Chapter 4.5 – What Goes Around, Comes Around

Authors Note: This chapter is a little longer than my normal ones. There was so much I was trying to get across, and it wasn’t happening with 30 pictures!

Fraser’s Point of View

“W-what about my boss?” I stuttered, my eyes wide and full of fear. There was thousands of thoughts running through my head, as to what she was going to say. Of course I thought the worst. Like he was some mass murdered who was out to get me, so I was going to be put under lock down, or something.

“Can we sit?” she sighed, gearing her eyes towards the small table. I nodded my head, and we made our way over to it.

“First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ester Sage, and I-… I did something thinking that it was the right thing to do.” she sighed, twirling the lose strand of her hair.

“What did you do? And what does this have to do with Crimson?” I snapped at her, becoming obviously annoyed.

She cringed at the name of my boss, and clenched her left fist. “Crimson…” she growled “It’s what he’s been doing to those poor babies!”

“What are you talking about? He’s been helping women carry their babies full term?” I stated, rubbing the top of my forehead.

“No, he’s been testing on babies and killing little embryos! Let me just explain… Your boss, Crimson, has been trying to create this so called super human. It’s suppose to be intelligent beyond measures. The government is willing to pay top dollar to have such a human under there wing, to help our country. Of course, the way many scientist are doing it, is completely LEGAL. The way Crimson is doing it… not so much.”

“Are you INSANE?!” I shouted, throwing my hands in the air “Crimson isn’t doing any of that! I work there, I would have seen this!”

“Would you just LISTEN!? This is all the truth I’m telling you! He’s telling women that it’s for one thing, then once the woman is about 4 months pregnant, he test’ her and if the baby doesn’t meet his protocols… he kills it. If the child does meet it, he lets the woman have the child, and he test and probes them! If the baby doesn’t have the high IQ he’s looking for, he dumps the kid off somewhere!”

My head was spinning, and frustration filled my throat “You expect me to believe you?! How do you even know any of this?!”

She turned her head from me, and a single tear fell from her eye “Because I was one of those women. I fell for his lies, and his convincing ways. He told me I was doing this to help a family in need. Parents that wanted a child, but could never have one. The money was great, and I was so down on my luck, so I agreed to it.”

I sprung from my chair, and gasped “He killed your baby?!”

“No.” she cried, placing a hand on her stomach “Not yet. I found out what he was doing by a folder he dropped. I was in his office, two weeks after he planted the fertilized eggs. He told me it was for a check up, so of course I agreed to come in. He had a pile of paperwork he had to put away before he could give me an ultra sound. On his way out the door, the folder dropped. Of course, me being the curious type… I read it. About EVERYTHING! I took off out of the lab before he had the chance to do it to me.”

“I don’t understand? Where do I come in? How did you find me?”

“Because you were in there… listed next to “donor.” My donor.”

“What does that MEAN!?” I shouted, the feeling of a lump forming in my throat.

“I… I’m pregnant with your baby.”

My jaw dropped wide, and I just stood there speechless. I didn’t know what to say! Here was this woman, she came from out of no where, tells me my boss is a nut case, and that she’s pregnant with my baby! That’s a lot to take in, in only a short amount of time!

“My-My-MY baby?! He- You- WHAT?!” I finally sputtered out “How could this happen? I never- OH, you got to be kidding me! That’s what he wanted “it” for?! That JERK!”

“Now please! You have to go to the lab, and get that folder! Bring it to the police! I can’t even live another day, knowing that another child could be harmed… or worse.”

“You mean you don’t have it?”

“No… I was so scared, that on my way out it flung out of my hands. I’m sorry Fraser.”

I must be out of my mind. I can’t believe I’m actually breaking into my bosses office! I mean… how do I even know this isn’t some kind of trick?! Honestly I didn’t know what to believe. So I just followed my gut, and went over to the lab.

“Fraser. Your a dumb ass for doing this.”

Once inside, I disabled the alarm and crept around to the other side of his desk. My stomach was doing somersaults, and sweat was coming from places I didn’t even know it could!

I placed myself down in his chair, and started rooting through his drawers. I was flipping papers, and tossing things to the floor. I didn’t know what I was looking for, and I could barely concentrate because I was scared outside of my wits! I mean, what if he catches me?!

“Where is it?!”

Does it even exist?

Just as I was emptying another drawer, I heard this loud thud come from the next room over.

CRAP!” It’s him. It’s got to be him! He’s going to come in here, and murder me. Then throw my body off a cliff! OH GOD! I got to get out of here!

I scrambled out of his office, and into the main room! PERFECT! The total opposite of what I wanted to do! It was so dark, I must have gone through the wrong door! But the moment I stepped inside, every thought that was coursing through my brain came to a complete stop. For what I saw, could never be unseen.

BABIES! Small little infants, being hooked up to machines and bags of god-knows-what! Ester was right, he WAS testing on babies, and I’m pretty sure he’s been killing them too!

I just stood there in shock, as I watched him pour liquids together, and add them into yet another bag of his concoctions! Was he planning on hooking them up to that?! Just putting random poisons inside there little bodies, so he can make MONEY?!

You see? This is where I draw the line! No way is he getting away with this.

“CRIMSON DROP IT NOW!” I shouted, pointing a finger at him from the other side of the glass.

He just kept on working, minding his own business. My blood started to boil, and I clenched my fist. I was about to shout out his name again, when I realized the glass was sound proof. Good going Fraser…

Without giving it much thought, I slowly made my way around the corner and then inched open the door. The babies were sleeping, and Crimson was still working. I tried my hardest not to disturb him, and grab the infants as quickly as possible.

I made my way over to the first baby, and reached down to pull out the needle that was jabbed into her arm. As I started to pull her immediate reaction was to shoot open her eyes, and let out a whimper.

Of course Crimson heard the babies cry, which made him spin around to face me. “What are YOU doing here, Fraser?” he gasped, bringing himself closer to me “Are you… touching my experiment?”

“EXPER- Are you nuts?! These are children! You can’t just pluck and probe them! It’s sick!”

“SICK!? Sick is working 6 years on the same project only to have it fail on you OVER and OVER! I’m at wits end! They never come out like I plan, so I was doing away with yet again, MORE failed experiments.” he shouted, spritz of spit landing on my cheek.  

“YOU MONSTER!” I screeched, shoving at his shoulders.

“You can’t just kill innocent human beings! These babies belong to a loving mother and father, and your robbing them of that by KILLING them! Give them back, you asshole! Don’t lie to women saying it’s to “help” people!”

“Robbing them of a parent? But all the children WERE my mine.” he cackled, casting me an evil grin “Now get out of my way, I have business to take care of…”

He tried to make his way around me, but I stood my ground. I was not letting him touch them! Not again, this was stopping NOW! If I could of, I would of called the cops… but there was just no time. I just had to stop him myself.

“NO! I’m not letting you hurt them!”

He threw his hands up sarcastically, and laughed “OH! Someone save me from the scary fag! I’m shaking in my lab coat!! PLEASE! You don’t stand a chance against ME!”

And with that he came at me, punching and kicking… over and over. I wanted to fight back, but I was afraid the babies would get harmed. So I took each and every hit…

It became harder to see with every blow. So many times I wanted to punch him, but I couldn’t. I just kept standing there, letting him do it. On top of that, the babies started to scream. Then the heart monitor started beeping rapidly. I wanted to do something but darkness was taking over my eyes.

“Nighty night, Fraser.”

But like I said before… the glass was sound proof. So Crimson didn’t notice when Jackie and Lear came in. He didn’t notice that Jackie picked up the phone, and dialed a “number” on it. It was never part of my plan for her to randomly show up at the lab with Lear… but HECK I’m so glad they did! I was honestly just winging it!

Within the last couple of blows to my face, the cops arrived. They bust in through the testing lab’s door and pulled Crimson off of me. I was knocked out cold. My entire body shut down, and I was completely unaware of what was going on around me.

When I finally did wake up, the cops had Crimson outside on his knees, with his hands behind his head.

“-You have the right to attorney, if you can not afford an attorney one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?”

After the paramedic cleaned my face up some, I went over and talked to Jackie.

“Dr. Sponge… errr.. Jackie, you saved my LIFE!” I exclaimed, nearly giving her a hug. “How did you know I was here?!”

“Well, I.. uhhh.. didn’t. I was coming here with Lear to do some, erm… paperwork? YEA, paperwork! When I saw Crimson beating on you, and those little babies hooked up like that! The first thing I thought of doing was calling the police.” she sighed, placing a hand on my shoulder “I’m just glad your alright.”

“Where is Lear, anyways?”

Before she got the chance to answer, yet another police officer came over to us.

“Well, we pretty much have everything taken care of, except for one thing… who’s children are those? The paramedics already checked them throughly, and there perfectly healthy. We’re just wondering who they belong to?”

“Well, the father… isn’t in the picture.” I coughed, adverting my eyes towards Jackie “But if you can just give me some time I can find the mother.”

“Alright, then I’ll just call social services to come and retrieve them. Thank you for your time, and effort.” the cop smiled, pulling out his cell phone.

“WAIT!” I shouted, pulling his arm down “If you can just release them into my custody. I’ll make sure they are put with their mother, in 3 weeks tops. I just can’t see them go through that.”

“I’m not sure I can do that, Mr. Terrey.” he sighed, tipping his hat slightly.

“Sir.” Jackie interrupted “Fraser, is more than certified to be able to keep children in his household. It’s only for a short time, and he will find those children’s mother faster than any system. Don’t you want to see them with their rightful family?”

The cop sighed again, and rubbed the back of his neck “Fine, but 3 weeks only! If she’s not found in that time, there being taken into foster care. No if’s, ands, or buts about it! Oh, and if anything happens to them, it’s YOUR head!”

“Don’t worry sir, I won’t let you down.”

After about another hour, I finally found myself going home. I had to run to the store really fast and pick up some things for the babies. I promised the officer I would take care of them, and I really planned on doing so! It shouldn’t take me that long to find their mother, I’m sure Kyle won’t mind them being around for a little bit.

I walked through the door at about 2:30 am. I had one baby in one hand, and one baby in the other. I placed both of their car seats down by the front door, then called out Kyle’s name. He came rushing out of the bathroom, and when he saw my face he flung into my arms.

“FRASER?! What happened? Are you alright?” he screeched into my ear, tightening his grip with every breath.

“It’s a long story.” I laughed, kissing him on the neck “Let’s just say, Crimson isn’t my boss anymore. He did some crappy stuff, and now he’s going to be locked up for a LONG time.”

He breathed onto my neck, and smiled into my ear “I’m just glad your safe.”

Before I had the chance to respond, one of the twins let out a small whimper. Kyle loosened his grasp, and peered over my shoulder. “What was- Are those babies?!”

“Yea. Crimson was going to kill them. That’s the long story, I was trying to avoid. I’m going to care for them for 3 weeks, or just until I can find their mother. The sooner the better. Don’t worry, I’m setting their cribs up out here, they won’t be that much of a bother.” I laughed, trying to kiss Kyle.

He pushed me away, and his nostrils flared “Are you kidding me?! You bring some foster kids into our home, without even asking me?! What is WRONG with you?! Did you get slapped around too much tonight or something?!”

“Whoa, what?!” I gasped, taking a double take “Did you not hear a word I said!? Those babies were going to DIE tonight, and I saved them. Well… me and my lab partners did. It’s not permanent, I’m going to start looking through the files tomorrow so I can find their mother.”

“Good for you! I’m glad your such a hero, now give them back! I’m not living 3 whole weeks with whiny, disgusting babies!” he shouted, pointing towards the twins.

“Your actually serious? You want me to just go dump them off an a orphanage, just because you don’t want to deal with them!? There just freaking babies, there not going to ruin your life, you ASS!”

“If you don’t get rid of them right now, I’m leaving.”

“For good?”

“No. Just until you learn how to respect me, and not go and do crap behind my back. You can call me when your done with your little old mother hubbard crap. I’m not a built in babysitting service, so I’m not watching any kids!”

“Well you can forget it!” I screamed, clenching my fist to my side “There not going ANYWHERE!”

“Then GOOD-BYE!” he shouted, heading towards the door “Call me when the brats disappear!”

“Disappear? Oh, haven’t you heard… I’m going to be a father!”

SLAM! He shut that door so hard, I thought it was going to fall off the hinges! The babies started screaming, and now I just reminded myself of something, I totally forgot…

I really am going to be a father!

After placing the babies down, I went and headed to bed myself. After that thought crossed my mind again, I started really feeling light headed. Here I was thinking that I was only keeping some other woman’s children for 3 weeks. When in reality a small baby –my small baby- is in the process of growing RIGHT now.

I really just needed some sleep. This was WAY to much in one night…

Following the next few days, I made a descison I thought was best. I called up Ester, and asked her if she wanted to live with me until the baby was born. She told me since she wasn’t going to keep it, and that she saw I truly wanted it… she agreed. I was a little taken back by the fact she wanted nothing to do with it. But she told me that this baby was never meant to be kept by her, but to bring happiness to another. Right about now all I’m feeling is stress and anger, but who knows what the future holds?

On the first night she was there, majority of it was spent puking her guts up in the bathroom. At this point, I was still unsure about the pregnancy. I believed it was real, but at the same time I didn’t. I really wanted to do everything I could for her, but in my mind I still had my doubts.

Besides, my main attention was poured onto the twins. Whom I learned were called Candi and Marcella. Candi looked just like her father… poor thing. While Marcella looked just like her mother, but with her father’s hair and eyes. Overall, they were amazing kids and I honestly enjoyed having them around. 

Sure they kept me busy, and often times kept me up at night… but I really grown attached to them. Since I was out of work for a bit ( the lab was trying to transfer over a new head boss) I got to spend loads of time with them, and once or twice I caught them calling me “Dada”.

Even when they were at their worst, I was always there to sort things out. Many a times Marcella climbed up on the table, and Candi would cry because she didn’t know how to get up there. All I could do was laugh at how adorable they were, but then of course correct them and tell them it was bad to climb on tables.

“Shhh, Candi. No tell dada.”

“I wanna go up! I wanna go UP!”

It wasn’t until after they were gone, that it hit me hard. Their mother was found, and after explaining everything that happened to them, she welcomed the twins with open arms. Like Ester, she to thought the girls were going to a loving family. We of course gave her a choice to put them up for adoption, but she refused. She said she would rather raise them herself. It made me bitter-sweet to see her kids reunited with her. I’m sure she’ll make an amazing mother. I knew she was a good person from the first time I saw her in the lab, so many months ago. (She was the black haired woman, who was getting tests done on her.)

But with the children gone, I had free time to do things that I wanted. Like gardening. It was peaceful, and it took my mind off of everything that was going on. From Ester being pregnant, to Kyle not returning my phone calls…

“Good morning, Fraser.” Ester sighed, and I turned to face her. When I did, my mouth fell open and my eyes stayed glued to her stomach. She was here a little over 4 months, and I’d never seen her stomach do that before!

“Is that?” I gasped, pointing to her tummy.

“The baby?” she laughed, stretching out her stomach “What else would it be?”

It was at that moment, that I officially believed that there was a growing life inside of her!  MY baby, was inside of her.

“Wow… you look different.” I smiled, shaking my head “Uhh.. do you need anything? Are you hungry? Maybe you should sit down…”

I was completely done for. My fatherly instincts finally kicked in, and there was nothing I wouldn’t do to make sure that my baby was protected.

No matter what Ester did, or where she went, I felt like I always had to be there! Even if she was just goofing around in the garden’s sprinkler, I was right there. Gawking at her stomach. I couldn’t stop looking!

“Stop staring, and join me! The baby isn’t going anywhere.”

Crap… She always knew when I was watching.

Time just seemed to pass me by. Before I knew it, Ester was 8 months pregnant, and ready to give birth any day now! It was kind of weird to think about, but at the same time it was exciting. I just wished Kyle was here to see this. I’m sure he would have warmed up to the whole baby idea. Really, I never even got to sit down and explain everything to him! He stormed off so fast that night and he STILL hasn’t called me since. I just don’t get it? Love is about sacrifices, but yet he hasn’t made any. I’ve done so much for him, but he’s always down my throat. I love Kyle more than air itself, I hate being separated from him. I’d just wish he’d come to his senses.

“Whoa, someone is active tonight!” I laughed, rubbing Ester’s protruding belly.

“Tonight!? Your little monster is ALWAYS on the move. This kid never sleeps!”

It was around 6:56 pm, when it happened. I was trying on my old science outfit, out of pure boredom… when I heard her scream. I rushed out of the bedroom, and watched as she clenched her stomach.

“The baby!” she cried out, before screaming once more.

Of course me being the drama queen that I am… I freaked. I didn’t know what to do, or how to do it!

“What happens NOW?!” I screeched, jumping all around “Do I catch it or something!?

“Just get me to a hospital!!”

Hospital it is!

12 hours later, and it was finally over. The birth went smoothly, and I only passed out once! After two days we all went home, and Ester said her final good-byes.

“Well… I guess this is it.” she sighed, placing Kaylee in the crib. “I just want to let you know, that your beautiful and will be treasured by your father.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to be in their lives, Ester?” I asked, cradling Lia.

“No, that’s okay. You take care of them. Your a great person Fraser, and while I was here you took care of us well. I’m sorry there was a second one, she kind of just hid herself in there.”

I looked down at Lia in my arms, then over at Kaylee “It’s fine. I kind of have a thing for twin girls…” I smiled, placing a gentle kiss on her soft little head.

“Good bye Fraser.” Ester smiled “And good luck with Kyle. I wish you both happiness.”

“Yea, and so do I.”

Thanks for reading! I hope everything is clear to everyone now. Crimson was a very disturbed person. He kept having failed children with many women, so he was going to do away with the last of them. His next mission was to use Fraser’s genes (because he is so smart) to try and get this super smart human. He had special concoctions injected into the fertilized egg before hand to try and make them smart, but like I said… always failed. Ester found out about this, and one thing lead to another.

Oh and the only reason Ester looked like Kyle, is for similarity reasons. Kyle is the real 2nd parent to Kaylee and Lia, not Ester. Just, it’s more realistic than a man having babies… ._. Thank you Emy for the idea ❤ I lurve you, for saving me from headaches<3

Bonus stuff for no apparent reason: In case many of you didn’t know, I’m in love with Jed’s  sim Lear. Always have been, always will. Alright now that, that is established… I didn’t DO this! XD I guess you all know what they were both doing at the science lab that late 😉

Tsk… tsk… someone forgot to cover up! 😉 I guess no more late night flings in the lab for them anymore!! xD Jed, can’t you see? It’s always been fate for me and Lear ;P Oh, and shortly after they had a shot gun wedding, minus the shot gun 0.0.


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      AWWWWWWWWW! You really just made my day by saying that! Here I was thinking that this chapter wasn’t good, and then… you say that. <3:D

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        Yea you did! XD In a weird kind of pixel way, you are since Lear belongs to you. Maybe like a great-grandpa since Lear is the 3rd generation? XD Yea exactly, everywhere Crimson is a good guy, and trust me I was SO close to making someone else for the part… but it was just too perfect!! 😀 No one would expect it at first when they see Crimson :D<3 Whom I still adore to piece<3 Um, I do pictures first, then Play. Sometimes I do mix, cause I have to wait out pregnancies and sometimes I need it a certain time of the day. But yea I do get my playing time in there. But when it's picture time there Auto is OFF. I hate it when I'm trying to do things, and they move around. They get free will back when I say so. So there.

        lol ;P

      • Jedidiah says:

        Greatgrandpa indeed! That’s what I don’t really appreciate about teaching… all my students get younger while my youth just rots on the vine. T_T
        I usually keep that middle thing going, so they still go and eat without me telling them so. But the first thing that has to happen is me buying that steel bladder thingy. Otherwise…how annoying.
        Speaking of, I was working on another chapter and that Free Vacation thingy popped in…cool beans, I thought… but then things got completely thrown off..All of a sudden Dave was younger than Ava although he was way older than she. Lear was the youngest and Zara was a few days short of her ADULTHOOD??? You ever had that happened?
        Oh, I was asked to put up my simself up for download… o_O I really should be afraid….

      • spongeb0berz says:

        LOL! Because people like torturing them ;P I want to put mine up for download but noooooooo Mediafire doesn’t work for ME! >:/ Ahaha, well I find it easier to just get my pictures out of the way, then give them freewill. I don’t mind checking on all of them, I’m so use to it by now it just comes naturally. xD You should have seen me when I first got the game .-. My pregnant sim died, and the social work came and took the other kid. .. Not fun. That vacation thing has happened to me! I put a copy of Kitty and the kids in my OB, and I was messing with them for a little while… when I sent Kitty and Cale on vacation, when they came back everything was fine and all… until I switched houses! The SP told me that Jackie aged into a TEEN. Mind you she was still a toddler! .-.

      • Jedidiah says:

        Wow, I just read you play with the genetics thingy ding so you can have a look at the kids… o_O I’ve never done that before…well not for legacy games…. you are a wise Sponge. *rubs nonexistent beard*
        Well, I’m trying to remodel the house… and gee every room looks the same… beige… oh great. OH yeah and that little person in my game… I think I have to delete him because he is actually a kid (guess he took some elephant growth hormone or something…) but morphed into a teen… annoying he still has that kid voice… sigh…but this should tell you that I’m back working on the Huckleberrys 😀

      • spongeb0berz says:

        😀 Yay Huckleberrys! Well yea I figured that out like… maybe 4 months ago? I thought gee… why not just do that? Also when the kids are born, I save them to the bin then go into CAS to see what they look like when their older. I find it eases my want to make them grow up faster, if I see what they look like already xD. I know what you mean, I’ve been remodeling tooooo 😉 I love Beige though cause it goes with everything! 😀 It’s the best color evar. Ew a teen with the kid voice?! O_o That’s freaky! xD Why is it everyone gets so many problems in there games, and I barely get any? NOT that I’m complaning! You all can have it!! 😛

      • Jedidiah says:

        Oh I see… the game issues you don’t wanna share, eh???
        Well, that little guy hasn’t caused any problems besides just looking goofy and sounding weird, but I can’t even reset him, so it’s bye bye… kinda sad because either Zara or Nina started being friends with him. Oh well.
        Yeah, I don’t mind the color so much… but I keep thinking that’s so not Sebie. Perfect sign, that I think about this way too much.
        Great tip tho on the genetics thing… this will come in handy in the future… wuahahahaha… 😉

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Your welcome Jed 😀 Always willing to share my ideas I came up with 😀 ❤ You dislike it, but I love it xD. I see what you mean with it not being Sebie, but when it comes to my story I try to just be modern. But that's because my story is based on real life ( as best as I can!) as yours is based on a different subject 🙂 So you get the freedom of going crazy with building 😀 Aw poor guy… oh well guess it's bye bye to him then xD

        UH-UH! You can keep ALL of them! ;P

  11. jaec52609 says:

    “I… I’m pregnant with your baby.”

    i got 2 tht part nd the little “dun dun dun” went off in my head lmao…..i had a feelin crimson planted frays swimmers n her…gunna be a gorgeous kid

    “My-My-MY baby?! He- You- WHAT?!”
    sounds like me lol

    erm… paperwork
    paperwork my butt…..gunna have a fling IN the office eh jackie lol

    the twins were adorable…..awww i kno how fray feels about givin a baby back after gettin attached

    Of course me being the drama queen that I am… I freaked
    i literally busted out laughin when i read tht

    Do I catch it or something!?

    nd u kno u did do somethin cuz u got a virtual crush on lear lol……aww i bet urs nd lears baby will be adorable

    oh cant wait 2 see kaylee & lia as toddlers i bet theyre adorable……..poor fray, i bet he misses kyle a whole lot…..i rlly hope kyle comes back and helps out even tho he dnt like kids 😦

    this was a rlly great chpt…..EVIL crimson

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea I now right. That’s the part that’s like “Oh my god… that did not just happen! DUN DUN DUNNNN!” xD Aw come on! It’s not like I MADE my simself and Lear go to the office do some “paperwork”. They kinda did that themselves 😉 I just found it hilarious since I really loved Lear xD. Ask Jed, I’ve said it tons of times when I read his legacy! Aahah I can’t help it. Fraser has this funny/nurturing personality. I have fun writing his POV 😉

      The girls are really pretty! I love it that I can look at them ahead of time ;P

  12. sariechiny says:

    Ahaha, I was re-reading this chapter (cuz it’s just so good (:) and I laughed so hard at the part where Fraser is freaking out because the baby’s coming:
    “What happens NOW?!” I screeched, jumping all around “Do I catch it or something!?”
    Oh that just made my day (:

  13. marissa3 says:

    I’m glad Crimsons finally been caught, sick man! I always knew there was something…. off about him.
    It was great watching Fraser take all those hits for the poor babies, and I laughed when he shouted to Crimson but the glass was soundproof xD
    I hope Kyle comes back! I get that he wanted to be in on Frasers decision making but just storming off like that and not calling back for months?! Come on Kyle! xxxx

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea he doesn’t have the Hot-Headed trait, but he sure gets angry easily! Yea Crimson was a sick little puppy, poor Fraser just couldn’t fight him back. You know how crazy fights get? Those babies could have gotten knocked onto or worse! Lol Yea… Great part for Fraser! He only works there, yet he forgot it was sound proof xD.

  14. Esther says:

    Gah! I just knew Crimson was a creeper! You did this really well, and I really didn’t know what he was up to! Loved the Jackie – Lear part 😉

    Still, Kyle is being a little jerkish… I mean, sure you can hate kids but would you leave the love of your life behind just because of that?

    Wanted to let you know that my legacy will continue on blogspot, because neither WLW nor WordPress allowed me to publish anything, so I couldn’t let you know via the site. Here’s my blogspot, would you mind changing the link on your links page for this new one?

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Sure of course! 🙂 – And yea he is, Kyle just doesn’t know how to make sacerfices! Sure he ran away, but since then… nothing. Fraser has been doing everything he can for him, but he still is Jealous and mad at Fraser for the dumbest things.

  15. tessrobbs23 says:

    Woohoo! Thiss is the firstt message for the whole day and part of yesterday tht i am able to post a message.I sure hope this works **crosses fingers**!!!!! Btw I just did this to see if it will work! but I did love the chapter!

  16. sims3master says:

    I just started the Frascati legacy and was wondering if you got Crimson from there?

  17. auburn101 says:

    Hmm so many mysteries and secrets behind everyone! Especially Crimson, he just seems to be hiding something. Even if this was a long chapter, I loved it very, very much and it didn’t seem long to read! 🙂 I like Fraser as well, he seems to be quiet courages and has a big-heart hihi : )

    Auburn Legacy ^^
    New chapter on my blog .. read and comment? 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Sweet of course I’ll read it! 🙂 Remember I have you subbed 😉 I check them everyday 😀 ❤ Crimson isn't hiding anything anymore! Everything he's done is out in the open now xD. Kyle may or may not be hiding something. But that's for me to know and you to find out 😉

  18. nahshona says:

    So much has happened in this generation already, it’s getting harder to keep up with. I can’t believe Crimson’s actions and as for Kyle, I’m not too surprised by his. He does have the dislikes children trait after all. I never thought they really meshed well though, so I hope that Frasyer can move on and find someone that really appreciates what a great guy he is! I can’t wait to see what his daughters look like! The Terrey Family always have had beautiful genes. How do you do it, lol 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Well my secret is to make all my spouses for one (which everyone normally does) then I take a copy of say the heir and put it in my sims bin, then I take the spouse I’m choosing and my heir and then I play with genetics in CAS. 🙂 Just so I can get the gist of what their kids will look like. Usually they come out different, but I just want to make sure ^_^

      Yea I try to have a lot going on, so it never gets boring! ^^

  19. callierose says:

    ahh Crimson, you utter nutcase xD
    & Kyle.. I still kinda love him but I don’t think anyone else does ^__^
    yay for babieeees!! ♥

  20. I loved this chapter, but I need to ask…do you remember where you got the twin girls’ hair from? The cute ponytail? I had that hair once and then with the mess from my old computer I lost it. No idea where it’s from.

    • Jax says:

      Actually, sadly, I don’t have that hairstyle myself anymore. My game ATE it. I do believe that it’s a peggy hair. I pretty sure that’s where I saw it. If not, then I’m just as clueless >< Sowwy.

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