Chapter 4.6 – Broken Mistakes

Fraser’s Point of View

Could anything be harder than raising two kids alone? Honestly, I don’t know what I got myself into! Well okay, I didn’t technically get myself into this… but that’s besides the point! I mean, sure I was taking care of Candi and Marcella for 3 weeks… but they were older, and easier to handle. Infants? That’s a whole other chapter in itself! They scream, their always hungry, and they poop SO much! I can never have a break, EVER.

“Shhh, it’s alright Kaylee! I mean Lia… wait which one are you!?” Ugggh….

As I was debating which child I was holding, the actual Kaylee started to cry. I find it easier to tell them apart by the faint little freckles on their cheeks. Kaylee has them, while Lia doesn’t. But it’s really hard to be looking for freckles when two infants are screaming in your face, and pulling your hair! NOT fun!

Eventually I got them settled down, and into bed. Kaylee was hungry, while Lia just needed a diaper change. After they dozed off into their little slumbers, I decided to call up my family. I wanted to see how they were, and to mention the fact that I’m a father. Somehow… I forgot. Whoops.

I scrolled through my contact list, reading each name as it went by “Crimson? Hah… *delete*” I laughed, extracting his number from my phone. I eventually came across “mom” and clicked talk.

I placed it to my ear, and waited until someone came onto the line. My mother’s sweet voice rang through, and a smile crept across my face.

“Hi mom.”

“Fraser!” she exclaimed “How are you and Kyle?”

I gritted my teeth and tried to grin “Oh… we’re fine.”

“That’s great to hear sweetheart. Now is there something you need?” I heard her smile through the phone.

My eyes wandered over to my girls, and I took a gulp. How in the world was I telling my mother that I had a baby? Or babies for that matter?! “Well… you see… long story short? Your a grandma…”

“I beg your pardon?!” she gasped and I could just feel the tension rising… even over the phone!

I laughed nervously, and felt my grip on the phone loosen as my palms grew sweaty. “Well, you see…” And with that I went on to tell her everything that happened. (Excluding the me and Kyle bits) She really didn’t say much during my long, and unbelievable story… so the whole time my stomach was flip-flopping. I mean, what if she thought I cheated on Kyle with some woman? Or… I hired a hooker for a night, cause I wanted to “explore” other possibilities?! I know. I’m a nut. But I just… can’t help how I think!

“Oh my god Fraser! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?! How old are they? What’s their names? Oh forget that, I’m coming to see you!” she squealed, and my jaw dropped. She actually believed me? I mean… it is true… but wow.

“Wait? Come see me? Oh I don’t know mom…” I gulped, trying to change the subject. I didn’t want her coming here! I live in a tiny little house, with two kids, and my boyfriend is MIA. How is that going to show her, I’m “fine”?!

My mother always wins. Within two days, she was on my front step almost knocking down my door. “Sweetie, it’s mommy!” she cooed, banging even harder. Who else would it be? I mean, obviously I can see through the window?

I spun around, and before I got the chance to say it was open, she was already inside! But that fact got ignored, when I saw… my sister. I hadn’t seen her in years. The last time I actually thought about her, was when my father died. They weren’t pretty thoughts either. I mean, even though she didn’t know some of the things I thought about, didn’t mean I didn’t feel guilty about it.

“Sorry we got here so late, Fraser.” she sighed “The airport got our flights mixed up, and then the taxi we were in got a flat! Do you believe our luck?”

I shook my head no, but I never let my eyes gear away from my sister. She had her head held low, and was shuffling her feet.

“Heather?” I finally asked, causing her to look up “Is something wrong?”

Her eyes glazed over, and she literally RAN into my arms. “I’m so s-sorry!” she cried, tears falling from her eyes “I never meant for him to die! He was just coming to get me, and- and the truck went through a red light… he never saw it coming!”

When I said I felt guilty before… that was nothing compared to how I felt right now. I can’t believe I actually blamed her! I guess I was just upset, but it was wrong to think he died, because of her.

I rubbed her back, and pulled her in closer “It’s not your fault, Heather! You made some mistakes, but it had NOTHING to do with dad dying. Don’t you dare blame yourself.”

She let go of me, and wiped the tears from her eyes. “Yes it is. If I would have never went to Bridgeport, daddy would be alive and so would Jessica!”

I didn’t know who Jessica was… but I knew she had to stop blaming herself for everything.

“Look.” I sighed, placing a hand on her shoulder “Dad, and Jessica didn’t die because of you. Your a good person Heather, and your the best little sister a guy could ask for! Well you and Jackie are the best.”

That got a smile from her. “Besides, since when did you become such a big softy?! Heather the tough, never cries!”

“Oh stop it!” she laughed, then punched my arm “At least I’m not a new mom..err.. dad!”


Kitty’s Point of View

I just stood back and watched as my two babies reunited once more. Heather was so depressed when I told her about going to see Fraser. She was so afraid he would hate her, and throw her out. Fraser is right, she has been blaming herself for the death of her friend and father. No matter how many times we tell her it wasn’t her fault. I guess now that she has everyone’s “forgiveness” she can finally move on.

I wish I could have brought all the kids with me… but they all wanted to stay home and see Gaven. He was coming home for two weeks, and I guess they just wanted all the time they could get with him.

“Well, now that this is settled.” I laughed, causing them to face me “Where are my babies?!”

Fraser stepped back, and pointed behind him. My face lit up and I made a beeline over to where they were laying. I could see Fraser was a little upset that I picked them up when they were sleeping… but what do I care?! I traveled so many hours to see them, and see them I shall!

“And who is this precious little angel?” I cooed, kissing her little cheeks.

“Uhhh… does she have freckles?” Fraser asked, laughing nervously.

I looked on her cheeks, and noticed there was a few faint little freckles. “Well, yea…”

“Then that’s Kaylee. The one in the bed, is Lia.”

As I was still cradling Kaylee, it dawned on me that Kyle wasn’t around. “Fraser?” I questioned, my eyes scanning the house.”Where’s Kyle?”

His cheeks flushed a bright red, and he lowered his eyes to the floor “Oh… he’s… visiting his mom. He’ll be back… soon enough.”

For some reason, I highly doubt that is true.

Fraser’s Point of View

I was SO tired. My mom and sister were planning on staying another whole week -making it 3- meaning I had to forbear the sofa over and over again! Plus on top of that, Kay and Lia were still waking up 2 times a night. It was safe to say I was about to keel over.

“Dude, you look like your about to die! Tough night with the kiddos?” Lear chuckled, slapping me on the back.

“Don’t you ever get tired of making fun of me, Lear?”

He thought about it for 2 seconds, then shook his head no. “Never!” he laughed “I mean… isn’t that what friends are for? To bust your chops?”

I closed my heavy eyelids and laughed slightly “Oh yea? So how’s your pregnant WIFE? You know, the one you knocked up and then quickly married? How’s that for busting your chops…”

“I don’t know what your talking about!” he stated, looking around nervously.

“Oh you don’t remember JACKIE?”

“Who told you!?” he gulped, rubbing the back of his head. At that same moment his brother came over, and grinned widely at him.

“Ohhh… just a little birdie I guess.” Sebie chuckled, before going over to his station.

“You guys aren’t funny!” Lear growled.

“That’s what you get for busting on Fraser all the time.”

“But your my brother, I told you about all that in secrecy!!”

“Guys… just drop it.” I sighed, then rolled my eyes “We’re never going to get those blood samples finished in time, if we’re fighting about baby drama.”

Just at that moment, Sebie turned to me “Speaking of drama… the new guy wants to see you in his office. Forgot to tell you, because someone got me distracted.”

“Wait, you mean… the transfer? From Sunset?”

“Yea. He saw me in the hall, and told me to let you know, that he wanted to see you. Dr. Scottie Conwell, I believe his name is.”

Oh god… what could this mean?! I’ve only barely saw glances of the guy as he walked by me in the halls, but now… he wants me in his office?!


“You don’t think he’s like Crimson… do you?”

“Well, Lear. I guess that’s why it was best Fraser gets to go in first? Eh?”

“Yea. If he dies we’ll make a run for it!”

“You know what?! Just… Never mind.”


I marched right up to his office door, and threw it open. I was coming at this with full force, and not wimping out. Just because my last boss was insane… doesn’t mean this guy is.

“Hello, Fraser.” he smiled, from “it’s” old desk. “Come. Sit down.”

I made my way around the chair, and planted myself down in it. “Why did you call me in, sir?” I was just going to get right to the point.

“Well…” he started, then threw his arms up “Your stats are AMAZING!”

“I beg your pardon?”

He chuckled, and shook his head “I mean, your work stats. There off the charts! For someone who hasn’t been in this business long, your doing outstanding. So, I was thinking that you helped me with a very important project?”

Oh god. Did he just say project?! “You don’t need my sperm do you?”

My question threw him completely off. He sat back in his chair, and just glared at me. “Wh- Why on earth would you ask me that?! What would I need that for?”

My cheeks flushed red, and I stuttered a bit. “Well, uhhh… err…”

He started to laugh and shook his head “I’m only joking. I heard all about the crazy baby killer. I’m sorry, I was just trying to break the ice.”

“Uh, I knew that…” I coughed, my cheeks still burning. “SO! What does this project involve then?”

“It’s for a facial cream.” he laughed “The company that’s putting it out wants us to do the finishing touches on it, before it gets shipped off to the FDA. They say if we do a good job, and it gets approved, our lab will get sponsored by there fashion industry. You know? Like lots of moolah?”

“And you want ME, to help you with this?”

“I think your perfect for the job!” he smirked, pointing a finger at me “Who else would I pick? Some old pompous, know-it-all? Your 100 times better than them. Your young, your smart, your good l- Err… you have a lot of potential!!

“Well, I’m very honored to accept it then!” I grinned, before reaching over and shaking his hand.

“And I’m honored to be working with you.” he smiled back “I’ll call you sometime this week, and we’ll have dinner. Talk about how we’re going to do things. Cool?”

“Of course. Just let me know.”

This guy? NOTHING like Crimson!

Two mornings later, I was sitting on the couch -a brand new one that my mother bought- just staring over at my girls. Everyone was still asleep, so I didn’t dare turn on the TV. I find mornings so peaceful, and relaxing. The air is crisp, the birds are chirping, and you can see the sun just barely coming up over the mountains. Nothing could interrupt my morning.

Except for maybe Kyle. Here I was minding my own business, trying to take in everything and accept the life as I had it, when low and behold… guess who comes crawling back?

I heard the faint knock at the door, then peered over only to find him standing there with tears in his eyes.

I groaned… LOUDLY, before dragging myself out of my comfortable little spot on the couch. I put up a finger to single “one second” then unlocked the door. He crept inside a few centimeters, and softly said “Hello.”

I always thought if I saw Kyle again, I would blow up in his face. That I would scream, and kick until I was breathless. Nope. Wasn’t going to do it. I was too content, and happy. Why did I need to be upset? Sure he left me almost a year ago. SURE, he never answered my calls or texts, but I’m not letting him get me down. I have two BEAUTIFUL daughters, and a family that loves me. I would say I’m a winner in my book.

“Kyle? Why are you here? You made it pretty obvious that we’re done…”

“N-no. I don’t want to be done. I made a mistake! Fraser… I love you. I need you. I was stupid for leaving you, and never calling you back. I just wanted to make something of myself. You always did so much for me… I was so jealous! But it’s different now. I have a better job, and more money. All I need is you.”

“Kyle. You never told me how you felt. Plus, why be jealous of me?! I was only doing everything I could, for you. I love you, I always have. It took me this long to actually accept that you were never coming back. I didn’t want to accept it, but I had to for my daughters.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I should of just listened to you.” he cried, before pulling me into and long and passionate kiss. Right about now, I should have been at work… but I didn’t care. Right now this was more important.

I pushed him off, and let his eyes meet mine. “Before we decide to rekindle this relationship any further, I have to ask you one thing.”

He smiled, and grabbed my hand “Anything.”

“If we’re going to be in this together, you have to promise me that you’ll accept my daughters. I don’t want you blaming me for them, or hating them. They didn’t ask to be there, but I’m glad that they are. I love them with all my heart, and if I’m going to continue this relationship… you have to love them too. I don’t expect it right away, but I do expect it later on.”

He let go of my hand, and adverted his eyes over to the two pink cribs. “You weren’t kidding, when you said you were going to be a father?”

“No I wasn’t. It wasn’t my fault, and I already explained this over and over in texts and voice messages.”

“I got them. I just… didn’t believe them.” he sighed, rubbing his temples.

“So…” I continued on “Do you accept the fact that I have twin daughters?”

He nodded his head, then pecked my cheek. “I do. And I’ll do my best for all of you. I swear it.”

It was at that moment, that my mom came out and started shouting! “Rise and shine everyone!! We have a big day ahead of us! Momma has a huge surprise!”

“MOM!” I growled, pointing over at the cribs “The girls-” Waaahhhhhh! “Never mind…”

“Sorry, Fray!” she giggled “But I’m just so excited!”

“Excited about what?” I sighed, lifting Lia from her crib.

“Oh you’ll see!”she gleamed, heading over and grabbing Kaylee.

We all strapped ourselves inside the car, and waited patiently as my sister read directions off to my mother. I had no idea where we were going, and neither Heather or my mom would tell me!

When we finally did arrive, I was completely taken back. “Mom… where are we? Who’s house is this?”

“Oh… it’s yours!” she laughed “Welcome home!”

She bought me a house?!

Tour Time!

Fraser’s room

Hallway/Upstairs landing


Kitchen/Dining room

Kaylee’s and Lia’s room

Outside patio/pool

Thanks for reading!! 🙂 Questions running through your head about Kyle? 😉 Or maybe about Scott?

Bonus stuffs:

Here is Jackie and Lear’s daughter! 😀 Her name is Rose, and she is adorable in my books. 😉 I know someone who is going to have two best friends in the near future 😉

Awww…. she takes after her parents! 🙂 Extra cute, and a whole lotta NUTZ! ;D


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37 Responses to Chapter 4.6 – Broken Mistakes

  1. Mira says:

    Rose is so cute 😀
    I’m so happy Kyle came back, I love happy endings 🙂

  2. Lilith Kawanami says:

  3. sariechiny says:

    Awww, Rose looks so cute! Definitely takes after her parents (:
    I love the new house, you decorate so well!
    I’m also glad that Kyle came back, but I have a feeling that his hatred for kids will get to him…especially with TWO kids in the house…d:
    Haha, it would be really cool if Kaylee and Lia became friends with Rose (: I hope that’s going to happen.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Of course it’s going to happen! I can’t NOT let my pixel child have a relationship with my Legacy kids! xD I’m such a weirdo. Yea you really never know what he’s going to do 😉

  4. sariechiny says:

    Oh yea! And I forgot to say something about Scott:
    I have a feeling he’s gay too. And likes Fraser. Because he almost said that Fraser was good looking…Is he going to try to get Fraser to like him?
    I’m not sure whether I like Kyle or Scott at this point. But Fraser seems totally committed to Kyle right now…

  5. Jedidiah says:

    Awesomeness! Rose is adorable… despite her eye problem.
    All is well around Fras…glad to see Kyle coming back and Fras telling him he better accept his daughters before they got back together. And Kitty aged up well, although my my she got skinny. Happy to read Fras forgave Heather.

    And you captured Lear’s and Sebie’s characters so well. They are so typical brothers. LOL And their new boss….if I may venture a thought…I think he has the hots for Fraser. For goodness sake his name is CON-WELL. And who doesn’t think of ‘hey you want my sperm, too, after hearing your ‘stats’ are off the charts… o_O
    I love this family!!!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol, yea that dumb birthday thing always is funny to look at. I’m glad it doesn’t stay like that! xD Yea it is good to see Kyle coming back around… rather crawling back. Yea Fraser, had to state that right off the bat. Those are HIS daughters, and there more important than a relatioship with Kyle. He would drop him in a heart beat, if he was a treat to them. Yea Fraser felt bad about blaming Heather ;/

      I did!? Wow. I mean, I was trying too… but I found it hard cause I can’t do it like you 🙂 LOL XD SEE?! You always make me laugh! Well yea he was kinda freaking cause of what Crimson did. He said project, Fraser thought Sperm donor xD Yea and he was talking about stats. Fraser’s probably think “Oh god… another nut!”

      Aw thanks Jed!!<3

  6. Amy6 says:

    Kyle came back yipee!!! And the girls= aww… and Rose is adorable too! Did you build the house? It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  7. jaec52609 says:

    awww kitty is attached 2 them bebehs already….ummm did fray tell them where he lived?? im glad he doesnt blame heather nd tht theyre gettin along……how did jessica die??

    well hello scottie conwell…lol
    was he about 2 say good lookin??? i kno my fray fray is smexy lol….scottie has a thing 4 fray

    yay kyle came back….i rlly hope he accepts the girls nd loves them…i want a FRAYLE BABY ❤

    i LOVE the new house….wow kitty sure is spoilin fray? i guess she missed him tht much when he ran away..the twins room is adorable

    aww tld ya u nd lear would make a pretty baby….now shes gunna be kaylee nd lias bff so u can watch her grow lol

    i want 2 see the twins as toddlers now….i bet one has her mommas hair

    • jaec52609 says:

      but knowin u, kyle nd fray will get n2 a fight again 99.9% chance its gunna be about the girls nd fray is gunna boot him cuz kyle wont be able 2 accept them nd then fray nd scottie will hit it off nd fall n love nd get married (nd since theyre both scientist) theyll find a way 4 them 2 have a baby 2gether cuz there jus tht awesome lol……..thts jus my opinon cuz im torn between kyle nd scottie….cuz scottie is new so he’ll be cool 2 get 2 know in the story, nd kyle well fray loves kyle ever since they 1st met nd they go good 2gether but kyle HATES kids as we all know and tht will cause A LOT of problems…but most ppl dnt end up wit their 1st love or high school sweetheart so im pretty sure fray is gunna end up wit scottie SOMEHOW cuz u work in mysterious ways lol (kitty was jus lucky 2 get her 1st love shes in tht 1 in a million or is it 2 in a billion)

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Yea she was really lucky. She didn’t get him at first though 😉 Yea Scottie is new, and Kyle has always been there. I love your theory, some are relvent to what I’m doing, but not to a tee 😉 I am msterious aren’t i?! ;D

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea of course he did. Like he said “My mother always wins” Yea they are getting along. Fraser felt so bad that he blamed her. You see… that was Heather’s story, and if I explain that… It’s going to be LONG! xD

      Maybe he was… maybe he wasn’t 😉 Lia and Kaylee ARE Frayle babies 😉 Ester is not related to the girls at all.

      Well she figured that Kyle probably left (motherly instincts) and that Fraser is a single dad, living in this tiny little house… she felt bad for him. Plus that’s her baby!!<3 And yes, she missed him a lot.

      Yup! That's my plan ;D ❤

      Grrrr, how did you know that one has Kyle's hair? xD Yea, one does. But I'm not saying which 😛 There adorable little twins<3 Look NOTHING alike XD Kaylee has these adorable little freckles though, I heart them<3

  8. bluefudge08 says:

    Yay Kyle came back! 😀 Rose is so cute! and so is Scott :3

  9. SimLover0510 says:

    Awesome chapter! Can’t wait to see the babies in the future! Do you use default eyes?

  10. Emy says:

    *flails* You’re going to break up Fraser and Kyle for good, aren’t you?!! *sits in Fraser/Kyle camp and roasts marshmallows*

    Then again, if Scottie proves himself to be an awesome person I might warm to him. I noticed the ‘good looking’ that almost slipped in there, Mr Conwell!!

    Your pixel daughter is adorable. ^_^

  11. Carebear728 says:

    happy Kyle is back and it was great to see Kitty and Heather again. I can’t wait to see what the kids look like as they get older.

  12. Esther says:

    Well well well another doctor who has a thing for Frase 😉

    I found it AWESOME how Frase apologized to Heather… he’s really sweet. I also think there’s going to be more between Kyle and Fraser than just a happy ending.. 😉

    And the house is BEAUTIFUL!

    Awesome chapter ❤

  13. huffletuff says:

    I’m not so sure that Fraser and Kyle are going to last.
    I hope he get’s together with Scott. Kyle doesn’t deserve Fraser’s forgiveness. Plus- Scott’s so much hotter.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I do agree with you on that one 😉 I prefer my … never mind ;p You shall see what happens ^_^ ❤ I'm working on the pictures for the new chapter, so it shall be soon enough!

  14. Jonas Legacy says:

    Sponge, Max isn’t supposed to be a cheater…lol I made him for her and by the time I got her bars full he was engaged to Cienna from Jonas and it said she was pregnant. I was like it’s been one night THEHELL?! So yea I just included that because well it was an extra twist.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol I didn’t say I didn’t like it though 😉 I just have rants on things now and again XD<3 Well let's hope Max is good for her though 😉 I'm keeping my eye on him.

  15. Jonas Legacy says:

    Lol sorry for the wait had to watch Hell’s Kitchen because I love yelling… Well see other people yelled at… Lol yea he should be good for her and all but I mean people can only take so much pressure from babies…

  16. callierose says:

    Soooo you don’t like Kyle anymore, I can see that ^__^ however you do like Scott, and I don’t blame you, he’s yummmyy. so I reckon you will shove him into the story even more firmly soon enough, if you know what i mean(;
    Nice to see my darling Heather back, and Fraser forgiving her!! It really wasn’t her fault!
    Love the pixel daughter – adorable!! and the house is amaaazing. ♥

  17. marissa3 says:

    Aww yey! Kyle is back, Kitty and Heather came to visit, both the boys have promotions, and they have a new house!
    Doctor Scottie is hot! and he totally has the hots for Fraser (I was also wondering where his hair is from? 🙂 )

    I love the twins room in the new house the most, and the entire house in general is great! x

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Scott’s hair is from TSR, the creator is called Newsea. I just adore her hairstyles! 🙂 Yea, I love my Scott too 😉 ❤

      Thankies!! 😀 I decorated the twins room with extra care ❤ :3

  18. Melinoe says:

    What happened to Jessica? I’m really curious. =O

  19. ddlieber says:

    ooooohhhhh i smell loooooovvvvveeeee!!!!

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