Chapter 3.13 – A New Flame Burns Bright

I’m just going to start off this chapter with showing you Ethan’s kids. This is Andrew as a teen.

This is Lisa. My god, she is her father’s clone!

This is Isabella. No the girls aren’t twins, but there very close in age.

Fraser’s Point of View

I really didn’t know how to go about telling him… but what I did know is that I had too. This was the perfect moment to let him know what has been eating away at me for all these years. I knew that if I just got it over with, then I could face up to the reality of it… and embrace it.

“Dad, I really need to tell you something… something I should have told you along time ago.” I sighed, looking down at my feet, while fiddling with my fingers.

“What? What’s wrong Fray?” he questioned, concern burning through his voice.

“Before I say it, I just want you to know… that I’ll love you what ever you decide to do with me, and I understand if you get mad or upset.”

“Fraser, your scaring me. What the heck did you do?!” he choked out in a whisper.

I cocked my head to the side, and rubbed my fingers through my hair. I tried to speak a few times but no words left my mouth. My dad was obviously trying to get it out of me, but I couldn’t hear a word he was saying. The loud thumping of my heart hitting my chest was banging in my head.

I breathed heavily, and let my eyes meet his. “Dad… I’m.. I’m gay.”

He took a step back, and just smiled at me. Why was he smiling?! Please tell me he didn’t think this was a joke…

“Dad this isn’t funny…” I growled “I’m trying to open up to you and your trying not to laugh at me!”

“Fraser!” he chuckled “I’m not laughing about you being gay! I’m laughing because I really thought you were going to tell me something bad! Son, if you like men… so what! I can deal with that. I’m not going to be upset, or throw you away. Your my son, and I love you no matter what.”

He was okay with this?! All this time I’ve kept it hidden, and he wasn’t even mad! Great… makes me wish I could take it ALL back. All the dreaded nights, and tear filled pillows… everything I did to make my life harder.

“Just go get some sleep Fray… I’m gonna go out for a little while.” he smiled, patting me on the back.

“Where are you going? It’s like… 4 am?”

“Oh… just some unfinished business. I’ll be back soon enough.” he replied, heading towards the door. “Don’t wait up for me. You got school, Fray.”

He knows me too well…

Cale’s Point of View

I slid my way into the car, and turned the key into the ignition. I sighed to myself, before pushing my foot onto the gas. I knew exactly what I had to do… and just like Fraser told me “Something I should have done along time ago.”

I pulled up to the Twinbrook cemetery and just sat there with the engine running. I really didn’t want to do this… in a way I felt like I couldn’t, but I knew it had to be done. I unbuckled my seat belt, and turned the key to shut down the car. I slowly opened the door and made my way up the path over to our family grave site.

“Hello sweet heart. It’s daddy.” I coughed, into the cold night air “I-… I just wanted to let you know that I love you, and I’m always thinking about you. No matter what happens in my life, you’ll always be my little girl. I know it can be pretty scary to be in a place like this, but I’m sure Grandpa and Grandma are taking good care of you for m-m-me…”

“Just remember to be a g-good girl… and- and” I stuttered, as my eyes teared up. I couldn’t help the way I felt. I never properly said good-bye to little India… I just shut out the fact she was gone and replaced her with Heather. I was so crushed when she was taken from me.

“It’s not FAIR! Why did you have to die?! WHY?! You were my little girl… you- you were suppose to live! Why didn’t you live?!” I cried out into the still air, my face thrown into my hands “I just wish things could have happened differently… but to be fair to you my tiny angel, I would just l-like to say good-bye properly to you this time. Just remember it’s not forever. I’ll see you again someday… I love you my baby.”

With that, I felt a sense of peace wash over me. It was the strangest thing, but it’s like… all the pain I felt was just set free, and little India could finally rest in peace. Like she was suppose to, all that time ago.

I guess I lost track of time, because I didn’t make it home until around 8 am. I was so caught up in what I was doing, that time just passed me by. When Kitty saw me stroll in through our bedroom door, a look of anger and disgust were plastered across her face. I didn’t even give her a chance to speak before I grabbed her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

I leaned my head in towards her ear and whispered “I’m so sorry.” She pulled me back, and stared into my tear glazed eyes. She could see the new found peace I had, and the sincerity behind my apology.

“Cale, where were you.” she nearly whispered, as she rested her head against mine.

“Doing something I should have done… I let go.”

She stared at me for a second more before pulling me into a long and passionate kiss. The time between us felt like an eternity. And the world around us seemed like it froze in place. It was one of the most heart felt moments I’d ever shared with my wife.

(Okay this part wasn’t planned, but I showed it because they did it themselves! I seriously Awww’d)

With that one single kiss, we tumbled over to our bed and made love for numerous hours. Nothing could interrupt the atmosphere and our rekindled love for one another.

Jake’s Point of View

Since the kids were at school, and Cale and Kitty were… “busy”, I was left with little Ian. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to be stuck with him, but it can get rather difficult. He’s just not like normal kids, and he is always lashing out for no apparent reason. Sometimes it scares me when he screams and there is nothing wrong. In all honesty I feel bad for the little guy. I can only imagine what goes on through his little head.

“Hey bud.” I smiled down at him “Guess who’s turning 5 today?!”

“Jelly bean!” he giggled, grabbing his favorite toy. It’s the strangest thing, how attached he is to that one simple little doll. It never leaves his site, and he is always sitting alone just having long conversations with it. Kitty dreads the fact that her mother-in-law sent him that stupid thing, but if it keeps him quiet, who is he really hurting?

“No silly dude! Your turning 5!” I laughed, shaking my head at him.

“No! Jelly Bean too!!”

“Alright, Jelly Bean too…”


A few short hours later, the kids came home from school. It always seems like a wild herd of elephants just knocked down the door, and destroyed the living room! There were clothes flying off left and right, and messes being made all over the place! I really do enjoy those solid 7 hours that it’s just us 3 at home, or even better… when it’s just me and Cale at work! I guess I just enjoy some quiet time.

“Uh, Jake?” Kyle cleared his throat ” I’m gonna go bring Ian to Kitty, Okay?”

“Alright… but you know how he gets.” I sighed, shaking my head at him

“I know. It’s just I’m trying to get him use to me is all.” He stated, reaching down and scooping him up. Not even 5 seconds he was in his grasp, he went off the deep end. Kyle raced out of the room with Ian kicking and screaming. Poor kid.

Kitty’s Point of View

Kyle came racing up to me, and and handed Ian over. “Well you tried?” I smiled, taking Ian from his arms.

“Yea… that kid still hates me.” he sighed, as he walked over to Fraser. I feel bad for Kyle. He tries with all his might to get the whole family to like him, but Ian refuses to let him in. I know he does it to impress Fraser. Oh yea, a mother knows all.

“Happy birthday Ian!”

Isn’t he adorable?! His new trait is Technophobe! Way to add more onto his already insane plate…

Ian stood there for a good 10 minutes, just staring at his cake. Everyone had already trailed off out the door, leaving me and Ian alone in the kitchen. “Sweetie?” I smiled “What’s wrong?”

“The cake… it’s not going to, hurt me? Is it?” he gulped, his eyes barely looking down at it.

“Ian, cake is a yummy treat! It’s what birthday boys get! It’s not going to hurt you. Mommy promises.” I sighed, reaching around him and cutting him a piece.

I sat him down, and placed a fork next to his plate. He shook his head no at me and insisted on a spoon. “A fork could cut my mouth mommy.” he stated “Then I would be hurt!”

“Alright Ian. It’s okay. You can use a spoon if you feel more comfortable.”

Something tells me a fear of people isn’t the only thing running through his head.

Another thing that took me completely by surprise was his idea of how you should dress. He kept putting on different outfits, and some were completely strange. Like the fact he wanted to wear this science-y outfit, yet had no interest in electronics or space.

“Jelly Bean and I are playing space monsters! But there not mean monsters, there nice and smell like cotton candy!” he chirped, reaching down for his ugly little doll. Something about the way he treated it made me so uneasy. I guess you could say I was being overly protective of my fragile Ian… but something doesn’t seem right.

But as quick as he made his mind up on one thing, he was changing it the next. “Jelly Bean and I are going to a tea party! You have to dress up in warm clothes because were going to be out in the snow. Nothing can hurt us though, because we’ll be in front of a fire roasting marsh mellows! The fire is safe though. Nothing can ever harm us.” 

“Here’s your tea Jelly Bean! I made it especially for you. Don’t worry, it’s not to hot, so you won’t burn you mouth. I also brought your favorite toy car! It has soft wheels, and it’s edges won’t scratch you, I promise.”

Why does he worry so much about being harmed? My poor Ian, if he keeps this up I have no choice but to ask a doctor about this. It doesn’t seem healthy.

Cale’s Point of View

Life in our house continued on as it normally should. Kitty was constantly worrying about Ian, and also trying to recover from this nasty flu bug. It took all her energy out of her, and it scared me at times. I never liked seeing Kitty sick. But besides that, today was a new bump in my life for two different reasons. One because I was finally going to talk to Gaven about what’s going on his his little head, and two… I actually lashed out on Heather.

“YOU DID WHAT?!” I raged, throwing my hands out in desperation “I told you 100 times not to make fun of Ian! You know your brother is young, and has different fears! That was a terrible thing to do Heather Marie!”

“But daddy he was telling me to kiss Jelly Bean’s boo-boo! It’s a stupid dolly! Why is a boy playing with a doll, anyways?!” she snapped back, clenching her fist.

“I don’t wanna hear it!” I boomed, my voice echoing off the walls “You’ve been told now by me and your mother numerous times, to stop it! You leave me no choice… your grounded and extra chores for a week!”

“That’s not FAIR!” she screamed, stomping her foot “I don’t get punished! I’m the princess!”

“Do you want me to make it two weeks?! Stop talking back, and go do the dishes and take out the trash! Your going to learn it’s not nice to pick fights!”

Reluctantly she did as she was told. It took her about an hour of screaming, and crying to get through the simple tasks… but I wasn’t about to give into her cries. She needed to learn that I wasn’t going to be her friend anymore, that I was going to be her father. She needs this. Even if she doesn’t like it now, I know in the future she will thank me for being there for her, when she needed it the most.

After Heather was done with her chores I shooed her indoors and told her to go to her room. She stomped off and slammed the door closed. I admit it stung a little, the hatred she was showing me… but that’s just life. I had to be strong enough to deal with the nasty attitude. I will be getting them for as long as I’m breathing.

“Gaven!” I called out to him from the patio door “Hey bud, wanna go with daddy? I’m heading over to the lake.”

His mouth dropped open. “REALLY?! JUST YOU AND ME?!” he screeched, running towards me.

“Yup, now go get dressed!” I laughed “Hurry, hurry!”


He was inside the car, and buckled in record time! Heck, he made in there before I could get the keys out of my pocket! When I finally did climb inside, he was literally bouncing in his seat. “Were gonna have so much fun, Daddy!!” he cried out “Fishing, and skipping stones, and- and!!”

“Slow down bud.” I laughed “First we have to get there!”

I pulled out of the driveway, and we made our way over to the lake. Gaven was eager to fish… but the most important thing right now was for me to talk with him.

“Bud, before we do anything… I would like to talk with you. Is that alright?”

He nodded his head, and plopped himself down on a nearby bench. “What’s wrong daddy?”

“Mommy has been telling me that something has been bothering you. What’s up Gaven? What’s wrong?” I sighed, running my hand over his hair.

He looked down at his feet, which were swinging back and forth. “Nothing.” he replied, his eyes never looking up.

“Buddy, it’s alright to tell me. I’ll love you no matter what it is.” I smiled “Just let it out.”

He sniffled a little before glaring up at me. “It’s YOU!” he cried “You love Heather more than me, and you always will. I knew there was a reason you took me out here. You never just do nice things for me, unless there is a reason.”

If there was a greater word than “OUCH” I would have used it. I knew he was bothered by me and Heather, -because Kitty told me- but I didn’t know it was this bad.

“Gaven… I-” I choked out, as I rubbed the back of my neck “I didn’t know you felt like that. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because you wouldn’t have cared anyways!” he cried “You never cared. You always let Heather do what ever she wanted. I don’t even know why you punished her today… that was completely crazy. She had to do something REALLY bad, to get you to yell at her.”

“Well, she did make Ian cry… but that’s besides the point. The reason I brought you out here was to tell you I DO care, and that you have every right to be mad at me. I was giving Heather more attention, but Gaven, that’s not gonna be like that anymore. Heather was a phase I was going through because daddy was sad about losing your sister. I didn’t mean to do it, and I promise I won’t do it anymore. I love you Chub, mommy and daddy both do.”

“Really?” he sniffled “You really mean all that, Daddy?”

“Every word.”

With that he stood up and threw himself into my arms. “I love you too.” he cried onto my shoulder “That’s all I ever wanted! To be treated the same as Heather a-and to know you still cared ab-out m-me.”

“I never stopped.” I smiled, kissing him on the cheek “Now come, kiddo. Let’s start fishing before it gets to dark!”

“Right!” he smiled back, wiping the tears from his eyes “Daddy? If I catch a fish, can I keep it?”

“Only if it’s small enough.” I laughed, then tousled his hair “Now grab your pole and come on!”

Nightfall fell fast, but time just didn’t seem to stand between us. Gaven and I had such a wonderful time, goofing around and playing with the water. I could seriously kick myself for missing so much quality time with him. All along he needed it, yet stupid me was so blinded… I thank god that I have such a wonderful wife and son! They snapped me out of my little trance and brought me back to reality. I just hope no permanent damage is done.

“Daaaad, is this one small enough? I don’t wanna throw fishy back! Can we please keep this little guy?” Gaven grumbled, holding up yet another one of his catches. The entire day all he had been catching were these massive fish! I seriously couldn’t believe what a natural talent Gaven had for fishing!

“Yep! He is completely perfect for your new fishbowl. Now let’s head on home, before your mommy has a fit.”

“Alrighty, Daddy.” he giggled “We wouldn’t want mommy to have a… hissy fit! Hee hee!”

“Your a silly kid, you know that?”I laughed, shaking my head at him.

Reminds me of Dagger… he always made fun of Kitty’s name too.

We made our way through the door at around 8:30. Kitty was waiting on the couch with Ian, trying to get him to go to sleep. He kept telling Kitty he was afraid, when she asked what he was scared of he said “I don’t know! I just am!”

I insisted on helping her with him, but she told me she had it under control. She pointed to Gaven’s room and told me to just get the twins ready for bed. I nodded my head at her hisses and took Gaven into his room. Before getting ready for bed though, we officially placed “Tiny” in his new home, and Gaven fed him. I thought it was cute that he named the fish Tiny. It suited him well.

She did eventually get him to sleep about an hour later. She had to agree to let him keep his day clothes on, plus she had to sleep in there with him until HE fell asleep. My poor Kitty. Dealing with Ian, and being sick on top of it.

The following morning was a Saturday, so everyone was off from school and work. It was a big burden off of Kitty because she could finally rest while I looked after Ian. Ian wasn’t yet enrolled in school, because we weren’t sure if we should put him in public school or not. What would that do to him? Then again… keeping him away from society might make it worse for his phobia! It was safe to say… we were totally at lost on what to do.

Other than that it was a pretty relaxing day. Kyle and Fraser went out, and the twins were actually getting along. We bought this new video game, so it wasn’t too hard to share it… considering it was two players.

“Naaaah, I know why Kitty is being a big grump.” Jake laughed, as he tossed me the football.

“No I’m serious Jake. Ian just really wears her thin. I think we might have to see a specialist.” I sighed, tossing it back.

“That kid doesn’t need to see anyone! I saw all too many, and they didn’t do squat for me.” he smirked “Besides, it has nothing to do with Ian.

“Oh yea?” I chuckled “Then if your so smart, what is wrong with her?”

“She has a bun in the oven!” he laughed, shaking his head at me “You two are gonna be old parents!”

“Dude, shut up! Kitty isn’t pregnant, that’s not even possible!” I raged, clenching the ball in my hands.

“Why isn’t it!?” he laughed louder “You two go at it like rabbits all the time! Or did you get fixed? Is that it? Ha ha… you know you didn’t.”

“JAKE! Cut the crap! Were done with kids. No I’m not fixed, but were careful. Besides… I’m going to get that taken care of next week.”

“Too LATE!” he grinned, and I beamed the ball at his leg.

“What the crap?! THAT HURT! You jerk!” he shouted, picking up the ball and throwing it past my head.

“Serves you right!” I laughed, and he flipped me the bird. I hate it when Jake screws with me. He always does it to get me going! Arg!

Fraser’s Point of View

Every Saturday Kyle and me would go for a walk or grab some lunch. You would always see us together. The greatest thing about Kyle, was that he was my protector. He didn’t care that I was gay or that being seen with me, would make people think bad about him. Heck, he even asked his mom to switch schools, just so he could be with me. Anytime someone who pick a fight with me, he would stand his ground and beat the crap out of anyone who got in our way. Yea it got him in trouble a few times, but he would always say it was worth it. Remarks like that always make me think… “Could he really like me?”

“I’m telling yah Fray, that kid had it coming! He kept calling us the fag couple and I seriously had enough! What was his problem anyways? He against people being gay?! GOD!” he steamed, clenching onto his jeans. “I can’t stand when people mock you Fray. Your too good of a guy for that.”

“D’awwww!” I teased “Do you rweally mean dat?”

“Oh stop it!” he laughed, then pushed my arm. “You know how I get.”

“I know, Captain defensive!” I chuckled, then saluted him.

“Your enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Only slightly.” I laughed, then poked my tongue out at him.

He got up from the bench, and grabbed me up from my waist. The moment I felt his arms around me, it was like electric jolts shooting through my body. The feeling I got, I never wanted it to end! His grasp was only a mere 5 seconds… I only wished it could have lasted longer.

“No one said you were allowed to make fun of me.” he laughed, pulling back from his clench “Only I’m allowed to tease you. It’s a known fact.”

“Oh yeah? Says who?!” I teased, playfully touching his arm.

“Says the guy who-” he cut himself off, then looked away. My smile faded, and I tried to get our eyes to meet again.

“The guy who… what?”

“That what?” I asked once more, bringing his face to meet mine. “You can tell me anything Kyle. I’m here for you.”

He smiled slightly, and his cheeks flushed Crimson. “Says the guy… who likes you.”

My eyes widened, and my breath was taken from my lungs. That LIKES me?! Kyle likes- Kyle is- So many thoughts running through my mind, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around one of them!

“Fraser?” he coughed “Did you hear me?”

I looked up at him, and a smile spread ear to ear. “I… I like you too.” I blushed, and took his hand in mine.

His soft fingers caressed the top of my hand, and his eyes twinkled as they met mine. He leaned in forward, and kissed me gently on the cheek.

Take me to prom with you.” he whispered in my ear. “I want that night to mean something, and it only will if I’m with you.”

His words melted my heart like a candles flame. A single tear rolled down my cheek, and I shook my head yes.

“I would love too.”

Kitty’s Point of View

The night grew dark, and our house was quiet. I was trying so hard to get to sleep, but my entire body was uncomfortable. I stood up from my bed, and reached around until I found the light. Cale grumbled by the sudden flash in his eyes, and that’s when I felt it…


Alright so obviously she is pregnant! But this was NOT planned, I repeat NOT planned! They auto-woohooed themselves!! This is full blown proof that it DOESN’T say try for baby, yet low and behold I heard the baby chime! My mouth dropped open wide, and I was in utter shock. It was a hard decision, but this baby is NOT part of the heir poll. It will just delay too much time. This is the 13th chapter, and I only wanted maximum, 17. I can’t rush my characters, and this baby obviously would be.

Thanks for understanding, and for reading! (:


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    • spongeb0berz says:

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    This is actually one of the first times in a legacy where I didn’t see the pregnancy coming. Usually when the writer says that they’re sick or that they woo-hooed I can guess that they’re pregnant. But I was so sure that they were done having kids that I wasn’t even thinking about the chance that Kitty would get pregnant again. I’m kinda glad that the baby’s not going to be in the heir pole, I’m already having a tough enough time trying to figure out who I would vote for. Hopefully I’ll know by the end of this generation.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea I didn’t think it would be fair on the other kids, if she/he was. There stories are already coming into play and adding another would make it harder on the readers… and me! so the little guy or girl will just have to be around to be cute and stuff. Ha ha. Yea I adore them all just as much as you. I bounce all around trying to figure out who I like as a favorite, and I just… can’t pick! D: I love them all so much. Ha ha, I guess I had you pretty shocked then 😉 I was sure she wasn’t EITHER! D: they made that choice! LMAO XD

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    Yay for Cale letting go and being a real father to Heather.. Yay for Chubs! Yay for Fras and Kyle… Yay for Kitty babies…Yay for Uncle Jake… Just yay for everyone! I think with the woohoo thingy there is a slight chance for a Sim to get pregnant. But that’s the first I’ve seen in game. Ian is adorable in his insanity. Sounds like he has a bit of OCD. Great update!
    You feeling better, btw? – Jed
    I’m trying to get some feedback, if you’d be so kind and check this one out?

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Sure I’ll check it Out :3 Ha ha, just a big ol’ yay for everyone! 😀 Really? A slim chance? And I got it…. -_- Hurrah. I’m not saying what he has ;P Let the chapters figure that out, teehee. Yea I’m feeling a little better. My throat is still bothering me :/

  15. Attack of the feels. Kyle and Fraser a too cute :3

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