Chapter 6.4 – Close Call

Noah’s Point of View

5 months. It had been 5 freaking months and I still haven’t been able to find her. I looked everywhere I could possibly think of but Riley was never there. I tried looking her up – since I knew her last name – but that was useless because she wasn’t even listed.

Riley where are you?

That same question was running through my head night and day. I could barely sleep knowing she was out there somewhere suffering. Why couldn’t she just tell me what was wrong? Why did she have to run from me? I wish I could have shown her that I didn’t care what she was hiding. I don’t care about what she’s done, she means more than that to me. I’d help her get through anything and everything.

I swear I’ll never give up on her. I’ll never stop searching everywhere to find her. No other girl means anything to me; I’m tired of living a lie. I don’t care what people think of me anymore. She’s the only thing that matters to me right now. I’d give up everything just to be with her again; just to hold her against me once more. I picture that night outside of the bar every night. I think about the touch of her skin, the smell of her hair, her tiny voice and fragile little frame.

“I love you so much Riley…”

Sitting around and staring out the window isn’t going to bring her back any faster though. Even though I’ll never give up on her, it doesn’t mean I should give up on myself. I still haft to push forward every day and do what I have to do; like making a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Although I’d like to grab my car keys and go searching around the city for her- I can’t. I have to eat my lunch and drag myself off to my meeting. I hate the first weekend of the month. Mr. Hemming always makes us employees come into the office on a non-work day for stupid ‘brush ups’. I’m glad that they’re at least in the afternoon- Still stupid if you ask me.

I had to stop in the middle of making my food though because of a song that was playing on the radio. I never really paid any attention to the words to it until now.

“Cause everything you do and words you say,
You know that is all takes my breath away
And now I’m left with nothing.
So maybe it’s true, that I can’t live without you; maybe two is better than one.”

Just great, now a girly love song is making me feel like crying! Riley… please come back.


“Alright everyone.” Mr. Hemming began, “Now I want you all to turn to page 5 of your report folders. We’re all going to go over last month’s stats.”

God please kill me now.

I don’t really remember when it happened but I was in the middle of listening to Mr. Hemming talk and all of sudden I was out like a light. Honestly I don’t even remember placing my head down. I guess all this stress I’ve been going through with Riley and the fact this meeting was boring… it made me a little sleepy.

“Mr. Hemming? I didn’t know it was nap time.” Harley laughed.

Before I even had the chance to process what she had said, Mr. Hemming was already down my throat.

“Noah!” he shouted “We’re in the middle of an important discussion! This isn’t the time to be dozing off. I’m sorry if I’m that boring to you.”

I shot up, “S-sorry, I was just… resting my eyes.”

He rolled his eyes, “Of course you were. Now may I continue?”

I nodded my head, “Yes sir.”

Harley stared at the side of my head. I could feel her eyes just piercing through my skull. What was she staring at me like that for?! She seriously is giving me the creeps.

Yah know…” she whispered, “I could help you wake up.”

She slid her hand down my leg and reached over and grabbed my… ahem.

My first reaction was just to go wide eyed and stare awkwardly away. What the heck was she doing!? For crying out loud we’re in a meeting and that’s not even the worse part… I just don’t want this girl touching me! I love Riley!

A shot her a look, “Get off. I whispered, pulling her hand away.

This girl was seriously going to get me into trouble. They were in the middle of a very aggressive discussion. I didn’t want to be the one to blame for interrupting them.

She giggled at me, and then did it again. By now I was getting pretty ticked off.

“Harley get your freaking hand off of my CROTCH!”

Okay… maybe I was a little more than ticked off. I didn’t mean to scream that out loud to the entire board room. Crap.

“MR. TERREY!!” Mr. Hemming gasped, “I want to see you in my office after this meeting!”

I could feel the eyes of everyone just staring at me. I buried my face into my hands; my face was turning bright red.

I sighed through my fingers, “Yes sir.


I had to sit through that meeting for another hour and half. The entire time I could feel my ears burning and Harley just staring at me appalled. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my entire life, and I’ve been in some pretty crappy situations. What made things worse was when I actually got into Mr. Hemming’s office he didn’t say anything for the longest time. I guess this is it; I’m going to get fired again.

“Noah…” he sighed, staring out the window, “How many times have I had to bring you into my office?”

“Uhm, too many times… sir.”

He sat down, and then rubbed his temples, “Do you realize I could fire you for that outburst?”

I looked down at the floor, “Yes sir.” Here it comes…

“I’m not going to fire you though.” Say WHAT? “You may be a lazy slacker at times, but you’re the best I got. I just want you to do something to clear your head. You come into work every morning looking like you got the crap beat out of you. Something has to be worrying you if you look like a train wreck every day.”

“So wait, what exactly are you trying to say to me?”

“Dear god!” he exclaimed, “Do I haft to spell it out? Get out of this office and take some personal time off. I’m so sick and tired of my best worker looking like he’s going to die. Go home to your family; go buy a goldfish, freaking go to the zoo! I don’t care what the heck you do but I need you better. You understand me, Mr. Terrey?”

My jaw hung open. He was serious? My own boss was making me take time off? Wow I must be better at this job than I thought!

“Y-yes sir. I understand. How long should I take off?”

“I don’t want you here for at least 10 days. When you come back though you better be in the best condition of your life! Alright??”

I nodded, “Of course!”

“Now get out of my office.”

I don’t think my boss knows how to express himself in any other way than anger. I thought he was mad at me, but in a weird way he was showing that he was worried for me. Eh oh well, I get 10 days off!!

The moment he kicked me out of his office I dialed up my Dad’s cell and told him I was coming home for a 10 day visit. He was extremely ecstatic and told me there was a pretty big surprise that they forgot to tell me about. A big surprise, eh? I wonder what it could be.

I opened my dresser, “Well Snoops, I’m going to be heading home. Mrs. Lee is going to watch after you. You be a good boy alright?”

He just stared up at me, and then let out a small mew.

“Aw, don’t worry buddy. I’ll be back before you know it.”

Like he understands what I’m saying…


The flight to AP was brutal. I always have to be the one stuck next to the screaming baby and the ‘big fella’ eating Doritos. I guess it was all worth it though, I was SO happy to be standing in my home. I don’t care how long I live in Bridgeport, AP will always be home.

“Mom, dad, I’m home-” my bag dropped from my hand. What the- “UH, MOM?”

They both walked over to me nonchalantly. I just couldn’t stop staring! There is no way I’m looking at what I think I’m looking at.

“NOAH!” my mom squealed wrapping me in a hug, “Oh my baby! I’m so glad to see you!”

“How’ve yah been son?”

I stepped back from both of them, “How have I been!? What about you two?? I thought for a second I was going crazy, but I’m sure mom isn’t inflated like a balloon because of something she ate. You guys are having another baby!”

“Heheh… oops.” my dad laughed.

My mom glared at him, “It’s your fault.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure it’s just MY fault Mick.”

“Guys just chill out, it’s both your faults!” I laughed,” But jeez mom how far along are you? You look like you’re going to explode!”

She rolled her eyes, “Gee thanks Noah. It’s so great to see you too.”

“Awww, you know I’m only joking around, right ma?” I smiled, gently rubbing her tummy.

She smiled back, “Yea I know. So, I guess it’s sort of weird to be having a new brother or sister when your 22, huh?”

I chuckled, “Nah. I think it’s pretty cool you guys are having another baby. It must be lonely around here with nobody around.”

My dad sighed, “I wouldn’t say nobody.”

Phea sighed, “Hi Noah.”

Oh wow, I didn’t know Ophelia was living here. When did this happen? I thought she was off living somewhere with Luke. That’s what my mom told me a few months ago…

“Hey.” I smiled at her.

“So what are you doing living with mom and dad? I thought you were off ‘exploring’ Luke.” I chuckled.

She frowned, “I was with him but-“

“What did he kick you out or something??”I smirked.

After I had said that she just broke down in front of me. Okay I didn’t mean anything I had said! I was just pulling her leg; I didn’t know she would take it seriously! Since when did she become so sensitive?

“Oh god, Phea… I didn’t mean it!

She didn’t even reply back. She just took off into her room and slammed the door. Oh my god, what did I do? I’m not back for 5 minutes and my mom got mad at me and my sister started crying! Sigh.

I chased after her, barging into her room without even knocking. After I was in there I just stood there awkwardly looking at my arm. God, what do I say? I guess I should just start apologizing…

“Phea, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything. I’m sure you and Luke have a strong relationship.”

Please forgive me… please, please, please. I don’t need her upset with me the entire 10 days. I know we bump heads, but I can’t stand to have her crying because of something stupid I said.

She hugged her body close, tears just streaming down her cheeks.

“It’s not your fault I’m upset.” she sniffled, “It’s my own dang fault. You see… Luke and I don’t have a strong relationship. Heck, we don’t have a relationship at all anymore. He kicked me out because- because… I told him I wasn’t sure if this baby is his or not.”

Oh god, she’s pregnant?! I had no idea. I seriously need to think before I speak. I have a terrible knack of just blabbing anything out. I blame my father; he passed down this no filter thing to me!

I sighed loudly, dragging myself over to her bed and plopping down on it. I see why my words made her so upset now. It’s official… I’m an idiot.

“Phea, I had no idea you were going through any of that. I swear if I knew I would have never joked like I did. You know me; I was just busting your chops. I didn’t mean any of it, I wish there was something I could do to help you.”

“If you had a time machine that would be great.”

I shook my head, “Yeah, I wish. Trust me Phea; you’re not the only one who has gotten themselves mixed up in crappy situations. I’ve been through countless girls just for sex. I thought it was as good as my life was going to get, but to tell you the truth… I was miserable. I don’t want to just sleep with any girl; I want to be with someone I love. Although the girl I love… doesn’t want to be with me for unknown reasons.”

She stood up and I followed.

“You know you’ve always been an jerk to me our entire childhood… but you’re not so bad when you’re actually being serious. I guess being in Bridgeport changed you, huh?”

“In a way, I guess. It wasn’t really Bridgeport as it was finding myself. I know I never treated you like I should have, but it was my job. Big brothers are supposed to pick on little sisters. I honestly love you though, I always have. When I see you upset like this, it makes me feel crappy.”

“Yeah and same goes back to you too. I’m sorry I took off like I did without saying anything. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad; it’s not your fault Noah. Oh, and I love you too big bro.” she shrugged her shoulders, “We don’t have to hug do we?”

“Nah, we don’t have to do any of that. You know Cooties and what not.” I winked.

She just smiled at me.

It’s nice to know that no matter what either of us goes through we will always have one another. I guess I could say the same for the twins, but they aren’t ever around. They are always being sent everywhere for different cases, being Jr. Agents and such. 


It was about 5 days after I had arrived. All of us were in the living room watching TV when all of a sudden mom stood up abruptly. She shot a look over to my dad and then clenched her side in pain. Her pants became entirely drenched and that was our cue to start freaking out!


Well, I mean we were all pretty frantic… but Phea had to be the worst one. I think looking at mom and seeing what she was going through made he realize that was her fate. I thank god I’m not a woman!

“Mom, stay calm! Everything is going to be fine!!” she screeched.

“Jeez Phea stop screaming!” I shouted, and she shot me a dirty look.

Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut…


Dad rushed mom to the hospital and about 3 hours later we got the news that my little brother was born. About two days after that dad brought our very sore mother home, and they both stood in front of us holding hands and smiling.

“Kids…” Dad grinned, “I want you to meet your new baby brother. His name is Parker.”

Oh my god, he was so freaking cute!! I never really realized how cute babies could be when I was growing up around the twins. I guess my rebellious teen self just looked at them like they were mutants or something.

“Oh, mom… can I please hold him?” Phea questioned.

No, I wannnaaaa hold him!!” I whined.

“I asked first!”

“I’m older!!”

My dad groaned, “Would you two stop acting like 5 year olds?! You’ll each get a turn!”

Since I was closer – and I shoved Phea out of the way – I got to hold Parker first. Take that Phea! Heheheh…

“My god Noah!” Phea growled, “Be careful with him!!”

I rolled my eyes, “I am being careful. Isn’t that right, Parker? Wait what’s that? You love me more than Phea? Aw well shucks… thanks Park!”

Phea scoffed, “You’re ridiculous.”


Ten days went by way too fast. I couldn’t believe I had to go back to Bridgeport already. Part of me wanted to stay with my parents and live with them again and help out with my baby brother, the other half told me I needed to get back so I could find Riley. That side of course won out the other. I love my family, but at least I know they’re happy and safe.

“Do you have to leave so soon? It’s like you just got here.” my mom frowned.

“I know mom… but I really have to get back. My boss would kill me if I’m not at work tomorrow.”

“I know…” she sighed, “It’s just I hate losing you again! It hurt badly enough when you left the first time. Just promise me you won’t be a stranger again. I missed you so much Noah.”

“Oh mom.” I laughed, pulling her into a hug, “You never lost me in the first place. I’ll always be here for you.”

“I know, I know.” she smiled, “I love you, Noah. Please have a safe trip, and try not to get into any kind of trouble. I’m begging you.”

“I love you too mom and I promise. I Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.” I laughed.

She shoved me towards the door, “Oh get out of here you big goof!”


While I was in the airport getting ready to leave I got a call from my boss telling me he wanted to see me when my plane landed. He told me he was holding an emergency meeting about something. Half the time I don’t even know what they’re talking about; the meetings can be so pointless. So with that being said I had to dress up in my monkey suit for an entire flight, it sucked so badly.

Although I hate to admit it, going home and seeing my family really did relax me. The entire time I was still thinking about Riley, but I had so many distractions around me it was hard to just focus on her. I’m glad Mr. Hemming gave me those 10 days off… I really needed it. But, I’m back ‘home’ now and I can go back to trying to find Riley again. I just can’t give up on her; I can’t.

I told the taxi driver to drop me off at my apartment because I wanted to grab a quick bite. If I’m going to be sitting in a boring meeting when I could be asleep… I at least get the privilege to eat something first. I didn’t get the chance to even go into my apartment though because in front of my door was a note.

I bent down and picked it up, reading it softly under my breath:

Dear Noah,
I know you’re the last person who wants to hear from me right now… but I had no choice but to give you this letter. By the time you read this I will be gone. I decided to end my life tonight in the Bridgeport Ocean. I don’t deserve life anymore, and I just can’t bare it for another moment. The reason I’m giving you this is because I don’t trust anyone else besides you to do the right thing. When I die, please bury me next to my parents. I just want us all to be together again.  I’m sorry you had to see me go this way. Just know I’ll always care for you. You’re the only one who ever treated me like I should be treated after my mom died. So thank you once again.
Good bye forever,
Riley… your snoot.

After reading the letter I literally felt the tears pouring down my cheeks and my stomach lodged into my throat. WHY WOULD SHE DO THIS?! No, I refuse to believe she’s gone! I have to check for myself! Maybe there’s still time!

I charged out of my apartment building and jumped into my little black car. I must have been driving about 90 miles per hour easy. I didn’t even care though, if I still had a chance to save Riley you better bet I was going too!

Minutes later I arrived on the beach. Riley was standing by the waters edge. Her shoes were tossed aside and she just stared out into the dark ocean. Oh god, there’s still time!

I got out of my car and started booking it towards her. God, why did the path haft to be SO long and far away?! Each step I took closer to her, she took one step closer to her death. She climbed into the water inching further and further into the deep.

My heart pounded and my feet thudded against the wet sand. Sand is the hardest thing ever to run in!! Every time you try to push further ahead, the sand slows you down more and more!

“RILEY STOP!” I shouted, “Don’t do this!!”

At first I was too far away and she couldn’t even hear me. So I tried to lighten my load. I took off my jacket and dress shirt, leaving only a white Tee on. Surprisingly I picked up the pace getting closer and closer. I shouted for her again, and this time she turned and looked at me. 

“Noah, no please go away!!” she cried, tears streaming down her face. She walked even further out into the deep, now trying to hurry the process.

I jumped into the water, and grabbed her. I started dragging her closer and closer to shore. Each and every time I tugged her she would kick and scream.

“RILEY STOP IT!” I shouted, holding onto her tightly, “I’m not about to let you take your own life!!”

“P-p-please ju-just let me die! I don’t want to live anymore!!”

I shook my head sternly at her, “Never. I would never let you die.”

I scooped her out of the freezing water, clenching tightly to her shivering body. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and continued crying into my ear. Water droplets fell from her toes as I carried her out of the ocean. I would carry her 100 miles if it meant she would be safe.

P-please… just let me die.

“Never.” I protested again.

“I’m going to take care of you Riley. No matter what you’re trying to die for, I promise I’ll help you get through it. You have my word.”

She nodded her head up and down, “O-okay.” she shivered, “Okay.”


Bonus Stuffz:

Here’s Noah’s Apartment 🙂 There is also two tiny bathrooms and two spare bedrooms.

Here’s baby Parker! ;D Yesh I know his name doesn’t start with an ‘S’ but technically it’s now Noah’s turn and his kids are supposed to be the next letter. So yeah, lol. ;] Also his traits are Grumpy and Genius.

He looks so much like his dad doesn’t he? 😉

Thanks for reading! SO Noah finally found Riley! I bet now that he has her he’s never going to let her go. He’ll make sure of it this time. It doesn’t look like Riley has anywhere else to go anyways… she wanted to die 😦 But why?


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    I wonder what’s up with the twins. Probably getting themselves into adventures 😉
    I LOVE Noah’s house ❤

    • Spongey says:

      Yup she is, thanks to Noah! Hehehe, yup 😉

      Yeah she is, and she was XD Now we have Parker 😀 Right?? He really does look like his dad. Although when he gets older you can spot the differences. Hah you know them 😉 Always getting themsevles into a situation ;P

      Really? 😀 Thanks! I’m glad you love it! It took me a bit to get it together…

  14. Simsluva says:

    I enjoy this legacy sooo( not enough “o’s” avaliable) much its like reading a really great book! You are a very talented writer and you have a way of making the reader care about these beautiful pixels so effortlessly. Keep up the amazing work! I also have a question, do u use story progression mods? If so which ones, and do they mess up ur game any? Thanks again.

    • Spongey says:

      N’awwww…. *goes red* Thank you so much! I try to make it so everyone can relate, and so that people can feel what they feel ^_^ Awh, thanks. I’ll try my best. Yesh I use SP mods. I use Twallan’s and it is AWWESOMME 😀 I use anything Twallan cause I trust him and his mods. Nope doesn’t mess up my game. I’ve been using them for almost a year now.

  15. jaec52609 says:

    wow his boss surprised me with the “take 10 days off” im surprised harley didnt get fired 4 sexual harrassment, maybe thts wat he has 2 go in 4….glad he saved riley cant wait 2 see them beautiful babies….i hope noah doesnt lose his job……parker is adorable hes jeds clone

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah it was a big shocker! Although like he said, he hates to admit it but Noah does Amazing when he applies himself. His law firm can’t afford to lose someone like him. Noah had days wracked to take time off anyways, but not all at once. His boss let him do that to get better. Lol, well if either of them said something… they could get in trouble. Noah slept with her before… he could get in a trouble too. He brought that on himself.

      • jaec52609 says:

        somethin tells me harley is a big enough bytch 2 snitch…..i hope phea is havin lukes baby, whos else would the baby belong 2? mason? i cant believe phea was stupid enough 2 mess up a good relationship….wait yeah i can see it, she shouldve been born blonde cuz she the most stupidest airhead *crosses fingers nd hopes her baby is lukes*

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah, she may be… but she’d get fired too. It’s like, “Yeah I slept with Noah in the office the other night. I’m telling on him.” Boss: “Uhm… if YOU slept with Noah, that means YOU’RE in trouble too…” lolz.

        Let’s hope she is D: And yesh, the the guy she slept with was Mason. Of course I can believe Phea would do that. She doesn’t like sticking to one person, and now she realizes when she gets pregnant around the SAME time she slept with both of them… yeah it gave her a guilty conscience so she told Luke and he got so mad he told her to get out. Luke has been through enough crap with Phea, and that just broke the straw on the camels back.

        LOL heeeeeey… I’m a blonde ;P Lol, I know what you mean though XD

      • jaec52609 says:

        harley could blame everything on noah nd say he forced her nd have him in DEEP trouble then….i have tons of blondes n my family….well theres the smart blondes nd then theres the airhead blondes….nd phea is deff an airhead

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah she could, but it doesn’t mean he’ believe her… he’s not the violent type. To sum it up, Noah has to deal with the girls he slept with. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it, metaphorically speaking of course, heheh. LOL my mom’s whole side is almost all blondes all different shades. I have dark blonde hair. It’s not dark enough to be brown but not light enough to be like that perky yellow blonde. Let’s just call it dirty blonde and call it a day XD

        Yeah more like she has a problem staying committed. She’s a smart girl, just doesn’t make wise choices.

  16. sariechiny says:

    Woww…another baby guys? Really? 😛 Oh well, at least Parker’s really cute ❤
    YESSS!!!!!!!!! Noah finally found Riley! She better not run off this time…I can't believe she wanted to kill herself! D: Hopefully we'll find out why she wanted to do it…
    That's really good that Noah's boss gave him some time off(: It was really nice of him.
    Ahh! Can't wait for the next chapter! 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Ha ha ha, why not right?? 😉 What’s another cute little baby? ;P They can spoil him rotten, lolz.
      Yeah he finally found her, although not in the best situation. It’s a good thing he stopped off at his apartment when he did or Riley would have died because he would have never known. It’s crazy how one little thing can save someone’s life. Oh, and I doubt she’d try to run off again. I think she can tell Noah cares enough about her to not hurt her, although she is still very emotionally scarred. Oh yesh, you will find out why she wanted to do that. All of it will come into the light 😉

      Yeah it was really nice of him! Even if he really doesn’t know how to express his feelings XD


  17. Taylah says:

    just realized i forgot to tell u what i think. PARKER IS ADORABLE! Poor Phea. Hope riley feels better. I like the end of the letter

    Love Riley….. Your Snoot

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah isn’t he??? He is an adorable little bunch of love 😀 He’s also very amazing looking as an adult too ;D heheh.
      Aw, thanks. I tried to make it personal, and since Noah calls her that… she put it.

  18. marissa3 says:

    Ohh Emm Gee!!!! I can’t believe how much I’ve missed of this legacy, I have to start off by saying that Noah is really cute! I guess Harley thinks so too – total minx; who can blame her?!
    This was such a good chapter to return too, I loved seeing Micki and Jeds family, I had a peep at the family tree and I love all their names! Also interested to see what happens with Ophellia’s pregnancy!
    Ok, Riley!! I did not expect that, why did she want to kill herself?! Hopefully Noah can help her pull through it all – he’s such a good guy, my heart was racing as he ran along the beach towards her!! Can’t wait for the next chapter! Amazing work Jackie 😀

    • Spongey says:

      Heeey Marissa! 😀 It’s good to see your comments again ^_^. Yeah sometimes that happens though, life and such gets in the way. Aw, yeah i know right? 😉 I love my Noah, he’s my baby. LOL well she was trying to get some more action after that night in the office. Noah wasn’t having any of it though because he still loves Riley, and since he ran into her… and she left him that note… it changed the way he was thinking for the past 4 years.

      Yeah, and thank you! I can’t take credit for all the names though. I named 2 and Jed named 2 🙂 (Noah and Qiana were by me) Yeah I’m most likely going to show or at least talk about her pregnancy just to cue everyone in. 😉

      You shall see, all in good timing. Noah’s going to have to break down her barrier so that she can tell him. She cares for him, and she does trust him… although maybe just not enough yet. She’s very broken. Yeah he really is a good guy!! Yeah it’s like in those movies when someone is about to fall and then the hero grabs them right before they drop xD It’s like that kind of thing.

      Thank you!

  19. Minty says:

    Another baby?! Well at least he’s cute!
    I was a bit surprised when Noah’s boss told him to take personal time off…I’ve always seen him as a bit off an ass but it just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. When I read Riley’s note I was like ‘OMG NO! RUN NOAH RUN!’ it was such a heartwarming moment when he carried her away ❤

    • Spongey says:

      Yup he sure is 😀 I love my little Parker, heheh.
      Yeah well as Noah explained his boss doesn’t really know how to express his emotions xD Plus the first impression of him was him yelling at Noah for being late… AGAIN. So he was just doing his job and making sure Noah straigtens out. He’s a good boss.

      Yeah I know! Such a scary encounter, but at least he found her 🙂 Ah yeah, wasn’t it? I love the picture before last ^_^

  20. Jedidiah says:

    Noah inherited the ‘no filter’ trait, eh???? Spooky how much I see myself in that. mhm… I wonder why? XP

    Oh and you couldn’t resist making another little Jekenzie offspring, eh? And is Parker another hottie? I just know you sneak peaked. 😀

    Finally, Noah told that office slut to cool her engines! Sheesh lady!
    Hope Riley will learn to trust Noah in time. And hope that Noah’s promiscuous past won’t bite him in the butt just as he and Riley get cozy. Snoops is still the best. LOL


    PS: Life is currently crazy so I’m not online very often.

    • Spongey says:

      LOL yeah I wonder why myself 😀 heheheh He had to get something from his father, lol.

      NOPE! 😀 I couldn’t resist, it was just Tooooo easy. ;D Oh yesh, he’s a real cutie! He looks so much like your Jedself it’s scary XD But in a good way ;P Every single child has come out looking SO different from the last, I had to have one more just to test the theory XD It’s proven to be true, lolz. Of course I sneaked a peak 😉 You know me…

      Yeah he did. He’s got his head on straight now, he’s not even kidding around anymore. He doesn’t want ANYONE but Riley. Ah yeah… let’s hope that doesn’t happen… that would be bad. LOL he totally ish 😀

      – Jax

      Ps: I understand ❤ Sometimes things just happen. Just glad to know you’re at least okay. Just ignore my frantic “Jax-ish-worried” e-mails 😉 you know me…

  21. Emy says:

    This made me giggle. I know exactly how Noah feels!

    I’m glad Noah found Riley. I hope he can make her happy. I also hope that Harley BACKS OFF. >8U

  22. Ermannith says:

    Heh, Noah’s cat looks just like my legacy founder’s cat Hera! ^_^

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