Chapter 4.3 – Green Eyed Monster

Fraser’s Point of View

“Are you sure it’s alright to be here this late?” I asked nervously, tugging at the end of my sleeve. Crimson -which I learned was his name- shoved his hand in his pocket, and the sound of keys rustled.

“Fraser…” he smiled, turning his head towards me “I told you I own this place. I’m allowed to come and go as I please. Now come on! I want to show you around, this just can’t wait!”

It was just so strange. One minute were talking about an unpaid internship, and the next he’s dragging me off to his facility to show me around! I just didn’t understand why he was being so persistent!Not that I really minded anymore… This guy was throwing an offer out to me that I clearly couldn’t refuse!

“It’s pretty quiet…” I stammered, glancing around the room.

“Well, it’s not work hours yet.” he laughed, then signaled me to follow “Come on.”

I nodded my head and did as I was told. Something about everything made me a little uneasy, but I’m thinking it’s just my nerves. I really want to make an impression on this guy so that maybe… he’ll bypass the whole “parents permission” drama.

“What’s this room?!” I gasped in awe, placing my hand to the glass.

“It’s a testing room.” he stated, pointing over to the different objects.

“Like on people?!”

“Well yea… but it’s by volunteer and such. They have to sign a contract and all that legal stuff.” he sighed, then brought my attention to another part of the room.

“Over here we do research, and study. We also do blood test, and other various things.” he stated, walking towards the counter.

I was listening… sort of. My attention my mainly drawn to the giant telescope in the middle of the room. I nearly ran over to it, and shoved my eye into the hole. “Wow.” was the only thing I could get out of my mouth.

“Well, since your here… why don’t we talk business in my office for a few minutes?”

My stomach dropped. Oh god… this is it.

We both sat down simultaneously, and I awaited his response. “So…” he started, taking out this sheet of paper “I was thinking that tomorrow morning or maybe the day after, your parents come in. I want to make sure this is okay with them, and to show them this is a really good thing for you. I promise that much.”

My entire mind went blank. I tried thinking of so many things, but there was just nothing that I could come up with. So the only other way around this, was to actually come out with the truth.

“Well… I… Uhhh…” I stuttered, shuffling my feet on the floor “You see, my parents don’t actually live… with me.”

“Well, you could always call them or have the guardian your staying with come in?” he sighed, rubbing the side of his head.

“That’s another problem.” I laughed nervously “I don’t actually live with anyone. Well except for my boyfriend, Kyle. We sort of took off, and now we live in this little shack on the outskirts of OB.”

“Wait, you mean next to the beach where the crazy old guy lives?” he laughed, then shook his head “Wow you two got guts.”

“More like nowhere else to go…” I sighed, lowering my eyes to the floor.

He placed his hand on his chin, and smirked “Tell you what. I’ll let you still become my intern, and I’ll even start paying you… if you promise in the future to some testing.”

“Testing?! What kind of testing?” I gulped, and my stomach turned.

“Just donating samples, giving blood… maybe trying some products. But I’ll have to warn you, you’ll be under a contract. There will be no turning back, and you’ll have to do what I say. Understand?” he stated, sliding the paper over to me “So what do you say?”

I hesitated at first. Well okay, I hesitated a lot. This was a really big step in my life, and I was a little frightened by it. Sure I wanted to be a scientist, but I wasn’t sure if I was up to all this! Testing? On ME?

I took a deep breath and picked up the pencil “Where do I sign?”

He chuckled a bit, then met my gaze “Here and here.” he pointed, and smirked.

This was it. I was officially going to be working here! After I signed he told me the contract didn’t go into effect until my 18th birthday. Something about being legal, and stuff. I wasn’t paying it any mind. I was too blown over by the fact that I had a job!

Crimson brought me home nearly and hour later, and I thanked him with a small wave and a grin. Once he was out of eye sight, my grin widened and I did a fist pump in the air! I was so excited, and felt so proud of myself! I just couldn’t wait to tell Kyle!

I slammed open our “door”, and ran in. When I saw Kyle standing there with his arms crossed, and a “I’m about to kill you” face, my smile dropped.

“Something wrong?” I questioned, running my fingers through my hair.

“Oh, I don’t know?” he growled “Why don’t you tell me! Seeing as your coming through the door at 1 am!”

“Since when is it a big deal if I stay out late?!” I snapped back, throwing out my arms.

“It’s a big deal, when I’m working my ass off all day and you think you can just go out and do what EVER!” he shouted, clenching his fist “You have responsibilities too, FRASER!”

“Response- Are you kidding me Kyle?! While your at work all day, I’m always on the run! How do you think this house has been getting repaired? What about YOUR homework? Don’t give me that bull crap! I’m not some little kid!”I raged, and Kyle nearly blew a fuse! He came at my neck, and started accusing me of all sorts of things! 

“This house?! Give me a break! Why waste your breath on this crap-hole!? You know? I should have just gone with my DAD! Then I wouldn’t have to work, and I wouldn’t have to put up with THIS!” he yelled, throwing his hat at the wall.”I’m sick of this crap!”

When he said that I literally went off my rocker! How could he stand there and yell at me over coming home late, then wish he was with his father?!

“REALLY KYLE?!” I screamed “Your seriously going to stand there and say that crap to my face? After everything we’ve been through?”

“I’m done.” he raged, kicking off his shoes “I’m going to bed.”

What the heck kind of night is this?! I had the best news in the world to tell him, and then he goes and ruins it! GOD!

And from that night on, everything seemed like a freaking emotional roller coaster! Kyle was always complaining about the house, and beating me up about being lazy! Ever since he got that crappy job, he’s been a real asshole. I love him so much, so I TRY so hard to put up with it. Even when I DID tell him my news, he still kept up his attitude. I know I didn’t start my actual job until I was 18, but that was only a few short weeks away!

“Oh my GOD! FRASER, the stove is making that disgusting smell again! I thought you said you took care of it?!”


But there were these rare occasions where Kyle would get in one of his lovey moods. It would get so hot and heavy, that he would have me stripped down and pinned against the wall before I had a chance to catch my breath!

Kyle’s Point of View

Another night on the floor, waking up with a terrible back ache. On most days I would be upset over it, but not today. No… today is so important to me right now, I could care less where I slept.

I scrambled out of the sleeping bag, and stretched out my arms. “Fraser…” I yawned “Wake up.” I glanced over, squinting through sleepy eyes, only to find him already out of bed.

I quickly got dressed, and made my way out of the room. In the kitchen Fraser was preparing me a little breakfast. It wasn’t anything special since we had no stove or fridge, but the thought of it all, really made me smile.

I walked up behind him, and tugged at his waist. He turned to face me and let out a sigh. “How are you this morning, love?”

“I’m great.” I smirked, then leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. He smiled slightly, and pulled me in closer.

“I’ve got everything set up for today, Kyle. We’ll have our little breakfast, then head out. Alright?”

I nodded my head in agreement “Thank you Fray. Oh, and I love you!”

He chuckled a bit “I love you too.”

We spent the entire afternoon in Ocean Breeze park.  We skipped rocks, and held hands. We cuddled on the bench, and walked barefoot through the grass. I honestly could say I was having the time of my life. I never wanted this day to end, but sadly it had too.

“Make a wish.” Fraser winked, before blowing out his candles.

Kyle’s new trait is dislike’s children.

Fraser’s new trait is Genius.

Fraser’s Point of View

A few weeks after I turned 18, I started working for Crimson. I was still in school, but of the legal age now. The things he made me do were pretty basic, and even someone who wasn’t a big science expert could figure them out.

On this one night, I went out for a walk. I made sure it was when Kyle was working, and I set my phone’s alarm clock to 1 hour before he got back. I was not reliving that moment from a couple months back. That was just brutal.

On my walk, I felt the vibration of my phone in my pocket “CRAP! Already!?” I shuffled it out, and noticed someone was calling. The name read “Crimson”, so I picked it up.


“Hey. Fray. Meet me at 134 north street. I got a surprise for you! *click*” After he hung up, my phone vibrated once more, but this time letting me know Kyle would be home soon. But a surprise? What kind of surprise is at 9:30 at night?

I arrived at the said address, and shook his hand warmly. “Crimson, what is all this about?” I sighed, releasing my grasp.

He chuckled, and threw his arms in the air “THIS!”

I looked all around, and cast his a puzzled glance “What? The house?”

“Yes, the house!” he laughed “I own this small little place, so I thought I would lease it to you and your boyfriend. I can’t have you living in that dump. Not one of my … important employees. It’s a one bedroom, one bathroom house. Everything is brand new, and you can just pay me rent each month. Yah know, just until you start making money and find a house to buy.”

I stared at him for a few minutes, completely taken back “Why would you just let us live here? What’s the catch?”

“There is no catch, Fraser.” he stated, pointing towards his head “Just think about it, would yah? It’s much better than living where you are now… heck anything is!”

I looked to the floor, then back up at him “Alright. It’s a deal.” I smiled, shaking his hand once more “When can we move in?”

“Tonight if you want.” he smiled, throwing me the keys.

I grinned ear to ear, and waved him a quick good-bye. It was nearly 10:30, so Kyle would be home any minute!

I got through the door with only about 3 minutes to spare. I rushed into our room, and stuffed every piece of clothes we owned, into our bags. We never filled the house with items, because we found it pointless. Our only belongings, WERE our clothes.

Once Kyle dragged through the door, I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him outside. “WHOA! What are you- Where are- FRASER?!” he exclaimed, but I just kept pulling. With bags in one hand, and Kyle in the other… I made our way over to our NEW home.

Once in front of it, I dropped the bags and pulled Kyle in towards me. His face was completely dumbstruck, and a bit perturbed. “Fraser, what is all this about?!”

I kissed him hard, and pulled back breathless “Welcome home.”

“H-home? What are you talking about?” he questioned, staring me square in the face.

“I’m talking about how my boss is letting us live here! We pay rent each month, so we’re never locked in. We can stay here, save up money, then find ourselves an actual HOME! We’re doing it Kyle! We’re actually getting by! I told you we could!” I smiled, a single tear trailing down my left cheek.

“Oh…” he sighed “That’s- Yea, this is great. I’m… going to look around.”

He brushed by me, and opened up the door. I… I didn’t understand? Why wasn’t he happy? He always complained about living in that shack, always pleaded to get out. Now that we are, his response is “Oh… that’s great?” He didn’t even show a hint of emotion! Was it something I did?

After a little more pondering and worry, I finally made my way into the house. It was only about 20 minutes, but Kyle found the bedroom and was already in it fast asleep.

I quickly got out of my day clothes, and slipped into bed next to him. The bed was so warm, and soft. It smelled fresh, and that smile crept onto my face again. I haven’t felt the comfort of a bed in so long… it felt good to actually be in one.

But even though I was happy over the house, I was still taken back by Kyle’s reaction. I wanted to say something to him, but I feared it would just get him mad at me. So I erased the thought from my mind, and just snuggled up next to him. Something I’ve been dreaming of doing since the first time I saw him.

After about 2 weeks of living here, it was finally our graduation day! It felt so good to know that we would be out of school. I was up at 5:45 am, all dressed and ready to go. I wasn’t going to beat around the bush with this. No way, this day was too important for that!

“Fraser… do you think the stove is safe to use?” he gulped, hesitantly placing a hand on the burner.

“If I told you once, I’ll tell you twice… that stove is BRAND new. It’s not going to explode, it’s not going to give off weird smells, and it’s not going to burn down the house. Stop worrying over it, and just USE it.” I laughed, flicking through the channels on our TV.

“UGH, fine!” he grumbled, cracking an egg in a pan.

“See? Was that so hard?” I chuckled, shaking my head “Now hurry up and eat, we have to be there by 8:00.”

Our ceremony lasted about 4 hours. It was kind of a bitter-sweet moment for me. I was happy because I graduated, but kind of sad because my parents weren’t there to see it. All my life I dreamed of them, cheering me on and recording it on a video camera, like a bunch of goof-balls. Sure I would have complained, but inside they both would have known I liked it.

Still… I was at least grateful to share the moment with the love of my life. He made it all worth my while.

About a week after the graduation, I found myself at home lazing about on the couch. Crimson gave me the day off, so I basically had nothing to do. Kyle wasn’t to happy that he had to work extra hours today, while I got to sit in the cool AC and watch crap on TV all day. It wasn’t my fault though, I didn’t give myself the day off!

While laying there, I felt the vibration of my phone flash into life. Since I was dozing off, it startled me where I nearly fell off the couch!

I shoved my hand in my pocket, and fished out the tiny phone. I really need to get on a plan…

Not even reading the number, I hit talk and pressed it to my ear “H-hello?” I asked groggily, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

“Fraser?!” the voice cried, and my eyes widened.

“Mom? What’s wrong?! What happened?” I exclaimed, tightening my grip.

“It’s your father…”

Thanks for reading! Evil cliff hanger, FTW? 😉

Here is Jackie! 😉


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62 Responses to Chapter 4.3 – Green Eyed Monster

  1. Jonas Legacy says:

    Ah i’m guessing Cale is sick or dieing D: Great chapter Jackie looks great now she has Missy hair lolz First Comment I think?

  2. Mira says:

    Oh, it’s so nice they’re adults now and have a house and everything!
    And Jakie’s so pretty!
    Nooooo, his father probably had a heart attack or something D:

  3. bluefudge08 says:

    Awesome chapter! I knew Crimson would understand! I hope Cale is okay 😦

  4. Esther says:

    Hmmmm.. I found it a bit weird how Kyle reacted.. But maybe that’s nothing. And there’s this thing about Crimson that I don’t trust, such as “You being…… An important employee.” Just, I don’t know…

    Aww no, Cale must have ha a heart attack!! :C I love him :C

  5. Great chapter! I’m not so sure about the testing, I don’t want Fraser to get hurt 😦 I’d cry if he did! And the fight that they had, well fights are never a good thing but, I think Kyle over reacted a tiny bit there. O-M-G! What’s happened to Cale!? Again I’d cry if anything happened to him!!! Just like I cried when Yoki died then again it probably had something to do with my mom had a stroke last year so I knew what It was like. ANYWAY! I hate evil cliff hangers, but then again they ma

  6. jaec52609 says:

    what happened 2 my cale????? i dnt like this cliffhanger!!!! good chpt tho……..cale no not my cale its 2 soon….nothin bad better happen 2 him dang it lol

  7. marissa3 says:

    Aw, their life is finally getting on track but Kyle is acting so weird! It must be the stress of the job I suppose, and he’s probably missing his family – even though he left them that doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss them!
    Is there totally something weird about Crimson or is it just my overactive imagination? Why is he so eager for Fraser to work in his lab?! I have a feeling these ‘tests’ he’s doing aren’t exactly safe… or maybe you just wanted to have them in a real home and they needed a way to have it, I don’t know, but I don’t trust him for some reason.

    CALE! If he’s dead I will just cry my heart out, argh, damn you and your cliffhangers Jackie! x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Mwuahaha! >:D I love to have cliff hangers to tease you guys ;P I wouldn’t say your overracting about Crimson 😉 Yea Kyle is acting a bit strange, isn’t he? 😉

  8. firebart says:

    Hmm i think cale went in to some kind of depression beacuse they ran away makin him feel like a bad father

  9. sariechiny says:

    Arg! Why must you always use cliffhangers!!! XD
    Hmm…I wonder what’s up with Kyle’s attitude…I can’t believe he even thought about going back to his dad! D: Well, I just hope he’s going to get over his “mood swing” soon…
    Ahhh! What’s wrong with Cale!?!?!?!

  10. wolfmania98 says:

    Im worried 4 cale :(. The good thing about gay heirs, is twice the yumminess. ;). But Kyle is starting to piss me off….

  11. SimLover0510 says:

    Yay for the cuteness that is Jackie! Another great chapter Sponge!

    Will your creativity never end!Will I always have to suffer because of evil cliffhangers!Will my eyes possibly begin to sweat in the next chapter? Tune in to my next comment to see 🙂

  12. SimLover0510 says:

    O and thank you so much for agreeing to read my legacy! Her’s the link!

  13. tessrobbs23 says:

    I am extremely mad at Kyle! F*$*$ you Kyle!…I am not French, but I know how to speak it…. but I really hope that Fraser has a thing with some girl and haas a kid with her…. I am trying to figure out what you might do.

    I am trying to make a legacy..but oh my I just need some help…would you help me Some how?

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Sure sure, what do you need help with? 🙂
      Ahaha, everyone has mixed emotions for Kyle. That is fine by me 😉 You never know What I’m gonna do. I’m a mystery!! ;D

      • tessrobbs23 says:

        Hahaha I like Kyle’s face (his hair is cool) but not his personality.

        I am terrible at making my blog look good, like making pages, making banner type things and making an interesting sim. I wanted to have people make a contest for the coolest sim or whatever. but if you have any tips for making a good legacy and I don’t know how to get people interested in my stories.

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Well I just made a prolouge, and posted it on the sims website, and the boolprop forum. It really depends on your first small intro to bring people’s attention into your story. Make them eager to read more! 🙂 Oh, and making a pretty cool sim helps too 😉

  14. Jedidiah says:

    Awww… poor Cale! First he looses a baby, and not he didn’t even get to see his first born graduate. Gee evil Sponge! And Kyle dislike children, eh? Well that bodes well for the legacy. o_O
    Crimson was very… creepy in this chapter. I mean, he was helpful and all. But still creepy. He’ll do something to Fras with a those testings. He didn’t even look at Fras when he signed the contract, knowing fully well that Fras wasn’t legal yet. So many people hatin on Kyle? Well, I be ticked off too, if my bf promises me the world and I end up in a dump. OH and back to Crimson, he said ther is no catch when he gave Fras the house, but his face reads ‘I’m gonna make you my pet!”.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Oh Jed you read into things so well >:) I’m not going to say anything, because it would ruin it… but your so smart 😉 LMAO! You made me laugh with “Well that bodes well for a legacy! ” XD ❤ Exactly! Kyle is SO stressed out…and among other things…. 😉 Crimson was being a bit creepy, but whhhhy? ;P

      • Jedidiah says:

        I read into things too much… yeah, Alexandra from the Sterling legacy told me that before. I analyze characters to mush… Sorry. =D Why is Crimson so creepy? Well, my guess is still he is a mad scientist looking for new guinea pigs. And who’s better than a couple of down to their luck runaways? But I’m just spitballin here, because a) I have no idea where you’re going with Crim, and b) because I get antsy, translation: I wanna know!, I spit out random ideas that pop into my head.
        🙂 You were having headaches about the next generation looking like Fras and Kyle, but now with Kyle not liking kids. This will be fun. 😀

      • spongeb0berz says:

        No I thought it was a good thing! I like how you analyze the characters! 🙂 Must of the time you read them right 😉 ❤ That's why I try to make it harder and harder to read, because you are too gosh darn good! XD Lol, Kyle… he is getting on everyones nerves and now that he has that trait… good god… xD Don't worry the new chapter will probably be out tomorrow. I was working on the pictures all today. ._. Idk why it took so long just to get 30 pictures! Jeesh… OH and your gonna like the simmies I use in the next chapter 😉

      • Jedidiah says:

        XD I accept your challenge. But your characters are so much fun to read. Oh and Kyle doesn’t get on my nerves… hehehe.
        I know what you mean with pictures! My goodness, for Spellbound I had all these great shots and was tweaking them right and left… and then I only went with a fraction of them. *sigh*. I’ve read blogs where the author uses about 50-70 pictures in one update! o_O I guess they invested in that wordpress update. Aww you have Simmies for me? Is it Lear, is it Sebie, is some other hottie??? *bouncebounce*

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Mwuahah, if you foretake of my challenge you must follow through to the end! Are you sure you accept? 😉 Lolz. He doesn’t get on your nerves… NOW. 😀 Hinty, hint FTW? Yea? ;D Lol, I can’t do no 50-70. 1) I would be tired beyond tiredness trying to do that many. Some of my chapters in Rained have 48-50, and they take SO long to write out. ._. I try to monitor my pictures at all cost. I usually don’t delete many pictures I take. Maybe one or two. I work hard on setting them up, and always have an idea in my mind of what there going to be. I rarely take random un setup pictures. I want to invest in the wordpress updater, even though 3gb can hold like… 5000+ pictures XD 2) Number one basically said it all…. Oh, and It’s- You’ll see 😛

      • callierose says:

        ahhahaa just reading your conversation about people who use 50 pics an update. Um hi^^ I don’t understand how people manage to compress their action into like 20 pics – 50 pics is pretty much my minimum!!! xD

      • spongeb0berz says:

        I use about 30-35. Well this generation I have been anyways xD I usually do about 45-48. I pretty much can get my story across… I hope ._.

      • Jedidiah says:

        I don’t even count…well I did for my other blog… and it is around 28 pictures. But then again, there is more text. Well, I still accept your challenge XD and look forward to reading your legacy till the sad end. But who’s to say you have to quit at Gen 10, right? You will make Kyle more whiny than he already is? For crying out loud you had him put his bare hand on a stove! LOL I guess, we now see who’s the girl in that relationship. 😀

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Bwuwhaha, Yea Kyle is definatly the woman in that relationship! No doubts about that! Alright young grasshopper! You asked for it! >:] I know, I honestly don’t know if I’m going to end it at 10 generations. Depends if people still want me around ;p

        Mwuahah, because I am EEEVEEELLL! >:D lulz ❤

      • Jedidiah says:

        LOL you will get an extra big brownie hug for calling me a ‘young’ grasshopper. ;D

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Teehee ;D I knew you were gonna say something to that ;P *hughug*


  15. StyxLady says:

    Aw, the graduation part was sad, Fray thinking about how his family should have been there. They’re 18 now, so there’s no reason they couldn’t go back if they wanted!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      It’s true. There isn’t a reason why they couldn’t go back, but why turn around now when they’ve come so far? 😉 Not saying they can’t visit each other now!

  16. huffletuff says:

    I wonder why Kyle is acting so strange?

    If something happened to Cale I bet Fraser will want to go see visit him. It shouldn’t be a problem now though since they’re 18, but it would still probably be a bit hard for them. I hope Fraser goes home to visit, I want to see how everyone is doing.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea, it’s something to think about. 😉 Exactly, now since he’s 18 they really don’t have a say anymore. Yea it would be nice for him to do that ❤

  17. callierose says:

    Crimson is being… very… creepy o_O
    I can’t tell if he wants Fray as a A) guinea pig, B) trainee or C) love interest..!!! (yes that last one’s a bit far out, I know).
    Kyle does NOT seem happy with Fray’s arrangements with Crimson in any case. Could he be the green eyed monster of the chapter? But seriously guys, all the Kyle-hate makes me sad. His life isn’t exactly brilliant right now, of course he’s going to be a little stressed^^ (and dislikes children trait?? HAHAHAH)
    … ooo… om… omgg…
    OMG weiowenfriownefroiQOJOJAQEIORJWOEJFPWEjjweopj!!!!%(£(*”$ CALE??? WHAT IS HAPPENIIIIIIING?
    Aww Jackie is a sweetie!! (even if she was a bit of an unwanted child, LOL. no, not unwanted. just.. unexpected :L) I hope they go back to see the family, especially after the news about Cale -.- <333

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea everyone is saying that about Crimson XD Lol I don’t blame them. You are 100% correct there Callie, Kyle is the green eyed monster. I was hoping some one would catch onto that! xD He’s stressed, AND jealous! Yea I know, his life really isn’t peaches and cream ): He’s just upset. Lol she was very unexpected! But she’s still a cutie!

      Cale? You’ll have to wait and see ;/

  18. Emy says:

    Aw, I feel kind of bad for Kyle. He’s working his butt off, poor thing. It must be really hard. Crimson is a leetle bit creepy right now. Maybe Kyle thinks that Fraser has a thing for him. :/

    CALE! D:

  19. sims3master says:

    Oh no, now I have butterflies in my stomach. What happened to Cale!

  20. tessrobbs23 says:

    Thanks so much for the advice spondgeb0berz! You are a really good writer and I love your story.
    I want the next chapter to come out.

  21. tessrobbs23 says:

    ooooooooohhhhhhh….. I can’t wait until it comes out!

  22. Lexi says:

    I don’t trust Crimson. He sounded pretty suspicious when he was giving them the house. And Kyle…geez man…a little harsh?
    And what happened to Cale? I loved him! D:

  23. fridaynight says:

    Ive finally caught up 😀
    Im guessing cale blew himself up…okayy..worst guess ever but still
    I don’t trust kyle..he’s just too infuriating (however you spell it.?)

    April x

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