Chapter 3.15 – Inside Your Head

Authors note: This chapter is basically broken down into different segments. Getting inside each of the Children’s heads, and what their going to do. So if it jumps around a bit, that’s the reason why.

~*Fraser’s Segment*~

The call I got from Kyle had my heart racing, and my palms sweating. I ran it over and over in my head, what he could possibly have to tell me. I came to the conclusion that… he was going to break up with me. I see it coming, and that’s why I prepared myself to embrace the terrible truth.

I decided to take the long and painful walk over to the Twinbrook Gardens. The air around me was slightly chilly. The cold breeze nibbled at my ears, and once or twice I had to pull at them to make them warm. I walked slowly up the path, and leaned on the fence… just staring at my love. The one I’ve fallen so deeply for. I sighed loudly to myself, causing him to rear his head towards mine. He gave me a halfhearted smile, and gestured me to come over.

I sat down at the small wooden table, staring at Kyle through the flame in front of us. He was so radiant, and full of life. I wished so hard, -pleaded even- that he wouldn’t break our bond. Our shared love.

“Kyle…” I nearly whispered, breaking that painful silence “Please… don’t do it.”

He cast me a puzzled frown, and lowered his eyes to the floor. “Fraser. There is something I really need to tell you.”

“Wait.” I choked out, causing him to sigh “I know what your going to say.”

Yet again, another puzzled look. “W-what?”

“Your breaking up with me, because you don’t think were working out. Kyle, I know it’s different than normal relationships, but I know we can make “us” work. Please Kyle… I think I lo-” He cut me off with his hand, and rubbed the side of his temple.

“Fraser… it’s- Just let me explain.”

“Go on.” I breathed, moving my hands signaling to continue.

“There isn’t an easy way to put this, but… I’m leaving.” his lip trembled as the last part fell from his mouth. Leaving? Why was he leaving?

“F-for how long?” I stuttered, fumbling with the end of my shirt.

“Forever. I’m never coming back to Twinbrook. My father is taking me away, and there is nothing me or my mother can do. Fraser, I’m so sorry. I don’t want to leave you, or break your heart… but we can’t be together anymore. I just can’t bare the pain of leaving you, and never knowing if we’ll be together again. I want to let you go, not because I want to, but because it’s better this way. To give you the chance to find someone else.”

I grasped the table, and pulled myself up. “NO!” I shouted, my eyes glazing over with tears “You can’t leave me like this! Kyle please! I-I-… Love you.” I was prepared for the breakup, or at least I thought I was… but I wasn’t prepared for THIS. This is something I didn’t expect at all! I didn’t want him to leave, he couldn’t leave! Not after saying all that. It’s harder to let go of someone who told you flat out they don’t want to leave you, and that they still want you! I- I just can’t…

“Fraser, please don’t make this harder!” he cried, slamming his fist down on the table. “I- I have to go! There is nothing I can do!”

I grabbed hold of his arm, and pulled him to face me “Look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t love me. If you can do that, then I’ll leave you alone forever.”

“Fraser come on-“

“Just do IT!” I shouted, another tear sliding down my cheek.

“I- I don’t-” he cried, closing his eyes tight. “I can’t say that, because it’s not TRUE!”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him in close to me. “Kyle… run away with me.” I whispered into his ear “And then, we won’t ever have to worry about people getting in the way of our love.”

He pulled back, and stared at me in the eyes “Where would we go? How would we live?”

I put my lips only inches from his, I could feel his hot breath tremble across my mouth. “In 3 days, we’ll sneak off into the night and head for somewhere new. I’ll take care of everything.”

“Won’t they find us?” he breathed heavily, his voice hungry for more.

“They’ll never find us. I’ll make sure of it.”

~*Heather’s Segment*~

Another day to wake up and groan at my life. I’ve been living the same exact way for the past 16 years. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Always the same BULL-CRAP! I want a thrill in my life. I want it spiced up and adventurous! Heck, I’ll do anything to get out of Twinbrook… even for just a night!

I aged her up, because I wanted to show everyone what she would look like. Her traits are Eccentric and Excitable.

My parents -my mother mostly- were always busy with Jackie. They smothered her with love, and barely paid any of us older kids, besides Ian, any attention. Not that I really cared. I liked that I wasn’t in the lime light anymore. That was just old news, and it died with my younger self. I had more important matters to attend to… such as my friends. The only sanity I have left in this world.

Jessisca, Camilla, and me were like three peas in a pod. We did everything and anything together! I guess you could say we shared the same kind of outlook on life… but nonetheless we are the best of friends.

(Jess is the Pink shirt, and Camilla is in the white.)

“It’s safe to say that we are ALL totally smoking!” Jessica laughed, tugging me and Camilla into a group hug.

After some gossip and lots of giggles… I made my besties sit down. I really needed to tell them this amazing idea I had come up with.

“Alright girls.” I smirked “What would you two think, about a road trip?”

They both perked up, and cast me puzzled glances.

“I’m listening.” Jessy laughed “But what kind of a road trip are we talking about?”

“The kind where we take our parents car, pack it up with tons of clothes, and head to Bridgeport! Night clubs here we COME!” I squealed, clapping my hands together rapidly.

“Girl, how in the world do you plan on pulling this off?” Camilla laughed “Were 16, and broke. How are we traveling 4 hours to Bridgeport?”

I shot her a smug grin “Oh you and I both know Jessy’s father is loaded. Isn’t that right, Jess?”

She rolled her eyes, and shook her head “Heather there is no way my father is giving me money to go party! And how do you expect us to get into clubs?”

“Don’t be so naive Jess.” Camilla chuckled “It’s called Fake IDs!! Plus were not asking, think of it more as… borrowing.”

“Like sneaking out?! And stealing?!” she gasped, widening her eyes at me.

I flopped myself down, and chuckled “Think of it more as an adventure.”

~*Gaven’s Segment*~

“GAVEN!” my father shouted “Go get your sister!”

DARNIT! Always bothering me, always screaming my name! I just want to focus on my schooling for once! Why can’t they understand that? I need to get good grades. I MUST graduate!



I charged into my sisters room, and snatched her up. “Want Momma! Want momma!” She wailed, her screams echoing in my ears!

I took her to the living room, and nearly shoved a bottle in her face “She’s busy, Jackie!” I growled, stomping out the front door. I didn’t know where I was going, but it just had to be anywhere but here.

I took my bike off the front lawn, and just kept peddling. The cool air wisped past my face, and a couple of times I just closed my eyes and let my bike just trail slowly down. I needed this peaceful time, where there was no screaming baby or demanding parents. In my thoughts the only thing that was there, was that distinct memory of the Soldier who came into my classroom. How his medals shined, and his uniform was neatly pressed. His muscles were complex, and how he spoke… just… amazing.  I wanted to look just like that. I wanted to be an honorable man who served his country. Who met the president, who was famous for what he believed in! That’s the dream I’m chasing.

I pulled up to the main building once again, and just stared in awe.

“I’m going to work here someday.”

I always got the hugest grin plastered across my face when I looked at this amazing place. The Air force base.

Captain Gaven Terrey… Captain Gaven Terrey…

The thought ran through my mind yet again. Every night I would dream I’m in the sky, shooting down enemy base. Dreamed of even being on the ground, in the line of duty. Shooting up the ones who did our country wrong.

“Soldier?” I snapped out of my trance, and looked around. I spotted a man in the distance, but I couldn’t make out his face.

“Yes?” I replied, not sure of who I was talking to.

“Your that boy from the class? Right?” he gleamed, his medals glistening from the suns rays.

I walked closer, to meet his gaze. Captain Walsh! I couldn’t believe my eyes! “Yes sir! Terrey, Gaven Terrey, is my name. Sorry if I’m disturbing your area, Captain. I was just thinking about the day when I’ll be able to join your base.”

He laughed, then signaled me to follow. “Come with me, Terrey.”

Whoa, were using last names? AWESOME!- No! Be cool Gaven… Be cool…

He brought me through the main halls, and we passed by many windows where soldiers were training, and air crafts were being flown. Wicked! He pulled me into his office, and asked me to take a seat in front of, what I assumed was his desk.

“Captain Walsh?” I questioned, my eyes wondering around the room “What’s going on?”

There was dead silence, then out of no where he threw his hands up. I flinched. Crap! Why’d I have to flinch? Now he probably thinks I’m a wuss.

“You alright there, Soldier?” he laughed. I turned a bit red and nodded my head.

“Do you like what you see around our base, Terrey?” I nodded again “You know… you could easily be apart of all of this.” he smiled, then folded his hands on his desk.

I raised an eyebrow “How so?”

“All you have to do is get your parents to sign, and we can put you in Military school. It’s not like the real thing at first, but your already with us and from that school… you’ll be transferred to the real deal.” he pointed at me with a broad grin on his face “What do you say? Are you in?”

“Yes Captain Walsh! I’ll get my parents to sign right away!” I gleamed, as he hands me the forms.

“Soldier, when your under my rules you call me Sir. Understood?”

“Yes Cap- Yes Sir.” I choked, as I fumbled to get out of my seat.

Before I could hurry home, he grabbed me by the arm. “Terrey. I must tell you though… once your in, there’s no turning back. Your with us for good, or until stated otherwise. Do you understand that clearly?”

I shook my head up and down, trying not to let my excitement leak out.

“Alright then. Your dismissed.”

Now to just get my parents to sign…

~*Ian’s Segment*~

It was night, always night. Why did it even exist?! I came out of my room, and trailed through the dark hallways. “Get them all… Kill them all…” Jelly Bean? Oh Jelly Bean. Who do I kill? The dark time creatures? The ones that lurk through the halls?

I clicked on my flashlight for protection, shining it around the leery house. “Where are they Jelly Bean? Do you see them?”

She nodded her head in my direction and pointed through the inky blackness. “Why do I have to do this, Jelly Bean? They’ll harm us!”

I shone the light around once more before bringing closer to me. It can’t harm me in the light, nothing can harm me there.

“Hurry before they get! usshe screeched, covering her eyes in agony. “Grab something, grab anything. Just don’t let them touch ME!”

My hands were shaking, and I swallowed a large lump in my throat. Jelly Bean narrowed her eyes at me and pointed behind my head.

Your mine now, Ian. YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!”

“NO PLEASE!” I screamed “Don’t hurt ME! Don’t hurt me!” I dropped my flashlight and ran into the darkness of the house, trying to find anything, ANYTHING, that could protect me from the creatures of the night. I grabbed a knife from inside of the drawer and climbed under the table. Jelly Bean! Oh my GOD! Jelly Bean! She could get harmed. I crawled back out, knife in hand and went after her. A shadowy figure came out from behind the corner! I threw the knife and heard it wail.

“SON OF A B-! Kitty get out here NOW!” The figure screamed in pain. Victory! The monster was wounded! I grabbed Jelly and slid back under the table. I knew I was safe now. I knew it.

Okay the figure was my father. It’s alright though because his leg didn’t bleed that much. I thanked my daddy over and over for coming to my rescue, for saving me from the night creatures. He kept limping on his left leg, where the knife went in slightly… I knew it must of hurt. It HAD to of hurt. That’s the pain I wanted the creature to feel. I knew someone would get hurt from them. I knew it.

My mommy helped my daddy with his cut, before taking me out from under the table. She scooped me up into her arms, and laid me to rest on her lap. “Get some sleep Ian. Everything is going to be alright.” She made it seem like it could be alright… but I knew different. I knew when the lights went out, they would be back again. They always come back. Jelly Bean told me so.

The following night was my birthday. I was turning another year older. My daddy told me that I would be stronger now, much more brave than before. He’s nice for trying, but you can’t be brave when their is danger all around you. You can’t!

His new trait is Great Kisser.

After my party that night, I decided to try and sleep before it was too dark. I went towards the bathroom to use it real quick, when I over heard the talking of my parents.

“How’s your leg?” my mother sighed

“It hurts like crazy. I can barely move it, and when I do… It makes me feel like I wanna jump out an 11 story window!” he cried in pain.

“I just don’t know what to do for him, Cale. He’s such a sweet child but his imagination gets the better of him. He’s just different.”

“Kitty, it’s getting really serious now! He could have really hurt me, or worse…”

“What does that mean? “or worse?” Like killed you?! Come on! This is Ian were talking about.”

“I know, and that’s exactly my point. I know your going to hate this… but I think we need to take him to a specialist. He needs help Kitty!”

“NO! I’m not sending my baby away!”

There arguing went back and forth for awhile, until my dad stormed out of the room… slamming the door behind him.  

“Oh. Ian.” he coughed, rubbing the back of his neck “How long have you been standing there?”

“I’m different, aren’t I?” I sighed, sniffling slightly. “I’m strange, and stupid, and I hurt people!”

My dad hesitated, that same bead of sweat forming over his brow again. “Don’t say that Ian!” he stated, placing a hand on my shoulder “Your a good kid. So what if your different? I’m different, Mom’s different, were all different! Don’t ever think less of yourself.”

“That’s not what you said. You said your going to send me away.” I cried, pushing his arm away.

“I.. We- It’s just going to the doctors Ian. Nobody is sending anyone, anywhere. Alright?”

I nodded my head in agreement. But I knew better. Jelly Bean was right… there was going to come a day when things got strange. Why do I have a feeling that’s soon?

Thanks for reading! Now it’s up to YOU to choose the new heir. It’s gonna be tough considering they all have a pretty neat storyline to follow. So choose wisely! (:

Heir VOTE!


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  1. huffletuff says:


  2. Lexi says:

    All of their story lines are so interesting! This heir vote is going to be a hard one! D: Off to vote. 🙂

  3. firebart says:

    hmm this is going to be a hard choise and Ians realy starting to scare me

  4. huffletuff says:

    They all have really great stories. I’m liking Fraser’s story a lot more now and I can’t wait to see what happens with him and Kyle. Heather’s story is great now too. And I absolutely love Gaven. Ian is pretty crazy though. Who knows what will happen with him? I wish they could all be the heirs. This was probably my favorite generation out of any generation in any legacy. But I have a feeling the next generation will be even better no matter who the heir is. I’m so excited C:

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Thanks I’m glad you think they have great stories 🙂 I wish they could too ): I love them all. ❤ But alas, there can only be one. And I'm glad your around to vote this generation! ;3

  5. wolfmania98 says:

    This is so hard!!! I can’t chose between Ian and Fray. But it was adorable when gaven went to the military centre, and acted like a little boy again

  6. sariechiny says:

    Haha sorry I forgot to comment here, cuz I was so excited for the heir vote@ XD
    All their stories are good, it’s just I prefer stories with adventures! 8D And so Fraser’s and Heather’s sounds most interesting…
    Gaven’s is pretty interesting too, but I’m not sure whether you’re going to be able to take pictures while he’s at military school…And for Ian…well…he just scares me a little sometimes…d:
    Heather’s a really bad girl…fake ID’s? That’s illegal…D:
    Fraser surprised me a little too…running away? He never seemed like the kind of person who would do that…d:

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Well with me I stage my pictures, so I would make it look like he’s in base and such ;3 I love adventure too, and trust me… I’ve got some planned. Well you’ll do anything for love 🙂

      Ahaha yea Ian is really strange, but that’s just cause’ he’s loopy! ;p

  7. Jess says:

    Amazing chapter! I love them all! ❤
    Ian…….scares me…….. O_O But I think his imaginary friend is evil or something? Jelly Bean gives me the creeps…
    My heart goes out to Fraser, but running away? It doesnt seem rational! Can't he just ask Kitty and Cale for Kyle to stay with them? But I know its not that simple :/
    Heather, Heather, Heather! I have been forced to eat my words! I am glad shes grown out of her child ways and I feel bad for hating her :/ I love her friends, especially Jessica who shares my name!!
    Chubbs!! He is too cute :3 I just hope he realises what hes signing up for D:

    I know it doesnt matter who wins the heir vote because any of these stories will be amazing!!!!
    Sponge, whos your favourite? 😀

    • spongeb0berz says:

      My favorite? Arg that is really tough… I would have to say Fraser would be my favorite because I love his personaility. He’ll sacerfice anything for his love, and he’s just so…SWEET. I wanna guy like him ;P

      Ian scares everyone, but it’s just cause Jelly is “telling” him things. That’s the scary part lol. Yea Heather is more “I’ll do what I want!” now. xD

  8. bluefudge08 says:

    Cale is soo cute ❤


  9. Jedidiah says:

    You and your shirtless Cale! XD
    Great update. Every child has something unique about them, joys and trials. It will be very difficult to choose. I guess that the heir vote will be a multiple choice is too much to hope for, eh? Rats! I still like Ian, he’s in a very dangerous place where he can’t distinguish between reality and his mind. Makes for interesting characters. But Gaven is cool, too. Aw, he still gets pushed around by his daddy, just the sister changed. Now it is Jackie, instead of Heather. Gee Sponge, pretty high maintenance aren’t ya. LOL Just kidding. And her highness Heather…oh my, I foresee teen pregnancy, run in with the law, some weird vampire dude in her future. Poor Fras’! Why does Kyle’s dad move them away?
    Jed will shut up now…

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Ahaha I know, there is so many questions YET only one person will get theres answered. That is why it is SO tough. i can only do one, but everyone wants them all XD. Your exactly right, Ian doesn’t understand reality and his own mind. You hit the nail on the head. 😉 Ahaha Cale was just asking him to get Jackie, Kitty did the same thing with Fraser last chapter. No one putting a burden on anyone this time, just asking the kids for help 😉 Heather thinks they spend too much time with her, but she’s only a baby … no duh? xD

  10. Mira says:

    Wow, they are all so interesting!
    It’s so hard to choose…

  11. jaec52609 says:

    its ssooo HARD 2 choose….they all sound so good

  12. Emy says:

    Oh my gosh, I like all the stories you have going on here…. it’s going to be a hard choice, I think!

  13. bored4ever says:

    Can’t wait to see what fraser and kyle does!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. marissa3 says:

    FRASER AND KYLE! Will they escape?! They have to stay in the story, don’t annexe them to Austria or something! Arg, I need to know what happens with them!
    I love Kitty and her friends, they really fit that rebellious persona, I hope their trip to Bridgeport happens, and they don’t get into to much trouble! And GAVEN! (who has inherited his fathers penchant for no shirt *drool*) I think he’s a little too fixated on this military school, the military’s a tough life, and once you’re in – you’re in! There’s no way out, I hope he thinks about it seriously, and doesn’t do something stupid like forging the signature!
    Ian is such a fun character too, I love how you portray him as actually INSANE! but it was sad when he said he was stupid :(! xxx

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea you see he is quite insane, but it doesn’t make him stupid or obilvious of his surroundings and what people say. He just sees the world differently than other people. They all have a crazy story, but sadly only Fraser gets the chance to sign.

  15. Jay says:

    This might have been asked but where did you get Heather’s hair from?

  16. Me says:

    I love your legacy! Where did you get Heather and Kitty’s hair from?

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