Chapter 2.11 – Your Time Ends Now

Cale’s Point of View

Kitty was still standing there glaring at me, waiting for me to say the right thing, or to magically make Dagger appear.

“Kitty….” I sighed, closing my book shut “I will make sure to have him call you when I see him alright?”

“Fine!” she growled “I’ll just go home, and when he does show up… tell him he’s going to get a beat down for this!”

“Gladly…” I said, rolling my eyes. After I showed her to the door, I walked across the room to where my mom was sitting, laughing her butt off at some random show. “Mom?” I started “Where’s Dagger? He’s not in our room, in the bathroom… matter of fact he’s not in any room.”

She stood up aburptly “What do you mean he’s not in the house?!”

“Well… when I woke up this morning I didn’t see him at all. Kitty said he was suppose to meet her 4 hours ago to pick her up, but he never showed.” She just stood there for a second trying to take in what I said. I mean he was gone, but it didn’t mean he was dead or kiddnapped… she’s so dramatic.

“I’ll just double check… you probably missed him, and he went back to bed. Your just trying to scare me…” she murmured heading towards the stairs in a panic.

“Geeze mom… he probably just went out. You never cared before, why the sudden change?” I argued, heading towards the kitchen to get Ethan. I totally forgot I left him in there…. whoops….

Bazel’s Point of View

I stepped onto the staircase, and started to slowly climb the steps. Cale was right, I gave a lot of freedom to Dagger but… the way he put it made my stomach twirl with knots. It wasn’t the fact he was gone, but more of the fact of Kitty showing up, saying he was 4 hours late. She has NEVER done this before, and Dagger has never stood her up.

My hands began to shake and beads of sweat formed on my head as I turned the knob of their bedroom door. I hesitantly stepped inside to find two empty beds, and that’s when my heart sank.

“Okay Bazel…” I whispered, the feeling of panic rising “There’s no need to get all franic about this. He’s probably just… ummm… on a walk! Yea… just a walk. Cody probably saw him leave, he’s always up at that time! I’ll just ask him. Everything is fine…” I stated, agreeing with myself.

I walked into our bedroom, and slowly paced myself over to Cody. “Sweetie?” I questioned, in a hushed tone “You saw Dagger leave this morning, right?”

“No… I actually haven’t seen him since last night. Why? What’s wrong, Bay?” he asked, concern covering his face.

“Nothing… he probably just went out. I was just checking…”

“Are you sure?” he questioned, rubbing my arm.

“Yea. Don’t worry about it.” Of course I was lying… but I didn’t want to worry him. Honestly I didn’t want to worry myself! He would be back… right?

Dagger’s Point of View (The night before)

I was still so pissed off that our father -the man I’ve never seen since birthgave my brother a letter, and an address to where he lived! He had to have known about me right? He didn’t forget that I was his son too? I just had to know who he was, what he looked like, and why I have never seen him. I have a god given right to know all this and more! It’s the least this jerk could do for me.

I walked up to the front porch and began to climb the stairs. I didn’t even check to make sure the address was right. I just wanted my novel of questions answered, and I wanted them answered now! I waited to long for this. To long of sitting up at night in my bed, pondering on who he was, thinking about if he loved me or not. I was going to find out tonight, whether he liked it or not.

I forcefully approached the door, and rang the doorbell repeatedly. I didn’t care that it was nearly 12 am, he can wake up from his little slumber and talk. I stepped back when I saw the lights flick on, and a distinct shout coming from the inside of the house. Guess someone’s mad.

He flung open the door and snarled at me “What the?!” he screeched, casting me a dirty look. The only thing I could do was stand there in shock. I knew this man! I’ve seen him before…

He was that creep that came to my 5th birthday party and made my mom cry! All the screaming and yelling me and Cale heard from our room. How scared I was for her… not knowing what to do. It was HIM.

“YOU!” I shouted, my fast plastered in disgust “Your my FATHER? Your the idiot who has been ignoring us all these years, and the man who tried to hurt my mom? It was you all along!?”

“Dagger?” he cackled, then rolled his eyes sarcastically “You’ve got to be kidding me? I sent that note to your brother, and you show up? Well… I guess you will have to do.”

“Why did you send him that note, even though you knew about me?! Do I mean less to you? Did you forget that I was your son as well?! What does that mean anyways? What do you mean “I will do”?!” I raged on and on, my questions flooding out, one after the other.

“Oh my god! I can’t take it anymore! Shut up, and get in here!” he yelled, pulling me through the door and throwing me to the ground. “Now listen here…” he started, as I tried to pick myself up “Your going to keep quiet, stop asking so many freaking questions, and listen to my every command. Do you understand?” he stated, his staring eyes piercing my skin.

At this point I was actually quite scared. I didn’t expect him to pull me through the door and just throw me like that. Now he’s telling me I have to listen to what he says? What is he talking about!?

“Look…” I started “I was just trying to get some closesure. You don’t have to get all psycho on me! Sure I got mad, but… we can talk this through.”

“Shut UP! Don’t speak unless spoken to, you little brat! I’ve had it up to here with you already! I don’t want to talk, and I honestly don’t care about your crappy closesure. I only wanted Cale instead of you, because I knew he would make it easier on me.” he spat, narrowing his eyes at me.

“E-easier? F-for what?” I dared to ask, even though I knew I was already treading on thin ice.

“For my plan of course! Your going to help me with something Dagger… and in return… your freedom. Understand?” he laughed hysterically.

“ARE YOU NUTS?!” I boomed “My freedom!? What are you holding me hostage?! I’m your freaking son! What is WRONG with you?!” I knew it was risky yelling at him like I did… but I think my anger toppled over my fear. I wasn’t about to let my own father do this to me!

“You better watch yourself Dagger… I’m warning you now, don’t tempt me.” he growled, pointing a finger at my face.

“What are you gonna do?! KILL ME?! GO AHEAD! I’m not letting you hold me here against my will for what ever messed up crap you want me to do! I’m out of here!” I shouted, hurrying towards the door with what ever courage and strength I had left.

“Your gonna wish you never said that!”

That’s when he grabbed me and slapped me right across the face. He didn’t stop there though… he kept beating me and kicking me until I could barely breath. It got so bad that I couldn’t even stand up straight anymore. I curled up on the ground with him laughing, and still wailing on me. After awhile I blacked out… the pain was to harsh, and my body couldn’t hold on much longer.

I awoke to find myself thrown on the floor of a bathroom. Before I could do anything I tried to get out and run… but the one door to my freedom was locked. I tried kicking and hitting… but it was no use, I was too weak. I eventually walked back into the bathroom, and just stared at myself in the mirror. My face was banged up, my hair was cut and a differnt color, and I was wearing different clothes. I had no idea why he was holding me, or the sudden change in my look.

“Oh god….” I cried out to myself, a single tear sliding down my cheek. “I’m hideous…” As reality started to pour back into me, and numbness from being passed out over passed… I could feel the pain all over my body. I think my ribs were broken, and my ankles were sprained. My left wrist was killing me, and my back was covered in bruises.

What did I do to deserve this?”

Bazel’s Point of View (Now)

Everyone had gone out for the day, leaving the thought of Dagger not being home in the back of their minds. They weren’t worried about him, because he always went out… but… I know my son, and this just didn’t feel right.

After about an hour of watching E play on the floor, I was itching to do something about my son not being home. So instead of letting the idea pass even further, I called up a baby sitter for Ethan and left a note on the fridge that I would be back late.

I hopped into my small purple car, and took off for the police station. We never did get those results back from the case with Cody about that DNA sample they found. I was going to find out who it was, and see if it linked to the where abouts of my son.

I climbed out of my parked car, and walked into the Twinbrook police station. I was already tired of seeing this place. With it’s snooty receptionist, and it’s low class workers. They couldn’t even get a simple DNA sample to us… what is wrong with this town?

“Helloooo….” I said, in a sing-song voice “Remember me?”

The woman looked up at me and her eyes widened “Y-yes. How can I help you?” she stuttered, as she stood up slowly supporting her growing belly. She was pregnant? Wow where did the time go… “Umm… do you happen to remember the case with Cody Myers? They found a DNA sample on him, yet they never released who the person was to me or anyone for that matter. Once Cody was found, it seemed as if the whole thing was just dropped.” I asked, as she stood there listening attentively.

“No need to bother Miss Warner with that. I know exactly what your looking for.” the cop added in from the other side of the room. If they knew, then why is this the first I’m hearing of it?

“You know who did this?” I questioned, my face plastered in disgust.

“Yea. Just follow me into the back. I’ll show you the file.” he answered, signaling me to follow him as he started towards the door.

He reached down into his Drawer and pulled out a folder, and placed it on his desk. He skimmed through it for a second, then spun it around to face me. “This is the match we found to the DNA sample.” he stated, pointing to the picture.

Before I looked down at the folder, I glared at the office “If you knew, how come this person was never caught?! Or why wasn’t there a trial!?” I shouted, throwing my hands in the air.

“Miss Terrey…” he started “It wasn’t our faults. The sample results were tampered with, and we actually didn’t get them into our system until yesterday night! We put this case on hold until then. That’s why you haven’t heard anything. Our Apologies.”

“Well…” I coughed “You could have let me know last night. My boyfriend almost died because of that person. And with the results of everything he has permenant burn scars on his cheeks, that he has to cover with makeup, just so no one see’s…” And with that being said, I finally looked down. The results on the paper were a surprise… but at the same time they weren’t.

“I know this man!” I gasped, causing the office to flinch.

“You do? Do you know his where abouts?!” he questioned, eagerness rising in his voice.

“Yea… I do. But I’m still looking for my son, and I believe he has him. If we go about this the wrong way… he could get hurt or worse.” I gulped, the thought of Dagger being harmed caused my stoamch to twirl in knots.

“What do you proclaim we do then Miss Terrey?” he asked attentively.

“I have an idea…”

I called Cody before we left to tell him everything that happened. He was a bit worried for me, and disliked the idea I had hatched… but if I wanted to make sure Dagger was safe I had to do it. Of course the man that matched the DNA sample was Dodger… and even before I knew, I already knew.

The officer and I pulled up behind his house quietly. “Alright. I have attached the microphone under my shirt. If anything goes wrong, I’ll say “Mercy”, and if I found Dagger… well I’m pretty sure you’ll hear. Just listen carefully alright? I’m counting on you.” The officer nodded his head in agreement and I climbed out of the police cruiser. I slowly made my way up the steps, and onto his porch. “You can do this… you have to do this…”

He opened the door and our eyes met. “Well… well… what do we have here?” he cackled, while holding a grasp on the door. Here goes nothing….

“H-hi Dodger…” I muttered in a hushed tone “Can I come in?”

He stepped back, and showed me in with his arm. The second I walked in he slammed the door shut, and I spun around in a panic. “What are YOU doing here Bazel!?” he spat, his eyes narrowed towards me.

“I-I… I wanted to come to apologize to you…. for everything.” I choked, as the words left my mouth.

“Apolo- what?!” he screeched, the same disgusted expression still covering his face.

“You know… for everything that I’ve put you through. The court, the arguing… for leaving you.” I went on, forcing myself to get closer to him.

He shoved me back “Do you expect me to believe that bullcrap!? You’ve put me through hell and back! I told you I was always good for you… but you never listened. I know your lying… what do you WANT Bazel!?” he yelled, putting his hands up as a defence.

I threw my face into my hands, and forced myself to cry “I-I’m not l-lying! I’ve been a complete wreck without you in my life! I only pushed you away because I was hurting from… from… Cody. He never gave me the affection you gave m-me. I just want to be loved again! Even my own son left and I can’t find him!”

He stepped back, and dropped the angry look on his face. “Bazel…”

“I’ve always told you that I would take care of you.” he cooed “There was never a reason to leave me. Sure I slept with that girl the one time… but it was nothing. I always wanted you, never anyone else.”

I felt so paranoid. I was so scared that at any moment he would catch my act, and try to hurt me….

Apparently he didn’t though, because he snaked his arms around me and graped me in a touchy hug. “You don’t need that stupid Doctor.” he stated staring into my eyes “All you need is me baby.” God I wanted to barf as those words left his lips and hit my ears. They made my stomach turn, and my skin crawl.

After that being said, he pulled me in closer and forced his lips onto mine. I only stood there for a mear 5 seconds, but it felt like an entire life time. Three times I have to hold back my vomitt has his tongue swimmed around in my mouth. I kept my thoughts clearly on Cody, and tried my hardest to picture it as him.

After letting go he grasped my hand in his, and leaned his head towards my ear “Come on sexy…” he whispered “I’ve got an empty bed just waiting to be filled…”

At this point I was about to panic. There was no way I was sleeping with this man! Oh god… I thought Dagger was here! He just has to be! But I remembered if worse came to worst I would always call out for the police officer. No matter what… Dodger still almost killed someone, and the DNA was there to prove it.

My hand still entwined in his, he pulled me towards his room, and opened the bedroom door. “Alright… let’s take things to my favorite level…” he chuckled, looking back at me as he pulled me through the doorway.

We walked into the room, and my face turned a velvet red as my eyes caught site of what was on the bed.

There was Dagger nestled on the left side of the room, sleeping on HIS bed, in HIS bedroom!

I pulled my hand from his and cupped my mouth in shock. “Oh my god!” I screeched “You psycho! You stole MY son!”

“Oh crap.” I heard him muffle under his breath “Bazel PLEASE! It’s not what it looks like!” I knew my plan would work. He was so preoccupied with trying to have sex with me, that he forgot he was a freaking criminal. Almost killing my boyfriend, and kidnapping Dagger?! What is wrong with this psycho?!

“That’s not the first time I heard that crap!” I spat, as he tried to grab me. I pushed him back with all my strength, and ran towards Dagger. “GET OVER HERE! Your not getting away that easily!” he growled, as he tried to follow me. But the second he stepped an inch near me, the bedroom door swung open, and smacked him right in the head.

“YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT! Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in the court of law…” the officer shouted, starting to read off Dodger his Miranda rights. I was so caught up in the moment, that I forgot about the cop that fast… I’m so glad that he was listening in. If he wasn’t I could have been knocked out on the bed right next to Dagger.

“Get your hands in the air where I can see them!” the officer spat, as Dodger raised his arms, and got down on his knees. The officer walked around him, and cuffed him “Let’s go you scum bag… your looking at some serious jail time.”

Once I saw that they were out of view, I ran over to my son’s side and shook him on his leg “Dagger… wake up sweetie. PLEASE, DAGGER?!” I yelped, a tear sliding down my cheek.

Mom?” he coughed, trying to raise his head.

“Oh my god…” I cried out “What did that monster do to you?! My poor baby!”

“MOM!” he shouted once again, nearly jumping off the bed.

“Oh mom! It is you! IT IS! I’m so sorry mom… I should have never… I… Oh mom…” he sobbed, thrusting himself into my arms, and crying into my shoulder.

“Shhhh…. Dagger it’s OK.” I said, holding him tight, resting my head on his. I didn’t care what happened, I was just glad that he was safe and in my arms once again.

Cale’s Point of View

Earlier on in the evening my mother called and told Cody that Dagger was taken by our dad. It was such a shock to hear that! My own father? STOLE my brother? The idea of seeing my dad quickly washed from my mind, the second I heard that. I knew there was a reason my mother never had us see him… I’m glad I put more thought in it than I did about seeing him. I just hate that my brother could be badly hurt… or worse.

I phoned up Kitty and told her everything that happened. She quickly hung up on me, and darted for our house. She arrived 5 minutes after that, and we just sat on the porch the rest of the night talking…

“Your scared for him… aren’t you?” I questioned Kitty, who was staring at the ground in front of us.

She sat there for a second or two, then looked over at me “I guess…” she sighed “I… just don’t want to see him hurt…”

“Neither do I. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to him. I had the chance to chuck that stupid letter… but I didn’t.” I breathed, then held my head in shame.

“Hey…” Kitty started, placing a hand on my shoulder “It’s not your fault.”

Kitty’s Point of View

I kind of felt bad for Cale… I’ve never seen this side to him, but honestly I never gave him a chance to show me. Secretly I really liked him… but I just didn’t want to tell him. The only reason I gave him such a hard time was because of this. I melted as his sorrow for his brother spilled from his lips. I just wished I could grasp him tight, and kiss his soft lips…. but I just couldn’t. It’s not that I don’t have the guts too… it’s just… I couldn’t.

I still had my hand on Cale’s shoulder when I heard a distinct and familar laugh come from the driveway. “Did you guys miss meeeee? Dawwww!” he chuckled, lowering his head to laugh.

The moment I realized he was there, I snatched my hand from Cale’s shoulder and leaped off the front porch, charging towards Dagger. “Hey you!” I snapped “I’ve gone a bone to pick!”

“Oh yeaaaa?” he laughed, biting his bottom lip.

“YEA!” I growled “Don’t you EVER pull a stunt like this again! You scared me half to death! And look at you!? You look like you were mugged!”

“Oh just shut up.” he chuckled, pulling me into a tight embrace. I really liked Cale… so hugging his brother like this felt a little werid. I mean.. Dagger was cute, but he was my best friend. I couldn’t see him as anything romantic.

I forced myself out of his grip and just glared at him “Make me a promise right now, Dagger Terrey! Promise you won’t ever do anything like this again!”

“Yeaa… yeaa.. I promise.” he laughed, crossing an “X” on his heart sarcastically.

“Guys…” Cale called over “Can we please just go inside now? I’ve been sitting on this porch all day, and my neck is KILLING me!”

“Alright you big whimp.” Dagger teased “Let’s go inside before you fall apart. It’s not like I’m all beat up and broken or anything….”

“Oh shush up Dagger…” Bazel laughed “Cody and I are gonna look at you now.”

“ your momma!” I giggled, then punched him on the arm.

Just as we all were about to head up the front porch steps, Ethan pulled lose of Cody’s grip and ran out onto the porch “Daggy! You home!” he screeched, a little tear sliding down his cheek. My hear went out to him right there as we all did a group “Awwwww…” I guess Dagger was missed more than he thought. He really should give his little baby brother chance… just look at that face!

Thanks for reading!


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49 Responses to Chapter 2.11 – Your Time Ends Now

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    I’m glad Dagger is okay, at least for the most part!
    Dawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! E is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!! He’s got my vote already!!!!!!

  2. firebart says:

    Aww thats a sweet ending But I cant belive how messed up in the head Dodger is at first I just thought he was love sick but now……. I cant beliver it was Dodger who burned Cody…….. This was a SHOCKING chapter! Aleast It has a good ending 😀

  3. sariechiny says:

    Oh, I had a feeling it was Dodger who beat up Cody…and then he took Dagger?!
    That man really needs to learn a lesson…I’m just glad he’s been caught now…finally (:
    Ooh…do I see something going on with Cale and Kitty? Maybe…
    But tbh, I don’t really like Kitty…maybe there’s someone else in Cale’s life already! (:
    Oh, who is that Bobbie in the previous chapter anyways???

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Bobbi is another chapter 😉 Yep finally got what he deserved. Well that’s OK if you don’t like Kitty. There’s a reason she is the way she is. But yet again another chapter 😉 I’m got ideas swirling around, don’t worry everyone will find out evenutally 🙂

  4. StyxLady says:

    Glad Dodger’s finally been put in his place, the psycho!

  5. jeremina5 says:

    I’m glad Dagger is safe! And, I’m glad Dodger is an idiot…. How did he forget Dagger was in there?
    Great chapter! I wonder where you are taking this Kitty crush… 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I’m full of idea 😉 Oh that just made me laugh so hard XD “I’m glad Dodger is an idiot.” Well he was preoccupied. It was Bazel’s plan, so she could snoop around without him knowing. She didn’t think that he would try THAT with her, but good thing he did! The dummmy…

  6. callierose says:

    Ooh Cale and Kitty look strangely good together… but who is BOBBI!?? I haven’t forgotten Bobbi!
    Ethan’s face in that last picture is actually heart-breakingly adorable, look at that faaaaaaaace!
    Dodger is SUCH a nasty piece of work, I’m so glad they finally busted him! And arghhh Dagger, that’s what you get for sneaking out without telling anyone. That boy…. :L at least he’s safe now 🙂 Is there going to be an heir vote in a few chapters? I’m stuck between Ethan and Cale atm… My vote will sway depending on quantity of sexy/smoldering pictures, just letting you know 😉

    • spongeb0berz says:

      All in good time Callie, all in good time. ;P I told you! When I saw him walk out there (by himself might I add!) I saw his Face and I littereally melted! I was like: AWWWWWWW! Yea Dagger is just an… ughhh… Lol. Yes I want there to be, but right now Ethan is still very small and I have some points to get across before anyone votes. Yesh yesh Callie<3 Lots of Smexy pictures for you ;P

  7. wolfmania98 says:

    YESS!!! FINALLY DODGER IS ROTTING IN HELL LIKE I TOLD HIM TOO!!… Well, prison, but close enough 😛 I LOVED that last bit. “Daggy! You home!” Too cute. I ussed to prefer Dagger, but I’m starting to fall in love with Cale…

  8. Emy says:

    Ahahaha. Fail, Dodger. Fail.

    Poor Dagger. I wonder why Dodge cut his hair and changed his clothes. Creepy.

    Great chapter. I had a feeling it was Dodger who burned Cody.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Well he was going to use him for something, I didn’t mention what because it wasn’t important anyways. The main point was that Dodger let his…. ermm.. lustful side, yea I’ll go with that, get the better of him. Forgetting he was a moron, and had took her son. Fail for Dodger Win for Bazel =)

  9. jaec52609 says:

    im so happy dagger is ok……dodge needs 2 get the lethal injection or the chair…..maybe some prisoners mite make him their b!#%&….lol E is so cute….now i c y kitty dnt kiss dag…shes got a thing 4 cale….awww….now who is Bobbi?

  10. tufulolo says:


  11. bunnypunk says:

    Ethan is so cute! Why did fate have to take Flynn and not Dodger, I’m glad Dagger’s ok

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Idk :/ I really do miss Flynn it sucks that no one could save him. I could have left without saving, but it would have made me lose ALOT of data. I can play like 3 hours straight and not save until I get off.. :/ Dodger got what he deserved, and yes Dagger is ok. Ethan is amazingly adorable ❤ I love my little Cody clone.

  12. sims2014 says:

    YES Dodge is finally going to jail its about time. I sense some sort of love triangle/square between Cale, Dagger, Kitty and the mysterious Bobbi. oh and that last pic of Ethan was absolutely adorable 🙂

  13. EstherDelanoLegacy says:

    Hey Songeob 🙂

    I just found your legacy. So far, I think it’s wonderful! I’m still busy catching up, but from what I’ve seen, I can tell I really like your writing style. I love how it gets better and better, and how you try to make it perfect every time.

    I would love it if you would check out my blog:

    It’s an ISBI, so more the ”funny” style. I hope you like it anyway 🙂

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    Loving Daggers new look but so sad that Dodger was such an ass to him.

    Damn you Dodger you are so horrible!!!!

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    Ok I kind of like Dagger now. Cale is bae. Dodge is horrible. I liked him but now I don’t. I still dislike Bazel. But Cale is something else and if Kitty thinks she can have him she has a problem. Jk

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