Chapter 5.15 – Tough Times Try to Pass

Luke’s Point of View

“So, no matter what you said she still said no?”

I sighed, “Yep, no jungle gym. She said something about it being too expensive. Pass me the red block?”

She tossed it at me, pouting “It’s really not fair. I mean, the grown-ups go to a job to get money. How can they say they can’t buy it? Jobs give you money, money buys toys! It’s simple algebra.”

I rolled my eyes at her, “We’re in 6th grade? What could you possibly know about algebra, besides how not to spell it?”

“HEY!” she shouted “I’ll have you know I’m the top speller in our class, Luke! Who got an A? Not you!”

I just ignored what she said; I have other things on my mind.

“Phea, uhm… can I ask you a question?”

She nodded.

“Why is it that your daddy and mommy are together, but mine aren’t?”

She stared at me, and stared at me some more. She kept trying to figure out something to say, but nothing came out of her mouth when she opened it up. I know it’s a pretty big question, but I don’t know who else to ask. It just bothers me, is all.

“Luke, you- I mean- … Hey, there isn’t any reason to get sad about that, right? Maybe your dad is like, an astronaut, and he went on a mission to Mars before you were born. SO, that means he’s been in space and never had any chance to contact you.”

I just looked at her, and then shook my head. I’ll give it to her for trying. I know for a fact my dad is not an astronaut. My mom would have told me that, right?

“Besides, you can just borrow my dad in the mean time. He’s cool in a dorky way.” she giggled, knowing her dad was standing at the door.

“Hey…” he pouted “I can be cool…”

She grinned up at him, “Then you’ll let us stay up?”

He laughed at her, “That’s not happening. Come on you two, time for bed.”

I strugged my shoulders, “It was worth a shot, Phea.”

Jed’s Point of View

Pffft, trying to pull one over on me? She reminds me of her mother… Even Ana got in on it, and started showing me the puppy dog eyes and letting some tears loose. What do they take me for? I’ve learned to be strong with this type of stuff! I’m the enforcer dad now!

“Pease dadee?”

I need to get out of this room, before I give in!

“Good night girls, Daddy loves you.”

I followed Luke into the boys’ room. I thought I’d say good-night to Noah, even though his good-night back sounded like a muffled groan. Teenagers… I tell yah.

When I got into the room though, Noah wasn’t in his bed. That’s really weird, because I could swear he told me he was going to bed at least 3 hours ago. I even saw him go into his room!

I turned to Kim – who was putting Nix to bed – and I asked her if she had seen Noah at all today.

“Well… he came home from school, and then I saw him come into his room and never come out. I just assumed he went off to the bathroom when I wasn’t looking. Why something wrong, Jed?”

Oh yeah, I’ll say something is wrong alright! If Noah isn’t in his room, that means he’s not even in the house. Gosh, not AGAIN! Why does this boy insist on not listening to us? This is the 3rd time he’s found a way to sneak out. Last time we got a call from the neighbors saying he let off firecrackers in their lawn- What’s he doing now?!

“MAKENZIE!” I yelled “Noah’s gone… AGAIN!”

Kim gasped, “Are you serious?? That kid just doesn’t learn, does he? Still waiting on that apology Jed. Admit it, it’s impossible to keep Noah in the house!”

I glared at her, “Oh would you just hush your face?!”

She laughed, “Just saying is all.”

Makenzie’s Point of View

Jed called my name, telling me Noah was gone. My first and only reaction was to slam my head down on the table and let out a loud groan. It’s tough to not just give up on him, and crawl in my bed and cry! That’s the old Micki though; the new Micki wants to do something about Noah and his not listening. It’s just so much easier to give up though…

Before I had the chance to reply, I heard this loud crash and then screaming!! What the?!

I scrambled to my feet, and then darted out onto the landing outside. The moment I saw my son, and his stupid friends; all I felt was RAGE!

“NOAH, what did you do?!”

They freaking crashed the car into the fence! Were- were they drinking!?

Noah shouted, “That was the most insane party ever! Let’s freaking crash the car again! WOO!”

“Duuuuude, there’s a lady watching us.” The one in the red stated “Shhhh…. be quiet, maybe she’ll think we left.”

Think they left?! My CAR is in now part of my LAWN!

“Ohhhh…” moaned the one in the black “I needa lay down, or sumtin. The trees keep spinning, and that-that house looks like it’s ’bout to tip over.”

“SHHHHH! She’s getting really close! She could- could… wait what happened?”

Yup, it’s clear as day… these 3 are wasted!

“No-Noah… why is your mom looking like angry?”

“She’s just playing, don’t pay her no mind! Oh, and you guys need to stop complaining ’cause this is awesome! You’re awesome, that car is awesome, that tree is awesome-

“-Oh god… I think I’m gonna hurl…”

I couldn’t take watching this for another second! All three of these boys are morons! What the heck were they thinking, going out and getting drunk? Then driving while drunk?! I always hated alcohol, it never did any good! It only caused people to get hurt, either physically or mentally. If anyone should know… it would be me.

“Noah, how could you do this?! You’re just a kid! I’ve told you 100’s of times that drinking is bad for you, why would you go out and do that? Don’t give me that lame excuse that it was a dare either. I swear Noah; give me something better than that crap!”

“Heeeey, mom! You’re funny… did you know you were funny? Ha ha ha!” he slurred, barely keeping his balance.

Not the answer I was looking for…

At the same moment I was trying to lecture Noah, the boy in the black sweat-shirt took off running. He was screaming something about me going to kill him, and then he darted down the road. The other one passed out with a bottle of booze next to him. This is getting ridiculous!

“Noah, you need to get your friends inside the house right now! I don’t need the neighbors calling the cops on me because one kid is passed out while the other is running down the street shouting that I am going to murder him!!”

“I… uhh…” he covered his mouth, trying to hold back something from spewing out. Oh god, please don’t throw up!

“Noah are you alright?”

“I feel rweally funny. I think Ima juss go to shleep now…”


Before I had a chance to say anything else; he was already on the ground out cold. I screamed for Jed, and he came running outside in his Pj’s. Everything just happened so fast, I could barely wrap my mind around it!

The first words out of Jed’s mouth were, “MY CAR!”

“Uhm yeah… what about the two kids passed out on the lawn!?

“Oh… them too!”

Yeah nice save.


Noah’s Point of View

God, I’ve been in bed all day long. Whatever I drank, and however much I drank; did me no justice. I have a severe hang-over. I’d give anything for a bottle of aspirin right about now, but I’m afraid to talk to my parents. This is Peter’s fault! Why did he suggest we play beer pong at his uncles’ house?! It’s freaking 20 minutes away! If we did it at his house, then I could have walked home, and not crashed the car. I forgot everything that happened last night; except that.

After a while though, my dad came in the room. I knew it was him because he always creaks my door open like that. Also there was that, and he said my name. What? I’m still trying to recover…

“Noah, your mother and I want to talk with you out in the dining room. Get your drunk butt out of bed and come on.” he sighed.

I groaned; my words muffled into my pillow “I’m not drunk, I’m hung-over.”

“I don’t care what you are, now GET OUT OF BED!” he shouted, then repeatedly clapped his hands “Chop-chop!”

I shot upright, throwing my hands to my head! Oh dear god, that hurt like crazy!

“FU- You did that on purpose!! You know I have a hang-over!!” I screamed, throwing my pillow at him.

He just started busting up laughing! The nerve!

“Yeah, well that’s what you get for crashing my car!” he laughed again “Now get out of bed before I SCREAM EVEN LOUDER!”

Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow OW OW!!!

I quickly stood up, “You’re messed up, Dad.”

“Oh you mean like my CAR?” he retorted back “Then yeah, I’m pretty messed up. That was an expensive car you totaled!”

“It was an accident; I didn’t even know what I was doing. And would you stop cracking up? It’s not even funny! You really made my head hurt worse!”

“Oh, I’d say it’s pretty funny. Otherwise I wouldn’t be laughing.” he chuckled.

“How long are you going to keep this up?” I sighed, becoming annoyed.

“For as LONG AS YOU HAVE A HANGOVER!” he shouted, laughing again.

“UGH, would you stop?! Let’s just go out in the dining room and get this over with!! Mom’s probably already getting annoyed by the wait.”


God, do I really deserve this torture!?

I slammed myself down in the chair, slouching slightly. I was only out of my room for 3 minutes and I was already day-dreaming about being back in my bed. I was tired, and my head hurt… I just wanted to sleep.

I sighed, “So I’m guessing this is about the car. How long am I grounded this time?”

It was easier to just get to the point. Maybe I can be in my room sooner…

“Well yeah… “My mom started “But this is not about how long you’re grounded for, because I and your father both agreed that doesn’t do anything. We could ground you until you graduate, and you’d still find trouble.”

“Soooo…. what’s this about then?”

“We both decided that we think you should get a job. Noah we’re sick and tired of how destructive you’ve been over the last year. We can’t take paying for all these damages! We have to fix the car, the neighbor’s lawn, the school library?! Either you get a job, or we’re going to enroll you with some sort of private tutor, and we’re going to keep you under our surveillance 24/7. Would you like feeling like a prisoner, Noah? ‘Cause right about now, you’re not leaving us with many options.”

I just stared at the both of them. They’re not serious?

“Noah, we’re not joking.” My mom added “We think you should take responsibility for what you destroy!! We can’t just let you do those things, and not learn a lesson. Just you wait and see. Once you have to pay for things, you’re going to think twice before destroying it!”

“I just do that stuff for fun! I don’t mean to destroy stuff, it just happens! What’s getting a job going to do?! I don’t care what anyone says, I like doing crazy stuff! It’s just who I am!”

They both exchanged glances, giving one another a sly smile.

“This discussion is over. You’re getting a job, that’s the end of it. You can go crawl back in bed and fight off the rest of your hangover now.” My dad chuckled.

Why do they think this is some big joke?? Screw them!

I screeched the chair back, “You know what?! FINE, I’ll get the fu- stupid job!”

I stormed off to my room, and then slammed the door shut. A JOB? You know what, whatever. It’s not like it’s going to stop me from doing what I love. I’ll give them credit for trying though…

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed up Dash. We shall see who teaches who…

“Hey, man. I got a really good idea of what we should do next…”


Luke’s Point of View

Even though today was a school day, my mommy told me to just stay home and we would spend the afternoon together. She had off from work, and she said that we never get to just have a mother-son day. I guess she’s right. We really don’t. Plus this is my chance to ask her what I’ve been trying to all along…

“Thanks for taking me to the park with you mom, and for buying me the big ice cream at lunch!

“Hey.” she smiled “It was my pleasure, baby-cakes! Sometimes I and you just need to have some time to do stuff together.”

I nodded, and smiled at her.

“Since we are alone, do you think I could ask you something? It’s sort of important…”

“Of you can course Luke! Ask me anything.”

Well, here goes nothing.

“Mommy, I was just wondering. You know how Phea has a dad in her life? And how Uncle Jed and Aunt Micki are married? How come you aren’t with my dad? Where is my dad?”

She just stared at me. Her eyes grew really wide, and she looked a little scared.

“Y-your dad?!” she gasped “Well, he… uhhhh…. he d-died?”

My eyes began to water, and it felt like someone just ripped a big whole in my chest. He DIED?! All this time I’ve been wondering, and dreaming about my father. That I’d see him come to my doorstep, and wrap me in a big hug! That can never happen…

“How come you never told me!?” I cried out, tears coming down my cheek.

She wrapped her arm around me, and then cleared the tears from my face.

“I’m so sorry hunny. I just never knew how to come about saying it. Are you mad at me?”

I stared straight ahead. At first I didn’t know how to answer that. I mean, should I be mad at her? She kept a giant secret from me, that I should have known my entire life. I just always assumed he had left. I never knew he actually died…

“Luke, I’m sorry! I just didn’t want to hurt you.”

I stared at her, “It’s fine… I just think we should go home now.”

She nodded her head, “If that’s what you want to do.”

Honestly? I didn’t know what I wanted to do…


Phea’s Point of View

Even though Luke didn’t come to school today, I was still going to make the best of it. It was weird though, because I never been at school when Luke wasn’t. He helped me throughout the entire day with things I needed, and helped carry my books. It was tough doing all that myself!

I took a bite of my hotdog, “Yuck! This thing needs more ketchup! Luke-… oh wait.”

I almost forgot that Luke wasn’t here that fast! I really do everything with him! So, I had to try my chances with someone else.

I turned to the boy next to me, “Hey kid? Do you have any ketchup? It would mean a lot to me if you gave me yours.”

Before looking at me he shouted “NO, get your own!” Then once he faced me he said, “Oh… I mean, sure of course!”

What the heck was that?

“Uhm, thanks a bunches!” I smiled wide, taking his ketchup from him.

The entire time I ate, he just stared at me with this stupid grin on his face. Like, hello?? Trying to eat here!

I spun around after I finished my food. I was about to go take off to play with the other kids, but he stopped me.

“Wait!” he shouted “Is-… Is there anything else you want? Y-you sure are pretty…”

I was a little taken back by what he said. He thought I was pretty? I never heard a boy say that before. They always just made faces at me or tugged at my hair! Luke always made them go away though. I miss him being with me.

“Uh, thanks for the offer. I’m good.”

“Are you sure? My friends and I could hold your books or something. We just never had the chance to ask. My friends were chicken, cause they thought you were pretty too.” he blushed.

“Well… now that you put it like that.”

Oh I could so get use to this…


Qiana’s new trait is Lucky

Phoenix’s new trait is hot-headed

Thanks for reading! So Noah went off and got drunk with his friends. His parents told him he had to get a job, because he needed to learn the value of a dollar sign. Though we can only wonder if that will help at all… Luke is wondering about his dad, and Kim told a lie in a panicked state. The lie has Luke hurting really bad now, and Phea is learning she likes boys’ attention… this could only end swell, eh? 😉


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  1. Deanna says:

    First comment! Yay! =D

      • Deanna says:

        Yesh for more Noah! =D ❤

        It's gonna come as a shock to Luke when he finds out the truth. Poor Kim. D=

        Phea phea phea…. Where to even begin with you…. XD You are going to end up spoiled rotten by all these guys fawning all over you. xD

        Ooh! Qiana and Phoenix are cute. x3 They grew up nicely. =3

        Noah does the most hilarious stuff. xD ❤ Though, lovin' how Jedself got back at him. XDD Gotta wonder what Noah's gonna do now, though. =D

      • Spongey says:

        Of course! I decided since I’m taking it slow, I’ll just show bits of all the kiddies and what’s going on with them.

        It was a panicked answer. She didn’t know how to tell a 12 year old who his father was!

        Ha ha I know. She’s likes the attention XD

        I know right?? They’re so adorable! 😀

        Yeah, he is quite funny. It’s really his personality that makes him that way XD LOL! Yeah, it was classic ;D

        We shall see! Hehehehe =3

        – Jax

  2. Tawny says:

    Oh Noah… *sigh* Why do you have to learn things the hard way?
    Oh no! Now Luke thinks his dad is dead! Its better than the truth but the truth will eventually come out.
    Hmmm…..I dont like manipulation. I dont like Phea. :/
    Great chapter Jackie/Spongey(Jax)

    • Spongey says:

      Because he’s thick-headed! Haha. He has to learn the hard way.

      Yeah 😦 That’s not good… and you’re right, the truth always comes out!

      Yeah, she doesn’t seem like such a peachy girl, eh?

      Thanks! And call me Jax ^_^

      – Jax

  3. SimLover0510 says:

    Loved it! Can’t wait to see more of the twins but at the moment my favorite is Phea! I can already see Luke getting jealous at the other guys and them ending up together! Awwwwww ❤

  4. Jeremina5 says:

    Oh goodness…. Micki and Jed have their hands full. I have a feeling Noah is going to end up in military school. Good luck guys!
    I also foresee Kim’s lie biting her in the butt….
    On the plus side, all the kids are gorgeous. Quiana is going to be a stunner! I love the black hair and purple eyes!

  5. wolfmania98 says:

    I loved loved LOVED this chapter!
    Noah Noah Noah… what are we going too do with you.It makes me lol, cus he acts in exactely the same way as someone I know. Jed is one of the best dads EVER! I was laughing at him and Noah. That is a harsh punishment, but he does deserve it.
    Luke D: It was touching, how Kim wanted to help her son, and herself, but ended up making it worse… maybe? I can just forsee Jeremy coming, and Kim having to tell the truth. Im starting to like Luke more and more
    And PHea… shes going to use her prettiness to her advagment now…

    • Spongey says:

      Thanks wolf! =3 ❤

      Lol, who knows? He's just a crazy boy, who thinks he can do what ever he wants. Ha ha I know right?? It was awesome XD It's the best way to get back at someone who goes and does that!

      I know 😦 That poor Kid ❤ He's eventually going to find out. Everything comes out in the end…

      Yup, you got that right… nothing good could come from that either.

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    Oh woww…Noah, I knew it could get bad, but not THIS?!?! That is just…insane…
    Awww…poor Luke ): I know it’s hard to hear that kind of stuff, but if he ever knows the real truth, he’ll understand why his mom lied to him XP
    Oooh(: Phea’s starting to like the attention of boys! 😉 I wonder where this is going to go, especially since she’s a snob…(:
    Qiana and Pheonix are so cute! ❤ Hope we'll be seeing them more the next chapter! 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Well, it’s too be expected with how he is. He may be a thick-headed kid, but it makes for an interesting story 😉
      Yeah I know 😦 He’s so upset cause he always thought he would at least get to see his dad one day. Kim is just trying to spare him. Telling him that’s he’s dead is easier than the truth.

      Yup she is! 😉 She also likes the perks that come along with being pretty.

      Ha ha I know. They’re my duo. I have a special plot for the both of them. 😀 Ima do something different hehehe.
      Oh you will! It’s just hard to pay attention to two toddlers. Kids can actually do stuff =3

      – Jax

  7. Morgan says:

    “MY CAR!” “Uhm what about the two passed out teenagers on our lawn?” “Oh….Them too. I was dieing at that part. Honestly as punished ment to Noah I think miki should have told her wait happen to her. Just to say that achoal can ruin a person life in addition to gettitng a job.
    OH little Phea… learning that she likes guys attetinon i see LOL. I wounder how Jed will act when she has a string of guys following her home haha 😀
    Poor Luke I hope he isn’t to mad at his mom. It was alot better than the truth. 😦 But eventually I’m sure it’s going to come nip Kim in the butt.
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    • Jedidiah says:

      How I will react with all those boys lining up to see Phea? Oh easy! I’ll take ’em out one by one in my not so dorky way. You’d better believe it 😉

    • Spongey says:

      Well I thought it would be any guys first reaction! I based that off of something similar to what happened to my brother. He had my dads playstation 3 in his hand and he was bringing it outside because we were going on a trip. Low and behold my brother topples down some steps and wham goes the ps3. Instead of “Son are you okay!?” Nooo… he said “MY PLAYSTATION!!!” hahaha xD

      Yeah that would have been something to tell him… but that’s really hard for a parent to tell their child. Micki’s just starting to get in some self-control, it would be bad to bring that up already. She’s trying to move past all of that, and look forward. With the help of her lovely husband of course ^.^

      LOL NOT good I presume XD That’s his little girl! Don’t think he’ll like that…

      He doesn’t want to be mad at her, he’s just hurting because he really wanted to meet his father… though that would be worse than being dead.

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      • Spongey says:

        Oh Heather and him just moved out, and then was never heard from again. To get into everything, it would be a whole story in itself xD

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    poor luke but he would have to know someday:(

  22. Brennon says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me use Fraser in my story. I’m having fun writing about him, though he hasn’t done much yet. I changed his personality, he’s kinda dumb, in a good way. He’s also a bit creepy, because he tries to flirt with Shawn, when he knows Shawn isn’t gay. I have the first 3 chapters done, and 1.1 will be out December 30th.

  23. daisy. says:

    Noah -_-
    Loved the chapter, wish kim would just tell luke though

  24. auburn101 says:

    Noah is just going to get into more and more trouble! It’s crazy how he doesn’t want to listen to anyone but those crazy friends of his. I feel soooo bad for Luke! 😦 He deserves to know the truth, I’m sure he’ll understand.

    great update!xoxox
    happy holidays

  25. Liza says:

    YES! I got enough money for 3 EP’s and I got a cell phone!

    Merry Christmas!

    ❤ 😀 ❤ 🙂 😛

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