Chapter 5.17 – Dead End: Pt.2

Authors note: Pt.1 continued; enjoy! Oh and I want to thank Jed for his lovely artwork skills on two of my pictures! They look so much better than what I did. Thanks buddy! 🙂


Earlier that same day…

Phea’s Point of View

Every day it was like torture! I’d watch as he’d brush by me in the halls, and not even recognize my existence! Time and time again I tried to get his attention but I just couldn’t find the right words to say. Anytime I even got close to talking to him I’d fumble my words and pretend to talk to someone else. It’s like those words he spat at me before were like a repellant. They played over and over again in my head and I just couldn’t quite shake the fact that this guy would do that to me.

“Icee hair- uh…”

This is exactly what I’m talking about! I open my mouth to speak and nothing but jumbled words comes out of it. He didn’t even hear me speak. He just continued walking down the hallway through the crowd of students. I just have to find out more about this boy! I don’t know who he is, what class he’s in, or even his name! No one knows him by any other name then ‘That freak’. To be honest I find it kind of sad. Why doesn’t anyone know Icee hair? The real question is: Who is Icee hair?

“So Noah you still planning on coming out with Dash and me?”

“I’ll try, man. It’s hard with my parents always watching me. They even check me while I sleep! It’s not fair if you ask me…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you out and they won’t know the difference.”

Have I mentioned my brother is a moron?

This was the day; I’m finally letting my curiosity get the better of me. I know it was wrong to follow him – and a bit stalkerish – but what other choice did I have? I couldn’t talk to him, he wouldn’t talk to me; this was the logical alternative to my situation!

I kept at a safe distance, and anytime he would look like he was about to look my way… I would turn away quickly and try to hide. Though he actually never did look, it was just my neurotic side getting the better of me. I just need to stay cool… and remember to breath.

Gosh this boy lives far! Hasn’t he ever heard of a bus? It would have made this trip a whole lot easier if I could have just followed him in a car. Yeah, I sound like a class-A stalker…

Eventually though we did arrive at his house. As he approached it though he walked slower and slower; it was almost like he dreaded the thought of even going there. I wonder why?  

I didn’t really see his problem though. The house was big, the yard was clean, and there were children playing on the on-site playground. What was so dreadful about living here? Was it because he wasn’t a big fan of kids? I mean sure they can be annoying… but that’s no reason to get all bummed over living with them. There sure were a lot of them though, and they all looked the same age. I don’t know if it was just me, but none of those kids even looked related…

“They look happy enough; I’m sure he doesn’t mind them.”

That’s what I told myself out loud, though my head was trying to persuade me otherwise. It’s kind of stupid to be all grumpy and mean to people just because of kids, right?

That’s when reality came crashing down. I was just about to give up and go home when this big lady came crashing through the door. She had this disgusted and angry look on her face and then she just started screaming! I could hear her words all the way over to where I was standing!!

“What did I tell you pieces of crap?! Get the heck inside the house, NOW! The social worker is coming for a ‘surprise’ visit and I want you all to be on your best behavior, you understand?!”

All the kids dropped what they were doing and just stared blankly at her. Heck, even I stared at her like that! Who is this woman!?

“What are all of you deaf?! I said get the off the ground and go clean!!”

I stared at the big lady, and then I stared at Icee hair. He was rubbing his face and groaning. Okay now I can see why he doesn’t like coming home and why he walked 3 miles instead of taking the bus. If I had to listen to that big oaf I’d do the same thing! But wait… does this mean that he’s an orphan? Oh my god… poor Icee hair… 

“GOD… One of these days…”

Then like lightning that lady moved across the yard and gripped up this small boy playing in the sand still. If I was that boy I would have just listened to her… I hope she doesn’t hurt him!

“What did I just say!? Get out of the sand you piece of crap! You’re cleaning extra tonight! Go scrub the kitchen floor; use your toothbrush!”

The boy just stared at her horrified; unable to speak. For a moment I thought he was even going to wet himself!

“WHAT, you don’t know how to speak?” she slapped him across the face “I said go clean!”

The boy rubbed his face, tears falling from his eyes. He tried to mumble something but it didn’t really sound like words.

She grabbed him by the shirt and slapped him again.

“You like pain, huh?! Does it feel good to not listen?!”

Then as if our minds connected Icee went over and did what I was JUST about to do.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE! He can’t understand you; he’s deaf you idiot! Not like you would ever know that. You don’t give a crap about any of us!”

He’s deaf? No wonder he couldn’t understand what she was screaming at him. That poor kid!

“Mason I think you are the LAST person to be telling me off right now!”

MASON! His name is Mason! It’s about time…

“Oh yeah like you have the guts to do anything to me, you fat lard! I’m so tired of all your crap and the way you treat these kids! One of these days you’re going to pay for what you did Margaret!”

“You call me Mrs. Harris you little prick! I’m not your buddy, or some drug dealer you get yourself involved with! Keep that first name crap out there!”

“I don’t sell drugs! Stop telling them I do that!”

“Oh yeah? Then you better keep your mouth shut and do what I say. You’re a sad excuse for a human being. No wonder you never got adopted. Your parents are lucky they offed themselves… they don’t have to put up with you!”

Tears threatened in his eyes, “THAT NEVER HAPPENED!”

She laughed, “Believe what you will, I don’t give a crap. Now go clean the house, I have an important ‘date’ tonight.”

I stood there speechless.

Yes, I wanted to find out who Icee- err… I mean Mason was, but now that I have; I wish I hadn’t. He’s treated so horribly, and so are the rest of those kids! I want to say something, but then he’ll know I followed him. How the heck do I do this??


Luke’s Point of View

I’ve been planning this day for a while now. I’ve tried time and time again to ask her to come clean with me, but she’d always just brush past it and move onto another subject. Not this time! I have her trapped in her room (of course not literally) and I’m not letting her get by me until she gives me a straight answer. I’m not a little kid anymore; I can handle the truth.

“Uhm, mom? I really need to ask you something; can you promise to tell me the truth?”

She sat up and just looked at me, “What’s wrong Luke?”

“Just promise me that…”

She nodded her head, “I promise.”

Well, here goes nothing…

“Mom, how did my father die? Also, what was his name?” A sigh of relief followed suit. It felt so good to get those questions out in the open.

She climbed off the bed so she could face me. Her eyes were filled with fear, and she kept avoiding looking directly at me. Here we go again! This was the same thing that happened when I asked about him last time!

“His name was J-jeremy Miller, and he was- He died by- Your father was killed.”

My dad was killed? Who would do such a thing to my father?! I never even got a chance to meet him and that jerk stole him from me!

“Someone killed my father?” I muttered out “Who?”

“Come again?” my mom asked.

“Don’t act stupid mom! Tell me who killed my dad!” I shouted at her!

I didn’t mean to shout; just everything about this was making me sick to my stomach. I didn’t know if I should be mad at my mom for still hiding secrets from me or mad at the person who took my dad’s life away.

“He, uh, died in a car crash. It was when I was pregnant with you…” she sputtered out quickly “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you-“

“Save it! I’m tired of your apologies. First you tell me my dad dies, then you forget to tell me about the part where he was murdered. Thanks a lot mom, you’ve been a TON of help!”

I didn’t even give her a chance to reply to me; I just bolted out of her bedroom. I had enough of this for one day.

Well, at least I liked to think I did. Though the more I thought about it the more I couldn’t get it out of my head. It was like torture with all the questions scrambled around. ‘How did it happen, When did it happen, and Who was the one who did it?’

So that night I snuck into the local library. I needed to search under deaths that occurred 17 years ago; more or less deaths that were caused by car crash. I searched for over an hour and I couldn’t find my dad’s name in the death records at all.

“Dang it!” I slammed my fist onto the keyboard “Why can’t I find you?!”

All I wanted was closure; to know the truth behind my father and his death. I couldn’t rely on my mother anymore because she just doesn’t want to tell me for some reason! I know it must have been hard on her to lose my dad… but I just can’t stop thinking about him.

Then out of nowhere an idea popped into my head. If I couldn’t find him under the death records, maybe I could find him in some old news reports. This town may be big, but it’s bound to list something as bad as a car crash that killed someone. So I entered in:

‘Jeremy Miller: Car crash – Appaloosa plains.’

The page came up with ‘no results found’. I wasn’t about to give up though. The next thing I tried was shortening my search.

‘Jeremy Miller – Death’

To my surprise something actually popped up. It was a recent news article. The title read:

‘Death Row or Full sentence?’

I scrolled down a bit; skimming through the information. It was talking about a man who was convicted years ago for torturing and raping women. They were holding a trial soon about if he should get the ‘death needle’ or not. There is no way that is my father. The name read Jeremy Miller. He had red hair, and dark blue eyes. I skimmed a bit more and a name caught my eye; Kim Walker. My mom was listed as a victim!?


Noah’s Point of View

Peter promised to help me sneak out but honestly I didn’t even need him. It wasn’t really that hard; I just waited until my parents did their routine check on me at night and then I snuck out of my bedroom window. It’s weird though, even though I was out at night I didn’t feel all that pumped and excited like I normally do. Sure I egged a few houses and spray painted “Wash this” on a car, but I was really just doing it to distract myself. My mind was still wrapped around that girl. I tried everything and anything to get the thought of her out of my mind, but no dice. Her face was permanently glued to the inside of my brain.

What’s even more mind boggling is that it seems like she just vanished off the face of the earth. I tried looking for her in school, but I can’t ever find her! What’s even worse than that is I don’t know her name! Those dumb cops took us all away before I had the chance to even talk to her.

“Aw man! What is wrong with you guys?! You gave me an already cracked egg, jerkholes!”

They both just started cracking up laughing. I don’t have time for this crap. I didn’t even want to be out here in the first place.

I guess the owners of the house heard me screaming, because just seconds after that I heard rustling inside the house and the door being unlocked! I can honestly say I never ran so fast in my life! Well, except there was that one time when that cop caught me trying to take that motorcycle? I’m never trying that again…

“GUYS!” Dash screamed “Wait for me!!”

“Every man for himself!” Peter shouted back at him.

Remind me again why I hang out with these two?

We kept running further and further away until the house was as small as a little dot. None of us got caught (thank god!) by the older lady that lived there. She did however see us taking off down the road. I guess I do feel sort of bad. I didn’t know an old person lived there; it’s going to be hard to clean that egg off in the morning! OH well…

“Did you see her face?! She was screaming so loud I could have swore she almost busted a hip! That was so much fun; we totally nailed that house!”

“Noah, you know what we should do next?!” Dash exclaimed “We should break into the school! We could pin up those pictures of Mr. Wilbur all over the lunchroom!”

“You’re talking about the one of the principle and the lunch lady making out? I don’t know man; I don’t really feel up to that tonight…”

Dash and Peter both gasped in unison. What? I’m not allowed to say no?

“Dude, come on! Since when do you EVER back down from anything? You’re Noah! You were the one who came up with the idea to joyride in your parents’ car and drink until we were drunk off our butts! You crashed a freaking car, and you won’t even pin up some pictures?”

“I got a lot on my mind. I’m not really in the mood for anything…”

Dash shook his head, “This is crazy! Dude, whatever is bugging you let it go. Is it a chick? I swear it better not be a chick…”

My face turned bright red, and I averted my eyes downward.

“It’s not a girl!!” I shouted “You guys are lame; I’m going home!”

Peter and Dash exchanged glances, “It’s totally a chick…” Peter sighed.

“Forget you guys!”

After that I stormed off down the side of the road. I didn’t have to take this from them. So what if I was thinking about a girl? That’s none of their business anyways!!

I took the long way home. I knew that when I got there anyways I was probably going to be in trouble. I’m pretty sure by now they noticed I was gone. I didn’t really care anymore though. What more could they do? Send me away? It’s not like I’ll change. I do what I do because I enjoy it, not because I want to get back at them. Alright, sometimes it’s to get back at them. I swear 85% of the time is just for pure entertainment. I like the thrill and the rush of doing things on the edge. Lately though, this stupid girl has been killing my mood. GOD, why won’t you get out of my head?!

I walked along the street staring down at my feet. I watched each step I took letting my mind wander where ever it pleased. About halfway home though, I had to stop. I noticed that the small store by the school was still open. I wonder if I begged her would she sell me some beer. I just need something to block my stupid thoughts.

I pushed open the glass door; the tiny bell above the door rang. I stood there for a second just looking across the way over to the lady running the store. She was sitting quietly in her little fold up chair reading a book. It’s funny, you’d think the sound of the bell and the feeling of another person in the room would have gotten her attention. Must be a really good book...

I guess it was up to me to actually get her to look up.

I cleared my throat, “Uhm, excuse me?”

She peered up from the book; sighing as she placed it folded open on the counter.

“Can I help you with something?” she asked through gritted teeth.

Well excuse me! I didn’t know it was that hard to sit in an empty store all night and read. Didn’t mean to interrupt your JOB or anything… Some people!

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, do you sell beer here?”

She scoffed, “What are you, like, 12? I’m not selling you that, I’d get fired.”

TWELVE?! I’m 18! The nerve of this lady! Besides it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be keeping her job that much longer anyways. She gets probably 3 customers a night and she treats them like garbage. What is her problem??

“I’m not some little kid; are you serious?? I just need something to get my mind off things. Not that I really have to explain that to you…”

“Look kid, I’m not selling you beer. Either you buy a soda like a good little boy, or just get out.”

Yeah I’ll buy a soda alright… watch where I throw it too.

I just gave her this dirty look then walked over to grab some popcorn. She really doesn’t deserve anything from me, but I was kind of hungry. Even if that lady was as sweet as a rainbow she still probably wouldn’t have sold it to me anyways. I guess it was worth a shot…

Though that’s not what was important anymore. My anger towards the lady stopped when I saw this strange man come into the store. He looked anxious and sort of creepy.

“Can I help you?” the lady sighed.

“Uhm, yes. You see I was walking along the side of the road and I saw that your store was open. It’s funny, normally I don’t go for places like this, but I thought to myself: What the?”

“Is there a point to this story? Are you going to buy something?”

“Now that you mention it; no, I’m not…” the man laughed, pointing a gun at the lady.

Wait a minute… A GUN!? Oh god please tell me this isn’t happening!

“Please!” she begged “D-don’t shoot! I’ll give you whatever you want!”

“I want you to keep your pretty little hands where I can see them, and quickly place all the money into a bag! Don’t tempt me to shoot you…”

I don’t know what part of me made me do the stupidest thing alive, but I did it. It was like I couldn’t even control myself, that my mind was one place but my body did something totally by itself.

I came out from where I was standing, and crept up close to the man. His focus was so in-tuned to her I could have easily slipped out. He didn’t even know I was there to begin with. But no, not me, I had to try and be the brave idiot…

“Get away from her!!” I shouted.

He got startled from my screams, and for a split second took his guard down. The lady hit the emergency button behind the counter, causing a loud alarm to go off. Any minute the cops would show up and this guy would be-

BAM! His gun went off. The lady stood there for a minute holding onto the spot where she was shot before falling backwards behind the counters.

“She shouldn’t have done that; now I haft to kill you both.”

He turned towards me, his gun pointed directly at me. I was staring down the sight of his barrel; unable to move. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster in my chest. My breathing became shallow and sweat was forming all over my body. Was this it? Was this man really going to shoot me?

“P-p-please… I swear I won’t say-“

BAM! Another shot fired… only this time, it was at me.

I looked down, placing a hand to my side. I could feel the bullet inside me, and the blood begin to pour out of me. I held my hand tight against my side, trying to stop it from coming out.

Though the harder I tried, the more blood that came out of me. I began to feel very cold and the room around me was becoming blurry. My breaths were forceful and hard to take in, and I was getting so lightheaded.

The man that shot me just stared at me; his face emotionless. It was like everything around me was going in slow motion. Each second that passed felt like a lifetime.

I tried to stand, to hold my ground… but I just didn’t have the strength anymore. Any energy that I had was quickly draining from my body. I felt my knees buckle from under me and I fell to the ground. The pain of my body hitting that floor coursed throughout me. I groaned in agony, begging the man to help me.

He didn’t do anything though. He just stood there, watching me die. After another second of staring at me, he bolted for the door. I lay in a pool of my own blood, watching him run as I slipped into darkness.

Thanks for reading!! Okay so I pretty much left a cliff-hanger for each child. Now it is up to you to decide who you want to continue on with the next generation! Remember this: My stories can go ANYWHERE from here. I just want you guys to take that into serious consideration! There are secrets behind each storyline! 😉 Oh and remember, everything I do is leading to another part of the next heir’s story! 🙂



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  1. elizabeth says:

    Jax…. why do you have to make this so hard on me?? Now I have NO IDEA who to vote for!!! You are EVIL! 😉
    Seriously though, why did you make them all so good? I’ll never be able to decide now… Lol. 🙂

  2. Rainie92 says:

    No Noah he dosnt and must not die 😦 I love all there story lines but only two really have me gripping on to my seat hmmm I’m going to go think about what one I prefer hehe 🙂 great job on all of them tho they are all really great XD

  3. Morgan says:

    i have like no words. Each of their storylines are amazing and I wish we could follow all of them. I had no idea that mason was an oprhen or the crap he goes threw, Phea sure will have her hands full. And Noah, I just new this ‘indestrectable attuidue would come and bite you in the butt. Nix and Quania my oh my. What are they going to do with each other. Poor Luke finding out the truth the hard way. I just hope he forgives his mom for keeping this from him. Great chapters 🙂

    • Spongey says:

      Thank you very much! 🙂 Yeah Phea just had to be curious and not leave it alone… now she found out a very tough truth. It’s true. Though tech. he didn’t do anything to cause this entirely he should have never been out in the first place. His dad and mom warned him over and over that it would come back and nip him in the butt. LOL yeah they are the total opposite of one another, yet they work together so smoothly XD I love them together so much. Plus what they found! Dear god… how are they going to explain THIS one? O.o

      Ah yes 😦 Poor Luke. He’s already mad at his mom, this is just adding more onto that anger.

  4. Tonks says:

    SO HARD! I want to see where it goes with Qiana… And I want to see where it goes with Noah… And if I vote for Phea, I’ll see what happens with Luke and all that! NOO! You make this so hard on me Jax. 😡

  5. Brennon says:

    OMG best chapter you’ve ever done, both parts together. Jed’s hair!

  6. jaec52609 says:

    poor mason 😦 i still wouldve got in her face if i was phea…..mason should tell the social worker all about tht horrible woman…….kim shouldve tld luke hes old enough now…sure no kid wants 2 have a parent like jeremy, but he shouldnt of had 2 have 2 find out by the computer…..*sigh* kim i understand where ur comin from but come on hes locked up for good most likely gunna get the needle, u shouldve tld him cuz now hes gunna be pissed tht u kept everything from him…..


    • Spongey says:

      Oh it’s too late now, he already found out the wrong way. He’s going to be beyond furious, and a tad bit shocked as to how he was really born 😦 Yeah but that wasn’t Phea’s buisness and now she knows about it… she doesn’t know what to do.

      ❤ I know 😦 My poor Noah!

  7. Jedidiah says:

    Very intriguing choice you got there, Spongerita. Mhm… I know you won’t let your baby die that easily. XD But I do want to see Phea getting off her high horse and stick up for the common people for once and not run and get Luke to do her dirty work. Come on Phea, grow up! :p

    • Spongey says:

      No, I probably wouldn’t… but what is my cause for him getting shot? *rubs chin and ponders* ;P Yeah a lot of people want to see that happen XD She’s just a snobby little princess 😛 *No offense to you simkid*

  8. Liza says:

    Poor Mason. 😦 And poor deaf kid.

    NOAH! Will you ever learn!

    I’m writing this as I read, and I instantly regret saying that. NOAH! Gooo Noah! Beat up that meanie!

    NOOOO! Noah, don’t dieeee! i HATE that meanie man.

    Sponge! Noooo! Cliffhangers will be the death of me.

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    I have no idea who to vote for!
    If I vote for Phea I’ll probably get to see some of Luke’s story too.
    But Noah’s finally get a reality check and I want to see him find that girl… plus he’s hot…

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah it’s not the easiest descion in the world. This getting shot is definately a reality check for Noah. Yesh, he is soooo hawt @_@

      Then you’re right… at the same time Phea and Luke’s story could be interesting.

  10. Emy says:

    Hmm…. interesting choice… *strokes imaginary beard* Aaaah! Cliffhangers everywhere, you evil girl!! 😮 ❤

    I think I know who I'm going to vote for. 🙂

  11. Zoe says:

    Sniff… Noah! Why couldn’t you stay home. I don’t want you to die. Okay a little better now. Jax another great chapter. I feel bad for Phea and Luke! Phea shouldn’t have to see that. It was sad. And Luke. Poor Luke. I started tearing up for his story. He should really know who his Dad is. Now time for the heir vote and I already know. Bye!

    • Spongey says:

      Thanks Zoe :3 Yeah I know that poor boy. He only wanted to know who his father is, but, that’s the thing… now that he knows? That’s going to be a very tough truth to grip on to.

  12. Zoe says:

    Oh and Jed did a great job with the pictures. 🙂

  13. nahshona says:

    I can’t even get the words together tosay how excellent the last update was! I was on the edge of my seat towards the end when Naoh was shot. He really shouldn’t have done that. Maybe now he’ll learn to tone down his daredevil trait.

    Poor Mason, my guess is he probably thinks Phea is a real airhead and that’s why he doesn’t want to talk to her, and I wouldn’t blame him with what he has to put up with at home. Phea will have to work hard at showing him there’s more to her than just a pretty face.

    I hope things work out for Luke, although I can’t imagine how he would feel after learning the truth about his dad from the internet. I know his mom is only trying to protect him, but it would be better to hear about something like that from Kim directly. Either way it’s a messed up situation, but I hope he can find a way to get through it.

    My oh my Ana has really gotten herself into something now. A dead body *shudders* she is much braver than I am.

    I can’t begin to imagine where you are going with these storylines, but you have done a great job at building each of them up. I’m off to cast my vote. Epic Update!

    • Spongey says:

      Aw… *blush* Thanks so much! I put a lot of hard work and effort into this update. Writing it out alone took me a good two days, and so did getting all the pictures. Then I was having a hard time getting the blood right on Noah, and that was getting me SO frustrated. Thank god for Jed! He was a real life saver taking over that task for me. He did 100 times better than I could have ever even tried. Edge of your seat, huh? Glad I could do that! 😀 Yeah hopefully this will be a life changing experience for him and he will learn that it’s not cool to be so risky. Look where risk got him? Shot.

      Yeah most likely that, and the fact that he lives in a terrible place. He probably knows how Phea is, and he just doesn’t have time for her manipulation. He already has enough problems. Though Phea being the snuck up girl she is, has to have every boy chasing her tail; otherwise she goes after them. Making sure they do. But that only lead her into a very tough truth. It’s her own fault for not leaving things alone. Now she has to carry a burden. Yeah she really does have to work hard…

      Oh gosh I know, that poor boy. He’s been lied to by his mom and now he had to find the truth over the internet that his father is a maniac. Kim was only trying to protect him, but I think she made things that much harder on poor Luke. You’re so right; either way it’s tough!

      Ah yes, that girl just asking for trouble!!

      Ha ha;) Well that’s the beauty of it then! I love being unpredictable, it’s my specialty ;D heheheheh Thanks once again!!!

      – Jax

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