Chapter 3.11 – Forever Ashamed

Fraser’s Point of View

Being forced into scouts wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’ve met kids there that treated me right, and didn’t harass me for my differences. I guess I only give my parents such a hard time because of how ashamed I am of myself. I want to tell them everyday, what’s bothering me… but I’m afraid they’ll get rid of me for being a freak. Uncle Jake understands me, and is always encouraging me to just tell them about everything that goes on, but I just… can’t.

Today was my scouts cermony for all us who manged to graduate from it. My birthday is nearing, and well… you just can’t be a scout forever. Even if I hate to admit that I really enjoyed my time there. Like the fact that I met a really good friend named Kyle. He just accepts me for me. I guess that’s why we became so close.

My parents always are so proud of me, when I do great things. They will hang my different awards around the house, and everytime they catch a quick glance at them, they’ll smile over at me. I love it when my parents are happy for me, and when they feel honored to have me as a son. If I tell them my secret… I just know they’ll be disgusted with me.

That’s why I have to try and get rid of part of my problem. If I can just teach, Chuck and Billy a lesson… I won’t ever have to worry about them exposing my secret. That way, I can keep it hidden until the day I die!

So late at night, when everyone was asleep I snuck out of my room, and grabbed the garage keys. I wasn’t allowed in the garage, because that’s where my parents kept my science table. They said I could have it back next week, but I needed it now!

I opened the garage door, and the lights blinded my un-adjusted eyes. I blinked a few times, before the clear vison of my science table gleamed in my face. “There you are, my lovely.” I smiled, grabbing my science outfit and putting it on.

I took out the specific concoctions I needed, and added them together. “Just one last dose of this… and they’ll be sorry they ever messed with me.”

Jake’s Point of View

Even though it was a long shot, I was prepared to talk to Fray before he left for school. I noticed the constant change in his actions, and the worry always plastered across his face. He needs to just come clean, and I feel like I should once again… try to talk him into it.

“Hey Bud, got a minute?” I asked, before he walked out the door.

“S-sure” he stuttered, keeping his eyes off my face.

“Look, I know I’ve talked about this, to you before… but I really think you should tell them today. I promise you, there not going to hate you Fraser. Their your parents, and they love you. I’ll be there too, if you want?” I smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I’d like that, Uncle Jake… but I just don’t think I’m ready.” he sighed, looking up at me “I promise you’ll be the first one to know, if I change my mind.”

“Alright…” I replied “Just let me know.” Crap! I just wish he would get it out there! It isn’t even that big of a problem. I just feel so sorry for him. He’s so ashamed of himself…

Fraser’s Point of View

“Alright class, everyone to your stations. Class is about to begin!” Mrs. Tyler statedΒ  “Now I want each and every one of you to take out your science projects that was told about, last week. I will not accept any late ones! It’s now or never!”

“Mrs. Tyler!” Chuck gleamed “I brought you an apple!”

“Awww, why thank you Chuck. That was very sweet of you.” she grinned, taking the apple from him “Now please go to your table, next to Fraser. Also, don’t forget to take out your science project. I’m sure you did a lovely job. Afterall, your one of my top students.”

“Oh, I know I did a wonderful job, Mrs. Tyler!” he smiled, before glaring over at me. God, he’s such a KISS UP! And a liar at that!

He walked over to where I was standing, very casually. The moment he was out of eye sight, he went all out.

“Fruit, you better have our projects done!” he screamed in a whisper “I’m not going to fail this class just because some gay turd doesn’t keep up on all our science homework!”

“Yeeeea!” Billy added in.

“Why do you make me do these things for you anyways?! Are you that stupid, that you can’t make a simple atom?” I snapped.

“Listen here, fag. I don’t give a flying freak, what your saying. You know the drill. You do what ever we ask, and we keep your little wet dream a secret. Alright?!” he growled back at me.

To think, that I thought Chuck could be my friend, when I first met him. I trusted him, and all he did was turn against me and use me for his own deeds. When I got calls home… I actually didn’t do those things. I was just the blaimer. Everything they did, I took the blaim for. Now they even have me doing their school work for almost every class! I’ve had enough! Today their going to learn…

“Now do you have our projects?”

“Yea, there in my book-bag.” I growled, inching near it “Just a second.”

“Fraser, please go back to your station!” Mrs. Tyler demanded, as she glared at me from her desk.

“Sorry Mrs. Tyler. I was just getting my… project.” I coughed, as I placed the vile on the ground. “Just have to add this last drop, and it should do the trick.” I whispered, taking out a smaller vile and putting the finishing touches into the mix.

“Mrs. Tyler? Can I use the restroom?”

“Alright Fraser, but make it quick!”

I walked out into the hallway and stood by a group of lockers, laughing to myself. “Their never going to bother me again!” That vile was only strong enough to cause a small blast, behind his desk. It won’t hurt anyone, but it sure as heck will scare the crap out of both of them!

It all happened so fast… I barely remember all the details. There I was laughing about a small prank, when all of a sudden there was a loud BOOM! I raced to the science lab door, and threw it open. Tears started to pour from my eyes when I saw the fire!

I kept crying, and shouting “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

The teacher pulled the fire alarm, then grabbed the fire extishguer on the wall and quickly started to put it out.

“Everyone OUT NOW!”

The fire grew larger and larger. The flames scraping the celing of the classroom. All the children were running through the door, knocking me down numerous times. I just can’t believe I did this! It was an accident! No one was suppose to get hurt!

After everything settled down, and Chuck was rushed to the hospital… the firemen examined the room. They came to the conclusion that my vile of mix, was a small bomb. I had no idea that it could do that! When I learned about it… it only caused a small blast, nothing that could harm people. I was the stupid one who misjudged the ingredients.

So when the police officers asked each of us what happened, I confessed on the spot. I couldn’t live with that guilt on my shoulders. My punishment was being expelled from the school… but when I got home, things got worse.

“FRASER! What in god’s name were you thinking?! A SMALL BOMB!? You could have killed someone! Do you want to get taken away from us, and sentenced in juvy?! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!” my father raged, his veins buldgeing on his neck. I.. never saw him this angry before.

“Daddy.. I..”

“Don’t daddy me anything! Your lucky Chuck’s parents, and the school isn’t pressing charges! What possessed you to do this Fraser?!”

“I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone…” I cried “It was just suppose to scare someone.”

“A PRANK!? You did this as a prank?!”

“I did it as revenge!” I screamed “I couldn’t take them harassing me anymore!”

“WHO!?” he boomed, his nostrils flaring.

“Chuck and Billy…”

“SO…. you try and blow them up!? Fraser, I don’t care how mean bullies get you NEVER, EVER do something as dangerous as this. Do you realize how much trouble your in? Do YOU?”

“Yes, daddy…”

“I just can’t even wrap my mind around this…” he sighed throwing his face into his hands “What the heck did I ever do, to lead to this?”

“You didn’t do anything daddy! It… It was me.” I cried, my eyes turning red.

He lifted his head, and glared at me “Just go stand in the corner, until I say so. Your also grounded until I say so… and your never getting your science table back. It’s getting thrown out!”



I’ve messed up at times in my life, but I don’t think it will ever measure up to this moment right now. I was afraid of them being ashamed of me… so I took matters into my own hands. What I didn’t realize, is that… my worst nightmare has came into my reality. Telling them my secret now, seems like it would have been 100 times easier, but it’s too late now.

“Where did I go wrong?”

Cale’s Point of View

I just can’t believe my son, my quiet little Fraser… would do something like this. I understand that bullying is harsh, but why did he have to keep it from us?! Was this the secret all along? The fact that he’s being bullied, and too ashamed to tell me? BUT WHY?!

I also wanna know, why Jake never told me! This is serious! You don’t hide things like this!

I swung open Jake’s door, and charged in “You son of a-! My son has been getting bullied, and you didn’t tell me!? You want to “protect his secret” so much, that he decides to hurt someone!? Is that it?”

“Just wait a minute Cale! I didn’t know he was being bullied, he never told me that part!” he shot back, with his hands clenched.

“I know your lying Jake! He tells you everything!” I spat back, throwing my hands up in desperation.

“Not everything, apparently! We never talked about him being bullied, we talked about… other things.” he coughed, then looked to the floor.

“Like what jerk?! Like him blowing up the science lab, to take revenge?!”

“Cale you really need to watch it. I’m trying to stay cool and not punch you in the face right now. Your accusing me of something, that I had no idea about. If you really wanna know the truth, then TALK TO YOUR SON!” he growled, pointing a finger at me “I’m not the one to blaim, just because your angry. If I had known Fraser was getting bullied, of course I would have told you, idiot! It might have crossed my mind once or twice, but I never actually thought that. I just thought that Fraser was acting out for attention. I’m sorry.”

I breathed in and out, and nodded my head at him “Just tell me the truth then.”

“I can’t tell you Cale. It’s something he told me in confidence.”

“Please, Jake. Just tell me what’s bothering my son. I’m at wits end, and I can’t take it any longer. I promise that I won’t say anything to him, until he comes to me. Please, I’m begging you as a father.” I cried out, a single tear falling from my eye.

“I- he’s- your son is- he likes guys, alright? Are you happy now?! We talk about it all the time, and he was ashamed to tell you. You should hear the crap he tells me, that goes on inside his head. I just can’t imagine why he thinks some of those things.” he sighed, lowering his head.

“What? He does? Since when?”

“I’ve said to much already. Just… let him come to you. When he’s ready, then I know you two can talk it out. You really gotta listen to what he has to say. Please don’t judge him Cale, he’s so fragile.”

It was a complete shock to me. Fraser is… gay? Really? Of all the things I thought it could be, I never even thought about that. What bothers me though, is that he is ashamed to tell us. Sure I would love it if Fraser was straight, but I don’t hate him for liking men. If that’s what he prefers… than I accept that. I just wish he told us, instead of deciding to blow up the science lab. It’s so true when they say people are unpredictable. I would have never expected something like that from any of my kids…

But with all anger and confusion aside, we still had to celebrate the kids birthdays. We didn’t throw a party, we just had our family and some cake. There was too much going on right now for us to think about partys. One being that we have to find Fraser a new school…


I swear out of all of us, Kitty is the strongest one. She talked to Fraser, instead of yelled at him… and honestly she got more out of him then me. He didn’t mention the “I like boys” part, but she did learn that they weren’t only verbally abusing him, but physcially too. They also were forcing him to do their school work. I’m glad they aren’t pressing charges… because I would have fought this one SO bad.

“Make a wish, Heather!” she laughed, helping Heather to her cake.

“Luv dadee!” Awww… my little girl.

It was so tough to get Fraser out of his room, and into the Kitchen. He was curled up in his bed, still crying about the whole situation. Jake went in there and grabbed him out. He couldn’t even look me in the eye as he walked by me, and it just made my stomach twirl in knots.

“Happy Birthday buddy!” I cheered loudly as he blew out his candles. He wasn’t convinced though… because the moment he blew them out, he grabbed a piece of cake and ran out in the yard.

His new trait is Vegetarian. He looks just like his father.

Pretty little Heather got the Party animal trait

Fraser earned the Nurturing trait. (Awwww!)

Heather’s Point of View

I was just so happy that it was MY birthday. I hate the fact that I had to share it but that’s what happens when you have a huge family, I guess.

“Fraser this is my birthday bench! You have to sit somewhere else!” I demanded, glaring up at him from my cake.

“I’m not moving anywhere, Heather. This isn’t your bench it’s everyones.” he sighed, shaking his head at me.

“Daddy said it’s mine, so GET OFF!”

“Just what ever… brat.” he scoffed before walking away. Humph, that’s more like it!

“Heather Marie Terrey! Why are you playing outside on the dirty ground with SOCKS on!? Get inside now and put on some shoes.” My mommy growled over at me. Oh come on? There just stupid socks.

“Mooooommmyyyyy, I’m not gonna ruin them or nothing! Me and daddy were going to play hop-scotch together, right daddy?” I smiled over at him, eating a piece of birthday cake.

“I was?”

“Yea! Pleeeease?”

“Well alright, if you put it that way I guess I could…” he laughed, trailing over to me. “Am I doing it right, love-bug?”

“Yep! Just don’t step on the spot where the rock is!” I giggled, pointing out his mistake.


Next it was my turn, I threw the rock and it landed on the 3. When I came back around, I slipped and my feet stumbled onto it!

“D-dadee.” I cried “M-my foot slipped and- and I fell onto the wrong number. That means I-I lost!”

“Awww come here, sweetie. It’s alright, sometimes we lose. It’s apart of life.” he cooed into my ear, kissing me over and over.

“B-but, it’s my birthday today.” I sniffled “Your not suppose to lose on your birthday!”

“Say? How about me and you go out for some ice cream? Will that make you feel better?”

I nodded my head “I think so.”

Later on after we got triple-scoop icecreams, it was time for bed. I got the top bunk because Daddy said I could have it. He lets me pick first on a lot of things I do. Guess, cause I’m the princess.

“Daddy!” Gaven cried “I asked mommy lots of weeks ago if I could have the top bunk! How come when Heather asked, just right now… she gets it!”

“Well kiddo, she’s a girl… and you have to be a gentlemen to women. Alright, pal?”

“I guess so….” he grummbled, then stuck his tongue out at me. I returned the favor, and laughed at him.

He just has to understand… I get what I want!

Thanks for reading!! I hope I explained this chapter well enough that everyone understands why Fraser did what he did. Like I said before, Fraser is a VERY fragile child, and also very reserved. He doesn’t have but one friend; Kyle and he doesn’t even go to the same school as him. He found out long ago that he liked boys, but he just couldn’t tell his father or mother. What would they think of such a thing? Jake kept it hidden because something like that, you just don’t blab out. He understands secrency, and he tried his best to keep it from Cale. And no, Jake didn’t know about Fraser getting bullied or his plan. He encouraged Fraser to tell his parents… but he was too ashamed.

Hope this makes sense!


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34 Responses to Chapter 3.11 – Forever Ashamed

  1. StyxLady says:

    Poor Fraser. I had a feeling that’s what his secret was. I’m glad he realizes now that it would have been a better idea just to tell his parents. He definitely made some bad choices, but he’s a kid, and they’re less able to think things through. I feel bad for him. Heather, on the other hand, I don’t feel bad for at all. >.> It’s not her fault she’s spoiled though. Cale needs to man up and start treating her like he treats the other kids.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Whoo! You said it Styx πŸ˜‰ That’s exactly what he needs to do. Everything he does revolves around his ‘little princess’ and it’s just causing the family more and more stress. He just needs to let go of the fact that india isn’t heather, and that she also isn’t coming back. Yea, he made a dumb choice, but like you said, kids really don’t think things through. They get an idea and if it seems golden, they’ll do it. Yea I tried to hide his secret, but I pretty much gave it away xD

  2. Lexi says:

    Somehow I knew Fraser was gay or something like that. I’m glad his parents know now, even though Fraser didn’t tell them himself, they still needed to know.
    My goodness, Heather is a brat. When I read it, I get this annoying bratty voice in my head and I just want to tell it to shut up! I still love her, though. She’s so cute πŸ™‚

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lmao well then I’m doing a good thing then, if your just reading it and getting annoyed XD It means I’m portraying her the exact way I wanted her to be. πŸ˜‰

  3. callierose says:

    Cale is just… sooo frustrating. His adoration for Heather – which he’s using to make up for the loss of India – is turning into neglect of poor Gaven. And now she has the Party Animal trait… ohhh boy…. I still love her, and I only hope that Cale can wake up and stop pampering her so she doesn’t end up totally spoilt because – as I think I’ve mentioned – I totally have faith in her to end up as a good person.
    Ohmygod Fraay 😦 he’s so cute, and I can totally understand why he finally had enough and sought revenge. It’s not his fault really, and secretly I’m quite glad that Chuck got hurt n.n I just hope he finds acceptance at his new school ❀

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lmao, well he did deserve it for what him and his stupid friend were doing to Fray<3 Yea he is frustrating, he really needs to learn to let go of India, like Kitty did. Yea let's hope he does ❀

  4. wolfmania98 says:

    LOL!!! after The last pic 2 chaps ago, and the conversation (3.9) the firtst thing I thought was ‘FRASERS GAY WITH JAKE!’ as a joke. OMG, I was right! well partly πŸ˜› Heathers becoming more and more like a brat -_- cough EMMA TERREY cough. Sorry for my cold πŸ˜‰

    Where did you get Fraser hair from? I ❀ it.

    And (finally) I got your comment on my page, and I dont know. I'll reply as soon as I know

  5. jaec52609 says:

    my poor fray…imma jump in tht game nd beat up chuck and billy 4 bein mean 2 my fray……

    look wat u did cale, u turned her n2 a spolied brat, shes not gunna make ne friends if shes gunna be like tht

    gaven is his father clone…his freckled-face clone…..the freckles r so adoprable…..ian is next!!!

  6. Carebear728 says:

    I loved the way you handled it I felt so bad for Fraser but I think Heather is my favorite because she is suchhhh a brat

  7. marissa3 says:

    YES! I was totally right about Fraser all along, I knew he was gay and ashamed of it! I’m glad Cale finally knows, although I hope they can talk about it. I don’t blame him for trying to give those bullies a shock… although a small bomb might not have been the best way to go about it! (unintentional I know..)
    Another great chapter, love all the kids. Especially Heather the brat! Can’t wait to see how her storyline progresses, I’m glad she got the party animal trait, I can just imagine her as a rebellious teenager! x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Oh my god, when she got that trait I was like “It fits her so perfect, it’s scary!” Ha ha, my spoiled little Heather ❀ Yea I'm glad no one blaims Fraser for what he did. He's such a fragile guy<3 He was just trying to fix his problem.

  8. marissa3 says:

    Also, on the picture of Cale crying WHAT is that little glowing red orb in the background?! Ever since the latest update I have them all over the house, and I just really don’t have any idea what they are! x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      He’s not crying ;P He’s frustrated, but it does look that way lmao. Anywho, the thing you see is what my lovely sims like to call leaving a prank xD It’s from generations, and you can’t help it when taking pictures cause’ there all over the place .-.

      • marissa3 says:

        Ah! Our sims both seem to have a penchant for leaving pranks! They’re all over my house, I never knew what they were until now, because I’ve never actually set one myself! Thanks for clearing it up x

      • spongeb0berz says:

        No problem! (: Yes our sims believe that their being funny πŸ˜‰ Mostly Jake or Heather does it. Go figure.

  9. bored4ever says:

    I honestly wasn’t expecting that from Fraser, its so said that he got bullied for it and thought his parents wud be disgusted with him……Now as for heather, shes alittle too spoiled n bratty. I cant wait for the day Cale finally says no to her.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Ahaha, it will all build up. You’ll see πŸ™‚ Yea it’s ashame he thinks that way, but he doesn’t really have any self-confidance. 😦 ❀

  10. sariechiny says:

    I actually had a feeling that was why Fraser was acting so strange…poor him though ):
    I really hope that he won’t do anything like that again, that was scary…
    I also really hope that Heather will stop being so spoiled…it really bugs me when people are like that, in real life of course (:
    Just a tip, but I would really like to see more of Gaven, and this chapter we saw nothing of Ian. (Is that his name? I forgot d:)

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Well I really can’t show much of Ian, since he’s not a child yet. This chapter was more for Fraser anyways, and Gaven didn’t grow up until this chapter too. It’s extremely hard for me to do anything with Toddlers, since there really isn’t much to do. The most I can do with tot’s is show pictures of them, which really doesn’t tell much. That’s why I can show Fraser more, since he was a child, now a teen. But next chapter Gaven get’s his own POV and everything. It’s just how it happens with me, sorry I didn’t show him but like I said… extremely hard :/

      I understand! I feel the same way with people in real life who act like that! I know all too many of them. That’s why I can portray Heather so easily, I’m going off real life expiernces.
      (Like when Heather ran outside, my spoiled cousin actually did that xD)

      • sariechiny says:

        Yea no, it’s fine (: I was just wondering, and I really wanted to see them d:
        Ahaha, no way! I don’t think none of my cousins have done that before (:
        It’s usually the younger cousins who do that, and I’m the youngest in my family!

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Ha ha well my youngest cousin on my dads side is 3 xD. On my moms… I have no idea.. lol. I’m like the 4th oldest cousin on my dads side. Yea my cousin did that! She ran outside into the ROAD! When she was 3! My aunt nearly died.

  11. Emy says:

    Poor Fraser. 😦 I felt so bad for him through all that. He obviously was too young to know how to deal with his feelings.

    Cale, you’re annoying me!! Stop pandering to Heather’s every whim and pay some attention to your other children.

    Great chapter. πŸ™‚

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Ahaha yes he’s getting a bit annoying with Heather…. don’t worry, just read the next chapter to find out what happens. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

  12. Jedidiah says:

    Fras just looks like Cale… just with pink hair! Ah, and my guess was semi right… it just wasn’t a girl. lol. Heather has the party animal trait? Well, no surprise there since Cale spoils her rotten. And I do believe Cale is over compensating for the baby. I like how Jake has become Cale’s voice of reason. Well done!
    And you really like having Cale parenting without his shirt on, eh? πŸ˜‰ Sponge, you’re so bad! XD

    • spongeb0berz says:

      XD It’s not my fault he does it by himself! Darn that stupid slip and slide! It’s his favorite toy, and by the time I realize I already took the pictures xD Exactly, it does fit her perfectly. Poor Fray<3 He was just trying to keep his secret hidden. Yup! Behind Jake's broken life lies a heart of gold. (someone commented that I forget who, but i loved it (: ]

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