Chapter 5.16 – Unexplained Mysteries

Phea’s new trait is Commitment Issues.

Luke’s new trait is No sense of humor (guess that fits with how he’s been feeling…)


Ophelia’s Point of View

“What on god’s earth are you wearing, Ophelia?!” My dad screamed at me. His voice was so loud, he sent snoopy running out of the room!

“Geez dad!” I scoffed “It’s not that big of a deal! It’s not like I have everything hanging out!”

“NOT THAT BIG- Are you kidding me?! You’re wearing a MINI-SKIRT! Do you realize how easy it is for a boy to just-“


“I want you upstairs, and out of those clothes NOW! Change into something appropriate!”

“What?!” I shouted back “That’s not fair! How come I’m not allowed to wear what I want?? I’m not a little baby anymore, dad!”

“I don’t care! I’m your father, and you’re going to do what I say! I won’t have my daughter walking around like she has easy access!” he retorted.

GOD, he’s being so unfair! And seriously, did he honestly go there?

“Phea… the school bus is here.” Luke stated, as he stood in the entry way.

Thank god he said something! Now dad had no choice but to let me wear this. Otherwise I’d be late for school.

My dad turned to face him, “No, Phea is going to change. Go on ahead of her Luke.”

Luke sighed, “Phea has an important, uh, meeting a school with her… book club?”

After lying for me he just rolled his eyes. He can’t stand lying… but I really needed him to get me out of this! It’s my body and I should be allowed to dress it as I please! Humph!

My dad rubbed his temples, “You know what? FINE! But tomorrow I better see you dressing like a nun! I don’t want to see any signs of makeup, and I want you completely COVERED! Do I make myself clear?”


“I said do I make myself CLEAR?!” he shouted over top of me.

I glared at him, “Alright fine! Come on, Luke. We can tell when we’re not welcomed.”

Luke stared at me, “WE? Yeah, I beg to differ on that…”

I narrowed my eyes, “Just come on!”


Phoenix’ Point of View

Boy, Ophelia did something really bad this time! Dad never yells that loud unless she really did something to get him boiling. Just last week she thought it was cool to bring home these 3 guys. I never saw my dad’s vein pop out of his neck like that! So Ana and I think it’s better to say away from them when they are fighting, it just gets us all nervous.

“Ana, I heard the bus honk. I think we need to go now.”

She laughed, “And why is that?”

I looked up from the sand, “Oh, I don’t know, because we need to go to school??”

She smiled slyly, “No one said we had to ‘go’ to school. So technically, we couldn’t get in trouble.”

I groaned, “They’re going to notice that we are still here Ana…”

I love my sister, but she comes up with the craziest ideas. It’s like she wants to get me into trouble or something!

She giggled, “Oh my silly twin… that’s why we’re not going to stay here. We’ll go out exploring, and do whatever we want! It will be like an adventure!”

I just stared at her, “You can’t be serious?? What if we get lost? Come on Ana! Let’s just tell Mom and dad we missed the bus! I don’t want to get in trouble; I will seriously blame you, I swear.”

She gasped, “Don’t swear!

“Oh shut up, you should like dad now…”

She stood up, and then pulled me up to my feet! She didn’t even give me a chance to do anything. I don’t understand why she sees everything so vividly and amazing! She’s always trying to drag me around on her crazy little ‘adventures’. She can’t stay in one spot for more than a minute! Everything has to stay interesting or she loses, well, interest.

She looped her arm in mine, “Come on Nix; just think about how awesome it would be to spend the entire day doing what we wanted. Exploring the world, err, the town!”

I just sighed, “You’re not going to grow up to be one of those crazy tomb explorers are you?”

She laughed, “No I don’t really have a desire to chase mummies… you know… unless it was exciting! Oh my gosh, we should chase mummies!”

I blame myself…

I rolled my eyes, “I’m not doing that. I don’t care if you paid me…”

“Well, that’s okay! We still have an entire town that we haven’t explored, c’mon slow-poke!” she laughed, darting away from me.

Oh come on! That’s not even fair!

“QIANA, wait for me!!!” I shouted to her, but it was no use. She had already grabbed her bike, and was peddling it down the road! “GRRRR!!! She’s going to pay for this!!”

Qiana’s Point of View

Hehehehe, I knew that if I took off ahead of him it would make him wanna come. My lil bro just needs to know what living is all about! You have to do things, and explore places! You have to be willing to take a risk or two; just to see where you wind up. You never know what could happen! One day you’re playing in your sandbox… the next you save a baby from a burning building. What? It could SO happen…

“QIANA, SLOW DOWN!! I’m going to beat you up once I get ahold of you!”

I laughed at him, “You mean IF you do!! You can’t catch me!!”

We peddled around for at least a good hour an half. Nix kept being a big baby the whole time ’cause he said I was going too fast. Puh-lease! He doesn’t even know what fast is! I can show him fast!

After our little bike battle – which of course, I won – we stopped. The real reason I stopped though was because I heard this lady shouting. I’m curious; I haft to know what’s going on!

I whispered to Nix, “What do you think is going on?”

He turned to me, “I don’t know, but can we please go?? What if they catch us watching them?”

“Oh hush your face and eavesdrop like a man!”

“NO, Lewis… I’m not doing it!” the lady in the coat screamed at the man with the black hair. Guess that guy’s name is Lewis… I just learned something new.

“I’ve had it up to hear with you.” he blatantly said back to her “We’ve asked you nicely, now you’re just frustrating me.”

“Yeah.” piped the red head “You’re effing around, Marie!”

I looked at Nix, “Doesn’t ‘effing’ mean something bad?”

He glared at me, “What do you think?”

It was just a question… Geeze… 

“I don’t care anymore! I’m tired of the black mail!” she cried out!

The man, err, Lewis, clenched his fist, “You’re going to do what we say! I haven’t been through all this crap just so you can ‘think’ you’re done! WE own YOU!”

Okay, I know THAT is a bad word… and what is a ‘black mail’?

“Yeah sweet heart, you belong to Lewis and Greg. You really should think before you speak.” chuckled the red head, I mean ‘Greg’.

“NOW DO IT!” Lewis shouted “Or I’ll kill you myself!!”

Nix gasped, “Oh my gosh! They’re going to kill her! Ana lets get out of here before they notice us; I don’t want to get black mail or die!”

I just stared, trying to listen intently. This was so COOL! When does two bad guys ever just randomly pop up like this? We must be lucky to get to see this.

“5 more minutes…”

“WHAT?!” he shouted in a whisper “NO, not 5 more minutes! You’re crazy to think I’d just stay here after what he just said!”

“Then just leave. I’ll stay. This is too cool to pass up!”

“NO!” he shouted again “I’m not leaving my little sister here by herself!! Now come ON!”


Little brothers… such a pain in the butt!


Around 20 minutes later we arrived home. I still can’t believe Nix made me come back! I wanted to see what happened to that lady. Did she die? Did she live? It was like a live action movie!

“Ana, I’m just going to say this… You are a total NUT! Those men were so dangerous, why did you want to stay!?” my brother lectured me, giving me his death glare.

“Because Nix! When does something like that ever happen?! You see what I mean by going out and experiencing new things? We run into real bad guys, and they even threatened someone!”

His eyes grew wide, “That’s a terrible thing to say! That poor lady could be dead by now! We need to tell mom…”

I let out a sigh, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just excited is all. Things like this just make me wanna go out and do something about it!”

Nix rolled his eyes, “You’re not a cop, so please leave that to them. We’re just kids, Ana! We can’t go out and fight two grown men, we’d wind up dead and you know it.”

“Fine… we’ll tell mom. But let this just be known, this is the beginning of many, many, bad guys. We’re going to find them all!”

“Why don’t I like the sound of this?”


Ophelia’s Point of View

God, where are Mike and Billy? I told them to meet me after lunch so they could finish my homework for Math class! I’ve been waiting here for a good 5 minutes, and they still haven’t shown. What good is it to have boys around, if they are always late?

I mean, I already tried kissing this one guy for an English paper. I got a C+ on that. Guess you get the same grade on the paper as you do from the kiss.

I groaned, “THERE you two are! Here-” I shoved my homework at Billy “Next time, don’t keep me waiting.”

“Sorry Phea…” Billy sighed, while messing with his, well; I guess you could call it hair.

“Yeah, sorry babes.”

I glared at Jeff, “Don’t call me babes…”

“Yeah, don’t call her that Jeff…” Noah laughed sarcastically “People might actually think she’s in a relationship.”

“Shove it, Noah!” Jeff spat at him.

Serves him right! So what if I’m not into that whole… boyfriend and girlfriend thing. Most guys don’t want that anyways… they’re only looking for one thing. NOT that I would give it to them! I know my boundaries. Just got to keep them wanting… it’s the way you play the game.

“Yeah well screw you too buddy!” Noah snapped back.

My brother is such a moron, I swear it…

“Here.” Billy handed me my notebook “I copied all of my answers down for you. Anything else you need? I’ll exchange it for… a ‘peak’?”

“Whoa man!” Jeff growled “Don’t ask Phea that! She’s not yours, she’s mine. Right Phea?”

“Uhm, yeah… sure?”

God, kill me now. I hate it when they start fighting about relationship status. Will they ever learn I don’t want either of them? It’s not just these two either! It’s all the boys. They think they can just claim me because I kiss them, and let them feel my legs. Give me a break…

“You guys shouldn’t let her push you around like that. She’s not going to go out with you. Go ask someone who knows…” Luke scoffed as he walked by.

What was that all about?? I mean, I know he hates what I do… but he’s never snapped at me before!

“Dude, just chill out.” Billy growled “Don’t be jealous because I stole your girl.”

“DUDE, she’s MINE!” Jeff shouted.

And here we go again… But what did he mean by ‘stole his girl’. Luke and me are best friends. He doesn’t even like me like that… does he? No, that’s just crazy.

Jeff just continued laughing at Luke until he spotted this boy walking by. Actually, I think we all noticed him. I’ve never seen him around here before… was he new?

“Oh god…” Jeff chuckled “There goes the freak of nature. That kid doesn’t talk to anyone, and he is always mumbling about crazy stuff. I think he’s some kind of psycho.”

Psycho, huh? I’m sure that’s not true. Let me just work my Phea magic on him, and he’ll turn out to be just like every other boy.

“Excuse me.” I said, parting the two boys standing in front of me “Momma needs to have a talk with someone.”

“Aw, what the heck Ophelia? That guy is a nut!” Billy moaned. I just ignored them both and headed straight for the blue haired kid. I know I can get him to say something. I mean come on? It’s me!

“Hey, you! I’ve never seen you before, what’s your name cutie?” I giggled, and flirted.

“Why do you want to know?” he nearly whispered. His voice was low, and hoarse.

Whoa, okay… I never got that reaction before.

“Well… I see a nice guy, and I need to know his name. What am I supposed to say when I see you next time?”

“I don’t plan on seeing you again anyways. Can you just leave me alone?

“I thought- But you- Why not?”

This was the strangest thing ever! I never had a guy say something like this to me before. Was it something I said, or the way I said it?

“You wouldn’t understand.” he quickly sputtered out “Just… leave me alone.”

“Honestly, if it was something I did-“

“I said drop it!” he shouted “I don’t have time for you and your crap. Please… just leave me ALONE!”

He didn’t even give me a chance to say anything else. He just quickly walked away from me and around the hallway corner. I don’t get it! What was it that he didn’t like about me? I tried being as nice as I possibly could, yet he shut me down so fast. Also, what the heck wouldn’t I understand? God, this guy is going to drive me nuts! I haft to know more…


Low and behold everyone knows how much a moron my brother is, except for the dumb girls that fawn over him. For the past year he’s been working at this little clothing store, and my parents actually think that he’s gotten ‘better’. If they only knew what he really does? Throwing this beach party was entirely his idea, but I thought I’d tag along to see if Icee hair was here. I just couldn’t stop thinking about him at all this week! No matter what boy came up to me, the picture of him kept creeping into my mind. It’s not that I like him like that; it’s just the mystery behind him. What is he hiding?

Turns out about an hour after the party started he showed up. He didn’t dance, drink or eat. He just sat on a bench by himself, staring out in the opposite direction. I kept wondering if I should go over and talk to him but I kept getting butterflies in my stomach. The whole thing with him yelling at me played over in my head, making me wonder what I should do. I couldn’t help but smile. This whole situation with Icee hair made me all excited. I loved the mystery behind this guy.

“Luke, did he look at me yet?”

He quickly glanced over his shoulder then sighed, “No Phea. He’s not even looking in the same direction as you…”

I gave Luke a disgusted look, “What’s your problem lately? Why are you treating me like this?”

He looked away from me, “It’s nothing. Just enjoy the party…”

Like I’m supposed to believe that his attitude means nothing? I know him better than this; what is eating him so much?

Noah’s Point of View

God, I love parties. Drunken girls and lots of loud music! My parents think that since I’m with Phea and Luke that we’re out at one of her friend’s house watching this new movie. They’d never really trust me out by myself unless they know I’m at work. I’ve actually been on my best behavior this week because I didn’t want to do anything to get myself grounded. I was not going to miss my own party, that’s crazy talk! It’s been 3 hours of pure bliss, I’d be insane to miss any of this!

“Wow, so you’re, like, in 11th grade? That’s so hot. I love guys who are younger than me, it’s sexy.”

This girl is obviously not thinking straight; my favorite!

So, you said your name was Danni? That’s a pretty cute name.”

“Yeah, Noah!” Peter called out “Tap that!”

God, what an idiot… “Shut up, man!”

I turn back for one second, from shouting at Peter and this girl plants a kiss right on my lips! I only said she had a cute name, I didn’t know that was code for ‘Kiss me right now!’

The girl behind her had a look on her face that could kill someone. I don’t get it? Earlier they were both flirting with me, and one makes a move and then it’s time for someone to die? Ha ha, awesome.

“DANNI, what the heck?!”

“What are you doing?! I told you last night that I liked him, why would you go and kiss him?!” the girl shouted at her friend.

“Would you just take a chill pill? He obviously came onto me first! He said I was cute, you heard him!” she retorted back.

“God, you’re an idiot! He said your NAME was cute! I can’t believe you would do this to me, you’re supposed to be my friend!”

“Bro’s before hoes!”


I tried my hardest to get them to stop arguing. I mean I find it funny when girls fight over me, but I don’t like all that drama. Why can’t I find one girl that would just not do that?

As I continued to watch the party around me, and the two dumb girls bickering, I noticed this petite blonde girl. She was standing alone, and she looked like she had just watched a puppy die! Why was she so sad?

The more I stared at her, the more I wanted to go over there and talk with her. She seemed like she just needed a friend to talk to, so why not me?

I approached her, clearing my throat to get her attention. The second after I did that I realized there is music blaring and there was no way she would be able to hear me. Smooth, Noah… So, I just did the next best thing.

“Hey, names Noah!” I shouted over the music “Are you okay?”

She just stared at me. Her eyes were underlined with bags, and she looked like she had been crying.

“I-I-I’m fine.” she finally sputtered out between sniffles.

They say laughter is the best medicine so I decided to try and see if I could at least get her to smile.

“Hey, there is no need to be sad. I know my parties suck, but come on… cut a guy a break.” I chuckled.

She tried to force a smile, but the frown won. Well, at least she tried to pretend it was funny. I really do wonder what is bothering her. If there is one thing that makes me weak, it is seeing a girl upset…

You know how they say you can feel when someone is watching you? Well, yeah, that is SO true. I only glanced over my shoulder and those two girls were casting me these really dirty looks. Judging by their expressions I can guess they don’t like it that I’m talking to- Wow I don’t even know her name…

I turned back to face the girl. I was just about to ask her what her name was, and if she wanted to ditch this place… but seeing her even made me frown!

“Aw… please d-don’t cry.”

“I’m s-sorry. This was just a mistake…”

“What was a mistake? Hey, if you don’t want to be here anymore, we can go somewhere else if you want?”

“No, it’s just- I- Just forget it.”

Before I had the chance to try and persuade her to leave… the cops showed up!

“SHUT THAT MUSIC OFF!” the woman cop shouted “All of you, we’re bring you all to the station!”

“Don’t even think about trying to escape!” the man cop added in.



This is Lia’s daughter Amber as a teen.

This is Kaylee’s son Carter.

And this is her daughter Megan as a teen.

Thanks for reading! Ana is a care-free girl, who just loves to try new things. Her brother is the total opposite; hot-headed and is very cautious. I guess you could say, together they balance one another out 😉 So yes the twins came across these crooks doing something shady and that only sparked an interest for Ana… who knows where that will lead? Noah and Phea both found a mystery within two people. Though what those mysteries are? Only time will tell 😉


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    “Wow, so you’re, like, in 11th grade? That’s so hot. I love guys who are younger than me, it’s sexy.”

    This girl is obviously not thinking straight; my favorite!

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    “Yeah, Noah!” Peter called out “Tap that!” LMFAO

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      I know, right? Phea was really stunner. I played around with her look for about 20 minutes. I thought the hair style I picked for her fit her SO well. I had 2 or 3 others… but that one just stuck like glue. Ah, yes… Luke. Yeah you would never know that his father was a serious mental nut. Though remember, Jeremy was tortured and his own sister died in front of him at the hand of his father. He was mentalled unstable since that point in his life, he was born a normal child. So it doesn’t really run in his genes as being crazy. Luke had a good life with his mom, and everyone else. She treated Luke with the best TLC! 🙂

      Oh she says she has it under control, but we know a girl has a weakness once in her life. Let’s hope she doesn’t get caught up in something too horrible, eh? Ha ha, yeah… I played out two mysteries and the best part is only ONE can be unveiled 😛 I’m just amazing like that XD

      Ana could just be looking for adventure… criminal track doesn’t seem like her. Remember she said she wanted to ‘find’ all the bad guys. Ha ha yeah, he’s hot-headed though, like his great-grandma.

      LOL!! He hasn’t done anything yet! Remember he is a major flirt. He’s always hitting on girls 😛

      Seeee, I told you there was a lot for me to do! That school, and the party, and the twins… jeesh. I was burned out!

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      Ha ha I love long comments 😉

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      Yeah they are similar just in there own way. That’s why they butt heads so much, because they are so alike. Their stern over-powering personalities try to out do the next. Qiana is more of a… what’s the word… adventurous. She doesn’t want to get in trouble, just… she likes to try new things, and loves be excited. She’s not afraid to stick around for the climax of any situation, where as Nix… he wants to get the heck out of there before something bad happens. That’s why I said they balance one another out.

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    • Spongey says:

      Yeah is really pretty 🙂 She reminds me a lot more of her dad now that I see her as a teen. Maybe it’s the coloring, but all I see is him XD Ana isn’t seeking it more as she is just trying to find exciting new things. She’s just bouncy and full of life, where her brother is the total opposite.

      Lol yeah xD Poor Nix.

      Greg? O.o Uhm, Greg is just a bad guy. Heathers son was named Brent 🙂

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      Teen pregnancy? We’ll see… I wasn’t really planning on having one unless it really fits with the story line I have laid out.

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    Sorry Jax, I’m rambling. Me still feverish…

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah I thought you’d think that way 😉 Not like Phea listened, or will ever listen. She just thinks she can get by on looks, and that is just going to come back and nip her in the butt. She has a terrible mentality right now. Ha ha yeah, they’re fun 😉 I know I love Noah, but if he doesn’t win I’d gladly take my Duo heirs. Nix and Ana would be so fun to do! Plus I never did Dual heirs before. It could be interesting.

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    • Spongey says:

      Well of course! That’s his daughter, and any father in his right mind would do the same. Well… he ‘may’ be doing it for a reason 😉 Ha ha yeah he is ❤

      Yeah, but they aren't trying to be. Ana goes off, and Nix feels like he has to protect her… it's just how he is. He's Cautious and she's care-free. Plus they think they are each others older sibling, so it's a mutal feeling of trying to do better by the other twin 😉 Ha ha yeah, she could def. end up being something like that 😉

      Yeah, but that's just what makes her so interesting. If I ever have a perfect sim, that's the day I'll probably stop doing this legacy XD I could never, EVER go through an entire generation with someone who doesn't have even one flaw. It just makes it more realistic, and keeps peoples attention. 🙂

      Yup! This generation is my misfits. Not one of them is a goody-two-shoes, they are all trouble makers in their own different way. Ha ha your like the 3rd person to find that funny ;P Yeah but remember he's not the only one at that party! Luke and Phea are there too XD All 3 of them are going to get into trouble. Though Noah might get it worse than the other two because of his track record xD Yeah Jedself is sweet… until someone gets him angry!!

      Awwwwww….. *blush* To answer that honestly? I just randomly come up with this stuff. I've always had an active imagination since I was a kid, and through my legacy I can just make my crazy stories come to life =) It can be hard to come up with stuff at first, but once I get a hold of an idea… I run with it! 🙂 Thanks soooo much! ❤

      – Jax

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    • Spongey says:

      Ha ha, thank you so much! 🙂 It means I did my job right, if it’s hard to choose one ^_^ I try to give them all a fair shot at being heir. Next chapter will be when everyone chooses.

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    • Spongey says:

      Thanks, and I don’t know… I just haven’t been feeling it anymore. I try to make a chapter then I just go “eh…” I like doing serious stories now; more entertaining. I guess I could try to get a chapter together… if anyone actually still reads it XD

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    Noah… haha, he’s quite awesome. I don’t really like Ophelia. :/ But her story is interesting and I’m curious to know more about the blue haired boy.

    • Spongey says:

      Thanks so much Emy 🙂 Yeah she’s quite bubbly and adventurous. Yeah he is such a cutie-pie! 🙂

      Yeah Phea is a manipulator and she doesn’t want a serious commitment at all. Which is bound to cause a lot of problems and heart ache. 😦

      Well learning just a small truth about him? It’s sad what he goes through.

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