Say Whaaa?

I can’t believe this! My blog has officially hit 70,000 views!! You guys are the best! I am just blown away by this, really. I mean, in all this craziness with my game going bonkers because of the new patch, and the fact that I’m sick… I have to say this makes me feel so much better.

Thanks so much you guys! I promise there will be a new chapter tomorrow! I have majority of the photos, and I think I can play my game for a little while to get the rest. I just hope downloading pets tomorrow doesn’t kill my game x_x

-Spongey ❤


About Jax

"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them." - Mitch Hedberg
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26 Responses to Say Whaaa?

  1. Yes, I know I’m the best. *bows* XD


  2. sariechiny says:

    Congratulations! 😀 you deserve every view(:
    Hope you get better soon, and I hope pets doesn’t crash your game! D:

  3. Mira says:

    70,000? Wow! You deserve it though 😀
    I hope Pets doesn’t kill it either!

  4. Elocine says:

    Aww, I’m so happy for you! Your story-telling is amazing, though, so I can’t say I’m surprised!

  5. marissa3 says:

    You deserve it! 😀

  6. Jedidiah says:

    Congrats Spongeyyyy!!!! Throwing confetti! May Pets not kill your game. Amen. LOL

  7. Morgan says:

    Congrats and i hope the pets doesnt kill your game it will be very intersting to see how u add animal into your story 🙂

  8. peyton224 says:

    *Blow (Ke$ha,i love that chick!) Plays,and confetti goes EVERYWHEREZ!*
    No serisously,im playing that song on Now Thats What I Call Music 38 😮

  9. Deanna says:

    Congrats! That’s pretty amazing. x3 As soon as we find that hair I’ll hopefully get to start my legacy and I hope that I get a lot of views, though who knows if it’ll be as awesome as yours. ❤

    Anyway, may Pets fix your game instead of making it crash! =D

    • Spongey says:

      It didn’t fix it, but it didn’t kill it xD So I’m alright for right now. 🙂 I can live without some CC for a while. Thanks a bunch! Aw I wish you would still go on and do it 🙂 That dumb hair is holding back a really good story in the making 😉

  10. plumbobby220 says:

    Congratulations you deserve all of them!
    It’s sad to hear that you’re still sick 😥 I hope pets makes you feel a little better though (and maybe they will cheer Micki up as well lol)
    Anyway you’re awesome and this legacy is awesome, congratulations!!!!

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