Chapter 4.15 – Captured!

Kaylee’s Point of View

SCREW THIS! I can’t take it anymore. Days feel like weeks, weeks feel like months! I don’t even know how long I’ve been down here, or if it’s night or day. Lia still hasn’t woken up, and I’m scared out of my mind! What if she dies? What if I could have stopped it, and then it became all my fault?! No. I can’t think like that.

You know what? Where is crying getting me? I haven’t tried to do anything, because I’ve been so afraid that it will kill us. I did what ever I could to protect my sister when he was lurking down here, or above us. In my time of being trapped I’ve learned that we’re being held up for ransom, and that the money is to be placed at some park in a trash can. There’s only one major park I know of in Ocean Breeze, and that’s Grovehill. I don’t know if he realizes, but that lunatic talks to himself A LOT. I can always hear him upstairs going on and on about it… scares the crap out of me.

“Lia… I’m gonna get us out of here.” I whispered loudly.

In all honesty I didn’t even care if he heard me walking around at this point. I was so freaking tired of being trapped down here, it was causing me to go nuts! So I did what anyone in this situation would do. I waited for him to leave, and tried my luck at an escape route. In the beginning, I never even DARED to go up the steps. But honestly, what do I have to lose?

Climbing the steps took more courage than I ever thought I had. The wood kept creaking from under me, and the more I walked up them, the longer it seemed to take. When I did eventually reach the top, beads of sweat were formed across my forehead. I quickly wiped them away, and took in a deep breath. Finishing up with that, I tried my luck with the door. Shoving at it, pushing as hard as I could- which wasn’t a lot.

“Come on, come on, come on… Open UP!”

I guess something in me snapped, because after a few failed attempts… I started kicking and pounding like my life depended on it – which it actually DID!

“Son of- OPEN UP! PLEASE…. please….”

The wind completely knocked out of me, I stopped my insane banging and slid down the face of the door. I just wanted to give up at this point. I didn’t see the need to try anymore. My sister’s arm was broken, and she has been knocked out for days. I’m starving, and that lunatic could shoot us at any moment. Crying was my only solution. It’s really the only thing I could do to comfort myself.

Moping to myself at the top of the steps, I suddenly heard a noise. Being the frantic one, I thought it was the crazy man coming back. OH GOD! I didn’t know what to do! If I stayed there he would catch me for sure, and if I moved he would hear me walking around! I was definitely stuck in a rock and a hard place. The noise turned into a voice. Small and cracking. Wait a minute, that’s MY SISTER!

“Kaylee… where are you? OW! My arm… my arm hurts so bad!”

I sprung to my feet, almost tumbling down the old wooden steps. Rushing to Lia’s side, I started blubbing over how she was awake, and I thought that she was going to die.

“I never even thought I would see you like this a-again. How-how’s your arm? Are you alright?”

She rested her hand on my shoulder, and smiled “I’m fine. Just a little hungry.”

“Now, I just want to know one thing.”

“Name it!”

“Where is the crazy man?”

Sighing I strugged my shoulders. I had no idea where that lunatic went! He always comes and goes as he pleases. “Dunno. He left awhile ago.”

Throwing her head down, she grabbed at her broken arm and let out a yelp. She threw her head back up in pain, her glasses nearly flying off! “Lia! Be careful your arm is still broke- Wait a minute! Give me your glasses!”

She blinked. “My… glasses?”

I nodded my head rapidly. “YEA! I have an idea!”

Reluctantly she took them off, and placed them in my hand. “You better have a good reason for this Kay, cause if crazy man comes back, and decides to kill us… I won’t be able to SEE.”

“Trust me. I know what I’m doing.”

Fraser’s Point of View

“DADDY! PAPA! They did it again! They took my backpack and through it in front of the bus! All my books are squished! And they took my writing journal and flushed it in the toilet!”

My daughter just knows how to bother us at the wrong time. Ever since her sisters were taken she’s been nothing but trouble. For me anyways. Scott is her favorite. He always has been. But that’s not important right now. What’s really important is getting our daughters back.

“Let’s go over it again. – You place the money, I wait in the garden, and then when he gets there, officer Brandon pulls an M9 on him.”

“Don’t you think that we should call a force? Maybe get backup?”

“No Scott. It has to be Subtle. The police can’t know about this! They charge in, Crimson takes off… and that’s when he kills our daughters. I can’t take any risk. Brandon is helping us. You know he would do anything for us, after you saved him from that terrible deal he was about to make with that product company.”


“Not now MICKI!” Screeching at my daughter, who angrily turned her head away from us. WHY now?!

“Fraser, I just…- I’m so scared Fray. What if it’s Crimson? That man’s capable of anything.”

I lowered my eyes to the floor, stomach turning with fear “We just have to try, Scott. Especially if it’s him.”

I wasn’t going to let Scott know, but I was frightened for my life… and theirs. What if he’s right? What if it is that scum of the earth Crimson!? We hadn’t heard from anyone about him for months, then all of a sudden out of the blue… our girls are captured. It just didn’t add up in my head. I really didn’t think about the possibility of it being him until now! Maybe I should bring in back up?! No. I can’t. It’s just not safe. This is to delicate. He has to think there is no one.

“I put the rest of the money in the bag. All we have left is the clothes on our back, because once that loan hits us… we’re done for.”

“Scott, money or material items don’t matter to me. Just our daughters safety.”

He nodded his head. “Your right. Now let’s go. It’s nearly 10.”

“Be good for Jackie and Lear. We’ll be home before you know it.”

“Don’t leave me PAPA! Please?! I’m sorry I was bothering you…” Makenzie cried, her grip so tight onto Scott’s back. God, I felt so bad for her! And I felt like an jerk for yelling at her. I’m just under so much pressure right now. I didn’t mean to get angry with her.

Scott’s Point of View

We only barely made it to the park. Micki was kicking and screaming, telling us she didn’t want us to die like Lia and Kaylee. I didn’t know what to do for her! I kept telling her that her sisters weren’t dead, and that Daddy and I were going to get them back, but she wasn’t hearing any of it. That girl sure is determined. Reminds me so much of myself.

Arriving at the park, only 3 minutes to 10. I ran the bag over to the trash can, and then hurried back to the garden. This was it. There was no turning back. We only had one shot at this.

Fraser’s Point of View

You can do this Fraser. You just have to face the music. The man who took your children, is coming here. We just have to play this out right. Once we see he’s close enough to the money, I’ll give the sign and Brandon will hold him at gun point. We’re going to get this guy, and he’s going to tell us where our babies are.

Do you see him yet, Fray?”

God this guy was chatty! Four times in less than 2 minutes he’s asked me that! “Shush!”

Wait. Oh wait just one second. I think I heard something. It was coming from behind that tree! It sounded like heavy footsteps, and low muttering. What if it’s him!?

“Wait. I think I hear something.”

CRAP! Scott was right! It is Crimson! God, I should have seen it. Why was I so stupid?! I guess everything still didn’t seem real to me. Everyday went by in a blur. But now I really wished I would have thought of a better plan. God, I should have just listened to Scott! There’s no way Brandon can take on him alone… can he?

I waved my hand, and Brandon stood to his feet. This was it…

Brandon charged from behind the bushes and shouted, “Crimson! Put your hands where I can see them. Your under arrest!”

He chuckled, glancing over his shoulder “Oh. Oh this is cute. Yah know? It’s funny, because I thought I said no cops.”

“I said put your hands up!”

Faster than a blink, he reached for his pocket and pulled out a gun. “Yah know? I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Now your going to put your gun down, and I’m going to leave with this money.”

“Now you listen to me-“

BAM!  A gun shot was fired, landing right into Brandon’s neck! Oh god. This wasn’t suppose to happen! NO! NO! NO! This can’t be happening. I went about this all wrong! What have I done?! Brandon’s dead, and now Crimson is going to get my daughters!

I tried to run out there, and do something but Scott pulled at my shirt. Begging, PLEADING me to stay still. He was right. What could I do? I was unarmed.

“Scott… I- I’m so sorry. This is all my fault!”

“Fraser! I know your out there. If you even try to stop me your a dead man! You hear me!? DEAD MAN! Oh, and you can forget about your daughters…” He chuckled loudly, snatching the money up quickly, before bolting down the street. I watched as he ran further and further, knowing there was nothing I could do.

Then it happened all too suddenly. Crimson stopped head on dropping the brief case in front of him, and just stared like a deer in head lights. From our position, I really couldn’t make out what was going on. So, I grabbed Scott by the hand and pulled him to follow. We crept low, and got closer to see what had happened. I saw it with my eyes, but I honestly didn’t believe it…

He was completely surrounded in every direction. Cop cars were parked everywhere, and Swats were pinned at every corner. I was completely baffled! How did this happen!? When did the police find out?! Everything was so confusing to me.

“Frascati, your a hard man to track down.” The woman with the pony tail stated loudly.

She kicked the money to the side, and snatched the gun from his hands. He didn’t even utter a single word. He knew he was caught. He knew that if he tried anything he was a dead man. In all honesty I always wondered why the ransom was so low, and now I understand. Crimson just gave up. All along I thought it had something to do with my daughters, or about his experiment, but honestly I just think he wanted to flee the country. And a ransom was the easiest way going about it.

“Your going away for a LONG time Frascati. How does solitary confinement sound?” she questioned, cuffing his arms behind his back.

It was eating me up inside to know how everything went about. Heck, swat just don’t show up at some random park in the middle of the night! Someone had to have tipped them off! When I had the chance I pulled the officer to the side, and asked her how they knew Crimson was here.

“Well… we were tipped off by your daughters. They said they knew where Crimson was, and that they should call in a lot of back up. In all truths sir, they planned out the entire attack. Smart kids you got there. Really smart.”

Wait. Did she just say my DAUGHTERS?!

Scott gasped. “Say what now!?”

“That doesn’t make any sense. Crimson kidnapped them!” I stated loudly, ears perked with anticipation.

“Well apparently they found some way to escape… because there right over there.” she pointed across the way, towards the swing sets. My mouth dropped. I – I just couldn’t believe it!

“Hi Daddy!” Kaylee shouted, wrapping her arms around Lia’s neck.

“Watch my arm, Kay!!”

Like lightning, we bolted across the park towards them. I didn’t even stop to take in everything, I just threw my arms around Kaylee and kept kissing her over and over. Scott wanted to do the same to Lia, but she held up her arm in defense.

“Papa no! He broke my arm.”

“Oh Lia. Are you alright?!” he wailed, his eyes frowning.

“Yea we’ll be alright.” she smiled.

I turned to face her. “Now tell me… how in the world did you get out of there?! And Lia where are your glasses?”

Kaylee chuckled. “Well you see. I noticed that Lia’s glasses had metal frames. So I took off the plastic parts on the ends and bent them straight. I used it to pick the lock on the door!”

My jaw dropped. “Seriously?!”

“Yea, and she basically had to guide me everywhere from there. I never noticed how much I can’t see! It’s ridiculous.”

I didn’t even care about the stupid glasses – even though that was really impressive! The only thing that mattered right now, was that my babies were safe and we would never have to worry about Crimson ever again.

Bonus Stuffs:

Here is Jack and Ro grown up. 🙂

Oh, and get this. I found these two on the bed together when I switched households. One sim day later (at the same time the night before) it tells me that Jackie and Lear are expecting again! Just… wow. I found it funny cause I caught them after the act! XD

Oh yea, and Sebie got Callie pregnant…

Then they had a baby boy, whom I named Tiger. (lol I couldn’t help it. It was too cute.)

Thanks for reading! Yes, Fraser didn’t handle the situation well, nor did Scott… even though his suggestion would have helped them better. Crimson was unexpected by the second group of cops, that he was blown completely off guard. He was caught and there was nothing he could do. Kaylee is a smart cookie isn’t she? 😉 Picking the lock to escape. Clever girl. Plus alerting the cops of Crimson’s whereabouts!


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        Well that’s why I thought you did it! 🙂 It matches his childish personaility that I love so much. 😀 Yay! I love his hair! Honestly it doesn’t matter what you do to him, he’s still awesome B)

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