Chapter 2.15 – Escape Route

Kitty’s Point of View

I couldn’t believe that he actually showed up at Ethan’s party, of all places! I’ve tried so long to keep my relationship with the Terrey’s a secret from him, but he always seems to find me. No matter where he takes me, he never lets me get close to anyone. He’s always afraid that I’ll find my mother, or that I’ll tell the police what he does to me and Jayla. I never even said anything to anyone! Why does he always find out?! WHY?!

“KITTY!” he boomed “How many times have I told you?! School, home, bed. That’s it! Why do you always cause me havotic in my life?!”

“Daddy please! I-I was j-just trying to make some friends for once.” I stuttered, as my stomach twirled in knots.

“I don’t give a crap what YOU want! Your my daughter, and you do what I tell you!” he screamed, as everyone stood quiet. They were probably just as scared as I was…

“Dad please don’t take them away from me! PLEASE!” I begged, as a tear slid down the side of my cheek. I didn’t want to leave any of them! For once in my entire life I actually had someone to call family. I’ve never had any of this good stuff that Cale and Dagger have. It’s always been me and Jayla, traveling everywhere, doing my “fathers” dirty work.

“KITTY! I’ve had it up to hear with your crap! Now come on!” he shouted, turning towards the entrance.

“NO! I don’t want to go with you!” I choked up through my tears. I know it was so stupid to talk back to him. God why did I do it?!

He came closer to me, and thrust his body against mine. He grabbed my arm, and leaned into me and whispered “Come now… unless you want what Jayla had last week.” He’s always threatened to do that to me, and I’ve always got to the point where I was so scared, I just did as he told me. I hate my step father! I just want someone to save me from this world of hate, and destruction.

Ok…” I sniffled, as he let go and smiled at everyone. “Sorry to disturb your party. I just told my daughter that I wanted her home tonight, and she didn’t listen. Kids!” he laughed, before pushing me towards the door, growling the whole way out.

Ethan’s Point of View

I felt sick to my stomach. Here we are having a great time, then this creepy wanna be shows up and starts spazzing out. I don’t know about the rest of them, but I could see right through his cheezy smile, and fake laugh. He wasn’t fooling me. Something is really off…. way off.

I turned to Dagger who was sitting next to me “I don’t trust him, Dag. Something doesn’t feel right.” He nodded his head in agreement “I know what you mean…”

Dagger’s Point of View

As we headed home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Kitty. She seemed so afraid, and hurt. I seriously wanted to take that guy on right then and there! But.. I wasn’t trying to be stupid, and beat up a full grown man, with some serious upper body strength. I just didn’t understand? Why would he make her go home? Why would she PLEAD with him not to stay, but to keep us as friends? What does that man tell her? I know he isn’t her real dad… something just isn’t right!

As I laid about, my mind still trailing off about tonight, my cell phone flashed into life. I picked it up and read the ID. “Unknown.” I wasn’t sure if I should answer it… but I did anyways. “Hello?” I asked, listening intently for the other voice. For a couple seconds I didn’t hear anything but small coughs and sniffles. “Is someone there?!”

“Dagger? Oh god… I’m so glad I remembered your number and that t-this phone works. I-It’s Kitty.” she cried, her voice low and shaky.

“Kitty?! What happened?!”

“He… he hurt me…. Dagger please he’s trying to take me away from Twinbrook! He wants to move me and Jayla again!” she choked, and I could hear the terror in her voice.

“Kitty are you OK? Do you want me to call the cops? Should I get you to a hospital!?” I screeched, rage starting to swell up in me.

“NO! Don’t call the c-cops! If he even hears a siren he will grab us both and get out.” she sniffled, as her voice broke.

“What should I do? I have to help you!”

“He left about 5 minutes ago to go do something before we leave. You have to help me and Jayla escape! Get Cale! Tell him it’s urgent! Please Dagger… I just can’t live with this monster anymore… I’m counting on you.” she said, before the line went dead.

Oh god… please let her be OK.”

I darted up the stairs, and charged into our bedroom. I flicked the light on and ran over to Cale. “WAKE UP!” I shouted, shaking him hard.

He jumped up, and threw the covers off of his body. “AHH!? WHAT HAPPENED?!” he shouted, looking around the room with widen eyes.

“Cale..” I sighed, but was cut off by his screams.

“What is wrong with you!? You nearly gave me a heart attack!” he shouted, throwing his arms in the air.

“Cale you don’t under-“

“Dude you ever pull something like this again and you’ll be sorry! Why did you do it anyways?!” he screeched. Everytime I tried to get a word in he would cut me off with more insults! Good god! He really isn’t one to be woken up….

“Cale calm down! It’s about Kitty! She’s in danger!” I finally cut in, and his mouth closed shut. “We have to get her out of that house, before her step dad get’s back. He hurt her Cale… her and some other girl. There trapped there.”

“Are you sure?” he gasped, looking at me with fear in his eyes.

“More than ever… She called me in a panic, and told me to get over there. Come on!” I stated, throwing him a t-shirt, and heading for the door.

Before we had the chance to take one step out of the room, I ran smack into Ethan. “DUDE!” I shouted, rubbing my arm where we hit.

“I wanna go with you guys.” he stated, staring at the both of us.

“Forget it Ethan. Your staying here. I’m not having my kid brother get hurt.” I demanded, trying to push him out of our way.

“I’m not a kid Dagger! I’m 16 years old for crying out loud! Stop treating me like some baby.” he growled, blocking our path, persisting he come.

“FINE! But if you get in trouble, it’s not my fault.”

“What ever…” and with that we were on our way. Of course mom and dad were nestled in there beds and had no idea what was going on. But this was something you just couldn’t involve parents in…

We arrived at the house in a mere two minutes. We gathered around the front yard, trying to think a plan through “Alright” Cale started “Dagger you check around back, Ethan you try the front door. I’m going to stand watch, and signal you if I see him coming, alright?”

“Come on Cale…” Ethan sighed “You know that door is gonna be bolted shut. This guy is a wack job.”

“Just try!” Cale demanded, and pointed to the front porch. I rolled my eyes at them, and took off for the back of the house. There had to be a way in…

As I rounded about the house, I came across a small black window. “I bet there in there…” I whispered to myself, as I grabbed an old lawn chair and propped myself ontop of it.

I peered inside, and sure enough Kitty was curled up on the old bed. I knocked at the window, causing her to jump. She ran over to where I was and pointed at me “Dagger… you need to hurry up! He’s gonna be back any minute!”

“Were trying! Cale is keeping watch, and Ethan is trying to get through the front door…” I sighed, trying to hold back the tears when I saw her face.

“Come on! Climb through the window!” I stated, trying to open it up.

“That window is bolted shut…” the girl -who I learned was named Jayla- replied.

Kitty turned to her “We have to at least try again Jayla! Please! I don’t want to be here anymore.” she cried, as they both used all there strength to push against the window. No use.

Ethan’s Point of View

I ran up to the porch and grabbed the knob on the door. I shook it as hard as I possibly could… dangit… no good. I tried kicking it a couple times, but that door just wouldn’t budge!

When all else failed, I went and grabbed one of the neighbors patio rocks and swung it forward. Bashing the handle over and over.

“Come on you piece of crap! Open up!” I shouted, and swung it one last time. The knob busted off, and I kicked the remainder of the door open.

“I GOT I!” I screamed, as I walked into the old house. Cale ran around to the side, and grabbed Dagger telling him that I was in.

I cracked open the second door the same way. “Your hero has arrived.” I laughed, putting up my muscles. I know it wasn’t the greatest time to be goofing off, but I had to lighten the tension in this room. You could freaking cut it with a knife.

“Oh thank god…” Kitty sighed, rubbing her face in relief. The other girl standing next to her swooned “You really are my hero.” I was only kidding… but hey, why not?

The red haired girl walked over to me, “So I guess this makes you my knight in shining armor?” she giggled, twirling a piece of her hair.

“Well… I guess so. Does this mean I get to kiss yah?” I laughed, which caused Kitty to groan.

“Umm hello? Yea… we only have like .. no time to get out of here! It really isn’t the time to be flirting!” she grumbled, pushing us both out the front door. Hey I just saved this chicky, I deserve a little flirt action. Espically from a hottie like her!

When we finally made it to our house, we were all exshausted yet no one could sleep. Our parent’s were fuming as we made our way through the door at 3:45 am. We told them everything that happened, and surprisly there whole attitudes changed. They actually felt so sorry for Kitty and Jayla… asking over and over if they wanted them to phone the police. Kitty told them no, as did Jayla. At least my parents are doctors, and could check them over without leaving the house. Jayla was alright, but Kitty… she had brusies all over her back, and her face was beaten pretty badly as well.

“Soo… I didn’t catch your name?” she said, as she sat down next to me.

“It’s Ethan, but everyone calls me E. I’m not sure why… something about it being easier for them to remember my name… I don’t know.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes at me “Well E, it’s really nice to meet you. I’m so glad you got us out of that house. I’m not sure how much longer we can stay here before he finds us… but it’s good to know were safe… for now.” she sighed, lowering her head.

“Hey it’s alright.” I smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder “No one is going to hurt you ever again… we won’t let him… I mean, I won’t let him.” She looked up at me, and grinned. I could tell that my words were really helping her to cope. I just felt so bad for her. I can’t imagine what she’s been through.

“You mind if I wrap my arm around you?” she questioned, her two auburn eyes staring into mine.

“You don’t have to ask, I would really… like that.” I smiled, as my cheeks flushed red. I’ve never been this close to a girl. I’ve had a little crush when I was in school, but… never had the guts to say anything. I’m glad I waited.

“Yah know?” she giggled “Your even cuter up close”

“That’s cause I’m like 200 years younger than all of you guys…” I sighed, looking away.

She pulled my head back to face hers “The younger ones are better anways.”

Cale’s Point of View

This has been the most fear wrenching night of my life. I thought what I did with Bobbi was scary, this tops that 3 times over! I was just so happy that we managed to get them out, and into our home. That man deserves to go to jail. Who know’s? Maybe him and my dad can be jail mates… talk trash to each other all day.

“Cale… thank you so much. I don’t know what I would have done if he took us away again. I just can’t stand not being around y- I just… would have been really upset.” she sighed, looking everywhere but my face.

“Kitty, my heart almost dropped when Dagger told me you were in danger. I had to keep my cool because I thought I was going to have a panic attack!”

“Y-you did? Why?” she breathed, her eyes shining as they stared into mine.

“Kitty… this is really hard for me to say. But I have to tell you…” I replied, closing my eyes and turning my head away from her.

“Tell me what?” she questioned

I took both of her hands in mine, and let our eyes lock. “Cale? What… what are you doing? What do you have to tell me?”

“I love you.”

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39 Responses to Chapter 2.15 – Escape Route

  1. StyxLady says:

    Intense! I really hope Kitty’s step-dad doesn’t find them, but I’m sure the Terry’s won’t allow him to come near the girls again. Yay for the Three Musketeers and their hero’s rescue! hehe.

    Off to vote!

  2. firebart says:

    i knew that guy was bad it remids me of screw and missy

  3. wolfmania98 says:

    I had a feeling that that man was her father. I felt sooo sorry for Kitty. Thx for the half naked sleep wear ;P. Jayla and E are cute togther. And finally Kitty and Cale make it official.

  4. callierose says:

    AWWW that shot where Cale’s closed his eyes and is looking all shy…. AWWWWW *nomnomnom*
    I had a feeling he would be an abusive step-father (or adoptive father for some reason. I did think Kitty was adopted for ages). That’s horrible!! No wonder Kitty didn’t want Dagger in her house that time..
    Jayla and E = ❤ "the younger ones are better anyways" d'aww :')
    Anyway, time to vote!!!!!!! x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea he did that himself! He’s so expressive, I barely use animator on him at all. 🙂 Yea I didn’t reveal it til the end, because that’s for a new storyline 😉 If I did it this generation it would have took the spot light off Bazel, and she was the heir. Yea Jayla was love struck by the little cutie who helped her escape 🙂

  5. Emy says:

    Aww. Boys to the rescue! ❤

    I do think they should go to the police. Get him locked up like he deserves!!!

  6. snapcarolina says:

    Daww! Amazingly adorableness.
    I had a bad feeling about that guy -.- how awful! I feel so bad, but you did a great job writing about it!
    E+J= *spaz attack* soooooo cuteeee.
    Happy for KittyCale too<3

    Time to vote!!x

  7. mauisky says:

    Sorry I could have sworn I commented buy guess I never hit “post”

    I felt so terribly sorry for Kitty and her truly horrible stepfather, I am so glad that the guys rescued her and that Cale finally got his head on straight and made things official 🙂

  8. jaec52609 says:

    awww E gots a girlfriend lol…..aww cale tld kitty he loves her… so happy, but jealous…….im happy they saved them….i hope tht evil man dnt find them

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea… but something she is still hiding. Why would she refuse for them to call the police? Yea Ethan was always gonna be able to find a girl fast, because of his personaitly. 🙂 Ahaha yea Cale really seems to be the favorite of all the girls 😉 Ethan is my personal favorite, but that’s just cause he looks like his daddy. And I LOVE his daddy 😉

      • jaec52609 says:

        ur not the only 1 who loves his daddy…lol E is my favorite 2

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Oh cool! 🙂 I love my Ethan ❤

      • jaec52609 says:

        well she broke daggys heart, then she stole cales heart without him knowin, nd then tht happened (we all know wat *tht* means lol)….wat else is tht sneaky devil hiding…..i hope she didnt get knocked up by her step-father….thtll be gross…i wonder where her family is nd if theyre even looking 4 her……*sigh* something i guess i have 2 wait on…..*stares at computer hitting refesh every two hours* im waiting…i want 2 kno so bad its killin me…lol

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Ahahah I know! neener neener ;P Oh god … that would be terrible! But no, that only happened to Jayla once, and she’s not pregnant. Kitty like she said, was threatned. Only the upcoming chapters will we see if Kitty finds her family… and the history behind everything! Well… only if Cale is heir 😉

  9. jaec52609 says:

    nd jayla better not b playin with my Es feelin….cuz then id have 2 come 2 ur house, make me on ur game nd have my simself kick her butt….lol

  10. sariechiny says:

    Aww that was so sweet what Cale did ❤
    I knew that guy was trouble…I wonder why he adopted them in the first place…
    E seems to have found some love too….(: This is getting interesting…;D
    I feel sorry for Dagger though, he has no one to love )':

  11. marissa3 says:

    Poor Kitty! I hope he gets what he deserves!
    Great chapter, you’re such a good writer! x

  12. Mira says:

    Yay, finally explanations to why Kitty is so secreative!
    Young teen love ❤

  13. nahshona says:

    Oh my poor Kitty! First she’s humiliated and insulted by Bobbi and then she’s abused by some punk! I hope the police do catch him and put him under the jail when they do.

    Well I guess Cale really does love Kitty after all. What a sweet ending to a fearful night. I’m glad Cale is going to be there for her now. She needs all the support she can get.

    And look out ladies Ethan is on the prowl. He and Jayla are cute together even if he is 200 years younger than them, lol. I have a feeling Ethan is going to be the prankster of the family when you install Generations.

    Fantastic chapter. I was on the edge of my seat hoping the stepdad wouldn’t come back. I’m so glad they got away safely. I’m hope it stays that way, but something tells me this isn’t over.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      It never is over for me, is it? 😉 Ahhh yes… Generations. It’s sitting right in front of me now actually… staring at me … such an evil game. I want to install it but im afraid too… so many people having problems, and Twallan hasn’t updated all of his mods yet! D: I’m waiting on him. Haha I can’t wait to see what I can do with generations… yea poor Kitty 😦 so abused.

      • Nahshona says:

        I know. It wouldn’t allow me to install anything from the launcher. I could put the mods folder in, but it kept giving me a weird error message so I just left everything out for now. I’m waiting on Twallan for updates as well 🙂

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea… ughhh… I just wish he would hurry up! I wanna play my new gaaaame! XD

  14. callierose says:

    Just casually re-reading… as usual.. and just noticed – WOAH, you’re nearly on 20000 views! Better celebrate it by ummm idk, CLOSING the heir poll?? I barely have any nails left to chew in anticipation!!!
    Plus umm.. kinda wanna see pink-haired babies(: a lot. So Cale… PLEASE WIN ❤ x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol thanks Callie. Yea I am gonna close it tomorrow! So you can keep checking back to see ;D I KNOW! I just hit 19k YESTERDAY! Holy crap! I never got almost 1k in 2 days! O_O I will celebrate.. tomorrow ;P

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