Chapter 3.10 – Together Forever

Kitty’s Point of View

With Fraser in scouts and his science table taken away, he has been such a bitter child. He comes home angry all the time, and makes it known -rather loudly might I add- that he is disgusted with everyone! Honestly I don’t have time to argue with him, and his constant outburst. If he would just open up and tell us the truth of what’s bothering him, then maybe everything can go back to how it once was.

Well, I would like it too, anyways. Besides the fact that Fraser is angry, and Heather is spoiled… Ian is just another stack of worry ontop of our plates. He is constantly screaming, and often doesn’t settle down for a good couple hours, even when we pick him up! The doctors told us he has a hard time recognizing that we aren’t going to “hurt” him. What does that mean?!

“Hey there Ian!” I cooed, picking him up “It’s only mommy. Remember mommy?” God, I felt horrible. Why in the world do I have to tell him these things? He’s been around us for 8 months! I’ve never had to go through with this with any of my other kids, what makes him so different?

He continued to scream, and it worried me that the twins would wake up. “Who’s mommy’s little handsome man?” I smiled, blowing raspberries on his stomach.

Cale eventually came in, and shook his head at me. “Still not calming down?”

“No.” I sighed, bouncing Ian up and down “I just don’t understand it Cale! Why does he act this way?”

He threw his hand on his hip, and looked down at our distressed little man “I wish I knew.”

Then to put the icing on the cake, our pride and joy decided that it was time to scream. I honestly don’t know any family that is as dysfunctional as ours!

“DADEEE GET ME OUT NOW!” she demanded, shaking the bars on the crib.

“Coming sweetheart!” Cale smiled, reaching down and taking her out.

Sweetheart?! See it’s that right there that gets on my nerves. Not “No-no Heather.” or “Heather stop screaming!” It’s, “Awww my little angel!”

I can’t stand the constant babying!

I would have to say the only normal one around here is Chub. Turn on his favorite show, and give him some toys, and he is right as rain! That boy always has a smile on his face, and barely ever cries. I love my Chub.

“Mommee bekfest?” he laughed, trying to give me his bottle.

“You eat it, Chub. Mommy is going to get something else.” I smiled, then tossled his hair.

“Starting off yet another day with 4 hours of sleep….”


A few months had seemed to past us by in a flash. Our “special”Β  little Ian, was turning one. I would like to say I was relieved, but did I honestly know that him getting older, would make things easier?

Wow he looks just like his mother! His hair color is from Kitty’s grandfather. ( I like having long bloodlines for genetic purposes.)

Jake’s Point of View

With Ian’s birthday come and gone, it was finally hide tide that Cale and Cat got married. I was always nagging at them about it. Saying they should make it offical. They kept letting everything else get infront of something as important as marriage. I learned that Cale proposed when Fraser was barely one… Fraser is in middle school now. How could they possibly let that slide by for so many years?

“Let go me now!” Heather screamed, kicking and punching.

“NO HEATHER!” I stated “I have to get you 3 ready for the wedding! Now stop acting out, and let me dress you!”



(Omg, doesn’t she just melt your heart?! Look at HER!)

After 3 hours, the kids were finally dressed and there hairs were fixed neatly. Stepping back and looking at them… I could say I did a damn good job, if I do say so myself!

We arrived at the park an hour later, and I made sure all the kids were in the right spots. Kitty specifully told me to be RIGHT on time, otherwise the babies could interrupt the wedding from their short attention spans.

Fraser stood close by me, and once or twice hid his face in my coat sleeve. That kid really doesn’t like being infront of a group of people.

Heather was of course the flower girl. Kitty placed her on the aisle, and gave her a bunch of flowers to hold and throw. She took a few steps, and just dropped them all in one spot. The people sitting in the audience “Awww’d” causing Heather to run up and grab Cale by the leg.

“Dadee!” she cried out, hiding her face in his pant leg. Everyone laughed, as Cale turned bright red.

“Sweetie, go stand next to grandma.” he whispered, shooing her away. Thank god she actually listened… for a change.

Kitty’s Point of View

I took a long hard gulp, and made my way next to Cody. I entwined my hand in his, and kept my head held up high. My entire body was trembling, and I could feel beads of sweat start to form over my brow.

Are you alright?” he whispered to me, giving my hand a slight squeeze.

Not even looking over I shook my head yes, and gulped once more.

“It’s alright to be nervous.” he smiled through tears “Afterall… you are marrying my son!”

His remark lowered my tension, and soon after that, the wedding begun.

Cody kissed me on the cheek, then gave me away. I know he’s not my father… but Cody loved me more than I known a father could. I’m sure my real daddy is staring down at me through the clouds, with a shown expression of how proud he is of me.

I started up the aisle, as the wedding march began. Each step I took only made me that much closer to the man I love. Even though I could see the obvious fear on his face, I know he is ready for this… just as much as I am.

“I am so proud you two. I wish you luck in all the years that you share together.”

Cale’s Point of View

To be honest, I was a complete wreck! I didn’t even know why, but I was. I’ve spent the last 15 years getting to know this woman, and loving her each day. Yet here I was scared like a lost child in a supermarket.

“Hey.” was my reply, as she reached the alter.

She giggled, and shook her head. “Shall we begin, Mr. Hey?” she laughed, coming in closer to me.

I nodded my head.

Note to self: Kill myself later for being an idiot.

She took me by the hand, and placed the ring on my finger as she recited her vows. “Cale, where do I even begin? You’ve been a lover and a fighter for me since I can remember. Everything that you’ve done has always resulted back to me. You are the most self-less person I’ve met. Cale, all I can say is that I love you more than air itself. If I had to chose anyone over, it would always result back to you. Your my everything, and nothing will stand infront of that.”

“Kitty Long, I would die everday for you. If I had a rose for each time I fell inlove with you again, I could share that garden with the world. Your my shining star, and my only wish is that you will always capture my heart. You just don’t realize how much I adore you, and the life we share together. Our children, even including India, will always be treasured in my eyes, for the reason that you gave them to me. I love you Kitty, and am honored to be your husband.”

And with that, we shared our first kiss for a lifetime together.

Everyone cheered and clapped, tears flowing all over the place.

“Who’s ready for cake?” I laughed, clasping my hands together.

“Oh I know I am!” Kitty giggled

“I call Dibs on the first piece!!”

Wedding Pictures!

Over-view. (Ha ha at Ethan crying!)

Kitty’s Point of View

I couldn’t have been more happier than I was right now. Being finally married to Cale, and surrounded by the people who love me? It was over-whelming me with so much joy!

“CONGRATS!” Jayla laughed, throwing seeds over-top of me.

“Jayla knock it off!” I growled, glaring up at her “This is my wedding day, and I don’t really want my hair filled with seeds!

“Oh boo-hoo!” she giggled

Ehhh… sisters are sisters? We fight!

“Just come here, you!” she chuckled, pulling me from my seat and into a tight hug. “I am SO proud of you!”

“Thank you, Jay. It means a lot to hear you say that. I’m so glad you came to the wedding as well!” I smiled, releasing from her grip.

“Glad I came?! I would NEVER miss my big sister’s wedding! Are you crazy or something, girl?” she laughed, then grabbed at her side “Uggghh… the baby is kicking again.”

I reached down and rubbed her tummy “Jeesh! You aren’t kidding!”

Cale’s Point of View

“Hey Dagger. I’m glad you could make it under such short notice. I know your busy with your football career, and the fact that your wife is pregnant again! Jeesh, what is this? The 6th kid?” I laughed, slapping him on the shoulder.

“Dude really? You have no room to talk. You have 4! And no, it’s actually the 2nd one smart alec.” he laughed, punching me back.

“Well, excuuuuuuuuse me!”

“With all Jokes aside though, I really couldn’t miss this event if I wanted too.” he smiled at me.

“Aww thanks, man.”

“No, I meant that I really couldn’t. If I did mom would have came to Bridgeport and whooped my butt!” he chuckled “Can’t have that, now can we?”

“Screw you!” I laughed, shaking my head. I really miss having my brother around. Maybe one day I should have him and his family come down to Twinbrook to stay… that would be nice.

I just hope my buddy would be okay with that. He’s not to keen on being around people he doesn’t know. I mean, his best friend just so happens to be a doll… that says something right there.

Sigh… I really do wonder what’s wrong with him.

Thanks for reading! Sorry it wasn’t what you wanted to know, I really needed a wedding chapter though. I promise Fraser’s story will be next chapter, and the kiddies grow up! Yay for Heather and Gaven kids, and Teen Fraser! πŸ˜€Β 


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26 Responses to Chapter 3.10 – Together Forever

  1. callierose says:

    Heather, I love you!!! Cale’s pampering will turn you into a kid-brat, of course, but I believe in you to turn out to be a good person! ❀
    Fray is such a cutie, I can't wait to see him in all his teen-glory. If his dad is anything to go by then… πŸ˜‰ reeowww. And I think I can guess what his troubles are from the way he apparently hates everone….. Fraser's in lurrrrrve!(;
    Gaven/Chub is a quiet character for me. The kind of loveable sidekick πŸ™‚ his cheeks just make anything he does ten times more adorable ^_^
    AND I SEE WHERE YOU'RE GOING WITH IAN!!! I was totally thinking of a similar idea for an insane Frascati in the very distant future, so trust me, I know what you're planning with that IF doll… πŸ˜‰
    Loveeeya, loveyourchapters, kthnx ^_^ x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lmao yea that IF doll is most likely being apart of it πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t use them before, because I’m trying to base things off of real life to the best I can. But Ian is insane πŸ˜‰ I also have other things I’m hiding ;P Plus even if I wanted to use Fraser’s IF I couldn’t…. he’s glitched -_- I can see him, but he looks like a human! Even though I didn’t change him yet. I clicked Resetsim Cosmo Terrey and he came back… but like I said as a human. The only reason I did that is because he lost Cosmo out in space somewhere xD He didn’t show up for days! Lmao.

      Yea he is a loveable little sidekick. He’s such a good baby. The worse he does is fight sleep and puts toys ALL over the house. I know you can see it in the pictures, but I keep it that way cause it’s freaking CUTE! Well.. you’ll see what happens. πŸ˜‰ I already have the pictures for the next chapter. πŸ˜€

      Thank you Callie! ❀ I love yah, and your chapters as well ❀ ;D

  2. wolfmania98 says:

    Such a sweet wedding. Heather looked so sweet in her bridesmaid clothes. Ian lookes sweet, but cutest goes to CHUB (gaven)!!! I think I know what you’re doing with Ian!!!!

    Fraser, Fraser ,Fraser…. he’s acting more like Jake… (DUN DUN DUHHHHHH)

    😦 for no completly pink hair from Jake

    Love this chap

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Sorry, sorry! I wanted to give him Pink hair, yes I promised it but I made chapter 10 and 11, TOTALLY forgetting his hair. I was trying to focus on the story So chapter 12 is a PROMISE!
      Once again sorry D: Well… I haven’t explained his side of the story yet, so it seems that way. Plus Fraser has no clue how Jake acted before, he was so tiny. Yea Gaven! ❀ He's so adorable.

  3. sariechiny says:

    Wow, I haven’t checked in like, 3 days, and you’ve already posted 2 chapters!
    Aw…I really want to know what’s wrong with Fraser…he’s such a cute kid, but I see how he can get so annoying…
    Heather is so cute, but she is definitely spoiled…if only Cale would get over the fact that he lost India…
    Can’t wait for the next chapter! (:

    • spongeb0berz says:

      You got it! You hit the nail on the head. He’s not over the fact that India is gone, so he is giving all that Love to Heather. He might seem happier, but that’s the reason why. His way to Cope is through Heather.

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  5. Carebear728 says:

    The wedding was adorable and omg Jayla has been popping out babies

  6. jaec52609 says:

    β€œNo, I meant that I really couldn’t. If I did mom would have came to Bridgeport and whooped my butt!” he chuckled β€œCan’t have that, now can we?”

    ^i was laughin so hard at tht^

    my poor little ian, hes such a cutie…i hope he grows out of watever it is thts wrong wit him nd i hope my little fray will come clean nd tell his parents wats wrong…i dnt like my fray fray bein a sour puss lol

  7. StyxLady says:

    Yeesh, they sure have their hands full with those kids! They’re all so cute though.

  8. marissa3 says:

    Such a cute family, you really do a great job with portraying each and every child, I can’t wait to see what they’re like when they grow up. Especially Heather and Fraser.
    I see an imaginary friend on the horizon for Ian! I still haven’t had the chance to try that feature out yet!
    Such a cute wedding, I loved the vows, really touching! x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Thanks. I thought I did a pretty good job making up their vows too πŸ™‚ It’s a special part of every generation for me. ❀ You think? I have my doubts when I'm trying to express each of their personalities. I have a hard time trying to get all their stories across. :/ (Well I think so)

      Yea, I'll be showing more of Fraser and Heather next time around. πŸ™‚

      • marissa3 says:

        Noo! I think you’re doing perfectly,there really isn’t that much to see with toddlers, and the amount you have portrayed of them in this age is really great!
        I think we just need a little more of Chubs, he’s so cute! x

      • spongeb0berz says:

        I know, it’s hard to portray Chubs cause he’s too sweet. xD I can’t think of wrong doings for that little love ❀ Really? Thank you so much! That means a lot.

      • marissa3 says:

        Basically the same ‘P.S.’ as the last chapter – Cale’s shirt!! Does he even own one? (I hope not…)

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Oh my god… sometimes he gets on my nerves. I’ll change it for a shot, and not even a second later he’s in his shorts or pjs again! He really doesn’t own a shirt! Lol

  9. Emy says:

    Awwww, Cale’s vows were so cute! ❀ ❀

    And I love all the kids! πŸ˜€ I can't wait to see where you go with all the kids. πŸ™‚ ❀

    I love Jake. πŸ˜€

  10. Jedidiah says:

    Very nice! All those kids are adorable… Chubs is my fav boy here. And oh Heather hiding behind her dad’s leg was just darling. And I know what Kitty means with starting off the day with a whopping 4 hour sleep… playing those toddlers is so demanding! How do real moms do it??? I can’t wait to have my sims be with kids… I wanna see that doll in my game too. πŸ™‚ *runs to next chapter*

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea the doll is pretty neat πŸ˜‰ Ahah, we shall see how darling you think of her when you read the latest update πŸ˜‰ Yea, I know what she means as well D: Taking care of kids is NOT easy! I’ve helped my uncle enough to realize that one.

  11. sophiejofie says:

    Wow great chapter just wondering though where did you get Kitty’s and Heather’s hair from?

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