The only thing I want you to do is marry me.” I chuckled, bringing myself closer to him.

I wasn’t about to let some dumb sickness ruin my wedding day. Even if I got everyone else sick along with me. There was NO way I was letting this day end, until I was offically married to my love. The colors I picked for the wedding were Black and White. At first I wanted purple…but that seemed to girly for Milo… He would of killed me if I made him wear a powder puff purple suit!

“Come on Milo… let’s just get married. I’ve been waiting forever to finally call you my husband.” I carried on, taking my wedding band from the side strap on my dress above my waist. He looked at me in awe, as I held up the small gold ring. “Well… don’t just stand there.” I remarked, giggling slightly “Hold up your hand so I can put it on!” 

“Oh right!” he exclaimed, holding up his arm abruptly, his cheeks burning red. I knew he was just nervous, but… it still made me chuckle.

“Milo… you are the most amazing person I have EVER met. No matter where I go or what I do, I know you will always be there for me. I believe that it was fate that brought us together. It’s like you saved me before I gave into the whims of Dodger… and I thank you for that. Milo your my world, and I love you. It won’t matter what we go through in the long run…. were a team and we’ll always stick together.”

After I said my vows and slipped the ring on his finger, he took my band from his front pocket and proceeded the same process.

“Alana… your the most beautiful girl in the entire world. The instant I laid eyes on you, I was hooked. I love the way you laugh, and how you care so deeply for your family. Every time you smile it brightens up my day. Alana, I want to spend the rest of eternity with you, and I promise to do what ever I have to, to make you happy. You’ve already done enough for me, by being my wife.” he finished up, placing the ring on my finger, tears falling from his eyes landing onto my hand. 

“That was so beautiful.” I wept, drying a new formed tear from my eye.                              

“It was meant to be…. and I promise I meant every word of it too. I just can’t lie to you… you mean to much to me.” he fussed, holding his hands entwined in mine.                              

I was mused by his words. Everything he said just made my knees weak from under me. I can honestly say I know what true love feels like.

“I know…” I giggled at him, before pulling him into a kiss.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Yoki’s Point of View

The atmosphere of everything just made my eyes water up. I couldn’t believe my daughter was finally married, and to a GOOD man too. He treated her with respect and he loved our family. I can honestly say that I know Bazel will be just as lucky when she’s older. I can feel it…

I could see it all over her face that she was happy for her sister. I know she might stomp her feet and scream to the world she will NEVER get married, or even date a guy again… but… you can’t help who you fall in love with, no matter how hard you fight it. I know Dodge taking off and leaving her with two kids was a horrible thing to do… but Bazel is a strong girl, I know she’ll come around.

My mind started wandering all over the place, and I really wanted to congratulate Alana before she was swept away by her husband. So I got my head on straight and toppled over into my daugters arms.

“Congrats sweetie!” I bawled, hugging her extremely tight.

“Thank you mom.” she giggled “But.. I’m in need of a little oxygen!”

“Sorry!” I uttered, letting go of my grasp.

“That’s ok mom. I was only kidding with you. I’m glad your happy for me, I really am. It makes me feel giddy inside. Well.. I better go see what dad is saying to my husband… this ought to be good…” She smiled, before walking over to Milo.

Flynn’s Point of View

It comes a time in every mans life where he has to let go, and let his daughter be swept away by another man. Of course I didn’t want to let Alana go at such a tender age… but she’s her own person now. I don’t make the rules anymore, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some I’m still enforcing!

“So…” I began, staring Milo up and down “I guess that means your part of the family now, huh?”

“I g-guess so..” he stammered, gulping loudly. Hah! He’s in the perfect position. He better be afraid of me. I don’t play around when it comes to my daughters! If Dodge ever came back he would get the beating of his LIFE!

“Man up boy!” I roared, slapping him on the back “You got to know how to stand up for yourself. Don’t whimper like some lost puppy. You have to take care of my daughter. She’s YOUR responsibility now… Oh but you can still be scared of me, that I allow” I chuckled loudly, as I watched his eyes turn from calm to fearful.

“DADDY!” Alana screeched “Don’t scare my husband! And I’m no ones responsibility, I can take care of myself. Thank you very much!”

“Oh come on” I laughed “I was just kidding with him, right Milo?”

“R-right sir…” he stuttered, casting Alana a fake smile. This was just too much….

Bazel’s Point of View

Today has been a doozy. I honestly am happy for my sister, but … I just can’t see something like this ever happening for me. I think my little family life is just going to be me and my boys. Like Alana said to Milo, “I know you’ll always be there for me.” That’s how I feel about my kids… they will ALWAYs be there for me. I don’t need any man to fill that spot, thanks but no thanks.

“Momee?” Cale said looking up at me “Can go home?”

“Yes sweetie… we can go home right after the wedding photographer is done taking pictures.” I replied to my very sleepy little boy. I couldn’t believe how good he’s been today! It would have sucked if he interrupted them in the middle of their wedding with loud screams.

“Picture!” Dagger screeched, making a flashing noise with his mouth.

“Good boy Daggy! Your right! It is a picture.” I smiled down at him.

At first they were going to get some young kid to do it but I told them “Yea… go ahead if you want your memories to be blurry pictures with fingers infront of it!” I guess that they thought they were being smart when they hired some old dinosaur to do it… fine go ahead, it’s your wedding afterall!

Finally after the photographer was done, and packed up… which of course took FOREVER, I was able to get my kids ready to take them home.

“Home now!” Cale demanded, reaching up his little arms to me.

“Alright!” I snarled “Don’t get your big boy pants in a bunch. Were going home now.” Why was I cursed with the over demanding 2 year old? Being a single teen mother wasn’t enough I guess!

Milo’s Point of View

We got home pretty late, but I wasn’t about to skip the “wedding night”. I didn’t care if we’ve done it before, tonight makes it extra special since it’s the first time were going to do it as a married couple.

“Hey there sexy…” I purred to my wife, who had just walked in the door. “I was thinking… maybe you should teach me a lesson.. I’ve been VERY bad….”

She only laughed at my remark. Oh come on! I was trying to be all lustful, and hot!

“Wait…” she began “Before we do anything there is something I REALLY need to tell you first.” She said excitedly and I watched her face light up.

I crept up to her, light on my toes and grabbed her “Can’t this wait? I have this… “friend” and he’s really happy and wants to meet his beautiful bride.”

“Well… your friend can hold his horses until I tell him the good news!” She smiled wide, and I could feel her trembling with joy.

“What good news?” I asked, looking at her puzzled.

“Alright! Brace yourself!” she screeched smiling wide “But… when I was in the bathroom, I took a test.. and… and… I’m pregnant!!!”

“What?” I asked, as I felt my entire body freeze up.

“You heard me! Your gonna be a daddy Mr.Tough guy! I guess we forgot to cover your friend with his little “jacket”.” she giggled. I couldn’t believe THIS, I knew I forgot something! Da$^mit! How could I be such an IDIOT!?

“Are you sure it’s not a mistake? Maybe it read wrong?” I replied, now panicking.

“Why would you want it to be a mistake? Milo what’s wrong?” she questioned, her smiles fading into worry.

“It’s just… I … well the truth is… ummm…” I fumbled trying to explain to her the truth.

“What?! What’s the truth? Milo tell me now.” she demanded, her frustration starting to rise.

“I hate kids! There I said it…. HAPPY?! I can’t stand the little buggers! There so needy and whiney and they smell, and drain you dry!” I growled, throwing my hands in the air.

She gasped and looked at me with horror in her eyes “So your saying you hate our baby?!”

“Well..” I started “It’s not technially a baby yet… theres still time to ya know…”

Bazel’s Point of View

I was in the middle of feeding the twins when all of a sudden I heard a loud SLAM from Alana’s bedroom. Milo came out stomping his feet loudly looking disgusted in my direction.

“Don’t bother coming back EITHER!” Alana screamed from behind the closed door.

“Dont’ worry! If that little “thing” is gonna be around, then I’m NOT!” Milo shouted back, before slamming the front door shut. What just happened?! They have only been married a mere 5 hours, and there already frighting? What happened to there mushy “I love you more than air.” talk?

I knocked slightly on Alana’s door before walking in. “Alana?” I questioned “You OK?” She shook her no and started to cry. Oh boy… Alana crying… this couldn’t be good.

“What’s wrong La?” I asked, feeling really bad for her.

“Milo’s a JERK! That’s what’s wrong…” she cried, rubbing the tears from her eyes. I walked up to her and spun her around “Please Alana… just tell me what happened?”

“Well… I found out that I’m pregnant-” she started, but was cut off by my loud gasp.

“Pregnant?! Really?!” I exclaimed, holding my jaw open in shock.

“Yea.. I was really excited about it, and I couldn’t wait to tell Milo.” she continued “But that’s when the bomb hit.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked, pulling her into a hug.

“Well.. I thought Milo would be happy and excited along with me but… get this… and I quote “I HATE kids.” is what he told me!” she bawled, letting go of the grasp.

“What?! How can you hate kids? Wait! Now I know why he never touches the twins… Huh…you think I would have noticed earlier!”

“I don’t know how you can just hate them! I think there the most preious thing out there. But that wasn’t the worst part… he… he asked me to get rid of it.” she sighed, frowning slightly.

“Well it’s too bad! Your not getting rid of it! It’s your baby god dangit! He can’t even think about killing it! Even when I knew I was carrying twins, and even after I knew Dodge cheated on me, I still kept them because it wasn’t their fault they were there it was mine.” I growled, obviously ticked off by the whole situation.

Alana gasped “CHEATED?! He cheated on you!? When!?”

“The day I went to tell him he was a dad… I caught him in bed with this skank.” I sighed, then rolled my eyes. “But you can’t tell ANYONE! Especially dad… I want to keep this our secret OK? I don’t want them to feel sorry for me..”

“But Bazel!” she groaned, crossing her arms.

“Not a word! Besides were talking about you… not me. – So, where do you think “Mr. Man” is going?” I scoffed

“Right now I don’t even care. He can rott in a hole, and live on the streets. Let him go cry to his mother how he got his WIFE pregnant…. I’m not letting him come back until he apologizes and sucks up his pity.”

“Spot on chicky! You show him who’s boss!” I cheered, patting her on the shoulder “Well I would love to talk more, but the kiddies need to get to bed. Don’t worry…” I laughed “You’ll soon understand what that’s all about!”

“Oh what ever…” she giggled “Good night Bay, and thanks.”

“No problem.” I said, before walking out of her room. Get rid of the baby?! Sometimes….. men….

I walked into my sons room and looked at them playing rocketships on the floor. “Alright” I called out “Who’s ready for bed?” They both shouted “no me” and took off in different directions. “Oh come on guys! Mom is tired! And if you don’t go to bed, your gonna make her very very sad…. boo hoo.” I said, pretending to cry.

“No crwy momee.” Dagger cried, pounting his lip like a little puppy dog. “I seep.” That tricked always worked on him for some reason, Cale I just had to fight with. I scooped Dagger up and put him in his crib, then snatched up Cale before he got too far.

“Alright…” I stated, placing Cale in his crib “Go to bed. I don’t wanna here a peep out of either of you.”

“But mommee!!” Cale whined, grabbing onto my arm.

“NO! BED means BED. Now lay down, before I take teddy away.” I shouted, and he just whimpered softly and laid down. I guess I really got to stop babying them… my parents were right, it is hurting me.

I flicked on my new baby moniter and then got into my bed. Those boys drain me dry, and every night I looked forward to sleep! Maybe one of these days I’ll actually not be woken up at 6 am by screaming toddlers? … Meh.. a girl can dream.

It was around 3:45 am, and I heard my son fussing in his bed. Of course any other night I might ignore it but tonight I had this uneasy feeling in my stomach. I quickly got out of my bed, and headed towards their room.

I looked at Cale, and I realized he was the one moving around. I guess he was having a bad dream or something. I was about to walk away when for some reason I had this urge to look over at Dagger. He wasn’t moving or fussing, his snoring stopped and that’s when my stomach dropped.

(stupid Z’s… I wish there was a way to remove them…)
Before I got all crazy I calmed myself down, and told myself “Just check on him, it’s probably nothing” I reached my hand through the bar of his crib, and felt his arm. My entire heart felt like it stopped. My son felt like ICE!

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed, tears starting to pour down my cheeks “He’s dead! HE’S DEAD!” I looked down at him, and shook him slightly “Come on sweetie, breath! PLEASE!” I wailed, my eyes turning red.

I picked him out of his crib, and held him upright, his entire body lifeless and his eyes closed shut. “PLEASE SWEETIE!” I cried “PLEASE! … Oh god! What do I DO!? What the heck do I DO! BREATHE DAGGER BREATHE!” I couldn’t do anything. I haven’t gone to med school yet, so I have no experience with situations like this! The only thing I could do was cry and plead for him to come back to me.

I hugged him tight, his little arms just dangling down, his head laying heavy on my shoulder. He was nothing but dead weight… not moving, not breathing… no life…..

I love you Dagger….. Mommy loves you…” I whispered, not wanting to accept it… but my son was gone… he was completely and utterly gone…..

Just then I heard a small cough, which caused me to jump. “Momee?”

My sons color returned, his limbs tightened and he grasped onto me tight smiling into my eyes. Oh my god! Am I dreaming? Is he really alive? Could my son have just woken up!? I didn’t care! I was just over joyed, I couldn’t contain it!

“DAGGER! OH MY BABY!” I screamed hugging him tight, kissing him over and over.

“Momee sleepy?” he questioned, trying to close my eyes.

“Well I was, and now I feel like I’ll never sleep again.” I cooed at him, as if at what I just said was something joyful. I didn’t care though… as long as I heard his laugh and saw him there in my arms alive I was happy. I honestly still couldn’t believe what I just experienced….

I mulled it over and over again in my mind if I should bring him to the hospital, or if I should call 911 but…. I just went with my gut and put him back down to rest. Besides, what were they going to do for him? Poke him with needles only to tell me they didn’t know what was wrong and send me home!? Screw that! My baby was going to be OK.

But… Me on the other hand… I couldn’t sleep or think right if my life depended on it…  So I grabbed a chair from the dinning room and pulled it into my sons room, placing it right infront of their cribs. I wasn’t moving from this spot… I wanted to watch my son’s chest move up and down, and I wanted to hear them snore and coo letting me know they were alright.

” I promise you Dagger…. I’ll become the greatest doctor alive and find out what’s wrong with you…. I promise…”

Thanks for reading! I want to give credit to Maui for the last part, I just rememberd as I was writing it that she did that before in her legacy >.x



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  15. Omg Dagger way to give me a freaking HEART ATTACK! I was ready to burst into tears and then when he woke up I started giggling like an idiot.

    By the way, I think it’s ironic that ‘Dagger’ is the easy-to-handle, mild-mannered baby and ‘Cale’ is the one giving them all the trouble.

    And Milo can suck it. I thought he was so sweet and then he just decides that he wants to kill his own baby. I never would’ve guessed be didn’t like children until this chapter! He managed to ruin his marriage within FIVE HOURS. I think that’s a record. Giving the Kardashians a run for their money.

    Great chapter, though!

    • Well, I suppose their marriage isn’t ruined just yet, but if he keeps behaving that way, they’ll definitely get there.

    • Jax says:

      LOL yeah a lot of people thought at that part that he really did die. I tricked you 😀 hehe. Awww ❤ You were worried about him ^^

      Yeah until he's older, then it's like something flipped between the two kids. Cale became easier to handle and Dagger became a pain in the butt.

      Yeah I know right. Way to let your new bride know that you hate kids -.- So lame.

      Thank you!

  16. blamsart says:

    Evil, evil Milo! Couldn’t he even commit just abit? You really had me convinced that Dagger was dead. Freaked me out!

  17. memi35 says:

    Oh god! Poor Dagger. I can’t wait for Bazel to go med school and (hopefully) figure out what;s wrong with him.

    I’m also glad we found a flaw with Milo. He was way to perfect.

    • Jax says:

      Hey thanks for all the comments you’ve been giving me! I love reading them all 🙂 ❤ Yeah, everyone has to have flaws. Nobody is THAT perfect.

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