Chapter 4.12 – Painful Decisions

Fraser’s Point of View

“Good night, Micki. Daddy loves you very much.” Kissing my daughter, I placed her into her crib and waited for her reaction. Right on cue, she stretched out her arms to me and the tears started to fall.

“Dadee! Peese, no bed.” Her tears strolled down her cheek, and under her neck. I sighed to myself, and wiped them away.

“Micki, I’m sorry… but you have to learn to listen to daddy, and go to bed when he tells you. I’m leaving now, and your going to sleep. Night, night sweetie.”

I quickly scurried out of her room, closing the door tightly behind me. I could hear her wails, and it struck my heart every time. I didn’t like to hear my children cry, but she was just a stubborn child. I know she got that from me. Such a wonderful trait passed down from my mother…

After retreating to safety, I found myself with another problem.

“Brent, where in the world is your mother? It’s nearly 9:30.” He glared up at me, with anger filled eyes. This kid seriously never smiled. He was always so angry, and full of hatred towards everyone. Times like this make me wonder… Who in theΒ worldΒ is his father?!

“Well… That answers, squat.”

Brent looked at me puzzled, before shouting “Cop!”. I directed my head to face the window, and my eyes were met with flashing blue and red lights. Many things running through my mind, but no outcome coming from it. Leaving Brent to his seat, I went and peered out the front window. A cop slowly climbed out of the patrol car, and made his way up my path with a very staggered woman.

Catching site of the woman, I let out a loud groan. “Are you SERIOUS?”

Lia came running from her room, exclaiming loudly in my direction.”Daddy, what’s going on? Why is there a cop outside? Kaylee said that she saw Aunt Heather! What happened?!”

“Lia, go back to your room with your sisters! This doesn’t concern you.” I quickly panicked, shooing her back to her room.


“NOW!” I shouted, pointing strictly in the direction of her room. She quickly scuffled along, not even turning her head to look back. I didn’t want to scare her, but if this was anything bad, I didn’t want her to see it.

(Please ignore the ugly glitched car in the back round. It’s stuck there -_-)

Right as the first knock struck my door, I inched it open softly. “Ye-Yes, officer?”

I directed my attention onto my sister, and then let my gaze go back to his. What in god’s name did my sister do?! In all honesty I didn’t even want to know. All I can say, is that if a cop has to bring you home… that doesn’t say anything good.

“I’m sorry to bother you sir, but she claimed this was the address she resided at. Do you know this woman?” The police officer spoke clear and calmly. Almost too reassuring if you ask me.

I rolled my eyes at him, and rubbed the sides of my temples. “Yea. I know her. She’s my baby sister…”

“Well then, Mr. Terrey, is it?” I nodded my head “Your sister was going 87 in a 55 mph zone. Not only that, I would say she had one too many. Were you aware she was going out drinking?”

My eyes grew wide, and a lump formed in my throat. “I… I was not aware of that.”

“Mr. Terrey, I’m sorry… but I’m going to have to fine your sister. She will also have a court hearing, because this isn’t her first DUI. She’s lucky I didn’t hold her in custody, because she clearly refused to take the breath test. I figured since she lived with someone, they could keep a close watch on her.”

“I don’t need nobo-dy! I’m finnne!” She slurred in a drunken state, staggering past me into the house.

“Is there anything else officer?” I sighed, regretting the question already.

“No. That’s all. Just make sure she stays sober. Have a nice night, Mr. Terrey.” He tipped his hat, before walking back to his car. By now I was steaming! What was she thinking!? Drunk driving!? She’s a mother for crying out loud! A terrible mother, but one nonetheless…

My breathing was heavy, and my heart was racing. I was about to blow up! HOW COULD SHE?! I marched into the house, and headed straight for the living room. She was on the floor, knocked unconscious. Just perfect. Just what her nieces and son need to see! Heather and her drunk self passed out in the living room!

I swear I was inches from kicking her awake, and letting her hear it. But being mindful that my husband was asleep because he has been sick, and my daughters were scared out of their wits… I decided against it. I was the civil one here, screaming would be stooping down to her level.

I gathered all of my sanity, and headed upstairs to my bedroom. There was no way I was handling this tonight, and I guess the girls lost interest because they were all conked out in their beds.

Your alright, Fraser. Your sister just made a mistake… and- WHAT THE CRAP?!” My thoughts were cut short by the mess that was left in my bathroom! The floor was covered in god-knows-what, and the toilet was filled AND covered in vomit.

“What did I do to deserve this?! I just wanted to get some sleep, for gods sake!”

The next morning after the girls left for school, I told Heather everything that went down. Everything from the drunk driving, to the fact that she had a court hearing in two weeks. I swore to myself I was going to scream, and shout at her… but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Brent was turning 5, and it just didn’t feel right to ruin his birthday. What ever you may consider it…

“Happy birthday, my brave little boy.”

I’ll say.

Brent’s new trait is EVIL.

Scott’s Point of View

Time just seemed to pass by in a blur since that incident with Heather. She had her court hearing and the judge sentenced her to 6 months community service, and her license was revoked for the time being. I thought it was fairly reasonable, considering this was her 3rd DUI. You think that someone would learn the first time around?

With Heather being away all the time, it left Fraser and I to take care of Brent. He was a really disturbed child. Things he does and says really scare us sometimes. Especially the pleasure he takes in Micki’s screams. I just get so nervous when he’s around her.

“Brent, why didn’t you tell me she was crying?! I told you to come get me from upstairs, if you heard her.” Scooping Micki up, I snuggled her close and tried my best to calm her down. Her face was beat red, and tears were covering her face and Pj’s!

“Oh.” he smirked, deviously “Must have slipped my mind. I just thought she would settle down. Truly sorry… Uncle Scott.”

“I’m just going to finish up my homework. Hope Makenzie feels better… soon.”

Is it wrong to say a child, sends chills up my spine? I mean, he’s so dark… and mysterious. Everything he does revolves around harm and pain. Honestly, sometimes I believe that he causes Micki pain. I don’t want to say that about such a young child, but, I can just feel it…

Even when I thought it would die down, it only seemed to get worse. Makenzie’s screams continued on even more harshly, and really… he wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

“Eat your dinner, Brent. You don’t get to play outside with the girls, until you do.” I made sure I laid down the law with him. If his mother wasn’t around to do it, Fraser and I made sure we were.

“I’m not touching this. Your not my parent, and you can’t tell me what to do!” He shoved his bowl back, and stared at it in disgust.

“Well, if you don’t eat it… your just going to sit there.” I stated bluntly, my voice bold and fulfilling.

He screeched his chair loudly against the kitchen floor, and glared at me. “I SAID, I’m not eating it.”

“God da- Just eat your dinner!!”

CRASH! The soup splattered all over the kitchen floor, glass flying everywhere. Brent stared at me blankly before heading upstairs. Again shivers ran up my spine. The way he looked at me. His eyes. They were so… cold.

Lia’s Point of View

The garden was coming along so beautifully! I knew if I talked my daddy into it, he would help me build it. It took a lot of pleading and showing him the profits and benefits from eating organically, before he finally caved in. He always laughed at me when I talked so seriously about the earth. Sorry, I can’t help how I feel for our poor planet. I have to do something to make sure she stays healthy! Replenishing is a great way!

“Daddy, did you make sure your picking the tomatoes I marked? Please tell me you are…” I pleaded nervously. I just had to double check he was picking the ones I tagged in blue, the reds weren’t ready for picking yet.

“Lia, calm down sweetie. I made sure to pick the right ones, I know what I’m doing!” he laughed loudly, handing me the fruits to place in my basket.

“Goodie! Just checking!”

Then all of a sudden, in the middle of our harvesting, the sprinklers went off!! I know for a fact that I set them for 5:30, but for some reason they were going off at 4!


“LIA! What in the world?!” My daddy yelped, as he scurried to get out of the waters torture.

“I’m sorry, daddy! It wasn’t my fault!” I ran up to his side, completely bewildered myself. I didn’t understand? I’ve never made this mistake before, I- Brent… it just had to have been him! He’s always doing things to harm us. “It was probably Brent! I swear daddy, I double, NO, triple checked the sprinklers!”

“Hunny it’s fine! You don’t have to blame your cousin, if you made a mistake. I know he’s different, but it doesn’t mean that he’s out to get you…” he sighed, drying his face off with his shirt.

Yea… why don’t I believe that?

Weeks just passed by, and life continued on normally. I never had another “accident” with the sprinklers, and Brent just kept his distance. Kaylee and I felt it was best we stay away from him. He was just so… dark. Besides, I knew for a fact he hated our guts.

“Come on princess Kay, into the castle!”

“Princess Lia! Don’t look now… but the dragon is right behind us!!”

It wasn’t until this very afternoon, that he thought he would try to get over on us. I’m afraid he’s sadly mistaken.

“Dumb losers… move off of my horses. NOW!” he echoed boldly, as he stood there with this smug grin on his face.

We cast one another disgusted glances, and climbed off the horses. “HEY!” Kaylee boomed “You can’t talk that way about us! Besides, this is our house. Your just borrowing it, you jerk.”

I giggled pleasurably at Kaylee’s remarks. I wanted to say the same exact things!

“OH, is that so? And who says I wanted this stupid house?! Just get out of my sight, before you make me angry.” he glared sternly, his face cold and lifeless.

Kaylee scoffed and we giggled together. “Oh… and what happens when you get mad? Gonna scream for your mommy?”

“That was the wrong thing to say.” His nostrils flared, and his breaths were thick and heavy. He clenched his fist tightly together, and let out a loud screech.

I looked at Brent, then back at Kaylee. I honestly didn’t know what to do! If I got in the middle I could get hurt, but if I didn’t do anything Kaylee would!

She took a step back in fear, and before I had the chance to make any decision it was already too late.

“Brent… wait… I’m-“

BAM! He punched her square in the nose! The immediate impact caused her to bleed. My reaction was blank. Just me standing there with my jaw hung open, and pain filling my heart. I just couldn’t believe he actually hit her!

“You get what you deserve you little idiot.”

Kaylee’s eyes welled with tears, and she darted for the patio door. I watched as she struggled to keep the blood from falling, and the stains that were now trailed along the wood outside.

That’s IT! No one hurts my sister!


“Who do you think you ARE?! That’s my sister, you jerk! You can’t just go around hitting girls! That doesn’t show power, it shows weakness!” I steamed, my fist clenched in tight to my side.

“And? Do you really think I care?” he chuckled, grinning at me with that creepy smile.

“GOD! Your lucky I don’t believe in violence, you good for nothing prick!”

Fraser’s Point of View

I was in the mist of making dinner for the kids, when Kaylee busted through the patio door wailing her lungs out!! Immediately I stopped what I was doing, and ran to her side.

“KAYLEE!” I gasped loudly “What happened?!”

“It w-wasn’t my fault! Brent was calling us names, and I stood up for us and-and…” she cried hysterically,Β unveiling her injured nose to me. “HE PUNCHED ME!!”

“OH Kaylee!!” I cried out, reaching my arms around her. I can’t believe this!

Letting go of my grasp, I gently kissed the top of her forehead. “Sweetheart, are you alright? Do you want daddy to call Papa? I’m sure he will drop his meeting at the lab, and come straight home.”

“N-No. I don’t want to make Papa’s new lab people mad at him for not showing them the ropes. I just- I just want Brent to be punished! It’s just not fair! He does stuff to Micki and always gets away with it, no matter what I tell aunt Heather! This is the first time he actually hurt us, but I’m afraid daddy… I really am.”

Just then, Heather came down from upstairs with this exhausted expression plastered across her face.

“What the heck is going on down here?! I’m sure the neighbors can hear you…”

Seeing her really got my blood boiling. This is all her fault! She never corrects Brent, heck she is never home to correct him!! This has gone on long enough…

“Kaylee… go to your room. I need to talk to your aunt, alone.” She nodded her head at me, the quickly -and without looking- she scurried her way past Heather.

“Fraser? What’s this about?” she muttered, her eyes glued to Kaylee.

“Seriously?! You really have no idea what this is about?! Did you see Kaylee’s nose?” I shouted loudly, wasting no time in getting to my point.

“What does this have to do with ME!? I was upstairs sleeping for gods sake!” she retorted, her voice full of confusion.

“It’s because you let Brent do anything he wants! Your son punched Kaylee in the nose! What the heck is that Heather? What are you teaching him!? That it’s okay to hurt people? That it’s alright to disrespect authority, just because YOU did?

“I-I had no idea… what he’s been… doing?” she quickly responded.

“That’s a load of bull! Kaylee told me Brent’s been hurting Micki, and that she told YOU!”

“So what are you saying Fraser?! Since I had community service, and I wasn’t home for a small portion of his life, that he’s ruined?! That I’m a horrible mother, and deserve to lose Brent?! IS THAT IT!?” she spat at me!

“Oh, and it’s my fault for blaming you?! Let’s reverse this shall we? Heather, how did you end up in community service? HMM?! How was your license revoked? Because you were drinking and driving! Besides, that was MONTHS ago! Since then you just laze about, or come home all hours of the night! Your never there for him, and honestly… I don’t blame him one bit for lashing out!”

“So what are you saying Fraser?!” she snapped back, her eyes filled with hatred.

“I’m saying, that if you don’t shape up… I’m kicking you out. JUST YOU. He needs a stable parent in his life, and bouncing from Scott and me, to you… it’s messing him up! He’s 7 for gods sake! He doesn’t know his father, his mother is a drunk… what do you expect him to do?”

“But… I’m your sister! How could you do this to me?”

“It’s because your my sister I would do this to you. I love you Heather, and I’m just worried about you.” I sighed, lowering my eyes to the floor. “Please. Just… change the way your are. Stop drinking, and just- Love your son.”

“You know what?!” she shouted, her voice echoing off the walls “No. You can’t tell me what to do, or how to live my life. Your not my FATHER! I don’t have to take this from my own brother. I’m leaving. We both are!”

She quickly got dressed, and threw some clothes in a bag. She then retreated to the back yard, and literally grabbed Brent from the sandbox.

“Heather please! Your making a big mistake!” I yelled to her, as she passed by me on her way out.

She stopped in her tracks, and stared at me before saying, “No. Staying here was my mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking.” I chased her outside, and kept shouting to her to stay but she just wasn’t having any of it. Her mind was made up, and she wasn’t changing it.

“Mommy?!! Where are we going?! Why are we leaving? I don’t want to leave!”


“This is all my fault. I shouldn’t of yelled at her.” I sighed to Scott, hours after Heather had left.

“You mean, you shouldn’t have told her the truth? Fraser… what you did was the right thing to do. She needed to hear it, but how she took it was totally up to her. I just hope that Brent has a good life, and isn’t messed up by your sister. I’d hate to see anything happen to him.”

I closed my eyes softly, I know. I just… feel as if things could have happened differently.”

Scott rubbed the top of my head gently, and said “Fraser, everything happened for a reason. You don’t need to worry about it, just let her go. Focus on our daughters. They need you more than ever.”

“Your right, and I’m going to make sure that I never make the mistakes of my sister.”

He laughed slightly “Fraser… that will never happen anyways.”

Thanks for reading!! πŸ™‚ I hope everything made sense! Brent isn’t the best kid, but it’s basically his back round to blame. His mother is never there for him, and his father is MIA. He has two uncles who try to control his life, (for the better!) but deep inside he just wants his mom. Now him treating Micki wrongly, and hurting people… that’s just something very disturbing that he has, which has nothing to do with Heather or his father. Just thought I’d make that clear.




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37 Responses to Chapter 4.12 – Painful Decisions

  1. sariechiny says:

    o_o…Brent really scares me…but I feel sorry for him, in a way. I mean, no father, drunk mother, what’s worse than that? Other than having no parents…of course XP
    I’m sad to see Heather go, it was cool having her at the house for a while…I think Heather knows she’s a bad mother, she just doesn’t want to admit it d:
    The girls are still as cute as ever, but I hope we’ll get to see more of Micki in the future…(:

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Oh you will πŸ™‚ She’s just little right now. It’s always hard for me to portray a personality when there so small xD. Well Brent is scary!! Even though I still feel bad for him.

  2. jaec52609 says:

    heather is goin through her jake phase…nd oh god brent looks a little bit like rip…so i see no matter wat family member u pick rip is goin 2 be on both ends lol
    who is tht boys daddy….i NEED 2 know!!! lol

    i wouldve gave brent a good old fashion butt whoopin if i was fray…h may not be his kid but he takin care of him while heather is bein such a “wonderful mother” *i say tht VERY sarcastically*

    im glad heather is gone, maybe she’ll grow up knowin she has no one 2 watch after her son while shes drinkin….i jus hope nothin bad happens 2 them….i hope brent changes nd isnt the scarey evil little boy we seen

    but im sure heather will be back…she always is

    excellent chpt by the way…all are amazing i jus 4get 2 add how AMAZING they are

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Lol she’s going through a “I don’t give a crap about life” phase.,,, Yea I guess just like her uncle XD It’s the hair. I knew some people would say something about Rip XD

      Well, like you said, not his kid. They tried there best, without going too far. Heather needs to get a clue.

      It’s true. Maybe she will, considering she has no one else to depend on. She doesn’t like to face the truth.

      Awww thank you so much!<3

      • jaec52609 says:

        lol cant be the hair cuz look at fray lol…cale wat did u do 2 ur daughter? r.i.p cale D: im sure cale couldve fixed this if he was here…..i miss my cale :.(
        fray is the lucky one…he has good children…..
        his kid or not, i wouldve been furious if my baby girl walked in with a bloody nose like my kaykay did and i wouldve busted his butt real good since i would feel more like his parent than his aunt/uncle……nd im goodhearted jus like fray, but i wouldnt be able 2 sit back nd watch some kid beat on my children nd their so called parent not do a thing about it…why did heather become a mother if shes gunna be the way she is?
        have i seen brents daddy b4?? im dyin 2 kno who is the father of tht evil little spawn ppl call a kid

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Well it’s the hair for me XD It reminds me of Rip everytime I look at it. Cale was upset about India, but he never got the chance to really fix anything because he passed :/ Plus I think that just made it harder on her. Poor Girl :/

        Oh yea, Fraser’s children are very well behaved. But that’s because he treats them all the same. He doesn’t favor any of them. Plus Scott and Fraser have a very good stable relationship, which makes it easier for a child to have a good life.

        I want to show him, but… I don’t know how to put him in the story to make any sense XD He’s part of Heather’s storyline. Well Fraser didn’t watch Kaylee get hurt, he flipped out on Heather! That was the first time he actually laid his hands on the twins, and that’s when he put his foot down. The thing with Micki, he didn’t even know about. Kaylee saw it once and told Heather but she was probably drunk or didn’t care… :/

      • jaec52609 says:

        have tht spawns father show up on frays doorstep lookin 4 heather (with ALL the girls gone of course) nd have fray have him put away for life

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Well Fraser has no solid proof of anything Heather told him. He can’t just say “Here is my sisters ex-lover, who knocked her up and threatned her.” there going to look at him like hes nuts! XD I could do that though… but I have something else in mind right now πŸ˜‰ You’ll seeeeee….

  3. TheAngelKat says:

    OMG Brent looks like a mini Rip

  4. Jedidiah says:

    Too bad Heather took Brent with her. I agree with jaec… that boy is in need of some butt whoopin. Many times when kids are roaming free like that, yeah they hate it when other relatives give them rules to follow and discipline them when they mess up, BUT deep down they thrive under the guidance. Especially when the parent is mia.

    Fras is too good hearted…then again, he only has little girls to take care of. :p

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea it was a shame. But that right there says everything. It means, “I’m not going to do what you say and I don’t care what you tell me to do!!” It’s true, they lash out more when it’s another relative, but I guess if Brent would have stayed and Fraser and Scott were his parents… things could have turned out differently for him. Not at first, but still…

      Yea he’s such a softie!! He’s turned to mush since tiny girlies took over his life πŸ˜‰

  5. Emy says:

    I feel really sorry for Brent, poor kid. But er, what exactly has he been doing to Micki?? I tend to fear the worst when things are only implied, but… he’s only seven, so… I guess he’s just been making her cry? XD Jeez, Heather… way to admit you’re in the wrong… not. ><

    β€œMommy?!! Where are we going?! Why are we leaving? I don’t want to leave!” <<— That broke my heart. ;_;

    I love the girls so much! Kaylee and Lia are amazing, and little Micki is so cute. πŸ˜€ ❀

    Great chapter, as usual! ❀

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Thank you Emy!! πŸ™‚ Well I was throwing hints in there on purpose, you’ll see where I take it. Yes he’s only 7, but… he still gets pleased from pain :/ Not a good trait right there. Yea, she totally wouldn’t admit that. Heather is too proud, and hates to be accused of anything. We learned that when she was only a toddler πŸ˜‰

      I know 😦 Creepy as he is, he still was so confused.

  6. wolfmania98 says:

    Poor Brent. β€œMommy?!! Where are we going?! Why are we leaving? I don’t want to leave!” that line shows hes really only an insecure 7 year old who NEEDS his mum. Heather needs to GROW UP >:| I hope he hasn’t hurt Micki. AAAAAANNNNYYYYYYYYYYYWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Girls are both so sweet,,, I love Lia

  7. Awww, those poor kids and their dads, having to live with that junior creep-o Brent! But I pity him. I have conflicting emotions! πŸ˜‰ I hope Heather wakes up and realizes she needs to be a proper mother. I really liked this chapter, amazing job πŸ˜€

  8. Laura says:

    Wow, just read this legacy, and you are AN AMAZING writer! I couldn’t stop reading! And the girls are all so dang cute!!!

  9. Tawny says:

    Wonderful chapter. The girls are so cute!!<3 Brent scares me:/ Grrrrr to Heather!!

    I installed poseplayer but a bunch of sets arent working for me. Only 2 and from the same creator. Do you have any links to the poses you use?

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I use my sims 3 blog (type that in on google) and then I click on the section that say “Custom poses” A huge list comes up, and you can see all these awesome poses! πŸ™‚ You don’t even need the codes anymore if the person has it updated to fit the new list system. If they don’t then you do need the codes, and they usually are case sensitive!

  10. Tawny says:

    Do you mean pose database? I cant find the pose list on the site. I thought you had to download poses in the different sets from the creator just how you do with other custom content. You can just type the pose in without installing the set? I know you can do that with in game poses/actions, but custom poses too? Sorry to keep annoying you with stupid questions im just so confused.:/

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yea you have to download all the poses from the creators to make them work. I don’t use the pose database, cause it’s never updated. I use this:

      It’s always updating, from poses all over the place! πŸ™‚ I just went on right now and I was tempted to download some more, but I’m doing school work right now… lolz XD

      It’s fine! I don’t mind answering questions, if I have the knownlege to answer them ^_^

  11. nahshona says:

    Brent reminds of Macaulay Culkin’s character named Henry in the movie The Good Son. He was really creepy in that movie. And what made it extra creepy was that I was used to seeing him play Kevin in Home Alone. To go from Home Alone to a homicidal maniac *shudders* It was a good movie though.

    Heather shame on you! You need some serious help, poor Brent is suffering and leaving is definitely the worst mistake you can make!

    Fraser did the right thing by standing up to Heather. It is his house after all and Brent is causing harm to his family. That kid also needs serious help. He should be in therapy, but I doubt that’s going to happen now. I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of Brent and Heather.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Oh the kid from Home alone? Hmm… never saw that movie. Sounds good though! πŸ™‚

      Yea Shame on Heather is right. She isn’t setting a good example for her son, and he’s hurting bad because of it. Well, maybe not right now… but maybe in the near future you will see more of them. Right now, I have something else planned πŸ˜‰

  12. Peyton says:

    We have ourselves a Rip clone…. O.O
    Great,drama filled chapter.The kd is reallly messed up if he’s cussing and hitting people at 7.I acctully feel a little sorry for the dude.Cant wait for the next chapter :O

    • spongeb0berz says:

      πŸ˜€ The next chapter is a little laid back, but the chapter after… not so much πŸ˜‰ For some reason, no matter how I look at it, I think this Generation is going to be longer than 16 chapters. Maybe.

      Yup, it makes you wonder what’s going through his little head. 😦

      • Peyton says:

        Did i say Screw?I meant Rip! 😦 ‘been reading the “Crazy” legacy,(Im at Jami,and Screw was just born πŸ˜‰
        Oooo i love the drama,cant wait to get my computer screen on it!

      • spongeb0berz says:

        ;D You’ll see what I do, and ha ha you did say Screw, but I changed it to Rip because I knew that’s what you meant πŸ˜‰ I have magical powers to change comments like that!! “>:D”

      • Peyton says:

        Grr…i did say Rip.Please excuse my foolishness πŸ™‚

  13. gomar6 says:

    frickin RIP hair!!!!!
    Anyways, Brent needs to shaped up and Heather does too!! She makes me mad. >(

  14. Carebear728 says:

    Brent kinda terrifies me

  15. Liza says:

    Just a quick question, where did you get Fraser’s hair?

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