Chapter 3.9 – Secret Saver

Kitty’s Point of View

I guess you could say life progressed on in our home like it normally should. Cale and Jake were always working, while I was stuck home with the 3 monsters. Not that I’m complaining but it would be a lot easier on me if I wasn’t carrying our 4th child. It came as a huge shock to us all, considering the fact of everything that happened to us. Our doctor told us just because we lost a baby, doesn’t make it impossible to conceive another. You never really think about it that way after a child is taken from you, but… it did happen. I swear this is the last one. No more little trouble makers for me! Cale doesn’t know it yet, but his “friends” are going away for good!

Now onto the subject of our kids. In the short time the twins have been with us, they have developed their own little personalities. Gaven, – or as I call him my little “Chub” because of his cheeks – is a messy little guy who thinks playing is more important than basically everything.

“Momma boat?” he would squeak, showing me one of his many toys.

“Yes my little Chub-Chub. Now how about you give me the boat, and clean up all the toys you put on the floor?” I would always try to teach him to be neat, and place toys back where they belonged, but he would just ignore me and carry on playing.

(Gaven’s traits are Childish, and Couch potato.)

Our little Heather was a complete different story in itself. She was an adventurous little girl, and often thought that what ever she did wrong, would brush over easy with us since she was so spoiled by Cale. I hated it SO much that Cale babied her. Just because India died, doesn’t mean you replace her with Heather! I’ve tried numerous times to talk to him about it, but he just doesn’t want to listen. He thinks I’m nuts, but just wait until she’s older and lashes out on him. Then who’s the crazy one?

“No more time out!” Heather demanded, giving me the dirtiest little look.

“Your staying in time-out Heather Marie Terrey! Until you learn it’s NOT okay, to color on mommy’s dress and fill the toilet with toys and crayons!”

“NO!” she giggled, grabbing her feet “I good girl!”


(Heather’s traits are Brave and Virtuoso.)

But the child to take the cake in being the most different is Fraser. He’s very quiet, and keeps to himself. He prefers to stay indoors and watch the science channel, then to play outside with his brother and sister. When he has a bad day at school, he won’t talk to any of us, besides Jake. Everything he does, or says stays between him and his uncle. I hate to think that our son can’t come to us in his time of need. Are we that bad of parents, that he has to hide his sorrows? Ontop of that Jake won’t tell us squat. He thinks the bond of scrency they share should be kept just between them, otherwise he won’t trust anyone else ever again. He told us if it got TOO bad, he would let us know… but I still don’t like it.

As far as we know – what the school tells us – is that Fraser is a nasty little boy, who is always getting into trouble. But when I see his face, and the fear in his eyes… I just don’t believe it… not at all.

“Sweetie, let mommy take care of those. Just go outside and play.” I would sigh, trying eagerly to get him out of this house.

“It’s fine…” he muttered “Doesn’t really bother me.”

Yea, but it bothers me.

Jake’s Point of View

It’s sorta strange to me, living a normal life outside of what I once knew. It boggles my mind to know I came from such hate and destruction, to the warm house of my little sister and her giant smiles. It’s also freaky that Fraser is glued to the side of my hip. I’ve never really showed the kid that much attention as a baby, but… he just can’t get enough of being around me! Trust me, I’m nothing special.

“Jake, phone for you.” my sister stated, handing me her cell. The only time I got a call for me on her cell, was from Fraser’s school. Like I said… this kid? Always with me.

“What do you mean it happened again!? What kind of messed up crappy school are you running?!” I raged, gripping the phone rather tight. Kitty was behind me, playing with Heather, but I could feel her eyes piercing the back of my head. She was always hungry to know what really goes on with her son. She hates the secrets between us, but Fraser just doesn’t want to talk to Cale and Kitty… he has his reasons I guess.

“No I don’t want to come down to the school once again! Yes… I understand…. BYE! *click*.”

SCHOOLS!  I refuse to believe Fraser has been being destructive. That child wouldn’t hurt a fly! This is the 5th time this year, they have told me that Fraser either set off a stink bomb or placed 10 snakes in the principles office. Also that he is bullying other kids? Yea… that’s not what he tells me. I know he’s being set up by other little morons.

“Jake what happened?” Kitty asked, her eyes full of worry.

“Nothing. Just the school screwing up again.”

I want to tell her the truth, but I think it would be better if Fraser went to them. When HE’S ready, not when I think he is. He’s such a fragile child… I’d hate to pressure him more than he already is.

Cale’s Point of View

I came home from work, only to find Kitty crying to herself in the office room. I hated to see her upset, espically since she’s pregnant! I’ve been watching her like a hawk these past couple of months, making sure her stress meter is as low as possible.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” I cooed, trying to get her face to meet mine.

“I-it’s just Fraser… I’m so worried about him all the time. We got another call from the school today, saying that Fray kicked some girl and made her bleed! I-I … I don’t know what to think, Cale! I always confront him about it, but he just tries to brush it off. Cale, I can see the fear in his eyes! Something isn’t right!” she cried hard, throwing her face into her hands.

I grabbed her by the arms, and pulled her to face me. “Listen to me, and listen good. Our son, is NOT a bully. He is a good kid, and he treats people with care. I agree there is something wrong, but that’s not it. You just have to trust him, and your brother that sometime soon they or he will tell us. If he feels afraid, or maybe even shy about it… just let it be, but do your best to tell him how proud you are of him, and that he’s a good kid. I’ll do the same. Alright?”

She sniffled a little, and nodded her head. “I’ll try. I promise I will. It just breaks my heart to see him like this. I miss his smiles Cale.”

“I know how you feel, Kitty. It hurts me just as much, that our son is scared to talk to us. My dad told me it’s his reserved personality that makes him that way. He’s ashamed of what ever it is, and just can’t find it in his heart to open up. He’s only told Jake because he know’s he can trust him with his secret, and plus… Jake’s not his parents, we are. So he has no worry of shame cast upon him, by Jake. Does this make you feel any better, my love?” I sighed, trying to explain everything as best as I could. Deep down I was hurt worse than she, but… I had to stay strong for my family.

“I-I guess it does make more sense now.” she sighed “But I’ll never be competely satisfied until I know he’s alright.”

“I know you won’t. But please try for now… we have a little life who’s depending on us.” I said, placing my hand on her stomach and casting her a half smile.

“I’ll try.”

To try and keep Kitty calm, I did what ever I could to show her that Fraser wasn’t completely depressed, and could actually have some fun and … be a kid. Even though it was late, I took the liberty of taking him out every night in the yard, to play some football with him.

“See like this, Fray. It’s easy!” I smiled, casting him the ball.

He would have a hard time catching the ball, and often he would throw it too hard over my head or… a little too “low”. “Sorry daddy.” he sighed “I’m not good at football.”

“Sure you are! Your one of the best 6 year old players I’ve seen.” I reassured him, trying not to trigger any more unhappy feelings.

“No I’m not! I suck!” he shouted, before racing indoors crying.

Just great…

Kitty’s Point of View

The next day, I was straighting up the living room, when Fraser came in the house with tears pouring from his little eyes. “What happened?!” I cried out, running over to him.

“I HATE SCHOOL!” he shouted, throwing his bookbag across the room. ” AND I HATE SPORTS!”

“Sweetie, I know you hate school… but you have to go. Being in school is good for you, and it helps you learn.” I sighed, trying to reason with him. If I could I would pull him out, and teach him myself. But being pregnant, and taking care of the twins… it’s just too much on my already.

“But I’m already smart enough! I don’t need stupid teachers, and stupid classmates! Please can’t you just home school me?! PLEASE?!” he begged, as another tear slid down his cheek. I honestly almost caved in.

“Fraser, I just can’t pull you out of school and teach you! I have to take care of your brother and sister, and then the new baby. Sweetie, it would mean the world to me if I could spend more time with you everyday, but being around other people, besides your family, is good for you.” I stated, still pushing back the eagerness to say yes. Even if I did have the time, I would still want him in school considering how reserved he is. He needs that social interaction.

“But! But! I’ll be good, and even help with the babies! Mommy, I could do anything you wanted. Just please take me out of that horrible place!” he cried harder, pointing to the twins on the ground.

“I just can’t do it! Fraser, you need to be in school! That’s the end of it!” I demanded, throwing my hands out in desperation.

“FINE!” he yelled, casting me an ugly look. “If I have to stay in that stupid place, can I at least have a science table?”

I was completely taken back by his request. A science table? Since when did he like science?

“Isn’t that a little dangerous for you, kiddo?” I asked, looking at him strange. “What would happen if you brother or sister got ahold of something? Or YOU got hurt?”

“PLEASE MOMMY! I promise I’ll keep my door locked, and-and-and I’ll never ask to be homeschooled anymore…” he pleaded, gritting his teeth as he said the last few words.

So I gave in. I couldn’t help it. He was so desperate to be homeschooled, so I thought that maybe giving him something to do, would take his mind off it.

You could say it did the trick, because now he spends even LESS time outside.Another tallie on my “smart” motherly decision, board. At least it makes him happy… I guess.

Cale’s Point of View

With Fraser always tucked into his science bench these past few months, Kitty has become less stressed over him and how he reacts about school. I still worry a great deal for him, but atleast we haven’t gotten a call from his school in awhile. Sometimes I just don’t know what to think. Was he really doing those things, that they called us about? Why all of a sudden did they stop, when he got something he liked? I guess you could say I let it bother me to much. What could I say though? I’m a caring daddy!

You could say our “new” problem, was Heather becoming more and more bold. She went from simple things like coloring on the wall, to full blown opening the sliding door and taking off outside!

Since I took off the entire week -considering Kitty is due any day- I was home at the time when she tried her latest escape.

“How in the world did you get past me!? HEATHER! Get back here!” I shouted, as I trailed after her. She was so fast for only being 3 years old!

“Pway dadee!” she giggled, running for the spring pirate ship.

I snatched her up, and kissed her face all over. “What do you think your doing, huh?” I laughed “Little babies don’t come out here all alone!”

“Pway!” she shouted once more, trying to wriggle out of my arms. I’m such a sucker for my little angel. If Kitty knew I gave her what she wanted, instead of scolding her for running out here… she’d kill me.

“Don’t tell mommy, I let you do this.” I chuckled “This is our little secret, alright princess?”

“Oh tay, dadee!” she grinned up at me, with the smile that melted my heart. Just like her mother’s…

After about 20 minutes, I thought it was best we went inside. Kitty would probably be waking up from her nap soon, and she wouldn’t be happy to know I left Gaven in the house without supervison.

“Alright cupcake, time to go in. Me and you can play together later, alright?”

“NO!” she screamed, then crossed her arms. “No”… just happens to be a very popular part of her vocabulary.

“Please Heather? It would make daddy very happy if you came inside with him.” Oh god… I’m horrible. Why do I treat her this way!? It’s like I can’t help it!

She turned her head to face me, and gave me a dirty little look. “NO!” she shouted once more, and I couldn’t help but smile. She was being bad, but she was so cute!

“I guess 5 more minutes wouldn’t hurt.”

Fraser’s Point of View

I absolutely loved my science table. Making and experimenting with different concoctions was so interesting to me! I sucked badly at English and social studies, but when it came time for Science and math… I was a pure genius. Even though being in school wasn’t the easiest thing for me, I knew that everyday I could come home to my table and bury myself away from all those mean people at school. 

“PWAY NOW!” Heather screamed, running into my room “Pway wit me now, Fase!”

I jumped off my stool startled and shooed her away. “Get out of here Heather! Mommy said your not allowed in my room!”

“NO!” she shouted, throwing herself down on my floor. “PWAAAAYYY!” she screamed, throwing the toy tank at my leg.


“I don’t have time for you, little bratty girl!” I stated, turning back to my table. “Your gonna get in trouble cause’ your being mean!”

She bawled loudly, throwing a tantrum. “DADDDEEEE!” she cried over and over, choking on her tears.

“He’s not gonna save you everytime you baby!” I snapped back.

“Woah! What in the world is going on in here!?” My uncle stated, glaring at us both. Heather stopped crying the second she saw him, and ran out of my room. She knew Jake didn’t put up with her stupid crying, thus she never tried to cross his path. I love my Uncle Jake. He’s my hero.

“Ask the stupid baby.” I muttered, from my position.

“Hey that’s no way to talk about your sister, bud. She’s only little.” he replied, and I turned to look at him. The second our eyes met, we both started laughing.

“Who am I kidding?” he chuckled “Your sister is a real brat.”

“Tell me about it!”

Cale’s Point of View

“Kit! I give up! Gaven isn’t sleeping I’ve tried everything I could, and Heather is still crying about what Fraser did? I don’t even know what she is talking about! Kit? … Kitty!?”

“Hmm?” she replied, completely oblivious to what I said.

Jake turned to me, from where he was standing. “Are you kidding me, Cale? YOUR trying everything? What about me? Give a guy a little credit…” he sighed, before going back to his story he was reading Gaven. “And then the momma bear said to the baby bear…”

“Sorry, Jake.” I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck. “I’m just so stressed out. The new baby should be here anyday, and I don’t feel anyway prepared!”

Kitty turned her head and laughed at me. “YOU don’t feel prepared? How can you not? I swear you’ve been stressing about this baby more than me! Your such a worry-wort.”

“OH! Now you hear me.” I teased, poking my tongue out at her.

“I heard you… I was just trying to ignore the fact you sounded like a nagging old lady is all.” she smirked, before throwing her head down, laughing hard.

“Oh, so now I’m an old lady? Yea alright… cute.”

Jake slapped me on the back, heading towards the door. He stopped before he got half way out and said “Oh, sorry ma’am! Hope I didn’t injure you in anyway.”

“Forget you TWO!” I laughed, chucking a toy at Jake.

Kitty’s Point of View

I guess I should have kept my mouth shut! Becuase the moment I got out the shower, nearly an hour later… I went into labor. Guess the baby didn’t like the fact that mommy was picking on his or her daddy!

“CAAAAALE!” I wailed “THE BABY!”

He rushed into the bathroom, and tried his hardest not to panic. “Alright.” he breathed “Let’s go.”

Jake of course saw me in labor, so he pretty much knew his role… stay with the kids.

Nearly 18 hours later, I brought into the world, yet another little boy. We… or I was planning on having a girl, so we had a pretty tough time deciding on the perfect name for him, since I really wanted Isabella. Yea, that’s not gonna happen!

So, on the day I was scheduled to leave I came up with the name Ivin. Cale didn’t like it, and thought we should name him Ian instead. I had to agree… Ian suited him much better!

So Ian Terrey it is!

His Trait’s are Good, and Insane. (Yikes!)

Even though he wasn’t an “Isabella”, I still adored him. My little baby, my LAST little baby. We brought him home and I placed him into his little rocker-bed. For the first night, I just sat there and stared at him. He didn’t sleep, like I thought he would… but it was still such an amazing experience to just look at something I created. I know I have the twins, and Fraser… but I never actually took the time to just stop, and look.

I sat there for a few more hours, before I decided that I should head to bed. His little eyes were heavy, and I could tell that he was fighting his sleep. “Go to sleepy, Ian. Mommy can tell your tired. Don’t worry, if you need me I’ll be right here.”

A few weeks had passed since then, when Fraser had his accident with the Science table! He was mixing together the wrong ingredients when there was a small explosion! It scared the living day lights out of me! Sure he was alright, and maybe had a few burns… but I honestly couldn’t take it with him and that freaking table anymore! It was consuming his entire life!

So the next morning I decided on a something. “Fraser. I’m sending you to scounts. I’m so tired of you not interacting with other children, and staying in your room 24/7! Plus, you have a new little brother to look out for, and hurting yourself isn’t the way to go about doing it!

“Mooooom!” he whined “I didn’t even hurt myself! I’m fine!”

“I don’t wanna hear it! Your going and that’s final!”

“BUT I DON’T WANNA GO! I HATE the kids at my school!” he cried, throwing his fork down.

“Fraser, that is your problem right there! Hating other kids, isn’t going to get them to like you! You need to have friends, trust me.” I sighed, rubbing my temples.

Fraser and Jake kept casting each other glances, and I was getting annoyed “What? Is there something you would like to say Jake?”

He pulled his head up and shook it no. “I plead the 5th.”

ARG! What the heck is going on!?

Thanks for reading. So Fraser and Jake are keeping something from Cale and Kitty. Fray is a very quiet and reserved little boy, and what ever is going on is causing him to feel ashamed. He’s told his uncle, but he swore to keep it quiet. He trust Jake, and that’s how Jake wants it to be.

But what is he hiding?



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27 Responses to Chapter 3.9 – Secret Saver

  1. callierose says:

    Yikesss, Insane Ian. Well this ought to be interesting…
    GAH Heather is my absolute favourite, she’s just so cute!! And on the subject of her other siblings, I’m agreeing with Kitty and Cale over Fraser. A little alone time is healthy, necessary even, but total isolation is not good at all. Still, I wonder what he and Jake have up their sleeves?
    And wow, Cale really needs to stop marching around the place with no top on, it’s not safe… *launches self at computer screen*
    Ehehehe xD YAY the hair dye’s nearly all gone!! ^_^

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yup, the next chapte it should be completely Pink! 😀 I know, my poor little Ian! I hate that he got that trait 😦 Yea she may be cute, but spoiling her the way he is… shouldn’t lead to anything good. :/ Yes, exactly! Being with out children is good for him but being trapped forever in his little science world… isn’t, and that is why Kitty is putting him in scounts. That way he is sorta forced to interact. AHAH XD He does it all by himself! He is barely every fulled clothed xD.

  2. Carebear728 says:

    Hmm maybe he’s gay and afraid to tell his parents??

  3. Jaec52609 says:

    gaven so looks like cale……

    oooooo look at the face on heather….so cute when they make tht face…..she is goin 2 be one handful in the future i can see it now….poor kitty nd cale…but shes a cutie pie

    my poor little fray…ill go beat up the kids who r bein mean 2 my baby…..

    ian? shouldnt he have been named wit the letter j u kno since india?
    poor ian got the insane trait……well someone had 2 pick up tht famous terrey trait sooner or later…i was hopin later tho lol……

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I was thinking about that, but India isn’t in the picture, so I just kept it still with I. Just to keep following down the list. OMG! Insane? I was literally about to cry. How in the world I am going to make this one work? Lol

  4. Lexi says:

    Loved this chapter 😀 All the children and their cuteness and then Cale and his hotness. Heather is just too cute. And now I want to know what Fraser and Jake are hiding…this is making me suspicious….

  5. firebart says:

    hmmm I think he might have done something bad at school cause some one was bullying him and he keeps on getting framed every time he trys fight back to make it look like he did it. Or the whole class is against him beacuse he good in math in science but bad in English and social studys. Well atleast thats my guess

  6. plumbobby220 says:

    Yay an insane sim, they will blend in well with the legacy lol

  7. Lilith Kawanami says:

    IF IF IF!!! It’s an IF!!! That’s why he is so sweet an fragile cause his IF did it!!! Am I right? Or WAAAAAAAAAY off?
    LMAO Im special 😉
    Haha loved it!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Well, I’m not bringing his IF friend into it. Remember my story is based as real as possible… and Fraser isn’t well… Insane 😉

      It’s a good guess though ^_^

  8. Emy says:

    Aww, Fraser. I wonder what’s up with him.

    Iannnn. Good and insane. Aw. XD

    Gosh, Heather’s a brat. If the new baby had been a girl, maybe Cale wouldn’t have been as bad as he is with her… but now… XD XD

    Great chapter. 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      UGH! Excatly! That’s why I wanted a girl, because it would even Cale out… now having 3 sons and only his preious little Heather? Yikes.

      I know! My poor little Ian<3

  9. Jedidiah says:

    Gavin is a cutie pie. But Heather is still my favorite. And she’ll be one tough cookie with all the boys around…even if Ian is a good hearted crazy person. LOL. What secret is Fras hiding with his uncle that he’s too ashamed to tell his folks…??? Mhm… must be a girl. You know the whole spiel of “I made her trip and fall and snatched her lolly because I really like her, and now she told the principal”. At least that’s what I did. XD
    Are Kitty and Cale Adults? I’m asking because Kitty said ‘my last child’. You and you intriguingness.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Just about. Ha ha but you always catch onto me 🙂 I leave the slightest clues to what’s going on in my story, yet you always seem to get it 😉 Kudos!
      Yea she is a gonna be a tough cookie! That is for sure! But also a very spoiled little girl. Cale let’s her do ANYTHING. Ha ha, you guys will see next chapter 😉 I’m gonna show it all out.

  10. Mira says:

    Naaaw, Heather’s soo cute 😀
    Poor Fraser, I think the kids at school are bullying him and he’s afraid to tell anyone 😦
    An insane good person…hmm… does that mean that he’ll be one of those guys who goes around and knock on people’s doors to tell them about how wonderfull the world is?

    • spongeb0berz says:

      LMAO XD I don’t know what I’m doing with Ian yet. I have had some ideas, but I’m not totally sure what I’m doing. I’m trying to do something different, then other people portray Insane sims as.

  11. marissa3 says:

    I love al the kids so much (Heather especially!) I don’t believe that Fraser is really a bad kid, I he just seems misunderstood, I’m definitely interested to find out what’s up with the hatred he has for the kids at his school, can they really be THAT bad?! Hopefully he’ll make some friends at scouts. I’m glad Jake is there for him to talk to, under that bad boy exterior lies a heart of gold.
    It seems like family life is a little overwhelming for the family, I don’t have a clue how they’ll manage with Ian as well, and on top of it all he’s insane!
    Great chapter as always x

  12. Thindra says:

    Omgs Spongey where did you find the Perry the Platypus shirt =O I wants it.

    • Jax says:

      Uhhhh… I believe I got it from skysims2. If not, I’m sorry… I don’t remember ><

      • Thindra says:

        It was where you got it! \o/ Yay!
        Also new site for clothes and stuff! THANK YOU!!

        also Fraser is adorable, I can’t wait to catch up on the rest of this legacy ^^

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