Chapter 5.17 – Dead End: Pt. 1

Author’s Note: I split the chapter into two parts to make it easier on myself. Sorry it’s so long, I have a TON to get across! Enjoy! Oh and my apologies if the chapters seem a bit bouncy. I’m trying to get everyone’s point across, and the time-lapse between certain advents may be a tad bit off. Once again; my apologies.

Jed’s Point of View

I was laying in my bed trying to sleep when all of a sudden my cell phone buzzed to life. I tried to ignore it at first but looking at the clock I realized it was nearly 4:30 am! Who in their right mind would be calling me so late??

So, instead of pushing it off any further I pulled myself up and out of the bed. Stupid phone…

I drug my feet across the carpet; it was like torture to be woken up this early! A man needs his sleep! I finally got over to that stupid phone, and glanced at the caller ID. It read that it was from this area, but I didn’t recognize the number.

“Who the?”

I placed the cell to my ear, “Hello?”

“Hello, can I speak to the parent or guardian of Luke Walker, Noah Terrey, and Ophelia Terrey?”

Oh gosh… what happened?!


The man sighed, “Mr.-“

“Jed. Call me Jed…”

“Hi Jed, we are calling from the AP police station. We found your children out at the local beach. They were out past curfew and there was illegal drinking being held. Ophelia and Luke were clean, but Noah had traces of alcohol in his blood. We’d like it if you came and got them now, we have at least 15 other children to attend too.”

I didn’t even give myself a chance to think; I just thanked the officer and grabbed a t-shirt from my dresser. I slipped into a pair of sneakers, and then made a beeline for the door.

“I’ll back be back, Makenzie…” I grumbled “I’m just gonna go kill our kids.”

“Mhm, yeah, juss don’t be late for bwreakfast…”

Oh for their sake they better hope not.

I got to the station around 4:45, and they didn’t let all of us out of there until closer to 6! They tell me on the phone that the kids are ready to be picked up, but no, they haft to make me fill out paperwork and ‘identify’ my kids. I’m in PJ pants and I don’t even know if my shoes match… how do they expect me to do all that at 5 am?!

If that wasn’t a big enough problems they weren’t even going to let Luke go home with me! I know I’m not his parent but he lives under my roof. His mother just happened to be in a place I wish I was; in bed. These three are lucky I love them… I swear I could of left them there if I wanted; could of got a full night sleep too.

“Daddy, I-”

“Not a single word Phea. I don’t want to hear a word out of any of you. When you get in the door go into the living room and sit on the couch. I’ll be in with your mother…”

After arriving home I got changed into my everyday clothes. I didn’t bother waking Makenzie until the final minute. She hates being woken up out of her sleep just as much as I do. I can tell you this, she was also just as angry as I was… err, still am.

Micki rubbed her temples, “I CAN NOT believe you three! A Party? Out past curfew?” she glared at Noah “ALCOHOL?!”


“NO, NOAH!” I shouted “For once in your life listen to US! We tried to be fair but you still go out and do as you please. We’ve warned you time and time again that your stunts are going to get you in trouble. Now you’re on record with the police. How does that make you feel?!”

He sighed, “A lot like the last two times…”

This boy – my boy – needs to be smacked upside the head! He got caught by the cops three times now! Gosh, where did I go wrong???

“Hey, though! You can’t just point the blame on me. Luke and Phea were at that party just as much as I was. You can’t single me out this time!”

“But daddy, remember that Noah was the one who was drinking. Plus Luke and I; this is our first time. We never do anything like doofus over here.” Phea gleamed; smiling brightly.

Noah scoffed, “Oh that is bull-crap!”

“NOAH!” I screamed “Watch your mouth!”

“Well it’s true!” he retorted “That’s like saying; oh he killed the man, but I was there to watch. Give me a break Ophelia. You are just as guilty as I am.”

“Noah you’re such a douche! Name one time that we ever do stupid stuff like YOU! Luke and I get good grades, and we are always at school.”

“Yeah I wonder why you get good grades. You dress up like a skank and have all your boy toys do your work for you! Don’t give me that holier than thou act Ophelia! You disobey dad every time you dress like a hoe.”

Phea gasped, “TAKE THAT BACK!! Luke, make him take it back!”

Luke sighed, “I’m not getting into this. I’ll just accept my punishment; it’s easier.”

Phea growled, “ARUGH! You know what-“

“ALRIGHT, that’s enough!!” I raged “Now I want all of you to get ready for school! Don’t even say another word to each other; I’m tired of all this fighting! You guys aren’t supposed to be fighting like this; you’re family for crying out loud!”

All three of them rolled their eyes and groaned. Yeah, I know they hate it when I’m the bad guy, but someone has to set them straight. When I say someone I do mean Makenzie and me. God knows I can’t do this alone… Teenagers… sigh

After I knew all the kids were out of the house I grabbed my wife; pressing her against me. I just felt so frustrated and confused, I needed to snuggle my wife.

“You did a good job, sweetie.” she smiled at me “I know it’s hard being a parent with a house full of teens.”

“Yeah, and it literally is a house filled with teens! Even our youngest two combine to make one! Imagine when they actually are one!I shivered at the thought. I wish they would just stay young forever. I wish I would stay young forever. It gets harder and harder the older you get…

“Just think, one day it will just be you and me again.” she laughed; kissing me softly.

When that day comes?? Ahhhh, pure bliss!!


Noah’s Point of View

Ever since that night I’ve been under my parents watchful eye. They won’t even let me go to the bathroom without them knowing first. Sure I screwed up… again… but it doesn’t mean they have to treat me like this! But honestly that’s beside the point right now. What has really been bugging me is that girl; the mystery girl. Everyday I wake up and images of her face outline every inch of my brain. I can’t do anything without thinking about her. It makes no sense what so ever! She’s just one girl… What is so special about her?! It’s driving me up the wall!

“That’s your math homework, right? Don’t tell me yes and then I get another call from your teacher Noah.”

For the love of GOD! I feel suffocated by them!

I didn’t even look up at him. I just nodded my head and groaned. Stupid dad… just leave me alonnnnne!

“Oh and don’t forget about your English paper. The one about the Victorian Era. Your teacher wants it double spaced and it to be about 600 words or more.”

I shot him a look, “Alright, dad.” I growled through gritted teeth.

“Oh… and take out the trash when you’re done with your homework.” he chuckled slightly, and then took a sip of his coffee.

I give up!


Qiana’s Point of View

To please my younger bro I decided to keep our epic adventures to a minimum. He was such a scared-y cat! Just because I want to explore the ‘possibly’ haunted house down the road, or rescue baby raccoons doesn’t make it ‘dangerous.’ It makes it exciting and freaking amazing!! Though I guess I can’t have everything my way… just yet. I only put it in his mind that this is it, but after our birthday, I have the greatest unexplored place YET!

The morning of our party came by quicker than I thought. Good going mother nature! Though we weren’t technically having a huge bash; it was just going to be my family. That didn’t bother me one bit though! I hadn’t enough time to be worrying about party guest and ‘cleaning’; my mind was on my latest adventure that was being held tonight!

Though I had to put my thoughts on pause for un momento, because when I saw my dad come home from work, I couldn’t help but bust out laughing! Was this his idea of a birthday present?? Ha ha ha! I LOVE it!

“Uhm, dad???” I questioned; stifling laughter “Is there something you would like to tell me?”

He sighed, “Yeah, yeah; I know. Just get out all the wise cracks now, kid.”

“No it’s not that…” I giggled “It’s just, do you need me to go get mom? Is this what they call a nervous break down?”

He glared at me, “I’m not having a nervous break down! I just- I was trying- …”

He sighed, “Your mother already knows…”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer! I just have to start laughing or I’m going to explode!

“Dad you look like the American flag!! Ha ha ha!” I laughed; clenching my stomach “This is the best birthday present eva!”

He mumbled, “Wasn’t supposed to be a present…”

After about 10 minutes of laughing and calling my dad an under-cooked French fry with ketchup, we finally all piled into the kitchen to sing Nix and I happy birthday. I couldn’t stop staring at my dad’s hair! Even when I was supposed to blow out the candles, I caught myself still giggling! I know it’s not that big of a deal, but come on! My dad has RED hair!! 

“Uh, dad?” Nix smiled “What happened to your hair??”

Noah smirked at him, “Oh didn’t you know, Phoenix? The red light on the traffic light broke-down, down the road, and dad decided to fill in.”

“Guys, leave your dad alone! Can’t you see his hair is embarrassed enough? ” Mom  laughed.

“Micki, you too?! Come on guys! It was a weak moment in my life; let it go already!”

“Not a chance!” Noah chuckled “It’s called pay-back!”

He narrowed his eyes at all of us, “Can we just get this party over with?”

Aw, my poor dad. He’s being tortured by everyone...


Nix’s new trait is Love’s the outdoors

Qiana’s new trait is Clumsy


Phoenix’s Point of View

I don’t care what kind of lies Ana tries to feed me; I’m not buying it! She obviously has something up her sleeve to push off any crazy schemes for this long. I know her too well; she’s like a bubble, she’s probably ready to burst.

I just glared at her for the longest time. I was trying to figure out what she was hiding. The way she would giggle at certain things I said or the way she avoided certain topics. She needs to tell me before I burst!

“Spill your guts! What are you hiding?”

She smiled smugly, “ME, hide something?? Pish posh!”

“I’m not stupid Qiana! I know you’re hiding something under that goofy panda hat. Now tell me or I refuse to do anything else with you!”

Threats work, right?

She gasped, “You wouldn’t dare! Come on Nix! You’re my amigo, and my twin! I can’t NOT do stuff with you. Would you separate Chip and dale, or Phil and Lil?! What about Tom and Jerry?”

“Actually yeah for that last one. Cat and mouse… is not a great idea.”

She scratched her head, “Uhm, Patrick and Spongebob?”

“Just tell me what you’re hiding!!” I snapped at her!

She was seriously beating around the bush…

She groaned loudly, “FINNNNE! You know what old water plant thingy? It’s like on the other side of town? I wanna go there; you’re coming with me!”

I narrowed my eyes at her, “Seriously, Qiana?? That place is probably infested with bugs, mold, and crap. I do mean literally when I say crap! You don’t know if sewage was dumped there!”

She rolled her eyes, “Come on yah big baby! I’ve been doing everything you wanted, now do something I want!”

I sighed, “Fine, but don’t expect me to touch anything…”

She grinned wide, “Yay! You won’t regret it!”

Of course I won’t… Just like I didn’t regret getting poison Ivy or getting stung by 10 bees!! 

When she said on the other side of town I didn’t think she meant that literally! We actually had to sneak my dad’s car keys and ‘quietly’ pull out of the driveway. She always makes me go out when people are sleeping. I mean, what if we get trapped in a well? Who’s going to rescue us, the squirrels??

“Next time we do something… I’m really not bringing you along.”

“Then you can’t classify it as ‘we’ shmart one!” She laughed; shoving my arm!

“Dear GOD! I’m driving numskull! Do you want to crash into a tree?!”

She shrugged her shoulders; “Could be fun…”

I’m going to die at a young age with this woman around me… I can feel it.  

After another few minutes of being in the car with Ms Risk taker, we finally arrived. She swung open the car door so fast and started booking it down the road! You would think I just drove her to a carnival or something!

“Come on slow-poke!! I got to see what this place is like.”

I trailed after her; trying to catch my breath.

“Slow DOWN! This isn’t a race, Qiana! There is plenty of moldy water for you to look at…”

My insisting and pleading didn’t stop her though. She kept me chasing after her up until we found this awfully long bridge. It was located over top of the running water, and if it broke… yeah, we would die. Not that Qiana cares! It’s like her ultimate goal to die someway no one else would. That at her funeral people will ask ‘How did she die?’ and they can honestly say ‘She was eaten alive by alligators…’

“Qiana for the love of god! This bridge looks like it’s 60 years old! I’m not crossing it…”

She smirked, “Yeah you are. You’re actually going in front of me!”

“Say what?! Uh-uh, no way!”

She literally pushed me in front of her and anytime I tried to get by she blocked me! Come on this isn’t even fair! She was the one who wanted to come out here; yet she makes me go over the never-ending bridge to our doom.

“I’m okay, I’m okay. The bridge isn’t going to break and send me swirling into the depth of the unknown…”

“Hey, don’t worry little bro!” Ana reassured “I’ve got your back!”

That’s what I’m more afraid of…

I took a few more steps, then out of no where I heard this god-awful sound! My feet froze to one spot and I swallowed.

Ana…I whispered “Did you hear that?!

She caught up to me, “Yeah I did. Let’s go check it out!!”

Is she a total nut?! I’m not gonna go chase after the creepy noises. I’ve seen what happens to people in the scary movies; they die!

“Come on, come on!” she shoved at my back “We haft to see what it is.”

“NO!” I shouted; now facing her “If you want to see what it is you go check it out yourself! Qiana, I’m sorry but I didn’t plan on dying tonight…”

“Humph, well fine then. Your scared-y self isn’t going to stop me. You’re going to miss all the fun though!”

Yeah, ‘fun’… where have I heard that 100 times before?

Qiana’s Point of View

I continued on further until I came across this small set of stairs. It took me a few minutes to get down them because they creaked and wobbled as I took each step. I didn’t need Phoenix to finish my adventure. It’s his own fault that he’s going to miss out on all the awesome that this place holds! I bet any amount of money I’m going to find something curled up and smelly in this room!

“You don’t know what you’re missing!” I shouted, before opening the rusted door.

“I do too!” he shouted back “It’s nothing!”


Okay, when I said curled up and smelly… I did NOT mean a dead body!!

“Okay…” Nix sighed at the doorway “Maybe I’ll just take a peek.”

“Uhm, I wouldn’t come in here if I was you Nix. There is a dead lady; Uhm, and we actually know her!

“This is what I was talking about!!!” Nix screamed, before taking off.

What the heck happened to this lady?? I got to find out more!


Authors note: Please continue on to part 2, thanks!


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  1. elizabeth says:

    FIRST COMMENT!!! 😀 Must read now!

      • elizabeth says:

        OMG! Dead lady?!!! :O That’s your cue to RUN, Ana! Holy guacamole, listen to your brother!
        Oooo, BUSTED! I hope Noah stays out of trouble for a little bit. He’s so cute though. ❤
        Ahaaaa! Jed's hair is so funny! 😀
        I loved this, can't wait to go read the next part!!! 😀
        P.S. Sorry I commented backwards, haha.

  2. Rainie92 says:

    Dead lady dead lady. . . Oh no im inteeged must go read more now XD

  3. Tonks says:

    Qiana. <3333

    Where did you get her teen outfit by the way? It's adorable. :3

  4. Brennon says:

    Its here! *dies*

  5. jaec52609 says:

    teens….will they ever learn?? idts……the twins grew up very well….nix is a cutie nd ana is gorgeous…i love her panda hat ❤ cuz i love pandas lol
    OMG a dead body…its tht woman them guys were talkin 2 when ana nd nix were bein nosey…..RUN if ur smart kiddies they might still be there

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah it was the same lady they saw a couple years back. They just had to run into her… err… well sort of =s. I know I love the twins, that’s why I could not seperate them. If one wins, I want the other with them.

  6. Jedidiah says:

    Gee… Phea! Trying to hide behind that innocent face! I can see she will be one of those “oh I’m too pretty to do chores” girls. *eyes roll*
    But yay for la twins! I mean.. no yay for finding dead lady… but yay for being Jedself’s good looking kiddos. XD

  7. Liza says:

    “I’ll back be back, Makenzie…” I grumbled “I’m just gonna go kill our kids.”
    “Mhm, yeah, juss don’t be late for bwreakfast…”

    LOL. I’m glad Phea and Luke didn’t drink. And, wow, Jedself is really good with the kids.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD LOL!! I love Jedself’s red hair! Midlife crisis= hilarious!

    Nix is so cute! And Quiana is gorgeous, though that clumsy trait might not come in handy when she’s adventuring!

    Oh no, it’s the lady! Ana, RUN.

    On to part 2!

    Great 1st part! I still don’t know who I’m gonna vote for though. 😉

    • Spongey says:

      Ha ha yeah I have to agree. He really is a great dad ^_^. LOL yeah every time I look at it, I have to at least giggle. It’s my reaction every time XD

      Thanks!! 🙂

  8. huffletuff says:

    Yay! So good!

    By the way, where did you get Noah’s hair? I love it!

  9. Zoe says:

    Jax that chapter was PHENOMENAL. I mean like with Jed’s red hair. Super funny! No offense Jed. And Noah. That boy gets in loads of trouble … , but I don’t mind. Qiana and Luke better get away. I mean a dead body!!!! That is all I’m going to say. 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Aw, thank you so much!*blush* Ha ha, I know right? I laugh every time I see it. ;D Yeah he does get in a lot of trouble, but it’s just his stubborn and thickheadedness. He seriously doesn’t like to listen. Maybe what happened to him will give him a reality check.

  10. Zoe says:

    Another thing. Nix is Hot!!!!!

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