Chapter 6.11– Double Dose of Fury

Author’s Note: SEXUAL CONTENT, and Brief nudity.


Noah’s Point of View

I can’t believe how much time has passed since the death of Riley; my little boy is already 7 months old! He crawls around, gets into my stuff – which can be VERY frustrating – and he knows how to say dada. What happened to that little worm I brought home from the hospital? Now I have this giant, mobile, baby that causes havoc.

With all of that aside though, I was FINALLY able to get in contact with my twin brother and sister!! It took me FIVE months just to get them on the phone! Apparently they were off somewhere on a mission and they were not allowed contact with the ‘outside world’. When I did eventually get to speak with them, I broke down and told them everything that had happened. My sister was beyond pissed and my brother sounded like he wanted to murder someone. It’s safe to say that they were happy to oblige to this mission- Which of course they got permission to do.

I was in my son’s room just waiting for my brother and sister to arrive. They said they would be here over 3 hours ago!

“Your aunt and uncle are taking forever, Ryder.” I sighed.

“Dada!” Ryder squealed, yanking at my hair- Okay, OW!


I was in the midst of untangling my son’s fingers from hair, when I heard a LOUD knock at the front door. Oh that’s probably them- Thank GOD!

I yanked Ryder from my scalp – again, OW! – and placed him in his swing, “Alright you stay here. Go to sleep or something.” I sighed, rubbing my head.

“DADA!!” he screeched, reaching out to me.

“No, you have to stay here!” Another loud knock at the door, “I’m COMING!”


I was just about to get out of my sons room when I caught sight of his face. Oh god… not the FACE! Why does he always do this to me?! He always looks up at me with those Riley eyes and just pouts. I’m a sucker for that face and he knows it!

Dada…” he whimpered, his bottom lip sticking out.

“Oh no. Oh, no, no, no! I’m not falling for it!” I stated, clicking the swing on slow, “You’re staying here!”

After saying that, I ran out of Ryder’s room as fast as I could and closed the door behind me. As if on cue, as soon as I left he started SCREAMING his lungs out! Why does he do this to me?? Ugh, I don’t have time to think about that right now; the twins are waiting on me!


Each step I took closer to the door, the twins just kept banging louder and louder! What the heck is wrong with those two? Do they not realize it’s 11:00 at night?! People are sleeping! Not all people though. A certain little peach-haired boy is still WIDE awake for only god knows what reason.

“COME ON NOAH!” Ana shouted, “Don’t make me bust open this door!”

Oh dear lord…

“I said I was coming; hold your horses!” I called back.


I swung open the door and was met with a total surprise. This was Qiana and Phoenix?! I mean, I know I haven’t seen them since they were bratty teens…. but wow.

“Well it’s about TIME!” Ana laughed, crossing her arms, “Mr. Cool shades and I were getting antsy out here in this little hallway!”

Nix glared at Ana, “Leave my shades alone, ANA!”

She laughed, “I’m not leaving those shades alone because only stupid people where sunglasses in the dark and INSIDE a building. Duh.”

Nix looked at me, “Don’t listen to her Noah. These are special quality sunglasses that allow you to see no matter what time of day it is.”

She laughed harder, “HAH! Just tell him the truth. On the way over he said he wanted to look like a B.A. to impress you!”



I stood back to let them inside but the arguing didn’t let up. They just kept going back and forth about random stuff that was totally off the topic they started with. I tried to cut in like 6 times but they weren’t hearing it. Okay, so they may look different, but they are still the two dummies I left in AP- They haven’t changed a bit.

“Uh, guys?” I spoke a little louder, “Guys?!”

No success.


Nix grew louder, “What about that time you hit me in the head with the end of your Desert Eagle?! Or the time you threw the grenade to ME!? Was that just a “Whoopsies”?!”

Ana held up her hand, “Dude. Chill! I told you I thought you looked like the other guy!”

He raged, “I WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!! How can you confuse me with the other guy, QIANA?! He looked nothing like me!!”

She shook her head, “Just go set up the equipment cranky pants. We’re here to help Noah, not point out little mistakes.”

His eyes grew wide and his nostrils flared, “LITTLE?! How about I show you a little punch in the FACE and give you another black eye!!”

“ALRIGHT!” I shouted, “That’s enough!”


Nix grabbed their black trunk and stormed over to the table. Well, it’s good to see that Nix is still as hot-headed as ever.

Qiana smiled at me, “Don’t mind him Noah! He’s just really touchy. You start off on one thing and then-“ she made an exploding noise and motioned with her hands “He blows up!”

I shook my head, “How the HECK do you two work together?!”

She laughed, “Oh Nix is easy to get along with, he just has his moments. Apparently I ‘play around’ and ‘take too many risks’. I say he just doesn’t understand how to have an adventure! You gotta take a risk, otherwise it ain’t fun!”

Okay going off as a little kid and exploring a park is fun and games. Going on real missions where you can DIE… not so much. I don’t know where Ana would be without my brother! She’s crazy!


I shook the thoughts from my head, “So anyways, how are you guys going to find out where this guy is? I’m pretty positive that Stacey is working for him and I know for a fact she has my daughter. I’ve kept low for 5 months waiting for you guys. I didn’t want to do anything to risk her being hurt.”

She grinned, “Oh it’s no problemo, bro! We got everything we need right in our little trunk. On the trip over here we read up on all the information we needed to know, so once we find this guy, he’s going DOWN! We’ll start with that bullet you have.”


I looked over at Nix who was setting up all their equipment on my table. Wow, they had all that stuff in that trunk?

“Alright, I got everything set up.” Nix stated.


Nix turned toward us, “Noah, do you have that bullet you mentioned? I need it so I can run it through our database. Every gun makes a unique marking on the bullet it shoots. We find the gun, we find the owner of said gun. This idiot is as good as gone.”

I stared at him for a second and then nodded.

“Alright, go get it.”, he sighed.


“WAIT!” Qiana sighed, smacking her forehead, “Phoenix you got the computers mixed up! I told you to bring the smaller ones, that’s the long skinny ones!”

Nix glared at her, “Why does it matter what fricking screens I brought?! They both do the same freaking thing!”

She shook her head, “But the smaller ones are cuter!”

“Are you SERIOUS Ana?!” he shouted, “These screens are wrong because they’re not cute?! What is wrong with you?!”

I sighed loudly, “GUYS! Can we NOT do this again?! All this screaming is going to get me in trouble with my jerk of a neighbor!”


He grumbled, “Then tell HER to stop being an idiot! She’s always doing stuff like this Noah; you just don’t know what it’s like to have THAT as a partner.”

She waved her hand, “Oh pish posh. You know you love me!”

He turned to the computer mumbling, “Noah, the bullet??”

“Oh right!”


Before running off to my room to get the bullet, I slowly opened Ryder’s door to check on him. The swing was playing a quiet little lullaby and rocking a sleeping Ryder back and forth. Oh thank god! After checking on my son, I quickly got the bullet out of my dresser drawer and then headed back into the living room to give it to Nix.

Nix started up the scanner, “Alright, this should take about a minute or so.” he stated.

I just nodded and watched as the scanner ran through 100’s of different guns; until suddenly the scanner found a match.

Nix chuckled, “Well what do you know, we found ourselves a snake. The bullet came out of an Anaconda and the gun itself belongs to a Mr. Robert Smith.”


I just stood there staring at him dumbfounded. It’s been right under my nose the entire time, why am I NOW just noticing this?! Of course it’s Robert Smith, it makes perfect sense! He’s the owner of PIN, Stacey works for PIN, and the guy who shot me is always seen around PIN! They’re all working together to run that ‘business’! So the owner of PIN, or Robert Smith I should say, is the one who raped my beautiful wife? He’s a DEAD MAN!

Nix snapped his fingers, “You okay, bro?”

I shook my head, “No, I’m not okay. I know who that man is!”


Nix stood up from his chair, “Whoa, man. I can see it all over your face and the answer is no! There is no way on EARTH you’re coming with us. You never went through years of training like Ana and me; it’s too dangerous for you!”

How did he know I was going to say that?! Well, I guess agents are trained to read body language.

I stood my ground, “I’m coming with you whether you like it or not. I want to look into that man’s eyes as he dies. I want him to suffer just like he made her suffer.”

“NO WAY!” he shouted, “Noah, this is a serious job. You can’t just go kill someone! You’ll go to prison! You’re not specialized to do any of this! Plus what the heck kind of fight are you going to put up? You have a bad hip. You couldn’t even stand your ground at a bar- Mom told me about it.”

Dang it, Mom…


“Just let me and Ana handle this. We’ll get over to his house, scope it out to see what we can find and then we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You did say Riley was trapped in a house right? So it’s the perfect place to start. We’ll find those girls and we’ll find your daughter. I know how it feels to lose a kid. A crazy lunatic who I thought I could trust turned her back on Ana and me. I was stupid and fell for her… months later I find out she had my kid. I haven’t even met him Noah; she’s hiding because she broke the law. So I’m going to do EVERYTHING I can to get Sam back home. I don’t care if it kills me.”

I let out a loud sigh, “Alright, Nix. I trust you guys to do this. Just please… for Mom and Dad’s sake… don’t die.”

He patted me on the shoulder, “Can’t promise you that.”

I rolled my eyes, “Well that’s reassuring.”

He laughed, “Don’t worry about us; we’re going to be alright. Just stay here with my nephew and be safe. That’s all I ask of you.”

I nodded my head. There was not much more I can say. He was really determined about this mission, plus I felt really bad about his son. I never even knew he was a dad!



Qiana’s Point of View

Once Nix got everything sorted out with Noah – and the location of Robert Smith’s house – we were on our way. We drove our rental car about half a mile away from Robert’s house and then walked the rest of the way in the back woods. We had to travel in the woods because it would have looked really weird if two spies were just strolling down the road like some hobo hitchhikers.

After all that walking, we finally made it to the side of the house. It was all blocked off with a huge wall and a gate. Puh-lease! Like a wall is going to stop ME!

“Alright, Ana.” Phoenix whispered, “Now we have to stick to the plan. I went over it about 37 times; do you THINK you can FOLLOW it? Also, is your headset on?”

I rolled my eyes, “Yes, Phoenix. I’ll stick to your little plan and yes my headset is on. You can stop being such a big baby.”

He growled, “I’m serious Qiana! Don’t go off doing whatever you want, like you ALWAYS do! Noah’s daughter and all those girls are at stake here. We don’t know for sure if they’re in this house, but we have to treat this mission like they are in there. You know what the boss always told us. You just can’t be too careful with these things.”

Gosh, he’s such a snooze! I already learned all of this; we’ve been on at least 10 missions already! You’d think he would stop treating me like a 5-year-old!

I was about to say something else, when all of a sudden we heard a noise.

“I think someone’s coming.” I sputtered out.


I quickly shoved pass Nix and peered around the side of the wall. There were two men with guns escorting another man without a gun. I bet the one without a gun is one of those scum bags who pays to sleep with the women that Noah’s shooter brings in. I can tell by the pictures in our data base that the brown haired man is Robert, so I can only guess by the description we have that the one with the hat and gloves is Noah’s shooter. Gosh, what a bunch of dirty pigs!!


Before I had a chance to DO anything, Nix grabbed his gun out of my holster and then threw me onto the ground. HEY, that wasn’t very nice! I was just trying to see what the noise was!

He glared at me, “ARE YOU INSANE?! What if they would have seen you?! You would have blown our cover, you idiot!”

I narrowed my eyes, “They weren’t going to see me! I was just peering over the wall just a little bit! I wanted to know where the noise was coming from. ALSO, you didn’t have to throw me on the ground you big MEANIE! You hurt my BUTT!”

He grabbed some grass and threw it at my face, “Shut up, you’re going to get us killed!”



Just then we heard something else; this time it was a man’s voice. I pushed Nix onto the ground and used him as a stool to look over the wall.

“Boss, I think I heard something.” Noah’s shooter growled.

Robert stopped, looked around and then sighed, “Jason, I don’t hear anything. If you’re so nervous about an intruder, then YOU wait out here for it.”

He grumbled, “Fine, I will.”


I peered over the wall slightly – trying to keep my balance because Nix kept moving! – until I saw that they were all out of sight.

I hoisted myself higher, “Nix, help me get on this wall! Give me a shove!”

He struggled underneath me, “NO you MORON!” he groaned, “Get off of me! You weigh like 500 pounds!”

I kicked him in the back, “COME ON! I can’t hold on much longer. We have to get in there before Noah’s shooter, err, I mean Jason comes back!”

He groaned again, but agreed and helped me onto the wall. Once I was on it, I helped him up and we both jumped over. See what I mean? No wall can stop The Ana!


We rounded the side of the house until we were near the front. Jason was standing there with a scowl on his face and a gun in his hand. This guy wasn’t kidding; he was seriously guarding the outside of the house.

I pointed to him, “There he is. That’s Noah’s shooter.” I whispered.

Nix Nodded his head, “So that’s the jerk that almost killed our brother? Hold on one second.” He placed the silencer on his gun and then crept forward.


Before the guy even had a chance to say a word, he was on the ground dead. I can’t believe Phoenix just killed him! He told me to stick to the plan and that was NOT in it.

He placed his hand to his ear and talked into the headset, “Alright. It’s clear.”

Well no duh!


We moved quickly past the front door and made our way around back. We would have to be a couple of dummies to try and use the front door after we, I mean, NIX just killed someone. We crept near this window and I took a quick peek inside.

“See anything?” he questioned.

I shook my head no, “This house looks empty. I don’t know where they could have possibly gone.”

He moved his hand to signal me to move forward, but I refused. I wanted to see if I could first get this window open.


Nix’ eyes widened, “What the HECK are you doing?! Get away from the window!”

I struggled with the glass, “I just… wanted to see…umf… if I could get this open.”

He shook his head, “That’s not part of the plan ANA! You can’t just stand in front of the glass; you’re going to get caught!”

“Don’t talk to me about plans, Nix! You shot that guy, that wasn’t part of the plan. Besides, no one is even in the dining room. So chillax.” I sighed, giving up on the window, “Let’s try another part of the house. Follow me.”

He looked at me and just groaned. He knows he can’t say no to me! I’m the older sibling, little bros gotta follow their elders!


We walked a little further until we found this small balcony sticking out of the house. That’s it!

I motioned forward, “Come on! I have the perfect idea of how we can get in!”

“I don’t like the sound of this…”


I noticed that there was a large plant growing on the side of the house, so I took it upon myself to just start climbing up it. I’m pretty sure Nix will get what I’m doing once he sees me.

“This is your brilliant plan to get in the house? Climb up a freaking wall?! You’re a total nut-job!” he gasped.

I sighed, “Stop your yammering.”

“This isn’t going to work! You’re going to fall down and bust your butt!”

“It is too gonna work!”


I finished climbing up the plant and then hoisted myself up and over the rail. I stood on the balcony, just peering over the edge at a dumbfounded Phoenix.

“Hmmm…. I do believe that I am awesome.” I stated, feeling pretty good about myself. Yeah I’m totally bad and Nix knows it.

He rolled his eyes, “Alright so it worked. Big deal. Just move out of the way so I can get up there.”

Heheheh, he so hates that I got us in! He wanted to be Mr. Macho and do it.

“Never shoulda doubted me brah!” I laughed.

“Whatever…Just move!”


After helping Phoenix up the vine, he took out his gun and charged into the room.

“Nix, put the gun down. There is no one in here.” I closed my eyes, sighing.

He kept the grip on his gun, “You know you’re supposed to pull out your weapon before entering any room! That’s basic training, Qiana!”

I shrugged, “Well yeah, but I could see through the glass and there was no one in here. Soooo…..”

He rolled his eyes, “Just. Go do something.”

I saluted him, “Righty-o Captain grump!”


While Phoenix searched one part of the room, I searched the other. It’s safe to say we were getting nowhere in the creeps bedroom. I’m surprised he didn’t have 10 girls strapped down to his bed or something.

“Nix.” I started, “I’ll cover the upstairs, and you go downstairs. We’ll cover more ground that way.”

He nodded, “Alright, but let me know if anything goes wrong, Ana. You understand?”

I sighed, “Yes, yes. Now go! We don’t have time to waste!”


Phoenix’ Search (Downstairs)


Phoenix’ Point of View

Well it’s about freaking time that Qiana gave a good order. She just keeps messing around and doing whatever she feels like! It’s not that I don’t trust her; I just don’t want to see her get hurt like she did 3 years ago. I never want to experience her almost dying ever again. That bullet was too close to her heart… I just- I can’t ever go through that again.

I left Qiana to explore the upstairs, while I made my way down the steps. The upstairs was big enough, I’m sure she’ll be up here searching through stuff for a while. Besides, I feel more at ease with her up here because I know for a fact those men are downstairs somewhere. When I find them, I swear to god they are going to wish they never met me. I’ll admit I killed Noah’s shooter out of anger, but also… he was in our way. I had no choice but to shoot him, otherwise we would have gotten caught.


 I explored around the downstairs for about 20 minutes, but I found no trace of anyone! What is going on? I know for a fact that they went inside here. They aren’t upstairs and they aren’t down here, where the heck did they go?

I walked into the living room and glanced around, “Darn. Nothing.”


I was about to go back upstairs with Qiana, when all of a sudden I heard noises coming from behind the brown door. I stood still, just glaring at it for any movement. I wanted to make sure I was pinpointing the noises correctly. When I heard them again, I knew for a fact that I was right; there was someone behind that door.

“Why the heck are 2 grown men in a closet?”


I made my way over to the door and then I quickly opened it and drew my gun. I dropped my weapon to my side and just stared at what was set before me- This isn’t a closet.

“Oh you got to be kidding me…”

The moron built a staircase to hell. I bet any amount of money those pigs are down there.


I carefully made my way down the stairs, making sure I didn’t make a sound. I stood at the bottom of the staircase just taking in my surroundings. I knew if we started at Robert’s house we would find something, but I didn’t think we’d strike gold. His whole operation is run from underneath his house. It makes perfect sense though, all rats live underground.

I was about to take a step forward when all of a sudden I heard a bunch of racket coming from behind one of the doors. As if second nature, I pulled out my gun, dropped to my knee and pointed it directly at the door. I stayed in that position for a little under a minute until I was sure no one was coming out. Well, since no one is coming out-


– I guess I’ll just be going in!



I busted through the door and pulled my gun out at them.

“Stop what you’re doing!“


The girl dropped to the floor in a panic state and the guy spun around to face me. OH GOD!

“Put that thing away!!” I screeched, trying best not to hurl.

I mean I should have expected something like this to be going on; but still, I did NOT need to see some guys junk!


The guy quickly pulled on some boxers and then turned to face me once more. The girl cowered in the corner and kept begging me not to shoot her.

The man raged, “Who the HECK do you think you are?!”


I let out a laugh, “Oh, I’m your worst nightmare.”

The man scoffed, “You don’t scare me. Now if you don’t mind, I paid for this skank and I intend to have her finish what she started! Now get the freak out of my room!”

The girl cried out, “P-please save me!”

The man slapped the girl, “You’re not getting saved by anyone. You need to finish off little Mike, you skank!”


It was at that point, that I was BEYOND pissed off. How dare this man treat this woman like she’s trash! This scumbag – Mike – paying to have women pleasure him and then hitting them?! Oh HECK NO!

I charged at him and gripped him up, “You listen here you scum, you’re going to leave this girl alone and you’re going to tell me where Robert’s hiding the rest of them!”

He laughed, “Like I’d tell you anything! What are you going to do, shoot me with your little gun? You’re just a punk trying to play hero. You probably don’t even know how to fire that thing.”

I took out my gun and fired it next to his foot, “Next time I won’t miss! Now tell me where they are!!”


Mike’s eyes widened, “T-there kept in a room down the hall to the left! Just p-please don’t shoot me!”

I took the end of my gun and hit him in the head, “You’re not even worth the bullet.” I scoffed.

He fell to the ground and lain there completely out cold. I took it upon myself to drag his sorry butt over to the stripper pole and handcuff him to it. After doing that I looked down at the frightened girl and let out a sigh.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, you’re going to be alright now. We’re going to get you and all those other girls out of here, just hang tight while I find the rest of them. Don’t leave this room.”

She nodded her head, tears streaming down her cheeks, “T-thank you for saving me.”

“Just doing my job.” I smiled, before leaving the room.


I made my way down the long hallway until I came to the last door. It was bolted shut, but it’s not like I ever let something like that stop me before! I took out a specially designed laser and cut right through the bolts. After I successfully opened the door, I went inside and found about 6 cowering girls spread out across the room- The sight made my stomach turn. How could anyone do something so disgusting?!

When the girls saw me they all let out a gasp and held themselves tight. They probably think I’m just another maniac set out to pick his favorite dessert.

“It’s alright girls. I work for the CIA; I’m here to get you out of here. Now tell me, are there anymore girls in any other rooms?”

They all shook their heads no in unison and one girl said that this was the room where he kept all of them. She said there used to be more, but the ones that didn’t listen… were killed on the spot- That murderer! Now I have to look for dead bodies too?!


Before I had the chance to say anything else, all the girls let out a loud gasp and hid their faces. Okay I just told them I was here to rescue them, I don’t see why they would be scared still. It wasn’t until I realized there was someone standing behind me, that the loud gasps made sense.

“Drop the gun and turn around slowly.” A man said in a deadly tone.

I just stood there, trying my best to think of a plan. I looked to one of the girls and they motioned that the man had a gun. I took in a deep breath and prepared myself. I only have one shot at this so I better get it right…

“I SAID drop the freaking gun!”


I pretended to slowly place my gun on the floor – to get his guard down – and when I had the gun almost out of my hand, I spun around and took my shot. The bullet hit him so fast and he didn’t even see it coming. That’s what you get for being a naïve jerk!

He let out a loud groan, before falling onto the floor. Darn it, I only hit his shoulder. He’s so freaking lucky…


Robert…” I spat, “You’re under arrest for kidnapping, murder and for just being a twisted jerk!”

He laughed, “Why don’t you just kill me, scary agent? Isn’t that what you want to do? Take revenge on the man who raped your brother’s wife? What was her name? RIELY?”

I gripped my gun, “Shut up! How do you even know who I am!?”

He shouted, “I don’t have to tell you ANYTHING!”

“Who do you work for?!”

He only laughed louder, grinning from ear to ear. His shoulder continued to leak blood, but he could care less. He just sat there in pain, laughing like a maniac.

“Yeah, I’ll tell you just like I told my brother, right after he saw down the site of my gun!”

This guy is completely mental; he killed his brother!


“Who runs this operation?”

He chuckled, “Operation?! Oh that’s hilarious! You honestly think this is as far as it goes? Stealing hookers and getting money from men to have fun with them? Oh you’re funny, Mr. Terrey! This is just something we did for laughs!”

I narrowed my eyes, “Laughs?! I don’t see what’s funny about murder and torture!! Tell me who you’re working for!!”

He spat, “I’ll never tell you who I’m working for! Oh, also, just let Noah know… this isn’t over. He’s going to pay and pay hard for messing with us. You’re all going to pay!”

“Rot in hell.”

Just then my headset clicked on and Qiana let me know that the search was over.


Qiana’s Search (Upstairs)


Qiana’s Point of View

Gosh, I felt like I was searching for hours and hours; it seemed like the hallways never ended! This man had like 15 different bedrooms, 3 offices, and about 4 bathrooms! Who the heck needs all of that when you live by yourself?! That’s just madness!

I was on the verge of giving up my search and telling Phoenix that the upstairs was empty, when all of a sudden I heard a loud screech. I looked around the room but all I could see was a foosball table, some chairs and a bookcase.

“What in the world was that noise??”


I heard the noise again, only this time it was louder. Okay I could swear I just heard the bookcase scream at me! Alright, I know I’m not THAT crazy; bookcases can’t scream! 

I walked over to the bookcase and placed my ear against it, I could hear rustling behind it and faint babbling! Wait a minute, there is something behind this!


I took in a deep breath and then used all my might to push the bookcase to the side. I’ll admit it was REALLY heavy, but all that training and working out really paid off! I know for a fact if I was never put through all of that icky physical stuff I would have never been able to push this giant thing!


I finished pushing the bookshelf and then took a step back. Holy moly there was a door behind that thing?! What kind of crazy person blocks off a door?


I opened up the door and inside I found a baby in a cage! That baby though, just happened to be my niece; Sam! Who locked my beautiful little Sammy in a cage?! I wanna rip their head OFF!!

Sam looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and let out a whimper. She pointed over to the dog bowl and then pointed into her mouth. I think she was trying to tell me that she was hungry.

“Don’t worry Sam; Auntie Key-key is going to get you out of there! Just hang on.”


I was about to search for the key to unlock the cage, when all of a sudden a voice boomed from behind me. I couldn’t help but let out a loud gasp. I had no idea anyone was up here! I checked all the rooms for heaven’s sake!

“Who are you and why are you in here?!” she screeched, “You’re crazy to think you can mess with MY kid!”


I spun around to face her and immediately I knew who she was. She’s the loco chick her threatened to kill Sam! No one messes with my family and gets away with it!

“CRAZY?!” I shouted, “You mess with my family, lock MY niece in a cage and you call me CRAZY?!”

She scoffed, “Oh that’s your niece? You’re Noah’s sister then. Awww…. trying to save the worthless baby? I should have killed that thing when I had the chance! I only kept it because I thought it would prove useful when it could actually do stuff and not be a useless little brat!”

OH NO SHE DID NOT just say that about my niece!!!

screenshot-58 Without even thinking I ran at her and wrapped my hands around her throat. She struggled and gasped for air, begging me to stop. I could barely see what I was doing, I was so angry!

“You deserve to die for all the horrible things you’ve done!!” I screamed, my grip tightening.

“P-p-lease…. stop…” she choked out.


I wasn’t going to kill her – even if she really did deserve it – because living out the rest of her life in prison is a much better suited punishment for her. So, instead of continuing to choke the life out of her, I hit a pressure point on her neck that knocked her out cold- Something I learned along the way.

“Sleep tight, witch.” 



After she was knocked out, I switched on my headset and let Phoenix know that I found Samantha.

“Yeah, Nix, I found the baby. I also may or may not have gone a little mental and almost choked someone to death.”

Nix sighed into the headset, “You choked someone?! You do realize you have a gun??” he sighed louder, “Well… as long as Sam is safe. Anyways, I also found the girls and I shot Robert in the shoulder. I’ll contact HQ and let them know that the mission was a success and to send some people out here. I want you to take Samantha to Noah- He’s been away from her long enough.”

“Are you going to be alright here by yourself?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I already cuffed Robert and the girls are all safe. Lock up the person you freaking choked…”he sighed, “And then go.”

“Alright, copy that.”


“C’mon Sam, let’s go take you home to your daddy. I’m sure he can’t wait to see you.”



Noah’s Point of View

I waited up all night long; pacing a trail into my carpet. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, shoot, I could barely keep still! I was not only worried for my daughter, but I was worried for my brother and sister as well.

It wasn’t until I heard a soft knock on my door and the presence of my sister in front of me that my mind was finally at ease.

“Qiana?!” I gasped, “Are you alright? Where’s Phoenix!?”

“Noah…” she spoke softly, “Phoenix is fine, he’s waiting at the house with the missing girls. He contacted HQ and they are sending people over as we speak. I got Stacey, Nix killed your shooter, Nix locked up some pervert named Mike and he shot Robert in the shoulder and cuffed him.”

I let out a sigh of relief, “Oh thank god.”

“But that’s not what matters right now, Noah.” she sighed, “I have someone here who is eager to meet you.”


She stepped towards me and placed a frightened little girl in my arms. We stared at one another for a moment before I took her into a tight hug. I know she may be afraid of me right now, but I’m going to make sure that doesn’t last long. I’m going to love her like she’s probably never been loved before- She’s my perfect little girl.

Tears slipped out of my eyes, “Thank you, Qiana. Thank you for saving my little girl.”

She smirked, “Oh, it was nuffin!”


PHEW! Finally I got this chapter done, it took me FOREVER! So now I hope everyone enjoyed the Twins Cameo in this chapter! I had a lot of fun writing their personas! Anyways, I hope everything makes sense now! Noah’s shooter (Jason), Stacey (Sam’s mom) and Robert were all running this stupid operation for nothing more than some money and laughs! That’s how twisted they are! Mike – if you didn’t realize – was of course the mole that was leaking information to Stacey and Robert. Although they may be caught for doing this, their real scheme isn’t over. Robert works for someone higher than himself. So in a nutshell… this isn’t over…

But it’s great that Samantha is home safe and sound with her daddy, let’s just hope she isn’t too mentally scarred! Sad smile


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      Aw, thanks SO much! 😀 Yeah aren’t they? I had so much fun with them!

      I’m glad it was worth the wait! I was just in a funk or something O.o I didn’t want to write for a while and then I was just plain busy!! I needed that break; that’s for sure.
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      Yeah, don’t they?! Nothing like their teenage selfs! Hahah yeah they are 😉
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      Mike is a dirty pig, leaking information to keep the operation on so that he can have his way with young girls. It’s disgusting! Oh yeah, Stacey def. is twisted. Yeah that’s is true! Although Qiana held her ground and didn’t kill her- She could of though!!

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      You got that right! They are the best team ever! Aw thanks Jed! I had a whole bunch of fun doing the action scenes and writing them as total Bad-a’s. I seriously wished that I could of done their generation now! I’m in love with all the action and stuff, it’s exciting. I had so many plans for them, I’m just glad I got to do a little taste of it. Yeah, exactly! Noah just wasn’t thinking at all. He just wanted to go in there and beat someone up, which he obviously can’t do. He’s not capable. Aw I know 😦 It’s not that he doesn’t want to be, it’s just that crazy B took off with his son. She’s not as loco as Stacey though. She broke the law, but she’s not a mad-man err woman. Yeah I’m sure he will.

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    awesome chapter:) im just wondering is there anywhere to download qiana or noah?

  13. Cinnamon Sugar says:

    This chapter was amazing Jax!
    As I was catching up I had hoped that Ana and / or Nix would be heir just to see what they got up to, and now I kinda wish it even more!!! What happened that Ana almost died? Where’d these scared come from? Who messed with my little Nix… who’s not so little and totally a badass. One of my favourite things in this chapter is that Nix is so concerned with Ana, and yet he’s the one who shoots someone, goes into a dungeon alone, beats a man, almost gets shot and then shoots someone else. ‘Course I’m sure that was all part of his plan 😉

    Absolutely amazing chapter. I have no idea how you managed to stage half those pics and still get the chapter up as fast as you did. Amazing.

    • Spongey says:

      Oh wow, thanks so much!! 🙂 ❤

      Oh yeah, they would totally have been my second choice of being heir. Noah or them would have been fine by me; that's for sure! Well, I'd like to answer all those questions but that's a generation worth of explaining. Plus I like to keep my ideas hidden jusssssst in case I use them in another generation ;D I know, I'm a meanie ;P

      Oh yeah, that is something. He's completely worried about his sister, yet he's risking his own life. He loves it though, he craves the adventure just like his sister even if he won't admit it. Qiana is just blunt with how she feels, she'll speak her mind.

      Thanks once again! I actually had those pictures 3 or 4 days before I actually sat down to write it! I just got them all done. Sometimes I don't even know how I do it haha. It took me a good 4-5 hours to do! Well worth it though 🙂

      – Jax

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Okay, I really need to proofread my comments before posting them (sees she wrote scared instead of scars *facepalm* )

        Lol, I know what you mean! I have had a few ideas for certain things and the story just didn’t play out that way so I keep them on the back burner just in case as well 😀

        Hah! He’s a closet explorer. That just makes me love him even more. Any chance we’ll get to see more of the twins even if just at a family gathering? Hmm… I suppose that might be telling me too much. I should learn to just be patient.

        Well worth it indeed Jax! Still… only 4-5 hours…. I’m just… amazed.

      • Spongey says:

        Oh pish-posh, I’m even worse than that! I’m the queen of mistakes, hah. Thank the lord for Spell check!! 😉

        Yeah, see? I may slip some hints in there when I’m talking about them, but I don’t like to give away too much. I just try to say a little about the other kids so people know just a taste of what they’re up to.

        Yup he is! 😉 I always loved my Nix ❤ Yeah, you'll just have to wait and see ;P I have plans and if they're involved, well, that's just up to you guys if you choose the right path 😉

        Thanks so much!! Aw, really? I see that as a long time to be on sims O.O I mean, when on sims, time can easily get away from you- It's insane!

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        (I’m hoping this posts at the bottom of our conversation, but somehow I don’t think it will)
        Spell Check is amazing! Whoever came up with it should have won an award.

        A taste is nice. It’s one of the things I like a lot about your story (that I’m hoping to do in mine) and that’s keep up with the lives of their siblings. I mean, I know I don’t keep in great contact with my brother, but I still talk to him and visit him! I find a lot of stories abandon the siblings as soon as the new heir is chosen, and I just don’t like that.

        Oh MAN! No pressure on the choice right? 😛 Btw, I noticed you don’t have a downloads page… does that mean none of your sims are available for download? If not that’s okay… I was just curious for my own sim story reasons ^_^

        It is! I waste so much time on sims, but it’s because I think I have everything done and then low and behold I don’t. That and I always have to be multitasking (like now. Typing my comment instead of playing 😛 ) so it often takes me longer. That and writing the chapter always takes some time too. I can’t seem to find a decent amount of time to just sit and write without being distracted. Oh well, at least I’m working on it right?

      • Spongey says:

        WordPress is just weird like that. You try to post at one part and it goes off somewhere in the middle, it’s stupid -.-
        Ah, yes, I agree! Spell check has saved me on many assignments in school. I don’t know what I’d do with out it.

        Yeah, I just feel bad if I abandoned them completely. I mean I tend to leave them out a lot, but not all the time. It’s not easy keeping up with all the siblings AND trying to write the story for the heir. I’ll usually just drop little hints and such to let people know what’s going on with them. I plan out a story for each of the kids, that way it’s easier on me. I always say I don’t care who is heir, and I really don’t because of that reason. So no matter who wins, I have something planned out already 🙂 I agree that I don’t like how the other kids are thrown to the back burner either, a nice little visit is always good to make them feel less abandoned! 😉

        Haha, no, none at all 😉 I’m sure people will realize which story the twins would have a play in, if that is the case 😉 No, I don’t have any of my sims up for download. If you wanted someone from my story, I could always e-mail the file to you. 🙂

        Yeah same here, I’m always on sims for hours and hours at a time. With chapter 11, I realized I was missing something when I thought I was “done” so I had to go back on and get two more pictures to add to it. I was up late at night when I got the chapter, I turned everything off and then got in bed and then as soon as I closed my eyes… I remembered -.- I was like “Eh… I’ll get it tomorrow morning.” I was NOT turning everything back on again, lol. You get distracted too when you’re writing? Everything BUT my writing is drawing my attention when I try to write. I’ll wind up looking up a word and then wind up on youtube looking at cat videos O_o Then I’ll have to take a step back and think, “How in the WORLD did I get here???”


      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Without … spell check …?? That’s like… the sorta thing nightmares are made out of 😛

        Well and that’s exactly it. The story needs to revolve around the life of the heir but there still should be some update about his siblings. Especially if they’re close. I read one story where three sisters were inseparable until one was chosen heir and that was the last we heard of them – other than, ‘hey sister came to the party with her kid, how nice’ -_- Yes exactly!

        Huzzah! Makes my choice a little easier 😀 Awww thanks that’s sweet of you! I’ll let you know who I’d want, why, and the link to where they’ll be used. I’m thinking Nix as a future spouse for one of my generations. His background with this chapter would actually make him the perfect fit for my plot 😀 Although, it wouldn’t be for some time 😛

        Hahaha, I’ve so been there! Well, generally the distractions aren’t THAT bad, but it happens a lot when I’m editing sims and waiting for all the clothes to download. That’s when I end up surfing and 15 minutes later going back to select a shirt and starting the process all over again with the pants 😛

      • Spongey says:

        OH my gosh, yes! That’s something I could never live without!

        Yeah I hate that very much. I said that the twins were inseparable and would you lookie there 😉 They wind up being together being Agents. Usually I try my very *best* to make it so that they are around, but it really isn’t easy. Esp. if I move the kids away to another town while the siblings live in the previous one, very hard.

        You’re very welcome! Just let me know when you need Nix, I’m SO intrigued as to what you’re going to do with him! What’s the link to your story you would use him in? I know you got quite a few, I’ve been meaning to read it! I’ve just been busy with life, haha. It’s lucky I’m caught up on the stories I read now XD Starting a new one always takes away a lot of my time because I get addicted to it 😉

        Yeah I know what you mean with loading in stuff! That’s why I keep getting rid of CC because I’m tired of the wait XD

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Well when you move towns it’s understandable. At that point the most you’d probably hear from them would be a phone call or email saying how they were doing. However, like I said before, you do a good job of keeping us informed and that’s one of the things I like best about your story.

        Hmm… I’m thinking not until I’m at Generation 3 or 4 and seeing as I’m just finishing up the very FIRST post for that legacy, it won’t be for a while :P. The link to the legacy though is this: Thanks for your interest. I’d love to hear what you think! Lol, yeah I’ve got a legacy, a Baby Challenge and then a Chronicle story at the moment… so updates sadly take a while.

        I went through my CC folder not too long ago and was amazed at how much faster it loaded. Looks like I’m going to have to do that again -_-

  14. Zoe says:

    I enjoyed This chapter so much!!! OMG The twins were awesome and I am glad they saved Sam and the other girls. uh oh there is gonna be more trouble I have a feeling! Anyway it was nice seeing the twins again. Oh and Ryder is so cute.

  15. jaec52609 says:

    ryder is adorable ❤ wow the twins look different….i knew mike was the mole lol….im glad nix saved the girls nd ana found sam….srry, but i wouldve killed stacey lol…i hope sams not, but micki had nightmares 4ever cuz of brent smotherin her when she was sams age…… wat crazy name did sam have b4 u changed it 2 sam??

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah isn’t he?! Wait until he becomes a teenager<3 Oh my lord ;D HAWT! Yeah Mike was just a dirty man. Yeah me too! The twins were an awesome team 😀 Qiana wanted too but she thought her rotting in prison was a better punishment. Yeah she might not, or she may Acquire other things. We'll see what happens.

      Lol she was just named Sam xD

  16. elizabeth says:

    This chapter was like watching an action movie or something! It was really exciting, but funny and had a great plot.
    1) The twins are HILARIOUS. Ana is still crazy as ever, and poor Nix! How in the WORLD do they work together?? It’s so cool that they’re secret agents. That tied in so well with Noah’s storyline, I love it. It was awesome seeing them, I really loved their cameo!
    2) The whole mansion search was really suspenseful! I kept expecting somebody to pop out and kill Ana or Nix, but luckily they lived! I was SO happy when they gave Jason, Stacey, Robert, and that traitor Mike what was coming to all of them, and got little Sam out too. You wrote it really well, and it was exciting and crazy, but funny at the same time. 🙂
    3) Sam is adorable and gorgeous!! I’m glad she didn’t really get any of Stacey’s looks, Noah has much better genes, in my opinion.
    I think that this is probably the best chapter you’ve ever written. It has the perfect mix of drama, comedy, and action. Great work, Jax, just really great. I enjoyed every minute of it! 🙂

  17. I enjoyed the chapter, it was good seeing the twins again, can’t wait to see who the REAL person behind this operation is haha

  18. snezhhina says:

    this chapter was AWESOME! just 1 question : where can i download Qiana?

  19. Emy says:

    So, I read half this chapter, then got distracted and must have forgot about it, because I just tried to read a later one and realised I had no idea what was going on! D: Ooops. Catching up now. 🙂

  20. barleylemon says:

    OMG, this is like my favourite chapter, the twins were soo cool! And Sam is so cute!

    • Jax says:

      Thank you very much! It was a really fun chapter to write; I love the twins.

      • barleylemon says:

        Yeah, argh I wish my sims could be so awesome, dammit!

      • Jax says:

        Hahaha it’s just how you portray them 😀

      • barleylemon says:

        Mm, yeah. My sims are pretty boring so all the do is boring stuff, you know, do well in school, get married have kids, and I don’t have enough patience to do a legacy!

      • Jax says:

        Well, when I don’t make them awesome agents they are just like any other simmy 😉 Doing a legacy is fun ^_^ I turned it more into a story than a legacy challenge though. And what about an ISBI? Those are pretty fun to do ^_^

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