Chapter 2.8 – Big Changes…

Bazel’s Point of View

I honestly didn’t know what to think. Should I scream? Should I just pull him out of my bed, and tell him to scram?! Should I calmly ask him what happened?! All my emotions were scrammbled all over the place. For the first few minutes, I just stood there frozen unable to move any muscle in my body, except the frown plastered across my face. I wanted to cry, I wanted to panic…. but I couldn’t even bring myself to it. I had no idea what I did last night, and I was scared to think what me and Cody did! Please god! Tell me we just passed out like this from being drunk, and that was all….

I squeezed my eyes closed, and put my hands to my head. “This is only a dream, Cody is not sleeping in my bed… he’s not half naked, and nothing happened… AT ALL.” I told myself out loud, panic filling my voice. I reopened my eyes, and he was still there! I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I flicked on the light and SCREAMED as loud as I could! “CODY! What are YOU doing here?! What did you make me do!?”

He threw the covers off himself, and jumped out of my bed in a panic state and fell onto the floor. “What the? Where the?! BAZEL!?” he stuttered, fear jerking through his voice. I could tell that my screams nearly gave him a heart attack. Here he was sound asleep and all of a sudden some girl is screaming at him. I didn’t want to scare him, but I was already scared myself!

Cody’s Point of View

I didn’t have the darnest clue where I was or why Bazel was screaming at me at 6 in the morning! I was sound asleep, what the heck is wrong with this woman!?

“Bazel! Why are you screaming?! The sun is barely up, and your acting like some crazy girl!” I ranted, casting her a disgruntled look. I am NOT a morning person… something you don’t do is disturb me from my sleep.

“Do you think I care if the sun is up or not?! Why the heck are you in MY room, sleeping in MY bed?!” she screamed, giving me the most displeased face I have ever saw.

“Your room?! Bazel why would I be in your room? I went-” I started my expression still angry, but then it quickly changed to confusion as my sentence cut off. Her room? I thought I went home last night?

“Yea my room!” she raged, throwing her hands into the air.

“Well I’m sorry, alright?! If I happened to wake up in your room it was probably because we were both so freaking drunk we didn’t care where we crashed! Bazel, if I was sober I would have never slept in your house, let alone your bed.” I stated, my anger filling up once again. I can’t believe shes mad at me for something none of us prevented.

” Would you forget the sleeping in my bed part already?! I want to know if there is any more to this mishap! Did you DO anything?!” she grummbled, glaring at me with blood boiling anger. What did she mean did I do anything?!

“What does that mean!?” I screeched, my mouth open wide in shock. “Like… if I … slept with you?! Is that what your getting at?!”

“You know very well that’s what I mean! Cody, I swear if you slept with me… I’ll NEVER forgive you! EVER!” she shouted, clenching her fist as if she wanted to hit me!

“BAZEL! I didn’t sleep with you! COME ON! I think I would remember that! Drunk or not!” I stated, my stomach twisting in knots of how afraid I was of the truth. What if I did?!

“Well your little heart undies speak differently!” she yelled, pointing down at my legs. I took a quick glance and noticed I wasn’t wearing any pants! “Oh ….. Uhh… errr..” I stuttered, my facing turning beat red as I took my hands and tried to cover myself.

“Just… GET OUT!” she screamed, shoving her hands into her face and I heard her begin to cry. I slipped on my pants, and tried to walk over to her.. “Bazel please..” I began but was only cut off by another loud “GET OUT!” God! Dodger really screwed her up! She doesn’t trust any guy, even if her life depended on it!

I put on the rest of my clothes, and jetted out her bedroom door not stopping until I was completely out. I didn’t know if I did anything, I really hoped to god I didn’t … but she wasn’t going to talk to me no matter what. I don’t understand whys shes blaiming me for anything, if there is anything, when we were both equally drunk! I couldn’t prevent myself, and neither could she! I guess I’ll just give her a little time, maybe she’ll find it somewhere in her bounded up heart to talk to me again.

Yoki’s Point of View

I was busy in the kitchen making breakfast for the boys, when out of no where I heard loud screaming and hollering. Once the screaming died down to arguing I found myself staring at Cody running out of my house like he saw a ghost! What the heck just happened in there? I thought Bazel finally gave into Cody’s charm? Sure sounded like that last night…

I stood there waiting a few minutes, because I knew for a fact Bazel would be stomping out of her room and another comotion would begin… this time involving me.

“MOM!” she screamed, marching her self over to me. “I don’t EVER want to see that scum bag AGAIN! Did you know he SLEPT in my bed last night?! What the heck is wrong with that man!”

“In all honesty? Yea I knew he was in there with you, so what?” I laughed, and I knew I was just digging myself a hole. I didn’t care though… she needed to hear things straight. She was just so wrapped around the past, and wasn’t letting it go. I was not about to watch my daughters life be ruined because of one idiot.

“YOU KNEW?! What the heck do you mean so what?! MOM! I don’t want to be with that man, heck I don’t want to be with any man! Why didn’t you just drive him home or something? Why LET him sleep in my bed… what kind of mom lets a strange man sleep in there daughters bed?! If you were too tired, then at least let him sleep on the couch for goodness sakes!” she boomed, her yells filling thee entire house.

“Cody is not a strange man… you’ve known him for a LONG while now. I really like Cody… I think he treats you right.” I stated, smiling at her slightly. I knew my chiper sprit was making her even more pissed, but I could honestly care less. This was good for her… she needed this little bump on her smooth little road she thinks she has. Besides, it’s a good thing. Love is always a good thing.

“I don’t care if my 60 year old mother likes some 20 something year old man! You could at least respect my wishes, and could have told him to leave if you knew!” she screeched, giving me such a look it could kill a cat.

“Hey I was not about to be the one to break up your little love fest. By the time I found out, you two were already going at it. Thanks but no thanks.” I said, giving her a disgusted look. I was NOT about to rip off some naked guy from my daughter just because she wanted me too. That’s just disturbing, and down right creepy.

“Wait… your telling me we DID sleep together?!” she gasped, her face filled with fear.

“Well yea I thought you knew…. Uh-oh… Bazel… I don’t want you pointing the blame just on Cody! It takes two to tango. I know you all too well… think before you act!”

“I’m…. gonna check on the boys…” she grummbled before walking away. Oh I hope she doesn’t so something stupid… Cody really is a nice guy, she needs to stop pushing him away.

Bazel’s Point of View

I just couldn’t believe it… I actually slept with him?! How come I don’t remember… why is everything such a blurr for me? The last thing I honestly remember is when Cody bought everyone in the bar rounds of drinks, after that my mind is completely blank. I was so mad at my mom, but at the same time she was right. If me and Cody did sleep together, then it’s not just his fault, it’s mine too… sorta. I guess we were both so drunk, we didn’t even realize what we were doing.

I decided to try and brush the bad thoughts to the back of my head, and focus on my kids. I walked up to the side of Daggers bed, and shook him gently. “Rise and shine my little athlete. It’s time for school.” I smiled, rubbing his mangled bed head.

“It’s morning already?” he yawned, looking up at me. “Yea kiddo, and it’s time for school too! So get dressed, wake up your brother and go eat breakfast. Grandma made waffles.”

“Alright mommy…” he yawned once again then threw a pillow at his brother. Such loving siblings…

Time sure did seem to fly since that dreaful morning. Everytime I would go into work, Cody would not even make eye contact with me. I really think I over did it this time.. but I just felt this anger in me that I wish would all just go away! It’s not even that I hated Cody, or the fact that we accidently slept together… it’s just I guess I can’t let go the fact of Dodger and how horrible he treated me. I’m so scared to get hurt again… plus with this stupid court date getting cancled and rescheduled everytime I turned around is just so stressful on me! Dodger was really playing around with me. Everytime I was ready to go in the courthouse at 7:30 am sharp, he would text me saying “Date’s been rescheduled…” then he would say the date. It was like that EVERY single time… I seriously think he wants me to just give up, so I’ll miss it and it will look good on his behalf… I don’t think so

This one morning however, was a very exciting phone call! It was from the real estate company I was trying to buy this 3 bedroom 2 bath house from. She was confirming that everything went through, and I could move in when I was ready. It was a HUGE house compared to the one I’m living in now, and I couldn’t wait to move into it! I just hope my boys take it well….

After I got off the phone, I went into my boys room and told them I needed to talk to them. Cale was a little mad at me for interrupting his playtime, considering it was a saturday and all.

“Boys, I have some really big news to share with you two.” I gleamed, excitement filling my voice.

“What is it mommy!?” Dagger exclaimed, grinning ear to ear.

“Probably something stupid… like a new bike for YOU or a new football for YOU or a new SOMETHING for YOU.” he pouted, sticking his tongue out at Dagger. I really liked it when he felt bad for him… now he’s just back to being jealous again.

“Stop being so mean Cale, and let mommy talk!” he stated, giving Cale a displeased look.

“Kiss up! Mommy’s boy!” he teased, pushing him on the arm.

“HEY!” he screeched “Stop hurting me!”

“Knock it off CALE! Before I ground you for 2 weeks!” I shouted, putting my hands to my hips. “Now as I was trying to say, before I was so RUDLY interrutped…” I started, casting a look in Cale’s direction, which caused him to slump down on the couch and cross his arms. “We are not going to be living here anymore! Mommy has found a big house for just the 3 of us!” I said, waiting eagerly for their reply.

“Do I get my own room?” was the first thing that fell from Cale’s lips.

“NO! Mommy please!” Dagger cried “I don’t want to be in a room by myself!”

“I’ll figure everything out when I talk to the contractors! For right now, just start packing things you want to take, and Cale …. please just be good.” I sighed, before walking off to my room. I really love that boy, but he can really test my patience sometimes.

After another month or so, everything was set in motion. I didn’t tell Cale, but Dagger and him would be sharing a room still. I couldn’t help but side with him, since I was afraid he would get so scared being in a big room all by himself. It didn’t matter though, Cale would just have to like it because I say what goes.

We all said our last goodbyes to my mom, and took off down the road to our new home. We only lived about 20 minutes away, but… it still would be different living without her. I hope she would be OK being by herself…

Finally a new house… I was so tired of that old one. It took me like 2 hours just to redecorate this place, what the heck was EA thinking when they decorated it?! Ugly as anything! Jeesh… oh and the car shouldn’t be there… I bought them a better one….

Living room.

Dining room and kitchen.

Bazel’s Room.

And my favorite room. Dagger and Cale’s room. I’m so creative aren’t I? (No)


We had only been in our new home for at least 2 hours and I was in the bathroom puking my guts up! I know I was nervous about the move, but come on! At least my boys were enjoying the new house. Sure Cale was kind of peeved at the thought of still sharing with his twin brother, but he quickly got over it when he saw his room. I mean come on! Camo themed room? What kid wouldn’t love that!?

Eventually my stomach calmed down, and I was feeling myself again. I decided since it was our first night in a new home, it was only right for me to make dinner and for the 3 of us to sit down and eat together. We always had a bad habit of eating at different times, but I was soon about to break that! No family of mine is going to be broken up at dinner time.

I served them there salad, and just sat and watched them eat. “So boys…” I started “How do you guys like the new house?”

“It’s OK I guess… I kind of miss my old room…” Dagger sighed, but showed me a little smile to calm my nerves.

“Needs a pool.” Cale added, then stuffed his face with a heep fulll of food.

“Good to know you guys are pointing out the flaws already. If you didn’t, I guess that wouldn’t make you Terrey’s huh?” I laughed, then rolled my eyes. My boys… yep that’s just it… my boys.

After our first night in the house everything seemed to settle down, and I was actually happy for once in a long time. My kids were doing good in school, I had a big house to myself, and my boss was always telling me how great I was doing. I loved how I could just sit back and enjoy life now. I mean there was still that fact that Dodger was taking me to court, but he was playing around so much, I just didn’t know when he was actually going to get serious about it. I stopped letting it bother me though… everything was going to be OK.

I mean what could he possibly want with these two kids? They fight, they make messes, they cost you money. I know Dodger all to well, and he can’t put up with any of that. He would go bald just trying to deal with for a whole 24 hours, and he’s trying to go for full or partial custody?! He’s nuts! Even if he does win, I’m going to wind up getting them most of the time anyways…. but I don’t want to put them through that. There such great kids, and are living in a very stable enviroment. Them jumping back and forth is only going to upset them.

Eventually after another week living in the new home, I got the offical letter for the court date, it had a court house stamp on it and everything. They told Dodger if he rescheduled one more time, then he would have to wait a whole year just to set up a new date. I can’t believe I was actually going to court. I mean sure I knew it might come, but to actually hold that piece of paper in my hand and it offically telling me I could lose my kids scared me half to death!

What was worse is that my sickness never died down, it kept coming over me like an ocean wave everytime I turned around. I had this gut feeling I knew what it was because I was late with my period for a little to long now. I sucked up my fear though, and headed to the nearest pharmancy and picked up an at home pregnancy test. I stressfully waited for the results to turn on that little stick. When the results finally popped onto it, I froze solid. I saw the words spred across the stick reading “Pregnant.” I tried two more, and they said the same thing. I wanted to scream, and through it across the room saying they were lying and that it was a mistake… but 3 test reading the same thing? … That is like a billion in one, that there all wrong.

“You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!” I screamed, then through my hair straighter across the room, watching it fall in front of the doorway. It was only one stupid night, with one stupid GUY! Why do things like this always happen to me?! How am I suppose to raise yet ANOTHER baby, and the father…. god I don’t even want to look a the father.

“Maybe I should get an abortion..” I told myself, then through my face into my hands. “God! I could never do that!” I cried, then taking some toilet paper off the roll and blowing my nose. I just can’t believe I’m having another baby….

The date finally arrived, and I was a nervous wreck. I promptly dropped my boys off at my mothers house, then took the long drive down to city hall. My hands were sweaty, my heart was racing and I literally felt like I was going to die.

I pulled up my little purple car in front of the court house, and got out slowly. “Why is he making me do this?” I asked myself, while walking up those dreaful stairs. I approached a man sitting at a long table, and asked him what room I had to go into, and showed him my letter. He pointed down the hall, and told me to go into a room numbered 607. I followed the hall down, and walked into the room. The first thing I saw was a secratary, pulling out a file and handing it to the man at the desk.

I heard her say “Here’s the Custody file you wanted on Dodger Fawk and Bazel Terrey.” before she walked out of the room, shuffling herself by me in the doorway. I was going to ask if it was the right room at first, but seeing Dodge and hearing that I knew it was. I actually pictured some big court room with a Judge and a powered wig… not two chairs and an old man at a computer screen.

“Come in Miss Terrey. Please, have a seat.” he said, pointing to the chair next to Dodger.

“Do I have to sit next to him? I obviously don’t like him, thus the reason why I’m here in this situation.”  I scoffed, casting Dodge a dirty look. He just laughed, and turned his head towards the wall.

“Now Miss Terrey… this isn’t about personal debates, this is about your children. Please, let’s just be civil about things, alright?” he smiled up at me, then pointed at the chair once again.

“Fine…” I muttered, then slammed myself down in the chair.

“Now let’s see…” he stated, moving around his mouse eyeballing the computer screen “Well, I pulled both of your files before hand, and did a backround check on both of you. It’s mandatory for that, to see if either of you are not suitable to take care of these children right off the bat. You both have clean slates, so I would like to hear from both of you, if you have any regrets or remarks in this descion.”

What did he mean, both of us had clean records?! He can’t be serious? Dodge has been doing scummy things his whole life, how could he be clean? …

“Mr…” I started, then squinted at his desk to read his name “Mr. Sket, you can’t be serious? Dodger has been doing crappy things his entire life! How in the world does he have a clean record?! That man is nothing but scum, he can’t handle 1 kid let alone 2 kids!” I spat, anger filling my voice.

“Oh please…” Dodge chuckled “I’ve not done anything wrong. Just because you hate me, doesn’t mean that goes on my record Bazel.”

“What?! I’m not talking about hating you, I’m talking about all the crap that you do! Like how you treat women! I don’t want my kids around that!” I raged, about to get up from my seat and clobber him. I can’t believe he’s actually trying to pull the wool over this mans eyes!

“Bazel please.” Mr. Sket stated “There is no need for foul words. This is a family court house, and we try to by pass the big room and the Judge by using a small office. Now if you want to be harsh, and use lawyers… well we can settle it like that on another day. Or we could act like adults, and talk amongst oursevles.”

“Yea Bazel…” Dodge laughed “Let’s all be adults here.”

I had to hold my tongue. He was just being like this to make me look like the psycho chick! “Fine… I’ll be civil. Just as long as my children don’t ever meet that man! Mr. Sket, you just don’t understand what he tries to do to me. Touching me, and grabbing at me when I clearly refuse! It’s sexual harressment!”

“Awe that’s plain bull crap! Mr.Sket, I have never touched this woman in any manner. The last time I ever had any sexual intimacy with her, was when we were dating! She’s just trying to use the guilt trip, so you can rule in her favor and keep me from my kids. Did you know I never even got a chance to meet them properly? She keeps them so trapped in that house of hers, and never lets anyone near them!” he hissed, throwing his arms in the air, and yelling loudly.

“You lying, self centered jerk! Mr. Sket, at my sons birthday party, he came UNINVITED and tried some funny stuff with me!” I growled, stressfully trying to keep myself from killing this man.

“Alright I’ve heard enough out of the both of you.” he stated, glaring us up and down. “Now I told you to act civil and your not. So if you want me to get angry, and be harsh… then so be it! Bazel, let me just lay this flat out. Do you have a witness to these encounters with you today?”

Oh no… I can’t believe I forgot about Cody and this court date! Before we had our fight, he promised to be here, and to have my back. There is no way he’s going to show up now, even if I called him…

“I… well.. no.” I sighed, lowering my head to the ground.

“Then you leave me no choice. If there is no solid proof about these encounters, then I’m afraid I’m going to have to rule in Dodgers favor and-” he started, but he was cut off by a voice from behind me.

I turned around in my seat, and there was CODY! I had to rub my eyes a couple of times just to try and believe it.

“Am I too late?” he said, staring at Mr. Sket.

“Aw crap!” Dodger scoffed “What are you doing here?!”

“I’m here to make sure you never get anywhere near those kids!” he growled, glaring at Dodger.

“Can I help you with something?” Mr. Sket asked “Were kind of in the middle of something important.”

“Oh I’m sorry. Bazel told me she needed me as a witness for her awhile ago, but I was running a little late.” he said, then cast me a wink.

“So you have witnessed these encounters that Bazel has told me? Please explain in your words what they were, so I can have them matched.” he said, waving his hand in the air for Cody to carry on.

“Well… I was at Bazel’s sons birthday party, when all of a sudden this man right here came in her house uninvited and started this huge argument with her. He told her he was bringing her to court for custody of her kids. He then offered her not to do it if she just slept with him, and then he grabbed her and started touching her inappropriately.”

“He’s a freaking liar! They both are! There working together on this, to make me look bad!” Dodger yelled, standing up from his chair.

“BULL! You know it’s true, and so does Bazel! I was freaking standing right there, and so was Nick! You want me to have this man call him, so he can give the same story? I think my emoployee would have no problem with that!” he screamed, pointing a finger at Dodge. “This man doesn’t deserve to be around small children, if all he does is abuse women and take advantage of them. Those kids don’t need to be submitted into stuff like that! Who knows what foreplay he does at home!?”

Mr. Sket stood up abruptly “I’ve had it up to hear with all the nonsense!” he boomed, his voice echoed down the long hall. “Dodger, this story has been confirmed twice now in less than an hour. If I call this man named Nick, and he gives me the same story, then I signing a restraining order against you, and you are to NEVER go 100 yards near her and those kids! Your gonna wish you never did that, and that you never brought this crap into my office!”

“You can’t do this to me! They are my kids!” he screeched, glaring at him up and down.

“Dodger, I can do what ever I want, when ever I want when I have proof that there is some nasty crap going on with you. Your lucky I don’t take this to court. You better be satisfied with this order, or your going to be looking at some jail time!” he shouted “Now get the heck out of my office, and go down to room 402. Me and you have some talking to do.” he stated, shoving Dodger forward as they both walked out of the room.

As soon as I saw that they both were out of view, I plunged forward into Cody’s arms. “Cody! Oh my god! I can’t believe you did this for me! How did you know, when did you find out?!” I screeched, my arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

“Your mom called me last night and told me to be here. I seriously wasn’t going to come, but I thought about the chance of Dodger winning and the fact of your kids being around that man… it made me shutter.” he said, nuzzling his head into my shoulder.

“Thank you so much… right before you walked in he was about to say that Dodger won partial custody over them. I could never see them living there… I mean what he would have hurt them!? Or… what if they saw things that there little eyes couldn’t undo? I would never forgive myself….” I cried, pulling back slowly and looking into his eyes.

“Bazel I would have never let that happen… I mean I was kind of angry at you for the way you just kicked me to the curb, but… I really care for those boys like they were my own. To see them hurt, would really bother me badly…” he sighed, resting his forehead on mine.

“I’m so sorry I did that to you Cody. Your a great guy, and I know what we did wasn’t either of our faults. We didn’t plan to sleep together, it just happened.” I sighed, as he pulled himself away from my grasp.

“Slept t-together?!” he squeaked, his voice sounded high and mangled. I let out a small giggle, because honestly it sounded like he just got hit in his “important” area.

“Yea… my mother told me we did. Can you believe my own mom had to tell me I had sex?! That right there is a very strange sentence.” I said, the closed my eyes and laughed.

“That’s not even fair! I got to sleep with you and I don’t even remember it!” he pouted, crossing his arms.

“Well… there is a little something that got left behind, to always remind us of our little accident.” I said, rubbing the back of my neck. I guess this time was as good as any to tell him I was pregnant.

“What does that mean?” he asked cautiously, his eyes staring into mine.

“Well remember how we were too drunk to even remember that we slept together? … Well… judging by my 3 positive pregnancy test and my little moving bump, we were too drunk to remember to wrap your buddy as well…” I coughed, waiting eagerly for his reply.

He held his head back in shock as his mouth dropped opened wide. “YOUR PREGNANT?!” he gasped, his eyes wide and his mouth still open.

“Surprise?” I smiled stressfully, as I watched his many changing expressions.

“Oh Bazel! This is wonderful news!” he screeched, leaning in to kiss my cheek.

“Woah time out! Just because I’m carrying your kid doesn’t mean I want to automatically date you, and live happily ever after.” I scoffed, pushing him away from me.

“Oh come on Bazel! I was just showing you how happy I was… to show you I support this 100%.” he smirked, his face a little red from embarressment.

“Look…” I said, placing my hand onto his “I know you want to help, and be super dad… but please remember that we have a personal space boundary. Respect it OK? Espically since your going to be living with me.” I stated, then rolled my eyes.

“What?! Living with you?!” he shouted, looking at me like I was crazy.

“Yea! That’s the price you gotta pay because you knocked me up. I thought you were excited?” I laughed, looking at him smugly.

“I am.. and.. I’ll even live with you with a smile on my face because… I really want to make sure you and the baby are happy…” he said, giving me a half smile. Somewhere in my head I knew this wasn’t going to be a good idea… but I needed the help, and that’s the plan I came up with, so I’m going to run with it.

I got into my car, and drove myself home. Cody told me he just wanted to pack some clothes, then he would be over later. Eventually I told him that he needed to sell his apartment, and move all his funiture into my house. I didn’t want him getting second thoughts. This was a committed deal we made, and we were both going to go through with it.

I didn’t even bother to take a shower. I was so tired, and my feet hurt so bad that I just threw myself onto my bed, and fell into a deep sleep.

Cody’s Point of View

I got a suitcase full of clothes, and threw it into the trunk of my car. This day was just so full of surprises, I really didn’t know what was going to happen next! First I find out I’m a going to be a dad, now I have to live in a new home without any warning! I guess you could say I acted without thinking when I agreeded to this, but in the back of my head I had a plan. That plan was, the closer I am to Bazel, the more of a chance she’ll fall in love with me! Ever since I ment Bay, my eyes are on no one but her. She’s so fiesty, and demanding yet I can’t get enough of it! She fights hard, but she better watch out.. I can throw a mean punch myself!

I walked into the dark and quiet house, and made it up the stairs. I didn’t know which room was mine, or even where the heck it was but I guess I got lucky because the first door I tried was the spare room. It was poorly decorated, and the lighting was terrible, she did warn me about it but… I didn’t think it was THIS bad… Oh well… it will all be worth it in the end. The baby is gonna need a room some day, and I don’t plan on sleeping in a bed alone for long….

Bazel’s Point of View

Time just seemed to trickle by, and my little bump eventually turned into this heavy little infant inside of me. I went for my ultrasound, and thank heavens it was only one healthy little baby. I of course knew what it was by looking at the monitor, but.. I was going to make sure it was kept a surprise for everyone.

When I told the boys about the new baby, and Cody living with us… they didn’t really put up a big defense or complain at all. In fact Cale could honestly care less! I guess that it was always a good thing my boys were so carefree… but sometimes it could be a pain in the butt.

Dagger on the other hand was obessed with my large stomach. He was always asking me how it got there, and if it was a boy or a girl. I never had “the talk” with them yet, and I really didn’t know how I should go about doing it… maybe I’ll just wait til they learn it in health class, that’s what my mom did for me. When there a little older though, I’ll talk to them about being safe and such… someting my mother failed to do for me.

I have to admit though… Cody is a man of his word. He kept his relationship with my as strictly friends, and even tended the house and helped the boys with their homework.

“Cody?! What the heck does 35/7 equal?!” I heard Cale whine.

“Well… If you have 35 footballs, how many can you give each of you seven friends?” he asked, pointing to the pictures of footballs and people on his homework sheet.

“I don’t know! 5? 6?” he cried, rubbing his head in frustration.

“You had it the first time! See look… if you take 7*5 that will equal 35 footballs. Meaning you can give each of your friends 5 footballs a piece, alright? See? It’s not so hard.” he smiled, then going back to help Dagger with his spelling.

Wow… how did he ever have the time and patience for that? Anytime I tried to help Cale, his whining and complaining alone always got to me, before I could even finish helping him! That man has more meekness then I will ever have.

About 3 months later, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night with jabbing back pains and my little baby doing summersaults in my stomach!

“Alright… I know your due date is nearing, but can’t you just let me get some sleep? Mommy is really tired.” I cooed as I rubbed my big belly.

I walked down the steps, and into the living room. If I wasn’t getting any sleep tonight, then I guess watching some T.V will take my mind off the pain. I must have only taken 4 steps into that room when a striking pain pierced my side, and water flowed down my legs.

“OH GOD!” I screamed “THE BABY’S COMING!”

I clenched my stomach tight, and could feel the pain increase as each second went by. I screamed louded and louder until I heard, what sounded like 100 elephants stomping loudly down the steps. Cody and my sons heard my wails, and the twins started to panic the second they saw me.

“Alright, come on Bazel.” Cody stated calmy “We need to get you to a delivery room, NOW.” Right at this moment I was so glad to have a professional doctor living here. But it didn’t mean he was getting a front row view and delivering this kid! No thank you!

All 4 of us got into the car and drove over to the ER. We didn’t want to take the boys since it was so late at night, but.. we had no choice. My mom lived too far, and this baby was coming NOW.

After 3 hours of being in labor, my 3rd son was finally born. Eventually Cody took the boys home, and stayed with them until my 2 days at the hospital was up. On the day that I was going to leave, was the day I figured out a name for new little wonder, I called him Ethan Terrey.

I forgot his Traits :/ Sorry…

Thanks for reading!


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49 Responses to Chapter 2.8 – Big Changes…

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    Yes! Another baby! (: (I had a feeling…)
    Aww…little Ethan looks so cute, I wonder what he’s going to look like.
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    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea it would have been terrible to have to share her sons with him. They never knew who he was and lets hope they never do. Yup! There had to be a baby between them! What other reason would Bazel have to keep Cody close, but not “Close close”. ;p Thanks glad you like it! :3

  11. mauisky says:

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      Yea I was sorta wanting a girl just to even it out, but when “cody” told her she was having a boy I was like ” Aww.. oh well” because honestly I lurve boy sims ;D lol. Ahaha! Whoops! Sorry Maui! I’m just going in alphabetical order and thats the name I came up with… If it was a girl it would have been Eevee… like the pokemon! XD I’m so uncreative. lmao.

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        LOL 🙂 don’t worry I have a few more on my list and there are no babies yet so.

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    I hope Bazel and Cody stay together and some disaster won’t strike, like with Yoki and Flynn…

    But a random question, I hope that you don’t mind answering: how the heck do you get so many readers? 😀 I mean, your legacy truly is one of the best, but I have read so many other legacies that are quite interesting too, yet they only get about 2-3 comments on one post. And you have almost 150,000 page views! 😮 I have like 4,000 on my legacy. So what’s your secret? 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Honestly? I have no idea. I never really promoted this legacy at all. Sure I went on the forum once and said I started one but after that I just pretty much let it go. I probably started out with like… I’ll say 25 readers, maybe. I also had another legacy I had before, it was a silly one. I started from scratch with that legacy and worked my way up. Then when I started a new one my readers followed. For some reason I’m getting new people reading all the time! 😉

      I guess because I keep my readers wanting more. I mean the beginning of my story was alright but my story gets more and more interesting in my opinion. Well, I get better with my writing and using poses and what-not. I just try my best and come up with very imaginative story lines for people to follow and guess on. I never make it too easy, there is always a twist happening somewhere. I guess my readers like that 🙂

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      • Spongey says:

        I do? Huh I didn’t even realize that. I mean, I try not to get too text heavy with each picture because I don’t want to bore my readers ^_^ Yeah I always make sure there is a certain amount of photos per chapter. Some chapters are longer than others XD

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      • PULP_50 says:

        I saw this comment for 2.8 and I thought I went back in time, and then I realized I hadn’t and it made me sad. 😦

  17. VRStevenson says:

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  18. Aimee says:

    I feel bad for Dodge. No judge in their right mind would believe her without some sort of proof. Dodge is their dad and it’s sad he never gets to see them . At least he tried. And she’s not a good mom at all. She puts one kid before the other. I know it’s just a game but it sucks that people do this in real life. I hope she doesn’t whine about how he never wanted to be around them .

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