Chapter 5.14 – Thrill Seeker

Makenzie’s Point of View

There was seriously no point in panicking over this. Jed and I both know Noah is adventurous. There is no way this is a kidnapping; I refuse to believe that. I’ve been through the torture of wondering where my sisters were when I was little; I’m not letting this get to me again! I’m tired of being so upset; I need to take charge for once in my life.

Leaning against the table I sighed, “Well do either of you know any place he could have gone? Come on. Someone had to have heard him say something!”

All of us sat around at the table in silence. Each one trying to mull over everything we had heard from Noah. With me being in the state I was, I never heard a word anyone said. So I had to leave it up to Jed and Kim to remember something- Anything!

Jed gasped, “I GOT IT!”

Kim and I both stared a him, waiting on his reply. I grew impatient…


“Oh, I’m sorry. I was going to say that I heard Noah talking about these kids at school. One kid was called Peter Mullin, I believe.”

Kim glared at him, “And how does that help?”

Jed glared back, “Well, he could have run off with them or something! I know it’s a long shot, but you never know! Besides, who was the one supposed to be watching him again?”

“HEY!” she shouted “It’s your own dang fault for having so many freaking kids! I was trying my best to watch all of them!”

“I WAS DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT! You couldn’t keep an eye on him for 2 hours?!”

“Both of you… Shut up! Fighting isn’t going to bring Noah back any faster. I’m going to see if I can phone the parents of that one kid. You know something productive?”

God, I can’t believe those two. My son is off somewhere in the middle of the night, and they’re playing the blame game! It doesn’t matter whose fault it is!

“You see what you did?” I heard Kim say “You got her mad because you think it’s fun to point fingers!”

“Oh, well, that’s funny…” Jed retorted “Because I could have sworn you didn’t mind dishing it right back!”

“Not my fault! You started it!”

“You didn’t help by adding to it!”

Oh my god…SHUT UP! I’m on the phone!”

I’m seriously going to wring both of their necks! This is just getting ridiculous. Who the heck cares who started what?! They’re both acting like 2-year-olds!

Then by some strange miracle, Noah came bursting through the front door. I was beyond stunned, unable to think straight! Here we all were pondering and worrying about his location… and he finds his way home. I knew he was alright, but it doesn’t mean I’m not angry as heck!!

“I’M HOME! You won’t believe the night I had!”

Both Jed and I stormed over to where he was standing. My nostrils were flaring, and my eyebrows narrowed. I couldn’t believe he would do something like this! He knows better than to go out after dark!!

Before Jed even got a word in, I was already grilling him!

“NOAH TERREY!! Where were YOU?!” I screeched, my screams filling the house “We were worried sick about you! What were you thinking?!”

He had such a socked expression across his face. Like he didn’t even expect to be yelled at!

“WELL?!” Jed added in.

“Do you want me to tell you everything?” he asked sarcastically “Or just where I was 5 minutes ago?”

We both glared at him.

“Okay, okay!”


Noah’s Point of View

Gosh! I don’t see the big deal. I’m not a baby anymore; I’m 9 for crying out loud! This was a life or death situation! Well, maybe not, but it was close enough.

“Okay, so it all happened when Dash and Peter told me to meet them at lunch time…”

“Peter, can we hurry this up? I’m getting really hungry, and I want to eat before the lunch bell rings!”



“Stop whining! We have important ‘business’ we need to take care of…”


Okay these two nimrods were getting on my nerves! I didn’t sneak out of the lunchroom just to listen to these two argue and whine.

“Alright!” I interrupted “What’s the dare this time?”

“It’s going to be the hardest one yet. Think you can handle it?” he chuckled.

Was this punk actually laughing at me?! Come on. I don’t back down from a challenge.

“Puh-lease, Peter! What do you take me for? Tell me what it is.” I scoffed at him.

“You know about that abandoned shack on the edge of town? Where the crazy old man with the long hair lives?”

I nodded my head at him. Of course I knew about that place; who didn’t?

“I want you to go there in the middle of the night, and knock on his door until he answers! Then when he opens the door, you have to call him a crazy lunatic, and run!”

He’s joking right? How easy can that be?! That old fart doesn’t scare me.

“Consider it done. I’m not scared of some crazy old man. I’ll ride my bike over there, knock on his door, and scare the poop out of him!”

Dash and Peter laughed at me. Like that’s not getting old…

“Well, okay then.” he smirked “Oh, and just to make sure you actually do it, Dash and I are going to go with you.”

“I’m not a baby! You don’t have to watch over me!” I growled.

“Yeah.” Dash added in “We don’t have to go with him or anything…”

Peter shot a look at Dash, “We’re going, and that’s it. We need to make sure Mr. Tough guy does what we asked.”

I just rolled my eyes at him. Whatever floats his boat? Let this be a lesson to them though… Noah Terrey is NOT a chicken!

Alright, what ever.” I mumbled.

“Come on guys! The bell is about to ring, and the teachers will know we’re gone.” Peter sputtered out, taking off towards the school.

“YEAH!” Dash chimed in “And I’m starving, so come onnnn!”


“Getting out of the house was the easy part. Aunt Kim was so busy with all the little babies, that she didn’t even notice me at all. I thought it was sort of funny the way all the kids wanted her attention at once…”

“Luke NO- Ana come on, get in the swing!”

I just walked right out of the front door, and left Aunt Kim to be distracted by the herd of children. After getting out I took my bike and headed towards the abandoned shack.”

I arrived at the old house around 20 minutes later, and quickly ran behind some rocks where Dash and Peter were. I may have been a little scared when I saw the old man, but I wasn’t about to back down, no way!”

“Don’t go over there yet…” Peter whispered “Wait until he goes back inside.”

“Oh.” I laughed “Is someone afraid? That maybe if I go over there too early the scary man might get him?”

He shot around – now facing me – he hissed, “Are you calling me a wuss?!”

“Maybe I am? I mean, you’re the one who dared me to do this… why are you getting scared?”

“I’M NOT!” he shouted “Fine, go over there right now! I’m not afraid…”

I walked over there with ease. Heck, it was more of a strut than a walk. There was no fear at all in my bones. I was going to show Peter and Dash that I was the bravest out of all three of us!”

“It wasn’t until I stood face-to-face with his door that shivers ran down my spine. It was so dark and broken down. The bushes around the house kept being shoved by the wind, and there was this eerie sound coming from the windows. Though I may have been a little afraid, I was still going to do it. I just gulped, and walked closer…”

“I balled my hand into a fist and knocked as hard as I could. At first there was no answer; just the echoes of my knock filling the entryway of his house. Thoughts began to swirl in my head: Was this ‘house’ actually a house anyways?”

“And then, as if by magic, the door swung open and I was met with this endless darkness. There was no one standing there, and the air inside the house smelled of mothballs and mold! The fear of the door opening caused my heart to pound really fast, so I threw my hands to my chest and gasped! The next thing I did was getting the heck out of there!”

“I picked up the pace as best as I could; my heart beating faster and faster! Then all of a sudden this white truck pulls up into the driveway, its lights shining bright into my eyes. When I tried to look over to see what Peter and Dash were doing, well, let’s just say it wasn’t a surprise…”

“They were speeding down the old road like their life depended on it! For a moment though, I wished I was them. Why did I have to be the person to face the scary man or woman in the truck?!”

“Okay, so it was a creepy bald man… with squinty eyes! He slammed the door of his truck, and then walked right over to where I was standing. He glared at me, and I back at him. Neither of us said anything, until he opened his mouth first.”

“What are you doing here kid? You know it’s dangerous to be around here… at night.”

“I just looked at him. I was hoping that I staring at him would make him uncomfortable enough to leave me alone. It was a long shot, but I really didn’t have a choice, now did I?”

“Look kid, either get out of here or you’re going to be sorry.”

I nodded my head, and then scrambled for my bike. Guess it worked…


“And that’s everything that happened! See? I wasn’t going to get hurt. We were just messing around with some old guy.” I finally finished. Can’t believe they made me explain everything!

“NOT going to get hurt?! You could have gotten killed! You can’t just go out in the middle of nowhere and mess with people’s homes! Are you nuts?!” My mom boomed, her voice loud and alarming.

“BUT, they dared me! I can’t back down from that, I’ll look like a wuss!”

“HEY!” my father shouted “Don’t talk to your mother like that!”

“But dad-“

“No, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care about any excuses you try to give us, your grounded. It’s school, home, bed. That’s it! You should be ashamed of yourself, Noah. You scared us half to death! Go to your room, and get in bed.”


NOW! they screamed in unison.

I stormed into my room, and flicked on the lights. Luke and Nix were sleeping, but I didn’t even care! It’s not fair! They punish me just because I went out? They go out all the time…

I scooped up Snoopy, “Hey, Snoops.” I sighed, petting his head “We don’t need them! We can entertain ourselves in here!”


Jed’s Point of View

Time went by, and things with Noah grew worse. No matter what we tried, Noah was ALWAYS getting in trouble. He’d come home with pink slips, detention notices, notes from the principle. The stack just grew as each week passed by. The calls we got were non-stop as well! Teachers were always telling us things Noah did. He gave us the SAME exact excuse every time: ‘Well they dared me…’

“Yes, I’m very sorry Ms. Wells. I’ll make sure to speak with Noah when he gets home. No, I have no idea where he got the snake… Yes, well, you have a nice day as well.”

Even though we grounded him, he’d still find ways to watch TV! I swear Noah has been grounded for so long now, I can’t even remember the last time I wasn’t yelling at him for something. What makes all of this even crazier is that Noah is a GOOD kid! At home and at school he is like two different people. He helps us out, he goes to bed when he’s told (well, sometimes) and even though he picks on his siblings, he still loves them. That’s what confuses Micki and me the most. If he gets into trouble so much, shouldn’t it show at home?

“NOAH! What did we say?!”

“Uhm, I wasn’t doing anything!!”

Sure he wasn’t… that’s why I can hear the TV blaring.

As more time went on it got to the point where he already expected to be sent to his room, so he’d just go there straight after school! I don’t get it? Why does he have this undying urge to do anything people ask of him? He’s so afraid to be called, well, afraid. I think he’s proven his point! He doesn’t have to keep doing this! Everyone should know by now that Noah Terrey is not afraid of a challenge… but maybe, it’s the challenge he’s after? I’m just afraid that it’s going to REALLY backfire on him one day. I really hope that day doesn’t come…


“Hey dad, got a tissue?” Noah laughed, his nose pouring blood… and was that a black eye?!

I gasped, “NOAH, what happened to you?!”

He laughed again, “Peter said I couldn’t stand up on top of the bus seat when the driver was driving… my head smacked against the window. It’s no biggie.”

“My gosh Noah! What’s the matter with you?! Stop doing stupid dares, you’re going to get hurt!! What if the driver stopped too hard, and you flew through the front window?! You could have died!” I sighed, rubbing my temples “Just knock it off!”

He rolled his eyes at me, “It’s just a bloody nose dad. I’m fine!”

“Yeah, well, it’s not the nose I’m worried about…” I rustled his hair “It’s in here is what I’m afraid of.”

I walked into the kitchen and Nix just stared up at me. Why can’t they stay that small forever? Why do they have to grow up, and get stupid? Sure all boys want to pull stunts to hurt themselves once in their lives… but Noah LOOKS for it. He always wants someone to dare him to do something. I know if he keeps this up, it’s going to turn into something ugly.

“You’re going to stay like this forever, right Phoenix?”

He just smiled at me.

Yeah, I know. He’ll eventually grow up too- Don’t they all?


Speaking of growing up, Phea, Luke, and my birthday all came creeping up on us. We really didn’t do anything for me – per my request – but we went out and bought the two kids some cake to celebrate theirs. My gosh, my little girl is growing up… now I really feel old.

Phea’s new trait is Snob.

Luke’s new trait is never-nude.


Ophelia’s Point of View

The bathroom was so icky, and the shower was so cold! I hate to bother anyone about that, but you could seriously catch pneumonia from something like that!! I learned that word from the tv, and it sounded bad.

“Luke?! Come here please!”

“Yeah Phea?”

I smiled at him, “Did you remember what I told you last night?”

“Of course. I promise to ask my mommy about it today! The monkey jungle gym, right?”


“Okay. Anything else you need?”

“Uhm, only a hug from you!” I exclaimed, wrapping my arms around him. “You’re the bestest, best friend ever!”

He just giggled, “Thanks Phea. You’re my bestest friend too.”

“Awww, a wittle romance.” Noah laughed “Luke and Phea sitting in a tree…”

I glared at him, “I’m gonna tell mom on you!!”

“Oh, I’m shaking.”

ARG! Stupid big brother! Just cause he’s older, he thinks he knows better than everyone. Forget him!

Noah’s new trait is Flirty. Gosh, isn’t he SO hot?!

Thanks for reading! So yes, Noah is turning into on of those people. He’ll do anything for thrill, and he’s not afraid of a challenge. He’s a good person, but he get’s influenced easily. Which is not a good thing… And yes, as you can see… Luke and Phea are BFF. 😉

Authors note: Oh and most likely next chapter will be a Christmas special!! 😀


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76 Responses to Chapter 5.14 – Thrill Seeker

  1. sariechiny says:

    OMG. NOAH IS HOT. Haha, I like his little ‘stash XD I’m afraid these dares he does are going to get him into really big trouble, and I’m not talking about at school…/:
    Phea and Luke are so cute! ❤ I can totally see them as a couple, but when they hugged at first, it was really cute, friend wise(:

    • Spongey says:

      ISN’T HE?!? My gosh, I can’t even stop staring at him! He’s so distracting… ❤ But in a good way ;D You like? I think it fits him very well :3 Yeah, they may just be innocent dares now… but who knows where that will lead :/

      Ha ha yeah, they're best friends right now 😉 Who knows? It may become more… or it may not…

  2. Morgan says:

    OH Gosh Noah is so hot!!!!! haha. All if these dares are going to get him in serious trouble one day, hopefully it won’t be girl pregnat trouble. excpecitally since he know is a flirt. I love how he just walks in and is like Hi everybody, whats going on. 🙂 Phea and Luke are so cute, they would make an adorable couple but since they are living together and growing up together then it would seem more like a brother sister thing. But I’m usally always wrong aboubt that (No.1 Jeramny and Miki). Great Chapter as all ways 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Yesh! Another one who thinks he’s hot! ;D I knew I wouldn’t be alone on this one! XD Yeah, it could be endless things… he’s just too thick-headed. Because Noah doesn’t see these dares and thrill seeking events as bad, he likes them! He strives for them. Ha ha well, they can be best friends… but who know’s about the romance part 😉

      Thanks! ;3

  3. Rainie92 says:

    Ok so Noah totally in love with him 🙂 he’s a perfict mix of micki and jed. Great chapter XD

  4. jaec52609 says:

    phea has the same freckle pattern as the famous kitty…….oh no noah is sure enough a handful….i knew tht was comin…..noah is a cutie….such good genes 🙂 we all kno noah is right about the little romance blossomin between phea nd luke, theyre jus 2 young 2 realize theyre gunna fall in love when they get 2 tht age……awww young love <3…….noah is gunna be beatin the girls away wit a stick….hes gunna find a girl thts jus as adventerous as him….adrenaline junkies lol

    • Spongey says:

      Yep she does. A lot of Kitty’s genes are living in this generation! The freckles, the pink eyes, and the pink hair. I love it! 🙂 Of course, Noah is a giant handful! He’s gonna get even worse since he’s a teen… he has FREEDOM now. Ha ha, well… we will see if they fall in love or not. It all depends 😉

      Oh gosh, he better beat them away -.- I will not allow any girl to be with him!! NO! XD … Well not yet anyways… he has to be with someone eventually -.- *siggggh* He mine!

      LOL adrenaline junkies XD hahahah

  5. Jedidiah says:

    You got my simself’s son earrings?????????? O_O
    -.- you are hopeless. :ppppp
    Just kidding. Aw will Phea and Luke be some lovebirds? I guess not, Phea prob just have Luke as a backup, while flirting her way through life. LOL.
    Jed and Kim playing blame game LOL. For once Mikki’s the adult here. Noah and his daring side…mhm…there will prob be one dare where innocent bystanders will be involved and hurt, and among them the love of his life, which will cure him of his “I’m indestructible” attitude. Hehee…

    • Spongey says:

      YUP! Because he is a total Bad-a! ;P
      Hmmm, we shall see what happens with those two 😉
      Ha ha yeah XD They were both fighting about whose fault it was. Haha xD
      Maybe.. maybe not 😉 I has my plans for Noah….

      LOL I love that! That’s the perfect way to describe him “I’m indestructible.”


    • Deanna says:

      Jed, I’ve gotta say it. XD Your simself makes beautiful babies. XD I ❤ them all. ^-^

  6. Brennon says:

    No! I didn’t get first comment this time. Not even close! 😦 I guess I can still read it.

  7. Brennon says:

    I guess you’re making Noah the bad ass? Earrings, and facial hair…not what I expected but I don’t not like it. I hope we see more of the twins in the next chapter. Okay, Phea and Luke are perfect for each other. Phea is a snob, and Luke is never nude, so when they’re making babies, Phea won’t have a problem with not seeing Luke’s you know…baby making parts, because she’ll want to look at herself.

    • Spongey says:

      Well, I couldn’t just have made him start out that way. He had to grow into it. Don’t worry, I’ll show more of the twins. I just had to get Noah’s portion started with. This generation is probably going to run longer than 16 chapters. I need to have a fair share for all the kids. LOL!! XD Whhaaa? Yeah, that’s a mental picture I didn’t need!! LOL

  8. Michelle says:

    Gees! I am afraid of what someone will dare him next?! I think his parents should say, Noah, I dare you not to take dares anymore! Or just homeschool him! haha!

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah, but it’s gotten to the point where he just gets thrill from it. Soon enough he might just do those things on his own! He looks for it! Yeah, they have to do something! It’s getting out of hand…

  9. PeytonOnDeck says:

    NOAH! If someone dared you to jump off a skyscraper I’m sure as heck you would.
    I’m sure your creative little mind will make a perfect Christmas special!

  10. elizabeth says:

    Oh. Em. Geeeee!!!!! 😀
    NOAH!!! I’m so glad you’re okay, but…. you are a moron! WHY would you listen to someone named Dash? That just spells TROUBLE!! 😉 You are lucky you were not murdered! Jed, Micki, PLEASE homeschool that kid…. he’s sweet, but he’d jump off a bridge if he was dared to. I love his storyline, by the way. I can’t wait to see where you’ll take him. 🙂
    Phea is so beautiful…. she has definitely inherited her parents’ good genes. Those eyes… stunning! I love her, just because she’s such a sweetie. And ooh, Luke and Phea?! I love it! 🙂
    Luke is also a cutie…. PLEASE DON’T HAVE SOMEHOW INHERITED YOUR FATHER’S PERSONALITY! =/ Now I’m nervous….
    I cannot WAIT to see what you do with Nix and Ana. Eeeee!
    Another fantastic chapter. 😀
    Oh, and Noah…. *blushes* what? I’m not staring! HE’S SO HAWT THOUGH! 😀 Why are your male Sims always so attractive? 😀

    • Brennon says:

      Is everyone going to be gawking at Noah’s hotness the rest of this generation, because that will get annoying for one of like only a few guys that comment on this. I’m voting for the ugliest sim, which apparently isn’t Noah. I think it will be Nix, so Spongey, make his storyline really good.

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah, Noah may have been alright but he’s doing stupid stuff. He’s hanging with the wrong people that’s for sure! But really, it’s gotten to the point where he just looks for trouble. It’s just the way he is. Ha ha, even if he was homeschooled he’d still go out. He’d find ways 😉

      Why thank you! I’m glad you like his storyline :3 Yeah, I love all of the kids too 🙂 I know, I was so happy she got those green eyes, then the white ones! Those eyes needed to DIE. Lol xD Yeah, lets home none of his father lives within him. See the difference with Brent and Luke is that even though Brent became like his father, it also reflected onto that as well because his mother was a terrible mother to him. With Luke? It’s like living in a home with three parents who love him very much. He was raised the right way, and that’s the most important factor. 🙂

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it :3

      Ha ha 😉 I feel the same way. LOL I have no idea. I guess I’m just pretty darn good at picking the right spouse 😉

      • Brennon says:

        speaking of Brent and Luke not knowing their father’s and stuff. I don’t think anyone has waited until marriage to have sex, and I’m pretty sure all the heirs have had kids before marriage. No one has good values anymore. I’m going to make sure at least one heir, waits until marriage to woohoo.

      • Spongey says:

        Brennon, let me say this one time: It’s just a story. I don’t encourage people to do any of the things that occur in my story, nor do I promote it as good or bad. My story is not to show people how to live or what morals they should follow. It’s just for pure entertainment and it’s based off of ideas from inside my noggin. I’m sorry if it offends you that none of my sims have waited until marriage, but I just go with the flow of things. What ever seems right for that character, at that time, that’s what I do.

        – Jax

      • Brennon says:

        Okay, I wasn’t serious, I just realized that, and thought it was kinda weird, it doesn’t offend me, and it’s not even part of my morals. I’d sound like a hypocrite later, because I’m sure if I ever get my story started, I’ll have a few teen pregnancies and stuff.

  11. Zoe says:

    OMG!!!!!!! Noah is so HOT! You were right jackie. Anyway the chapter was great. Making progress on getting computer fixed.

  12. BAAAAAAAAA! says:

    Could you put Noah up for download 😀

  13. Jedidiah says:

    Okay, I must say, I feel a bit awkward that y’all gals are staring at Jedself’s son like that. -.-‘

  14. auburn101 says:

    Okay. Noah’s hot and it really suits his bad-ass personality. I’m really liking him, even though he keeps getting in trouble. It kinda keeps me wondering all the time what he’ll do next. As a teenager though, I have a feeling these dares and thrills are going to get a lot more extreme! Can’t wait for the next update, especially if it’s a Christmas special! 🙂


    • Spongey says:

      Thanks so much! 🙂 Yeah, since he’s older he can do more things, which *may* lead him somewhere he doesn’t wanna be. It will be a Christmas episode, just trying to think how I’m gonna do it XD I got some ideas from a friend, and I think they’re really good. 🙂 So we’ll see what happens ^_^

  15. Tawny says:

    ~Oh my! Noah sure gets into trouble. He’s going to be a handful as a teen! But oh my bejezzus hes so HAWT! I shall always gawk over him and his good looks along with all the other Noah luvers!
    ~Everyone says how cute Luke and Phea are together but she’s obviously taking advantage of him. She knows that he likes her and she’s using that to get what she wants. I do wish to see her snobby side alot though.
    ~I feel inclined to say how happy i am that i get my own family tree back! Tonks kept updating it and it ummm bugged me a bit. I know she was being helpful but i was the one who created it so ya. Or maybe she will continue to update it even though she is banned-ish. Anywho….
    ~Hope there is more on the twins next chapter! :O Christmas special? Like christmas decorations at the terry household? Presents? Holiday cheer? All that good stuff? Sounds great to me. 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Yes, he sure does! He likes the thrill of doing things others are too afraid to do. But the way he does it takes it to the extreme and now that he is a teen? Oh boy… Ha ha ha, yes, he is. He’s quite the little cutie ^.^

      Hehehehe, we shall see 😉

      Ah yes, the family tree. 🙂 Update it whenever you get the chance Tawny ❤

      Yeah, I would like to show more of the twins, but being babies it's hard to pay attention to them XD I'll make sure to take lots of cute pictures of them for the Christmas special 🙂

      Great! Glad you like the idea 😀 ❤

  16. Callie says:

    oh. hi Noah.



  17. huffletuff says:

    I’m pretty sure Noah will be heir just because he’s so hot.

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