And The Winner is….

Well it’s obvious you all know who won. I killed you guys with waiting, but I couldn’t hide the results no matter how hard I tried. Your new heiress is:

Surprised? Of course you aren’t! ;P

Mick is our winner!! ❤

Thanks for the 104 votes!!!



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209 Responses to And The Winner is….

  1. Even though she wasn’t who I voted for, I’m still happy. I know your gonna give her a good story line. I’m excited

    Ps. 1st comment?


    • Spongey says:

      ;D You should be! ^_^

      • Sooo proud…
        I supported little Micki. ^-^
        I love Kaylee and Lia, but… Micki would be more… Interesting.

      • Spongey says:

        You got that right, I have a very… interesting story for little Mick… even if it may get a little sad at times ><

      • Ah, I need sadness.
        My life is surprisingly sunshine and roses and I’m hating it!

      • Spongey says:

        My life is pretty swell itself ^_^ Nothing like I put my sims through xD

      • I think life is going well for everyone at this moment, actually the only sad thing in my life right now is Steve Job’s death.
        Sims have such awful lives… Am I the only one who doesn’t give my sims pain?
        (Aside from my starvation chamber… Mwhaha…)

      • Spongey says:

        I don’t know about everyone’s life but I’m happy. 🙂 Yea tis said that he died :/ Lol I don’t torture them or nothing xP I’m gentle and kind to them XD

      • Oh admit it, you have to torture them every once and awhile. 😛
        I tortured Choke while she was pregnant. >:-D

      • Spongey says:

        HA xD See?! You can’t NOT do it XD

      • She was secretly down to 1 minute of living while she was pregnant…
        So yeah… I can’t not do it! It’s loads of fun!

      • Spongey says:

        XD I know, it’s just too tempting xP

      • Oh and by the way, Stiles died in my game.
        While my sister’s simself was repairing the gumball machine, he died. O_o
        But it’s my fault he died, I wondered what Trigger Age Transition meant, and I clicked on him like, 20 times, then he died. -.-

      • Spongey says:

        XD It means to age them to the next life stage xP That’s so funny that he died XD Poor Stiles.

      • I never meant to kill poor Stiles! D:
        I’ve started Day Seven… I’m writing it now, and I just have a new tab open.
        Wow, I’m AMAZING!
        Next stage of life… Why didn’t I know that before? D:

      • Spongey says:

        XD It’s still funny. By accident makes it even funnier xP Well I’d love to comment more on this topic but I really should write the next Terrey chapter 🙂 *heads over to my lonely blog*

      • I’ve been the only one giving your lonely blog love today.
        Can’t wait for the new chapter! 😀

      • Spongey says:

        🙂 Thanks for the loving ❤ Glad you liked the new chapter ^_^

      • Ah, well the blog needed some loving, and was probably glad when you gave it more love. XD

      • Spongey says:

        Yea ❤ I hate not loving it. XD I have another chapter lined up, and will probably post it in one-two days 🙂 ❤ Extra LOVE!

      • Yay! Extra love!
        I bet it’ll feel loved enough to let you start the first chapter of Micki’s generation! 😀

      • Spongey says:

        Lol that really made me laugh xD Yes I will start getting pictures for the new Rained chapter 😉 Not to worry! Since Terrey’s are updated and loved once again, it’s Rained’ turn.

      • Yay! I’m glad Rained is going to be updated, now I have something to do! 😀

      • Spongey says:

        Ha ha yea, I think it would be best to start Micki on her path into the unknown 😉 I’m actually kind of excited 😀 I just not looking forward to building sets The party is one of them Ha ha xD So much work to do! .-.

      • Ah, yeah, making sets is hard to do, and now I’ve decided:
        “If I start a dramatic legacy, I’m not building sets. NEVAR!”

      • Spongey says:

        Aw but sets are so worth the time! They make everything seem so much cooler. If I had Micki just have a lame house party, where is the fun in that? Nooo, she’s going to go to an epic party that I build 😀 ❤ I already have the chapter planned out in my head.

      • I know it’s worth it, but I just don’t have the time.
        It took me five hours to build a sim’s house, which means to build an epic hospital for sims, it’d take over a day. AND you know that hospital set on modthesims? Well… I have no hope in downloading it because it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to install .package files.

      • Spongey says:

        😦 I wish you could download it, because it really is a good CC set.It made my scenes come out so more realistic. Yea, it takes awhile, but it’s great for photos. I never spent 5 hours on one before @_@ I would probably die by then XD Then again, I don’t build houses either ;P I use pre-mades and then delete everything in them, and reorganize the whole house. THAT takes at least 3 hours. *dies* I hate doing it, but I can’t stand looking at the same thing FOREVER.

      • I wish I could too. 😦
        I’m never building houses again, and if I reorganize Choke and Screw’s house, they’ll be… *pfft pfft* SCREWED!
        Screw: Hey! D:
        How the hell did you get here Screw? GET BACK IN THE GAME! >:O

      • Spongey says:

        XD LOL! Yea Screw! Your not allowed out in the real world! ;P

        Ugh, but even redecorating is so HARD. EA YOU SUCK AT COLOR CORDNATING! ._. It’s like they didn’t even try. Green and orange or green and yellow?! EWWWW!!!

      • The rats are SO. EFFING. ANNOYING!
        I even hear them squeak while my sims sleep. >.>
        Oh and guess what?
        My sister just emailed me this pointless email. This. Is what. It said:
        “Hi there, sister I hate! I PAINTED MY COLLEGE ROOM PINK AND IT’S AWESOME! :D”
        >.> Sooo… More than pink furniture now.

      • Spongey says:

        Wow… what a weirdo 😛 Sounds like something random my brothers would say. Just minus the pink room stuff XD They’ll randomly message me on Facebook and be like “What’s up noob?”
        I’m like… “Seriously… that’s the best you can come up with, kid?”

        I wanna experiance the annoying that is rats!! D: lol

    • Screw: Hmph! It appears I am not welcome to this non-pixelated presence. I guess I’ll just sit on Google Chrome.
      Choke: >:O Screw! Get your flat ass over here!
      Yea… EA does suck at colors for houses.
      I mean, Choke’s house is as decent as it could get, so I was like, “Yay! A normal, non-weird looking house”
      1. The furniture is yellow, ridiculous, and just plain stupid.
      2. The house has trash AND rats (no kidding) EVERYWHERE! D:
      EA could do soooo much better.

      • Spongey says:

        How in the world do you even get rats! I’ve never seen them before! XD And I know! Who literally has dirty yellow funiture?! O_O

      • This is how you get rats (at least, this is my way):
        1. I moved my sims from Bridgeport to Sunset Valley.
        2. Sunset Valley has loads of expensive houses, and the Trigger family made 950 K with much hard work. And there so happens, to be a normal looking, wood house around 109 K. And it’s close to the grocery store where all the gumball machines live.
        3. I clicked, “Buy House” and I selected the Furnished option instead of unfurnished.
        4. An option popped up. This is what is said:
        It appears the house was left unclean; Would you prefer to clean it up or have the normal lot?
        5. I clicked, “Clean It Up”. And THAT, is how I got rats.
        My sister has pink furniture in her room and college room.

      • Spongey says:

        OH I never knew that! Wow I would love to actually see a rat in my game XD That would be so funny. Wow, I like pink… but not that much pink xD

      • Rats made the game better but annoying. I think as soon as I feel like it I’ll move Screw and the rest of the household.
        My sister is so weird and annoying, and that combined is… WEIRD. And plus, she’s the reason I don’t have a Facebook. XD

      • Spongey says:

        Ha ha XD I believe it! Siblings can just be so strange, it’s uncanny! Yea just like… gnomes. They annoy me… @_@ Oh, and I’m working on the new chapter for Rained right now 😀 ❤ So far I got… 6 pictures /fail XD

      • YAY! 😀
        You’re working on Rained?!?

      • Spongey says:

        Yup! Just finished getting the pictures and judgeing by the time… it took so long x_x I want to write it but my eyes are sagging!! Holy crap and it’s only 12 am… Why am I so Tired?! ._.

      • You can write it up tomorrow, how about you get some rest?

      • Spongey says:

        I was thinking that I might just do that. :/ Or watch some American Dad on netflix 🙂 Something to help me fall asleep ❤ I hate being tired and trying to write, It doesn't come out right and I get frustrated. lol

        Oh, and I wanted to send Rhythm, but Yahoo isn’t loading D: I’ll try again when it starts working…

      • Do not write while tired.
        It is a disaster.
        Just get some sleep, so I won’t have to get my baseball bat out and whack you on the head to knock you out. (Just kidding, I don’t do that stuff anymore. :P)

      • Spongey says:

        Your right, it is a disaster. I’ve tried so hard to write before while tired, and it turned out terrible. Well, not completely terrible… but I kept going blank!

      • Oh and it’s okay, I can wait a few more days for Rhythm. 🙂

      • Spongey says:

        A few days? I can probably see if it works today ^_^ I was really about to give him to you too XD “I was like omg are you serious? -_- Not working…”

      • Spongey says:

        Alright! He’s mailed 😉

      • Ah! Thanks.
        At first when I downloaded Rhythm my Mac was like “Durrrp. How do I open this thing?”
        But luckily I found out where to put Rhythm.
        Thanks again! 😀

      • Spongey says:

        Oh sorry, I should of told you, you didn’t have to open it. :s Just drag him into saved sims! Glad you found out though ^_^

      • I was writing a History paper while I was tired once.
        F. I got an F on the paper. -.-

      • Spongey says:

        Eeeee…. not good ;x Yea tired+writing=BAD THINGS xD

      • Okay, so Rhythm showed up with a little bald head. XD
        I know, this is normal because Screw ended up bald when I first got him, I downloaded another sims and “POOF!” Screw’s got his hair.
        But the problem is:
        I have Rhythm’s hair installed (in .sims3pack) but it won’t work! -.-
        So, guess what? I’m going to show my Mac I am the boss and I am better than that damn Mac!
        So um… Is it safe to remove the Resource.cfg from the Bin?
        Ya know, like the whole, control click on The Sims 3, Show Package Contents, and blah blah blah, somewhere you end up in the Bin…

      • Spongey says:

        Um the resource.cfg IS how the CC works… if you remove it then bye bye CC! Yea I knew that would happen considering I downloaded Rhythms hair from Bluebook or something. Ha ha yea! You show it your boss!!

      • Wait a sec… You got it from BlueBook? :O
        I got it from Anubis, and damn, that blog hates me! D:
        Lemme go to Bluebook now. >.>
        The Mac doesn’t think I’m boss. Meanie mac.

      • Spongey says:

        Oh! I said I thought I did, it could have been Anubis! ;x Awww stupid Mac! Let her download stuffz!

      • Are you gonna update Rained soon? D:
        Damn Anubis.
        I’m going to see if Savio’s Stuff has a fix for the hair… But then again, I can’t download Savio’s Stuff either. .-.

      • Spongey says:

        Yeessssss ❤ I know, but honestly I love Anubis. I get great hair from there 😀

        God that really sucks D:

      • Spongey says:

        I got about a quater of it written 😉 I will def. have it out my tonight 😀 New ideas are swirling into my head as I write for things I’m going to do even later >:D Mwuahah lol

      • D:
        Plus, another bad thing about today:
        Went and saw 50/50.
        It was great, but Seth Rogen’s character just HAD to say a really (and by REALLY I mean a thousand times really) rude word, and BAM!
        My mum said, “Alright, we’re leaving!”
        DAMN YOU SETH!

      • Spongey says:

        Ha ha! That would be my mom too! Plus I honestly can’t watch movies that use SO many freaking curse words. Yea I say them, yea I hear them, but 1000000 times gets under my SKIN. I can’t take all the swearing! X_X

      • Yeah, movies with sooo much swearing is just… Gr.
        And, there was a lot of… Sex talk in the movie, which made my mother clench onto the popcorn bag we had, and she looked like she was just about to have a meltdown.

      • Spongey says:

        Lmao xD That’s too funny. I hate movies like that too :/ Oh, and the chapter is just about done. I only need to preview for mistakes and then release it 🙂 Hope it’s not too.. dark or disturbing.

      • It’s okay if it’s dark or disturbing, I had to sit through reading Bazel’s graphic birth.
        THAT was disturbing, but I loved it.

      • Spongey says:

        Ha ha yea, it was 🙂 Alright, I’m glad your okay with it! I did warn everyone it would be like this!

      • This new chapter made me want to be able to install poseplayer even MORE. D:

      • Spongey says:

        Yea it really is a good mod-thingy 😦 I wish you could!

      • I wish I could too, and I want to try again. :/

      • Spongey says:

        You should 😦 I don’t see why it wouldn’t work… do you think it has something to do with you being on a mac or no? 😦

      • My sister used to have a Mac and it had poseplayer installed for both The Sims 2 and 3.

      • Spongey says:

        Oh okay then 😦 Then I’m all out of ideas!!
        This is where I put mine:

        Lol see all my poses? XD I’m nuts with CC. But take a look at the top bar, if yours is in the same exact place as mine… then it should work! You do have CC in your game, so I know you know how to do that. I’m so confuesd on the problem 😦

      • I have no idea how I have .package hairs installed, like Ben’s panda hat hair (the insane girl who chokes herself in my game).
        I’m going to have a second attempt at this.

      • Spongey says:

        There has to be a way to figure it out!! Lol xD It’s not like you have no CC so cc itself is not the problem.., I just don’t understand what is :/

      • Okay, so here’s how it looks so far:

        Is that where the Resource.cfg is supposed to be?

      • Spongey says:

        Yea that’s exactly right! I don’t understand why it’s not working!! O.0

      • Oh, and this is how the Hacks folder looks right now:

        I haven’t played the game yet today; I’ll play it later…

      • Spongey says:

        If the files there it should work :/ Makes no sense!

      • Spongey says:

        If the files there it should work :/ Makes no sense!

      • Jedidiah says:

        If I may butt in here….
        Tonks, sometimes when you add stuff to the Mod file or in your case the Hacks file, you need to delete the four cache files you see when you go Electronic Arts – The Sims 3, scroll down till you find four cache files….especially when you install the poseplayer and add pose packs you kinda have to delete those four files.

      • Spongey says:

        Ah yes! Thank you Jed! He’s right, I really forget about that! x_x ❤

      • Thanks! I’ll try that.

      • Okay, now a quick stupid question:
        Do I delete these files:
        Or do I delete the folders with the word “Cache” in it? XD

      • Emy says:

        The files, not the folders!!! If you delete the folders, all your cc will disappear. The folders are the cache for the sims3pack cc.

        So, those four files you mentioned. I delete them every time I finish playing and the game generates new ones when you start back up. 🙂

      • Jedidiah says:

        The four files you mentioned can be deleted (CAS part cache, compositor cache, script cache and simCompositor cache). Not to worry, they will be generated again once you start your game, so it’s okay to delete them.

      • Jedidiah says:

        And Emy beat me to it XD

      • Spongey says:

        Ha ha this is the second time she beat you too it ;P

      • Thanks both of you, thankfully I didn’t delete the folders. I’ll see if it works soon.

      • Spongey says:

        Hope it does! D:

      • It didn’t work, I was mad, but I didn’t really care, so I just kept playing.

      • Jedidiah says:

        Tonks, that is so weird. It usually works when you get rid of the cache files….o_O (and gee I had to scroll a long way up to find that reply button)

      • Spongey says:

        I know! My comments can get really huge XD I don’t know what you guys see, because I just use my dashboard to reply 😉 Teehee I get it easier ;P<3<3<3

        I know! I've been trying my best to think of everything for Tonks! It doesn't make any sense D:

      • Spongey says:

        OH and Jed! I only have 10 things left to read out of my giant list of stories!!!!! 😀 I’m SO happy!! Lol

      • It is weird, but there’s not much else to do, I’ll see if I can fix it some how later on.

      • Spongey says:

        😦 Okay. I really do hope you can figure it out. Didn’t you say your sister did it before? Could you ask her about it?

      • I’d ask her but she hates me and now refuses to talk to me, plus, she no longer uses a Mac (she’s rather forgetful, so if I ask her she would go, “Durrrr… I dunno!”).

      • Spongey says:

        😦 Aw that sucks! I’m forgetful too XD I have an awesome long term memory but a horrible short term!! XD

      • It does suck, and when I woke up this morning, she said, “Oh hai thar!” And then she completely zoned out, and I waved in front of her face, and she just randomly said, “I’m not talking to you anymore!” and just left the room.
        I’m surrounded by idiotic relatives. :/

      • Spongey says:

        What the heck? I mean my brothers are strange, but… that’s just… really strange XD For no reason? She just didn’t want to talk to you? O_o

      • I’ve become used to her strange-ness. She’s hated me since I was 4, and she’s been odd ever since my mother gave birth to her (that’s what my “dad” says).
        My brother is the ONLY sane one in my family.

      • Spongey says:

        Wow sounds crazy. Everyone in my family is crazy in their own way too. Theres just no way around it xD

      • Yeah, like today my mom was looking out the window and said, “OH MY GOD! Olive, look, it’s a-a-a SQUIRREL! In Arizona!”
        And then my brother said, “Mom… That’s our dog…”
        I still found this really weird, because my mom had glasses on. .-.
        And my “dad” says every day to me, “Olive, sometimes I hate your GUTS, but I still love you sometimes! But only when you’re-”
        I didn’t let him finish the sentence, because I’ve always heard this. XD

      • Spongey says:

        HA HA! Your mom thought your dog was squirrel XD That’s epic! Squirrels are all over the place where I live! ._. There always digging in our trash and making messes.

        Every morning my dad gives me a high five and says “What’s up dog?”

        .-. He’s so weird.

      • The weirdest part about that, was our dog is HUGE.

        Dads are really weird, but I’m reminding myself that my real father lives in Canada. He hates my guts too… So… I guess I’m surrounded by relatives who hate my guts, and a real life Jami Terrey. -.-

      • Spongey says:

        HA HA XD Real life Jami. That’s just epic<3<3

        Yea Dad's are really weird…

      • My “dad” is like a Kelly Terrey, and my mom is like Jami. So… Them being married is really weird, if you look at it the “Kelly Terrey marrying Jami Terrey” way.

      • Spongey says:

        LOL! Oh my god, that mental picture just made me crack up XD Jami and Kelly? A couple? That’s just funny as hell!

      • Imagine what their kids would be like…

      • Spongey says:

        LOL! Imagine what they would ACT like XD

      • They would be pure idiots, and they’d hate themselves until they were 18.

      • Spongey says:

        LOL! Poor kids xD It would be soo funny to watch though, right? XD

      • It would be sooo funny to watch the kids.

      • Spongey says:

        I know right? They would look like Jami and act like Kelly or vice versa XD I’m so deciding if I should just do it for fun, just too see XD

      • You should have an experiment on that some day. It would be so awesome to see! 😀

      • Spongey says:

        I know right! I think I might do it when I get pets. Cause I’m creating a play-only town with pets so I can actually PLAY my sims ._. I hate that I only use it for my story and nothing else. I paid over 100 dollars for all my EP’s I should get my moneys worth and play the dang thing XD I’m so getting Micki a cat or a dog. The Terrey’s are getting a horse hands down XD

      • You should sooo make Furri a crazy-cat lady. XD
        HEY! Did you know that in TS3 Pets they release ICE CREAM TRUCKS? It’s going to be awesommmee!
        ^Sorry for extra letters, I’m shuffling.

      • Spongey says:

        LOL! That would be epic, but I would go nuts with a house full of sims PLUS her crazy cats. Maybe I could do it until the heir vote or something? XD That would be so funny. Thanks for the idea tonks!

        OMFG!? REALLY?! XD That’s so funny because remember how Micki wanted Trixi to get run over by an ice cream truck?! Lol I had no idea they were going to be real XD

      • Furri as heir would be awesome. 😀

        MAYBE the new death will be Getting-run-over-by-the-icecream-man! It’d be awesome that way! 😀

      • Spongey says:

        XD LOL! That would be epic. I really want a unicorn! That will be my next task after Mars taming a horse. Lol I know right? 😀 I love talking through her, she’s so fun.

      • I always say “I’ll be riding on a unicorn!” If I’m saying something is impossible. So when I get pets, I’ll make a simself and get her a unicorn, make her ride on it, and then… Something is possible! 😀

      • Spongey says:

        XD That’s so funny. I don’t have a saying for something that’s impossible lol. I need to find one for myself.

      • Not everybody has a saying for something impossible.

      • Spongey says:

        Yea true. But I want my own saying now XD

  3. gomar6 says:

    Nooooo!!! My poor poor LIa baby!!

  4. Jonas Legacy says:

    I knew Micki would win but I voted Lia cause I love her nerdy artisticness! But I still LOVE Micki oh no Micki booze?

  5. Jedidiah says:

    Congrats Miss Makenzie! Awww look how excited she is 😉

  6. Emy says:

    Yaaay for Micki!! I voted for Kaylee, but I’m still happy. 😀

    However, our heiress….

    Micki: FML.

    • Spongey says:

      So true xD She looks like shes so “happy” to be the new heir. Well… if they actually knew that they were heir xP I honestly didn’t care who won 🙂 ❤

  7. Morgan says:

    Omg i love your legacy!!!! haha i keep telling myself im going to make one then im like nah ill just read some lol. I just found urs a few days ago and like im so addictied.

    • Spongey says:

      Aw thanks a bunch!! 😀 Always love new readers ^_^

      • Morgan says:

        Quick questions how do you make ur sims people look so real and differnet( from there sibilings) . Everytime i play mine all of my boys look excatly the same and cartoon is :/

      • Spongey says:

        I have no idea. I guess just using custom skin and making different looking sims to have kids with each other gives me even different sims. Plus I use CC too. It makes their hair and clothes seems more life-like.

  8. peyton224 says:


    • Spongey says:

      Ha ha. Are you excited for Micki? xP Before I get a new rained chapter out though I need to do the Terrey’s. I have almost two new chapters to write for that ^_^ I’ll probably write them back-to-back as a treat.

      • peyton224 says:

        😮 lol my friend Maci was reading a chapter,(Jevi-Boo-Bon) and she fell in love with Charlie,aka Tin Man (when he was alive 😦 )when he said “Tin Man BIRD!FLAP FLAP!”
        She fell off the bed laughing at that! She was holding to the covers but they fell along with her 😉 I think she busted a kidney 😮

      • Spongey says:

        Ha ha, glad I could make her laugh! 😀 Hope she’s not hurt… badly x_X

  9. elizabeth says:

    NOOOOOOOO! KAYLEE!! D: But I know you’ll make Micki super interesting and cool

  10. marissa3 says:

    Yey! I knew it. 🙂

  11. plumbobby220 says:

    YAY finally Micki will come out of the shadows. Can’t wait for her first chapter, it’s so exciting, YAY.

  12. Liza says:

    Aww. I wanted Kaylee.

  13. Deanna says:


    I knew Micki was going to win, though. XD I thought about voting for Kaylee or Lia, but Micki needs support from her fans. xD

  14. Brennon says:

    Why is the legacy called, And Then It Rained?

    • Spongey says:

      I really thought more people would have asked me that. It’s a saying like Something good happened to you and then it rained… Like pretty much saying you thought things were going great, and then something bad happened.

      Cause who want’s a rainy day when they can have sun shine? ^_^
      I’ve always wanted to explain my title. Thanks for asking!

    • Jedidiah says:

      The title always reminds me of that saying “when it rains, it pours”. Considering all the unfortunate events that happen to them, it made perfect sense 😉

      and lookee here, we have a Brennon in our midst 😀
      Oh, Brennon, if you don’t know what the llama I’m talking about, it’s from reference to a character on a blog 🙂

  15. sariechiny says:

    Haha, I think we all saw this coming XP
    I voted for Kaylee, but I’m still excited about this generation(: I can tell it’s gonna be goood, as they all are 😛
    It’s gonna be a roller coaster ride for Micki! Can’t wait for the new generation to start!

  16. Amy says:

    I feel horrible at how bad I am on commenting :p Your updates seem to get lost in my inbox 😉 lol anyways,

    Yay Micki *Big Kisses For Micki*

  17. Hayley says:

    I love all of the girls! even though i voted for lia is still love micki! i can’t wait to see what happens with micki as the heir

  18. marissa3 says:

    You’re killing me with the wait for Micki sponge!

  19. Liza says:

    We should have like our own little chatroom thingy…..+goes off to figure out how to do that+

  20. Awwww, good for Micki! I had my hopes on Kaylee, but it was obvious that Micki had won ❤ 🙂

  21. Jedidiah says:

    Okay, starting a new thread… lol, there should be some chat thingy available, seriously.

    So you are down to 10, huh? Well, then I can wait one more day with another Spellbound chapter. XD… No, it’s actually coming along nicely…but I’m just tweaking the writing a bit.

    • Spongey says:

      Lol thanks, that thing was getting REALLY long. I wish their was some sort of chat thingy, espically since my blog is always holding different conversations. I can’t help that I like to chat 😀 It’s my god-given nature! ;P

      New spell bound!? *fist pump* YEEESSSSSS ;D <3<3

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