Chapter 2.10 – Curiosity Killed The Cat

Dagger’s Point of View

Everything has been getting pretty much back to normal over the last few months. Cale busy’s himself in his room, always sticking his nose in a book. Ethan is just… well… a baby, and Mom and Cody are always loving all over each other. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and just stay away from home as much as possible. It’s easier to just roam around town, doing what ever I want, and playing any sport I want without them lecturing me about it.

Since I started High school though, I managed to meet a friend. She’s the only one who really gets me, and her attitude is just… awesome. She doesn’t take crap from no one!

(A/n: This is my FAVORITE hair style ever made on a sim girl. ❤ It took me at least a week of searching the internet to find it….)

Everyone calls her Kitty. At first I thought it was just some childhood nickname, but actually that IS her name. Kitty Long. Today just like any other day me and Kit were going out, just to be away from our familes. I never actually met Kitty’s family… the furthest I got inside her house, was her front lawn.

“Hey Dag!” she smiled, waving at me as I walked up the path to her house “You ready to go?”

“I guess…” I shrugged, shaking my head.

“What’s your deal?” she spat, narrowing her eybrows and looking at me angerily.

“It’s just…” I started, rubbing the back of my neck “It would be nice to actually see the inside of my best friends house is all… we have known each other for at least 4 months, and you still just brush it off anytime I mention it. I mean come on! Unless you have hidden a dead body in there, or you have some portal to another world… I’m going in!”

(A/n: Sorry the wall was down! x_x)

“Dagger wait!” she gasped, trying to pull me back off her porch but I was too strong for her. I’ve been working out quite frequently lately… and it’s had a big impact on my upper body strength, that sometimes I don’t even realize it!

I flung open her door, and stepped inside eyeing the place all around. I turned to her and could see she had a nervous expression about something. Oh come on? Her house is small, but it’s not as bad as she proclaimed.

“Awww….” I sighed “And I was really hoping for the portal too…” I laughed, holding my stomach as if I enjoyed my own joke a little too much.

“Oh shut up!” she hissed, punching me hard on my right arm “You’ve seen it alright?! Now let’s just go…”

“What’s the big deal Kit?” I laughed “It’s just a house.”

It’s not the house….” she mumbled under her breath, then looked up at me. “Can we just leave?”

“Alright, alright!” I chuckled “No need to have a hissy fit! Ha ha! See what I did there?”

“Dagger your not even funny…” she glared, then rolled her eyes.

“Oh come on! Cute me a little slack… err.. cut. Heh…” I blushed, then looked around frantically “Oh look! A door! Let’s use it…”

“What ever…” she sighed, before heading outside. Geeze I was so close to slipping up! I mean I think she’s adorable but I know for a fact she doesn’t like me that way.

Usually we just hung out at the park or go and see a movie… but today we thought it would be cool to check out the beach. I’ve been here lots of times, but never with Kitty.

“RACE YAH!” I laughed, then jetted in front of her.

“Dagger! That’s not even fair you got a head start and all you DO is run… DAGGER!” she screamed, trying her best to catch up to me.

“Hurry up slow poke!” I teased, picking up the pace even faster.

Then in the middle of our “friendly” little race, she stopped full fledged, and screamed at me!

“I don’t have to take this crap! Who says I even wanted to race ANYWAYS?!” she yelled, turning in the opposite direction.”I’ll just go the OTHER way! I think I like it better anyways!” God she has such a fiesty personality! So hot-headed, if you ask me…

I stopped dead in my tracks, dirt and sand flying in the air, as I turned on my heels and headed in the direction she was going. “Oh come on Kit! I was only playing around with you!” I shouted, running towards her.

“No!” she yelled “Just finish your little race without me!” How can I race myself? Now she was just trying to get pity. Darnitt! She hooked me in everytime! I can’t refuse her! It’s like an impulse that pulls me.

I finally caught up to her, and spun her around to face me. “Kitty, I’m sorry…” I sighed “I wasn’t trying to get you mad at me, I was only having a little fun, that race didn’t mean anything.”

“Well…” she stated “You know I can’t stand losing… and besides, you never even gave me a heads up or nothing…”

“If you forgive me, I’ll let you beat me at fishing…” I smiled, pointing to the fishing poles and tackle box some old couple left laying there.

“Promise?” she questioned, glaring at me with a stern look on her face.

“Cross my heart and hope to die.” I laughed, tracing an “X” over my heart with my finger.

“Fine…” she muttered, then bent down and picked up the poles. “Here take this.” she stated, shoving it into my chest. Yow… Daggy likey…

“Fiesty one, aren’t yah?” I chuckled, casting my line into the water.

“Oh, you have no idea…” she smirked, doing the same.

I had to take a double take at where her line landed! It was a mere inch off the shore. “Ummm…. Kitty….?” I said, trying my best to hold back my laughter “I think you need to throw your line out a litttttle further.”

“Why?!” she snarled “Got a problem where I put my line?”

“Nope.” I giggled “It’s just I don’t think fish swim… there…”

“Ugh… fine then Mr. I’m-good-at-everything, I’ll recast it if it pleases you.” she snapped, pulling her line out and casting it out again “Happy?”

I just looked out into the ocean and laughed to myself “Only if it makes you happy. Then sure? Why not?”

I know she didn’t notice I looked over at her and that I saw her expression when I made my last remark… She smiled. I know she acts tough, but she’s just a softy on the inside… I know it.

Later on after Kitty “won” our little fishing game, we decided to sit down for some lunch, that we “borrowed” from some lady.

“You know we could get in trouble for this, right?” she giggled, taking out a bag of chips and munching on a few.

“So? What is she going to do? Take us to the police? Were only stealing her lunch… errr I mean borrowing.” I laughed, searching through the contents of the basket.

I stopped searching for a second and looked over “Hey Kitty?…” I started “Mind if I ask you a blunt question?”

Like what?” she questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“How come I hear you talk to your girly friends about a boyfriend, yet I never see you with him?” I said, then looked straight in front of me. For some reason when I ask personal questions I can’t stare at people in the face. I get really uncomfortable.

“What have you heard?” she asked, staining the side of my head with her eyes.

“Nothing much really. I just heard you say you had one.” I stamered “Not much after that.”

“Well… I…” she stuttered “Hey how bout these burgers?” she grinned, picking one up and taking out a huge bite. “Yummy!” I guess I really hit a nerve on that one. I mean, if she did have a boyfriend where was he? And if she didn’t have one, then why make one up? I guess she would tell me, if she felt ready too… I wasn’t going to pesture her if she felt unsure.

“Don’t be a cow! I want some!” I laughed nervously, then took the burger from her plate.

Your puns are terrible… seriously…” she giggled, then snatched it back.

Bazel’s Point of View

Even with everything that happened, Cody STILL insist on going to work everyday. He was only out for like 4 days after he got home, then it was right back to being super doctor again! Even with his banged up cheeks… which I love for some reason. It makes me think of how strong my baby is. It’s still werid for me…. calling Cody MY baby. Years ago I would have never seen myself in this situation. I guess Cody just slowly but surely broke down every single wall I had put up. It’s a good thing too… because I don’t regret it at ALL.

“Come on E. Time for someone to have their lunch!” I smiled down at my little wonder.

“Yay fwood!” he giggled, lifting his arms up to me.

I really enjoy the fact that I still have a hold on Ethan, and that I control what he does. I miss that with my twins… it’s so hard to tell them anything with out back talk or whining. There 16 for crying out loud! Sometimes they need to show a little more respect. Cale does help, when he feels like it though, especially with Ethan. Every since his birthday, he’s shown a rather attachment towards him, like Ethan is his responsiblity. Dagger on the other hand, is the total opposite! That boy doesn’t want to be anywhere near him! Or any of us for that matter… he’s always out with that girl, Cat or Kate or something like that.

“Pway momee! Teehee”

Well… I can control most of his actions.

Cale’s Point of View

Since my birthday, I’ve have this impulse to throw away my childish behavior and try and be more… grown up. If I’m ever going to get anywhere in this world, I can’t act like such a kid. My twin brother on the other hand… he’s a real piece of work. Always running through the city, doing what ever he wants, with his partner in crime; Kitty. That girl is just a stuck up, hot-headed jerk. Anytime I would even try to say hi or ask her how she was doing, she would blow up in my face! Dagger can have her…. no thank you.

“CALE!” my mom screeched from downstairs “Go get the mail, I’m feeding your brother!”

“Kinda busy mom…” I shouted back, flipping the next page on my book.

“I wasn’t asking you! Go get it NOW!”

“FINE!!” I yelled, throwing myself off the bed. Why couldn’t she just get it?

I stomped down the steps, and slamed the front door shut. I heard my mother scowl, as I headed for the mail box. What? I just didn’t feel like being bothered, I’m only human.

I sighed and rolled my eyes as I opened the lid, and looked inside. In there was a small white gift box, with my name attached to it. I opened it up and found a football, with a note.

Dear Cale,
Sorry I haven’t always been there for you. Here’s to a fresh start.

I looked over the letter a couple times, and spotted a return address. I’ve never actually seen my dad, and I was a bit curious as to who he was. Maybe later on, I’ll check this address out… but I think I should consult my mom first. There had to be a reason why we never seen him.

I walked into the house, and threw the football by the door.

“What was in the mail?” my mother questioned, lifting Ethan from his high chair.

“Oh nothing… just some junk mail, and flyers. I tossed them out.” I lied, reaching my arms out to hold E. I didn’t want to talk to her just yet… I was still debating if I should go myself first… just to see…

Ethan plunged from my mom’s arms, and into mine “Well I see who you really love.” my mom laughed, before walking out of the room.

“Kay! Wuv Kay!” he laughed, hugging my neck.

“And I love you too buddy!” I smiled, tickling his little tummy.

Even though to everyone, I seemed to be Ethan’s favorite… when it came to bedtime, it really didn’t matter. Ethan was a great kid, and was so loving. But when it came to sleep, this kid didn’t want to hear it! He wanted to stay up all night, and play with his toys.

“Alright, enough with the tears E… it’s time for bed.” I sighed, struggling to get him in his PJ’s.

“NO!” he screeched, pulling at my hair.

“No, no E! You don’t hurt big brother!” I stated, placing him in his crib. “Now go to sleep.” He tugged at my wrist trying to get me to take hime out, but I had to pull back. We tried giving into his small little cries, and his cute baby face before, and it only lead to a very cranky 2 year old the next day.

As I was still in Ethan’s room, making sure he was settled I could hear Cody on the phone, screaming at someone.

“I TOLD YOU 100 TIMES! Can’t you get that through your head? This is very important to me!” he shouted, clenching his fist near his head.

“What do you mean “We’ll let you know?” It’s been 2 months! Trust me this is the ONLY time I do business with you! *click*” he raged, slamming the phone down on the desk.

I creaked open Ethans door slowly, and peered out. Cody was standing there holding his one arm, and rubbing his temples with the other.

I walked over to him and tapped him slightly, causing him to jump.

“Everything alright, Cody?” I asked, concern spreading across my face.

“Yea.. everythings fine. Just some companys don’t know how to get your orders in on time….” he sighed, then rolled his eyes.

“Order for what?” I questioned, a feeling of confusion washed over me.

He laughed “Don’t worry about.”


“Cale it’s nothing! You’ll see later on anyways.” he smiled, then winked at me. Oh well.. guess it couldn’t be that important.

Just as I was wrapping up my conversation with Cody, Ethan came crawling out of his bedroom! How the heck did he manage to escape?

“No bed! No bed!” he giggled, trying his best to get down the steps.

“Oh no you don’t little mister!” Cody laughed, then ran over and scooped him up. “Babies need their rest.”

“Dadee…” he whimpered “No sweep… pease?”

“Your cute… too cute… but still, your mother would kill me if I let you stay up. I heard your a little bratty for her while I’m at work, if you don’t get your rest.” he sighed, while heading towards E’s room.

“I good!” he chirped, then clapped his hands together. Yea.. we’ll see about that.

It was nearly 10:30 when Dagger FINALLY arrived home. I was so sick and tired of him doing what ever he wanted, while I was stuck at home beckoning to our mothers commands. How come he got off so freaking easy?

“Dude? Where in the world were you?” I questioned Dagger, as he walked into the kitchen.

“I went to the moon. Turns out it’s not made of cheese.” he laughed, then slapped me on the arm.

“Your not funny Dagger. How is it that you get to run around the city all hours of the day, while I have to be stuck at home? Mom doesn’t even say anything to you….” I sighed, then rolled my eyes.

He took both my arms and grasped them in his hands, and shook me slightly “Lighten up little bro! I was just out having some fun. Besides? No one is techinally stopping you from leaving the house… I don’t know why your complaning.”

“Oh yea? What’s Ethan? And what’s all this mess? And what’s school work? The list is never ending. You think you can just forget about your responsibilties, and just F around?! Your just a lazy bum!” I growled, my blood boiling. I was just so angry that he thinks he can just come and go as he pleases!

“F around?! What are you talking about?! All I do is hang out with Kitty… I’m not a bum! If anyone should talk it should be you! All you do is whine at everyone and bury your face in the next Romance novel! Some love life you have.” he snapped back, glaring at me.

“Love life?” I laughed “Yea that’s real cute… you and I are both on the same level with that, pal. Don’t try and play me. You’ve never had a girlfriend, and neither have I.”

“At least I know a girl! Your best friend is your hand!” he shouted, clenching his fist as if he was ready to hit me.

“Yea that’s really mature Dag. Why don’t you go tell mom that one, sure she would love to hear that from “The Favorite Child”. I grumbled, turning my face away from his.

“What’s that supposed to mean!?” he yelled, pulling on my arm to turn me towards him.

“Do I have to spell it out?

“You know what?! Screw you!” he screamed, before stomping up the steps. GOD! Why did I get stuck with an idiot for a brother?! Even worse… a TWIN! He’s nothing like me!

Dagger’s Point of View

Cale all of a sudden thinks he’s higher than thou. I come home from having a lot of fun with Kitty, and I have to face my second mother. My real one isn’t even this bad! God.. why do I even have to put up with him?! And why did I ever want to share this stupid room with him!

“Good night… Cale…” I said through gritted teeth

“What are you doing moron?” he sighed, as he looked over at me, moving the bookshelf.

“Placing a barrier between us so I don’t have to look at your ugly face!”

“Your such a child. Why don’t you just move into Ethans room? Sure he’d like another 3 year old to play with.” he stated, before turning on his side.

“Sure he’d like another … bleh bleh… 3 year old… meehhhh….” I said, mimicking his last sentence. So what if I didn’t act 85?! I wasn’t trying to turn into an old man at 16.

I had almost had the bookshelf in place, when a binder fell out of it. Cales name was written across the front, and of course I wasn’t just NOT going to pick it up and scim through it. If my brother was keeping a diary, I just had to invade! It’s what I do best.

I picked it up off the floor slowly, making sure to keep an eye on Cale’s movements. I didn’t want Mr. Housewife seeing me with it. I quickly opened it up and scimmed through it. Basically it was just a bunch of “I ❤ Bobbi’s.” and “Cale + Bobbi = <3” Who the heck is Bobbi? Is my brother a fruit or something? The little love notes had my attention for a second, but what really caught my eye was this small letter addressed to Cale. The most interesting part was the person who signed it was our dad! Why would he send him a letter and not me!? Did he know I exsisted too? Did he even care about me?! I just had to find out! I searched the letter over, until I found the return address. “Here we go!” I whispered to myself “See yah Cale. I’m gonna take a little trip.”

Cody’s Point of View

It had been such a long and stressful day. There was so much overtime, and I was called in countless times, even when I was suppose to be on my “day off”. It was great to actually come home, and relax with my lovely girlfriend…. even if the twins were fighting.

“How was your day babe?” I asked Bazel, who had just climbed in next to me.

“Fine I guess…” she sighed “The boys have been at it for hours.”

“Yea I know… I went and looked in their room. It seems Dagger moved the bookshelf to the middle of the room as some kind of “wall.” I remember doing something like that with my brother! Hah… those were the days.” I laughed, placing my hands behind my head.

“Yea… but I hate seeing them like this. There brothers for crying out loud! I mean me and my sister had our differences at times, but we would never let it get this far. We loved each other, and were thankful for one another.” she sighed, turning on the hot tubs bubbles.

“Yea that’s the thing though. You and your SISTER. Guys and girls are different when it comes to forgiveness. Were thick headed and think were always right, and were too proud to say sorry. Girls are more calm, and sensetive.” I laughed, closing my eyes and laying my head back.

“Calm? There is no calm gene running through my body. I’ve always been a little bratty, and thick headed… probably where they get it. Plus look who their father is… good god… what a mixture.” she shivered, thinking about the image.

“Kids are kids!” I laughed “They’ll get over it. Let’s just forget about them for a second, and focus on us. I’ve had such a rough day, and would like to have a little fun with my girl.” I smiled, drapping an arm over her shoulder.

“Fun? So am I just your stress reliever?” she teased, splashing me with water. 

“No I meant I just wanted to cuddle with you, and maybe steal a kiss here or there.” I blushed, splashing her back.

“Awwwww that’s it? But I was really looking forward to “helping” you.” she smirked, reaching her hand down low.

“OH!” I yelped in excitement “Maybe warn a guy before you do “that”!”

“What? Super doctor no likey?” she giggled

“No… it’s n-not like that… it’s well…” I stuttered, my adrenaline still rising.

“Oh hush…” she smiled, then rested her head on mine. We sat there getting lost in each others eyes. “You know?” she started “I find battle wounds really hot.”

“Battle wo- oh.. you mean my cheeks?” I laughed, taking my hand and placing it on hers.

“Mhmm…. makes you seem tough.”

“I asure you I’m not… but I’m a great kisser.” I stated, leaning my head in towards her lips.

“Oh really?” she giggled, then reached in and kissed me. I guess somewhere in between their we got lost in the moment, and made love right in the hot tub. What a way to end such a mixed up day.

Cale’s Point of View

The next morning I got dressed and then glanced behind the bookcase. I noticed Dagger wasn’t in bed, so I just figured he was in the bathroom or something. I went into Ethan’s room and brought him down for breakfast, then sat at the dining room table and started up on the next chapter of the book I was reading. Right in the middle of that, Kitty comes barging in through the front door with an angry look on her face.

“Where’s Dagger?!” she screeched “He was suppose to pick me up FOUR hours ago!” Four hours? That’s like… 6 am? Where the heck were they going that early on a saturday?

Not even looking up from my book I sighed at her “Kitty… I honestly don’t know. He wasn’t in his bed this morning, so I thought maybe he was in the bathroom or maybe he went for a walk.”

“A four hour walk? Your joking…” she growled, trying to get me to look up at her. I really dislike this girl, and I’m not about to pease her. Even though it is werid that Dagger’s not here… where the heck did he go?

“I don’t know about you, but this is just not like him. When does he ever just run off?” she hissed, then crossed her arms.


Thanks for reading!


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36 Responses to Chapter 2.10 – Curiosity Killed The Cat

  1. firebart says:

    Kwel chapter! to amny things to say at this was what i was think when I saw the title “Noo not the cat! da** you Curiosity!”XD

  2. callierose says:

    OMG he totally went to go find Dodge, didn’t he? NO THE IDIOT!!!
    Hehe oh Cale.. still looking hot as ever – but who the heck is Bobbi? I am intrigued to see who my love rival is.. ;D
    Kitty is cayooot, but I think we know who wins the cuteness prize. ETHAN<3 that last picture of him is adorable, blesss. And his escaping from the cot, teeheehee. Clever boy(; x

  3. tufulolo says:

    AHH!!! Cliff-hangers!! omg if bazel gets preggo and has a girl you should name her Frey i think it’s a good name. and what is up with dagger? he used to be so awesome

    • spongeb0berz says:

      He’s being a teen. :] And he’s sarcastic because I think that the Good sense of humor traits make my sims sarcastic XD. He used to be a mommy’s boy, now he’s into being out of the house and of course girls. Lol Ethan is the last baby. Though I will keep that name in my head, I do like it for a girl. :3

      • tufulolo says:

        Yeah i guess your right but it seems like dag and cale traded personalities and kitty is a fire with gasoline in her hand lol

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea she is. It might seem like that because of Dagger running off, and Cale staying home.

  4. jaec52609 says:

    my word, wat has gotten n2 dagger? he was the goody two shoes nd now nd nd cale took each others places…..i wonder who bobbi is…..ethan is such a cutie…im so happy he has flynns eyes, they look so adorable on him

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol yea ❤ he looks cute with them. Cale isn't a goody two shoes, he just likes reading. He got mad at Dagger for not being home, because he's tired of his brother not being around to do things, that always get stuck on him. :3

      • jaec52609 says:

        i kno but it seems like they whiched personalities…..cale is the one who gets n tons of trouble not dagger……i wish dodge would leave them boys alone he wanted nothing 2 do wit them when they was babies now he wants 2 be part of their lives when theyre all grown up….wat a douche….sounds like my so called biological father (who i call a sperm donor)…srry i havent had time 2 mess wit my sims or put up a new chpt in the jenkinsons…had tornadoes n alabama nd my grandpa died, grandma broke her leg nd my lil sis’ dad got a head injury nd they say if he survives hes gunna have severe brain damage….nd a new baby was born on the 3rd
        its like wit every bad there is a good nd vice versa

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Awww I’m so sorry for your loss. :[ Yea I heard about the tornadoes… harsh stuff :/ – I know what you mean by the personaility swap. Cale was bratty for his mom, while Dagger liked to be a suck up. Now Dagger wants to be around Kitty, a girl, who has changed his attitude. Cale just needs to find the right person to change his bookwormish, indoor living. Plus he’s just using chores and work as an excuse.

        Well she might be… or she may not be. Thanks glad you like her. I worked on her for awhile ^_^

      • jaec52609 says:

        oh nd kitty’s a cutie…i can c y dagger likes her….ha shes tellin ppl shes datin dagger…i kno tht routine…i did tht 2 b4….lmbo

  5. firebart says:

    Yay I have time to wirte a real comment 😀 well to start dagger and cale arnt getting along and I wonder where dagger is. Stupid dodger just leave them alone! 😡 .
    Awwwww I hate cliffhangers…..even the mission Cliffhanger XD

  6. sariechiny says:

    Wow, talk about character change! d:
    Can’t believe Cale is being the sensible one now…and Dagger is a ladies man ohlala d:
    Aww…I feel sorry for Cody…but Ethan is still jst as cute! ❤
    Kitty is quite pretty…but she seems a bit of a hot head and spoiled brat…

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Hot-headed yes… spoiled?… meh I won’t spoil for anyone ;p Ahaha I guess you could say that Cale is the more mellow one, but a goody two shoes he is not. There now that’s all settled ;D. Ethan still has time to shine, he’s just a baby right now. :3 I have plans for our little brave dude.

  7. StarSarah says:

    I freaking love this legacy. You’ve done a great job. It has made me laugh so much and your characters are all brilliant. Cant wait for me xxx

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Aw thank you so much Sarah! Don’t worry I have pictures for another chapter all set up ^_^. Just got to write it, and there we go! =) Hah thanks! Ik I’m on a serious note with this legacy, but I do like to throw humor in there. It’s what i do best. ;D


  8. jeremina5 says:

    I like Kitty, but I wonder what she is hiding…
    Cale should have asked Bazel about Dodger the minute he got the box…now Dagger is going to get himself into trouble. :-/ What does that sperm donor have up his sleeve!? Glad you have all the pictures for the next chapter…maybe you will be able to get the next chapter our soon so MY curiosity will be appeased. 😀 Have a great weekend!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Hee hee I hope so too! I might start working on it tomorrow to have it out by that night. ^_^ Yea Cale should have… but he didn’t :/ One little thing can lead to another giant thing.

  9. Emy says:

    Uh oh indeed, Ethan. XD I hope Dagger doesn’t get into too much distress. At the same time, I wonder why Dodge contacted Cale and not Dagger.

    Also wondering who Bobbi is.

    Questions, questions~

    Great chapter. 🙂

  10. mauisky says:

    Kitty is so pretty and I am loving that hairstyle.

    Do I detect another child in the works for Bazel and Cody? Ethan in the crib just made me want to chub his cheeks!

    Unfortunately at the moment I can only catch up my reading on the weekends for the next couple of weeks so if my comments seem slow on each chapter that is why 😦

    Just waaaaay to much to do right now it sucks.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Hey it’s no problem ^_^ When ever you can. Ahaha yea I wanna pinch his little cheeks too. Sadly no, Ethan was the last baby :[. But hey you never know in the future after the Heir is held ;] I can always do it for kicks ;P

  11. skehrer says:

    Finally caught up! Yayyyy!!!

  12. Roxy says:

    I’m loving this legacy. Your chapters are long so it is taking me a while to catch up but I am loving everything so far. I added your blog to my Legacy Links.

    Would you please check out my new legacy? I’m on chapter 1.5:


    • spongeb0berz says:

      Of course I’ll check out your legacy! 🙂 Yea I know there long, but I just can’t do short. xD I have too much to tell. teehee. Aww thank you 🙂 I am glad your enjoying it!

  13. gomar6 says:

    Great chap. Need to really catch up though!!

  14. Aimee says:

    Dagger is the worst

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