Chapter 6.1 – Breaking Off

Noah’s Point of View

“I think he’s coming around. Noah, can you hear me?”

Where in the world am I? Everything is all blurry; and I wish that man would stop talking. It sounds like muffled screeches! Wait a minute! Oh god, am I dead?! No, that man couldn’t possibly be God. I was sure he’d have a clean shave…

“Noah, try blinking a few times if you can understand me.”

I did blink a few times, but not because this man told me too. I was trying to regain focus in my eyes. I never had it this bad that I wake up and I can’t see! What is wrong with me?

Doctor, he’s not really moving. Can he hear us?” my mom asked.

Wait a Doctor? Oh god, I’m in the hospital! I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together…

“Just give him a second Micki…” my dad sighed “He’s trying to take in everything.”

I blinked a few more times before I started to shuffle around in the bed. God, I felt so strange. It was like all the energy in my body was completely drained out of me. What made me even more uncomfortable were the three sets of eyes just staring at me. Give a guy a second to breath- Literally!

“Mom? Dad?” I managed to say.

My voice was so hoarse and my mouth was REALLY dry. When was the last time I drank something? No wait, how long have I been out!?

“Noah, oh thank God! You had us worried sick; you weren’t even responsive for 6 days!” My mom blubbered.

Well, I guess I just got the answer to my question. I think I’ve been in this bed long enough. I just want to thank the doctor and get the heck out of this place. I don’t care if I was shot; I just want to go home.

I sat up; throwing the blanket off of me.

“Can we please leave now? I just want to be in my own house.”

“NOAH, NO WAIT!” The doctor shouted!

“OWWWW!!!” I screeched, slamming myself back down.

What the heck!? That hurt so bad!

“Noah…” he sighed “I’m sorry but you’re not going anywhere for quite some time. Your hip is in very bad condition and we need to keep you here until it starts healing the right way. We’ll start you on some physical therapy next week, but for right now… stay put.”

I tried sitting up again, saying, “You have got to be kidding me! I’m finnnnnne!”

“Noah…” the doctor warned “You’re going to feel intense pain, stop trying to sit up.”

I pulled myself up a little further and-

“OH GOD, MY HIP!” I screamed, once again slamming back down in the bed.

My parents both gave me this look. Well I’m sorry for trying to move! God, this sucks! I can’t believe out of all the places I get shot… why my hip? Why not my foot, or my arm?

“I still don’t see why I have to stay here. I can easily be in pain at my own house.” I grumbled, shifting in the bed.

“Boy, stop moving around!” my dad growled “You try and sit up one more time and I’m gonna smack you upside the head!”

The doctor just shook his head at us, and then headed towards the door.

“Your family is welcome to see Noah now if they want; just as long as he doesn’t get out of that bed!”

My dad just glared at me before telling us he’d be back with everyone. I kind of wish he didn’t leave me alone with my mother. From the moment I woke up all I could feel were her eyes piercing through me. I knew she was going to explode any second.

“Heh, hi mom…” I grinned “So, how yah been?”

Oh, she’s going to kill me…

“HOW HAVE I BEEN?” she snapped “Let’s back track shall we? I was woken up in the middle of the night by a police officer telling me my son was shot, and they can’t find the man who did it. I rush to the hospital in a panic state and they won’t let me see my son because he needs to be rushed into the ER! I wait day in and day out watching you breathe through a TUBE! HOW do you THINK I’ve been Noah?!!”

“Mom, I’m sorry! I was just out-“

“EXACTLY! You weren’t even supposed to be out! God dang it Noah! We’ve told you OVER and OVER! You see why we said those things?! We were protecting you!” a tear slid down her cheek “You almost died. I almost… lost my baby. Now I don’t even know if you will ever walk the same, or be able to move around like you use too.”

“Mom, I’m going to be okay. I’m alive; that’s all that matters, right?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know. This is just too much for me right now.”

Oh. Yeah that really hurt…

Jed’s Point of View

I followed the long hallways out until I reached the waiting room. Everyone has been waiting patiently for Noah to come around. We’d all come here at least a few hours every day; hopeful that he would wake up. I know I’m putting on an angry face, but, I’m actually more relieved than I am upset at him. I can honestly say I’ve never been more terrified in my entire life. The moment I heard the news of my child – MY CHILD – being shot; it doesn’t even compare to anything I’ve ever felt.

Besides the fact of Noah being in the situation he was in; Kim and Luke have been in another. They won’t even talk to one another. No, let me put that right… LUKE won’t talk to his mom. She’s tried over and over again, but he just doesn’t want to hear it. I know it was a tough truth to find out, but he has to realize that she lied to him to protect him. If anyone would know how twisted he was it would be Kim.

Then we have the situation with the twins. Lord knows I’ve tried to keep those two in the house, but they always are going off looking for some kind of ‘adventure’. It just happens that their latest one ended up with them finding a dead body in an old power plant. What makes it even worse is that they could IDENTIFY the body! Now they have a court date about this dead woman, and it’s just another migraine to add to my already pounding head.

I stepped into the waiting room; sighing, “He’s awake.”

All four of their heads shot towards me, each of them grinning from ear to ear. Ana pulled Nix up and squeezed the life out of him. Kim tried to express her happiness to Luke, but he just completely ignored her.

I looked around the room, “Where’s Phea?”

Nix rolled his eyes, “She said waiting around was getting boring. That she’d meet you back home. I think it has to do something with that boy she met.”

Ana giggled, “Oooooo, Phea gotta boyfriend!”

“As if. You know how Phea is.” Luke sighed “She’s probably out making one of her many ‘slaves’ do stuff for her.”

I can tell this is going to be a long day… Sigh


Noah’s Point of View

A week felt like 3 years. They kept me in that bed so long I didn’t think I was ever going to get out. I was seriously looking forward to the day they told me I could actually walk. When I tell you my legs were like Jell-O; I’m seriously not even exaggerating. I looked like a baby pony that had just been born. I was like flopping all over the place; and it hurt too! I’m seriously glad no one was around to see that, it was embarrassing.

Though nothing and I do mean NOTHING, is more embarrassing then what they had me do next. They gave me this pole and told me to use it as a support. Then they told me I had to walk up and down the hallway 20 times! I seriously looked senile; that or a seriously confused mental patient.

“Am I done yeeeeeet? I look stupid!” I whined to the nurse.

It’s lucky that the nurse who took care of me was really sweet, because I complained… A LOT.

She shook her head, “A few more times Noah. You have to get that hip of yours in the right shape.”

Stupid hip…

Being in this hospital felt like being in a prison. I couldn’t go outside, I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted, and I had to take showers next to old people who poked me all the time! There was not a single person I could talk to; except for the nurse. Everyone on my floor was either old, or badly injured. I was going completely insane from being locked up so long!! I guess the exercise they made me do, now matched up with how I felt- Insane.

Oh and as if it couldn’t get any worse… the nurse came into my room one day with this man.

“This is Dr. Marcus.” she smiled “He’s going to talk to you about the incident. If you have any worries or concerns just tell him. Okay, Noah?”

Oh you have got to be joking…

This neatly dressed man pulled up a chair, and just stared at me for a heck of a long time. I swear I thought something was wrong with him. I haft to say… when he opened his mouth, I was almost positive he was crazy.

“Noah, I’m here to make all your problems vanish. Anything that is eating away at the very depths of your heart I can help mend and heal. They call me the heart mender, you know.”

Oh dear god. Someone shoot him.

“Uh… right. I don’t need any ‘heart mending’ today. Thanks for the offer.”

“Don’t worry about being scared Noah. I know being shot and witnessing a death is a very traumatic thing in a young man’s life. Just try to find it within yourself to bring all those emotions to the surface.”

Oh my god, this guy is a loon! He sounds like one of those hippie soul searchers. I got shot and someone died. It happens all the time to people everywhere. Sure it scares me to think about, but I’m not telling him that!

I put my hand sarcastically onto my chin and stroked it. Letting out a couple ‘hmms’ and a ‘mhm’.

“Yup, I got nothing.”

“Stop denying your feelings!” he nearly shouted “You will never heal, if you hold onto the pain!”

God this guy just doesn’t quit! I don’t care what ‘feelings’ I’m holding on to. I would never in a million years tell this guy anything. I don’t care if he was the last therapist on the face of the planet.

I narrowed my eyes at him, “We’re done here. Please go away.”

He chuckled, “You’ll want me back soon enough. They always do.”

Yeah, uh, no thanks! I’d rather tell my problems to the old man who pokes me… God, this guy is a total nut! Who in the world hired him!?


A few days had passed since my ‘therapy session’. I told the nurse she ever brought that fruit loop back I’d seriously find a way to make her sorry. There was no way I was ever talking to that man again. He freaking gave me the chills! With his weird voice, and his persistence on making me spill my guts. I thought therapist were supposed to gradually bring you to that point; not force it out of you!

With that aside, I can honestly say I hated the next part of my physical therapy. The nurse brought me into this room with a couple treadmills and a weight lifter. Supposedly my hip was making progress and it was time for me to start walking a bit quicker. I needed to strengthen it more, so she says. I didn’t tell her this, but, it HURT so BAD! I could feel it pop with every step I took! Was that normal!? I mean seriously, the only good thing about this room was that it had a TV. It was the ONLY room on the entire floor that had a TV…

“How do you feel Noah? Everything alright?” she smiled.

I nodded my head, “Mhm…” I gritted.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!” I groaned; slipping on to the treadmill.

The nurse gasped; helping me up, “I thought you said you were okay?!”

“I’m a guy!” I shouted at her “I was putting on a front! Couldn’t you tell by my ‘mhm’ that it meant ‘Please help me I feel like my hip is on fire?!'”

She laughed, “Sorry, I don’t speak stupid.”

Oh, Buuurnnn


Ever since I found out about the TV in the gym I would hurry over there at least once or twice a day before the old people had to do their daily exercise routine. I hated being in there with them because they would turn on these stupid old people shows. Like, cooking and fishing. I wanted to watch something interesting; like wrestling! Now that’s awesome…

Although it didn’t look like I was making it there in time today. I was rushing so fast (or as fast as I could really go) and when I turned the corner-


I lost the grip I had on the pole and fell flat on my butt. Oh god, the pain that shot through my body felt worse than anything the doctors made me do combine! I held back my screams, and let a tear slip out of my eye. I didn’t want this girl to think she hurt me; what does that say on my part?

“Oh my god!” she screeched “I’m SO sorry!!”

I nodded my head rapidly, my eyes squeezed tight. “Mhm… mhm…”

The pain hurt so badly!

She helped me to my feet; apologizing over and over again. I kept telling her it was not a problem, and that it was my fault. The moment I saw her face though, I was completely dumbstruck. I couldn’t even gather together my words right.

“It’s YOU!” I finally sputtered out.

Her eyes just widened like she was a deer in headlights. Both of us just stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to say after my outburst. I wasn’t trying to freak her out or anything. It’s just… I couldn’t stop thinking about this girl for weeks on end. I tried looking for her, I tried asking about her, but no one knew who she was. I’ve been waiting forever to see her again! It was driving me completely bonkers!

“I’m sorry…” she muttered “Do I know you?”

Wow, now I feel lower than dirt. I’ve been searching every inch of town for her, and she doesn’t even remember me. Wonderful.

“You seriously don’t remember me? I was the guy with the lame party that made you cry.”

She smiled a little, “Oh. Sorry, I just… haven’t been myself lately.”

“It’s alright.” I chuckled “As you can see… neither have I.”

She sighed, “I’m sorry, but I need to go.”

I grabbed her arm, “Wait! What’s wrong?”

Her eyes got teary, “It’s my m-mom. She was in a really bad car crash, and she hasn’t woken up since. The doctors aren’t sure if she will ever pull through. I just- Please just let go of my arm.”

She slipped out of my grasp; trying to shove past me. I wasn’t about to just let her go that easily. I mean come on, would I ever do that?

“Please don’t go.” I sighed “I’m really sorry for your mom. Is that why you were crying at the beach?”

She nodded her head, “I don’t even know why I went to that stupid party. I was just trying to clear my head, but it only made me feel worse.”

Stupid party? Aw… I tried to make it fun. Ugh, distracting myself.

“I know what can clear your head.” I smiled “Help me escape out of here for a couple hours. I want some fresh air…”

She glared at me, “Are you insane?!”

I laughed, “Yeah, pretty much. I’ve been in this hospital for weeks. My family visits time-to-time, but, they can’t bring me anywhere. I’m not an invalid or anything, just, they want to ‘make sure my hip doesn’t give out’.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this.” she growled “If we get caught though, I’m not getting in trouble.”

I smirked, “Aw, I guess that ruins my plan of blaming it on you then.”

She gave me a dirty look, and I just laughed.

“Oh hey, mind if I lean on you? I didn’t want to bring that stupid pole with me and I kind of go sideways when I walk.” I asked; my cheeks flushing red.

God that was an embarrassing thing to say…

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever…”

Wow she’s really feisty for being so small.

I don’t know how we managed to pull it off, but in a matter of minutes we were outside of the hospital. I swear if I could bend over without pain pulsing through my body; I would have kissed the ground.

We walked through the parking lot for a good 10 minutes until we found this bench near a fountain. Even though I was in some pain from walking, I was kind of sad to see the bench. I liked leaning on this girl, she smelled nice. Oh wow… did I just say that? Get it together Noah; she’s just some girl…

We both sat down on the bench. I would like to say simultaneously, but she kind of threw me off of her…

“Soooo… here we are.” I said, breaking that god-awful silence.

She was such a quiet girl, and I could tell she didn’t want to be around me. She kept rolling her eyes at me and sighing loudly. Okay I know I can be a smart alec, but come on… I’m not that bad of a person!

After a second more she turned to me and gave me thee most disgusted look I’ve ever seen. She didn’t even try to sugar coat it; just full on nasty.

“What the heck do you want from me??” she shouted “I don’t have time for you, and anything you’re trying to pull!”

Whoa, what the heck!? Where did all of that come from!?

My eyes grew wide, “Uhm, I’m sorry… but I have NO idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t feed me that crap. All of you jerks are the same. You see a girl who’s down on her luck and you think that’s a right-away to get in my pants. No boy is just sweet because he wants to be. I know what you’re trying to do, and I’m not buying it. Just screw off!”

I shook my head at her, in complete shock, “Listen… uhm, wait what is your name?”

“I’m not telling you!”

I rolled my eyes, “Fine, I’ll just call you snoot.” she punched my arm, but I continued talking “Listen here snoot. Do I LOOK like a guy who is trying to sleep with you?? I’ve been in a hospital bed, and I can barely walk around. How do you even expect me to do that?

Her eyes narrowed at me; she growled, “I don’t know, but I just know how guys are. I’ve been hurt too many times to even think about giving you the time of day.”

“I wasn’t looking for ‘the time of day’. I just saw a girl who was just as in the dumps as me, and thought it was a great chance to get out of ‘prison’ for an hour. You look like you needed a breath of fresh air as much as I did.”

She sniffled, “I’m sorry. I’ve just been hurt so much lately. It seems that nothing can ever go right for me. No matter how hard I try, it just seems like someone else is trying to pull me down further.”

I placed my hand on her shoulder; sighing, “You got a quarter?”

She wiped away her tears, and looked at me like I had 5 heads.


“A quarter; got one?” I asked again.

She reached into her pocket – and without questioning it further – placed the coin in my hand. I slowly picked myself up from the bench, smiling down at her.

“Alright…” I started “I’m going to toss the coin. If you win, that means things are going to start looking up for the both of us. We’re going to start looking at things differently in this crazy mixed up world. I’ll stop acting like a jerk, and you’re going to see your mom wake up.”

She couldn’t help but smile at me, shaking her head the entire time.

“Okay, heads you win, tails I lose. Got it? Good.”

“I’ll even close my eyes so you know I’m not cheating.”

I tossed the coin in the air -just barely catching it – then threw it on top of my hand.

“It’s heads. Well dang it, looks like I lost.” I smiled at her “Guess that means things are gonna be looking up for us, huh?”

“Riley.” she muttered out “It’s Riley.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Riley; I’m Noah.” I laughed “Though I think I still prefer snoot.”

She kicked my leg, nearly knocking me over! Geez this girl really has a lot of spunk…

Then by some stupid chance the doctor found us. Well, more like he found me. I’m sure he wasn’t looking for Riley. Dang it.

“Mr. Terrey, you know you could have just asked if you wanted to take a stroll around the parking lot?” he chuckled “Though I do have to ask that you come back inside now.”

What, wait, seriously?! Wow, now I feel stupid. I have no idea why I’ve never even tried that…

“Do you think if I ignore him he’ll just go away?” I questioned Riley.

She shook her head, “I’m pretty sure that won’t work. He’s standing right there…”

“Darn it…”

“Noah, come on.” the doctor sighed “Ms. Linda is waiting for you in the gym.”

“You have to go, Noah.” Riley muttered.

“Will I see you around?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “We’ll see…”


I’d like to say that I saw Riley over the last 2 weeks I was there, but sadly that didn’t happen. It was really nice to talk to someone my own age, even if she did want to rip my head off at first. I’m guessing she just didn’t want to talk with me anymore. I really don’t have another explanation as to why’d she would just disappear like that. I guess it’s her knack.

That aside, it was finally nice to be in my OWN clothes standing in MY house. I was getting so sick of being in the hospital. Oh the irony in that sentence…

“Guys guess whose back?!” I gleamed; walking through the door.

Although none of them even gave me the time of day. My sister and my mom were coaxing my aunt who was crying her eyes out! What happened?!

“Mom, what’s wrong??”

She sighed, “Luke went to go find his father…”



Bonus stuffz:

This is what my game calls a ‘joke’. I was getting a chapter together, left to go get some dinner… and well… yeah…

No I didn’t save it… cause that would be dumb. Though the irony of Noah dying made me laugh, lol. Oh and just Jedself on fire… hahaha. Good times; good times. ;D *whistles nonchalantly* Oh, hai Jed… ;P

Thanks for reading! So this is the start of generation 6, hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! Yesh I know I said Luke was apart of Phea’s… but I thought I’d still show ‘some’ of him, just to be fair 🙂


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