Chapter 2.6 – You Can’t Do This!

Bazel’s Point of View

I couldn’t believe it. I open up my front door, and there “IT” is, all smug and showing his ugly face. I was just starting to pick myself up, and trying to look forward in life. Why when good things come my way, bad things rear their ugly heads right behind it?!

“Dodge…. what are you doing here?!” I snapped, casting him a disgusted face.

“Mommy?” Dagger questioned “What’s going on?” I looked at him and sighed “Boys go to your room please.”

“But mommy!” Cale whined stomping his foot.

“NOW!” I stated, raising my voice. I wasn’ trying to punish them or be angry with them… I just needed them out of this room at this instant. I didn’t want them to hear anything that was about to be said.

Once I saw they were out of sight, I shouted at Dodge once again. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”

“What?” he smirked “I’m not allowed to show up for my kids party? Now what kind of father would that make me?”

“A crappy one! What do you want Dodge? I told you from the start, if you weren’t going to step up, then you can step out and never, EVER show up.”

“Oh get real Bazel. I only missed like 4 years… they aren’t scarred for life. Stop over racting you drama queen. You know you always took things to the extreme.” he Argued, giving me a disgruntled look.

“OVER Reacting?! You never treated me right, you knocked me up, you cheated on me, and left me with NOTHING to raise two children! OVER REACT?! Screw YOU!” I raged, screaming so hard that my face began to turn red.

“You know what? I tried to apologize, but you were caught up in your little hormonal preggo state that you didn’t even care. I did love you Bazel, I offered to marry you but you refused… so it’s your problem.” he snarled, looking at me smugly. I wanted to hit him, I swear I almost did… I couldn’t BELIEVE he was actually blaming this on me! Like it was my fault!

“You jerk! Get the heck out of my house, and my LIFE! These boys don’t want you and neither do I!” I hollered, clenching my fist.

“What?” he laughed “Your going to hit me? I’d like to see you try… but I’m not here to… I’m here to make you an offer.”

“I don’t want no offer from you! GET OUT!” I screeched causing Cody and creepo to get on guard. I totally forgot they were still here. The moment I saw Dodger my whole mind went blank. (Creepos name is Nick.)

“Well you better listen to it!” he yelled, causing me to flinch “I know my rights with those boys. So what I wasn’t here! I still get to make descions for them too!”

“But you didn’t raise them! You weren’t there AT ALL! You never even gave me a DIME towards a pack of diapers or even bought a bottle for crying out loud!” I screamed, tears flowing down my cheeks. I could feel all these emotions inside of me well up, as he kept bashing every word I said.

“BAZEL! LISTEN! Stop cutting me off, with your freaking pity! I came here to tell you that either I get one of the twins or I take this to court and get partial custody. Who knows? Maybe I could go for FULL!” he chuckled, staring me up and down.

“LIKE HECK! I would never give you one of my boys! EVER! You can fight all you want! You have NOTHING on me!” I spat, my face tear stained and red. It felt like my dream I had all those years ago was coming true. Here he was trying to steal my babies!

“Fine… you asked for it.” he laughed “But… who knows? Maybe I could change all this if you just… be with me.” he said, coming in closer to me grabbing my wrist.

“Get off of ME!” I screeched struggling to get away from his grasp.

Cody’s Point of View

I had just been here because Bazel invited me to her sons party, it was going great until this man she addressed as Dodger showed up. I didn’t want to get in the middle of anything, and honestly I didn’t know what to say. But when he started touching her and moving his slimy hands onto parts of her, I snapped!

“Get off of her you creep!” I shouted, pulling Bazel from his grasp “You think your real tough?! HUH?! Preying on some girl, just because you can? You sick scumbag!”

“This doesn’t even concern you, you prude! Why don’t you take your fancy butt, and step out of other people’s business? OK!?” he spat, eyeing me up and down.

“It becomes my business when your trying to hurt a woman! Heck, It becomes anyone’s business then! Any man with their right mind would try and stop some sick idiot like you!”

“I was just trying to have some fun. But, I guess you wouldn’t know that because your just some virgin wuss.” he smirked, looking over at Bazel.

“FUN!? Where do you find fun in THIS?! And stop looking at her! Can’t you see she doesn’t want nothing to do with you?!” I shouted, getting up close in his face.

“Your not the boss of me! I can do anything I want and look at anything I want!” he snarled, trying to get past me and next to Bazel again.

“Like heck you can!” Nick added in, stepping in front of her.

“Fine! You know what?! This just a waist of my time. Bazel… I’ll see you in court.” he growled, before walking out the front door and slamming it shut. Dear god I have only known this man for 20 minutes and I hate him with a sincere passion. I can’t believe what a womanizer, and manipulator he is! I feel so bad for Bazel… such a young and beautiful girl having to put up with the likes of THAT!

Dagger’s Point of View

Mommy sent us both to our rooms because this scary looking man had come to our birthday party. I was so worried something was going to happen to her. I heard so much shouting and loud banging noises. I wanted to go out there so many times but I just couldn’t… I had to listen and stay in my room.

“Cale?” I asked my brother who was sitting across from me on his bed “What do you think is happening?”

“I’m not really sure… but it doesn’t sound to good.” he sighed “Maybe that guy doesn’t like mommy for some reason.”

“But mommy is the nicest person we know! How could anyone not like her?” I gasped covering my mouth in shock.

“Well I don’t know!” he laughed “Maybe she never gave back his toys or maybe she wasn’t sharing! I know mommy always got mad at me for that reason.”

“Nah! Mommy always shares! She’s too nice not too.” I smiled looking over at the picture of my mom on my dresser.

“I don’t know. He seemed pretty mad.” he chuckled

“Oh just stop it Cale.” I said, rolling my eyes. Sometimes my brother can be a real pain in the butt.

Bazel’s Point of View

I was so shooken up from everything that happened. My mom wanted to stay around to help me, but there was seriously no way she could. She got called in for a last minute concert and had to leave right in the middle of all this drama!

Later on after the party was over, Nick and Cody stuck around. I was about to go check on my boys when Cody insisted he would do it, plus Nick wanted to talk to me. Just great.. another headache.

“Bazel?” he started “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine…” I mumbled, rolling my eyes. I seriously did not want to talk to this man. He was such a jerk, and plus he showed up at my house without my permission! If it wasn’t for the sake of my job, I would have called the cops.

“Look I just wanted to say I’m sorry for how I treated you before. I was being a real jerk, and I know it was wrong. I’m normally not like that but… I just thought I was being funny by trying to get over on some girl.” he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. Was he for real!? Was creepo actually apologizeing to ME?

“Yea… you were being a total jerk. Plus you came to my house without even asking me… that’s really… I don’t know… Creepy?!” I snapped, staring at him disgusted.

“I agree with you on both points. Like I said, I was doing it to be funny. I can be a real wise guy at times, and I just do it to show off.” he said, looking at me with sorrow in his eyes.

“Who were you being funny for?! There was seriously no one there…” I added, looking at him with confusion.

“I did it for my own amusement. But after I saw what you went through tonight, and what you have to put up with… I just felt so bad that I was trying to mess with you.” he sighed, looking everywhere but my face.

“It’s what ever…” I said, rolling my eyes. God, now I even got a natural jerk feeling bad for me.

“I really am sorry.” he said, pulling me into a hug. I felt so uneasy, and totally werided out by everything. He was hugging me tight, but I barely had a latch onto him.

“Yea… OK.” I said pulling away from him “I’ll see you at work.”

“Alrighty then. Bye Bazel.” he said, before walking out the door. I know he was trying to get my forgivness… but I don’t trust men easily anymore…. and Dodge is the perfect explanation all in himself.

“Bazel? How you feeling?” Cody asked me, after coming out of my sons room.

“I honestly don’t even know. I wanted this day to be so perfect for my boys, and all I got was a heep of drama and tears.” I sighed, lowering my eyes to the ground “So how’s my kids?” I asked, looking back up at him.

“Oh there fine… just getting ready for bed. They kept asking me what happened, but I just told them that you had a little disagreement with that man they saw. I didn’t want to tell them anything, but they bugged it out of me.” he chuckled, casting me that adorable grin.

“Yea… that’s a gift they have. Annoyance.” I said, giving him a weak smile.

“Nah there great kids. There really sweet…. just like there momma.” he stated, blushing slightly. I wanted to respond to him, but my head was so wrapped up around my boys. The more we talked about them the more the idea of Dodge stealing them away, twirled around in my mind.

“Oh god… what am I going to do?!” I cried, shoving my face into my palms. “He’s going to take me to court, and he’s going to steal them away from me!”

“Bazel don’t say that! He’s not going to get anywhere near those kids, they will never have to know who their father is. You have things against him already. Like how he treats you? How he tries to do things? You can use that, and I promise to be a witness for you.” he said, cupping my shoulders into his strong grasp staring into my eyes.

I couldn’t help myself… I just grabbed onto him and cried into his shirt. He was there for me, and I needed that so bad right now. My mother was always busy, my father… was gone, and Cody was there. 

“Thank you so much.” I cried, holding onto him tight. I could just feel the heat of his body on mine, and the strength of his arms around me.

“Shhh…. it’s alright.” he cooed, rubbing my back and resting his chin on my shoulder. I never wanted this moment to end. I wanted to stand here forever with him holding me close. I felt like the world was nothing and that Cody was everything.

He eventually pulled me back slowly and just stared into my eyes. I really just wanted to reach in and kiss him, to hold him tight once again and take in the smell of his cologne…. but I couldn’t. If I ever just let a man have any kind of freedom… there just going to turn on me and leave me to rott. They all seem so sweet at first… then they knock you up and leave you for dead.

“It’s getting kind of late…” I mumbled “I think you should get going.”

“Alright then… I’ll see you at work Bazel. Get some rest, and call me if you need anything, alright?” he smiled, his hand resting gently on my shoulder.

“OK I will, And thanks for everything.”

“It’s no problem at all.” he smiled, before leaving out the door.

Two weeks had passed and I was just a miserable mess. Dagger was always a big help trying to make me smile and doing things around the house. Cale was my little trouble maker, getting under peoples feet and whining at me all the time. I guess my boys are my balance, theres no way I can give up either of them.

“Mommy?!” Cale yelled “Can I get a new football?! PLEEASSSEEEE!”

“Cale… how many times have I told you. I’m not buying you anything if your attitude doesn’t lighten up. You’ve been giving Grandma trouble while I’m at work, and picking on your brother. Plus! Your teacher called me and told me you put a girls pigtail in glue! Cale… just NO!” I stated sternly, I really love my Cale but… he just needs to stop all his nonsense!

“No I didn’t! Lexis is the one who did that to Jessica! Mommmmmyyyy! It wasn’t ME!” he whined, crossing his arms.

“I don’t care Cale! You still havne’t been listening. Just stop asking me for things, when you obviously don’t deserve them!” I snapped, clenching my fist on the table and rubbing my temples. I always did that when I was angry… for some reason it helped cool me down.

Everyday was like this… and I seriously felt at times I would snap. Sometimes I wish they were old enough to understand what I was going through, so that they wouldn’t give me as many problems… but the less they knew the better. I was seriously shocked that neither of them asked me who that man was that came to their party. I guess they were just not as curious as I presumed. I mean… I told them about daddies, and how they didn’t have one… but they honestly didn’t mind. I guess not having one this whole time really didn’t put a big effect on their subconscious. Now not having a male figure in the house… that was another story.

“Mommy can I at least have a friend sleep over?!” he protested, looking at me with a frown.

“Cale Alexsander Terrey! NO! NO! NO! Did you not hear anything I just told you?!” I shouted, hitting the table with my hand. Such a lovely trait I inherited from my father.

“I hate you!” he screeched before running off to his room. Why did he have to always have things his way?! Why couldn’t he just be more like his brother…

I put my head down on the table and let out a small cry. Dagger came running around from the other side and wrapped his little arms around me. “It’s OK mommy. Please don’t cry. Here let me clean the dishes for you.” he smiled, grabbing all the dirty bowls and bringing them to the sink.

“Thank you sweetie. Mommy really loves it when you do nice things.” I smiled over at him wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Well you always do nice things for us, why shouldn’t we do them for you?” he said while scrubbing a bowl. He’s such a good kid…

Yoki’s Point of View

Times around our house weren’t so plesant right now. Anyday now Dodger could drop off the letter stating the court date, and then things could turn even worse. Bazel was always stressed and snapping at the kids, while I was always working myself to the bone trying my hardest to make more money. I’ve wanted to move for the longest time now… but I just couldn’t risk talking to Bazel about it. I think she needs to be seperated from her mommy, because it is only making matters worse on her. She always thinks she has to lean on someone for support, when actually life isn’t like that. I had to make it on my own, and it made me a stronger person. But for the safety of her sanity, I think I will stick around until the court date is over. Then after that… I’m gone.

Before I left for work I had to make sure the twins got on the school bus. Bazel was called in at around 4:30 am for some emergency. So, I packed there lunches, kissed them on the forehead and set them on their way. Cale had such a nasty look on his face since yesterday. I told him if he kept it up he would be stuck like that forever… he changed his expression pretty quickly.

Today was an easy day. I only had to sing 1 concert which consisted of only 3 songs. So I found myself at home with our new maid. She was actually pretty good at her job, and really friendly. Bazel hated the idea of a strange woman in our house when no one was home, but I told Bazel we paid her enough to have no reason to steal from us.

Another thing Bazel hated was the fact I had a new hot tub installed. She said it was pointless since she was looking into real estate for a new house. I honestly didn’t care… I waited my entire life for one of these and if I only had it for 1 whole day to myself, I was happy.

I think she let me have my way though because it was my birthday. I can’t believe I was turning 60, I felt so OLD! So I just enjoyed my last day relaxing and doing what ever I wanted. Even after my concert today I called up the retirement place, and told them I wanted to start on a weekly pension. I wanted my golden years to be sweet and stressless.

I had my party alone. Just me and a birthday cake. I honestly wanted it that way because who wants to flaunt that their becoming an old lady? Not me!

“Happy birthday you old fart.” I whispered to myself before blowing out the candles.

I kept my hair the same way I always had it. Just because I’m 60 doesn’t mean I have to dress that way. I seriously hate when people dress their age. It doesn’t matter how old you are, dress the way you want!

I cut myself out a big piece of cake, and started chowing down. If I had to rate this birthday… it would have to be the best one I ever had.

Cale’s Point of View

School is the most boring thing EVER! I can’t understand why grown ups make you go! Everyday I try to past the time but I always get distracted by kids sitting next to me or by the werid noise the teacher makes with her nose. To be honest it’s the funniest thing ever, but who can think straight with that noise!

My “little” brother thinks hes such the greatest kid on the face of the planet. The teachers favor him, my mom favors, everyone DOES! But… I guess since I literally have nothing to play with anymore because mommy won’t buy me anything… so he was the next best thing.

“Hey Gag, let’s play some tag. Ha ha!” I teased, laughing at him loudly.

“That’s not funny Cale! Why do you always make fun of me! I don’t ever make fun of you!” he stated, crossing his arms.

“Oh come on Dag! Stop being a little baby. I was only messing with you. Now come on let’s go play before it gets to late.” I said, hitting him on the arm.

“Don’t hit so hard! It’s tag! You don’t have to hurt me!” he cried, rubbing his left arm then casting me an angry look.

“Oh just come on. I’ll even be it.”

“Fine… catch me if you can!” he laughed, before running out the door. He tricked me with the guilt trip! Should of seen that one coming.

“Dagger come on! Your running to fast!” I shouted, huffing and puffing.

“Hey not my fault! I was built for speed!” he laughed, running towards the hot tub.

Dagger’s Point of View

I’m not a lot of things, but being fast at running? I’m ace! No matter who I race or what sport I play I always do great! Mommy always told me I was an athlete… she sure wasn’t kidding!

I was having so much fun playing with Cale… but I suddenly felt really strange. My head started to spin, my breathing got shallow and I was having the hardest time trying to stand up straight.

“What are you doing Gag?!” my brother shouted, trying his best to catch up to me.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. The pressure on my body was intense and I was gasping for air. I kept wheezing, and coughing until I finally just passed out. I laid there for a few secounds hearing the distinct sound of my brother shouting before everything went completely blank.

Cale’s Point of View

I had no idea what was going on! I was just playing with my brother, and then he just falls to the ground. “DAGGER!” I screamed running over to him. “Dagger please wake up! I’m sorry I called you names, I didn’t mean it!” I cried, shaking him over and over. What I was doing wasn’t working, I had to go get my mommy! She would know what to do, she was a doctor!

Bazel’s Point of View

I was in the kitchen talking to my mom about possbile houses for us, when all of a sudden Cale came running into the house with tears streaming down his cheeks.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” I screeched, throwing my hands up in the air.

“M-m-mommy! Dagger i-is not MOVING!” he yelped, pointing towards the window outside. I glanced over my shoulder and saw him lying next to the hot tub! OH GOD! Not again!

“Stay with grandma!” I yelled, running out the front door as fast as my legs would take me. “Oh please let him be alright… oh god please..” I cried out, tears starting to form.

I ran over to his side and knelt down by him, holding him in my arms. “DAGGER! OH GOD!” I yelled, crying loudly. I was so scared but I had to stay calm and get my head on straight. I felt his wrist and he still had a pulse, I listened for breathing it was weak and he was wheezing…. but he still had an air flow. Oh my god! I knew what was wrong with him! I actually knew!

I pulled out my cellphone in a frantic state and dialed for Cody.

“Hello?” he answered in calmy manner.

“CODY! You have to hurry up and get me a nebulizer! Dagger is having an asthma attack!” I yelled down the line, clenching the cell phone tight. I knew he kept an emergeny kit in his car, and that he would get here quicker than a paramedic. If my boy was going to surrive, I needed the machine now!

“Alright! I’ll be there in less than a minute!” he stated, before hanging up the phone. Right about now I was so thankful that I became a doctor… I would have never known what to do.

Cody got here in the blink of an eye. He grabbed the nebulizer from the side of his car, and ran over to where I was sitting in the grass holding my sons head up. He kept slipping in and out of consciousness, but I kept telling him that he had to stay with me. We turned on the machine, and put the mask around his face. With in seconds his breathing began to go into a normal flow, and the wheezing stopped. I was so proud that I saved my first life… but I wish it wasn’t my son…

Cody picked up Dagger off the ground, and we both walked into the house watching him intently to make sure he was alright. He carried him all the way to his room, and placed him in his bed. We stood there for a good half hour, before Cody turned to me and gave me a concerned look.

“I didn’t know Dagger had sleep Apnea.” he whispered looking over at me, crossing his arms and leaning on the doorway.

“Sleep Apnea? Oh my god, which one?!” I cried out in a whisper, about to run over to my son.

“He has central Apnea. Don’t worry yourself… he’s not going to die or anything. His body will most likely have these mini attacks all the time. It’s just his brain not sending the right signal to his body to breath at certain times. It doesn’t happen very long, and no there isn’t a cure… but there are treatments.” he laughed, holding me back.

“Oh.. I thought it was the other one that involved surgery! Wait, can’t central go away on it’s own?” I questioned, staring over at my son.

“Yea, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. Like I said don’t worry about it. A lot of people go through there lives, and don’t even realize they have it for decades! Now come on, lets get out of here and let him rest.” he said, pulling me away from his room. I honestly wanted to stay with him all night, but I trusted Cody’s judgement…

We finally came out of the room, and Cale ran at me and grabbed me close. “Oh mommy! Is Dagger going to die!? Please mommy don’t let him die! I promise I’ll do anything to make sure he’s safe.” Cale cried, squeezing me tight.

“Oh honey. Dagger isn’t going to die, he just has a little sickness that’s all.” I said, trying to sooth my shaking little boy.

“Then give him that yucky medicine mommy! Don’t let him be sick!” he stated, looking at me sternly.

“Alright I promise I will. Now go get in your PJ’s and get into bed. You have school tomorrow young man.” I laughed, kissing him on the head. I was honestly about to say anything to calm him down. I hated seeing him so worked up… my poor babies…

After both my boys were sound asleep I went over to Cody and just stood there in front of him. “Thank you…” I cried, a tear falling from my eye. “I don’t know what I would have done without you. You honestly saved my sons life.”

“Oh Bazel…” he laughed “You saved his life. You knew exactly what was wrong with him when you called me. All I did was get you the machine. Which you can have by the way.” he smiled.

“I know… but you still got here faster than any paramedic I’ve ever seen! How did you pull that off?” I questioned him, waiting eagerly for his reply.

“I was actually about to go see a movie when you called me. I was about 30 seconds from your house!” he laughed “Guess that was just amazing luck, huh?”

“Yea it was…” I replied “Um Cody? I know this is going to sound kind of pushy, but do you mind staying with me for a little while longer? My mom is… well I honestly don’t know where she went… but I’m just scared to be alone after all of this.”

“Bazel, you know I would do that for you! It’s not asking much at all.” he said, staring into my eyes. Those big… beautiful blue eyes…

Cody’s Point of View

Bazel sure has been through the ringer in such a short amount of time. It had only been about a week and she almost had a panic from her son, and a nervous break down from Dodger. “You know? Your a really strong girl, Bay. I’ve seen what you go through, and I can barely handle watching you!” I laughed “Guess a girl can be stronger than a guy, eh?”

“Oh stop it… your just trying to make me feel better. If we were to actually have a arm wrestling contest you would beat me in a mere second! Look at those things on your arms! What do you call that?!” she chuckled, feeling my muscles.

“Well.. I am pretty strong, but I would let you win just for the satisfaction. Besides? You have to let the pretty ones win, it’s in the rules.” I teased, nodding my head in agreement with myself.

“Oh yea?! Does that mean I have to let you win?” she giggled, poking her tongue out at me.

“Oh that’s real cute.” I laughed “Nah you don’t have too, you can just me steal a kiss or two…” I blushed, trying to reach my arm over her shoulder.

“What are you doing?!” she shouted, backing up and pushing my arm away.

“I’m sorry…. I was just-” I stuttered, as I felt my face turn beat red.

“Just what? Cody… your a great guy… but I’m sorry I’m really not looking for anyone at all.” she stated, and her words hit me like a smack in the face. She then pushed against my chest then looked away.

“Bazel… I- I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable or anything… I know you go through a lot with Dodger… and I didn’t mean to make things worse for you.” I sighed, lowering my head, now staring at my feet on the ground. She didn’t even look at me, she just kept her head turned and stared at the picture on the wall across from us. I really felt like crap… It’s just over these weeks I’ve grown so attached to her. I love the way she laughs, and how she’s such a great mother. Her smile is amazing, and I love everything about her body… it’s been so hard for me to actually work up the courage to do this… I guess I just got the wrong idea.

After about a minute more of silence she finally spoke in soft cries “Cody… I think you should go now.”

“But I thought-“

“No… just go… I’ll be fine.” she stated, cutting me off in mid sentence.

Honestly I was more angry then upset. I can’t believe she actually pushed me away like that. I never did anything wrong to her, and I’ve always treated her right. Why would she get so defensive when I mentioned Dodge and just kick me out? If she thinks I’m anything like that a#$hole, then she better think again… I really care for her… why can’t she see that?

“See you at work…” I muttered before walking away. I’m not going to give up…. if she wants a battle… then a battle she shall get.

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    Poor Bazel i cant believe Dodge would do that to her then again Dodge is kinda heartless but still wanting full custody thats just evil. The boys are so cute, i find it kinda funny that Dagger looks like Dodge but act more like Bazel and Cale looks like Bazel and acts like Dodge.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea I’m glad you took notice to that! ;] I thought it was kind of nifty, eh? Dodge is competely heartless… he doesn’t care about them, he’s just doing it to hurt Bazel even more.

  6. Alex Bailey says:

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  7. mauisky says:

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    Yoki is still looking good despite her age and Dodger you jerk as if you are going to stand a chance getting those kids when you have spent zero time and money on them since their birth.

    Nick being nice is even more creepy I wonder if he was sincere? And aww Cody that was really the wrong time to try make a move on her.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yep poor kid, really? So does my dad! Ha ha, and I think I have it too… so my mother says. It can be quite scary! :s Nick is just a natural jerk…. him apologizing was out of guilt thats about it. Yea poor Cody ❤ He tried ❤

  8. sariechiny says:

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    At least the creepo isn’t being creepy anymore…for amusement…really? D:
    Hope Dodger doesn’t take this to court…things could get really bad. I feel sorry for Bazel, been through so much in her life, and Cale isn’t helping one bit…):
    So glad that Dagger’s alright though…I thought he was dead!

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    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lmbo Bady baby! XD That is seriously my new word for this legacy. Bady. Makes me laugh everytime I say it! Yea… it’s just not right how he’s doing this to them… and it is a VERY good thing that she knew what was wrong.

      • Jaec52609 says:

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      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea I guess they deserved a nickname too lol xD

      • Jaec52609 says:

        i had 2 give bazel nd cody a nickname since alana nd milo had one……it didnt seem fair…lmbo

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    The twins are really cute and Cale looks so much like Bazel, it’s unbelievable! I’m glad Dagger’s ok. I hope that they will be ok with the Dodge situation when they are older. I know kids can be resilient, but sometimes when bad things happen to them as children, the unresolved issues will seep out into adulthood.

    And the video by Callierose was beautiful btw 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea exactly. That’s why I said that it didn’t have an effect right now… but… it eventually will lead to something because there heads are going to be filled with so many questions. Yea that video was beautiful<3 I really much liked that she made that for me. Yea Dodge is a complete IDIOT. He honestly doesn't care what people think or do.. he just backed off because there were people there to protect her… poor bay<3

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