Chapter 6.8– Never Give Up


Riley’s Point of View

I’m pregnant. I just- I don’t- I can’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. There is just too many things happening, I can’t begin to understand any of them this quickly. I’ve been forced to make a choice for myself with absolutely no time to think it over. I have to leave out of this hospital today knowing I killed my baby, or I might risk killing myself.

“How do I choose?”


The Doctor cleared his throat, “Ms. Smokes?”

I jumped at the sudden sound of his voice.

“Y-yes.” I answered, my gaze still set out the window.

“I took the liberty to sign you out of the hospital; you’re free to go home now. Oh, and I know this is a very tough thing to ask of you, but… will I need to set up an appointment to have the fetus removed?”


That question made my heart sink. He made it sound like it was nothing, like people came in here all the time and threw out their babies. Why was I making this choice so hard? I can only narrow it down to being afraid to die. I’ve been through so many different fears in my life but none even comes close to the fear of death.

“Well?” he questioned.

“I… I know that keeping this baby is not recommended and that I’m putting myself at risk if I try to continue this pregnancy, but I could never kill my own child. I’d rather die just to let this baby live. I can’t even feel this baby yet and I already love it more than I thought I could. I’m sorry, but I’m not making that appointment.”


The Doctor sighed, “Are you sure this is what you want to do? I must warn you that if you choose this we can’t do much with any pain caused by your liver. The treatments and medication will have to cease until after the baby is born. I know I’m sounding harsh but, the baby most likely won’t live past the 2nd trimester. Are you certain this is what you want to do?”

I chuckled, “Listen and listen well. I’ve been through so much crap in my life. I’ve never once done anything remotely good for anyone; I’ve been a complete waste of space. If I’m certain of one thing in this world it’s that I am NOT going to let this baby die. I’ve finally found my life’s meaning; to let this little baby live. Please save me all your medical speeches, we’re going home.”

“Alright Riley if this is what you want. We’ll keep monitoring the baby and your liver but there really isn’t much we can do for any pain or discomfort you may experience. I can’t even tell you to take a Tylenol because the acetaminophen can make things worse for your liver. I really wish there was more I could do but there just… isn’t.”

I just nodded my head at him. I don’t care if I keel over in agony; I’m not killing this baby. It’s my job to protect it and I swear to god that’s what I’m going to do.



The entire taxi drive home I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t know how Noah was going to respond to my sudden appearance. I hadn’t seen him since the day I told him off. What if he was mad at me? What if he didn’t want to listen to what I had to say? I wouldn’t blame him if he did. I’d be upset too if the person I love told me they hated me. That’s just the thing though; the man I love didn’t hate me. He’s told me countless times how much he cared for me but I always just threw it back in his face out of fear. I want to tell him so much that I love him too. I just- I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me for treating him so rotten. I guess that doesn’t matter right now though. My baby- I mean, our baby needs both of us in his or her life. Even if Noah dislikes me, I still have to do the right thing and let him know the truth- He’s going to be a daddy.

I walked through the apartment door and stopped when I saw Noah on the couch. Am I just seeing things or is something different about his face?

“N-noah?” I spoke gently, “Uhm, it’s me… Riley.”


He didn’t even move a muscle. I guess maybe I wasn’t speaking loud enough for him to hear me. If living with him taught me one thing, it’s that he is a really heavy sleeper.

I spoke up, “Noah, I know I’m the last person you want to see right now but there is something very important I need to tell you.”

He stirred a bit and then turned to the other side of the couch. Wow, what do I have to do, scream?!



My scream startled him and he fell to the ground. It took him a minute to focus before he stood up and just stared at me. OH MY GOD, HIS FACE! What happened to his face? He’s all banged up and his eyes are so glassy! He looks like he has not got a good night sleep in days, or as a matter of fact… any sleep at all!

“Riley?” he asked groggily, “I didn’t know you were coming home today.”


I completely ignored what he had said and just continued to stare at his face. What did he do to himself? I’ll put all my money on a fight- I just know that’s what it was!

“Dear god, Noah!” I gasped, “What the heck happened to your face?! You look like you got the crap beat out of you. Is… is your nose BROKEN?!”


He looked down then back up at me again, “Yeah, my nose is totaled. I went out drinking a few nights ago because I was upset. I said some things and this guy beat the crap out of me. I get pretty stupid when I’m drunk.”

I stared at him puzzled, “A few nights ago? You mean the day I, uhm, said those things to you?”

He nodded his head, “Yeah, I’ll admit it; you broke my heart. Riley I know I’ve said I love you at least a 100 times, but I’d really wish you would believe that I’m telling the truth. I wish you weren’t so afraid to get near me or be with me. Riley do you honestly think I don’t love you enough to help you through this sickness?”

“Noah I-“

He held up his hand, “Let me finish.” he sighed, “Riley, it’s okay to be afraid. I understand that you went through a lot, but you have to trust me… I’d never hurt you. Being away from you hurts more than then a broken nose and busted jaw. I know you don’t want to hear me ramble on about this once again, but I just thought I’d try. I told you I love you and that means I’ll never give up on you. I just… can’t. “


He placed his hands on my shoulders and shivers went up and down my spine. Just a simple touch from him and my heart leaps in my chest and here he was inches from my face. It took everything in me to not jump forward and press my lips against his.

He sighed, “You are thee most beautiful girl I have ever seen. From the moment I met you I knew that you were different. I could never get you out of my head; I constantly dreamed about seeing you again. I couldn’t even be my obnoxious and reckless self because of you. I was distracted just by thinking about you. I will love you and ONLY you.

Noah?” I breathed, “I love you… too.”


He stood gaping at me, like he couldn’t even believe his own ears. Honestly, I couldn’t believe the words that I spoke either. Had I really just told him I loved him? It was like I couldn’t even hold it back any longer. Those words have been on the tip of my tongue forever now… I guess they finally slipped out. I do mean it though, I do love him.

After that moment of pure bewilderment he lunged forward and his lips crashed against mine. His kisses were so forceful and hungry. As he kissed me I could taste a tear from his eye on my lips. I never really knew how much he meant that ‘I love you’ until now. I- I can’t believe how blind I was.

“R-riley…” he stuttered through kisses, “I-I love you s-so much.”


After moments had passed, his kisses still didn’t let up. He kept coming at it harder and his hands were traveling all over my body. I could feel the thumping of his heart against my chest and how rapidly it was beating. His pants grew tight and he tugged at my dress. I wanted him so badly; more than last time. It was then that a word ran through my mind. A word I had almost forgotten in the heat of the moment.


I pulled away from his lips, “Noah…” I breathed, “We can’t do this.”

He nodded his head, “Yes we can. It’s okay, you’ll be okay.”

I shoved him back, “No, you don’t understand. There is something VERY important I need to tell you.”


He stared at me with a worried look spread across his face. I guess I’m making it sound worse than it actually is, but I’m scared to how he is going to react to the news.

He gulped, “Riley, what’s wrong? What do you have to tell me?”

My stomach did somersaults when he asked me that question. I honestly didn’t know how to go about saying it. It’s not the easiest thing to tell someone. At the same time though, he loves me, right? So he should love something that we made; at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

I… I’m afraid to say.”


He smiled, “It’s okay Riley, you know you can tell me anything. Now, what happened?”

I took a deep breath, “Noah, I’m pregnant.”

Once those words left my mouth his entire demeanor changed. All the color drained from his face; he looked like he had just seen a ghost!

He scratched his head, “Uhhhh…. p-pregnant? Y-you’re pregnant?!”

I only nodded. What more could I say? I could see he was on the verge of freaking out; anything I added would only make it worse.


After this long awkward pause Noah finally spoke again.

“What does this mean?” he questioned.

Was he serious? He doesn’t know what being pregnant means?!

I sighed, “Are you serious Noah? It means that we’re going to have a baby. Now I know you’re just acting stupid. Just get out what you have to say, let me hear it.”

“No, I mean what does this mean for you? Did the doctor say you would be alright being pregnant and having the HCV?”

This is the question I really wanted to avoid. If I tell him the truth, I know he’s going to get mad at me.

“Uhm, not exactly.”


He took a step back, “What do you mean ‘not exactly’?”

I took another deep breath, “Since I’m pregnant I had to stop my treatments. The doctor told me that they can’t do anything for me as long as I’m pregnant. I can’t even take Tylenol.”

He glared at me, “So that means what?! That you’re just going to get worse and worse?? Did that freaking doctor even consider the alternative?!”

Now it was MY turn to get angry. I knew he’d get mad about stopping the treatments, but I NEVER thought he’d want me to get rid of our OWN child!!


I grabbed the bridge of my nose, “I KNOW you did not just say that to me! How could you EVEN consider getting rid of our baby?! I’m risking my life for this child because of how much I love it. I can’t believe you would even have the nerve to say that, you JERK!”


He scoffed, “I’m a jerk because I don’t want YOU to die?! Riley if you keep this baby you’re going to make it worse! I asked the doctor and he told me you were doing so well, you could overcome this Riley! We could always have another baby in a couple of years. I mean, if you wanted to that is…”

I threw my hands up, “HECK NO! I’m not killing this baby, Noah! I’ve never served any purpose in life; this is my chance to finally make a difference! This baby is so important to me why can’t you see that?! Please, just be happy for me… for US! Would you really want me to kill this baby; a baby that belongs to you? He could look like you and talk like you… but you would never know because he or she would have died. Could you actually live with yourself knowing you killed your baby?”


He looked away from me, “Yeah, I could live with myself.” he scoffed, “I don’t want that thing if it’s going to kill you. I just can’t love something that is going to steal you from me.”

I gasped at his remark, “You’re serious? You’d actually be okay with getting rid of our baby? It wouldn’t bother you?”

He shook his head no.

“Well you know what!?” I shouted, “I don’t give a crap what you think! I’m keeping this baby whether you want it or not!! Don’t even speak to me anymore Noah. I’m done here.”

I just can’t believe how cold hearted he is being! What is wrong with him!? That is NOT the Noah I fell in love with.



Noah and I didn’t speak to one another for weeks. I didn’t even care though, if he was going to have that attitude then I say screw him! I have to admit… it was hard to go through all this pain alone. Anytime I would want him by my side I would have to remember what he said and how he feels about our child. It always reminded me that I was still angry at him. If he doesn’t accept this baby, then I won’t accept him. This baby means everything to me; I won’t let him take it away because he’s angry.

I jumped up from my bed, screaming, “OH GOD, IT HURTS!”

The pain I received was not like normal pregnant women. Everything was so excruciating; it felt like knives were being jabbed into my side every time a wave of nausea came about. 


What was worse than the nausea was the actual bile that came from it. It would burn the sides of my throat as it forced its way out of my body. I would hug that toilet for hours on end just throwing up the contents of my stomach; which after a while wasn’t anything at all.


After throwing my guts up I crawled back into my bed and just wrapped my arms around myself. I had no other form of comfort, so I made do with what I did have. I’ve supported myself for a lot of years; it’s no different doing it now. 

Sometimes the pain this pregnancy causes me makes me feel like giving up; that the pain is just too much for any human to bear. Whenever I would start thinking like that though, I would remind myself of the tiny baby nestled inside me. That a fragile little human being is counting on me to protect it.

I squeezed myself tighter, “I promise I’ll protect you little baby. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Just as I was lying there, I heard a loud knock at the door. Someone was here? Noah never got visitors during work hours…


I drug my weak body out of bed and then headed towards the door. I’ll admit I was a bit cautious as to who this person was, so before I opened – or even unlocked – the door, I was going to ask who it was.

I stepped next to the door, and then questioned, “Who’s there?”

The woman sighed, “Is Noah there? It’s his sister; Ophelia.”

His sister? Oh, that’s right… I forgot Noah had a sister, or was it sisters? Oh well, guess it doesn’t matter.


Oh yes, now I remember her. She was that girl who used to make all the guys do her homework for her. I wonder what she wants.

I stared at her awkwardly, “Hi.” I responded.

She nodded, “Hey is Noah here?”

I shook my head, “He’s not here right now, but he should be getting home in an hour or so. He’s at work.”

She sighed, “Do you mind if we wait around for him? I just want to see him. I need someone to talk to. I’m kind of going through a lot and he always has the right thing to say to me. I’d go to my parents but they are always so busy with my little brother, so it’s hard to get a word in edge wise!”

I shrugged, stepping out of the doorway, “Sure, I guess.”

What was I supposed to tell her? No?


I watched as she placed her son down on the floor and gave him a toy truck to play with. Wow that boy had the brightest shade of red I had ever seen. I know for a fact that he had to of gotten that from his dad- Obviously.

She kissed his head, “Alright Joshua, just play with your truck until Uncle Noah gets here. Can you be a good boy for mommy?”

He giggled, “No!”

She sighed, “Of course not…”


He picked up his toy and laughed at his mom some more. He was such a cute baby. His tiny little fingers, his cute smile, and the way he giggled. Oh god… I’m already turning into a mother and my baby is the size of a jelly bean!

I snapped out of my baby trance, “Uh, I’ll be right back Ophelia. I’m just going to go throw something on real fast.”

She nodded, “Alright that’s fine. I’ll just wait on the couch.”


I quickly got dressed and then went back out into the living room. Ophelia and I just sat in silence for a while watching her son Josh play with his toy truck. He kept banging it against the stereo and Ophelia had to tell him countless times to knock it off. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

She sighed, “Sorry about the radio, my son thinks it’s funny to be destructive and get on my last nerve.”

I chuckled, “That’s fine, and it’s not my radio anyways.”

She looked over at me, “So what’s your name anyways?”


Her eyes widened, “Oh my god, the chick that Noah always drooled over? He finally got you, did he? Wow, the way he was talking last time I saw him was that any relationship with you was in the dumpster.”


Wow, I guess Noah really wasn’t kidding. He really did think about me all the time. I mean, I believed him when he said it, but to hear it for myself… it just makes it more of a reality.

I shook my head, “You could call it that right now.”

She frowned, “Aw, what happened?”

“Long story short? He’s mad at me because I won’t get rid of our baby. He thinks that if I keep it, it’s going to kill me. I have a bad liver and to continue this pregnancy I had to stop any and all treatments. Heck, I can’t even take a simple cold medicine. Anything I do could possibly hurt me or the baby. We haven’t spoken to each other in like… 3 weeks.”

She gasped, “Oh my god Riley, I’m so sorry. I mean, about your liver, not the baby. WAIT, my brother is having a baby?! Holy crap, this is amazing! I knew it would happen sooner or later with all the s-e-x he’s had, but to finally hear it, I’m just so happy for you guys!”

It took me a minute to understand why she was spelling out the word and then I remembered there were innocent ears in the room. On a side note, Noah’s sister is really blunt…

I sighed, “Yeah but he’s not happy with it at all. You should have seen his face and how cold his voice was. It sent shivers down my back. He was like a totally different person; it scared me.”


She smiled, “If I know my brother, and I do, he’ll come around. The way he used to talk about you non-stop when we were kids and how even as he got older you were still the only woman on his mind! He loves you too much to let you go that easily. You see, Noah likes to express his fear with anger, don’t let it get to you. He tries to be macho man and not cry when he’s upset, so he lashes out. Don’t be so hard on him; I’m sure he didn’t really mean what he said. You have to see if from his point of view.”

I looked over at her, “Yeah, you’re right. I shouldn’t be so hard on him.”

She nodded, “Trust me you don’t want to lose something as good as a relationship with someone you love. Being a single mother and working a full-time job is extremely hard. I mean Luke is a great father to Josh, but… it’s just hard without him always there. I don’t blame anyone for what happened with Joshua’s dad and me though. It’s my own fault for being stupid. You never really realize what you have until it’s gone. I guess that’s the whole reason I came to see Noah today. I’ve been pretty lonely and even though my brother can be a jack a-s-s at times, he still has some really inspiring words of advice.”

I sighed, “Yeah I know what you mean. He’s always been so sweet to me. Even when I threw it all back in his face he still came back and he tried even harder. Ophelia I really do love your brother. It took me long enough to get over my fear of being with him, but I’m glad I finally caved. I just wish the first day I told him that that it didn’t have to end in an argument.”


“Yeah, but like I said… just give him time.”

I looked over at her and saw that her entire demeanor had changed. I know she’s talking to me about Noah, but I can’t help but think she’s talking to herself as well.

I placed a hand on her shoulder, “Hey, he could come around. If someone truly loves you they will always come back to you. It may seem tough now, but I’m sure with time it will get easier. I know it’s not my place to say this, but… even if you never make peace with Josh’ dad… you will always have your son. A baby is the most wonderful gift any mother could ever receive. I’m only about 1 month and a half and I already love my child more than air. If you can’t find a way to be with his dad, then just treasure every moment you have with him.”

She smiled up at me, “You know, I never thought about it like that. Thank you Riley, I needed to hear that.”


It was right in the midst of that, that Noah came home. I don’t even really know how long Ophelia and I were talking for; it had to be at least an hour. It was really nice talking with Ophelia; sometimes a girl just needs to talk to another girl.

Noah stared at us, “Phea?” he questioned, “I didn’t know you were going to stop by. Are you taking Josh to Luke’s? Do you need me to watch him for you?”

She shook her head, “No, I just stopped by to talk with you but… Riley filled your shoes while you weren’t here. I guess in a way we helped one another out today. Oh, and I’m tired of traveling back and forth from Bridgeport to AP; I just rented a small apartment in the city. It’s easier on me and it’s easier on Luke.”

“Well alright then. Do you need anything else?”


She stood up and then grabbed Joshua, “No that’s okay, bro. I’m feeling much better now.”

“Are you sure?”

She laughed walking out the door, “The only thing I want from you is for you to tell Riley you’re sorry. Don’t even say what for because I’ll come back later to slap you.”

“ Uh, uhm, I mean I-“ he sighed, “Good-bye Phea.”

“See yah.”


Noah’s Point of View


Oh god, I can only imagine what my sister said to Riley. Knowing her it was probably extremely embarrassing things. That’s not important right now though, what’s important is what she said to me before leaving. The way Phea was talking, it seems as if Riley has told her what’s going on. God, doesn’t she understand that I’ve tried to say I’m sorry? I hurt Riley so bad by saying those things to her; I was sure she just didn’t want to speak with me, so I kept my distance. I’m not mad at the baby, I’m mad at myself. It’s my fault Riley is pregnant and now she is going to have to suffer constantly. She may not think I hear her when she’s doubled over in pain, but I do. It breaks my heart over and over to see her suffer and know that I can’t do jack!

“Well…” Riley sighed, “I guess I’m just going to head to bed early. Good night Noah.”


“Riley wait!” I blurted out, “I mean it’s too early to go to bed. Wouldn’t you rather just talk?”

She shook her head, “There is nothing to talk about Noah. You made it pretty clear how you feel. I don’t feel like bringing this up again, it’s bad for the baby if I get upset. Just do me a favor and leave me alone.”

This is the reason why I kept my distance. I knew if I even tried to talk with her she would start getting defensive again. I mean, I don’t blame her for feeling this way, I treated her like crap.

“Riley please…” I begged, “I promise I won’t get you upset. There is just something I really need to get off my chest.”

She rolled her eyes, “Fine. What is it?”


I stepped towards her, “Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me? I’m so sorry for hurting you, Snoot. I didn’t mean to say all those hurtful things. I’m just afraid to lose you, I don’t know what I would do if you- If you… well you know.”

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t CRY!!

She smiled, “You know you’re really stupid? It’s okay to feel upset Noah. Why do you try and cover it up with boiling rage? Sometimes it’s okay to just cry you know. Us fighting like this is not going to make the baby go away or come any faster, nor is it going to heal my liver. We have to stop all this fighting and keeping things for one another. How about a truce? I don’t know about you, but I can’t take it anymore.”

I just stood there staring at her with this dorky grin spread across my face.

She growled, “Did you even hear a word I just said?!”


I laughed, rubbing the side of her face, “I’m sorry, you lost me when you smiled.”

She slapped my hand away, “You’re so cheesy.” she laughed.

“All jokes aside, I really do agree with you. I don’t want to keep anything from you anymore and I don’t want to fight with you. I promise I’ll do everything in my power to make sure this pregnancy goes like it’s supposed to. I really am happy about this baby. It makes me even more ecstatic knowing that you’re carrying it.”


She smiled before wrapping her small arms around my neck. We just stood there in an embrace for which seemed like forever.

She leaned forward and whispered, “I got a surprise for you.”

Oh god. I knew what that meant.

I pulled her back, “Uh, Riley as much as I would LOVE to do that with you, uh, err… what about the baby? I don’t want to hurt it.”

She started cracking up laughing. Okay, what’s so funny? I’m being completely serious! Great, now she’s making my face turn red. I probably said something stupid…

“Oh, Noah… you’re so cute. The baby isn’t going to get hurt, it’s perfectly normal for people to sleep together when the woman is pregnant. “ She tugged at my arm, “Now come on. Don’t keep me waiting.”

I hesitated, “Can’t we just, like, cuddle or something? I’m seriously still trying to get used to a thing growing in you, let alone do that to its home…”

She sighed, “Fine you big scared-y cat…”


Sleeping with her would have been amazing – of course – but I was still unsure about that whole baby thing. I was NOT going to be the one getting blamed for hurting it or giving it brain damage or something! I know I’m over-reacting, but I think I’d rather wait until that little thing is out of her before we decide to do that again. I can’t enjoy myself if I’m worried.

Her lying in my arms was good enough for me though. Just holding her next to me and listening to her breath. I still can’t believe that she loves me. Sure we started off on a rough patch, but I know things are going to get better. I just have to believe that, otherwise I’m going to kill myself with guilt.

I love you Riley.”

“I love you too.”



Riley’s Point of View

True to his word, Noah was always right there by my side whenever he could be. Work always separated us during the day, but as soon as he got home he was glued to my hip again. Most people would get annoyed by people following them around and asking them if they were okay, but I liked it. I mean, what’s not to like? He waits on me hand and foot! I don’t have to do anything at all!

He rubbed my stomach, “Is the baby okay? Are you feeling any kind of pain? Do you want me to go get you something to eat?”

I laughed at him, “Noah I’m fine. Stop over-working yourself and go get some sleep. You’ve been going all day long.”

“I’m just trying to make sure you’re alright. You sure you’re okay?”

I pointed to our room, “Go to bed right now.”

He chuckled, “What happens if I don’t listen? Are you going to spank me?”

“No I’m going to beat the crap out of you, now GO!”


God, he’s so thick-headed! I love that he helps me but I don’t want him hurting himself. That would make me feel awful.


As time progressed the pain grew more intense. It would hurt so badly at times, I would find myself curled up on the bathroom floor begging the pain to stop. I never knew if I was going to throw up or not when the pain came, so I would always just wait by the toilet until it passed. I wish there was something the doctors could do for me to help with the pain, but they honestly don’t have anything weak enough to keep my liver from failing. If I want this baby to live, I have to do the noble thing and take all the pain this pregnancy causes me.

Just 6 more months…” I cried, holding myself tight as the wave of pain struck through me.


After the pain died down, I stood up and let out a sigh of relief. Those random acts of pain took everything out of me. I felt weak to my knees and short of breath. My hands would shake and my body would sweat. I hate this pain… but I love my baby.

“It’s okay baby, mommy is not giving up.”

screenshot-43 Now that my baby was big enough to move around it made the pain doubly worse. It would hurt so bad I would have to get out of bed at night and just find a position to place myself in to make the pain die down. Some nights all I had to do was prop my legs up a certain way or sit at a certain angle. Other nights I found myself with my knees on the ground and my head leaning against the couch. I did whatever I had to, to make it go away.

Noah knew of the pain I went through, but he had no idea how bad it was. He also didn’t know that I was awoken on most nights to side stabbing jolts across my stomach, but I would never tell him that. He worries about me enough; I don’t need him staying up all hours of the night because of me. I’d love to have him comfort me and hold me tight when I experience this pain… but I have to think about how it will affect his job. I don’t want him getting fired because he can’t stay focused from lack of sleep.


Most days in Bridgeport were cold and damp. The clouds over head would be so dark it’d make the happiest person alive become depressed. What I mean is that being pregnant and there being so many gloomy days, it just does my mood no justice. Any sad or upsetting thought imaginable would pop into my mind. I’d look at my growing belly and wonder what would happen if I died right now. Would they be able to save my baby, with me being only 6 months along? Would Noah be able to cope with such a small and helpless little person?

I know the thoughts are depressing, but like I said… gloomy days bring on gloomy thoughts.



God I felt like I was just about ready to burst! My stomach was GINORMOUS! I couldn’t even walk straight anymore, my belly would protrude forward causing me to waddle. Noah kept calling me a penguin, but I didn’t find that very amusing. I’d punch him every time he said it but he’d just laugh at me and call me it again. The worse one was ‘my cute little penguin’ there is nothing CUTE about being HUGE! And god, I hate pet names! He’s lucky I like Snoot or I’d punch him some more for that! Ugh there go my hormones again…

Deep breaths Riley…

“Noah?” I sighed, pulling myself off the couch, “Can I please see it now? You’ve been hiding it from me for two weeks!! I’m DYING to know what it looks like!”


He laughed, “What, you don’t like waiting?”

I cast him a glare. If there is one thing in this world I hate, it’s WAITING!

“Just show me the room!!”

He laughed louder, “Alright, alright. This teddy bear is the finishing touch anyways, so yes, you can see it now Snoot.”


I walked, err, waddled as fast as I could past Noah and into my old room. The moment I stepped through that door my jaw dropped.

“Oh my god, Noah! You did all of this by yourself?? I mean, I knew you were making a nursery the entire time… but I never pictured it to look so AMAZING!”

He laughed, “Gee thanks Riley, I’m glad your expectations of me are low.”

I slapped him, “You know what I meant!”


He grabbed me gently and pulled me into a hug. I squeezed the dear life out of him, that’s how happy I was. This room was simply breath taking and he did it all by himself… just for me. Actually I should say, just for the baby- Whatever it may be.

He pulled back, “So you really like it? I was going to go with yellow, but green seemed to fit the theme better. Also I don’t care what people say, yellow still seems girly. Green is a great color and I’m sure if we have a boy or a girl, that they will love it.”

I smiled, “Yeah and he or she will love it even more because her daddy made it for her.”


“I just want the best for our little baby.” He smiled, leaning down and kissing my stomach. The sudden touch on my stomach and the sound of Noah’s voice caused the baby to squirm and kick.

“Oh, ow! I think she knows you’re there.”

He laughed, “Awww… he’s going to be a daddy’s boy.”

“No she’s going to be a mommy’s girl! She just knew you were there so she tried to get away.” I argued.

He chuckled, “Yeah you wish!”



Two weeks had passed since the day Noah had finished the baby’s room. It was around 8:45 at night that I decided to just relax a little in bed before Noah and I watched a movie. He told me he just wanted to take a shower first and then he would be right out. The room was quiet; the only sounds that could be heard were faint noises Noah was making in the bathroom. It was in the midst of that quiet that a pain shot across my side.


My first and only reaction to this pain was to jump out of bed and brace myself for the rest of it. I’ve been having these terrible pains for so long now my body has gotten itself into a routine. The thing is the pain was different this time. It came sharper and more forced.


I took a step forward, unsure if I should yell for Noah or wait it out like I always do. That’s when it hit me. The pain coursed throughout my entire body, knocking me to the ground. The pain was so intense it felt as if someone was stabbing me repeatedly with a knife.

“NOAH!!!!”I screamed, digging my nails into the carpet.

Was I in labor? It didn’t feel like I was. It didn’t feel like a contraction but more of ungodly stabbing pains. The pain didn’t let up; it just grew thicker and sharper. I tried to scream for Noah again but I could hardly breathe as it was. OH GOD IT HURTS! Please Noah…. Please help me!


As if he could read my mind, a light flicked on and Noah stood in front of me.

“Riley, I thought I heard a- RILEY?!” he screeched, running over to me.


He dropped to his knees in front of me and began to spill out 100s of questions at once. I could barely say his name let alone answer even one question!

“Riley?!” he gasped, “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Is the baby coming??!”

“I… can’t… breathe…”


Bonus stuffz


Here is a full view of the baby’s room Winking smile Oh and so nobody rips my head off, I’ll just tell you the baby is a boy.

Thanks for reading! Riley finally confessed to Noah that she loves him and even though they didn’t see eye-to-eye at first they eventually got over that hump and finally entered into a relationship! Noah did everything he possibly could for Riley, as well as the doctors. Basically in so many words they just had to let nature take it’s course. They could do nothing more than monitor her liver and the child. It’s coming to the end of her pregnancy, but Riley is having an attack so fierce she can’t breathe! Also yes, Luke moved to Bridgeport after a while and to save herself the headache Phea also moved their as well. So Noah has a little bit of family close-by now Smile If you couldn’t tell right away by that red hair, yes Joshua is Luke’s son. I know I said it in the chapter, but I just wanted to mention it again.Winking smile 


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    • Spongey says:

      😀 Yup it’s a little boy. I thought I’d just tell you guys so no one kills me for hiding it. I was so close to do it too xD Oh noooo of course not ;p
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        Ha ha ha, yeah she just doesn’t understand that Noah shows affection through teasing. It’s just how he is. He’s a smart alec. ❤ Have I ever mentioned how sad I'm going to be when this generation ends? I really am<3 I love Noah SO much. :3

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      D: I know, it’s scary that she’s not! The baby isn’t even coming yet, just pains that are making her not breathe D:

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      Lol I knew if I didn’t say the gender people were going to be down my throat like “WHAT IS IT?!” XD So I was like “I don’t feel like saying ‘it’s a boy'” 100 times, so yeah, ;P Lol yeah of course! You never know what I’m doing 😉 Riley’s not breathing… that’s not a good sign. :/ Delivery? She’s not even in labor D:

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      lol my fiance called me a peguin when i was pregnant hed pick on me cuz i would waddle sometimes

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah there was just no way she could ever get rid of her own baby. She couldn’t even feel it and she already loved it more than anything. She did what ever she had to, to protect it. She suffered plenty a nights and now it’s coming so close to the end, yet, … she can’t breathe D: Awww that’s so cute! :] Yeah I did my little buddies room like a jungle theme. Lol I should of just said his name it’s hard hiding it XD Ah well, we’ll find out next chapter ;] Perfect blend? Lol he’s Riley with Noah’s nose. XD He looks just like his momma.

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        I want to seeee =[ It was about time, I felt so sorry for the both of them I could see both sides, I can understand abortion is a sensitive subject, I’m pro choice, but it’s something I couldn’t do, but I can see where Noah was coming from, he loves Riley and doesn’t want to lose her.

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        Lol, you’ll get to see the baby :] Yeah exactly. I know some may say they were mad at how Noah reacted but he reacted out of fear :[ He was scared to lose Riley so he said what ever popped into his head at the time. Of course he doesn’t really want to lose his baby, he’s just afraid to lose Riley as well :/

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        LOL!! Nope there is only one Noah teddy bear 😉 And he’s minnnnne!!! ;P jk jk XD haha Lol awww ❤ That's sweet ^_^

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        Ohhh YEAAH. Pssh, sowwie I forgot. 😉 I loooove the teen stage, cause you can see what they look like but you dont have to send them to work of stuff yet 😛
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        Hehehehe, yeah im gonna clone Noah<3 This way, me and Riley dont have to fight over just one! Teehee

      • Spongey says:

        Hehehe it’s okay everyone always forgets I’m doing that xD Yeah me too! Teen stage is my favorite. In sims 2 it was the one I hated xD Since I’m a story writer now, I can do A LOT with teens. I hate the kid stage, honestly do… You can’t do that much with them. I also LOATHE the elder stage -.- So boring.

        wow really?? Stupid EA. Mine always go through fine, so that’s weird.

        LOL!! But I get to keep the real one, right? ;D

      • lilysimsstories says:

        OMG, i LOVED toddler stage in sims 2, i dunno why lol. And OMG kid stage is soooo boring. All they do is homework and play tag. at least thats what i make my sim kids do lol.
        Hehe, yeah Stupid EA!! and if i re install and all that crap, I cant!!! Because i lost my base game which iss soooo stupid of me LOL!
        Aww suree. I guess you could keep the real one ;P Heehe

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah me too! I loved the little babies, they were so cute! :] Yeah I know right? I can’t make them do anything remotely interesting! I mean it was tough coming up with things!

        Arugh that must be very annoying. LOL I could never lose my games. I have them all in my little desk cabniet. They may or may not be in order XD I think I messed them up when I showed them to my friend, lol.

        ;P Well good then. I get the original Noah ;D

    • lilysimsstories says:

      Hehe yeah. I mostly use them to find gems and rocks and such so I can get money. ^-^ lol
      You sound really organized and im jelous lol. I could never be so organized! Currently I have moved my computer into the hallway because my room is too disastrous to be in. Im ashamed lol.
      Hehe, Noah<33 Im sure he will be glad your have the original. I would lose him in about two seconds in all of my chaos . ;P

      • Spongey says:

        I save up 40k reward points, get the collector helper then send them out to get stuff. That’s what I did with Ferrari. I waited until I had enough then used the collector helper so she could finish her LTW of collecting 20 minor animals. It wasn’t hard, just it took a little bit.

        LOL yeah I paid good money for them, so I want to make sure I know where they are! I have all of them except for Town life, WA and Master suite stuff. Which I should be getting Master suite stuff soon, so then I’ll just be down to not having two again. I’m also getting Show time as well lol.

        LOL my poor Noah clone ❤ But anyways, I got the pictures for chapter 6, and I'm going to be writing it out soon enough… It's just so long x.x 60 pictures… lol

      • lilysimsstories says:

        Hehe. Ferrari cracks me up. And her blue hair is boss (: I should definetly actually use the points, cause i always forget to! And then when they turn to elders and have like 100,000 points im like woops!
        60 PICTURES?!?! You’ve been busy! Cant waittt!! Your chapters always are great

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah she cracks other people up, but she drives me up the wall. LOL yeah, she wears it like a bawse!! Although I always thought of it more of a green for some reason XD I guess it could be either or. LOL I forget to use them too, but not this time! Not when I actually need them for this challenge to be better XD

        Yeah it took me roughly… 5 hours to get them ._. Like 7:30pm.-12:45am. I lose track of time when I’m on sims. I can’t see the computer clock unless I minimize the game… I only do that to check the pictures, then I realize the time and I’m like “O_O I’ve been on THAT long???”

        Aw! Thank you! :3 *blush*

      • lilysimsstories says:

        Hehe, yeah i can definetly picture her driving you insane! Yeah, its like a blue green. It reminds me of a crayon color… but I dont remember which one since theres sooo many i remember from my childhood lol.
        5 hourss?!?! Woooah! I lose track too, but then my boyfriend is always like… CAN WE GO SOMEWHERE??? hehe, and I always give into it. Poor guy has been trapped inside for monthsss.
        Your welcomeee!! <33

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah she does drive me crazy! Her wishes are always getting on my nerves! I only list the most annoying and obnoxious but she has other smaller wishes that are annoying -.- Yeah true, true! It’s like a green-blue kind of hair color! Crayon from your childhood? LOL I still color XD Well when I’m extrememly bored that is… hehehe. It’s just something to keep my mind from going nuts. Although shocking sometimes I get bored on sims, so I just want to do something else. I usually only color though if I’m like on a road trip XD hahaha It’s been a couple of years since I have.

        YEAH FIVE HOURS! It takes me just as long to write the darn thing! That’s why it’s not easy to get a chapter out. It takes time. Sometimes I really don’t feel like doing it either, lolz. Hahaha yeah I hate being in the house myself. I always wanna do something, I have a short attention unless I REALLY like what I’m doing. Like sims, I can stay on that for hours and hours. I remember the longest I ever was on sims was from the morning until the night O_O I was just playing it and playing it!

        Lol aww… poor guy XD


      • lilysimsstories says:

        Hehehe. I like to draw! Its theraputic. Or at least that is what i like to tell my self so I dont feel childish hehe.
        I definetly get bored of sims sometimes too, but rarely. I usually go nuts and try to kill everyone in the neighborhood, and then not save it. LOL. I may be evil inside<3
        Your so deticated to your stories! I could never be so orgainzed with chapters like you.
        OMG, once I was playing sims and I played it throught the WHOLE day.. including school! Woops!!! But mom was working anyway… 😛
        Hehe yeah. But he's gotta deal with ittt 😀

      • Spongey says:

        LOL yeah drawing can be pretty fun. I’m okay-ish at it, not a pro, but I do alright.
        Yes, same here. I get bored rarely. Never happens a lot. I have so many EP’s and stuff there is just too much to do for me to get bored! LOL!!! That’s funny XD I showed proof that I do the same thing lol. Remember? I killed the Altos XD

        Yeah I love my stories to pieces<33 It's the best hobby EVER!! It's so fun to get into my imagination and just go wild! ;D I was like, let me meet someone as crazy imaginative as me and let me just talk with them XD I'd love to see what kind of things we'd come up with.

        LOL yeah I've done that too XDD

      • lilysimsstories says:

        Hehe, I used to think I was a pro. But then I found out your not supposed to color outside of the lines. *Facepalm* Hahaha.
        Yeah! Wayyyy to much stuff to do!! I love taking pictures of random sims and seeing their faces. I am easily amused.
        Hehe, poor Altos. Although I dont really mind because in my game I was being weird and made them all criminals. But then robbers came to my sims house, and I was like WTF. And then they froze. And I couldnt call the police. And by the time I realized I could do resetsim, it was too late. Woooops. Soooo yeah I HATE THE ALTOS!
        Heheehehe. I hope there are more crazy imaginitive people like you out there! People like that are funny<3 Im sure you guys would come up with things outta this world!
        Hehehehe. Its the best thing to do!! 🙂

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah I remember the first time I colored a really good picture and I was so proud of myself. I was showing my parents and people that were around how great I did with coloring in the lines XD

        Yeah you got that right. I’ll start doing one thing and then another chance to do something else pops up. It’s just how sims work. Oh gosh me too. I’m amused by so many things. If I don’t like it, then it’s obviously got to be pretty horrible. Like just today I went and seen ghost rider 2, MY GOD, that movie SUCKED! My entire family and my friend that with us said the SAME thing. Like wow, what in the world did they do to it??? The first one was 1 million times better, seriously. Yeah and I killed the bunches too because they are scary and I no like their face.

        😀 I hope so too! I’d love to talk to someone who has wacky ideas like I do. I mean, it’s not live I haven’t, just I’d like to meet more. I love people who are funny XD Since I’m so easily amused I laugh easily as well… heheh. You know what is so cheesy? People who crack a joke and then ruin it by going “AHAHAHA I’m such a smart alec.” Like, uh, yeah… you just ruined it for yourself by saying that. My mom does that and I just look at her like she is a cornball. When I be smart, I don’t end it with “YEAH GUISE, I’m such a smart alec. Lulz. Bet you never saw that one coming, oh I’m So bad.” I simply say my remark and then walk away with a smirk on my face, hehehe.

      • lilysimsstories says:


  10. Zoe says:

    OMgosh!!!! You really write really good. Yay for Riley keeping the baby and telling Noah she loves him!!!!! Noooo we cannot lose Riley. The whole time she was in pain I was yelling to myself (thank god nobody else was home) for Noah to get in there. But, what is the problem. Is it because she in labor or is it her liver? Guess I’ll have to wait.
    I was kinda hoping for a girl baby.

    • Spongey says:

      Aw thanks Zoe (: Yup, finally! It took her long enough to actually say it! Yeah I know :/ Most of the time (which I forgot to write *d’oh!*) was because she had pain when Noah was at work or sleeping. She tried to hide it from him so he didn’t know. It’s her Liver, their son isn’t ready to come yet D:

      Lol I was hoping for a boy and I got one 😀 hehehe

  11. Tawny says:

    Can’t exactly say that i’m happy that she kept the baby becuase we all knew she was to good and kind to let it go. 🙂
    Noah cares for her so much, so cute. I love when he teases her and she hits him. Such a loving and cute relationship they have. ❤ (HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!)
    Pheaaaaa…..Joshua is just adorable. I luvz his red hair ;D They're still not together? Phea and Luke?
    The room is adorable and Noah built it all by himself! :O
    Oh nooo….Poor Riley. Hopefully she'll end up being fine. 😦

    • Tawny says:

      Also. Where did you get riley’s hair?

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah of course not, she could never do that. She feels as if protecting their baby and letting it live… that she actually matters. Noah can tell her that 400 times but she still won’t feel like she does. Now that she has a real purpose (according to her) she feels like she was meant to be around, that she wasn’t just a waste. She feels that creating another life was her purpose. Hehehe yeah I love writing Noah’s persona, he’s so blunt and such a smart alec xD He loves Teasing Riley, but Riley don’t take it XD She’ll hit him. Happy Valentines day! 😀

      Isn’t he!? Oh my god, he’s ADORABLE when he’s an adult too!! He just has SUCH a baby face . God I want him around more XD
      Yup he did! Aw thank you ^_^ It took me quite a bit to get it just right.

      D: Let's hope.

  12. Emme says:

    Ugh again another cliff hanger I hate u sorta jkjkjk lol

  13. Zoe says:

    Happy Valentines Day!!!!

  14. Jedidiah says:

    Oh, feel like I already commented on this when we just talked about it. -.- Oops..
    Well, I’m glad that Noah came around. Srls… otherwise I would have climbing through the computer and slapped him silly. Also hooray for Riley bring the baby to terms, although it carried big risks for her. I mean, not that I know, but pregnancy is already tough on a woman’s body. She doesn’t need that extra illness to battle as well. And that last sentence sounded better in my head. Sorry…
    Ah… my girl Phea. At least she realized that it was her stupidity that divided her from Luke. But Josh is awesome! My first grandchild! *tearing up*

    • Spongey says:

      Lol it’s okay Jed 😀 I figured you’d get around to it when you could. It must have been that sushi that clouded your mind and made you forget ;P
      Yeah he came around rather quickly. Right after he said it to Riley he was already wishing he didn’t, but the deed was done… and he couldn’t take it back.
      Ah yeah. I mean I wouldn’t know either because I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve read enough about it to know what it does. Veeeery painful!

      Yup your first grandkid! 😀 I love him ❤ Yeah she does realize it was her own fault, she's just hoping that he will forgive her someday :/

  15. PULP_50 says:

    So late commenting on this! I haven’t been on the computer cuz I was sick, so annoying! anyways, on to my comment, it’s going to be a long one, so lets start from the beginning. I’m glad Riley made the decision, but with the way you say that this is her life’s purpose, it makes me feel like she’ll die after the baby is born. She reminds me so much of Kitty, and of course, she might also have a bad pregnancy like Kitty did with the triplets. Then Noah had to go all asshole on her. That made me mad, I just can’t imagine wanting to get rid of my baby under any circumstances. But, Noah was just upset, so it’s okay. Yes, I knew that baby was Luke’s when I saw him. Yay! I knew those to would find themselves in bed together some day! I just knew it! He’s a cute little baby! Babies! AAAAHHH, I like babies!!!!! Okay, so we’re now at the part where Noah and Riley get happy again, yes? Yes. Well, I’m not sure I’d want to do that with a pregnant girl either, it be like “Hey, scoot over baby, daddy’s coming in.” Awkward, even if it’s not like gonna be touching the baby. OMG, what if you could like stick it in, and feel the baby! That’d be soooooooooooo naaaa(ass)ssttaaaaaaaaayyyy(Hehehehe I put () around the ass word). Let’s just move on. Nice nursery Noah. 🙂 Oh no! Riley, I hope she’s okay! She better be okay! And the baby! Oh, someone’s gonna die I just know it! 😦 I was hoping for a girl, but a boy is fine too. I’m a boy….

    • Spongey says:

      That’s okay, hope you feel better soon! I haven’t been sick since New years!! It’s a record for me this year!!

      Yes it is, it’s a good thing she did keep her baby. Well it doesn’t mean she is going to die, but it also doesn’t mean she’s going to live. Basically what Riley was trying to say is that she feels that keeping this baby alive IS her purpose. She feels that she never meant anything before and that she was just a waste of a human being. Noah could tell her 500 times that she was beautiful and was just as important but it was never proven to her. Now that she is going to have this baby she feels that she wasn’t a waste and that having that child was the reason she existed. If that makes sense! (:

      Yeah but it’s two totally different situations. Kitty knew she meant things, she was just upset about her cruel past and enduring a terrible step-father. Jake stressed her to the point where she lost a baby. Riley was ill from the start and having just one, was a danger to herself and to the baby.

      Yeah, but like you confirmed, Noah was just highly upset. He didn’t really mean what he said. Of course he would want a baby by Riley! That’s like a dream come true to him. It’s just the risk that it takes for her to be pregnant… that’s what scared him. He doesn’t want to lose Riley. She really does mean everything to him. His whole life IS her; he’s miserable without her.

      Yes, finally Riley confessed how she truly felt to Noah and the boy could barely speak he was so happy! LOL well… Noah wasn’t sure what would happen so he just decided it was best to wait for them to do that again. In reality it’s impossible for anything to happen to the baby because the baby is actually planted up higher.. and I’ll just stop right there and spare you the science lesson XD Yeah I love babies tooooo! 😀 Lol yeah nice Nursery Noah 😉 We will just have to see what happens next chapter….

  16. jaec52609 says:

    ryder, rowan, or riley jr lol

  17. Emme says:

    Rebbe ca no jk it’s a boy Ryan, Robert or Robbie or Rihanna! Lol

  18. Emme says:


  19. Charlotte says:

    Ugh! At the start of the chapter Riley was so horrible to Noah but in the middle she’s a bit better.

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