And, The Winner is…..

Alright, so this was a VERY close poll between Fraser and Heather. They were back and forth forever… It was literally like a battle, and I didn’t know who was gonna win!

BUT, we do have a winner-

Our Winner for the next generation is:

Fraser Terrey with 34 votes!!

Heather came in second with 33!

Gaven had 19 and Ian had 21. 

Thanks for the 107 votes guys!<3

Like always, I need “K, L, M” boy and girl names! 😀 You never know, I might use your name 😉 

OH, and I was wondering if you guys can make me some guy and girl sims? CC free please! 🙂 Unless you absolutely think they need the CC, then you can just give me a link. I’ve been using too many of my same sims in my story, and I want something fresh! 

(Post all the links needed in the comments below.)


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74 Responses to And, The Winner is…..

  1. StyxLady says:

    Yay for Fray! Even though he was my last choice out of the 4. XD

    Hmm, names…
    K girls: Kimber, Kennedy. K boys: Kai, Keaton.
    L girls: Lauren, Lyra. L boys: Lachlan, Lane.
    M girls: Morgan, Mara. M boys: Memphis, Matthew.

  2. Emy says:

    Yay for Fraser!! Though I would have been happy with any of them. ❤

    K names: (girls) Kairi, Kite, Kana (boys) Kai, Keahi (Kee-a-hee), Keanu
    L names: (girls) Lilac, Lavender, Lacey (boys) Luca, Lucan, Lucien, Lance
    M names: (girls) Marie, May (boys) Morgan, Michael

  3. Roniyin says:

    I love Fraser can’t wait to see his story line

    K Names: -girls- Kasade (cas-a-de) Kimberly, Katara (ka-tar-ra), Kasey
    -boys Kevin, Kade, Keegan (key-gan)
    L names:-girls- Lea, Laverene (lav-er-rene
    -boys Lark, Larch, Luke
    M names: -girls- Marasel (mar-ra-sel_) Morinca, Maeve, Mabel, Makayla
    (Ma-kay-la) Marcella, Macy, Madison, Megan
    -boys Mace, Magel, Marvin, Mark, Milhouse (lol Milhouse is from simpsons)

  4. Lexi says:

    Yay for Fraser 😀
    And I like Lexi as a girl name for L, but that’s just my opinion ;D

  5. callierose says:

    Aww I loved Fraser, he was my second choice^^ (after my blatant favourite Heather of course, haha)
    Riiiight, K, L, M names…
    K: Kyra, Kellie, Keenan, Kai, Kevin (LOL KEVIN. idk why that’s so funny… just… the word kevin^^)
    L: Laura-May, Lindsay, Luna, Luke, Logan
    M: Masie, Morgan, Maria, Marcus, Michael
    Looking forward to this generation, missy!!! Just letting you know I’ll be in Paris for the next few days, but I really want to make you a sim! Can I get them to you in about a week? ^__^ ♥

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I know some names are funny to me as well. Teehee. Sure thing! I don’t need the sim right away<3 Thank god someone is actually gonna make me one! Lol I was getting my doubts ): OH! Have fun in Paris<3<3 I'm already working on chapter one 😉 ❤

  6. bluefudge08 says:

    Yay I voted for Fraser!!! ❤ Im so happy he won!!! 😀

  7. Alex Bailey says:

    Girl K names: Kate, Kat, Katherine, Kennedy
    Boy k names: Kyle
    Girl L names: Lilly, Leah, Lyra, Linda
    Boy L names: Luke
    Girl M names: Mia, Marsha, Megan, Morgan, Mira
    Boy M names: Matt, Matthew,

  8. huffletuff says:

    I had voted for Ian but I liked him and Fraser pretty equally so yay!

    And for names… (I love picking names)
    K :: Girls – Kailey (kay-lee), Kallie (kal-ee), Kassidy Boys – Keith, Kelly, Kole (or Kohl)
    L :: Girls – Lisette Boys – Landon, Leif
    M :: Girls – ummm… I can’t think of any that I like Boys – Mack, Marcus, Mitch

  9. bored4ever says:

    Yay 4 for Fray!!!!!

  10. sariechiny says:

    Yay! Fraser won! 8D
    Well, I voted for Heather, but I would’ve been happy with either one (:
    K- Kyla, Karen, Kevin L- Leah, Landon M- Melissa, Marco
    Yea…that’s all I can think of right now…d: A lot of those names are from people I know (:

  11. Kawaii :3 says:

    Girl K: Kara, Kalyynn(?) 😛 Boy K: Kirk/ Kurk
    Girl L: Lillian Boy L: Luke, Lukas
    Girl M: Maya, Melissa Boy M: Marc
    That’s all, I suck with names!

  12. Carebear728 says:

    I wanted Heather to win 😦

  13. TheAngelKat says:

    Kyra lawerence malcom

  14. penny8481 says:

    Yay Fraser won! I picked Ian though. Please update us with the others!

    K names.
    Girls, Kelli, Keltia, Kellia, Kayla, Kaylia, Kayli, Kaylene, Kaye, Kari, Kaitlyn, Katie, Kate, Kat, Kaylin, Kim, Kimmy, Karmen, Kaiko, kadice, kai, Kailee, Kara, Kiara, karen, Katherine, Karla, Kasey, Kathie, Kalina, Kesha, kennedy, kerri, Kerry- anne, Kiera, Kimberly, Kristy,

    Boys Kade,Kadin,kai,Kaleb,kane,Kaniel(means to stalk LOL) Kare,Karl,Kashim,Keiran,Kizza,Ken,Kenny,Kendrew,Kenley,Kent,Kirk,Koby,Koi,Kris,Kristopher,kurt,Kyle,Kyan,Kyron,

    L names

    Girls Lacey,Lacole,Lucy,Luna,Ladasha,Ladonna,Laina,layla,Lakeisha,lana,lanet,laney,lara,lassie,latika,latisha,laura,lauren,laurie,lavelle,lea,leslie,letty,libby,lexie,lily,lilliana,lisa,lizabeth,lora,

    Cant be botheres typing more so go to this site

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol at the stalk one XD, and wow all those nice are SO nice! Thank you so much!!<3 And for the website… but I think I'll pick out of what you guys gave me 😉

  15. Hayley says:

    Yay! I voted for fraser!
    I would love to make a sim for you!! what is your sims 3 account so that i can get my person to you!!
    thaanks x

  16. wolfmania98 says:

    Girl K- Katie, Katty, Kat (short for Kathrine) Karen, Korea (unisex, and yes I know its a country but it sounds nice), Kim (boy or girl I don’t know) Kahlan (<——-LOVE THIS NAME)Kathleen
    Boy K- Kevin, Korea Kim Keegan
    Girl L- Laura, Lilly, Larka (Lark in French) Liberty, Leah
    Boy L- Lawrence, Landon
    Girl M- Maria, /martha, Milly, Matty
    Boy M- Marshall, Matthew, Mason,

    Sorry it wasn't alot. I LOVE Kahlan, Larka and Liberty.

    Also YAY ^-^ Fraser won. I'm starting on a new banner

  17. Jedidiah says:

    Ooh yay for Fras’! I’m forgoing the names… since I haven’t had coffee yet, and you got a pretty good list there already. KLM, eh… getting Fras to have triplets eh? LOL
    I wonder if you let him continue the shirtless parenting tradition. XD Anyway, looking forward to reading more.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Oh Jed, you always find a way to make me laugh XD<3 I just get a base of three kids. I might do more, or I might do less… yah never know 😉 Triplets? RARG at them xD I love them, but I want some singles 😉

      LMAO XD It's seriously not my fault! 😛 They change too quick for me to realize ! xD

      • Jedidiah says:

        LOL, I usually get gray hair with just one baby sim. Until they are kids, the parents are usually always around the yellow bar…
        Oh, and there’s something on my Poster page you might like. XD

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Really?! ;D I wanna SEEEEe. Lmao my sims are usually in the green Unless I ignore them.

  18. Mira says:

    K (Girls): Kimberly, Katie, Kit/(Boys): Kristopher (I’m not entierly sure how you spell it), Kyle (:P)
    L: (Girls) Lissie, Laura, Lilith, Lili/ Boys: Leo, Lee
    M (Girls): Mira (:P), Madelene/Madeleine, Modesty, Melody/ Boys: Michael, Mike, Miles

  19. SimLover0510 says:

    Yay for fraser! Even though I voted for chub *sniff,sniff*

    What expansion and stuff packs do you have? I’m not really good at making simmies but I’ll try!

  20. Hi It’s me Ellem (I read your other legacy) I’ve finally caught up on this 1 too! OMG I ♥ FRASER!!!!
    Umm…. Names….
    Girl K- Kelsey. Boy K- Kurt
    Girl L- Louise. Boy L- Liam
    Girl M- Molly. Boy M- Mason
    Hope that’s helpful 🙂

  21. Jess says:

    Yay for Fraser!! ^-^

    K (girl) – Kimiko/Kimico, Keri, Kestrel, Kite/Kyte,Kate, Kiz/Kizzy. (boy) – Karl (:L), Kendal, Kole, Klay
    L (girl) Louisa/Louise, Lois, Livy (short for Olivia), Laura, Lint,Lizzie,Love, Lily. (boy) – Lewis,Logan
    M (girl) Mora, Melanie, Maerad (May-rad), Melissa,Molly,May,March, Mildred (I HAD to put that one in, my friend always calls me it when shes annoyed :L) (boy) – Micheal, Matt,Mason,Mac

    I can’t wait for the next chapter!!! BRING ON GENERATION FOUR!! 😀 ❤

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lmao xD that’s too funny. Thanks for the names!! 😀 W00t generation four 😉 I’m actually 1/3 of being done writing it.(Chapter 4.1) I had to stop cause I got hungry .-.

  22. Kiari says:

    Can’t wait for Fraser’s gen, but poor chub. 😦
    Right, names umm…

    K – Keira, Karen, Kiah, Kama, Kara, Kathy.
    L – Laurel, Leah, Lilia, Lois.
    M – Mia, May, Maya, Mimi, Mackenzie, Maisie, Marie, Marnie (Marny).
    K – Kaleb, Kanai, Kai.
    L – Leigh, Leo (or Leon), Lyle.
    M – Mark, Mack, Mars, Mason, Matthew (or Matt).

    I’ll go make some sims. (But i’m no good at it!)

  23. jaec52609 says:



    Missy (tee hee)


    Layne (Lane)

    Mikael (michael)

  24. sims3master says:

    Yesssssssss, I hoped Fraser would win!!!!

  25. marissa3 says:

    I didn’t look who won until I had read the chapters I missed, and I LOVE that Fraser won – he would have definitely had my vote!
    I’m just wondering what you’re going to do about children seeing as he’s gay? Will he get a friend pregnant, or use a surrogate mother to carry his child?! I hope he manages to stay with Kyle, though looking like that boys will be throwing themselves at him!
    I’m too tired to read the next chapter, but I definitely will as soon as possible! x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      That’s fine, take your time with the chapters! I know what you mean with the heir vote thing. If I ever get behind on people’s story, I wanna be caught up before I know. So I still feel surprised :3 Yea i know, your not the first person who’s asked me that. And to honestly get both parent’s gene’s I’m gonna have to get a wee bit fictional. Not a lot, but… I know it’s not real ._. I don’t wanna do it that way, but … then again this is sims.

      • marissa3 says:

        ‘A wee bit fictional’ huh? You could turn Kyle into a girl and then get him pregnant then turn him back and pretend they adopted, I don’t know!?

      • spongeb0berz says:

        I have a mod for male pregnancy. So the child will belong to both of them. It’s just getting it into the story, to sound realistic is the hard part ._.

  26. marissa3 says:

    Oh and names…
    Kalinda, Kaitlin, Kaydence, Katherine… I don’t really know, I don’t really like girls names with a K, I think the counterpart always sounds better (Catherine, Cassidy, Camille) although they can all be spelt with a K.
    Lily (cough cough) Lottie…
    Maria, Mirabella..

    For a boy I have the perfect one! Kael (or Kale) named after his grandfather, but with a spin on it! Okay well I for one think it’s perfect, but it’s up to you! Kellan, Korbin, Kristopher…
    Lucas, Lawrence…
    Marcus, Malachi, Maxwell…

  27. tessrobbs23 says:

    K names for girls: Krestal, Keegan, Kinsey, Kinley, Kiss, Kyleigh
    K name for boys: Kaleb, Kasper, Kenton, Kingsley, Kyson
    L names for girls: Laylah, Lacey, Lilah, Lilyana, Lindley, Livia, Leala, Leighton
    L name for boys:Lanton, Lavey, Link, Lion, Luka,
    M names for girls: Madigan, Marliee, Matilda, McKayla, Meeghan (ME-GHAN not Megan), Mila, Minnie, Mirabelle, Mirella, Missy
    M names for boys (last one!): Mace, Manny, Mars, Matty, McKale, Messer, Mika

    I hope this helps. I can make sims, just not very good…

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