Chapte 2.5 – Don’t They Understand?

Bazel’s Point of View

A lot of time has passed since my father died, and to say things got easier… well that wouldn’t be entirely true. With every death comes the healing process and our family would have to be in the middle of it. Alana and Milo moved out about 2 weeks after Sandi was born, and I got their old room.

My mom had finally gotten promoted to Rockstar, and it was a big responsibility on her aging body. She wasn’t the young chicken she use to be, and it will take it’s toll on you. I’m just glad she finally gets to live her dream she’s always had, though. Finally life is giving back to my mom, after it’s taken so much away already.

Me on the other hand… I feel like the laziest bum on the face of the earth. I still haven’t got any calls from the hospital, and my boys don’t demand my attention like they use to. They prefer to play with each other in their room, or sit their little butts in front of the T.V.

Since that day in the graveyard I might have run into Espresso once or twice. Every time he sees me he just looks a totally opposite way and keeps on going. Maybe me having kids scared him? … GOOD. I don’t want any man in my life anyways! They can all run away in fear.

But my trailing mind came to a halt when my phone flashed into life, and vibrated from underneath me. “Who could that be?” I questioned myself, fumbling to get the phone from my back pocket.

“Hello?” I answered, my voice calm and clear.

“Hi, can I please speak to Miss. Bazel Terrey?” the voice asked cheerfully.

“This is she.” I said, wondering who this person was, and why they were calling me “Miss”.

“Well, hello there! I am just calling about you down to Twinbrook memorial today. One of our lead doctors here would like to have a word with you, when you have the time?” she said

“Oh!” I exclaimed, a smile spreading across my face “Sure yes of course!” I knew what this was about! Finally! I knew moving my name on that list would boost my chances of getting a job…. it was wrong the way I did it.. but… meh beggars can’t be choosers.

I hurriedly told my sleeping mother that I was heading out to the hospital to talk to one of the lead doctors there about my NEW job. She waved her arm at me from her bed, and told me to go ahead and that she would keep her eyes on the boys.

I grabbed the car keys off the counter, and jetted out the front door. I don’t think I’ve ever gone anywhere this fast in my entire life. When I finally got to the door, I was greeted with that old familiar face.

“Hello Dr. Plum.” I smiled “Do I talk to you today?”

“No… you talk to someone above me. He’s waiting for you over in those seats over there.” She sighed, pointing to a man across the way. Above her? Oh wow…

(Please ignore the “V” tat. It was a glitch that me and Maui worked out. :])

I started for him, and that’s when I felt my hands begin to sweat. Not only was I talking to the big boss, but oh my god.. was he CUTE! How was I going to even get my words out right, or… what if I threw up on him from being so nervous?! “You can do this.” I told myself, breathing in and out.

I sat down beside him, and smiled wide “HI!” I managed to squeak out. Just great… now I came off as some totally weird chick!

“Hello to you too.” he said, trying not to laugh but quickly turned on Mr. Serious again. “Do you know why I called you here?” he questioned looking me directly in the eyes.

“Well…” I started “I’m thinking it has something to do about a job?”

“I wish it did.” he stated, not even cracking the smallest grin.”Bazel, did you know hospitals have cameras? And did you know that I am the one who looks at them?”

I felt a lump form in my throat… oh no.. he knew what I did!!

“I-I don’t know what you m-mean…” I stuttered, looking everywhere but his face.

“I’m pretty sure you have an idea…. Bazel it’s against our law and policy to just jump people up on the list! It’s like waiting in line for a ride at an amusement park, you wouldn’t just cut in front of people, that would be rude and could get your thrown out of the park!” he exclaimed, treaks of frustration forming across his brow.

I stood up suddenly, and put my hands to my hips. “Well I could cut in front if people would have seen I’ve been waiting before OTHER people in that line!! That I was already there and just stuck in that ONE spot. Just because I’m a little under qualified then number 1 or 2 doesn’t mean I can’t ride the roller coaster!”

He shook his head and sighed “Bazel… we do what we have too, it’s not our fault. Well it’s not mine anyways… I know you were before A LOT of those other people, but… I’m not qualified to make those decisions. I might be high in position but, there are others above me.” he frowned.

“It’s just.. I’ve been through so much in my life! My dad died, I got pregnant when I was 16, my mother is worked to the bone day in and day out! I have no money to give her and my children.. they only have one toy each because that’s all I can afford.” I cried, lying through my teeth at some bits. If being a little dramatic is what it takes to get this job, then so be it! I could see this Doctor felt bad for me already…. such a softy! A very…. HOT softy.

“Bazel.. I had no idea.” he gasped, widening his eyes.

“No body ever does! They always push me to the curb and tell me I’m not good, just because I don’t get things as fast as them. My own boyfriend cheated on me, and then laughed in my face! My teachers hated me, my sister use to nag at me and tease me! GOD! MY life SUCKS!” I screeched, tears flowing down my cheeks. Oh…. yeaaa… I so nailed this.

“Oh Bazel… I don’t think any of that stuff you just said! Your such a pretty and smart girl… why should something like a list stop you from living your dream and helping your family? I’m…. I’m going to give you a job on my own leisure.” he stated, smiling at me.

“Really?!” I shouted, causing the nurse at the desk to shush me.

“Yea. I can’t do it often, and you will be my responsibility.. but I know I can trust you. Your going to make a great doctor, I know it.” he said, staring so dreamily into my eyes…. Oh god… I need to stop right now! I can’t keep looking or thinking about him this way! I don’t WANT anyone.. I don’t NEED anyone, and…. it doesn’t matter if he’s cute and sweet! Dodge hurt me. All men will hurt me.

“Oh thank you…. Errr… I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.” I blushed, giggling like a school girl.

“Cody.” he smiled, showing his pearly whites.

“Thank you Cody! I promise I won’t let you down! …. Is there anyone I can thank you?!” I proposed, grinning ear to ear.

“Well….” he smiled “You could let me take you out for some coffee?”

Oh no… was this a way for him to ask me out? NO WAY! I had to think fast… “Well… I uhhh would… like that but… I’m kind of busy because… I’m planning a party for my twins! ….” I muttered, and mumbled sounding like a complete idiot.

“Oh… you have kids?” he questioned, still smiling at me.

“Yea… two boys, there turning 5 in a few days.” I said, feeling a bit queezy in my stomach.

“I love kids. Aren’t they just the greatest? I grew up as the oldest of my family, I had 3 little sisters, and a brother.” he chuckled “It was tough at times, but I would never trade the life I had for anything.”

“W-would you like to come to the party?” I asked, not even realizing what I just did….

“Really?” he asked, his eyes glistening.

“Sure?” I muttered. Oh god…. why did I just do that?! Well maybe he won’t be able to come.. or maybe he just doesn’t want too?

“I would love too!” he chirped, as my heart sank to my feet. “I’m so giving him the wrong idea..” My head screamed, as another thousand thoughts ran through it.

I came home to a young girl with brown hair. “Can I help you? Are you lost?” I spat, wondering why this kid was in my house!

“Well I was just watching your kids for you. This older woman hired me because she had to get to a concert or something.” she smiled, then I saw her roll her eyes.

“Well… I’m here now. Here’s 20 bucks.” I stated, shoving a 20 dollar bill into her hand. “See ya.” I waved at her pointing towards the door. What in the world was my mother thinking!? Leaving my angels with some dumb babysitter! Doesn’t she know they don’t even take good care of kids!? 

I walked into the living room and Dagger came tumbling towards me. “MOMMA!” he screeched, little tear stains on his cheeks. Oh my god, what did she do to them?  I picked him up and squeezed him tight. “Baby are you alright?! What happened?” I questioned him, kissing him over and over.

“Mommy! I so hungry!” he exclaimed, giving me the saddest little expression across his face. “Don’t worry Dagger, mommy will go and get you a bottle.” I sighed hurrying into the kitchen and filling the bottle with milk.

“Here you go my angel, eat up.” I said, giving my starving little boy his lunch. OH! I’m so going to have a word with my mom when she gets back…. Now where is Cale?!

I found him in the bathroom playing in the toilet. “CALE!” I shouted, snatching him up off the ground “What on earth are you doing?!”

“Boats, momma!” he giggled, pointing into the bowl.  I looked down and sure enough 3 little toy boats were inside… The only thing I could do was give him a quick bath then stick him in his high chair for some lunch. Can things ever just go my way?

A few days had gone by and my mother had already apologized to me and things were going back on pace again. Today was my boys 5th birthdays, and I would be throwing them a little party after my shift at work. This was my 3rd day already and I was loving it. They had me working with patients already and Cody was such a great mentor. I could tell that I would be a surgeon in no time!

“Good morning Dagger!” I shouted in a whisper “How is my little birthday boy today?

“Hungee!” he stated, rubbing his tummy. “Well… I don’t think you need food! I think you need TICKLES!” I laughed, tickling him small tummy. I think I was a bit too loud because Cale began to toss and turn, letting out small cries.

I came into work pumped as normal to start the day. Cody told me he was going to show me how to give someone a needle in their arm! I was kind of nervous… but I knew I was ready. I’d learned so much already when I was in that Jr. Med class in high school, that most of this stuff was a breeze.

“Bazel… I really need you in the nursery today.” Plum stated, looking frustrated.

“Nursery!? That’s not my department Plum! You know Cody hasn’t trained me that far.” I exclaimed, looking at her in shock.

“Forget Dr. Myers right now! He’s too busy with other things, and two of our nurses are out sick, and we need you NOW!” she shouted, holding up her hands in desperation.

“I guess….” I sighed, lowering my eyes to the floor. I was really looking forward to working with Cody today… but I guess you have to do what you have to do.

“Good! Now get back there now. Those babies have been alone for at least 10 minutes now!” she yelped, pushing me towards the yellow room. Each nursery had a different color, and held 5 babies to a room. Yellow had about 3 at the moment… how was I suppose to do this ALONE!?

I walked into the room and saw the small infants sleeping soundly in there containers. I tiptoed by them and went to the sink to wash my hands. I had to make sure I was extra clean and germ free before I did anything that involved touching them. But who knows? Maybe my whole shift they will just sleep.

I guess I spoke too soon because the second I turned around they were screaming their lungs out! Each one after the other! Each time I thought it would stop they just kept doing it! Like some kind of screaming infant pattern.

I clenched my head with my hands, and let out a screech of pain. It was the only reaction I could think of at the moment.

“Please stop!” I shouted, still standing there, my ear drums ringing in my head. 

Sure I might have kids of my own, but this was different! I felt so uneasy and uncomfortable with other peoples new born infants. What if I dropped one, or what if I fed one the wrong formula!? I tried my best to suck it up and just try to tend to their needs one by one. I grabbed the first one, and tried gently rocking her back and forth.                                                                                        

“Baby please stop crying! I don’t even know what is wrong with you! Are you hungry? Wet? Cranky?!” I panicked, feeling a bit shaky as the small baby screamed in my arms.  

Just as I felt like I was going to lose all sanity a man walked in and pointed over at me.

“You look like you could use a little help, hm?” he laughed “Don’t worry all noobies do bad at first. You’ll get use to it… or ya know… maybe you won’t. Some people just suck.”

Did… did he just say that to ME? Really? How arrogant can you freaking get?!

He snatched the little girl from my hands, like he was something! “Here watch me do it, alright?” God I just wanted to slap this man right here and NOW! Why the heck is he treating me like some bumbling idiot?!

“You just got to know how to hold them right, and what to give them. Shuts them right up.” he smirked in my direction, then casting me a wink. Gross.

“Gee…” I began “Thanks for all your help. I would have never been able to handle 3 kids at all, until YOU came in..” I scoffed, obviously being sarcastic. Apparently he’s so full of himself he didn’t even realize it. 

“Well you know how I do!” he laughed, looking at me smugly.

“Yea.. I guess I do.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Say pretty girl, I think you own me one for helping you out in here, don’t you agree?” he smirked, rubbing the side of my arm.

I pulled back from his grasp and looked at him like he was crazy “Funny….” I stated “I thought this was both our jobs. Why would I owe you?” I said, looking at him disgusted.

“Oh come on.” he laughed “I was just teasing you. Your actually just really sexy, and it’s hard to think straight around you.” Dear god, kill me now. This man has got to be joking. I had to seriously hold myself back from taking one of those receiving blankets and shoving in his mouth, where all the crap was coming out!

“Thanks… no really thanks…” I rolled my eyes, feeling as if I might puke right then and there.

“So how about you and me go out tonight? Hmmm? It will be lots of fun. We can catch a movie, eat some dinner, make out a little in your room with the lights off….” He grinned, coming closer to me. Oh no… oh HECK no! I was seriously about to burst with anger, and tell him he can take his smug face and rott in a ditch somewhere… but I didn’t want to flip out on him in here because of the infants, and because my boss just walked in… so I went and did something completely stupid…

“Well… you see…. I’m having a party for my twins tonight, and I can’t go anywhere.. and…” I muttered

“No problemo!” he smirked “I’ll just come over, where did you say you lived?”

” I didn’t…” I coughed, staring him up and down.

“No sweat, I can get it from your folder. See you tonight, sweet cheeks.” he smiled, walking out of the nursery.

Just WONDERFUL! I officially have a crazy perv after me and I couldn’t do anything about it. What was I suppose to do? Tell the hospital that a man wants to date me, and he’s coming to my sons party? If I rejected him I could cause my job turmoil, if I accept… now that’s just not an option. The only thing I can do is just try my best to brush him off… could life get any worse?

I was so happy when my job was finally over for the day. I couldn’t wait to get home and be surrounded by my family. I knew that creepo would be there, but.. at least I had people around to make sure he didn’t try anything. My heart leaped with joy when Cody knocked on my door, and walked into my house with a grin on his face. Good, now I knew for sure I was protected.

“H-hi Dr. Myers.” I blushed, when he walked by me.

“Please…” he laughed “Just call my Cody. You know that Bazel!”

“Well… OK. If you insist.” I giggled, staring at his adorable little grin. I hated that I liked him…. I really did. I guess, as long as it’s a secret crush, I’m not hurting him and best of all no man is hurting me.

My girlie attitude suddenly turned into a nausea/cringing feeling when I saw creep walk through my door. He really wasn’t kidding… there he was… all smirky and showing his ugly face! BLEH!

“Hello Bazel.” he said, clearly and calmy. Oh he is milking that so much! That is not how he talks! He just knows I’m with people and also that Cody is his boss. Bet he wasn’t expecting that, hah!

“Hi….” I mumbled turning to fetch my sons.

I brought each of them one by one to their cakes, and we sang happy birthday twice. Even though they were twins didn’t mean everything had to be the same, or combine. I wanted them to be their own person, and live their own separate lives. I saw the movies, I know what happens! No thanks!

Cale’s new trait is Artistic.

Daggers new trait is Good Sense of Humor. Awww my happy little buddy <3.

Everything was going great. The boys were dancing, I was talking to Cody, and creep was siting in the corner munching on some cake. It all seemed so good… until I got a knock at my front door….

Thanks for reading! I also want to thank Mauisky, for letting me use her simmy. ❤

Oh and to give credit to Styxlady for her simmy’s that were used in my legacy. :]



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45 Responses to Chapte 2.5 – Don’t They Understand?

  1. firebart says:

    Its was looking like a happy chap until dodge showed up 😡

  2. callierose says:

    Creepy perv is annoying :/ he actually turned up at her children’s birthday party. Not sure about creepy perv, more like creepy paedo!!
    and I’m guessing you got mau’s sim and they used to be a vampire right? I know how to take the fangs and tattoo awaaaay 😀 a little thing called “unlockOutfits on” before you change his outfit will unlock them in the “accessories” section of the outfit. You just have to uncheck them, like you would socks or earrings, and they go away!! 😀 (hope this works, if you’ve already tried it then.. damn, at least I tried 😛 ) ❤
    It's fabby that Bay's working at the hospital now – let's hope she can move on quickly from the horrors of the yellow room! ;D x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea he is really annoying, following poor Bazel around. He actually does flirt with her often and she HATES it. Always turning him away. She has her eye for Cody, I did the attraction thing with the Woohooer just to see. :3 Yea I got him from Maui. It’s Dill<3333 lol Well she unvamped him and then gave me his file again, but thanks It's good to know the info you just gave me <3.

      Yea… it was only temp because the Dr needed her.


    • mauisky says:

      We had him un-glitched before this chapter was posted 🙂 The science lab worked fine for me but not for Spongey I guess.

  3. sims2014 says:

    yay Bazel got the job. The boys are so cute. i cant wait to find out what dodge is doing there.
    Great chapter as always 🙂

  4. americangirl510 says:

    augh cliffhanger!!! noooooo!!!!! lol the boys r adorable, so is Cody 🙂 and i HATE guys like the perv stalker ugh so annoying, makes me want to punch sum1, XD annnywho, cant wait til the next chapter 🙂 oh an i hope ur feelin bac 2 normal i actually left the house today 🙂 wewt for me! Xd

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea I feel back to normal sorta. My nose is still stuffy and my throat has lots of muscas icky… Yep Cliffhanger ;P Cody = Love ❤

      • americangirl510 says:

        i think ur more in luv with Cody then anything else XD so thts where Bazels reaction came from, it was from u 🙂 XD an yahh.. tht sucks the actual virus should b dead its jus the getting rid of it tht sucks

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea it sucks getting rid of it. With coughing and sneezing and runny nose -_- Icky. Lawl! Me? In love with him?!!? …. Well maybe a little ❤ xD Bazel likes him too! She scored a 7/10 with him and an 1/10 with creepo lol. Dodge was 4/10 … so… I think that was just girly teen hormones.

  5. gomar6 says:

    What is HE doing hthrere?! Stuff was great before he showed hi face,, Hmpf..

    Great chap.

  6. JNikkiC says:

    GO AWAY DODGE!!! 5 yrs later u decide 2 show ur face…i dnt think so…lie bazel lie lol……poor bazel got tht creeper followin her…the boys r adorable they have the same face structure…..cody is hawt…lol…i hope cody falls n love with bazel…or is he in love with her already? BADY

  7. wolfmania98 says:

    EVIL CREEPY PERV!!!! Also what’s ‘it’ doing at ‘it’s’ son’s birthday… actually that makes sence… still DIE DODGE DIE! I TOLD YOU TO ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!

  8. sariechiny says:

    Oh my gosh is that Dodge? D: This can’t be good…
    Ugh that perv freaks me out! Hope nothing happens between them, but hopefully between Bazel and Cody!
    The boys look great! Can’t wait to see what they look like when they’re teens (:
    Hopefully they won’t be so rebellious or anything like that…and especially not like Dodge…

  9. koolkat says:

    stupid perv
    awww dagger looks like dodge and cale looks like bazel
    bazel and cody 🙂

  10. justdance983 says:

    Dagger looks just like Dodge… speaking of… I wonder what he wants! :/
    Really nice chapter, Cody looks sweet, is he a vamp?
    Creepy jerk guy is creepy!

  11. jeremina5 says:

    Yay! I’m all caught up! Great chapter. I would have called the cops on creepo and Dodge for trespassing… Having the hots for your new boss…hmmm…I hope that doesn’t end badly. Get well soon! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Thanks ❤ Don't worry I have two chapters planned out with pictures already. :3 So no long waiting. Well she would have but… she figured just to see if he would leave her alone first. Episcally after he saw her talking to Cody a lot.

  12. jeremina5 says:

    Oh, and thank you for checking out my story the other day. 🙂

  13. mauisky says:

    “What on earth are you doing?!”

    “Boats, momma!” he giggled, pointing into the bowl. I looked down and sure enough 3 little toy boats were inside…

    That made me LAUGH so hard””” EWWWW

    The kids grew up great and I’m not sure why “Cody” would not un-vamp for you, the science lab fixed it for me in seconds anyhow I’m glad we un-glitched the hottie!!! omnom!.

    Poor Bazel no guy looked at her in a while and now she has THREE invading her home teehee

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol, well little kids are little kids ;P My cousins filled the toilet with bath toys and tooth paste before, it just made me think of them when Cale was in the bathroom (he litterally WAS xD)

      I have no idea why he wouldn’t either. It said he wasn’t a vampire at all! -_- He had normal needs and everything, but looked like a vampire… expect his eyes didnt glow. Yea i know! 3 guys, but only one is worth it 😉

  14. Emy says:

    Aww, the twins are so cute!! And wow, Bazel isn’t having much luck, is she? XD

  15. StyxLady says:

    Uh oh, a visit from Dodge can’t be good. :/ Creepy perv guy is annoying. I thought at first he was gonna be one of those funny guys you love to hate, but no, he’s just creepy. I love Cody though. OMG the boys are SO adorable! 😀

  16. Lilith Kawanami says:

    Haha creepy perv guy!! 😀 😀 😀
    MMmmmmmm!!! Cody is yummalicious!! 🙂 🙂
    Uh oh! Dang Dodge!!!! Stay away!!!
    ❤ it!!!

    P.S. New chapter on my blog FINALLY!!!

  17. justdance983 says:

    umm, the word ‘rained’ on the banner is spelled wrong. just so you know. 🙂

  18. Tabby :) says:

    Uh oh…Bazel has a creeper following her!!
    Hopefully Cody protects her..they would make a cute couple. :3

  19. Senzafine says:

    Nooo! And Flynn isn’t around to beat the tar out of him! *Tragedy*

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