Chapter 5.10 – To Win A Battle Never Lost

Authors note: This chapter is dark near the middle. You have been warned…

Makenzie’s Point of View

So falling pregnant again wasn’t something I had planned. Heck, falling pregnant even one time wasn’t something I wanted. I hadn’t even had the chance to tell Jed about the new pregnancy because of the arrangements I was trying to set with Kim. She kept telling me I didn’t ‘need’ to do anything and that the faster they moved in the better for her. I had no idea what that was suppose to mean. I was trying to help her out, yet she’s pushing me? Why do I even help people to begin with? It never turns out good for me…

But, since I learned a life lesson already… Jed has to know about the new baby before I go and do anything else. I’m sure he won’t be mad about this kid. He loves Noah more than anything. His heart is big enough to fit another person.

Aw crap, why’d he have to be asleep?

I flicked the light on the wall on, and tiptoed behind the couch. Aw, he was so adorable when he was sleeping. Probably where Noah gets it from, that and he’s just amazingly cute. Alright, I’m distracting myself. I came in here to tell him the news, and the news I shall tell him!

I cleared my throat, “Ahem, uh, Jed? Sweetie? I need to tell you something…”

“I wasn’t sleeping! I’ll go get Noah!” he sputtered out. Really fast, might I add. I couldn’t help but laugh. Was he that prone to getting up and grabbing Noah? My poor Jed.

“Jed, Noah is fine. Relax. I really need to talk with you though. I’m sorry I woke you up, but it’s, uh, it’s kind of important.”

Maybe this isn’t the best time to tell him? He’s all groggy and … somewhere else. No, screw it! I have to do this now.

He stretched and yawned, then patted the open spot next to him. “Sorry about that. Had a long day today. Kaylee is back, but she has so much to get caught up on! Plus I think she said she was pregnant again! I mean, really?! She just popped out a kid by some guy, now she went with some other dude? Your sister doesn’t learn…”

I just loudly sighed. It was true. She may be smart but oh so dumb when it comes to relationships. She gets taken advantage of all the time. Lia needs to have a nice long talk with her. Ugh, getting off topic again…

“Jed, I don’t really know how to say this-“

He laughed, “It’s easy. Just say: Thhhiiisssss.” Oh he’s so going to get punched…

I groaned, giving his my death glare. “I’m serious Jed! I’m trying to tell you- What I’m trying to say- Ugh.”

He laughed again, “Ugh? Oh come on sweetie, just tell me.”

I looked away from him, and then sputtered out,”I’m pregnant again.”

Silence. Yea, that doesn’t sound good! Why isn’t he saying anything? Oh stop thinking like this Micki. Give the man a chance to breath… I really over think everything.

“Are you sure?” he finally mumbled. I don’t get it? I thought he’d be happy?

“Yea, I’m sure. Your not mad are you?”

He shook his head, “No. I only just came to my senses is all. Micki, I’m sorry… but your not allowing that creep into our home. I didn’t want to say anything, but… I don’t care. I love you too much to allow you to do something so stupid.”

I just stared blankly at him. Was he serious?

I stood up from the couch and scoffed, “Your joking?”

He shook his head again. Just staring at me sternly. “I’m not kidding in any form or way. I need to protect my wif- y-you and my son. That man RAPED you Makenzie! How could you even think about allowing him to come 100 feet near your house, let alone LIVE with you?! Doesn’t that sound the least bit crazy?”

I can’t believe this! Since when does he get to say what I do and don’t do!? “Jed, I don’t want him around! Trust me! I just can’t abandon Kim. She was always there for me when I was younger. It doesn’t feel right to just leave her. Especially since she’s with that creep.”

He stood up, now facing me “But there is other ways you can help her! You don’t have to invite Jeremy to live here. For crying out loud, think about Noah! Think about our baby growing in you right now! Don’t you want to keep them safe? Jeremy’s a sick man!”

“Jed, you have to listen to me! If I don’t help her, then-then… that baby could very well die. I’ve been putting it off long enough! Straining myself with the choice I had to make. I don’t know WHY I want her here, I just do! I feel badly, and just… strange. Something doesn’t feel right. She refuses to come unless he’s there with her. I think he brain washed her like he did me. I want to know what’s going on.”

Gosh! Why was he making this so freaking HARD?! Everything was going great when he just listened to me. Trusted my decisions…

He sighed, “Makenzie, she’s your friend and I do believe she needs your help… but you don’t have to agree to her terms. Just tell her that she either accepts living here alone, or she’s just going to have to suffer. Don’t you think she would eventually come around?

I shook my head at him. I had enough of this already. I know what my plans are, he has no RIGHT to be butting into them! “Jed, just stop it! You don’t control what I do, this isn’t your home! You don’t own ME! If I want my friend to live with me, then so be! Jeremy is just something we’ll have to deal with. He won’t be around for long, I swear it. He’ll screw up again. He always does.”

He grew quiet, and tightly gripped his pant leg as if trying to hold something back.

“I DON’T CARE!” he finally exploded “I don’t want that man around my babies, or around you! Right at this moment, I’m telling YOU. I love you Makenzie, and I’m not letting some crazy person into this house. I won’t allow it!! I could freaking care less if this is my home or not. Your my entire world. You and our kids. I’m not losing something I only just got!! Just LISTEN TO ME!”

I was completely taken back. I-I never seen Jed get so angry before. It made me upset, and a tear escaped from my eye.

“NO! I don’t have to listen to you!!” I cried out “Your- … I’m doing this, whether you like it or not!!”



I ran from the living room into where my son was playing alone in his room. I grasped him up off the floor and just snuggled him to death. I felt so hurt and betrayed. I never knew Jed to just go off on me like that. I knew my choice was crazy! Doesn’t he know how long I mulled it over in my head?! It was literally killing me! I never wanted to see Jeremy’s face let alone have him live in my spare guest bedroom. I don’t know why I chose this, I just feel like I have too. Something is just terribly wrong about their whole situation. I want to save my friend before it gets to late. I don’t know how else to do it!

“Noah…” I sniffled “Mommy feels horrible. I think I made Daddy really angry with me. I know he means well, but Mommy doesn’t know what else to do.”

“Da da?” he questioned smiling with that grin that’s all too familiar. Why does he have to look so much like his dad? I can’t stay upset or angry when he gives me that Jed smile.

“Yea Daddy.” I sighed “Noah? You won’t tell on mommy if I tell you I’m going to go talk to Kim will you? I know it won’t make him happy, but I still have to do this.”

“No, no.”

Yea, you got that right. A big no-no.

Before I just randomly popped up at their, uh, place? I guess? I needed to call them. Kim just told me they found some little dumpy motel to stay in for a few weeks with the money I gave them. I felt so badly because I wondered everyday how she was eating, and if the baby was alright. I needed to be sure.

Dang it… voice mail. Why wasn’t she picking up? Every time I called her anymore it was either Jeremy or voice mail. It was really starting to worry me. I mean, the last time we spoke was when I talked to her about moving in a few weeks ago.

I looked over at Shadow, then over at the car. Sorry girl, not today.

Taking the car, I drove for what seemed like forever. The address of the place she text awhile ago was of an address I was not really familiar with. Though Jed may not like it, I’m still doing what I want to do. Isn’t that always how it goes anyways? I really don’t listen to anyone, even when I ask for advice. I’m a sad case, but it’s been established a while ago that I’m not… ‘normal’.

Okay, um, what is this place?! She said dumpy motel, not creepy abandoned house! Now I’m really starting to worry. How could anyone expect to actually live in such an environment? I mean, I heard my dad ramble on about him living in a shack once… but it couldn’t have been this scary. I can now see why she was being so pushy with moving in.

I got out of my car VERY slowly, just eyeballing the house as if it was going to murder me. I was hesitate at first… well okay, I was very hesitate. Heck, I wasn’t even sure that she was really here! I was going to approach this house with as much caution as possible!

I walked up the pathway, quickly making my way to the door. I knocked a couple times, but didn’t hear a reply. Yea, just a false address. I knew Kim would never be in such a creepy house. Right before I was about to walk away though, for some reason I decided to check around back. Call it instincts… but something felt off.

This house was literally in the middle of no where. I traveled around back to find open land, trees, trees and more trees. There weren’t any windows on the side part of the house. It wasn’t until I made my way all the way to the back, is where I found this tall, shattered factory type window. I debated with myself if I would look inside it or not, because I was scared of what could possibly be in there! What if it was an axe murderer?!

My curiosity got the better of me and I finally stepped in front of it. What I saw… could quite possibly be worse than an axe murderer.


Was… was that KIM!? Oh dear god, w-what happened to her?! She’s all tied up, and- IS THAT ME ON THE WALL!? I knew it. I flat out knew it. He’s a complete psychopath! Look what he did to her! Now everything makes sense! Everything she was doing was because she was afraid. Oh god, he probably has had her kidnapped for only god knows how long! Everything was just a front! That whole entire scene at the bar … I think I’m going to be sick.

“Oh dear god, Kim. I-I… I’m going to get help.”

Just looking at her had me frozen to my spot. I wanted to run and scream, but I could barely even speak! This site… this horrible site. It just brings thoughts to mind of what would have happened if I’d stay with that lunatic! What if I wouldn’t have said no to him? Oh dear god… I have to get her out of there. I have-

Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

Oh no… it’s him. What do I do!? He’s right behind me!!

I spun around in rage. Facing this for what it was! I wasn’t going down without a fight!


But to my surprise and relief, it was Jed. Oh thank God!

“Makenzie what are you doing out here, and what is wrong with YOU?! I followed you after you left, but I got lost. Then I remembered that address Kim gave you.”

I leaned my head over and just cried. I wanted to answer him, and point behind me to the window but I was so terrified. I thought that my life was about to end.

“J-Jed… Oh god… K-Kim.”

He threw up his hands, “Whoa, sweetheart! What happened? Calm down.”

I pointed over my shoulder, and his eyes widened, “Makenzie, stay here.”

What did he mean ‘stay here’?! He wasn’t seriously thinking about going in there after her, was he?! NO! HE CAN’T! Jeremy is a twisted person, he won’t think twice about killing him. He probably only spared me because of his obvious OBSESSION over me.

I clung to him, squeezing tight to his shirt. I wasn’t letting him go in there!

“N-n-no! Your not going in there alone!” I cried out, my grip getting tighter. He rubbed the back of my head, and kept telling me everything was going to be alright, and that he had to do this to save her. Cops can save her! Fire fighters! Anyone but him! I can’t lose him, I love him…

He breathed out a sigh, “Makenzie… I have to do this. You stay hidden, and call the police once I go in.”

He began to walk away and I walked towards him. I screamed, “JED!” He turned around, and pointed away.

“No Makenzie. Stay here. I love you…”

I love you too…

Jed’s Point of View

Was I out of my mind? Probably. What other choice did I have though? I needed to get that poor girl out of the house before Jeremy showed his face. I know Makenzie is worried for me, but I can handle this… right?

The front door of the ‘house’ wasn’t locked shockingly… so I opened it up slowly, then proceeded in. Oh gosh… this house looked like it belonged in a horror movie. No wait, I’m in a horror movie! And what is that smell!?! It’s like someone died in here… oh god.

The door I assumed was the entry way, was boarded up pretty badly. I’m thinking he just quickly hammered a few old pieces of wood on and left for the night. Such a sick man! Why the heck did he do this?! … I don’t even want to know.

I made my way over to the door, and began to gradually take each plank off. I could hear Kim crying, and screaming for Jeremy to just leave her alone. That she got Makenzie to let them live there, to just give her a little more time. Don’t worry Kim, I’m going to get you away from this place, and that horrible man.

Oh dear god. Looking at her like this up close sent chills down my spine. Actually this whole house gave me the creeps! I mean look at this? Pictures of Makenzie all over the wall, lit candles surrounding a pregnant woman. He cut her hair all off too! What the HECK!?

“P-please Jeremy. Do-Don’t hurt me again! I’ll try better to get her to make us live there sooner! Please….

I can honestly see why she wanted nothing more than to fulfill his demands. He’s probably done so many unimaginable things to her.

“Kim, it’s alright. I’m going to get you out of here. My name’s Jed, and I’m Makenzie’s boyfriend. Don’t worry, your going to be okay.”

She shook her head no rapidly, “GET OUT OF HERE! He’ll kill you Jed! Please! Just save yourself…”

I fumbled with the tight knot around her arms, and told her that I wasn’t giving up until I had her out. My gosh this thing was tied on so tightly. It’s just by luck she didn’t die or pass out from loss of circulation!

“I almost got it Kim… I think…”

“Please! He’s not gone! He’s still in the house!” she screeched, her cries growing louder.

Wait, what?! He’s still here?!

“What do you think your doing!?” A voice shouted from behind me. My immediate reaction was to stop what I was doing, and turn around. Yea, smart move Jed… He kicked me in the stomach, knocking the wind right out of me. I flew into the back of the chair Kim is in and knocked it up a few feet. Oh god, that hurt so BAD.

The candles knocked everywhere, and the lights brushed out. I can’t believe I’m actually 3 feet from this maniac. To think, Micki wanted him to LIVE with us! Over my dead body! Which, I hope, doesn’t actually become literal…

“Jed, Jed, Jed… the naive little boyfriend. You weren’t thinking about freeing my little Kimmy were you? Awww, but don’t you think she looked so pretty sitting there like that? Nothing like Makenzie though… that girl, is an angel.” he chuckled smugly. I so badly wanted to just kick him where it hurt.

“Don’t talk about Makenzie you FREAK!”

“Now, now…” he started “Do you think your in any position to be talking to me that way, Jed? Be a good boy, and keep your mouth closed. Unless you’d like to end up like Kim over here. In fact… that’s not a bad idea.”

The way he talked, and the way he looked at me, made my stomach turn with knots. What the heck happened to this man to cause him to be so twisted?!

I picked myself off the ground. I wasn’t going down without a fight. This sick piece of work was going to have to go through me to hurt Kim, or even THINK about going near Makenzie.

“You animal! What the heck is wrong with you?! Just leave my wife alone! Let Kim go, and let ME go!”

“Wife? Pish posh! I knew for certain that’s a fib. Makenzie isn’t married, and she sure as heck isn’t marrying you. You see? Makenzie is my soul mate. We were meant to be together. No matter what… we WILL be together. I see it took some persuasion from Kim’s sappy cries to finally get my Makenzie to cave. We were so close… until you think you can just ruin everything. Well now, we can’t have that… now can we?

“Like heck you are! Makenzie doesn’t belong to anyone, and she sure as heck doesn’t belong to you! Hurting people just to get what you want? You jerk! You caused Makenzie so much mental trauma! She DOESN’T LOVE YOU! She loves me!” I spat back at him. This man was seriously boiling my blood. How dare he stand there and say Micki belongs to him, and that they’re ‘meant’ to be together. Twisted freak ruined her life!

“Ha HA! Oh god, he’s a riot! Love you? She could never love you! Who are you trying to fool?” he laughed blatantly in my face! I’m about 3 seconds from punching him in the FACE!

“Enjoy games! Your not leaving hear unless it’s chopped up in a duffle bag! Makenzie belongs to me, and so does that presious boy of yours. Oh, I mean… of MINE. I’ll raise him, and teach him good things of life. He’ll call me daddy, and never even know you existed.”


WHAM! “Twisted moron!! Nobody talks about my family like that!!”

I was so done listening to his crap! He honestly thinks he can talk that way, and get away with it? I can be the sweetest person, but mess with my family and see if I don’t knock your head off!

“Your done tormenting Makenzie!”

That punch felt so good. I’ve been waiting along time to beat the crap out of the man who caused my Micki so much pain.

“You think one stupid punch is going to stop me? We’re meant to be together, no matter the risk!!”

“SHUT UP!” I locked my arms around his throat and just held there until he gasped for air. I wanted to keep holding on, I wanted to watch him die… but it wasn’t in me. I can’t just kill someone. No… I’d rather watch him get hauled away and thrown into the looney bin!

I let him go once his face started turning colors. That and also the fact he kept clawing at my face! I withheld the pain, but I couldn’t hold out any longer. Instead, once he gasped for air, I turned around and kicked him right in the face. Right where all the lies and hurt came out of! … Honestly I never knew I had any of this in me! It must have been on adrenaline rush or something. My whole body is trembling!

He flew back against the wall, his head smashed against it. At first I got nervous because I had thought I had killed him! I decided against it because I saw him flinch a few times. I’m sure he’ll be fine… physically. Mentally he’s a total mess. Sick freak.

“You got what was coming to you, you freak of nature. Let this be a lesson…”

For a moment all I did was stare at his motionless body, and play back all the events in my head. I can’t believe I just did any of that! That’s when I realized Kim was still blindfolded and tied up! I rushed over to her side, and untied the rest of the knots. She squeezed me tightly, her tears just running down her face.

OH now they show up!? Could have used that help 15 minutes ago! It’s funny because the moment they saw me near Kim and Jeremy on the floor nearly dead, they thought I was the bad guy. They made me drop to my knees and then hand cuffed me before Kim could get a word in!

Once she finally did speak up, they kind of gave each other embarrassed glances. Well they should be! They’re late and they got the wrong guy! Could this night get any- … I’m not even going to finish that sentence.


The police rushed Kim to the hospital. They offered to take me, but I just dismissed it. I only had a broken pair of glasses and some cuts on my face. I wasn’t in need of any medical attention like I feared Kim was. Out of everything, I can honestly say that I’m just glad Makenzie and Kim are safe. I kept worrying that at some point Makenzie would come into that house and be harmed by Jeremy. If that would have happened… I could never live with myself. I love her too much to ever let anything harm her. All I can say, is that Jeremy is never going to be able to bother us again. He’s either being throw into prison for life, or the mental hospital… I’d go with the latter.

Makenzie and I slowly paced ourselves to walk up to the house. I was worn out, and she was beyond a nervous wreck. I just wanted to hug my son, kiss my girlfriend, then snuggle up in my bed. I know for a fact that’s going to be hard for Mick… something like this doesn’t rest easy on her mind.

She surprised me though. Before we even made it to the steps, she stopped me. She placed her hands gently against my wounds, and just smiled into my eyes. I always loved her beautiful smile.

“Your my hero.”

I chuckled softly, “I was just doing what any guy would do. I had to protect the people I care about.”

I couldn’t even get another word in before she pressed herself against me, and kissed me on the lips. I could feel her body trembling under my grip. It made me just hold her even tighter. She wanted to put on a brave face… but I could see the torture in her eyes.

“It’s going to be alright Makenzie. He’s never going to hurt you ever again. I’ll always be here to protect you. I love you so much.”

She nodded through tears. I knew this was going to be a really long night…


Months had passed. We had taken Kim into our care after she spent 3 days in the hospital. Other than many marks caused from Jeremy torturing her… she was given a clean bill of health. Not that it made it any better, but I was glad nothing fatal was happening. Besides Makenzie, Kim was suffering mentally from everything she had gone through. She’d lock herself in the spare bedroom for hours on end, and she hasn’t spoken a word since she’s came into our house. It’s safe to say nothing around our home is at peace right now. Except maybe for Noah… but he’s barely 2.

Later on in the evening Micki emerged out of our bedroom and came up to me with this sadden look on her face. I wanted to ask the problem, but I was afraid of what she was going to say. Everything that’s come from anyone, anymore… was just depressing.

I sighed softly, “Mick? Are you alright sweetie?”

She sniffled, “I’m just so worried about Kim. She doesn’t talk, she doesn’t barely eat… what if she’s like this forever? We have to do something for her! I don’t want her to die depressed…”

Hormones plus tragic event… don’t mix well.

“Micki, Kim isn’t going to die. We just have to trust that she will be okay. It really was a horrible experience in her life, and it’s not easily over turned. We’ll just encourage her and make sure she feels safe once again. Now you need to stop worrying because it’s not good for the baby.”

“How can I not worry?! My best friend is living in a depressed coma! Plus she’s completely covered in wounds, and even my own boyfriend is harmed! No one is safe anymore… no one… she cried out, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Oh dear gosh… it’s so hard to deal with pregnant women! “Makenzie-“

“Momee, hungry!” Noah demanded, wobbling out to where we were standing. Perfect timing Noah! Oh thank you god! I honestly couldn’t put up with another minute of Micki’s hysterical pregnant episodes. She’s going to drive me into an early grave, so to speak. I love the woman, but jeesh…

“Hey!” I chimed “Look who it is Mick? Noah!” Anything to change the subject…

“Rawr! Raaawwwrrr! Hungry dino!” he growled, prancing around like some sort of T-rex. That was a new one from him, I don’t even know where he learned that from!

“Alright, I can take a hint.” I smiled down at him, then looked back up at Makenzie who was still blubbering…. “Makenzie. Please just go check on Kim, and I’ll feed little Dinosaur over here.”

She nodded her head, then headed towards Kim’s room. Ugh, finally.

Makenzie’s Point of View

I knew Jed was trying to be nice and all… but I can tell I was getting on his nerves. I don’t mean to be so emotional, it’s just this dang pregnancy giving me all these crazy thoughts! Plus, I just never really got over that night. It still plays around in my head, and scares me at times. I can only imagine what Kim is going through. She still hasn’t opened up to anyone. She just keeps it bottled inside. I know she’s probably ready to explode…

“Kim?” I knocked on the door “Are you alright? Do you want anything?”

The only noise I heard was something falling over and then a loud groan. I jiggled the handle, but she had it locked!


“MAKENZIE!” she screamed “It’s the baby!!”

Oh just perfect! Right when the door was locked!

“Can you make it to the door?! Please you have to unlock the-“

OH you got to be KIDDING! Perfect time baby! Right when I’m trying to help my friend with her labor, my kid thinks it’s high tide to come out as well. This can’t be happening… OH GOD… it’s happening!


The second he heard me call his full name he dropped everything and ran to me. He was okay at first, until I told him that Kim was behind a locked door in labor too. That kind of sent him over the edge.


I groaned, “Figure it OUT!!! NOW!”

Some hours later, and lots of stress… Kim gave birth to a baby boy whom she called Luke. I on the other hand had a girl, who we called Ophelia Terrey. I really need a LONG nap….

Bonus stuffs:

This is Kaylee’s little girl. Her name is Megan. 

This is Lia’s girl and her name is Amber. I know it looks the other way around but it’s not… lol.

Thanks for reading! I really hope this chapter wasn’t too over the top. I just wanted to show how sick and twisted Jeremy really is, or … is even more now. Kim hasn’t told anyone yet of what happened to her, or how she wound up in her situation. She’s scared and mentally abused. The only thing they can do is wait and see if she will open up to them. But you saw Jed with those awesome whoop butt moves?! He wasn’t playing around anymore! No one messes with his family!!

Oh and I wanted to get this chapter out yesterday, but I had lots of things to do cause it was my birthday. ^_^ Sorry for the delay.



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      Oh he really does, your going to love him when you use him 😉

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    • Spongey says:

      Yeah in a way it’s hard to think about him and not feel bad for the trouble he went through. Though he really is sick… there is one more appearance made. It tells Kim’s side of the story of what happened to her. That’s not such a pretty picture O.o

      Yeah she was on the verge of losing it; I’ll admit. She was helped through her Therapy (for the most part) and then being with Jed really changed things as well.

      Yay! 🙂

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