Chapter 2.4 – Downside Of Life…

Alana’s Point of View

It had been about a month and a half, and Milo STILL hasn’t come around. He’s tried to call me once, and wrote me a stupid e-mail… but I’m not having it! If he wants to come back, he has to accept that were having a baby, and I want an apology! I’m not beckoning to his whims just because he had a little temper tantrum… sometimes!

“I just don’t understand him!” I ranted on to my sister, who was trying to pay attention to her show. “He tells me he wants to come home, yet he still wants me to get rid of the baby! I think he lost his mind or something. His mother tried and tried to get him to see what’s right, and suck up his pity and be a man…. but he just keeps whining at her!”

She just looked at me and shook her head in disgust “Whining? What is he five?! I would have smacked that boy, and shoved his butt back through our front door if I was his mother. He’s gonna be a dad for crying out loud! Crying about it to his mommy isn’t going to stop that kid from coming!” She remarked, rolling her eyes.

“I know!” I screeched “You would think he wouldn’t act so immature! I love him, but god… I never knew this about him!” I sighed shaking my head.

“Well what did you expect?” my sister laughed loudly “You two are like 20! Your still young, and even though he does love you…. he still is set in the mindset of a kid.”

“A stubborn kid…” I mumbled under my breath.

“Don’t worry Alana! He’ll come around eventually!” she smiled throwing her hands up in the air “Besides… it’s only 1! Next time you’ll remember to cover up his buddy!” She chuckled patting me on the back.

“Oh shut up Bay!” I laughed, shoving her slightly “It’s not my fault! That’s his job! He’s suppose to not forget the con-“

“HEY!” my dad called out “Watch the words you two exchange! There are little 2 year olds living here….” he sighed, going back to Cale. He was trying to teach him some words, but that kid just didn’t want to sit still…

“Sorry!” We called out in unison, giggling like little kids.

“Well….” I said, standing up from the couch ” I know that Milo loves me, and that he always will. This ring on our fingers is a symbol of that love, right?” I questioned Bazel, staring dreamily at the gold band.

“If you say so…” she muttered, looking back at the T.V.

Thanks sissy… you’ve been a charm…” I laughed heading off to my room.

Bazel’s Point of View

My sister really had some issues going on right now in her life… that’s for sure! Her and Milo needed to work out that stupid little brawl they have going on. I mean seriously? There fighting over a baby that’s not even hear yet. Also what is the point in him living with his mother? … He needs to suck it up!

Well, seeing my father teaching Cale some things gave me an idea. Dagger was sitting on the floor in front of me and I decided “Why not teach him to walk?”. Besides… Dagger was never out of my sight, I had my watch on him 24/7, and even when I slept, it was like the baby monitor was glued to my ear on the highest volume. I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t gonna stop breathing again. So far he’s been doing great, and I’m really relieved.

“Come on buddy! Come to mommy! You can do it Dagger!” I cooed at my little wonder as he wobbled towards me. He giggled and screeched after every step. He was so proud of himself!

“You did it, baby!” I yelped, holding him high above my head.

“Momee I walk! I walk!” he giggled, kicking his little feet and smiling wide.

“Yes you did because your mommy’s little super star! Your the quickest and fastest little guy in the whole entire world!” I marveled at him, giving him lots of hugs and kisses for his wonderful achievement.

2 months had flown by and it was finally time for my 18th birthday. I couldn’t wait to get out of high school, and into a career I’ve dreamed about since forever! I’m going to be a surgeon one day… you’ll see.

I didn’t want any party at all. I had no desire for people coming to my house and partying the night away. My parents thought they were funny though… blasting the radio and dancing like two weridos. Dagger got a kick out of it though, so I didn’t mind. Cale would have liked it too, but he was being a little cranky tonight so I put him to bed early.

Eventually I told them enough goofing around and grabbed a dancing little Dagger off the floor. I placed him in his high chair, and he giggled and laughed. Once again keeping him in my rage of sight… I could never live with myself if I lost him. He’s such a good baby.

My mom brought out the cake that she made and stuck it on the counter… she couldn’t stay long though because she had to sing at a concert tonight… what a bummer.

Everyone hooped and hollered making a fuss over my birthday. I told them not too, but they don’t like to listen. Alana started blowing on this horn, and when she bent forward I could now see her protruding little bump… Milo really has been gone for awhile now.

I made a wish then lent forward and blew out the candles. I turned to face my sister, and the past washed over me. I saw that distinct glow on my sisters face once again and I knew what had happened….

The candle spark must have landed onto the cake, and set it on fire! This just isn’t happening! Not AGAIN!

“Girls!” my dad Screamed “GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!”

I looked at Alana then turned towards the door.

We started picking up the pace when Alana threw her arm out in front of me, allowing it to hit my chest HARD.

“DAGGER! He’s right by the flames!” Alana yelled in fear, pointing towards my son. God, how did I almost forget HIM!? Alana ran back and grabbed Cale, while I darted through the smoke and thrashed up Dagger. My dad was still frantically looking around for a fire extinguisher, yelling for us to leave the house.

I looked back and I only saw the flames getting bigger, and the smoke getting thicker as each second trailed by. I covered Daggers face in my shirt, then darted for the front door.

So many thoughts running through my mind, so many fears striking through my body. But my main concern lied on my children. I didn’t care if the house burnt to the ground, as long as my boys were safe.

We got outside and we saw the fire truck zooming down the street, blaring it’s sirens and honking loudly. The noise frightened the twins. I could hear them holler over the sounds even as it got closer. I held them tight, trying my best to reassure them that everything was OK and that mommy was here to protect them.

The firefighter got out and ran towards our home. “PLEASE! Save our house!” Alana screeched pointing crazily at the flames perching the roof.

“Just stay calm ma’am. I’ll do my best” the firefighter said, before charging into our house with a large hose.

Alana’s Point of View

I couldn’t believe this actually happened again! On the same day, all those years ago. This time however was such a horrible experience. The smoke was black and thick, my nephews were screaming and signs of worry covered all our faces. I was petrified to think we might be homeless… and here I am… pregnant, with my kid sister and her sons… and my dad…. which I hadn’t seen since he told us to leave the house. Where is he?!

The firefighter came out and looked at us both. Torture was covering his face, and it made me sick to my stomach.

“I managed to save your house just in time… but…” he sighed, looking over at Bazel with her kids. “Someone …. is no longer with us. I’m sorry… a man died in the fire.”

My mouth hung open in shock, my heart fell to my knees and tears started instantly forming in my eyes. A man died?! MY Daddy!? Oh god please NO!

I smothered my face with my hands, crying loudly. I could feel my breath shortened as I tried to gasp for air through each cry.

“NO!” I shouted “He can’t be dead! Not my daddy! NO!”

“I’m truly sorry for your loss…” he said, before turning towards his truck. Right about now I wish I could just say sorry and leave the grieving family alone…. why did I have to lose someone so important to me?!

Bazel didn’t even budge, she just scooped up her twins and ran inside the house. Bazel is like a bomb, and she will hold it all in until she eventually explodes.. Oh god… why is this happening to me?!

Bazel’s new trait is Dramatic.

Bazel’s Point of View

I placed my kids in their beds, then headed for mine. I felt light headed, and sick. I wanted to die right now, and I didn’t even care who missed me. I grew up without my daddy around to smile big and hug me tight. I had to be alone, suffering in my room as I heard my sister cry and wail in hers. It’s all my fault he died…. if it wasn’t for my stupid cake, and my stupid bad luck, and my STUPID life! He would still be alive if it wasn’t for me… I killed my own dad… and everyone is always going to remember me for that.

Alana’s Point of View

My mother came home about 2 hours later, and when she walked in the door her smile instantly turned into a shock as she looked at our burnt down kitchen.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed “What happened?”

I looked at her, trying my hardest to hold back the tears “There was a fire… Bazel’s cake did it.” I explained, sighing heavily.

She laughed “Didn’t that happen before? That kid has some luck, huh? Anyways, So where’s my hubby? I gotta tell him something.” She smiled at me sweetly.

“Mom….” I began “There is something I have to tell you.”

“What? What’s wrong?” she remarked, worry spreading across her face.

“Dad… he… he…” I cried trying to finish my sentence “He died….”

“No… No…. it’s not true! Tell me it’s not true!” she cried out

“Mom I’m so sorry! The fire… he… tried to save us… and our house!” I frowned, tears falling from both our eyes.

She just stared at me, her lip quivering and tears that felt like they would never end. Mom was hurt with her mother dying, but with dad… I thought that she would just give in and have a nervous break down. I know I almost did….

“Oh GOD!” she screamed, wrapping her arms around me crying into my shoulder. “This can’t be true! I l-loved him… he … he was my everything! Our butterflies! And our … our… life we were suppose to share f-forever!”

“It’s OK mom, everything is going to be OK.” I soothed, rubbing her back and whispering good things in her ears. My mother has gone through so much in her life… why did life have to be so cruel? Couldn’t it have given her a break for once!?

“How’s your sister?” she sighed, wiping her eyes.

“Well… she hasn’t said anything since it happened… I’m guessing that she is in total shock, and denial…”

“It’s OK. We will all work through this.” she said, trying her best not to burst out in tears again. I wish I could comfort her more… but it’s hard to comfort someone when you feel the same pain. I really do take back what I said at the graveyard… I don’t like sharing pain… it hurts, really bad.

Bazel’s Point of View

Weeks had gone by and nothing ever seemed the same. My mom was constantly crying, Alana was always stressed and my kids never found peace. I on the other hand didn’t say much to anyone. I kept everything locked inside, and I didn’t want to let it out. My mother would always try to council me and talk to me but I would just brush her off with an “I’m fine!” or “Just leave me alone…”

We had finally almost finished up the kitchen. The floors were still stained slightly, but I would just take a mop and a bucket to it each and everyday… trying to scrub away at not only the dirt… but my guilt and pain as well.

Over the weeks I also gave my boys less attention than usual… every time I saw their small faces I thought of my dad. In my eyes they looked just like him. Everything from their nose to the shape of their feet. I couldn’t get his image out of my head, no matter how hard I tried.

“Momee! Momee!” Dagger screamed, beckoning for my attention. I just shrugged him off, and walked out the front door. Taking walks sometimes helped to clear my head… Being alone just to think…

I found myself walking further than usual today. My head thinking of one thing, and my feet leading me somewhere else. I guess in certain states of mind your body really does take control and does what it feels like, because I found myself at the graveyard in front of my dads grave. We only had a small little funeral for him, because none of us could bear the pain from being there long. He was taken from us too soon… he didn’t even get to see his Grandsons grow up or even meet Alana’s baby. He missed my birthday, and many more to come. Mom…. oh god, mom.. she has to sleep with a cold empty spot beside her, crying herself to sleep every night.

Of course by now I realized that my fathers death wasn’t my fault… it was just some stupid incident that caused a really bad after effect.

GOD! I just couldn’t take this anymore! 3 whole weeks and not one tear I shed. I just had to let it all out, I felt like I was going to EXPLODE!

“W-why did you have to leave me daddy? You were my best friend, and I loved you more than anything in the entire world. H-how you would hold me in thunderstorms when I was frightened and alone. The times when you would take scrolls through the park with me, eating ice cream and scaring pigeons. Daddy my world is not complete without you! When I finally become a doctor, who’s going to give me that strong hug and tell me how proud he is of his little girl?!” I cried into my hands, my heart pounding hard as pictures of my father ran through my head.

I remember how he was always there for me, and how much he loved me. No matter what I went through, no matter how angry I got or how sad… he would always love me the same way. I would miss hearing his hearty laugh as he watched his stupid shows, and I would miss the silent goodnight whisper he would say in front of my door each and every night… Nothing is going to be the same without him… nothing.

Just then I felt a small tap on my shoulder.

“Excuse me miss?” he asked, sounding ever so sweet “Are you alright? I noticed you were crying…”

“I’m fine…” I mumbled, looking everywhere but his face.

“Sorry to bother you. It’s just… I over-heard you, and I just wanted to say that I know how you feel. I lost my mom when I was 14…. she died in a car accident. I use to come to the graveyard everyday and cry over all the times I would miss being around her.” he sighed, casting me a small smile.

“I’m Espresso by the way.” he said, holding out his hand for a shake.

“Bazel.” I replied, grabbing it. His handshake was firm and he had a such a sturdy grip.

“So how long have you lived in Twinbrook?” he questioned, letting go.

“My entire life… I was born and raised here in Twinbrook.” I said, not wanting to even be here right now. He was a friendly guy.. but I just had other things on my mind.

“I was raised in Bridgeport. I recently moved here with my uncle Chester.” he said, gazing into my eyes. I had no idea why he kept looking at me the way he did… I mean if he found me attraction, that’s flattering by I’m really not interested. Not that he’s ugly, just… I don’t want any relationship as long as my life depends on it!

“So…” he started “You wanna go grab a bite to eat? My treat? I’d really like to get to know you a little better since… well… I have no friends at all here.” he blushed, rubbing the back of his neck.

Yea… people who are looking to be “friends” grab a bite to eat alone… and stare at there “friend” like she was a million bucks. I know he was just trying to be nice, and that he probably liked me or what ever… but no thanks.

“Well… I would love to Espresso…. but I’m kind of busy right now. I’m heading off to an… uh… interview at the hospital for a job, then I have to get home to my TWINS.” I stated, emphasizing on the words twins.

“Er… Twins?” he stammered, looking a little taken back.

“Yea… I have two boys. There 2. Well… it was nice talking to you. See ya.” I replied, hurriedly walking away leaving him standing there confused. What? He never saw an 18 year old with kids?

I wasn’t lying completely I was going to the hospital. When I eventually did arrive there, it was kind of deserted. Twinbrook is a small town anyways, but… they should still be on call just in case.

I waited there for a good 5 minutes before I noticed that the employees where in the break room, laughing away… Just great! Now who was I going to talk to about my resume? I had put in application after application and still they kept calling telling me that I was on a “waiting list” and they would call me when a job opened up! Screw that! I want this job NOW. I need to make my father proud of me… I just have too…

I scurried over to the one computer and sat down quickly. “Come on… where is the file for that list…” I muttered to myself, trying to scan the documents as fast as I could. I finally came upon it and opened it up. My name was 54th on the list! MY god! There is more people in this dumb little down then I thought! I glanced over my shoulder and typed “Bazel Terrey” in the first position before closing the document. I know what I did was wrong, and that I could get in some serious trouble for this… but I didn’t care… I wanted this more than anything in the world.

Just as I was getting up from the seat, I heard the nurse open the break room door. I picked up the pace as fast as I could and took off, out the hospital’s front entrance. I hope no one saw me! After running for a little while out of sight, I just stopped and started walking again. This time I was going home, and when I got there… I planned on acting differently towards my family. I guess crying really does help you cope…..

Alana’s Point of View

A few months had passed, and our family was starting get back on a normal flow of things. Bazel took frequent walks and they always seemed to calm her down, and ease her mind. Sometimes she would go alone, but for the most part she would always bring her kids. It was during one of her walk hours that I went into labor. The pain was agonising and I felt as if I might just fall down and die right then and there! My mother being the over cautious one drove me quickly but carefully to the hospital. I nearly ran through those doors looking around frantically for a nurse!

“PLEASE!” I shouted through contractions “I’m in LABOR!”

Just as I shouted that a nurse in a green outfit came running around the corner, and stopped almost knocking me over!

“When did your water break? How far apart are your contractions?” The nurse asked, trying his best to calm me down. I was in pain here! How would I know the answer to any of these questions he was throwing at me!

“How should I know?!” I spat, then clenched my stomach and screamed. He shook his head, then grabbed a wheelchair and placed me in it. “Do you want me to call the father?” he asked, while rolling me off to a room numbered 10B.

“Y-yes.” I breathed, still straining to keep my sanity.

I gave him the information, then climbed into an awaiting hospital bed. The doctor came in and checked me over then hooked me up to an I.V. She said that my cervix was only dilated 5 cm and I need another 5 to actually begin to push. Just great.. I had to wait in this hospital in PAIN, waiting for my body to go through it’s process. GOD… no one told me this would be so HARD! I tried my best to just lay there with my eyes closed… but it was nearly impossible.

Milo’s Point of View

I was in the middle of driving over to Alana’s house, when all of a sudden I got a call from the hospital. They told me that she went into labor and that I was needed over there ASAP. I found it completely ironic, the day I decided to give my apology, Alana went into labor. Maybe it was a sign that everything is going to be OK.

As I walked into the hospital room I saw Yoki sitting on a chair by the door. “How is she?” I whispered, looking over at her.

She just looked up at me and rolled her eyes “Well go ask her.” she stated, pointing to Alana laying in the bed. I could hear her moans from outside. I knew this was going to be a real roller coaster ride… but I was prepared for it.

“Hey sweetie…” I said, walking to the bottom of the bed. “You OK?”

She just smiled wide, looking up at me. “You came.” she finally replied.

“Well I was heading to your house, and I got the call from the doctor to come here. I am ready to stop being such a big baby… and apologize to you.” I smiled, rubbing her swollen feet.

“Not to be mean…”she huffed, holding on through another contraction “But… can this wait?”

“Oh I’m sorry Alana! Did I hurt you?!” I yelped, obviously frightened by seeing her in pain.

“No… it’s just I’m gonna be here for a little while, and I don’t wanna talk about this topic right now…. not like this.” she answered, sighing in relief after the pain stopped.

BeforeΒ  had a chance to say another word the doctor came in and walked over to me. “So are you the babies father?” she questioned

“Yes. I’m Alana’s husband, Milo.” I said, still a little frightened

“Oh… well Milo, Alana is not completely dilated yet so I suggest to kill some time you could take a walk? We’ll call you back in when it’s time. Trust me… I can see it all over your face you need it anyways.”

I looked over at Alana and she shook her head in agreement with the Doctor. I reluctantly agreed and stepped out of the room. They just kicked me out because I got paranoid… Pshooo… I can handle this! … I think.

I walked up and down the halls looking at people laying in bed, staring at heart monitors beeping…. what fun that is! I finally did come across this one room that caught my attention though. It read “nursery” and I instantly wanted to know what was inside. I stepped in and came face to face with my worst nightmare… screaming kids. “Just great!” I said to myself… I think I’d rather go back and watch the monitors again. I really did want to try for Alana though… she was my wife and that was OUR baby she was having… I just hoped I could be a great father to my baby, like my father was to me.

“Milo Terrey?” a nurse called out for me, and I instantly knew what was going on… well this is it…

I followed the nurse back into the room, and there I saw Alana SCREAMING in pain, as the doctors and nurses readied her to give birth. She shook her hand repeatedly signaling me to come over and hold it.Β 

“Here we go Alana. You can do this sweetie, everything is going to be alright.” I said, holding her tight as she began to push our child into this world.

Not to long after, our baby was finally out. I hugged Alana around her neck and wiped the sweat pouring down her face. I kissed her a few times before looking over at the doctor holding a small infant wrapped in a tiny pink receiving blanket.

“Mr and Mrs Terrey? Say hello to your new baby girl.” she smiled, holding her up for us to see.

“Do you want to hold her?” the doctor questioned looking over at me.

“Do I want to?” I asked, acting dumb.

“No… the other new daddy standing next to you.” she chuckled, placing the little girl in my arms. I must have looked at her for one second, and I instantly fell in love. I placed her tiny head on my shoulder, and looked closely into her eyes. “Hello there little baby. I’m your daddy.” I sniffled, kissing her small hand that rested on my chest. Alana smiled wide and started to cry when she saw how instantly attached I was to her. I guess… just this baby is OK. Just… my daughter. No other child will mean this much to me, EVER.

Two days had flown by in a flash, and I was eager to bring my daughter home. Me and Alana stood hand in hand as we watched the nurse pick up our little Sandi, and ready her for us.

As we waited, I turned to my wife and grabbed her close. “I’m so sorry Alana… I really am. I was stupid and I should have never asked you to get rid of our daughter. I mean, just look at her! With her tiny hands, and her little toes…. and that cute smile that makes me think of her mommy.” I smiled, going on and on about how amazing our daughter was.

“Oh stop it…” she chuckled “I forgave you awhile ago. I knew you would come around… your too good of a person not too. Plus I missed you.. A LOT.” she sighed, hugging my neck.

“Thank you sweetie. I promise I won’t go and do anything stupid ever again.” I stated

She roared with laughter “That’s a joke right?! No one is perfect you silly dude… you will always make mistakes, and so will I. But we are a team, partners for life… we’ll always learn to forgive one another again.” she smiled.

” I know… but It was still a dumb thing for me to do. It bothered me so bad that I hurt you that… I got you something special.” I grinned, laughing slightly.

“Oh?” she giggled “And would that be a night with you?”

“Well… besides that!” I laughed, wrapping my arms around her waist. “This something I bought with money.”

“What?” she asked, looking at me confused.

“A house! For me, you and Sandi!” I smiled, throwing my hands in the air.

“No way! Are you serious?!” she screeched, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Yup… with the help of my mother, I have officially signed a lease and we are now home owners!” I laughed, dangling the house keys in her face. “Yes… I even got you your own key, and look! It’s purple!”

With that last remark she grabbed onto me and kissed me hard. We didn’t care who was watching…

I grew her up, just so you could see her. :3 Milo and Alana moved out, so… I knew everyone would get curious. Her hair and eye color come from Milo’s mom.

Sandi Terrey – Forgot her traits.. >_<

Thanks for reading! No Flynn’s death was NOT my doing… it was a complete accident. I’m so sorry guys… my game was acting up and he caught on fire and no one would save him …. :[ Rip Flynn ❀


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      Thanks Nahshona! I’m glad you love my legacy! :3 That makes all my effort into each chapter worth writing^_^. Yes, Sandi is one little cutie pie! that is for sure! ❀ Yea with time they will heal, not saying it's gonna be easy though :/.

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      Oh yea he’s your sim! I’m so sorry I didn’t credit him! >_< My apologies! Awe really?! I'm glad you love it! I'm hooked onto your story you share with OP and your berry ISBI :3. Yea I wasn't expecting Flynn to die either, and it's just a very scary situation when it comes to things like that with babies ❀

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        LOL, no problem! Like I said, never saw his face so I wasn’t sure. πŸ™‚ Oooh, you read Heart of Insanity? It’s fun..hehehe. Glad you like my ISBI, too! I plan to update that next (just got done updating my DITFT).

        Anything with child or infant death really hits a nerve with me. I usually can’t even read it. I was totally unprepared for that part, so I’m really glad it turned out okay!

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea I feel the same way! It hits a nerve with me even in movies or anything I read… I just don’t like it because there so young, and… it’s so sad they didn’t get a chance to live a life. :[ – Yea it is him, Cranberry I believe :3 Of course I do! There both awesome XD Reeve and BO! ❀ There kids are so cute too. I haven't got a chance to read your DITFT but… It might take a LONG time for me to get caught up XD 13 generations! Wow wee! ;P

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