Going Away…

Hey everyone just wanted to let everyone know that I am going away from today-Mon. (No not vacation. D:) I’m helping my uncle with his spawns(lol), so.. no chapters for a little while ;(


Sorry guys..

Thanks for everything though,



About Jax

"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them." - Mitch Hedberg
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9 Responses to Going Away…

  1. callierose says:

    Missing you already 😉 ❤

  2. Roniyin says:

    AWWWW miss you hope your uncle feels better 😉

  3. firebart says:

    😦 well we will cya in a bit

  4. Emy says:

    Have fun with uncle-spawns! 😀

  5. jaec52609 says:

    awww dnt be like murder from ur other legacy wit the spawns lol…have fun, but not 2 much fun cuz ill be jealous lol (thts my sayin)

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