Chapter 5.11 – Sorrow Comes In Many Forms…

Authors note: Kim’s story is a little disturbing. Just a warning…

Jed’s Point of View

Saying life around our house was normal would just be a lie. It wasn’t normal… is was anything but normal. It was always hectic, and there was always something that needed to be done. Taking care of one rambunctious toddler is hard, but caring for a toddler and a new born? I don’t even know when I have the time of day to do anything. I work all day, then come home and work all night. Plus Kim is still going through a lot so we’re stuck taking care of two infants AND a toddler.

“Alright Phea, now please eat for daddy. We don’t want another mess like last time…”

What makes things worse is that Noah is a very jealous little boy. He hates the fact that the grown ups devote all their time to the new babies and leave him hanging. He’s developed this very stingy side that I’ve never seen before. It doesn’t even matter if he likes the toy or not, he just says that it’s his and not Phea’s or Lue’s. He even gives us these shifty little looks like ‘Mess with me, and you’ll be sorry’.

“Aw, Noah, come on. Don’t you want to share with little sissy? She’d share with you…” I tried to sweet talk him into it. I didn’t know how else to go about it. What do you do when a kid doesn’t want to share? He’s closing in on 3, I know he knows better.

“NO!” he shouted “Minnne!”

Sigh. He doesn’t even like that thing. Heck, I don’t even like that doll. It gives me the creeps. I don’t even know where he got it from!

On top of that he gets mad at us when we don’t pay attention to him. He’ll be sitting with his toys then start screaming for someone to come over and play with him. That’s it, I’m done. No more kids for me! I’m going to lose my mind if I have to have one more block throw at my head, or baby vomit on another shirt!

“DADAA!! Play with ME! No Phea, No Lue! NOAH!”

“Noah, stop it! Your mother is taking a nap!”


What is it with kids trying to get more attention than the other? I wish he understood that I had to pay just a little bit of extra time to the babies because they needed us. For crying out loud his grandparents always play with him, but I know he just wants mommy and daddy…


Since Kim was almost like a permanent part of our household she needed a room for her and her son. So Micki gave them our old room and we moved into the spare room she was in. We had it remodeled to our liking of course. The only bad part about Kim living with us is the fact that she just doesn’t say anything. She is just always in her room crying. Mick and I both feel for her, we really do. We just don’t know what to say or do to make her feel better. I mean, if she won’t talk to any of us what makes us so sure she would even consider talking to someone in therapy?

I had much bigger plans for my afternoon though. I just needed to stop thinking about babies screaming and Kim not talking, and I needed to focus on my main goal. I needed to get Makenzie out of the house for the afternoon so I could… uhm… tell her something. If I don’t do it now I don’t ever think I’m going to get the chance.

“Makenzie…” I said a little too softly. Like that was actually going to wake her. “Uhm, Makenzie?” I said again, but only this time louder.

She tossed a bit, but soon sprung out of bed. No seriously, she literally sprung out of bed!

She stared at me with these wide eyes, and deathly glare. I, uh, never seen that face before. I hope she’s not mad at me. I really need to get this off my chest.

“Jed, please tell me you have a good excuse for waking me up during my nap? Just because you came home early doesn’t mean I don’t need my sleep. This better be important!” she growled, her voice was low and scratchy.

I shuffled my feet, looking away awkwardly. Well it actually was important, but I was completely nervous! “Uhm, uh, yes. It’s important. I can’t tell you here though, it’s a surprise.”

After I said surprise, her face whole face just turned around! Jeesh, I should of just started with that.

“Surprise?” she giggled “Like what?”

“Well if I told you, then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise now would it? Just get dressed and meet me in the car. Scott and Fraser said they’d look after the kids, so don’t worry about that. Just focus on the subject at hand, okay?”

She nodded her head “Okay! I’ll be dressed in 5 minutes!”

Yea, sure she will…


Okay she was done in record time, I barely had time to practice what I was going to say. Well, I’ve been been practicing for weeks… but I just want to make sure it’s perfect. I don’t want to slip up on my words. At least I really hope I don’t, I’m so nervous!

“Humor me, Jed.” she started ” Why on earth did you bring me here?”

I just stared at her for a second before she snapped in my face “Hello? Earth to Jed?” Come on Jed… don’t screw this up.

“I br-brought you out here because I have something important I need to tell you. Something I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time now.”

I grabbed her hand, “Makenzie, I love you more than air itself. Your my better half. Just being with you makes everyday perfect.”

Now it was her turn to stare at me, “Jed? What’s going on?”

Before I had the chance to reply to her, she put her hands onto her stomach and groaned. Oh come on! Please don’t tell me something is wrong, I really need to do this now. It’s my entire future!

“Oh boy…” she moaned “I don’t feel so good. Jed I really think I should tell you something-“

“Wait!” I sputtered out “Please let me go first. I’ve been trying to tell you this forever.”

She nodded her head and then gestured for me to continue on. Thank god!

I could see she was in pain with her stomach, the way she groaned and let out heavy breaths. I didn’t want to rush this, but I also was NOT postponing it. So I scooped her into my arms and carried her over to the spot I had picked out. The spot that my life could crumble or grow on.

“Okay, okay. Stand right in this spot, and don’t move.”

She rolled her eyes, “Where am I going to go? You have the car keys…”

Ugh. I knew she wasn’t going anywhere literally! I just- I’m… I’m just so nervous.

“Makenzie, what I’m about to do is going to change our futures for good. We can either build on this, or you have the choice to let it fall. I hope for the former, but the choice is entirely up to you.”

“J-jed…” she stuttered “Your scaring me, what’s this all about?”

I dropped to one knee, and looked up at her from the ground. Her face was giving me all these mixed emotions, from scared to worried. I didn’t want her to think badly about this! I was only trying to propose. Yea, I make it sound so easy, though here I am sweating and stuttering like some doofus. 


“Micki, from the moment I met you… I’ve only ever had eyes for you. No other woman means more to me than you do. Well… I love Phea too and all but-“

She laughed, “Stop being a dork and continue on…”

Ah, she caught on. Now I’m even more nervous…

I pulled the box out of my pocket – nearly dropping it of course – then opened it up for Makenzie to see. I had this giant grin spread on my face, when her eyes lit up at the sight of it. Oh, she’s so going to say yes! I hope…

“Makenzie Terrey… will you do me the greatest honor in becoming my wife?”

Her face was left speechless. She kept trying to get words out but it only came out as gibberish. Honestly I was getting a little nervous! It wasn’t until she clung to me for dear life, screaming “YES!!” into my ear, that I knew she had accepted my offer. Thank god to because I couldn’t take all this pressure anymore.

WAIT. She said yes?!

“I love you so much Jed. I’d marry you here if I could! You mean everything to me, too.”

I couldn’t help it, the moment got to me and, uh, my eyes leaked a little…

She pulled back and looked at me, “Jed are you crying?”

I quickly wiped away my tears, and shook my head, “Uh, no! Something got in my eye!”

She laughed at me, then rolled her eyes. This was suppose to be a special moment, I didn’t wanna ruin it by crying. She didn’t even cry…

She smiled, “It’s okay to cry you know?”

I strugged my shoulders, and smiled back at her, “I guess…”


Makenzie’s Point of View

To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I didn’t catch onto Jed’s plans until the moment he dropped to his knee. I never really expected a marriage proposal from anyone. I mean, I know Jed loves me but marriage was something I learned would never happen to someone like me. I take back all those thoughts though. I want this wedding more than anything, and I want to be married to Jed and Jed only. I just can’t love any other man as much as I love him. He means everything to me! Now I know I’m getting carried away, but I really want a fairytale wedding! I’ve never had anything happen perfectly in my life, and my wedding, the day I will treasure so close, just has to be perfect.

Not saying the day I get a marriage proposal had to be perfect… because the moment we got back, Kim was standing outside with Luke in her arms. Something tells me that I’m not going to like this.

“Jed? What is Kim doing outside with the baby? Go take him off of her, I need to speak with her alone.”

He nodded his head, then started towards Kim.

“Hey Kim…” he spoke softly at her “How about you hand over Luke to me, and I’ll take him back inside. Then you can talk with Mick, okay?”

She just stared at him with tears streaming down her face, before Jed walked over and gently took Luke away from her. God, I felt so bad for her. What in the world is going through her mind for her to come outside like that, and why did she have Luke? Oh I wish she would just tell me what’s bothering her!

I walked over to her, and turned her to face me. I was going to get an explanation out of her no matter what. This is just getting out of hand, she has to tell someone what’s going on.

“Kim…” I started “I know your hurting, but you have to tell me what’s making you hurt so badly. I’ve been in your position before Kim, I know how cruel he is and how he could sweet talk his way past a security guard if he had to. I don’t blame you for anything you did. Just tell me what’s wrong, please!”

She sniffled, annother set of tears forming in her eyes. She opened her mouth to speak and the only words she could get out were, “I’m so sorry!”

“Sorry?” I questioned her “Sorry for what?”

She frowned, “For trying to get that monster to live here. I… I didn’t want to Micki, you have to believe me. He had me trapped for so long, I just wanted to be free.”

I sighed, “I know, Kim. He had me trapped as well. Making me think I loved him, using words to trick me. I’ve been where you were Kim. I understand how you feel.”

After I had said that she just broke down! She kept crying and saying that’s not what she meant. What does that mean? Not what she meant?

“Kim what are you talking about?”

“I didn’t love him!! I have NEVER loved that man. He literally had me trapped! He kept me locked away, and did things to me.”

“WHAT?! Kim, why didn’t you tell me sooner? What happened? Please, Kim…”

She wiped away her tears, and then began to explain how everything started…

“It started about a year ago. I had decided to move to Appaloosa Plains for a job opportunity. I knew you lived here as well, so I thought it was kind of a win-win on my part. I got to live in a new, and beautiful place and I could get to see my best friend again. The first night I arrived I unpacked some of my things, and decided that the next morning I would finally tell you the great news. When I look back at that night I wish I would have never kept it as a surprise… if I only would have told you.

Anyways, it was in the middle of the night and I was watching some random show on TV, when I heard this loud knock at my door.”

“The sound startled me, and I jumped off the couch. At first I was hesitate to answer the door. It was so late, and I had only just moved here. Who could be at my door at such an hour? I answered it anyways though, thinking that maybe I left my headlights on my car on or something. I knew the neighbors were very friendly, so I wasn’t about to ignore them.

To my surprise it wasn’t a neighbor… it wasn’t even someone who lived here. When I opened the door and saw Jeremy standing there my whole demeanor changed. I mean, I didn’t necessarily hate him at the time, and I didn’t know he was so sick… so I invited him inside. You ever heard people say never invite a vampire inside your house? This was one of those times.”

“He walked around for a moment, smiling and complimenting my new home. I of course just wanted him to cut to the chase. I felt so uncomfortable with having him there already. I knew what he did to you, so I don’t know why I was so stupid as to even let him inside.

“Jeremy?” I asked him “What do you want? Why are you even here?”

He chuckled that smug laugh. The one that still haunts my nightmares. I didn’t even know what that was suppose to mean, so I asked him again only louder this time.

“He told me there was no need to get loud, that he was only here asking where you were. That he needed to pay you a little visit. I was disgusted by the fact of him trying to go after you again. I knew the only reason he knew where I was going because of the fact that our parents talk. He had no idea where in this big country town where you were. I wasn’t about to tell him either.

“Why would I tell you?” I shouted at him “Your not going to bother her anymore! She moved away because it was a chance to get away from all her PROBLEMS.

He didn’t like that very much, and he started to get very angry. I told him he’d better leave or I was going to call the cops. “

“He told me that if I didn’t tell him where you were, I’d be sorry. Of course I defended myself and told him he didn’t scare me. That there was no way he’d even think about laying a finger on me. He laughed at my remark, then right about then I pulled out my cell phone. I had about enough of him and his cocky remarks and threats. 

The moment I pulled out my phone, he snatched it from my hand and threw it across the room. It shattered on impact, and my jaw just hung wide.

“You jerk! Get out of my house!!” I screamed at him, which only caused him to get even more angry. I was sinking myself into a very deep hole, and I didn’t even realize it until it was too late.”

“He gripped the thin strap of my dress, and began beating me over and over. Kicking my stomach and punching my jaw. I couldn’t even get a word in! I was knocked onto the floor, trying to hold on for dear life. He kept shouting, “Tell me where Makenzie is!” I cried out, “NO!” and then he kicked me again. Before I knew it I was almost completely out cold.”

“I laid on the floor spitting blood out of mouth. He stood over top of me for a second, before searching through my things. I know he was looking for an address for you, but what he didn’t know is that the address wasn’t on paper, it was in the phone he threw across the room and shattered. Plus, I actually had it memorized, but I wasn’t about to tell him that. Not that I really could speak anyways, I was so close to passing out.

After a few minutes of barely watching him tare through my boxes, I felt him come behind me and he gripped me by the shoulders. He drug me across the floor and up the steps. He didn’t stop there though. He drug me through the halls, until he found my attic. Which was also used as a room by the previous owners.”

“That’s when he started doing things to me. It didn’t happen at first though. He just kept me in the room, making me wear this outfit for his pleasure. It had this collar and he made it so tight around my neck, so that I couldn’t call for help. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get that thing off my neck.

I remember the first night he-he… he raped me. He came home completely drunk, then came up into the attic. He told me I had exactly one minute to strip down and lay on that bed or he was going to kill me. I was so afraid, I knew he was capable of doing so much. He already proved he could knock me out cold, so I-I obeyed him. He hurt me so badly. I really wish I could say that he only ever did it once… but he didn’t. When ever he got the chance he would do it.”

“I felt so violated and abused. Days just seemed to inch by. I never knew if it was day or night, because there was no source of light up in that attic. I was trapped in there with no form of escape. He had the door locked probably with a padlock, and I wasn’t strong enough to get through it. Countless times I tried to use the things in the room to break the door, but nothing worked. I barely had any strength to do anything, anymore when I was up there. The only source of reassurance I had was when I would coddle myself in the corner, believing that I would get out of that place alive.”

“Another thing he would make me do is go on these ‘pretend’ dates. That everything was suppose to be so perfect, which tossed salad, bread sticks and a candle. That wasn’t even the worse part though. He would make believe that I was YOU. Everything he did to me was him pretending I was you. It was like he was living in this little fantasy. I hated every moment of it. I hated being trapped there, I hated pretending to be someone I wasn’t, and I hated HIM!

“Enjoying your food, Makenzie?” he would say to me.

I would usually go along with it, but I remember this one night I was just getting so tired of the torture.

“My name is Kim you twisted FREAK!” I snapped at him that one time.

“I remember that look he gave me. The same look that he would always give me right before he would hurt me. I remember that night he jumped across that table, and started choking me. Telling me I’d better behave or he was going to make sure I never ate another meal. From then on I kept my mouth shut and only answered things in a way that pleased him.”

“It wasn’t until this one day. I was sitting up in that attic alone as usual, when he came busting through the door and up the steps. He screamed at me and told me he saw you. After that long year, he finally knew where you lived. He demanded me to find a way to get you to accept us into your house. I refused on the spot, there was no way I was going to do anything to harm you. I told him I’d rather die then watch him torture you and your family!”

“He said I was lying, and that there was no way I would let him kill me and the baby I was carrying. He said I cared more for that baby than I did for you. Of course that wasn’t true, I love you Makenzie… but I just didn’t want to die. I did what ever I could to just get away from him. So I agreed to lure you in. Then once I did, he said there was some preparation that needed to be done, and during that time… he just did unspeakable things to me. You should know, you saw the way you found me.

“I’m so sorry Makenzie! I never wanted any of this to happen. I never meant to trick you, and lie to you. I was so scared! I just thought I had a chance today, to make everything right. If I would just take Luke and leave, you would never have to worry about me hurting you again.

I shook my head, “Kim I could never have you do that. You’re my best friend and from the moment I saw you with him, I knew something was wrong. It’s okay though, you don’t have to worry or be afraid anymore. Stop blaming yourself, you did nothing wrong.”

She just wrapped her arms around me and kept telling me how grateful she was to have someone like me in her life. I told her that I should be thanking her. She put up with Jeremy just to protect me. Now that is what I call a true friend.


Only a matter of minutes after that, Jed came outside and told me I really needed to come in now. That my parents had something really important they needed to discuss with me. Oh just great, more problems!

I walked into the living room to find my Pa pa and Dad sitting side-by-side. Noah, Phea, and Luke were already in bed, so they had my undivided attention.

“I can’t do this…” my dad choked out “It’s just too painful.”

Pa pa rubbed his knee, “It’s okay, Fraser. Everything is going to be okay.”

Oh god, what’s going on?

“Dad? Pa pa?” I questioned them both “What’s going on?” Jed and my parents both exchanged glances, but all kept quiet. What are they hiding from me?!

“TELL ME NOW!” I shouted out, my frustration at it’s peak. I don’t find this funny at all, they need to tell me what’s going on.

“Makenzie…” Pa pa sighed “I don’t know how to tell you this, but, I’m dying.” Jed squeezed my hand, but I just pulled out of it. This is a joke, right?

“Okay, that’s it. Jokes over. Now why did you really bring me in here?” I laughed nervously. There was no way this was true, I don’t think it’s very funny for them to even try to be so cruel. They know how sensitive I am!!

Jed sighed, then stepped aside from me. “You really need to listen to them Makenzie. No one is joking.”

“Pa pa?!” I screeched “Your lying right? Please tell me your lying….”

He shook his head, “I’m afraid not, sweetheart. The doctor told me that I had cancer, and not very much longer to live. Please don’t fear for me though, hunny. I just wanted to tell you now before it became to late. I just want you to know that I love you, and no matter what I want you to always remember that.”

WHAT?! NO! This can’t be true!!

“How could you do this to me! You can’t die!! NO! I won’t LET YOU!” I shouted out, my cries echoing across the walls. “What about my wedding?! What about your grand kids?! How could you just leave us all!?”

“Makenzie, I don’t want this to happen, but we have no choice. Please sweetie, I just want you to remember me how I was. I’m trying to do this now, for your own good.”

“MY OWN GOOD?! How is this good?! No, this isn’t happening! You can’t do this to me!”


Before I even gave him another chance to speak, I took off towards my room. I can’t listen to this! I can’t just accept the fact that my Pa pa is dying, I just CAN’T!

Jed took off after me and caught the door before I slammed it shut. I didn’t want to see him, I didn’t want to see anyone! He kept telling me everything was going to be alright, and then he tried pulling me into hugs. I kept hitting his hands away and telling him to leave me alone!

I guess I should know by now that Jed doesn’t give up on me so easily, he kept at it until I just broke down in his arms. I cried harder than I ever thought I could. How could my father just die? What about my fairy tale wedding? I want both my daddies to walk me down the aisle, and give me away. I can’t live one day knowing that my father could be gone the next. I just can’t!!

“Micki, shhhh…. calm down sweetie.” he cooed softly into my ear “It’s alright, I’m here, I’m here.”

“H-how can I?” I stuttered, tears pouring from my eyes “My-my father is d-dying… and what if he doesn’t get to see me married? What if he dies before he meets his grand baby? I just couldn’t live with myself if that happened!”

“Makenzie it’s going to be okay. We’ll have the wedding as soon an as possible. We’ll make sure your Pa pa is there. Grand baby? Sweetie he’s already met Noah and Ophelia. That’s something he’ll never forget.”

I stepped back from him, and shook my head, “Not Noah and Ophelia…”

He looked at me puzzled, then his eyes widened, “You’re-“

“I’m pregnant…”


Here’s Phea! Her traits are Neurotic and clumsy.

Here’s Luke! I have no idea what his traits are…

Thanks for reading!! I hope everything makes sense now as to why Kim did what she did. It was out of pure terror. She was trapped and couldn’t escape, what other choice did she have? As for Scott… that’s just another burden thrown down onto Makenzie. Here’s hoping she get’s her fairytale wedding…


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  1. Brennon says:

    I thought Micki already figured out that he literally trapped her? I mean, she did find her tied up, but she seemed confused when she told her he literally trapped her. Kim is such a good friend for doing that though. I really misjudged her earlier. I feel so bad for them. Jeremy is so sick, but he’s still one of my favorite characters. Poor Scott! As long as Fraser doesn’t die. I hope Scott is really at the end of the elder stage, and you aren’t just killing him for drama. Phea is a cutie, and I’m glad Luke doesn’t look anything like Jeremy. Has Kim been a good mother, or was she just letting everyone else take care of Luke? I really wouldn’t blame her if she did. Great chapter as always Sponge! 😀

    • Spongey says:

      I guess she really didn’t put two and two together. She was still confused on all the details, she just figured that she was with him, and then all of a sudden he snapped. Yea she really is a good friend, she tried her best to hold out for her but she just couldn’t do it any longer. Yea Jeremy is really sick, but he’s been put away for good. Where he can be crazy all he wants.

      You know how I work 😉 Well, let’s hope Fraser can take it when Scott dies 😦

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      • Brennon says:

        Fraser will probably die of a broken heart when Scott is gone. Or take up drinking? Or become straight and marry a young hot women after his money (Does he have money). Does Jeremy have a boyfriend in prison? I hope someone makes him their bitch and ass rapes him for the rest of his life.

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        If you kill Fraser…..Oh, I will not be very happy with you at all. Is her in a mental hospital? Either way I still hope he gets ass raped. He deserves it.

      • Spongey says:

        I’m not killing Fraser, relax. But when his time comes, you can’t be mad at me for him dying… 😦

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      Actually I haven’t play that far ahead, so I have no idea what the baby is going to be. I want a boy too, even though Jed gave me thee cutest girl name ever 🙂

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      Oh you were? That’s cool! Yep, pregnant again. Looks like Jed isn’t getting his wish of only two kids… sometimes things just happen that way! He was only trying to find the right moment because there was so much going on around him. He did try though! He got interrupted though… Yea Jeremy is a twisted person. Very sick in the head.

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      • Spongey says:

        Well I would assume the boyfriend would want more because of the fact that he doesn’t have the kids XD A girl knows how much she can put up with.

      • 2 words…. good point

      • Spongey says:

        😀 I tend to make some on a good day… lol XD

  5. Brennon says:

    What happened to Jeremy’s scar in the flashback, and his hair?

    • Spongey says:

      The hair was on purpose… the scar was my mistake, the game took it off before I realized it. I didn’t feel like doing the pictures over. The hair was just showing that he grew it out, but he changed it to show Makenzie like “I’m changed… see?” It was a front. Like the faux is who he really is, and the more elegant hair was who he was pretending to be. It was like a symbolize kind of thing.

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    • Spongey says:

      When you see him older, you’ll see that he looks much more like his mother than his father. 🙂 Trust me. Yea it’s a good thing she now knows that, so now she can get some professional help to get her through her worries. Yea, well, Kim is a strong girl. She did what she had to do 😦

      I love babies too!! 🙂 I know, isn’t she??

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    YAY MARRIAGE! And OMG another baby?! 😀 Me hopez it’s another girl….If Jed thinks three is hard…. good luck with four, buddy! 😉
    Amazing chapter, I was so happy when I saw that you’d updated! 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Yea she wasn’t. He had her trapped and there was nothing she could do about it either 😦

      Yup marriage, but I don’t know how happy Micki will be if her father dies before she gets married 😦 I hope it’s another boy 😀 Noah needs a little brother. Ha ha, yea, he doesn’t even know what’s coming 😉

      Aw thanks so much! 🙂

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    The babies are sooooo cute, though right now Phea and Noah seem to look a lot alike right now. xD And Luke is adorable, too. ❤ I hope he never has to meet his father. D=

    I'm gonna cry when Scott dies. =( It's gotta be so hard on Micki. =((

    • Spongey says:

      They may seem to look alike right now, but trust me, they will change as they grow older. They really look nothing alike as adults. Yea, me neither. I don’t want that boy to even know who he is.

      Yea, I know 😦 Poor Mick.

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    I couldn’t believe Kim’s terrorizing story! It’s so sad, yet so realistic in many ways. I really felt the emotion coming through your writings and your pictures. I also can’t believe that Pa Pa is going to die! I still remember when he was younger and taking care of Mackenzie and the other children as toddlers. It will surely be a sad loss. I just hope he makes it to the wedding, and maybe, with luck and a miracle, he can make it to the birth of the new baby!

    ps. Luke is sooooo adorable! Can’t wait to see him grow up! Also, new chapter on my blog, if you’re interested.

    • Spongey says:

      Yea, truly is sad what Kim had to go through. Aw thank you so much, I’m glad that is felt realistic, that’s always my main goal. Yea, such a sad time 😦 Don’t know how poor Makenzie, Fraser and the twins are going to handle him dying like that. Yea me too… taking care of what Kyle left behind. Scott was 100x the man he would ever be. That is everyone’s hope, that he will at least get to see his daughter get married before he passes. That’s all Micki really wants. She’d like him to be there for the baby too… but only time will tell.

      He really is adorable, so is little Phea! 🙂 Ah, yes. I saw it. I’ve been just not feeling so great, so I haven’t had the chance to read it. Don’t worry, I will. 🙂

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    – Zoe

    • Spongey says:

      Yea, it was a rather hard subject to touch 😦 Poor Micki and Kim. I hope everyone will be able to get through such a tough time in their life.

      I know, I’m excited for another baby as well! 🙂 I’m thinking after this one, I might do one more and then call it quits. Four kids will be over enough for me.

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    AND they're getting married!!!!!!! ❤ Jed's proposal was so sweet(:
    Can't wait for the next chapter!!! 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Yea, that’s the horrible truth behind what happened. It wasn’t Kim’s fault at all… she tried her best to hang in there but how long can someone actually wait around and let someone do that to them? She had no choice. She wanted to protect herself and her unborn child.

      Yea, I know she is. I love her little face, but Noah… he has stolen this spot in my heart 😉 I hope the new baby is another boy! ;D Aw, you think? I was aiming for sweet ^_^


  12. Zoe Cancienne says:

    I’m trying to create a video about Mackenzie’s love life with Jeremy, Caleb, and Jed. It might take a while though. I’m not that great with technology yet

  13. Zoe Cancienne says:

    And that is true about with Cale and Kitty’s kids.

  14. peyton224 says:

    Like Zoe,I’m gonna make a little story picture,not video…so yeah.
    Great chapter! I checked 5 times today…and theres already 47 comments dang it!

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    I sense caleb comin back in2 the story 2 be kims theraphist 🙂 a girl could hope lol
    lol i say tht 2 when ppl ask wat i have as a surprise
    i jus love how playful they are…lol
    awww…jed cried when micki said yes…..FINALLY!!! he finally popped the question it was cute how nervous he was
    I knew the girlie girl would come out of micki sooner or later lol…every girl wants a fairytale wedding….i jus hope she doesnt get 2 girlie girl cuz thts not micki
    :O no not scott :.( my scott cant die…..
    uh oh baby #3 on the way…poor jed, hes gunna have his hands full….
    awww….phea is adorable…awww shes got freckles my precious sweet pea ❤
    awww luke is a cutie

    • Spongey says:

      I know, when I saw him make that face I just had to take a picture of it, and somehow put it into this chapter. He’s such a little cutie pie, he’s def. my favorite of all time 😉

      Lol, I’m sure that Makenzie is going to pick a woman for Kim. No need to get distracted when she’s hurting. Yea, same here. Like if I tell you how is it going to be a surprise? playful? who is?

      Yea, he cwried ;P He tried to be manly and cover it up though. Yes, finally. He was just waiting for the right moment to ask her. There was just so much going on it was hard to get it out at the right time.

      Well, yea. I thought after all shes been through wanting something nice for once would be a good thing for Micki. Every girl, no matter what wants fairytale wedding 🙂 Ah, naaahhh Micki isn’t like that. She’s the tough girl.

      Yea, but it’s true 😦 He’s dying and only has a certain amount of time left. Ha ha he already does! XD

      Yea, I know. When I saw her grow up I was like, “O.o … What in the world?” It’s cute though. She probably got it from Kitty, which I find so awesome 🙂

      Isn’t he??

      • jaec52609 says:

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      • Spongey says:

        Yes, indeed they do. 🙂 Ha ha, well you never know. I think I left Bioshock on there, and you put it in the mods folder, under hacks. There where I put mine.

      • jaec52609 says:

        i dnt have a hacks folder i have ContentPatch, DCBackup, DCCache, Downloads, Exports, InstalledWorlds, Recorded Videos, ScreenShots, & SigsCache……..did u create new folders?

        oh i was sayin micki nd jed are playful how they pick on each other…but no one has been as playful as kitty nd cale were….it was adorable…i miss them 😦

      • Spongey says:

        Oh, you don’t have a mods folder either? You have to make it yourself, putting the resource.cfg file into the mods folder next to the package folder. Then in the package folder create the hacks, misc, patterns, and skins folders. Doesn’t matter what you put in them, there just names. Then just put the mod in one of those folder.

        Ah, yea they are 🙂 Yea same here, I loved Kitty and Cale 😦

  16. wolfmania98 says:

    ok, finally have time to comment, if its only short.

    Poor Kim. I feel so sorry for her. It must be so… difficult…. I felt tears in my eyes… And now Micki has so much infomation resting on her shoulders. and Jed…. uh oh

    • Spongey says:

      Yea, it’s a very difficult thing that she had to go through 😦 Oh I know. What Kim told her, and now the fact that her father is dying… it’s just all too much. Oh and she’s pregnant.

      It’s fine Wolf! 🙂 A small comment is better than no comment ^_^

  17. Liza says:

    Before I comment, I have to tell you something.


  18. Jedidiah says:

    Noah going “Miiiine”… LOL yeah that’s my simself’s son! Hehehe… And you enjoy calling Jedself and me “dork” eh? 😉 By the way, I mean, I’m no expert but I’m sure Mikki’s full name isn’t “Mankenzie” 😉 (as in ‘I grabbed her hand, “Mankenzie, I love you more than air itself. Your my better half. Just being with you makes everyday perfect.”’)

    Anyway, Kim’s story is truly harsh. I hope she doesn’t do some harmful things to her son. I understand why she would not talk after everything that happened. And it would be like Jeremy, to just pick Kim as his “Mikki”-replacement just because she is in close proximity. She fought him for a while, but she could only take so much. I’m glad though she carried Luke to terms.

    Awww, Scott is dying? I fear that will spiral Mikki into another deep hole. He was always a form of voice of reason for her. While Fras (I’ll spell him that way, so I won’t have any slip ups LOL) was there to … eh … bake cookies. Food for the soul, right? I’m sure the wedding will be bittersweet. You won’t have Scott pass away right after the wedding will you? Mhm.. last baby was named Ophelia… then all you need is triplets so you can name the youngest Scott as a tribute to her Pa Pa. XD It’s time for Mikki to share some of her burden. Hey, Jedself is there… he got nugget to do. 😉
    Great update, Jax, and you make writing a complex story so easy. Me jealous…XD

    • Liza says:

      Lol, Mankenzie

    • Spongey says:

      Yea, he just had the look on his face like “This mine, no wanna give to you!!” Of course 😀 Hehehehe. I’m trying to relate you two as close as possible, riiiiight? So you’re both dorks! ;P

      Oh dear god…. MAN-Kenzie?! LOL! XD *fixes, face burning* I can’t believe I wrote that, and at such a special moment too! Gosh, this stupid sickness has me changing Makenzie into a male… Thanks for pointing it out. I laughed at myself XD

      Yea, it really is. To put up with such things, it’s no wonder she couldn’t speak. Yea, well, he was a crazy person… so I thought he would do something like that. He was completely obsessed with Micki. Yea, she did. She cared for her son, and she still does. She wasn’t ever going to hurt him, she just thought it would be less burden on Micki is she left.

      Yea, it wasn’t something that she expected at all. Here she is getting this wonderful proposal, helping her friend out, and then… there goes an almost good day. Jed… I will smack you if you jinx me with Triplets…. I can not, and will not be able to handle that!!! ;P

      True, true. She can always lean on Jedself. She doesn’t have to go through it alone. Lol XD I still love that. He got ‘nugget’ to do lol.

      Thank you Jed!! 😀 LOL easy? I wish… You no need be jealous ^^ You write wonderful stories, that I adore. So there. ;P

  19. Tonks says:

    …Okay so I sort of hate Jeremy now. Something just told me he was innocent and troubled at first, but he’s sick. 😦

  20. Tonks says:

    Oh and here’s a crappy photo I made. Blame Mac Photo Editor. .-.

  21. Callie says:

    I had some stuff about how sorry I felt for Kim, and how terribly that must have affected her..
    but NO.

    • Spongey says:

      Oh, Callie ❤ I love yah XD Your so funny with your protest'. I know it's a sad thing, but sims die eventually… evenn the Terrey's 😦

      • Callie says:

        This is not the first time I have protested at such a thing ^_~
        My founder has still not died – that shows just how much I want the circle of life to keep rollin’ for my pixels 😛 ❤

      • Spongey says:

        Yea I know it’s not. You did it when Cale died too XD

        Oh gosh, if Yoki were still alive… that would be something. I wish my sims could live forever, but they have to die sometime 😦

      • Brennon says:

        I usually make them jog a lot so they can live longer. One of my sims lived to be 98, he just died.

  22. nahshona says:

    I loved this chapter, not because of the content but because of the way it was written. Beautifully done!

    Poor Kim what Jeremy did to her was beyond awful and I hope that things work out for her and her son.

    I am really happy that Jed and Micki are FINALLY tying the knot, lol. But now she has to take on the death of Scott to cancer. It’s so hard when a loved one dies from cancer. My grandmother died of cancer fours years ago I still really miss her 😦

    On a brighter note the kids are so cute, especially Luke! I’m really excited to find out what happens next and I hope you feel better. It really sucks to be sick. I just got over a cold myself.

    • Spongey says:

      Aw, why thank you so much Shona! That really makes me happy to hear 🙂

      Yea, Kim was only trying to protect Makenzie for as long as she could. You can only do that for awhile until you no longer have a choice. She tried, but Jeremy would have probably killed her if she didn’t. He probably would have killed her if Micki would have never found her!

      Yea, poor Scott. He’s trying to stay so strong for his family, though he’s hurting so bad on the inside. He doesn’t want his family to worry for him, even though he knows his fate. It’s a tough subject to touch onto, and Makenzie? Oh, she’s such a fragile girl.

      Oh, Gosh, I know. I love all the kids. My favorite would have to be Noah though… I just LOVE him. 😀

      I know D; I’m so tired of being sick. I have like so many different things wrong with me, it’s so hard to deal with! Then these meds I’m taking… they make me all weird XD

  23. Tonks says:

    Dang it. D: Something… Happened. -.-

  24. Morgan says:

    Ok so my whole judement on Kim just changed so sorry Kim. Her story is really harsh. Of cousre Jermey would do something like that being the sick person he is. Such a shame kim didn’t have a brother or boyfriend living with her then this wouldn’t have happened for her sake. At least Luke doesn’t have to have the sicko around( as horrible as jermey is he does make cute babies haha)
    Noah is so adorable, Noah needs some attention too! haha and Phea is a cutie too. And now i can’t wait for the third little one to come, man Miki how many kids are you “not planning” to have lol.
    Oh no poor Scott, don’t die! Scott was the person who helped everyone through their problems, Frasier as cute as he was, he just …..baked….. but it will be really sad when he goes too.
    Finially Jed! you popped the big question! bout time buddy haha, even though everything has been so hetic. At least he did it 😀
    Hmmm can’t help but wonder if shadow will ever have some babies , er colts??? she could be having a secreat affiar with the horse next door LOL. Great chapter 🙂

    • Spongey says:

      Yea, I thought peoples Judgement on her would change after they found out what really happened. I didn’t want to spoil it for everyone, so I kept quiet. Of course, because he’s a very sick and messed up person! Poor Kim had to put up with him and all his disgusting and hurtful things he did to her. Yea I know. He’s wrong, but his son is beyond adorable! 🙂

      I know, isn’t he??? You just have to see him as an adult… so CUTE! Yea, he’s just going through that Jealous big brother stage. He was use to getting all the attention now he has to share with his sister and Luke, he doesn’t like it. Lol, and now he’s going to have ANOTHER brother or sister. Poor kid, something tells me he’s going to be the one to pick on them 😉 Ha ha ha, maybe one more unplanned one XD Then they’re done.

      Yea, he was the voice of reason and Fraser was the one to just hug haha. He made you feel warm and fuzzy, and made you cookies 😀 haha.

      Yup, finally after all that time he put a ring on Mick’s finger 😉 LOL! Horse Affair XD That’s funny. I haven’t planned on any horse babies, but I have planned on maybe a puppy or a kitten.

      Thank you!

  25. monet:) says:

    NOOOOOO! i dont want scott to die 😦 . poor kim with all the emotions in her head. yeah! another babie on the way for micki 🙂 luke and phea are soo cute:)!!

    • Spongey says:

      Yea, it’s such a hard thing for someone to die like that 😦 I don’t know how poor Makenzie is going to take it after he passes.

      Yup, another baby!! #3 is on the way 🙂

  26. Liza says:

    Good job Jedself! FINALLY proposed! Btw, what are his traits?


  27. Liza says:

    And Kim’s story….oh god. I feel so bad for her. Dumb Jeremy, no one does or ever will like you. You are exactly like your dad. Lissy would be so ashamed of you! 😦

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    -Poor Kim. It seems that Jeremy did worse to her than Kim! She’s safe now though.
    -Awwww…Scott?! Why must you die? What is Fraser going to do?! He can’t just cook day and night!
    -Preagnant again? Yayz! 🙂
    -The kiddies are adorable!

    • Spongey says:

      Yup he finally made time for the right moment to purpose to her 🙂 Yea it does seem that way, doesn’t it?? Yea, well, every sim has there time 😦
      Yup 😀 The baby is so cute too ^_^

  30. daisy. says:

    Firstly, Luke is almost as cute as noah! Stupid jeremy -.- and NOOOO SCOTT 😦 I hope fraser doesnt die of a broken heart 😥
    Pure love for jed.

  31. Tonks says:

    Oh uhm Sponge? Could you check out your Sims 3 account? Please? 😀

  32. Comrok says:

    Hi *waves hand nervously* ummm I know I’m kinda new here, but I adore your writing and stories. (I think you have alot of fans to prove that!!) Anyhoo, would you mind sending me the link to your sims 3 page? I really wanna become friends. 🙂

    PS When I was reading this chapter I was by my glass door and it was night… I was so freaked out Jeremy would just pop out there. Sooooooo I freaked XD

    • Spongey says:

      Well, hi! 🙂 Welcome to my blog, thanks so much for reading it. Oh, if you want to get to my sims 3 account, I have a link to my simself on the front page, and that leads to my sims 3 account. My name is Spongeb0b on there also 🙂

      Ha ha, well, he is a creepy guy! I’d be spooked too 😉

      Thanks again! 😀

      • Comrok says:

        Hey, found your page XD

        What I found really creepy is that the next day I hired a new piano teacher and his name was Jeremy. But he had black hair and brown eyes. He looked nothing like your Jeremy. Still spooked me.

        Sent you a request in TS3 website. Hope you reply!! Also, what letter are we up to now for names? I would love to have an input

      • Spongey says:

        Wow, spooky!! I know I’d be creeped! Of course, I’ll accept when I go on 🙂 Uhm, well, the new baby already has a name, but I’d love to hear your input for next generation!! 🙂 Considering this is the last one for this generation 😦 Time flies!

  33. Tonks says:

    *jumps up and down* WOOT! GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT? XD I found my Sims 3 back-up files ladeh. Okay so actually the whole um… Update problem was part of the story. *crosses fingers* Don’t kill me… But Screw and Choke and the whole family is okay. Well except for Gerard. I’m not even getting into that.

    • Spongey says:

      Woah, wait… you got your sims 3 back??

      • Tonks says:

        Yep. Neon’s fine and all…. In fact… Later on today I’ll post a new day. EVERYONE WILL BE NORMAL! EVERYTHING’S OKAY!
        Neon: Yeeeeah…. Too bad Ginny doesn’t exist. She was just a DREAM! D:
        Ginny: OMFG you’re stupid Neon. I’m still real, but you just dreamed the whole Epilogue. You met me in RIVERVIEW, remember? THEN you moved back to Sunset Valley when you slip into a coma-
        Ginny you’re giving away spoilers.
        Gerard: Waaah. I got taken away by the social w-

  34. Amy says:

    Death? Oh no. No death. I’m sorry… Must go cry now. Time for me to cry. Excuse me while I cry 😥
    *I feel really bad about what happened to Kim by the way, oh, oh and I also thought that he was joking when he said he was dying. I was like, ‘Hell no. Your going to live forever…’ Apparently not.’*
    Time for some tears, even some happy ones about how awesome this chapter was 🙂

  35. Brennon says:

    Hi, so I’m using this story for school again. I have to write about the setting, who the main characters are, and the conflict and theme. Can you tell me what you think the theme is since, well you wrote it?

  36. Brennon says:

    I dreamed that you were Adele O_O. I fell asleep while listening to “Someone Like You”, and wondering if you posted a new chapter, and I guess the two kind of mixed. I was on here, and it had like all your sims and stuff on it, and then I came down to comment, but when I commented I called you Adele, and asked when you will be singing again.

  37. Liza says:

    Having fun playing with MASTER CONTROLLER!

  38. Liza says:

    I was downloading something from Mod The Sims, and I was going to leave the page, and then I was like “Did I download the zip file RARRHH!” And then, I cracked up because rar is another type of file and now I feel like a nerd. 😛

  39. ddlieber says:

    No Scott!! No!!! BTW what happened to kitty?

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