Chapter 4.11 – Bright Futures

Fraser’s Point of View

“Honestly, it was a joy carrying her for 9 months.”

My lips curled, and my heart fluttered. I just couldn’t believe we brought a baby into this world. It didn’t matter which one of us was the actual Biological father, both of us were her parents. It’s the one who loves you, and takes care of you. Not who’s blood runs through your veins.

“She’s beautiful.”

Scott glanced over at me, “Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Sofia leaned back, and cradled Makenzie close to her chest. “Is there somewhere you want me to place her? I really don’t want to take up much more of your time.”

Scott and I shot each other looks, before directing our attention back to Sofia. “Come on now…” I laughed slightly “You just gave birth to our daughter! Your not a bother to us. In fact, the complete opposite!”

“I really should be getting home. I’m sort of tired, and I really feel as if my job is done. So, if I may?” She scooted herself gently off the sofa, and followed us to the girls room.”There you go, Makenzie. Right where you belong.”

“If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call us.” Scott added in.

“That won’t be necessary.” She sighed “Well, good bye, and thanks for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.”

And just like that, she was gone. I know we paid a great sum of money to have her do this, but I still feel kind of bad. After all, Makenzie is her baby too… Oh well, I guess life moves on.

Speaking of life moving on, the girls birthdays snuck up on us and bit us in the butt! I couldn’t believe my errr our daughters, were growing up so fast!! I guess you would have expected us to have a big party for them turning 5, but with the new baby and everything getting so hectic at work… we ordered a pizza, bought some cake, and called it a day.

“Happy birthday!”

Lia’s new trait is Eco-Friendly.

Kaylee’s new trait is Star Quality.

Like I said, VERY hectic. Micki didn’t give us the time of day! She was such a grumpy little baby, and always wailed for our attention.

“I got her…” Scott moaned, placing down his slice of cake. That man sure hates to be interrupted in the middle of his meals, that’s for sure.

Lia’s Point of View

All I have to say is, UGH! Do you know how many tree’s were killed, just so they could make that pizza box? I’m telling you, it’s got to be lots! I may be young, but I know when someone killed a living plant.

“Lia, what’s wrong?”

“I’m not touching that pizza, it killed a tree!!” I screeched my chair back, angrily throwing myself out of it.

Kaylee shook her head and giggled, “The box did, not the pizza! Your so silly.”

“Oh… really?” I scratched my head, and grabbed a slice. Maybe she was right. I mean, how did a pizza actually kill anything? It’s just a cheesy snack!

Kaylee grabbed another slice and laughed again “Seeeeeeee? It’s good!”

“Well, I guess so. But I still don’t like that box!!”

“Oh, Lia…”

Fraser’s Point of View

About a couple weeks after the girls turned 5, Kaylee came up to me one evening with this look on her face. Either she did something bad, or she wanted something. I was leaning towards the second option.

She smiled wide, baring all of her teeth “Daddy? Since Papa is napping, and Aunt Heather is gone… I was wondering if I could give you a makeover?”

My eyes grew wide and my throat closed up “Ma-make over? Like… with makeup?

“YES! Exactly, daddy!”

Oh god. I knew she wanted something out of me! I didn’t think she meant something on me. “Well… did you ask your sister?”

“Lia says makeup is bad for you. I don’t believe her, but I can’t force her to do something she doesn’t wanna do. If you meant Micki… well… she doesn’t like when I try to put makeup on her.”

Did she just say what I think she said?! “You put makeup on your baby sister?!”

“Um… no… I was just saying that- Daddy please can I give you a makeover, PLEASE!?”

I just couldn’t resist her little face, and the way she pleaded with me. I mean, no one is going to see it. So no harm, no foul? Right? Besides, if I’m her test dummy maybe she’ll stop putting makeup on Micki.

“Are you sure Aunt Heather, likes you touching her makeup?”

“Um, uh, sure.” Yea, why don’t I believe her?  “And she lets me try on her clothes too!” Sure she does…

“Okay.” she stated, placing hands to her hips “Go sit on the bed, and I’ll make you look pretty!”

“You sure you know what your doing, Kay?”

“Don’t worry, Daddy! I’m the fashion princess! Now, hold still so I can apply makeup to your face.”

“With a paint brush!?”

Oh dear god… is this the price I pay for having all girls?!

After many pokes to the eye, and painful strokes on my face… she was finally done.

“So, how do I look?”

“You look… AMAZING!” she gleamed, jumping up and down with excitement “I told you I’m good at fashion! And if you think that’s good, just wait until I get better! You’ll see!”

I took a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and the only thing I could do was laugh! I looked so funny!

“Yah know something? Maybe this blush isn’t my color?”

She eyed me up and down and stroked her chin. “Yea maybe, but you still look pretty!!”

I chuckled. “Yup, and all thanks to the fashion queen.

To keep that large smile on her face, I didn’t wash the makeup off right away. Instead I went downstairs, to check on Micki and Brent. When I got to the living room, my stomach dropped.


“Yeaaaaa….. I was just stopping by to say hello, but if your busy.

“NO! I was just le-letting my d-d-aughter, and she painted my face- and- and…. oh god.” I sputtered out in a panic!

“Look, it’s cool. I mean, this is going on Facebook, but it’s cool.”

I growled, “Your so immature!”

“Says the sunburnt clown…”

After getting my picture taken about 200 times, I finally got Sebie to leave! God, it’s like a child trapped in a mans body! I was just making my daughter happy! Wait until he has kids. He’ll see what I mean.

“Daddy, you still have a bit of black stuff around your eyes.” Lia giggled, in the middle of the story.

I returned the laugh “Well, I tried my best to get it off. Your sister must have glued it to my face!”

“Told you it was bad for you! It can clog up your pores!”

“How do you even know what that is?!” I laughed louder, closing the book on my lap.

She sat up, and stared into my eyes, “I get around.”

“Your 5.”

We argued a bit more about makeup and pores, before I returned to our story. It wasn’t to long after that, that Lia fell asleep.

“Good night sweetheart.” I smiled, gently kissing her on the cheek. “Daddy loves all 3 of you.”

It seemed like time just flew by, because the next thing I knew… Lia and Kaylee were starting their first day of school! How do kids grow up so darn fast?!

“Hurry it up, Lia!” Scott called out to our stubborn daughter “The bus isn’t going to wait forever!”

“But I want to ride my bike! Buses cause pollution!”

“JUST GO!” we shouted simultaneously.

I’m sure they’ll be fine. They have each other.

“This bus is going to kill our island.”

“Oh, Lia…”

Kaylee’s Point of View

We had a blast at school today! Our teacher was so nice, and she kept complementing me on my hairstyle. I didn’t do it, but I did pick it out! Mrs. Wells said I sure do have an eye for fashion!

“What did you think of your first day, Lia?”

“Well besides the fact that the lunch was gross, and the teacher sure throws a lot of paper away… I would say it was alright. A couple girls thought my glasses were cute, not that care what I look like. Just as long as it’s organic.”Lia stated proudly, as she tossed her line into the water.

I giggled loudly, “Your such a goof-ball, Lia!”

She playfully elbowed me, and I did it back. “Well, at least I know how to hold my pole right.”

“Oh leave me alone! I’m not a nature lover like you. I prefer clothes, oh, and makeup! Can’t forget that!”


“Tree hugger!”

Then we both broke out into laughter. I just love my sissy!

Heather’s Point of View

I want to jump off of a bridge! I just can’t take it anymore! This kid drives me up the freaking wall. He’s always screaming, always demanding! He never listens to me, and he acts like a total brat!!! Where does he get that from?!

“I don’t want to rwide in the stroller! I. Don’t. WANT. TOO!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. He pounded his hands onto the tray, and kicked his feet rapidly!

“I don’t give a sh- I don’t care! Your staying in, and that’s final! I just wanted a nice breath of fresh air, but I can’t just dump you off with Fraser. What would that say about me?”


It says I’m a terrible mother…

I angrily snatched him out of the stroller, and screamed “What do you want from ME!?”

“I want, what I want! Take me home, NOW!” he shouted louder, his voice echoing off the walls.

“You know what?! FINE!”

I dragged home the stroller in one hand, and carried a screaming Brent in the other. I’ve had enough, I’m going out. I need time away from him!

I know, I know! I didn’t want to drink, and honestly I never thought I would touch the stuff again, but I’m desperate. So many times I thought about giving up, and just leaving. But what would my son think of me, if I did something like that?! He would hate me, that’s what! Brent needs me, and honestly, at times… I need him. It’s just lately, he’s become so loud. I just need something to keep me sane, something… like drinking.

Just one, Heather. Just one. Remember what they told you…


Well maybe, two. I’m sure I can stop after two.

“Bartender? Another please….”

Adorable, right?! 😀 Mini-Scott!! I believe her traits are Grumpy and easily impressed, but don’t hold me to it.

Thanks for reading!! Also, if the twins seem slightly smarter for their ages… remember Crimson’s experiment? 😉


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50 Responses to Chapter 4.11 – Bright Futures

  1. wolfmania98 says:

    First? I think the heir is going to be a girl 😉 nnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Micki is adorable :D.And the twins grew up pretty. Lol, Lia is like Taylor, and Kay like Joo. HAHA, I llove the makeup scene, especially Sebie XD Poor Brent…. Heather rreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally isn’t a good mother….

    Great Chap

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Teehee, yup 😉 I know, I just adore her!! I know right? xD Expect Kay is more into fashion, instead of being a star. Lia … yea xD she is like Taylor. Omg, I couldn’t believe Sebie came over! I thought it was PERFECT. I love when sims randomly show up at ur door XD

      Yea :/ She really isn’t. Brent isn’t the greatest kid either ;x I mean, look who his parents are?! A gang member, and his wild mother… tsk tsk.

  2. Jedidiah says:

    Awesome follow up on the wedding chapter! The girls are adorable!!! Love their smarty pants! Crimson experiment or not. Since Fras was a genius as a kid (and probably still is), it’s not unusual for the twins to have brains, too. It’s great to see their individual personality shine through and their bond. How adorable is Micki? It’s awesome to see Scott’s genes there. Will they have more babies? Too bad the surrogate didn’t stay around. Love the kids!

    Oh my…Heather…I had a feeling something was not right with her. And now with that drinking problem, Brent will surely enter forster care at house Fraser-Scott.

    I see what you were doing there with Sebie… I know a hint when I get slapped in the face with it. Sneaky sneaky Sponge. XD

    • Jedidiah says:

      By the way, where did you get Micki’s hair from? Is it just for girls?

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Thank you Jed!! 🙂 I was hoping I did alright 😉 Well yes, Fraser is very smart, but the twins… there brains exceed his. There only 5 and they sound like there 20. XD Micki will have a totally different personality then both of them. I have hers all planned out already, and I have a story line for all of them already! LMAO XD I work faster than I think. I wanted to have more, but I think I’ll stick with just 3 this time. I was hoping Micki would be a boy, buttttt you get what you get 🙂 Besides, I adore Makenzie!!

      Yea, but she figured her job was done and that’s that 🙂

      WHAAA ME?! Would I do something like THAT? ;P I don’t know what your talking about! Pffffftttt!!!

      XD ❤

      • Jedidiah says:

        Look at me when you lie. And of course you would do something like that. 😉

        You have Micki’s story line all plan out? Gee, I tried that with on of the Spellbound characters (I’m working on the next chapter…)but when I started putting the shots together and edited the writing…I dismissed that story line again.

        I was playing around with poseplayer and that one more slot thingy… it took me hours to figure it out. And I’m telling you because… oh I have no idea. Oh, I know, I was doing ‘promo shots’ for Spellbound…and I so I didn’t get to do much writing.

      • spongeb0berz says:

        LOL XD ME!? I could never! ;P

        Yup 🙂 All planned. Well not like word-for-word, just I know what I’m doing with her. I’ve stopped storylines before, and completely changed them cause I didn’t like it 🙂 I actually deleted a whole chapter before because I hated it! XD

        Oh so that’s what your up too!! 😀

  3. jaec52609 says:

    cant help but say awww when i see a baby bundles up 😀

    the twins are GORGEOUS!!!…Lia is Taylor reborn..nd uh oh Kaylee is gunna be a a reborn Joo i can see it now…i think my baby is gunna have the same amber brown eyes as Kaylee, since his daddy does lol i have the same color as brent 😀

    I wouldve figured u wouldve named her Miracle since shes there miracle baby lol…Makenzie is a very pretty name

    LMAO i cannot believe fray let kay put makeup on him tht was jus hilarious i couldnt stop laughin when i seen the results…I couldnt stop laughin when i seen sebie on the couch…poor fraser…i kno he loves his girls, but he needs 2 get her one of those make up barbie head things tht all little girls use 2 have when i was little…lol

    Lia is gunna be a smarty pants…shoot she already is…so cute watchin them sleep
    The twins get along so good…imma hate 2 see them want 2 tear each other apart when theyre teens…since we all kno siblings are like tht

    OMG Brent is JUST LIKE his mother lol…now she knows wat she put her parents through

    Uh oh i hope heather wont be one of those abusive parents 😦
    “I want, what I want! Take me home, NOW!” he shouted louder” Scratch the remark about him bein like his mother he WORSE

    Micki is ADORABLE…shes scotts little clone i love it ❤

    • jaec52609 says:

      so micki is rlly scott nd frays kid in the game, but sophias kid in the story? im confused….i found a way 2 put sims up so ppl can download em…if u want u can use my guy, Cass, 4 the nxt heirs hubby…or i can make a different one if u dnt like him (i kno all the kids r 5 nd under, but i was jus sayin cuz i kno ill 4get later on)

      • Jedidiah says:

        I believe in game Micki is Sophia’s and Fras child, but in the story she only was the surrogate.

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Actually! I used mods 😉 So she is Scott and Fraser’s baby!! Pregnant man for the win!! 😀 Sophia and Ester are just actors, persay.

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Lol xD Thanks for the offer! If you give me a link, I’ll sure take a look at him 😉 ❤

        Yup, in my game the baby belongs to Scott and Fraser, and Lia and Kaylee belong to Fraser and Kyle. It's just my story is based off real life events, and a pregnant man isn't real XD So I improvised 🙂

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I know I don’t care what anyone says, I love the sims infants ❤

      I know I really do love them both! 🙂 Lol I would like to say their like Taylor and Joo… but their totally different 😉 Yes Lia loves nature, and yes Kaylee loves fashion…. but Kaylee actually is just as smart as her sister 😉 I mean… she's 5 and already figured out what she wants to do! Aw I love Brent's eye color… that's about it.

      Aw that would have been cute! Darn it… ._. But I do love the name Makenzie, cause she gets a cute nick name like Micki ;P

      Well, he figured no one was going to see it!! It's not like she has a mom to do those things too, so he let her! Sebie just happened to stop by, and BAM laugh fest XD Lol I remember those barbie heads! I had one!…. No wait, I DESTROYED one XD

      There relationship bar is REALLY high. You'll see what happens 😉

      Lmao, I was going to say… Brent is a lot worse! He wasn't even spoiled! He's just BAD!

      • jaec52609 says:

        i destroyed mine 2…not wit make up tho cuz i hated barbies…i was a tomboy since i was the only girl out of 3…..i took scissors nd chopped all her hair off nd then i used a permanent marker…nd u can only imagine wat a 7yr old would do 2 a bald barbie head wit a marker lol

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Lmao! I was the only girl out of 2! So I feel yah! I wasn’t a big barbie fan or brats, but I did love my baby dolls ❤ Even if they had marker drawn all over them XD Exactly me too! I was a tomboy too. I hated anything girly for the longest time! XD I'd rather a toy than clothes! I loved pants and a t-shirt, no skirts or dresses or anything pink! It was always dark RED. My favorite color is still red, but I do love me some pink now! 😀

        Lmao, I ripped heads off of my friends barbie, and threw it in the nieghboors pool when I was 13…. I got in SO much trouble with… everyone XD

      • jaec52609 says:

        i remember my friend bringin her barbies over 1 nite when my family was havin a bonfire nd i ripped one of there heads off nd threw it in the fire cuz i was mad tht my mom wanted me 2 play wit her cuz she kept buggin me…i was like 9…i was horrible i hated dresses nd skirts i hated pink nd purple i made a gaggin face everytime i seen somethin girlie….i rather played football nd wrestle wit my brothers than play dress up nd all the other girlie stuff…i was like another son lol

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Lol I was the same way. I never liked dresses or skirts, or anything girly! I wanted to play trucks with my brothers, and army men. Like I said before, the only girly thing I had was baby dolls. (Always had a thing for babies ❤ 🙂 ) I have so many stories of destroying dolls, throwing toys out the window. So on and so forth XD Actually I still have my baby dolls from when I was younger(Sentamental reasons <3). Only toys I have left besides my stuffed animals!! 😀 As you can tell, I'm a regular girly-girl now 😉 No more barbie burning days for me anymore!! XD Even though I'd still do it if someone dared me too. Like that one time I threw a snowball at this old ladies head, and got screamed at… ahhhh friends making you do shit<3

  4. sariechiny says:

    Awww…all the girls are so cute!!! ❤
    Lol, at Lia being so eco-friendly! XP I'm sure it annoys people sometimes…but I guess that's just who she is d:
    Oh no, Heather, don't do it! Don't do it! D: I'm really scared on what's going to happen to her, and Brent too, now that Heather has started drinking again…S:
    Ahaha, I loved the part where Kaylee put makeup on Fraser's face XDXD Ohh…that was too good (: She has someways to go though…I can totally imagine her as a future actress (:

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Or a future Fashion designer 😉

      Yea but your right, it is her personaility! She just loves nature 🙂 It doesn’t really bother her sister or her family really. 🙂 She’s just a smarty-pants, nature lover! 😀
      Yea, Heather drinking… not good :/

      Lmao yea… I couldn’t help myself! XD

  5. gomar6 says:

    Lia has my heart with her concern for the environment. 🙂
    And the new baby is just adorable. I am a sucker for blue eyes. 🙂

  6. Emy says:

    Oh my gosh, the girls are adorable!! I love Kaylee’s hair. 😀 I used it for Matilda. I hope the Dream triplets turn out that cute!!!

    Is Heather pregnant again?? Just the way she was touching her stomach…

    I feel sorry for poor Brent. I mean, he’s only little. It’s not his fault he’s difficult.

    Mackenzie’s adorable. Awwww. ❤

    • spongeb0berz says:

      No, she was just holding herself in a way that “I know this is wrong.” I know I love all 3 of them! Me too, I wanted to keep the hair styles the same… but it didn’t fit Kaylee’s personality at all. Aw, I know they will!! 🙂

      Yea he really is difficult… but how much will he keep it up? ;/

  7. Peyton says:

    How do the people know about the chapter ALREADY?!?! Gawww…….I love Lia.Shes awsome 😉 she has my vote (Unless Kayla or Micki do something awsome to win heir,) for the nest heir poll.Oh gawd,how i’m gonna miss Fray.But know he has kids =) Aka,Mini Scotts and Frasers!

  8. Jonas Legacy says:

    Jackie! I’m so sad my chapter list is glitching i got the chapter out and it’s ready but it won’t let me put the link in the list halp it just redirects me away.

  9. Jonas Legacy says:

    Yea it won’t show any new posts on the box and when I hit update it says I have to leave the page and it brings me to all my posts I think I have to put them as Chapter**-URL

  10. Rainie92 says:

    The twins are awesome there basically like teens 🙂 loved it

  11. Nice parenting, Heather!! 😉 And haha about bratty little Brent! I love Lia and Kaylee’s hair colors. Beautiful! 🙂 Awesome as always Jackie! Please, if you have time, check out the new chapters I’ve posted. Thank you! 🙂

  12. Kawaii :3 says:

    Hey, isn’t Micki’s birth mum Scott in girl form? Haha nice cover up for the male pregnancy 🙂

  13. bunnypunk says:

    Oooo Heather’s drinking! >__> I know that’s going to end bad. Micki is such a little Scot! She’s adorable!

  14. Tawny says:

    Adorable Chapter! Im literally in love with Kay’s hair! Miki is the cutest toddler i have ever seen on the sims! I love Lia’s obsessive eco-friendliness. tsk-tsk Heather. Family Tree: Does the link work for you? Tell me what you think. You said that Miki was from Fraser’s and Scott’s DNA combined right?

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yup yup! 🙂 Aw thanks so much, and omg I seriously agree! Micki is just… omg… adorable! XD ❤ I love sims 3 toddlers ❤

      Awww thanks!!!! Oh and Fraser and Kyle are the parents of Lia and Kaylee 😉

      Yes the link works! thanks so much for doing this!! Wow, it looked hard to make!

  15. Carebear728 says:

    I love the twins and Micki is adorable!!!!

  16. Tawny says:

    Who’s pose player do you use? Link?

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