Chapter 2.7 – Drunken Mistakes

Bazel’s Point of View

Work has been so stressful on me. There making me work overtime almost everyday, and it’s really putting an effect on my family. I hate having to leave my kids with my mom all the time… it just isn’t right. She’s not young like she use to be, she can’t handle two little 6 year old’s running around under her feet. Plus Dagger has asthma, telling that kid not to run is like telling a fish not to swim. 

Sometimes I’ll come home at 3 or 4 am, then have to go back to work at 7. If I’m lucky I’ll get in 4 hours of sleep. I guess this is what happens when you wanna be a doctor… you have to work hard and push yourself to the edge.

Out of everything though, Cale and Dagger has gotten extremely close. Cale feels like that night when Dagger fell, was his fault. I try to tell him over and over that Dagger has a condition that leads him to breath that way when he does sporty activities… but it just goes in one ear and out the other. I guess it’s not a bad thing he’s protective over his brother, but I just don’t want him getting the wrong idea.

Today though was one of the rare days they let us go home early. I was so RELIEVED when Plum came to me and told me to go get some rest. I seriously couldn’t get to my car quick enough. Plus I think she saw that I haven’t been myself… I got the court date letter from Dodger and it’s set in 3 weeks. I can’t believe he honestly wants them… what in the world is he up to!? There is no money involved… if anything you lose money from taking care of them! God he’s such a jerk! I know he’s only doing this to hurt me… he always liked hurting me. Sick jerk finding pleasure in it!

I came through the front door and drug my feet across the carpet, aiming for my bedroom. “Good night… don’t bother me.” I mumbled, before closing the door shut. I think I only sat on my bed for a mere second before my mom walked into the room.

I just laid back, placing my hands on my stomach and staring up at her. “Yes?” I questioned, casting her a fake smile. I really didn’t want to talk to anyone. I just wanted to pull the covers over my face and fall into a deep sleep. “What did Cale do this time?” I sighed, rolling my eyes.

“Oh Cale didn’t do anything this time…” she laughed “I just want to speak with you, that’s all.”

“Mom…” I whined “I’m so tired! Can’t this wait till tomorrow morning? Please?! I have a day off tomorrow, so I will be super refreshed and ready for a long talk!” I grinned, trying to turn over on my bed “Mind turning off the lights? Thanks.”

“Bazel! It’s not going to take long… come on just give your old mother 5 minutes of your time.” she said, chuckling slightly.

“FINE!” I huffed, pulling myself up off the bed. “Lets go into the dining room, because if I seriously talk in here my mind is only going to be on that bed.”

“Now…” I started “What is it that you want to talk about?” I asked, rubbing my eyes and yawning.

“Well… before you go all crazy chick on me, I just need you to listen, alright?” she stated bluntly.

“On no…” I sighed “This doesn’t sound good… what happened?”

“Bazel… Cody called today, and he wanted me to tell you that he wants to ask you out tonight.” she stated calmly, her eyes not leaving my face.

“Like on a date!?” I gasped with widen eyes.

“Yea… on a date. He told me that he wants you to call him back, and to be honest I think you should. He’s a good guy Bazel, and I know that you’ve been pushing him away. I just don’t understand why.” she replied, shaking her head, and rubbing her temples.

I just looked at her and began to cry “Mom… I’m not going on any date! EVER! I hate men, and I hate anything that has to do with men! There all scum, and treat women like garbage.” I cried, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Bazel, for crying out loud!” she shouted “Cody is not out to get you! Tell me right now… how many men have hurt you?” she asked, frustration filling her voice.

“O-one…” I mutted under my breath

“Come again? One? Exactly Bazel! You met ONE bad man, but it doesn’t make them all bad! I met a bad…… I mean I’ve experienced other men before your daddy and they weren’t all good. I just had to keep on pressing until I eventually found him…. or rather he found me.” she smiled slightly, a tear falling onto her cheek. I didn’t want to make her sad, by having to bring up daddy… but it really wasn’t my fault.

“I know mom…” I continued “But-“

“But nothing! Bazel… you need this time out for yourself, and you need this time to let men back into your life. Did you honestly plan on living alone for the rest of eternity? I’m not going to be here forever, and your kids are amazing, but theres nothing quite like the company of a man. Just give this a chance? Do it for me? Please?” she asked, with her lip pouted out like a little puppy. Oh come on! She’s an old lady, how is that suppose to work on me!

“Alright!” I shouted, throwing my hands in the air “I’ll go on ONE date! That’s it! And after this you have to swear to leave me and my love life alone, understand?” I responded sternly, my expression on my face competely emotionless.

“Fine.” she continued “Just one date, and I’ll leave you alone forever and ever.” she laughed

“This isn’t funny mom! I don’t even want to do this…” I pouted, fumbling around in my pocket for my phone. She just took one last look at me then busted out laughing “Alright hunnie… what ever you say…” she laughed once again, before walking off to the boys room. What was that suppose to mean?! I really don’t want to do this! …

I hesitantly searched through my contacts for his number. Once I reached it I pressed talk then placed the phone to my ear “God why am I doing this?!” I whispered to myself, but was cut off by a loud “Hello?”

“Um Cody?” I questioned “Yea it’s Bazel… listen I got your message about tonight, and well… I decided that I would do it.”

“You mean go out with me?!” he replied, and I could feel him smiling through the phone.

“Yea… if that’s what you call it. So what time and what place?” I asked, then sighed softly.

“Lets say… 7:30 at “The Juice”?” he asked, his voice overly excited.

“Alright.. I’ll meet you there. See ya.” I said, before hanging up. Great… he’s taking me to club what a relief! For a second I thought we were going to some fancy restruant and were going to share a plant of shrimp, and drink from one cup with two straws… then gaze at the moon and take a long drive through the city. I mean who would want that?!

I looked at myself in the mirror and groaned. “I look like a totally mess!” I shouted out to myself. There was no way I was going out clubbing looking like some bum off the street! I quickly threw open my dresser and grabbed out a dress. Then I plugged the straighter in and straightened my unruly waves.

After I was dressed, and my hair was finished I stepped back and looked at my creation. “What am I doing?” I questioned myself, then sighed loudly. I just wanted to go to the club, talk a little bit to Cody, maybe have a drink, then go home. I seriously didn’t understand why he was trying so hard… that night when we were alone I told him flat out that I wasn’t looking for anyone, yet here I am going on a date with him! How the heck did I get fixed into this?!

I arrived at the club first. I stepped inside, and looked around at the abandoned wasteland. “Is this place for people or the undead?” I grumbled, then rolled my eyes. The lady at the bar heard my remark and giggled. “Sweetie your here in the early hours, just give it another hour or so and this place will be packed with people.” Just want I needed…. lots of people dancing around me and drinking. I seriously wasn’t in a good mood… I hope I didn’t ruin Cody’s night.

The bartender was right, not even 10 mintues after I said that people started to flood in. One of those people being Cody. I turned to him and sighed in relief “Finally! What took you so long!” I laughed, hitting him on the shoulder.

“Sorry! I got held up in traffic. This is such a crazy hour, when EVERBODY and their mothers come out.” he chuckled, smiling at me wide. I don’t know what it was, but the second I saw him my whole attitude changed. After all this time, I finally felt like I might enjoy myself.

“Thank you…” he smiled, then rubbed the side of my arm.

I just looked at him confuesed “What for?”

“For giving me a chance. Bazel I promise your gonna have fun with me. I’m so easy to get along with it’s sickning!” he teased, laughing once again.

“What did you say? Your to sick looking to look at? What?” I laughed, sticking my tounge out at him.

“Oh real mature.” he smiled “But enough talking! I came here to party! Are you with me!?” he shouted, pulling on my arm.

“HECK YEA!” I screamed, then let out a loud “WHOO!” I could feel the adrenaline rising up in me, like some crazy teen about to pull off the prank of the century! 

“Alright! The let’s do this!” he screeched, then ran over to the bar. “Bartender! Rounds on me!” When he screamed that I could see other peoples ears perk up, as they made there way over. Well Cody is a doctor… he can afford to do stuff like that. I’m not anywhere near his wager yet.

The bartender, or Mixologist was so talented! She threw drinks up in the air, set things on fire and even mixed drinks behind her back! Just seeing her do that made my entire night! Sometimes I can be so easily amused by things, like a little kids at a circus.

“Drinks coming up!” she yelled, then filled a whole bunch of glasses before setting them on the counter.

We each took a glass and banged them together “Bottoms up!” Cody yelped, and we both chuged down our first glass. The taste was insane, and so addicting! I know I went back for at least another 3 glasses before everything became a little unreal. It seemed like it was happening… but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it was just the alcohol playing with me.

“Wanna dance, pretty boy?!” I giggled, tugging at Cody’s shirt to follow me.

“I don’t know if I can… my date might get mad at you. She’s right over thur… see her?” he slurred, then doubled back at me. “OH! There you are!” he laughed “I found you! But you better watch cause there is this other girl trying to dance wif me too.”

“Dummy!” I laughed, then pushed him hard “I’m da girl who a-asked you!”

“Oh r-right…” he stuttered, then hicupped a couple of times.

“I love dis song! It makes me think of naughty things…” I giggled, then dropped down low and danced close to him.

“Woah! It’s only the fwrist date! Take you time sexy lady…” he laughed, then pulled me up to face him.

“You know what I was thinking, would be SO cool?!” I blurted out “If we c-could go use that machine that makes those bubble things… what’s it called?”

“A bubble machine?” he giggled, then covered his face to try and stop his laughter.

“Yea! Wow your such a smart one, how did you know dat?!” I gasped, then leaned against him and laughed.

(God I love this picture! ❤ and lol at Milo’s mom in the backround dancing.)

“Well… I’ll do it if you do it!” he grinned, pulling me up from my leaning postion.

“Alright… last one over there is a rotten egg!” I laughed, almost tripping over myself.

I sat down as best as I could, and put the $20 in the machine to start it up. I sucked into the tube, then blew. “Look at all of them! They taste like strawberries!” I shouted, laughing crazily.

“Mine taste like gwreen apples!” he added, staring up with widen eyes “Woah! They even come out green!”

“But why does yours come out green like green apple but mine doesn’t come out straw like strawberry!” I whined, crossing my arms, leaning back on the stool.

“Straw isn’t a color!” he roared with laughter, then stuck the tube in his nose “Watch this!” he stated, then blew a bubble out of his nostril. “Hah, now the green doesn’t look so tasty!”

“Cody that’s so gross! People put that in there mouth, you don’t know where it’s been!” I said, looking over at him digusted.

“They do now! Hope they like the taste of the inside of my nose!” he stated, then pop the bubbled hovering in front of his face.

I felt so light headed after awhile, and decided to just stop playing with the werid tasting bubble machine. Plus after Cody put it in his nose, it made me all grossed out. I laid my head back for a little bit, then noticed two counters off to the side.

“Hey!” I shouted at him, causing him to drop the tube “Wanna go dance again? But this time on the counters?!”

“YEA!” he yelled, standing up aburtly from the table. Well that was easier than I thought it would be!

We each got up on a counter, and began to dance like crazy drunk idiots. The manger of the building told us to get down, but after a little while he just gave up and let us go.  Besides, the people in the bar were yelling and whooping at us, like we were the main attraction. It was funny because Cody was so drunk he didn’t even realize what direction he was facing.

“Where all the people go?!” he shouted, squinting his eyes at the wall.

Cody’s Point of View

My heart was pounding and my head was spinning. I felt like I was controlling myself, but yet at the same time I wasn’t. For the most part of the night I had no idea what was real, and what was fake. All I can say is, real or not… I was having the best night of my LIFE!

Me and Bazel decided that we would be a little nuts, and go dance on the counters. I of course was facing the wrong way, but for some reason… I was too drunk to realize. I didn’t care though, because numerous times I had women yell out how hot they thought my butt was. Sorry ladies, I’m saving that for someone special.

After a little while I climbed down, and just looked up at Bazel shaking her body all over the place. I can honestly say it was the hottest thing I ever saw. She looked down at me with lustful eyes and smiled “Hey big boy… I got a little something for you.” She smirked before dancing seductively, getting guys to call out for her to dip and rub all over herself. HEY! They need to keep there pervert eyes off my Bazel! This dance was for me, not them.

I guess she liked all the attention because anything they asked her to do she did…. well almost everything, some of the request were just too insane. After a while I could feel my jealousy rising, and my blood begin to boil. I wanted her all to myself, and I was about to make sure everyone knew that too!

I yanked her off the counter, and caught her in my arms. She let out a loud yelp, and unlatched herself from my grip.

“What are you doing?” she questioned, giggles filled her voice.

“I’m gonna make sure no one else looks at you ever again.” I stated, before grabbing her close.

I pulled her into me and kissed her passionately on the lips. Making sure that every guy in this bar saw that she was mine, and no one else could have her. We stood there for a good 10 minutes just making out, feeling each other all over. Some people told us to get a room, while others cheered us on.

She evetually pulled back and just stared at me “You know?” she smirked “I do have a house, and it’s not far from here. I would really like to continue this… but in a little more… non public friendly.. if you catch my drift.” she giggled, twirling a strand of her hair, and biting her bottom lip.

“Non public friendly? What does that- .. Oh… OH!” I exclaimed, my face lighting up with excitement.

“Just follow me.” she teased, pulling on the front of my shirt, while she walked backwards toward the entrance.

I honestly can say I have no idea how we got home. Everything just seemed to rush by so quickly, and my head was only wrapped around one thing, and one thing only. The second we got through the front door, we were already all over each other. It was dark, and everyone was asleep. We wanted to be quiet, or at least I think we did… but after a bit of laughing and me tripping over a chair, we made it into her room.

We climbed into her bed, and I instantly wrapped my arms around her. I was still pretty drunk… we both were, and that made my vision become a little fuzzy. Before I even had the chance to do anything I had to squint her face just to make sure she was still there.

“Stop being stupid.” she laughed “Just do it with me already! God you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to strip you clean and have my way with you. You and your sexy muscles, and adorable grin.”

“Yes Ma’am!” I annouced, grabbing her and placing her down.

I leaned forward, and kissed her over and over. We would kiss for so long at times, that I would have to come up for air! Everything about the atmosphere in this room was getting heated up very quickly. Parts of my body were getting very eager, and I couldn’t take it anymore!

I took myself off of her, leaning on my knees. I stared at her for a second, then ripped my shirt off and pants and threw them on the ground. I helped her get undressed, and then we dove under the sheets making love for countless hours. She would grab ahold of the side of my arm, and squeeze tight everytime a wave of pleasure would pass over her. I could hear our breathing begin to get heavier as each minute passed by. I don’t care if I was drunk or not… this was the best I’ve ever had!

Bazel’s Point of View

I woke up around 6:00 am to a banging headache. I moaned as I touched my forehead, then pulling the covers over my face. I seriously had no idea what I did last night, or how I even got home. I told myself I was only going to have 1 drink and leave, but my crazy side got the better of me.

I was about to just fight off my exhaustion and just get up and take some tylenol for this pain, when all of a sudden I felt an arm wrap around me and a head lay on my shoulder! Oh dear god… please don’t tell me I brought home some random guy from the bar!

I quickly pushed him off me in a panic state and threw the covers off of me. I had to see who in the world I brought home, but it was too dark from the angle I was sitting at.

I stood up and glanced down, rubbing my eyes countless times to try and make out the image. Just when I was about to turn on the light, a ray from the sun shone down, and that’s when I saw him…. CODY laying there in MY bed sleeping like a baby.

“Oh my god… what did I DO!?”

Thanks for reading! Hope it wasn’t too werid of a chapter.


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  1. Jaec52609 says:

    OMG……i was bustin out laughin the entire time BADY was partying….lol….bay bay is one krazy gurl when it comes 2 partyin……awww cody sweet sweet cody…..i hope bazel gives him a chance I want there 2 be a little Emmett or Elisavet running around with the fylnn clones…lol

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Oh yea your right! E is next. LMAO! Flynn clones! That was SO funny! XD You got that right! Those boys look just like him! We lost one Flynn but we have two more! XD LOL.

  2. bored4ever says:

    Bazel getting loose….kool!

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    Ah!! Spongebob pj’s ftw!!
    And Oh Bazel. Go with the flow! COdy is good for ya. 🙂

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    HAHA the partying looked fun – kinda wish I was there!! And that picture of Cody (you know the one) LUSH ❤

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  6. sims2014 says:

    Maybe Bazel should stay away from the drinks next time even though it was really funny seeing them drunk. oh an d Bazel looks really pretty with straight hair.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea it was quite funny to watch them being drunk, wasn’t it? xD – You think? I love her with her wavy messy hair, matches her attitude lol. But your right she does look pretty with it ^_^

  7. Emy says:

    Hahaha, they were so funny all drunk like that. XD XD XD

    Oh. Bazel, what have you done? XD I hope you don’t regret that!!

  8. Jaec52609 says:

    DRUNKEN WORDS ARE SOBER THOUGHTS…….bazel SO wanted codykins…lol

  9. Lilith Kawanami says:

    LMAO at the two drunken idiots!
    My my, Bay what did you get yourself into? Just roll with it! He’s hott an sexy!

  10. mauisky says:

    Oh dear!! I’d be mad at Cody taking advantage of a drunken woman but he was just as drunk himself. I’ve not seen anyone get that silly since Phea and Zeus and I loved it!!

    The bar was hillarious and I totally loved all the drunken slurring and table dancing.

    Oh dear Bay what are you going to say when he wakes up? It’s not like you were in his house and could sneakily leave pretending it didn’t happen. As soon as he is awake he’s gonna wonder why he is there…best you tell him sweetie at least he’s not Dodger 😛

    By the way I almost wrecked your comment earlier when I hit “edit” instead of “reply” but it’s ok I realized in time lol (bad me for replying when tired)

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Ha ha, well my comments are usually super long anyways, messing it up would make it normal length XD Yea I wanted to have a cooky crazy party night, and what better way to do it? xD Yea I’d like to know too. Here he is sound asleep in her bed, probably not knowing how the heck he got there and she’s probably gonna wake him up in a panic sate, causing him to almost have a heart attack. Poor Cody ❤ Oh god! If it was Dodger that would have been HORRID! D: I think even if she was drunk she could see past that! Creepo… lulz… xD

  11. sariechiny says:

    Whoop whoop it’s partay time!!! (:
    It was pretty funny seeing them drunk, I wonder how Bazel and Cody are going to take this…good, or bad? Hopefully good! (:
    Do I hear another baby coming? Maybe…I hope so…

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    🙂 Great chapter! Good to see Bazel had a fun night out. She definitely needed that! As far as waking up next to Cody… I hope she can get used to it! He’s perfect for her.

  14. StyxLady says:

    LOL, they’re funny partiers. Sounds like maybe they were too intoxicated to worry about prevention…that could be interesting. Can’t wait to see what happens!

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    Hahahaha! Best chapter… I love how they talk like toddlers when they’re drunk ^.^
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    God Bazel, get over yourself and fall in love with this guy, he’s clearly amazing and perfect.. Yay for Yoki talking sense into her 😉
    New chapter up… actually you might have already commented I can’t remember xD

    xx c

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol I don’t think I have, I’ve been pretty busy today playing with my new computer… but I’m just about ready to transfer my Simmies over and try it out!! Wish me luck! =D Oh and I’ll read your chappie b4 I do that though teehee

      Oh and YESH everything about Cody is awesome. It’s funny you like his nose because that’s my favorite part too xD

  16. Alex Bailey says:

    It wasn’t weird at all! It was perfect, every moment was exactly what some drunk idiots would have done. I loved it all. I think this may have been the best chapter yet!! (IMHO)

  17. tufulolo says:

    when bazel and cody were getting “happy” it reminded me of a song and i only know one line, ” It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes ” yeah weird i know lol
    but it’s so sexy at the same time haha. p.s. sorry i haven’t been on lately, me and my family went to louisiana for spring break. my dad hates flying so we had to drive and it took us two days to get there then two more days to get back home. it sucked. we just got back yesterday. i had a lot of reading to do on both legacies lol but it’s worth it 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol yea gives you something to do because there was probably quite a couple more chapters. Lol yea I know how it is to travel it SUCKS! BUt getting to your destination is awesome. I drove to florida and it took FOREVER. Lol yea i guess it was sexy… xD

      • tufulolo says:

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    cracked me the eff up!!

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