Chapter 4.14 – Unexpected Turns

Scott’s Point of View

Toddler days had come and gone for our youngest daughter. It was so strange to think that all of our kids would be in school now, but there it is.

I picked Micki up off the floor, and cuddled her close. I let out a small huff, and made my way over to her cake. Fraser lit the candle, with a grin spread on his face. The sudden burst of fire startled Makenzie. She quickly grabbed hold of my fingers and buried her face into my shoulder.

“Micki, it’s alright. Papa won’t let it hurt you.” She lifted her head up and grinned at me, but still being cautious of the small burning flame.

The twins whooped and hollered from the side line, only making her more nervous. I never really understood why she was so frightened by everything. Maybe it was just her personality?

“Happy Birthday Micki!!”


Micki’s new Trait is Loner.

“Alright kids, time for school!” I yelled to my daughters, days after Micki’s party.

“I don’t want to go to stupid school!” she growled in contempt, her eyes narrowing.

“Micki… you have to go to school. There is no way around it!!”

Micki’s Point of View

I stomped my foot and ran for my room. No way around it? I’ll make a way! Papa can’t make me go to school if I’m sleeping, now can he. I’ll just go back to bed, and pretend nothing ever happened. What good is school anyways?! It’s filled with people who will make fun of me for being different, or something. I’m NEVER going!

“Makenzie Elizabeth Terrey!” Papa shouted, but I just continued to ignore him. No point in trying to fight with him, he’ll win someway.

I didn’t even have a chance to pull the covers over my face, before he came charging in. So I quickly threw my head against the pillow, and shut my eyes really tight.

“Makenzie, your not fooling anyone. You were just awake 5 minutes ago. Now get out of bed!” he steamed, now tapping his foot in frustration.

I kept my eyes closed, and groaned. I didn’t want to go! Why couldn’t he just, like, let me have another day to be home. Daddy wasn’t feeling that great anyways, so he would be home!

“You know what? Forget it. But this isn’t going to happen all the time, Makenzie. Your going tomorrow, even if I have to drag YOU!”

He sighed loudly, and hurriedly walked out of the room. Today my sisters were getting dropped off because I made them late for the bus. I don’t care! School stinks!

Scott’s Point of View

The twins grabbed their bags, and hopped into the car. We were already almost late, and I didn’t know what else to do besides leave Micki and go. She always gives us such a hard time in the morning, and this is only been her first week!! I don’t know how in the world we’re getting her through 12 YEARS!

“Alright girls, be good and learn something new.”

They both shot me dirty looks, and rolled their eyes. It only made me chuckle, because I use to do the same thing to my mom. She always said the same thing everyday and now that I’m a parent, might as well pass down that annoying tradition.

“Oh papa? Don’t forget that Kaylee and me are going over Ro’s house! So don’t pick us up from school. She lives right over there.” Lia pointed across the way, smiling a grin at me. I nodded my head, and they hopped out of the car.

I waited in the car, and watched as my girls went into the school building. You can never be to sure around here. With Crimson on the loose, Fraser and I are at wits end. So far it’s been months since that cop came to us, so we pretty much eased up since then. In the beginning we wouldn’t even let them out of our sights for more than 5 minutes!

Before heading to work, I decided to stop by the house and make sure Fraser, and my bratty Micki were alright. Fraser was in the living room cleaning up, when I snuck up behind him and kissed his cheek.

“Do you want to catch this cold?” he laughed, shoving me away.

“Eh, I don’t care. Love has no boundaries.” I winked, grabbing him around the waist.

“First off… your late for work. Second, our 6 year old daughter is in the next room sleeping! Knock it off, you tease! Plus I’m sick… stop… touching me.” he sighed, shaking his head at me.

“Oh she can’t hear me. She’s mad at me for trying to take her to school again. I’m a terrible father aren’t I?”

“The worst. NOW GO!” he shouted, pointing towards the front door.

“Arg, fine. Meanie.”

Fraser’s Point of View

Sometimes that husband of mine. He doesn’t know when to take a hint. I love him to death, but he honestly doesn’t learn. I tell him every time I’m sick to stay away, but he seems to cling to me more. Such a big baby. Always looking for attention.

Since I was stuck at home with nothing to do, I busied myself with chores. I cleaned the dishes, straightened up the living room, and even managed to do some laundry. Even when I’m sick I have to be doing something. I get bored so easily…

“So, how was your week Mr. dish?” I really need to find friends that don’t work during the day…

After cleaning everything I possibly could, I went to check on Micki. She was offly quiet. I knew she was suppose to be sleeping, but I would have at least heard her snoring. That girl sounds like a grizzly bear! 

I tip-toed to her bedroom door, and quietly inched it open. When I could finally get a view of her room, I saw her on the ground playing with one of Brent’s old army tanks. Yeah, she’s sleeping alright!! Even though she was awake, I left her alone, because she WAS being quiet. If she knew, that I knew, she wasn’t sleeping… she would be blaring the TV and driving me nuts! She’s better off this way.

Later on in the evening, Scott had arrived home from work. It was nearly 3:30, when he plopped down on the sofa and started his “I’m home from work” channel surfing. He never stayed on something more than 10 minutes. Honestly, how do you even enjoy watching anything like that?!

“Scott? Did the girls call?”

He grabbed the remote and muted the show, “No, were they suppose to?”

“No, it’s just-“

He laughed, and shifted himself around “Relax, worry wart. There at Lears. Nothing is going to happen to them there.”

Maybe he’s right. What’s to worry about?

I tried not to worry, but my eyes kept retreating back to the ticking clock on the wall. Everything wrong that could possibly run through my mind did. It was closing in on 5:15, when my stomach started turning. Why hadn’t they called? Shouldn’t they be home by now?

Instead of bothering Scott again with my panicking outburst, I stepped outside and waited for Lear’s car to pull up. By now it was almost 6:00, and my fears were setting in deeper. This just wasn’t like them not to say anything, or at least be home by now! Lear’s had the girls over plenty of times, he knows they have to be in bed by a certain time. Where is he?!

With fear clogging my mind, I did what any normal parent would… I called Lear’s house. Normally I wouldn’t do this because I trust my girls to be safe, but I just had to make sure. Knowing there alright, will set my threat-meter on low again.

“555-… no… uhhh… 556? Oh my god what is it…”

After punching in different numbers, I finally came up with the right one. Just keep calm, Fraser… they’re alright. Your over-reacting!

My thoughts were surely interrupted with a mans voice from the other line. “Hello?”

“LEAR! Hey, um… how-how’s the twins? They alright? Did they have dinner? Is their homework done? Is-“

“Whoa slow down! What are you talking about? The twins aren’t here…”

“Wait, what?!” My heart dropped to my feet, and my palm grew sweaty.

“Dude, they never showed up here after school. Ro thought that maybe they had something else to do. Is everything okay?” he sighed, I could hear the worry in his tone.

The phone nearly slipping from my hand, I uttered out a “NO! It’s fine.” then hung up. WHERE ARE MY GIRLS?!

Panicking, I didn’t even say a word to Scott. I just rushed out the front door, bolting towards the car. Before I even had the chance to round the corner to the driver side, I came across a small piece of paper on the hood of the car, and a recorder on the floor.

Wh-what is that…

I couldn’t even breath when my eyes read the words on the tattered piece of paper. I didn’t want to believe it, nor did I try too. As I stood there in the cold of the night, I nearly passed out from the shock I was in. I thank god that Scott came outside to see what I was doing, and that’s when I gave him the note. We dragged ourselves inside – not knowing what to do – and sat on the floor the rest of the night crying, and staring at this piece of paper.

“Put $300,000 in the trash can at the west entrance to Grovehill park by 10 pm or the kiddies” Is what the note read. Later on when we dared to listen to the recording, it told us that we had 1 week from today to get it, or we would never see the girls again. It also said that if they even saw one cop, the deal was broken. The voice was recorded with a voice changer, so we had no idea who it was.

I slowly lifted myself onto the couch and cried “Where are we going to get that kind of money?! Even my own mother isn’t rich like that!”

“We… we could get a loan from the bank? Or, put the house up for sale?!” Scott sniffled, lifting his head from his jeans, which were stained with tears.

“In one week?! There is no way either one of those would go through that fast. Scott, I’m scared! I don’t know what to do!!”

“Fraser, just stay calm! We’ll think of something!”

How could I stay CALM!? My daughters were missing, and I had no idea if I was ever going to see them alive again!

Micki’s Point of View

Is it daytime or nighttime? I couldn’t tell, everything looked like a blur to me. I got out of my bed, and looked around my room for my older sisters. I don’t understand? Where are they? Why haven’t they come back yet!? Their beds are still unmade from days ago!

After a few minutes of worrying where my sisters were, I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. It sounded like the moaning of a half dead person, or a monster. What ever it was, it really made me scared!

“Is anyone there? Papa, daddy?! ANYONE!?” I screamed, fear closing in around me. I felt so alone, like there was no one who could save me.

The groans grew louder, and turned into more of a cackling. My knees grew weak from under me, and a few times I felt like I was going to pass out! Why wasn’t anyone around!?

Instead of trying to see who was after me, I bolted out my bedroom door and ran for the front one. Every step I took felt longer than the last. It was like I was running and running, but never crossing the exit!!

Your mine!!

The booming voice of the creature woke me from my sleep in a panic. I hated this! I hated everything about it! No matter what, every time I went to sleep something was always trying to get me, or take me away! Why won’t the nightmares EVER stop!?

I quickly threw the covers off me. My entire body trembling, sweat pouring from my head.

“NO! NO! NO!” I shouted, jumping out of my bed “No one is going to hurt me! No one is going to hurt them!”

I threw open my bedroom door, and darted out of it. It felt so unsafe, and insecure. I just didn’t know what else to do but leave it. I ran around the house searching frantically for my Papa or daddy. I just had to be in their arms. I needed to know that who ever took my sisters wasn’t going to get me too!

My papa slowly came in from outside, and sighed as he kicked off his shoes. When I saw him my entire face lit up and I ran into his arms! “PA PA! OH PA PA! I’m so glad your here!”

He frowned weakly, and held me tight “I never left, sweet heart. I was just taking in some fresh air. I will never leave you. Daddy and me both are not going anywhere.”

I let go of my grasp, and wiped my tears from my eyes. My Pa pa lowered his head, and let out a low sigh. It had only been two days since my sisters were taken, and they still don’t know what to do. Even though I’m only little, I still feel really scared for them. I just want them to come home. It’s so sad, because today was their birthday… and we don’t even know where they are.

Lia’s new trait is Loves the outdoors.

Kaylee’s new trait is Dramatic.

Kaylee’s Point of View

I didn’t even know how long we were down there, it just felt like forever. I don’t even remember very much about how he took us, but he did. We just came out of the school building, and were on our way over to Ro’s house. When all of a sudden a cloth went over our mouths and we woke up here.

“Lia… do you forgive me for getting mad at you?” I sniffled, cradling her leg.

“Forgive you? I was trying to find a way for you to forgive me. I’m sorry I won Kaylee…” she sighed, rubbing the top of my forehead.

“I don’t even care anymore, Lee. You can have it. You won, you deserve it.”

“Kaylee… I’m never going to use it. Just take my spot, I’ll explain everything to Mr.Klesto.”

I lifted my head, and tears streamed down my face. “How do you know we will even get out of here?! Look at this place! We’re trapped in a cellar!”

Before Lia had a chance to respond, the man with the flamed hair came into the room. “Get off the freaking floor! NOW! Didn’t I tell you two, to stay on the beds?! AND NO TALKING!”

We quickly scurried to our feet, and just stared a the man.

“You need to listen, if you don’t want to wind up dead!” he raged, pointing at us both directly.

“Why are we even here?!” Lia shouted, and I elbowed her back.

Lia… Don’t…”

“What was that? Did I just hear you disobey me… AGAIN?!” his nostrils flared, and his eyes filled with anger. I was so scared to even speak. I tried to get her to stop, I honestly did!

“I SAID! Why are we here?! What do you want from us!?” she dared to retaliate, and my stomach dropped.

He ran over to her, and grabbed her by the throat. His grasp was so tight, that her knees buckled causing her to fall over. For a split second I thought that would stop him, but he only knelt down and grabbed her again. He twisted her arm, causing her to wince in pain!

“This is what you get for back talking!” he growled loudly, taking her by the shirt and punching her!

“STOP!” I screamed “YOUR HURTING HER!”

He quickly dropped Lia, and pulled a gun from his pocket. “Don’t even tempt me.”

My whole body froze in fear. I felt at that very moment that I was going to die. I could see everything flash before me at once.

Still standing there, he lowered his gun and chuckled loudly. “Awww, what? Nothing else on your mind, sweetie?”

I shook my head no rather quickly, and he narrowed his eyes. “GOOD! Now, don’t try anything funny, I’ll be back later. Oh, and while your still standing there… make sure to clean up this mess.”

When I knew he was completely out of sight, and ear range… I raced to my sisters side, and held her close. Her pulse was rather slow, but she was still alive. Her left arm might have been broken, and her nose was strained.

“Lia… oh my god!” I cried, as I sat there with her unconscious body in my arms. “I promise Lia. I promise we will find a way to escape.”

“I’ll do anything to make sure your safe.”

Thanks for reading! Oh no, Crimson took the girls! Fraser and Scott don’t know what to do. They have no idea how to get the money, and the time is running out. They can’t go to the police, because Crimson is crazy enough to kill them.

Bonus Picture:

Lol, Callierose really has a thing for Sebie, and I found it so funny that she wound up with him!!! XD Maybe there will be babies in the future? What do you think Callie? 😉 Oh, and that crossed out name is when Sebie randomly married some Old lady… then she died. I found it really funny! XD


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49 Responses to Chapter 4.14 – Unexpected Turns

  1. Laura says:

    OMG. I can’t believe that Crimson took the girls! And Lia is his own daughter….Can’t wait to find out what will happen next!!!!

  2. gomar6 says:

    Ah!!! Lia. 😥
    I guess Micki got lucky. 🙂
    I hope they find the girls soon, I won’t be able to stand them hurt Lia again.

    Off topic, but where did you get your tears? I’ve been looking for them like crazy!

  3. Mira says:

    Noo, that is so sad! Poor girls, and especially Lia D:

  4. lionessfeather says:

    Nooo! Poor girls!

    By the way, where is Micki’s hair from?

  5. Jedidiah says:

    I got it semi right… Crimson took both of the girls… I was sure one of them at least. Crazy dude. But Scott and Fras know it’s Crimson right? Scott showed Fras the photo from last post? So they must have an inkling who is responsible. Sure they were told not to involve the cops…but I still think they need to be informed….

    Big LOL on Callie Simself and Sebie! I see my boys are quite popular. XD

    Sorry for the lack of updates on my part…I’m trying to get into grad school for another degree (because I’m so not a 9-5 person, and job wise there’s nothing going on, and because I’m such a nerd!), so I’m busy running from office to office, and praying I get student loans. o_O But am working on it.

    • spongeb0berz says:

      It’s fine! Real life comes before Sim life! XD I hope you get the loans 🙂 ❤

      Omg, it made me crack up. Twice this happened?! Lear with me and Callie with Sebie. I don't even… XD

      It's true you did get it right :/ Even though it's not the greatest thing to happen! D: Yes Fraser saw it, and I'm pretty sure they know. There just trying to figure out how to go about doing it. He's a sick man, and he's honestly not even trying to care anymore. They want to alert them, but what if he hurts them because of it? 😦

      • Jedidiah says:

        Well what if Crim still hurts them even if they don’t call the cops?

        Oh Crim…how far you have fallen!

        Oh, yeah, my mouth is all dry…I just send in the rest of my paperwork for univ with 5 minutes before deadline! Man, I was so praying that my computer and/or the internet connection wouldn’t pass out! And then some files for upload were too big, great so I had to split pdf files…what fun. Anyway, here’s hoping…
        *runs off to down half a gallon of water* gulp gulp

      • spongeb0berz says:

        It’s true. He could still hurt them even if…

        Geeze! I would be scared outta my mind! I would be staring at the internet box like “Don’t you even DARE disconnect on me.” I really hope you get it! D: After all that hard work!

  6. wolfmania98 says:

    aw the girls :(…….. CRIMSON!! 😡 YOU ARE SO MEAN!!! When they were captured, I knew it was Crimson. I think…. Kaylee is the more conventinal beauty, but I prefer Lia. She complety has my heart.. And Micki… I JUST LOVE HER EMONESS!

    GRR,this will be a hard vote………

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Yay you see that Micki is Emo 😀 I was hoping someone would!! Of course Crimson did it D: Poor girls! Yea I agree Kaylee is so pretty. So many times I just want to put Make-up on Lia… but in my story she hates make up. (Reminds me of myself xD) So she stays clear 😉

      I agree. It will be hard, but I’m actually fine with any of them this time around 🙂 Last time I wanted Fraser (Oh yea, 😀 I actually got someone I wanted) this time, I honestly don’t care! XD I love all 3 of them.

  7. jaec52609 says:

    omg no….i cant believe crimson took the girls…ur right kay kay is breath taking…i hope lia is ok….i rlly hope fray nd scott think of somethin nd FAST… poor little micki

    • spongeb0berz says:

      I know! Time is really running thin! I told you!! 🙂 I just love how they turned out 😀

      • jaec52609 says:

        the terreys have VERY good genes…if i was fray i wouldve known it was crimson the moment i read tht note…..i would be out lookin 4 my babies nd have a P.I. helpin (secretly of course)…..if crimson lays a hand on lia again or kay kay imma jump in tht game of urs nd kick his butt lol… jus hopin not gunna do 2 them wat tht guy did 2 Jaycee Lee Dugard 😦

        oh yeah srry i 4got 2 add the link 2 cass….i have been very 4getful lately (they say it happens wit prego woman :/)
        nd u can fix him up however u want…..he was a cutie growin up so i had 2 keep him around lol

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Thanks, I’ll definatly figure out a way to use him in my story somehow 😉 Aw thanks! I try to make sure there not bland looking or too normal, but then again i want them to be pretty or handsome. 🙂 Yea well they only have 5 days left. So what ever their going to do, has to happen FAST. I don’t blame you! Crimson is a lunatic! I didn’t even know who that girl was so I looked her up. My god… that’s a shame! D:

        He def. is a cute sim! 😀

      • jaec52609 says:

        hope u dnt leave us hangin b4 u leave……tht will be VERY agonizing for me lol…..

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Nah I won’t do that to you guys 😉 ❤ I already got the pictures for the next chapter. Just finding the time to write it is all.

  8. Rainie92 says:

    New posts up yay finally (that’s me not you:-)) I really liked this chapter made me a bit paranoid 🙂 . Have fun on your holls

  9. I’m so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :0 I hope the girls make it out okay….
    Excellent chapter!!!

  10. sariechiny says:

    DD: Oh no! I had a feeling that the girls were going to be taken by Crimson…
    Woww, I never knew Crimson could be so violent o.o I mean, I knew he was messed up and all, but hurting girls and pointing a gun at them? That’s going too far. I know Fraser and Scott will figure something out, or Kaylee and Lia will figure out how to get out. After all, aren’t they supposed to be super smart or something?(:
    Aww…I feel bad for Micki. I knew Brent was going to affect her, somehow. Those nightmares can be really creepy
    But on the bright side, Kaylee and Lia are both so pretty! ❤

  11. SimLover0510 says:

    Nooo!Darn that good looking but deceitful Crimson!

    The girls turned out so beautiful! The traits they rolled were so in tune with the rest of their personalities! Loved the update,but with you it’s a given 😉 I just lave Kaylee! She is my favorite out and out! This is the first gen when I have a definite favorite!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Aw cool, I’m glad you have a favorite. And that your favorite is Kaylee! Everyone seems to go for Lia, and then Micki. I’m like almost certain this generation is NOT ending in one or two more chapters. I’m thinking around 3 more. I really need to get the second part out of this chapter, and I need to show Micki’s personality more. Even though you guys can already see two things that are strong in her. One. She has more of a darker, Emo way about her. Two. Why does she have reoccurring nightmares?

      I know! I just… it’s so hard to look at Crimson being evil. Every time I look at him, I think of that sweet little boy Callie made him out to be ❤ And the protective type as well:D

  12. nahshona says:

    Clifhanger nooooo! Crimson is such a disappointment. I can’t believe the lengths he has gone to and for what? I’m sure you’ll tell us soon enough. 😉 When this is over I hope the cops put him under the jail and throw away the key!
    And poor Micki! Nightmares are terrifying, especially when you wake up and think you’re alone 😦
    As usual all of the girls are absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait for more!

    • spongeb0berz says:

      Ha ha, I was going to continue it… but it just seem more of a two part chapter. So it will continue on into the next one. Oh you’ll see what he wants them for. It’s probably not very surprising, since he almost completely lost his mind. OH boy. If those cops actually get him, I bet he’s going into solitary confinement!! Yea it is a scary feeling D: ❤

  13. Tawny says:

    Such a dramatic chapter! Poor Kay and Lia 😦 all alone with Crimson….poor Micki all alone and grumpy. Hope the next cahpter is more upbeat! Fraser and Scott still the cutest couple ever!!<3

  14. Carebear728 says:

    OMG Crimson has to be stopped!!!

  15. I read this again hoping it was a new chapter. D:

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    Agggh,! I hope nothing happens to the girls! So little time to get the money though, I don’t know how they’ll pull through! The suspense is driving me nuts! ha ha. I can’t even imagine being in the shoes of Fraser and Scott. It must be horrible.

    ps. I know it’s been a while since I last updated, but there’s a chapter up on my blog now. Can you please read and comment on it? Thanks.! 😀

  17. My heir poll is out now! 🙂

  18. callierose says:

    Callie + Sebie = hell to the freakin’ yeah xD

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    OMG!! Crimson took the girls!!! D: D: D:

    Micki’s really really pretty, by the way. Wow. *scurries off to read the next chapter*

  20. NUUUUUUU! Oh my gosh I freaking hate Crimson. I felt the excessive need to comment on this chapter because it’s got me all conflicted inside! Well, the past couple chapters actually! I really hope they manage to escape. My guess is that the girls were the closest thing to a success that Crimson ever had…either that or he’s using them to get the money he needs to continue his ‘research’.

    I have to say that so far my favorite is Micki. Mainly because she reminds me of Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m doing my best not to peek at the chapters page. I want the heiress to be a surprise!

    • Jax says:

      Yeah, he was a real crazy person, wasn’t he? Oh but they were smart enough to escape 😉 Good for them, eh? She was a favorite of a lot of people ^_^ And oh my gosh! You do that too??? I mean the part at not peaking ahead?? That’s so funny because I’m the same way. I hate seeing who the heir or heiress is when I’m not caught up. Ruins the surprise for me as well.

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