Chapter 2.9 – Open My Eyes And Now I See

Cody’s Point of View

3 months had passed, and little E’s room was finally finished. It didn’t cost me much to have done, and I was very satisfied with it. The only bad thing about giving E this room, was the fact that I had to sleep on the pull out couch in the living room until further notice… so says Bazel. I didn’t mind though, giving up a living space for my little dude was alright by me. I had finally sold my apartment, after debating about it over and over. Bazel just considers me a room mate who’s child she had. Were only friends, and nothing more. I really hate when she calls me her “friend”. Since when does having a baby together just result to you as a friend? You have to share some kind of feelings for that person!

We tried getting Ethan on a regular schedule for sleeping and eating, but this little guy just wasn’t having it. He prefers to stay up late, and sleep most of the day. It gets hard to put him down at night, when all he does is fuss and fight with us. For being so small, he sure can scream! “Dear god…” I sighed to myself, looking up in a stressful manner. “Why me?”

Once I heard the timer go off on the bottle warmer, I grabbed it from the night stand and placed it in his tiny mouth. By now he was a pro at it, as soon as he felt the bottle nipple enter, the sucking began. “See, E? Doesn’t this taste so much better when your suppose to drink it?” I worked up a smile, even though my head was pounding from all his wails.

“Please go to sleep for daddy, E. I’m so tired from work, and mommy is stressed from tending to your every command. Just let us sleep, OK?” I sighed, placing him in his crib and rubbing his soft little head. It wasn’t easy working a full time job, being on call at any time and plus taking care of my infant son. On top of that I also helped Bazel with Dagger and Cale, just to show how much I was committed to her. I just wish she would open her eyes and see what was right in front of her… theres only so much I can put up with before I just call it quits.

Dagger’s Point of View

Having a new baby around the house was not like I expected it to be, he was already 10 months, yet nothing seemed to change! At first I wanted a little brother or sister to play with, and share secrets with because Cale never cared. Nooo… this little monster was a screaming, pooping, barf machine! I loved helping my mommy, and trying to always be the suck up, but… when it came to my BROTHER… I had to draw a line! Ethan could be my mommy’s and Cody’s problem, no thanks!

I turned to Cale while sitting on the sofa one night and sighed “Cale? Why did mom have to go and have another baby anyways!? He’s so loud, and annoying!”

“Shut up Dag! I’m trying to watch T.V.” he barked, his eyes not leaving the set.

“NO! I won’t shut up, until that brat shuts up!” I spat, glaring in his direction.

“He’s a baby… what did you expect? For him to pop out of mom’s stomach and just run around and have fun with you? He’s gonna cry, and scream, and demand attention… that’s just what babies do.” he sighed, his eyes still on the screen.

“Yea… but-” I whined, but was cut off by Cale’s shush.

“But nothing! Stop complaing you little whimp. Your worse than E.” he stated, rolling his eyes then turning up the volume.

“AM NOT! I will never be a needy twerp!” I sneered, crossing my arms.

Cale laughed “You already are one, bro.”

I just cast him a glare, but he was to into the cartoon playing that he didn’t even notice…. Gosh! TWO annoying brothers!

Bazel’s Point of View

My family was ever moving, and always hectic. If it wasn’t E crying, it was the twins fighting. If not that, it was Cody grumbling and whining about his sleep arrangements or how he feels like hes the only one who does stuff around the house! GOD! He’s not even my husband, and I feel like were married! Sometimes I feel as if I might lose it being surrounded by all these men.

“DAGGER!” I heard Cody yell from outside “Stop running so fast, you know what it does to you.”

“It’s fine Cody! I have my inhaler!” I heard him scream back, waving the little device in the air. Dagger has already been through numerous attacks, and his sleeping is always cut with short breaths. It scares me half to DEATH, but that boy just loves sports, mainly anything that involves the need to run.

When everyone was offically gone, and it was just me and E, I decided today I wasn’t just going to sit in the house. I’ve been literally trapped in here for 3 months, and I seriously can’t take another minute of it! I know I said I hate babysitters, and that they don’t tend to your children right… but I had to make just one exception… just for today.

I opened up the phonebook and found an available agency open for the hours I needed, and phoned them up. “Hello!” came the extra happy reply on the other end “Thank you for calling Baby watchers, how can I help you today?” Baby watchers? What retard thought of that?

“Yea.. Uhh.. I was wondering if you had anyone available today for say 2, 3 hours tops? I kind of need a day out, and would like it if someone could watch my son. He’s 1o months old, and basically sleeps during this time… so the sitter wouldn’t have to do much, just make sure he’s alright.” I replied, trying to hurry this overly happy woman along.

“Of course, just give us your information and one of our empolyees will be over shortly! We guarentee a wonderful experience. We only hire the best, for the best! If you don’t like your time in our care, we offer a 50% discount on your next call!” she chirped, and I could feel my body fill with disgust. I already didn’t like her… maybe I could get my discount now. I sighed at her, then told her the information she needed. I knew I would regret this later…

I decided that on my day out I would see a movie, treat myself to lunch, then do a little clothes shopping. It would be the perfect day of relaxing and enjoying some me time. The quickest way to the theater though is through the park. As I started walking, I spotted my mom, but the strangest part was that she was crying! The second I saw this, I darted for her to see what had happened, but as I got closer I saw her looking at the butterflies and I then knew what was wrong.

“Mom?” I said, placing a hand on her shoulder softly. “BAZEL! You scared me!” she screeched, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Mom… are you crying because of the butterflies?” I smiled, taking my hand and rubbing her arm “I know they remind you of dad… but you can’t beat yourself up over it.”

“Oh Bazel…” she laughed, pulling me into a hug ” Everything reminds me of your father, but… today is our anniversary. Did you know every year he would take me out to catch butterflies? I don’t know what it was with your father and those insects… but it always was such a wonderful aspect about him. He cared so deeply for things, and I’ll never stop missing that… or him for that matter.”

“Yea… I knew what today was. I guess that’s why I’ve been extra stressful lately. I always think about him on this day, and his birthday… and my birthday, and everyday.” I laughed, letting go of my grasp around her.

“It’s hard not too… but hey! Don’t let my problems get you in a sour mood, go enjoy your day. I see your alone without my little Ethan, so that must mean your taking a day off. Good for you Bay. Everyone needs a little time to themselves. I’ll just head home, see ya sweetie.” she smiled, and placed a kiss on my cheek before walking away. I hope she’ll be OK… it must be hard on her living without dad all these years.

I watched my mother walk off, before I fumbled in my pocket in search of my cell. I whipped it out and checked the time. “12:24?! Crap! I only got like 10 minutes before the movie starts!” I quickly shoved my phone back into my pocket, and took off running. The second I turned around and tried to dart for the theater is when I ran SMACK dab into Dodger. Our heads banged, and I fell back on my butt! Oh you have got to be kidding me!

He glared at me, then held out a hand to help me up. “Always banging something aren’t ya?” he smirked, his hand still hanging in front of my face.

“Jerk…” I mumbled under my breath “I can do it myself, thanks…” I stated, pushing his hand away and standing up.Β  “And what does that mean Dodger?!” I quickly shot at him, now realizing what he just said.

“Oh nothing… I just heard you liked banging doctors. I also heard you like cooking their buns too, huh?” he grinned, feeling joy in his harassment towards me.

“You don’t even wanna go there… I’m not even kidding Dodger. Just don’t.” I growled, looking at him with a disgruntled face.

“Yea… thanks to you, theres a lot of places I can’t go.” he spat, eyeing me up and down.

“Thanks to me?! Your the lowlife who got yourself into this situation! If you weren’t harassing me or showing up where your not wanted, none of this would have happened! Besides, you brought ME to court… moron.” I hissed

“You know? I don’t have to put up with this… I have more important matters to attend too.” he replied, then rolled his eyes.

“Who’s stopping you?! Your not even suppose to be near me anyways… so… get the stepping.” I stated, shooing him with my hands in a sarcastic manner. He just turned on his heels, and chuckled to himself. “Good bye Bazel.” I wonder if it’s possible to hate someone even more than I do now?

Cody’s Point of View

Since I’m one of the top doctors, I have a special leave to go to different places to vacinate people or give them check ups. I was in the middle of my last runs of the day, when a nurse wrote down an address for me to attend to. She said it was some big building where a bunch of men got stuck with rusty nails. So, I had to be super doctor and give them all tetanus shots. My shift was almost over, but I decided to go do it anyways…

My cab fare was paid for by the hospital already, so when I reached my destination I got out and walked up towards the building. I never actually been inside this warehouse before, nor have I ever seen it. I guess maybe they build auto parts, or some kind of scrap metal factory. None the less… these guys needed my assistance.

I approached a very large metal door, and looked at it in amazement. This was very high tech for such a small warehouse buisness! “Hello?” I asked the speaker coming out of the wall “Is anyone there? I’m Dr. Myers. I’m here to give out the tetanus shots to your injured workers?” I heard a voice from the other side let out a small laugh, then unlatch the door. When the doors came sliding open, I felt this very uneasy feeling about everything. At first it seemed rather safe and friendly… but when I got inside I felt as if there were eyes watching me everywhere, and the stench was so foul I had to take my jacket and cover my face.

I walked slowly, and was alert. I kept looking over my shoulder, and my breathing got heavier. The hallway seemed to go on forever, and I was scared it would never end. Once I finally got down to the end I stopped in front of a locked door. “Perfect. Just perfect… where the heck do I go?” I muttered, twisting the knob and pulling hard at the door. “HELLO?! Is anybody here?!” I shouted, banging loudly on the one locked door.

Right when I decided to just turn around and give up, a small black bag went over my face and I felt 3 different people grab at me and tie me up. “GET OFF ME!” I shouted, struggling to get free. But all I could do was just lay there, listening to their laughter. They then picked me up off the ground, and threw me into a wall, two of them holding me up while the other punched me over and over. He kept hitting me in the face, and in the chest.. I wanted to do something, anything… but I had no way of escaping. After they had their little fling with me, they tossed me on the ground and poured this bad smelling liquid on me. “Let this be a warning to you.” the voice laughed, but it was so disfigured to make out.Β 

I heard the scratch of a match go against the wall, and then it hit me, my body going up in flames. I pleaded, and screamed for them to make it stop, for them to put me out. I clawed at the ground, my hands tied tight, my legs unable to move. After which felt like forever, they took this hard cloth like material and started beating the fire out, chuckling and cackling as they did it. I was so weak, my body was hot and it felt charred all over. They dragged me out into the hot sun in 100 degree weather, and placed me by a dumpster. I couldn’t see… I could barely hear, and my conciseness was almost gone.

“Don’t ever mess with me again. You think your so tough? Look at you now!” the person growled, spat on me, then walked away. That was the last thing I heard before my entire world went black.

Bazel’s Point of View

My day off was HEAVEN! The movie was great, lunch was delicious and I found deals for some new clothes for E! I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.

I arrived home at around 2:45, 15 minutes before the twins got home. Cody should have been home by now, but I guess he had to do some extra runs. I walked into the house, and everything was quiet. I jotted up the steps to find the babysitter coming out of Ethans room.

She smiled at me “Shhh.. he’s sleeping.”

I looked at her in disbelief. Ethan was sleeping? He was actually taking a nap?! He was always up at this time of the day! How did she get him to do it?!

“T-thank you.” I stuttered still staring at her “Here’s $45…”

“Thank you Miss Terrey. Have a nice day!” she grinned, before walking away with her payment.

When I saw she was out of view, I ran into his room. I must have stood in the doorway for a good 10 minutes just staring at his chest rise and fall as he slept peacfully in his little bed. I eventually walked over to him, and picked him up placing his tiny head to rest on my shoulder. I could see he was recently fed, and that his diaper was clean… wow… they sure have a stupid name, but their service is outstanding!

As I placed Ethan back in his crib, I heard the front door slam shut. “Oh boy…” I whispered “Here comes trouble.” My twins were always so cranky after a long day of school, and I would often find them always bickering over the stupidest things.

“NO CALE! I grabbed the peanut butter first! GET OFF!” I heard Dagger shout, as I heard loud thumps and things falling. Ahhh… motherhood.

I marched down the steps, and walked into the kitchen. I stood in the dinning room tapping my foot, and crossing my arms. “What the heck happened in here! Theres peanut butter on the cabinets, and why is that loaf of bread all over the floor! CLEAN IT UP NOW!” I raged, pointing at all the messes.

“Mom! Dagger is just being stupid! I grabbed the jar first, and he tried to take it from me, then he threw the bread at my head and-” Cale went on trying to explain why there was such a big mess.

“I don’t care! You two are acting like little 5 year olds! You haven’t even been in the door 5 minutes and your fighting! I swear, if your brother wakes up your both grounded for 2 weeks!” I declared, pointing angerily at the both of them.

“Sorry mommy..” Dagger pouted, then went and got a dish rag from the sink.

“And do your homework after you eat. No games until then.”

“Yes mommy.” they agreeded in unison, and took their homeworks from their backpacks.

URGH! Sometimes I just wanna rip my hair out of my head, the stress they cause me!

Later on in the night, after everyone was sleeping, I sat on the edge of my bed waiting eagerly for Cody to arrive home. It’s not like him to just not show up at all. He was suppose to be home hours ago, and what’s worrying me more is that he’s not answering any texts or his phone. He’s been living here for almost two years, and not ONCE did he ever pull a stunt like this…

I kept pacing the floor as hours would pass me by, but still… nothing. The next thing I could think of was to call his work, I’m sure he’s just really buisness and got caught up in overtime. Everything is going to be alright… he’s just working.

“Hello this is Twinbrook Memorial, how can I help you?” the voice asked calmly.

“Yes, I was wondering if Dr. Cody Myers is there?” I asked, my nerves filling into my voice.

“Oh I’m sorry. Dr. Myers has been gone for over 8 hours now. Try back tomorrow.”

“T-thank you…” I replied, then hung up the phone. I slowly took it away from my ear, and let it drop to the floor. EIGHT hours?! I could feel the panic start to rise in me as my breaths shortened. I quickly phoned up the babysitting company and had another girl come over to stay with my boys. I was headed to the police department NOW. My Cody was missing!

I grabbed my car keys off the side table in the living room, and took off out the front door. I quickly got into my purple car, and drove down the road as fast as it would take me. I pulled up in front of the police department and jumped out of the car, leaving the door wide open and engine running. I went up the police department steps, and ran inside.

“Help!” I shouted in mid run, causing the lady at the desk to look up from her computer screen.

“Ma’am calm down, and tell me what happened?” she replied sternly, her face completely emotionless.

“M-my … boyfriend! He’s missing! He didn’t come home, he’s been out from his job for 8 hours, and he’s not answering any of my calls! He’s never done ANYTHING like this before! Please! You just have to have someone look for him! PLEASE!” I begged, as a tear fell from my eye sliding down my left cheek.

“Ma’am are you sure he didn’t just misplace his phone, or he just went out with some friends?” she questioned as she looked at me with doubt in her eyes. This lady didn’t believe me!

“I’m positive! Cody doesn’t just do stuff like this! Even if he did go out with his buddies, he would ALWAYS call and tell me where he was going, how long, and when he would be back! He just doesn’t do things like this!” I continued on, grabbing a tissue from the box in front of me and clearing my watered eyes.

“Alright… we’ll open a missing persons case and I’ll have some officers look for him tomorrow. I think your just overracting and he’ll probably just be home a little later.” she replied, going to her computer screen. Tomorrow?! He could be dead by then!

“Listen here you useless excuse for a law enforcement officer! When I tell you my Cody is missing, then god dangit he’s missing! Now get your little snobby butt up and call someone out there! I know all of you are just munching donuts and laughing away back there! My boyfriend could be dying, and if he did… it would be YOUR fault!” I raged, throwing my hands into the air, screaming in her face.

She sat there with widen eyes and her mouth hung open. Yea I bet no one ever stood up to her like that before! I don’t mess around when it comes to the people I care about!

“I-i’ll call it in right now, M-ma’am…. do you have a photo of him?” she asked her voice trembling. I nodded my head in agreement and sent over a picture from my cell phone.

“Now just go home, we’ll call you if we hear or see anything.” she said, still looking at me as if I was gonna bite her head off.

Officer Tee’s Point of View

I was in the back office finishing up some paper work when this messgae went out about a possible kiddnapping/murder. I got up from my seat abruptly and grabbed my partner telling him that we needed to go, NOW.

“Calling all units we have a possible kiddnapping in the area. Be on the look out for a caucasian male, red hair, 6″2, reponds to the name Cody Myers. I repeat, Cody Myers.” I shouted loudly into my walkie talkie.

The cop sirens were blaring all over the place in search for this man. We had no idea where he was or what happened to him. My partner and I had the idea to phone up his work and ask where his last stop had been. Luckily he did have an address he was asked to tend to, and so that’s where we headed.

Turns out the address was to the abandoned warehouse… just great. These crooks in here have this place so secure, and have so many get away routes it’s not even funny. Every cop knows this place is dangerous, but it was our job to make sure this man was found and brought back to his loved ones.

As we neared the building we shut off our sirens, and pulled up slowly. “You go one way, and I’ll go the other, we’ll cover more ground.” I whispered to my partner, who nodded in agreement. Once we seperated, I drew my gun and stood my ground as I walked around checking every corner of the place. They were always known to have dismayed bodies in the dumpster… I just hope this man didn’t have the same fate.

When I was just about ready to call it quits, I noticed an image in the dark. I got closer, my gun still drawn, and that’s when I saw him… laying there charred to a crisp. “Oh God…” I cried out, just staring at his wounds. “BUCKLEY! I got him!” I shouted for my partner, who dispatched a call over the talkies that the search was over.

I rushed over to his side, and took my fingers to his neck. I felt a very weak pulse, and his body felt so hot… “We need an ambulance over here stat! Were loacted at the warehouse on Simus lane! I repeat Warehouse at Simus lane! We got a severely injured burn victim!” I yelled into my talkie, then reached down to look over the man. I found a splot of saliva on his chest, and took out a cloth to keep the sample of DNA. I would be sending this to the lab later on for a test.

“Just hang in there buddy…. help is coming.” I sighed, trying to lift him from the ground with the help of my partner.

The sirens flooded the streets as they got closer. They brought along a firetruck just in case anything had happened, but cleary this man just needed some serious medical attention. Once the ambulance arrived they hooked him up to the gurney and started the oxygen tank, placing a mask around his face. I hope for his sake he makes it… I would hate to see another family go without a father…

Bazel’s Point of View

I went home and sat in my room and cried. By now my mother was over, sitting with me and holding me, telling me everything was going to be alright. I just didn’t understand! Where could he have possibly gone?! I was in the middle of talking to her, when all of a sudden Cody’s hospital cell went off… oh god… there’s an emergancy and he wasn’t here. I picked it and placed the phone to my ear “Hello?” I answered softly

“I’m calling for Bazel Terrey! There’s an emergancy burn victim coming in and we need your assistance NOW!” the nurse screeched

“Alright I’m on my way!” I replied, before hanging up. Why did they call Cody’s phone for me? Was it that obvious we were living in the same house now? I didn’t care though, this patient needed my help, and upset or not I needed to get down there. My mom agreeded to stay with the boys, and I jumped into my car and headed for the hospital.

Once I arrived I waited in the ER for the vict. I set up the monitor and got ready an IV, I was going to make sure we didn’t lose this guy.

“MOVE! MOVE! Everyone out of the way!” I heard the nurse shout, as I listened to him wheel the gurney across the hospital floor. He brought the burned man into the room and we lifted him onto the hospital bed. We started to clear away at his burns, hooking him up to an IV when I noticed who he was…. Cody! What happened to him?! I stopped in my tracks and started to cry. “CODY! OH MY GOD!” I screeched, tears pouring down my face. Plum had another nurse lead me out of the room. There was no way I was strong enough to handle this.

A few days had passed since that night and I had calmed down. Since I had my head back on straight, Plum let me help the doctors with Cody’s condition. We managed to tend most of his burns but his chest was still chrisp in certain areas, and he had banged up, burned cheeks, where it looked like they punched him badly.

It wasn’t until a week later when he finally woke up. I was doing my normal rounds when I walked into his room and saw him sitting on the edge of his bed smiling up at me. “By the way I feel… I’m guessing something very bad happened.” he laughed, then held his side in pain.

He got up from his bed, and limped over to me. His left foot was sprained pretty badly, but I’m guessing that wasn’t going to stop him from walking. Cody was always tougher than that.

I ran into his arms and squeezed tight “CODY! YOUR AWAKE!” I squeeled, my grasp getting tighter as each second went by.

He pulled me off of him and pushed me back. “OH GOD! That HURT!” he cried, clenching his fist and closing his eyes.

“Cody! I’m so sorry! I was just so happy to see that your alright…” I sighed, my face turning red from embarressment.

“Aww Bazel.. it’s OK. You didn’t know that I was in pain.” he smiled, loosening the grip in his fist.

“Yea I did! Who do you think waited on you hand and foot? Combing your hair, tending your burns, filling your IV… I did… I would come and stay with you for hours, making sure you were breathing, and hoping you would wake up.” I breathed, holding my one expression of sorrow on my face.

He stepped back in shock “Y-you did all that for me? Why?”

“Because… I just… wanted to make sure you were OK. For E, and for.. the twins.” I stammered, biting my bottom lip.

He grinned widely at me and laughed “You liar. Just admitt it… youuuu liikkkeee meeee.” he teased, poking his tongue out and crossing his arms.

“I-I-I… Nooo… it’s not like that… it’s uhhh..” I muttered, fummbling with the words in my mouth.

“Uhhh… errr… bbblleeehhh… it’s nothing! Your face is turning red! I knew it! I always knew it!” he laughed, shaking his head at me.

“Shut up! I don’t like you…” I yelled, staring at him with an angry glare.

“Oh yea? Well.. maybe this will change your mind.” he laughed, then reached in and kissed me.

I just couldn’t resist. I melted the second his lips touched mine. He was so passionate, and caring. I fought him off for so long, but I couldn’t do it anymore. Even though he yelped and whined if I grabbed at him too hard, he still didn’t let go. We stood there in each others presence kissing, and never wanting it to end. The only difference this time… was I ment it.

I pulled back and looked at him “I still don’t like you… Cody? I think… I love you.” I smiled, a tear falling from my eye landing onto his hand. He took his thumbs and whiped away the falling tears. “You don’t have to cry for me. I’ll always be here for you Bazel. I love you.”

Weeks later after everything was settled down with, and Cody was finally home, we held a private triple birthday for all three boys. I couldn’t believe my twins were going to be 16 and that I was actually dating again! When did this twist enter my life?

Dagger – New Trait – Hopeless Romantic…. ooooo ladies man ;D

Cale – New Trait – Genius … well that certainly is a twist on things!

And little Cody Clone… ermmm I mean Ethan. ;P His traits are Brave and Absent-Minded. Look, he has Flynn’s eye color ❀

Thanks for reading!


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    Yay finally a useful babysitting service!! YAY BABY WATCHERS!
    And aww poor Yoki. Still struggling by 😦 and now she has a little reminder of Flynn in her grandson. (Who, btw, is ADORABLE)
    Wooot the twins aged up veeeery well πŸ˜‰ Dagger annoys me a lot, but Cale is a little hottie! I love his eyes!!
    GO CODY! Something tells me he doesn’t have to sleep on the sofa for much longer πŸ˜‰ he’s such a caring father figure to the twins too :’) unlike someone *cough*DODGER*cough*. WHO, by the way, I believe had quite a bit to do with Cody’s attack… but we’ll see. ;D x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea Dagger has developed quite a spoiled attitude towards his brothers. He liked it when everything went his way, now he’s being a brat. Cale is the netrual one. Trying his best to keep to himself. E is just the awesome little cuite!! ❀ ;D I think Cale is the hotter one too, tbh lol. Yup Finally Cody and Bazel are a couple ❀ And IK! I was so shocked that she actually took good care of him this time! O_O He had all full motives and he was sleeping like a little angel<3.

      Dodger… *grumble* lol

  10. snapcarolina says:

    Dagger is SOOO cute! I thought that Cale would be the cute one but wow!
    And OMG for ethan. Coolest looking toddler everrr! πŸ˜‰

  11. sims2014 says:

    YAY Bazel and Cody are finally together πŸ™‚
    The twins are so cute and Ethan is adorable your right he is a Cody Clone i can’t wait till he’s older πŸ™‚

  12. mauisky says:

    Sorry I have had like “no” time the last few days. I shall read this as soon as I get up ans I really don’t want to do it the injustice of skimming through.

    I want to give it a full attention read πŸ™‚

  13. Lilith Kawanami says:

    Ethan is officially my new favorite!!! LOVE his eyes!!!! And they go very nicely with his hair! He’s going to break a LOT of hearts!!!

  14. mauisky says:

    Glad Cody turned out to be alright and I bet Dodger had something to do with all that the slime-ball!

    the kids aged up so well and it’s so nice to see a bit of Flynn in there πŸ™‚ Pooor Flynn ;'( he’d died never knowing his baby girl finally found happiness.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea Cody was alright ❀ Thank heavens. It would have been horrible to see him go 😦 Yea poor Flynn, it is ashame he didn't see his daughter find someone to love her. I bet he always knew it would have happened though ❀ He had faith in his little girl.

  15. tufulolo says:

    Oh My God that was the most romantic thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

  16. bored4ever says:

    lol i just wanna say i loved cale’s spongebob pj’s and i’m happy Bazel isn’t resisting her attraction to cody!

  17. Tabby :) says:

    YAY!! I found where I left off at! =D I remember everything now, I had forgotten how good this legacy was.
    Okay, I loved this chapter! =D
    I am soooo glad Cody is all well now. That’s soo sweet. =)
    I love Cody. Haha =)
    and the boys grew up to be cute! Especially Cale. XD

    • Spongey says:

      πŸ˜‰ Yea Cale is def. a favorite. Aw thanks so much Tabby, I’m glad that you like my legacy πŸ™‚ I try to keep it good.

      Cody is a sweetheart ❀

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